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Hey guys and gals. Basically the RP true fear is where you decide, under all that power or stability what does my character truelly fear? This RP is a game of weakness. If you are posting for the first time to help you get started here are some guides/tips

Tell us who you are and what your doing. It doesn't matter where you are wether its a place created for the vine like Grimm City or a non-fictional place like L.A. The basic plot to this RP is that for an unknown reason certain heroes, villains, gods and so on are experiencing their fears. These fears could come in a physical form such as a giant snake, a loss of power or even a horrible tragedy you weren't able to stop. These fears could also come in a mental dreamscape like world where you must face your fears one by one while your character is in a comma. Really the main focus and subject in the RP is fear so use your characters fear however you like, just make sure it is exposed (Although it does not have to be obvious) and either you succome to it or overcome it. Whichever one happens you will still be able to participate in the other two threads.

SO ask questions and discuss!

Here's the actual thread when you feel ready!

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So basically a one-shot post or is this continuous?

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@Mercy_: There will be three one shots loosely connected, leading to a series

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@Mercy_: Lol it double posted in off topic as well o.O I think I broke the site

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Darn interesting threads that I have to post in. >mumble<

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@Icarusflies: Sorry Icarus :/ I hate participation too