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"We face enemies both foreign and domestic; sometimes even on a universal scale; the truth of the matter is The local law enforcers are useless; us in the Trinity Foundation cannot do everything" Maya said, sitting on the corner of her desk. "What we need is a task force that is as strong as the TF but swears to protect Not just Realgam, Solace City and New Jerusalem...but all of Utopia; I think I have the perfect idea.

Trinity Legends

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Absolutely NO OOC in this thread. EVERYTHING WILL BE IN RPG FORMAT. For Chit chatting, go to the Trinity Foundation thread.

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Nova Perez

Hometown: Cairo, Utopia (Egypt)

Age: 17

Hair Color: White

Eye color: Blue

BIO: Nova controls the destructive element of Electricity as well as, Wind. She first received her powers when Derekken landed on earth. Upon the creation of the "Trinity City" she moved to Solace City to attend the L.O.V.E institute, which acts as a female college as well as a high school. Nova acts as the leader of the Trinity Legends hand appointed by Maya.

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Mason Jones

Hometown: NYC, USA


Hair: brown

Eye color: Blue

Mason Jones was your average kid to be nice, he didn't have much friends ans was kind of an outsider. His mom passed away when he was 14 and his dad still hasn't recovered from it. Mason figured out at the age 16 he has a gift, he has almost super human agility and reflexes, he also good with tech and pretty smart for his age all because he is a mutant. When Mason discovered this he didn't know what to do, but then he realized he has great power, why not do great things. After about 2 months he discovered a team called the Trinity Legends. He believed it was a great way to learn how to become a hero. So after discussing it, he became a 'foreign exchange student' in Utopia.

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@super_bro: Nova walks into the lobby to greet Mason. "Welcome Mason, I hope your trip from New York was to you liking"

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@Nova Perez: "it was good. This place is amazing." Mason said as he looked around like a kid in a candy shop.

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@super_bro: "Welcome to the Trinity Foundation, My name is Nova Perez, I'm the overseer of this operation.

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@Nova Perez: "Nice to meet ya Nova, when do I begin." Mason said smiling behind some black shades.

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@super_bro: "The others haven't arrived yet; if you want I can show you around the cities" Nova said, motioning towards Solace City.

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@Nova Perez:

"Yes. please do, hey nova how old are you?" Mason asked while following behind her.

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@super_bro: "I am 17 years old, I attend the L.O.V.E Institute" she said, leading him into the city. "How old are you?"

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@Nova Perez:

"Love institute? Sounds like a dating sight." Mason chuckled "I'm 16, I asked cause so far you seem so mature."

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@super_bro: "I was born in Cairo, most of the women there mature at such a young age" she said, showing him the hall of illumination. "Here is the Hall of Illumination; through this hall way you will find a registry of some of the world's most famous heroes"

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@Nova Perez: "Sounds boring." Mason walked into the hall and his eyes shimmered as he looked at all the heroes in the hall. He really hoped that he was great enough that one day, he could be in here. He turned to Nova serious as could be, "Will we ever be in this hall?" Mason dreamed of being recognized as being one of the greats, he knew he was new. He knew he still had to learn, but he also knew his mind and heart were in the right place.

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@super_bro: "To be perfectly honest, I don't know. It's easy to say sure now, but that's because we haven't been faced with Any adversity". Nova smiled, she motioned to the statue of Maya Lopez. "This is our boss, the woman we report to Maya Lopez, she's the master of these three cities"

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@Nova Perez:Mason lowered his shades, and whistled, "Look at her, smart and gots a body, I like it." Mason said immaturely "So this is the boss, so why the team why not The big Trinity?" Mason looked at Nova

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@super_bro: Exiting the hall, Nova strolled through Monroe Park. "We're still obligated to our schoolwork, and our role as teenagers" Nova said, with a slight smirk on her face. "Down there is new Jerusalem" she said, pointing down in the river.

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@Nova Perez: Mason yawned, "Sorry it's been a long flight, where will I stay?"

