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The Trinity

The Trinity is Earth's premier team of superheroes, they fight terrorist from a wide spectrum of tyrannical supervillains to galactic conquerors unknown to Humanity. Equally the Trinity is a team of leaders, warriors, innovators and inventors. Rostered with heroes spanning the globe from the United States to the alien planet Olympus. After Final Arrow's apocalyptic rampage and one of the founding members, Ziccarra Liafador's Ninjan invasion Trinity became the figureheads of the planet rising from the ashes and rebuilding towards Earth's Age of Humanity.


Olympian Champion


Born for the sole purpose of one day becoming the Earth's greatest savior. Created from the energies of the legendary god Zeus and the flame of Olympus, Alceus was trained to be Olympus' finest ever warrior. Stronger than Hercules, faster than Ares, and nearly as durable as Achilles, he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Having joined the Trinity Foundation in order to put his altruistic heroism to good use, mighty Alceus is the sworn protector of the innocent and defender of all that is right and good.

Powers & Abilities: Gifted not only with superhuman physical attributes that dwarf the strength of Hercules, the speed of Hermes, and rivals the durability of Achilles, mighty Alceus is perhaps the single most physically powerful individual to emerge from the halls of Olympus. Having mastered his latent energy manipulating abilities, The Champion is also a highly gifted warrior, having mastered numerous martial arts and different armed and unarmed combat styles, he has been described as the complete warrior.



Alex Gray awoke in an alley with no recollection of his past, only having a photo as a guide. He met a man named Marcus who helped Alex discover his powers and abilities. His desire to know his past grew and Marcus contributed to his desire by equipping Alex with "Stryke," a sword as well as a custom motorcycle. Along the way, he met a mysterious girl who foretold him of his destiny, " I know what you want, but the answers will be revealed over time. You are the key, the protecter... go to the far east, your destiny is to protect. Do so." The journey led him to join the Trinity Foundation in the fight against injustice and in order to discover his past.

Power & Ability: To date, Alex has no knowledge about the origins of his powers, but his ability to manipulate kinetic energy and draw energy ranges from increasing his strength and speed to sending blasts of energy (all depending on the energy absorbed). The Rider also has enhanced strength, allowing him to lift up to 800 pounds. His adept memory and quick mind allows him to learn or memorize anything with a glance of his eyes; thus the origin to his mastery over his weapon, "Stryke."



Angeni was born to Athena the Goddess of Wisdom and Hephaestus the God of Fire, Forge, and Smiths on Mount Ida (Crete.) After being warned by the Sisters of Fate that a daughter of Athena would overthrow the gods, Zeus made a law that no god and goddess could produce anymore children but it was already too late due to Athena already pregnant. Fearing that Zeus would kill baby Helena, Athena hid herself on Mount Ida and had her daughter. While secretly being raised on Mount Ida, Athena trained her daughter to become the finest warrior ever born among the Gods of Mount Olympus, Greece, and Rome while Hephaestus built useful equipment for his daughter and taught her how to craft. After discovering that the daughter of Athena had been born secretly, Zeus quickly found the location of young Helena Troy and banished her away from Mount Olympus instead of killing her. After years had passed, Helena became the Princess of Athens and joined the Trinity Foundation to protect the people of earth

Powers and Abilities: Angeni has super strength and has the ability to fly. Along with other Super-Human Senses. She has a few weapons and armor given to her by her allied gods: The Lasso Of Athena, Bracelets of Hephaestus, Tiara of Athena, and many more.



Before the Trinity, Bishop worked as a hired gun for both villains and heroes. During a case, he was forced to view himself from a moral perspective (see The general and Grunt in my bio). During his soul searching, he stumbled on the Trinity Foundation on a news channel, and thought there was no better place to learn the way of the Hero.

