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Hello and good evening listeners, viewers, commodities close and afar.  My name is John 1 and I will become your guidance counselor, confidant, ambassador, acquaintance, even friend if your mere existence peaks my interest.  Today is an astounding moment in man's history as an organization once hidden reveals itself for all to see.  Do not be alarmed.  This public announcement is for all to revel.  The Monarch cooperation's investment into this interaction between you and I is not meant to be frightening, intimidating, threatening, or whatever conundrum you may prefer.  Please see this sudden activity as a movement of humane enlightenment so that our intentions are clear and not in the least bit malicious.  And as a testament of my own kindliness I'd like to recite a poem I once wrote.

Images of broken light, which 
Dance before me like a million eyes, 
They call me on and on across the universe. 
Thoughts meander like a 
Restless wind inside a letter box 
They tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe. 

Stars soaring high above are peering eyes shooting through the imagination of boyish men.  You see stars light up space, they're not there for decoration, no they are meant to illuminate our own fairy tale lands, in order to create a passageway into the far fetched beyond.  Across the cosmos exist beings far more horrendous and problematic than that of Ninjans or Symaarians.  Do not have qualms children of the atom there is a reason I state such blatant facts.
Protection of civilization.  People of Earth I come before you in hopes of obtaining acceptance in a world fueled by narrow opinions.  Founded in the year 2006 by Director Memphis the MONARCH organization located on the surface of Mars intents and purpose involves gathering knowledge of various alien races, unlocking the answers of existence, and saving mankind from future endeavors against the likes of alien "babes".  I ask of you to protest in the streets of Harlem, Kyoto, Toronto, San Juan, and wherever voices can be appropriately heard.  Demand your governments Monarch's presence to prevent earthly catastrophes for centuries to come. 
If you are to ever entrust the well being of mankind in the hands of Monarch's most lucrative operatives.  I issue a promise, no a relationship between myself and you the unknowing citizen.  I will be accepting questions from anyone living around the globe.  Tell me of your worries, troubles, and thoughts on the idea of aliens living among us.  How does that make you feel?  Are you afraid of living?   
My name is John 1.  How may I be of assistance?  

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...epic thread

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The Nippon Emperor sat cozy listening to live house Jazz from Shinjuku in his Trinity private suite. His sculpted frame was covered in facetious red and gold silk Japanese garb. A tranparent cyan light extended vertically before him and configured into a hard light projection of the Newest Monarch Agent on his watchlist. Casually sliding his loafer across his smooth carpet a pleasing smirk stretched across his dewy face. "How can you be so candid after your Monarch orchestrated a failed attempt to steal work from a Nippon research facility?" He sunk back in his chair and peered at John 1 with hidden daggers glimmering in his pupils.

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@Flucks : Perfect gif as always :D  

@Mr. Mercury: He is a fine specimen indeed.  Categorized as the Emperor of Nippon Empire; Shinji Tzsukazaki presents himself as both brooding and indecisive.  John 1 acts as a more respectful being, he however sits like a gentlemen.  "What happened at the Nippon facility is something handled by internal affairs.  Although I must say these members known as Surkit and Closure proved most unethical during their tenure with MONARCH's most decorated field agents."  Smiling like a true Herculean, it is John 1's duty to act most mature during conversations such as these.  "Although I must say point out, your country's recent change in government is most suspicious.  Wouldn't you say?" 
(Got to work out to kinks...writing a different character is weird o.o)
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(How does this work?)

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Atticus wanders into the unknown regions of Nippon, stumbling upon a space he soon came to know as MONARCH. It spoke to his concious being, fully aware and sentient. "What do I call you" he spoke. Wanting to personify this new whatever it was, was a rouse. Not that it mattered but maybe this emotional brain could be of use to him?

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@The_Obsidian_Emperor : (IC you talk to Thunderbolt about your concerns of Monarch's existence, try to broker a deal or alliance, or simply talk to him about Earth and its super-humans, its basically a Q&A with a possible threat for the CVU)
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@Clara Mass: (I meant, how does one actually make contact? Does he show up whenever anyone anywhere wants to ask a question? O_o)
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@The_Obsidian_Emperor : (You can arrange for meetings, he has a base in Nippon, or talk to him via the internet like a text message lol)
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@Thunderbolt : Shinji expected a direct conversation and an inch of understanding about Monarch's operation, but their agent was slightly trivial. "I'll keep it simple, this government is weary of your organization...Tread lightly. You haven't made the best first impression." Their was similarity in John 1's speech, but his personal experience of the voyagers approach was problematic.

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@Mr. Mercury : "Well I do understand you're concern Emperor and rest assured our efforts are to mend broken fences.  Although I do hope our relationship will differ from your already estranged ties to whatever agents you may have conversed with prior to my existence."  His do eyed face expression is a result of studying the gestures of every human he comes in contact with.  Becoming sincere and straight had become a more complicated task than initially predicted.  "Please do tell me all of your concerns.  I am here to listen."
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@Slight : "Atticus I presume, may I be of service?"  John 1 takes the palm of Nippon's more prestigious civilians and politely kisses his palm.  "If I am being to formal, I must apologize."  He said, wondering if what he had done was wrong.
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@Thunderbolt : (Well...I'm not texting about my character texting. Ever. lol Soo....)
Sying Yi Lu'o the base. He had had a meeting set, eager for any chance at something like this. The city of Nippon was a bit out of the way for him, but he managed. He entered the room where the meeting was meant to take place, or at least as he was informed.
(Was that how I start? Still confused o.o)
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(Shinji's talking to him through a hologram projection)

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@The_Obsidian_Emperor : (Perfection. It's like visiting the doctor but you better be interesting lol) 
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@Thunderbolt : Shinji easily swept aside his personal problems with Monarch to converse with one of their operatives. "What are Monarch's functions...what is their mission?"

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slow clap

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@Mercy_ : Thank you :D
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I thought Thunderbolt was dead....O_O

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Very nice :)

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@Angeni : Not everybody dies but not everybody lives :D