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@super_bro: "Your home will be down there in the barracks of New Jerusalem" she said walking gracefully on the water only for both of them to be swallowed by a protective lift. The lift descended down revealing the huge complex known as New Jerusalem

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@Nova Perez: Mason was amazed at the site. He followed Nova, seeing as where exactly he would stay and what he would do tomorrow.

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@super_bro: "Your room will be here 1A, tomorrow we have danger room training at 10 o clock don't be late" Nova said, entering the complex with her hands behind her back.

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Jay Ferreira

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal

Age: 17

Hair Color: Light Blond

Eye color: Blue

Bio: Gifted with the mutant power of scientific genius coupled with the skillful ability to manipulate the ambient energy found in his environment, Jay always dreamed of becoming part of a superhero team as he grew up fatherless and with his aunt while his mother was part of the Portuguese Navy performing heroics of her own. Training intensely as the days went by, Jay found himself growing more and more skillful with his powers and eventually, he came upon the opportunity of a lifetime: to join the Trinity Legends. After weeks of debating with his overprotective aunt, Jay managed to convince her to let him seek out his dreams, he couldn't let this chance slip by him. Aside from his own mutant powers, Jay is remarkably strong with peak-human physicality which is complimented by his great skill in the art of Muay Thai.

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Amy Garcia AkA 'La Legada'

Hometown: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Age: 16

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

BIO: Born to a wealthy family in Mexico City, and being an only child, Amy Garcia was always a prime target for kidnappings. Her father had her train in the arts of archery along with fencing, and hand to hand combat as soon as she was able to speak. At the age of seven she was subjected to her second kidnapping, only to be able to escape from her captives because of her training. It was then she was sent away to Alberta, Canada (to live with a family member) to escape her dangerous life, only to get into further trouble by the time she reached the age of 15 when she began posing herself as a vigilantly called simply ‘La Legada’ or ‘The Legacy’. This name was chosen because she felt she could leave a legacy of good behind as a hero and so far was doing a good, dropping crime rate by 5% all on her own. When Trinity Legend’s found out about this non-powered young teen, they quickly sent word for her and brought her to attend the L.O.V.E institute for girls.

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Flies in to meet the Trinity Legends

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Jay silently walks into the room, still new and not even an acquaintance of his future teammates. "So this is it", he took a deep breath.

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Rayne Edgona 


Name: Rayne Amilia Edgona
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Sex: Female
Eye Color: Violet
Weight: 110
Hair Color: Brown with white bangs
Powers: Claws two from each hand one from feet, Razor sharp skin, Limited manipulation of bone marrow, healing factor

Bio: Rayne was born in New York and lived a rather casual life untill her thirteenth birthday. During school she was picked on for trivial rather mundane things. Push came to shove however when the boys striked the girl she liked. Two claws finding way into their skulls when she lashed out. Of course a thirteen year old comiting murder with only limited knowledge in mutants and martial arts was not someone going to stand around confidant. She paniced and left for home not noticing her clothing becoming torn for relativly no reason.  When she huged her mother and father they met their end as well. The result was Rayne resorting to being on the run for the past few years. She didn't receive much training or education simply focused on survival.

After four years of being on the run Trinity found out and took her in. As a result of her life style Rayne has adopted going by her midle name Amy. As a way of trying to forget her past some. She is antisocial and mildly hostile prefering not to get to close out of fear of her own abilities. Her hope is that the school can teach her control or make a cure. Her normal attire is of gothic status.

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All students report to the Danger room
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Amy woke from her bead as tempermental as ever. Most nights haunted by people she killed and the momories of such. She was wandering around all day yesterday getting the feal of the place without anyone helping her. Rayne wasn't social she would admit she was kind of a scary person people wanted to stay away from but still. Couldn't somebody atleast drawn her a map? Her hand began fumbling around her dresser untill she could find her phone. A quick playlist of Evanescence being set at the highest possible volume to help the violet eyed teen to start her morning as she grabbed a quick shower.  Exiting she through on a leather tube top leather having a beter resiliance to her abilities. Her legings matched the top and to top it off she through her see through green shirt over it the long sleaves easing her worry of abilities screwing up the lives of more people. With the final touch of gloves and her studed choker she was ready to get started.