Power & Ability: Able to absorb and redistribute Kinetic energy.So far in these forms: Shock Kick: able to propel himself with concentrated energy in his feet. Able to use energy build up to harden his skin as well as add density to his muscles. Simple energy blasts, amplified times two of any physical force directed at him. He is a high level street fighter as well as former golden gloves champion.



Born literally from two different worlds. He's been a nomad for a majority of his life. Unable to deal with the expectations of a prince, Noah abandoned his mother's maniacal plans to live a life of his own free will. He would return to his origins, discovering the other side of his mother's overzealous stories. However, it was too late. His father perished but days before his arrival. Devastated by his inability to have or do whatever he pleased, Noah took it upon himself to fill his father's role and bring closure not only to his father's legacy but for those taken away from this world too soon. His story is simple yet the Gods of Olympus keep a wary eye. Do not judge a book by it's cover because one day, it might just surprise all those who looked away.

Abilities: A trained fighter since birth, by the greatest fighters of the Future Conqueror organization. Noah has only been taught from the best. Especially so when he spent twelve months under the guidance of Gambler and even bared witness to the magnificent technique of the great and powerful Babs. Under the leadership of his mother has he learned to murder with grace, dignity, and most of all discretion. Because of his affinity for mind games and various weapons, it is not common for him to engage in hand to hand combat, Closure can surely handle his own if the perimeter he sets between himself and an opponent is broken.



Before Trinity, the once typical high school student, Levina stumbled on her powers accidently when the world around her became too unbearable to handle. When the attempt to take her own life failed, she found herself to not only to still be alive, but to have developed super powers as well. With the help of her high school friends, Daniel and Michael, she now uses her second chance in life to try and make a positive change in the world as Hi Voltage.

Powers: Levina has the power of electrokinesis- able to alter the movement of electrons, allowing them almost any electricity based power. With it she is able to dish out different attacks that are associated with her electrokinesis. Such as shooting bolts of lighting, Use electricity to stimulate nerves for increased agility, speed, strength and reflexes, power electronic devices, draw powers from electrical devices or thunderstorms, ride electrical currents, create shields of lighting, are just some of the things she is able to do with her powers.


Atticus Blaire

Atticus Blaire was an unassuming figure among his college cohorts. He was a sheltered person, without friends and a social life. Shockingly enough, he had been gifted with the ability to manipulate the weather. This ability came as a greater cost than he was willing to pay, the world falling in around him, the truth of his own history became known, and yet still it is as far away from him as it ever was. Drafted by Maya Lopez, whom he'd saved with the abilities he had mixed feelings about. Partly because he wanted to be normal, and partly because he was enjoying the freedom of super heroics. During the Ninjan Invasion and the assault by Final Arrow, his powers completely changed, but it was all for the better. They felt better to him, his control over them were as absolute as breathing. After the Earthly devastating events, Atticus has accepted the title of Minister of Social Affairs. His powers having no use in politics, he has given the life of a hero up, in order to pursue his original goals of public office. His duties encompass heading the houses of education, energy, input on foreign and domestic policy.

Power & Ability: Umbrakinesis: The Mental ability to generate negative energy or shadows, or control those existing. This allows him to form hard constructs, and even teleport. Politically speaking, he is gifted with charisma.


Clara Mass

Stripped away from her home at a very young age, raised by a wicked witch, trained by the most deadliest mercenaries around, Clarice Michelle Zeraz has been through it all especially death. Told of a destiny in which the world burned from her touch the alluring brawler toke it upon herself to right the wrongs of crazed religious cults. Unable to accept the idea of Earth dying by her nefarious needs, the code name Clara Mass ended her tenure as Sector Eleven's top field agent in order to live a life of saving the world from herself. Although for a time she wandered the streets as a villainous, she soon broke free from a period of loneliness. After the devastation caused by the Ninjan invasion, she could not cope with the idea of standing by the side of Jean Luc LeBeau. Instead she pulled away from the clutches of evil and now walks the route of redemption. Hoping she will cleanse herself of past sins and reverberate back to original agenda of protecting this world; Emperor Shinji supports his newest acquisition. Clara Mass dons the costume once again to save a world worth defending!

