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Seth, the master of feta cheese yells as he dances through traffic, holding his laptop in the air. He kicks a random puppy through the air. The evil- "NOPE! I'M NOT EVIL! SHUT UP AND WRITE ME RIGHT!" Goddammit. "I HEARD THAT!" Oh fine. The awesome reality warper charges and leaps into the glass front of a Bed Bath and Beyond. "MUHAHAHAHA! Now I'M the one who gets to have an army of pillow monsters! I'll give them little swords and stuff! MY EVIL PLAN WILL PREVAIL!" Didn't you just tell me NOT to call you evil? "SHUT UP!"
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Kid Omega skipped along the rooftops of unnamed city "Oh C'mon Dude! Can't you come up with something better then "Unnamed City" SCREW YOU! I'll put you in a damn tutu with my dying breath, I Swear. Anywhom, He smiled gleefully as he snapped his fingers at random city goers, Turning them into werechihuhuas viscously destroying the city and Are you kidding me?...NO! That's it I'm taking your writing over tonight, Hey what the f*ck are yo-OW! Give it ba-Ungh NO!...Alright...

The Super Genius of Awesome sauce leaped to see a glass explosion coming from Bed Bath and Beyond, Finding his best friend/arch enemy Seth there. He posed as though he was in a bruce lee movie, Squinted his eyes and said "SETH! What are you doing in this RPG!? I THOUGHT OUR WRITERS HATED EACH OTHER!"

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As the mischievous imp came across the- "STOP DOING IT WRONG!" Oh really? How would you write it? "Like this! AS THE FRECKLED MIDGET FOUND THE THE GOD OF AWESOMENESS- Like that!" Yea, no. "FINE!" Seth turns to see the- "FRECKLED MIDGET!" Forget this. "THE GREEK P#SSY GETS UP FROM HIS CHAIR AND AWAY FROM HIS COMPUTER, LIKELY TO GO BE BORING, LEAVING THE GOD OF AWESOMENESS IN CONTROL! The God of Awesomeness and Fetta Cheese looks at the freckled midget and leaps in amazement. 
"That boring b#tch ain't here now! WHERE IS MY GOD NOW? Being boring!" the God of Awesomeness types on his computer and makes the pillows grow lips and wings and have tiny hammers! They fly, screeching like an old woman as they attack the FRECKLED MIDG- Okay, back, just wanted my soda. "SCREW YOU!" Nope. 

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"Oh You Hiijacked yer account to!? YEAH SUCK ON THAT WRITERS!" Kid Omega said with his grin fading, The Pillows were beginning to attack, Only to hear one remark before the Imp was about to take fight "Yeah because no one else is you greek sonnuvab!tch." He leaped into the air, Removing two bottles of tangy mustard and squeezing down on them, Allowing the yellow condiment to burn the eyes and fill the mouths of his winged attackers "SUCK ON THAT!"