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  • Celestine - Edge Mistress, likes sweets

As the winds brush her black hair

After watching the arduous match between the swift swordsman Anton and the neo nano warrior Kratesis this little girl was astounded by her sheer skill and tenacity, her fortitude gave her the favorable decision throughout the match. Not to mention the new media that Fowler brought from Kratesis gave the children more to learn, after the fight was concluded the children received their annual upgrades and Celestine asked for speed. During that entire period She was the third Tritonian to form a UFog bow in her honor, the third only because she was late as her upgrades are taking place. She received speed to match her expectations, yet she hope to forget cannot forget her opponent's persistent swordsmanship as well so her 'bow' is a convertible into double sided blade in which she wields with utmost precision that can separate a sheet of A4 paper into thirteen strips of transparent layers.

It is also detachable as she decides to follow after her Idol, but their functions are different because she does not want to imitate her Idol. Her bow is not faster yet it can fire more shots simultaneously, sending piercing lines of photon bolts in one shot. Her blades cut not with cutting force, but with heat itself. Heat provided by nanites to seek micronized outlets to slip beneath molecules, as going for tiny weaponry to adjust to her small frame. She compacted her bow in the form of a vambrace which formed a shell over her left forearm.

She harbors a hidden crush towards Battler, yet is also one of Quarl Jaega's best students

  • Jort - Needle Point, awkward with other kids

Every tritonian has a sword at all times, in his case his body is his sword

There was a friendly fight in inner tritonia between Jort who is developing his own variation of Tritonian Pankration against XHS 18 who simply wants to play with a new opponent, before their match Jort dedicated his 'break time' to a private domain at the training halls to create a combative systems which lies on its primary ability to perforate and impale opponents regardless of their defense. The child called this 'needlepoint', so far he has been able to sharpen his 'finger drill' to the point where it can be compared to a diamond tipped oil drill which achieves its maximum drilling attempt on the first strike.

XHS 18 is also known as 'Blade Whip' for hypersonic tentacles with serrated points that enabled it to dismantle anyone with an opening with 24 tentacles

Two small hands seized the base of a mecha's neck joint, applying creativity to what was an impenetrable hide by using the basic function of the joints provided for movement to give it a violatile rotation which gave the head a 180 degree spin at over 500 rps. That and combine with several fast paced flurries armor-piercing finger strikes towards the exposed bio-muscle from their previous scuffle where the child navigated through the lashing implements to tear over a half dozen dozen tendrils out of their sockets.

Fowler told him martial arts is the shortcut to brute strength

  • Perisol - Mover of Minds, collects firearms of all kinds

Posthuman conditioning is the new Aim-Bot, minus the erratic twitching

She is playing her favorite game of Airhard* which is similar to outer earth's pastime of Paintball which used colored pellets to tag scores and Airsoft which used tiny BB pellets to score, yet their version uses the real life equivalent of Airsoft guns. The rules are simple, they must 'tag' each-other with the unbearably slow projectiles, the game has many flavors but the most popular one involves the players adhering to 'base human speed' to give them a sense of gritty gameplay unseen at their normal settings.

her body takes her places that no other has managed to achieve before.

Each shot felt like cotton brushing against their skin as long as conventional weapons are concerned, so in this case they 'upgraded' the capacity to resemble guns found in 80's Action movies. Her favorite is the luminal rifle which she personally calls 'Daisy Spike' which holds a pilebunker and a retractable saber strong enough to fracture/slice the casing of primary adamantium if it were on the thickness of foil.

Peregrine chose her hence her name , closest to the sun

Break time

It was a tuesday at about 10 am, All three of them later meet up at their favorite eating location near the parks. The children sat on the grass where Perisol munched on her grub ripping the legs of the sub-human as she devoured its stomach. Jort and Celestine decides to eat slowly as they had other things in mind, the boy wants to meditate in one of the private rooms while Celestine wishes to go the the center of Mu to ask permission to visit Iberia for an 'exchange', they have been birth-mates since the days of young when they bumped heads after they are conceived.

Everyone shared stories about what they did earlier, and as usual Perisol bragged about her records at her friend while Jort timidly listens to her. Celestine made a remark at how firearms are 'weak 'and thus they argued as usual until the boy bonked their heads with a munch-fruit so that they can all resume to eating. Today Jort is anxious to go on his second 'field work' and Perisol told them about the visitor earlier ( ), Celestine was occupied with thoughts of Iberia, as Fowler had told the children wonderful stories of that place yet most of the children had not ventured outside except towards conflict areas. She'd hope for a moment of respite overseas before a stray hand grabbed her fruits on the platter, she responded with a fork on the hand as Jort screamed for a while.

They all laughed, and continued on.

Field work is a form of education for Tritonian children, they usually involve some sort of Social Service but usually interlinked with combatives in some way or form. They start from young ages to pursue difficult tasks by human standards, then as they grew older their challenges become harder. Jort is tasked to kill a Voodoo witchdoctor who seems to made a pact with a warlord in Uganda, apparently he is sickened by forced child soldiers and wishes to free them. In Tritonia it is voluntary and the everybody (no exception) likes to fight, but they do so as part of their culture and they are disgusted at those who are coerced to do so as it breaks the sanctity of the battle.

Perisol offered him some tips as she had emptied a ring of human trafficking and personally see to it that child prostitution is castrated in southeast asia, in accordance with their Diplomatic relations throughout asia which was done by Peregrine and the empress of Nakamura ( ),Celestine just listened as the has already reached on the next level where she is allowed to 'choose' her missions.

After they finished a dozen munch fruits each along with a total of thirteen sub humans they talked about recreation, with Jort being initiative "Hey lets make a race through the city to the official portal of New Meropis, last one there is a smelly subhuman!" with a bit of boyish mischief he slapped a munch fruit at the middle to splatter them with pulp as he leapt across the distance to the first building...

They were pissed.

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Race towards the end

With his quick head start jolly Jort had already made fun of both girls as they are way behind his leap, not to mention all sticky in munch-fruits and subhuman bile. The child moves along the megastructures using the farthest joint in fingers which housed his nails and also his farthest toes to propel hims farther with each passing bound, by 'flicking' as means of transportation to flitter as he littered his fingerprints across several rows of buildings that dwarf skyscrapers. The mood contradicts with the mellow feel of the park, other people are either practicing kata or talking about peaceful activities as the streets had been used for combat utility.

The girls have their job to do in chasing a Tritonian pinball, their friend who ricocheted in blurs across the distance. With a gesture of her tiny hands she materialized what seems to be a futuristic anti materiel rifle, it is taller than Fowler yet she can wield it one handed. With the stock in hand Perisol looks away as she knew where to hit, even as far as to turn off the autocalibration. Taking the most efficient route she equipped teleport bullets to mark the farthest spot, yet she fired in vain as she ended up appearing up farther than originally planned. In fact on the opposite to their intended direction at double the distance.

Celestine smirked as In dilated time it appears that she had deflected the bullet as it makes its exit by a few millimeters out the chamber. Perisol never misses a shot once a bullet is fired, yet Celestine knows from her experience that bullets can be caught and deflected even though Perisol's are inescapable. In this case she took the imperative to deflect the shot and send its trajectory flying through the opposite direction...