Powers & Abilities: Her voice alone can make a man crumble to his knees. Persuasive skills infiltrate the most secure locales without the need of blood loss. Not to mention her powers of touching the very strings of reality, Clara Mass can do whatever she wishes so long as she does not breach her limitations. In addition to slight invulnerability, low level telepathy, and telekinesis the manipulative mystery is a powerhouse meant for admiration. Although she handles the security of Nippon there is no point in jeering her newest position, she will not hesitate killing anyone whether they be young or old.


Son of War

Hector, a son of Ares left on Earth during the Trojan war, has lived for centuries. Unable to live a normal life, he's been forced to become a soldier of fortune, living off of the spoils of war. One day, his father came to him with an order to aid some other Earthly Gods, Acleus and Helena, on a journey into the ancient Labyrinth. Due to his father's abilities, he finds himself unable to leave the portion of Greece controlled by the Utopia. He decides it better to join with them, finding it more fitting than being a drifter. In this way, doing his part in worldly affairs.

Powers & Abilities: Hector is a demigod. His physical abilities are, in simple terms, just better than a human's all around. He has the ability to manipulate blood, but only if he is the one who spills it. He has limited precognition and necromancy, both of which require time to use. Due to his long lived war life, he has learned how to use almost any weapon effectively. Be it a battleaxe or a sub-machine gun, he can use them effectively.


Emperor Shinji Tsukazaki

EMPEROR SHINJI TSUKASAKI – Born in Tokyo, Japan to a celebrated family of Imperial Samurai Shinji is the youngest leader of the Empire; but, he is as deadly and ruthless as his adversaries. Monks and Abbots under Shinto/Buddhist philosophy have unanimously claimed him the embodiment of the deity Hachiman God of War and Protector of Japan and the offspring of Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess and Imperial Ancestress of Japan. Although he rules the country as a Monarch paying homage to his ancestors he also makes sure he's in touch with the countries society through candid events and active role on Trinity as Mercury. With his vision of the Age of Humanity, Shinji is constantly reaching out to other nations to cement strong alliances for the trailblazing move forward.


Tsukazaki Crest
    HOUSE OF TSUKAZAKI - Traced back to the beginning of Japan as ancestors of Lord Jimmu, the Tsukazaki surname is respected and celebrated across Japan. Since the shift in power in Japan to the Nakamura rule, Shinji's immediate family along with relatives and supporters of his Imperial surname have migrated to the country to live under Shinji Tsukazaki's rule. His immediate family consists of: Johto, Carmen, Yoshihito Watanabe, Grace, Alexander, Echo, Jimi and Justin Cortez.

THE IMPERIAL COUNCIL - The Tsukazaki council consists of selected nobles awarded a seat from meritocracy as well as aristocracy. They are the reliable eyes and ears to the citizens, speaking directly to the People's Republic about there local concerns, projects, military, science, employment, education and government policies. After consoling one another the council is scheduled to meet with Emperor Shinji to propose the People's Republic's concerns and laws along with their own. The Imperial council is rostered with the elite from visionary scientist, vaunted psychologist to Nippon's respected military generals.



THE IMPERIAL LEAGUE OF DIVINE FIRE- The League of Divine Fire, known in Japan simply as the Kamikaji are a devoted followers of the Tsukazaki family. Reviving the ancient Samurai Code--Bushido--the The League patrol Shinji's Golden Palace protecting the palace and it's residence with their lives. They possess superlative skill in varied forms of martial arts, stealth and assassination techniques. From birth they were chosen to serve the Tsukazaki, training four months after their birth with activities pertaining to the clan's esoteric assassin and espionage Japanese text, The Book of Genyosha.


THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT - Shinji has restructured the common procedure worldwide Police Departments with technology and code. City police are trained in Kenjutsu, Hand-to-Hand combat, firearms and SVN (Special Vehicle Navigation) through the Justice Academy Program. City police patrol the streets in flying cars and advanced motorcycles with exclusive vehicles license prohibited to civilians. Each police is equipped with Naito advanced armor, advanced Firearms (photon. laser, special ammo clips) and a standard wakizashi blade. The Naito armor emits a high velocity shield that deflects fast objects like flying bullets.



ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS - Electromagnetic fields ensconce the entire Nippon city diameter, the fields are always active and during state o emergency situations the shields are visibly apparent. The fields are programmed to clear city registered vehicles are ships and anomalies are powered down with an EMP pulse as it slips through. In those rare State of Emergency situations the electromagnetic shields harden and either deter the ships or destroy them on impact--registered vessels slip through a liquid substance in the latter situation. Criminals arrested under the NPD are exposed to an invisible laser transmitter and docked when they enter and leave a Nippon city.


Important Cities/Locations


NIPPON CITY- The capital of the country and the location of the Imperial Golden Palace, home to Emperor Shinji. The city is located on the Mediteranean Coast of what used to be Turkey. Nippon is the center of the countries economy, trade, and culture. The buildings are built high with neon lights, mega screens and lens flare in every direction. The streets are packed with a melange of cultures meshing peacefully with one another. Police cars hover up and down the city to quell any crime. Petty criminals only have a 30% chance of escaping freely with the varied advantage of wit and combat/defensive skill.Blimps float across the skyline subliminally advertising cultural integration and the Space Frontier.


NEW SYDNEY - A new empire meant for a new generation. Bedazzled by grandeur, birthed from perfection, a new city rises in the wake of devastation. Stationed as the sister city of the Nippon Empire's heart; only the technologically updated roam these intricately structured streets. And in the midst of a classically designed city of one-thousand fifty-four, stands thee illustrious Zeraz Tower. Composed of various Tsukazaki and Zeraz family members; Zeraz Industries groundbreaking ideas intend on supporting the empire on numerous levels. State of the art defensive measures and a knack for increasing human intelligence as well as enlightenment; Director Noah Zeraz' has accomplished his father's long lost goal, giving the company its rightful prominence. Be wary as the Zeraz family has full control of their city, eyes and ears everywhere, and their status as celebrities make them even more adored.

  • NEW NAGASAKI - Shinji has commissioned a team of scientist and architects to construct a Trinity base on the Moon. The colossal titanium Trinity base is the center of a grid system of research facilities and living quarters for scientist and wealthy citizens. The Colonist can only travel between Earth and the Moon through scheduled shuttle flights. Trinity members arrive through transport leading directly to their fully accommodated headquarters.
Overview of Nippon from the Golden Palace

IMPERIAL GOLDEN PALACE - Situated at the highest peak of the city, the Golden Palace is a square spanning a mile wide. Emperor Shinji along with his reside in the ornate palace. The Imperial Golden Palace is an architectural testament to Nippon's cultural integration. The roofs are styled like temple pavilions with gold coating over the terra-cotta that glows in the sunlight. Shimmering obsidian dog-lions sit at the golden gate poised as spiritual protectors of the Imperial residence. The nearly indestructible alien material Orion is laced in palaces' marble structure.In the shadows and in the open, The League of Divine Fire patrols the grounds to deter and quell any intruders.

The Valkyrie Opera in the Balenciaga Theater's Proscenium Stage

THE BALENCIAGA - The Balenciaga ballroom showcases the cultural diversity of the Nippon Empire through art and celebration. Theatrical performances across the cultural panorama are showcased in four different stage rooms for patrons to enjoy their familiar theatrical entertainment or one outside there own. To the left of the theater's lobby is a cocktail lounge offering live musical performances, five-star food from a culturally diverse roster of top chefs. Despite the iconography surrounding The Trinity and the aristocrats, there are hidden VIP suites overlooking the lounges main floor and VIP luxury seats in each of the four theaters. The celebrity and wealthy elite attend this swank ballroom theater.

The Ryukyu Docks

RYUKYU DOCKS - Here air and nautical ships dock and harbor for voyages of trade across the ocean channels and trips to the Moon. Fishers can drift their boats out to the Mediterranean Sea reel in catches like bluefish, sea bass, grouper, amber etc. year long. The Nippon Yacht Club is located at the Ryukyu docks as well.

Solace Park

SOLACE PARK - Thefirstofficial park erected during the Tsukazaki Empire, Solace Park is a romantic landscape of leisure and luxury in all forms.

Fountain of Solace

Set in the heart of Nippon City in the Shimazu Financial district, the park serves as meeting ground for the Nippon citizens and tourist. Athletes, college students, strollers, joggers, businessmen, daytrippers, campers, fishers all enjoy the park along with a lush population of Mediterranean fauna and flora. Black Scooter duck glide across the ponds, African tulips and Sun Roses brighten the sidewalks and Turkish and Aleppo Pine trees shade the pedestrians playing games of chess or go, strumming their guitars or simply engaging conversation. At the heart of the park one can view the an enchanting jade statue of the King Shinji of Nippon stylized as the Imperial Dragon and a marble statue of his predecessor Maya Lopez at the Fountain of Solace

Their are generous amounts of facilities placed throughout the 1,000 acre park. A festive Mediterranean restaurant emblazoned Genghis Khan can be enjoyed from noon to night. Children can enjoy playgrounds scattered across the parks expanse, feed the ducks in ponds or congregate in the Solace Park Recreation Center. The recreation center is interconnected to outdoor basketball and tennis courts and one baseball field; neighboring the recreation center is the Kitsune Child Development Center. The south end of the park leads to the Ryukyu Docks, filled with fishers reeling in fish like Red Breams and Whiting streaming from the cities inland Atsumi River.

Trinity Nippon Headquarters

TRINITY HEADQUARTERS - With the devastating destruction of the submerged New Jerusalem base, Trinity has constructed a new base in Nippon erected on the comfortably chilly on Mt. Murasaki and serves as the new official headquarters of the Trinity. The base is equipped with personal suites, Kamikaji security and currently installing AI security. The structure is powered off solar energy and renewable power cells. The first floor of the building is a public Trinity museum for hikers showcasing the expanding history of the team. Beneath the surface are the research, tech, training and medical facilities, briefing and surveillance rooms and the ship hanger harboring the Trinity's interstellar-prepped frigate battleship, NSV-Phantom.


Coming Soon


(Heroes, Neutrals are free to join PM directly)

(Villain induction onto the team is exclusive and only accepted with valid reason.)

DISCLAIMER: This is a team thread, but it is also open for RPGers to visit and interact with the growing locations and expanding cities in Nippon. For the firestarters putting your character in the city you are expected to sell the Nippon Police Department and the League of Divine Fire. Godmodding is inexcusable.

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Settles down in her new office. "How delightful."

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Attends the ribbon cutting ceremony, standing on stage beside his fellow Trinity Members, as they are ushered forward by their new shepherd, into a bright new tomorrow.  
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And Australia is the new Trinity country?

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: She spotted him within Monroe Park. Dallying around as if he belonged here. Such a waste of space but how did he bypass she state of the art security? Disguised as a local entrepreneur, violet eyes lock onto the emotionless manipulator.

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@Clara Mass: "Clarice? It seems that my presence attracts you", the enigmatic masked figure uttered, his usual charming yet intimidating demeanor piercing the very air. Sitting on a park bench, the mysterious aristocrat turned to look at the manipulative redhead, "Tell me something Ms. Zeraz, what brings you to me this time?".

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Akube stood among the crowd during the ribbon cutting ceremony. The press didn't notice his presence, seeing as that there were far more intriguing matters at hand, and he couldn't be happier. He looked up at familiar faces, shining with new-found hope in the wake of devastation. He tipped the brim of his hat and applauded along with the rest, a smile stretched across his face.

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@Impero : "I cannot allow the ruse to last a day longer", the intellectual beauty sarcastically responded, her curvaceous hips swaying to the whistling winds of summer. Carefully sitting on his lap the Trinity's newest heroine holds his throat lightly. "I know the truth. Now you tell me Impero....what is it you want from me?"

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@Trinity_ said:

DISCLAIMER: This is a team thread, but it is also open for RPGers to visit and interact with the growing locations and expanding cities in Nippon. For the firestarters putting your character in the city your are expected to sell the Nippon Police Department and the League of Divine Fire. Godmodding is inexcusable.

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@Clara Mass: His disturbing composure and poise remained unbreakable as she lightly held his throat while sitting on his lap. Chuckling as he lightly slid his hand on her hip, he calmly removed her hand from his throat, "The truth? Let us not become delusional", Impero responded, "Now as for what I want from you. That'll be a pleasant surprise".

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Work, work, work. The surreal beauty that held the attention of every onlooker, every citizen from across the globe, was work. Hard work that had taken the meaning of diligence and patience to an entirely new level. With each hour of masonry pride built as high as the golden palace. Today the unveiling of Nippon a ascended to a zenith of artistry and technology, but Atticus sat in his office suite at team headquarters drawing up more plans for the industrial districts.

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@Impero : "Oh impervious Impero! God forbid someone touch your pretty little neck."Her lack of seriousness is a tactic she uses against the more sterile personalities. An act meant to portray her as a puppet instead of puppeteer. Regardless his gentle touch brought out the businesswoman within, his words ringing through the conscience. "Is it a dual you seek or a partnership. Either one...I'd be happy to oblige."

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Interesting to know that Mr.Merc and Closure are running the team.

Progression in the best way :D

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@Clara Mass: It seemed as though his cryptic suggestions had successfully swayed Clarice into a position that he had hoped or rather planned for. "A partnership you say? Well.. it would benefit this nation that you've become such a central figure in", enigmatic Impero admitted, "Although it seems like you desired for something.. more?", his alluring yet intimidating eyes locking with hers, a piercing but mesmerizing gaze.

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@Impero : Does he really believe himself that strong to orchestrate her own maneuvers? How cute for him to think such thoughts. Nevertheless she persists that he make his agenda known. Nippon's security forces were no doubt minutes away. "I've progressed very much since my beginnings", she pauses waiting for security to draw nearer, "Desire? No opportunity. I see great things for you and I. A partnership seems about right but in what form is your decision" her own alluring yet misleading eyes lock with his, a piercing but volatile gaze.

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@Surkit : Read the interaction before going all head master on me...its story ;)

True... but we gotta let folks know you can't just fall into trinity like in the past. the fools who just ended up beneath the ocean...GAH!! :P

@Impero said:

@Surkit: Damn didn't notice. I'll just say it was somewhere else.

Do you man, just putting it out there for the future, Impero would of course find a way in :p

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@Clara Mass: Her questions, he found amusing, it seemed as though she was attempting to coerce him into revealing vital information. "Ah Clarice, you must really think lowly of my intellect", Impero chuckled, his composure at an extreme regardless of the approaching security, "Only a fool would speak of his objectives in the open. Invaluable information is to be preserved", he stated, maintaining eye contact, the paralyzing calmness emitted by his foreboding eyes, a truly eerie one.

(Gotta run)

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@Slight: @Akube: Thanks! And Akube's always welcome as an Honorary Member of the Trinity if he'd accept

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@Mr. Mercury : Oh it is ready but its late and I'm lazy :D

Since I'm so excited please pay attention to the Impero/Clara thing ;)

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Walks around Monroe Park.

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