Amy may have been knew to the place but the one place she did know of well was the danger room. It was possibly the one place she could find at any time in the estate. And today all students were to report to that lovely metalic room. In a mad rush, more than willing to shove anyone out of her way she made haste loud music and constrained enthusiasm guiding her movements before she rounded the corner and entered the danger room. Her footsteps sounding heavy against the metal in that annoying fashion that for some reason Rayne loved. The music of course was still going she didn't tone the music down ever untill somebody important told her to. She got yelled at last night by somebody about that, had no clue who though.

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The sounds of heavy but furiously fast punches pounding against a large punching bag echoed across his room. The combination ended with a thunderous roundhouse kick, splitting the punching bag in half. "Hehe", Jay chuckled at the sight of his ruined punching bag. After a cold shower, the Portuguese mutant put his clothes on as the tall muscular young man heard a female voice call for all students to report to the danger room. Exiting his room, Jay made his way across the various halls and walked into the danger room. There he spotted a girl, most likely his age. There he waited for the others to arrive as well as instructions.

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Nova stood in an almost regal manner watching as the Students of the Trinity Institute poured into the Danger room. Despite her age there was something, completely ‘ripe’ about her demeanor that made her a prime candidate for the Trinity Foundation. She herself had received the praise of both Emerald Canary and Sicily Boss back in the 11 grade; now at the start of her senior year she was in the running for valedictorian.

“Welcome brothers and sisters of the Trinity Legends; today will be our first day of instruction. Allow me to explain to you how this school works. On Monday’s, Weds, and Friday’s we will conduct hands on training, Tuesdays and Thursdays are class room instruction days.” Nova said, watching as a central metal piece came down.

Reality slowly altered and then all the students were present in a destroyed downtown Solace City. “This is the danger room; this allows us to act out actual training missions without us leaving the school. “Our first excersie is riot control and rescue” Nova said, landing in the middle of a horde of students.

The ground slowly began to quake and finally a huge crowd charged began charging the students, with typical mob gear. “There is a little girl located somewhere in Solace City, take find her. DEALY FORCE is unauthorized” Nova said; handing Jay and a Rayne comms. “Can I trust you guys to be my right and left hand?” She said, smiling at them both.

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In a matter of minutes, another teenager emerged, but she was somehow different. She seemed more mature than the others, and stood in a stately, almost queenly manner. She greeted everyone in attendance, "Welcome brothers and sisters of the Trinity Legends; today will be our first day of instruction. Allow me to explain to you how this school works. On Monday's, Weds, and Friday's we will conduct hands on training, Tuesdays and Thursdays are class room instruction days", Nova explained, while a large metal structure was lowered to the ground, somehow altering their environment. Jay was astonished as his eyes widened but he remained silent, even with his genius, he could not replicate such technology, at least not yet.

The scene had been altered to a destroyed version of downtown Solace City. "This is the danger room; this allows us to act out actual training missions without us leaving the school. Our first exercise is riot control and rescue", Nova informed as she landed near the students. Jay remained quiet and carefully listened to Nova's instructions while a large crowd of people charged towards the students. "There is a little girl located somewhere in Solace City, find her. Deadly force is unauthorized", she added, tossing over comms to both Jay and Rayne (the brown-haired student near him). "Can I trust you guys to be my right and left hand?", Nova smiled. Nodding his head with a smile, Jay replied, finally uttering some words, "Sure thing. I'll start looking for the girl", he said, dashing off in search of the girl. The crowd was quite unruly, and to his best he tried to calm them down during his search. "Please everyone, remain calm. We're here to help, acting like this will only make the situation worse, you wouldn't want to knock yourselves into something, causing a building to collapse now would you?", Jay advised, making an attempt at persuasion.

Meanwhile, he focused much of his concentration into his energy-senses, attempting to locate an isolated energy-signature which would most likely be the girl's. "Yes", he thought, having located an energy-signature that matches that of a child. While he was certain that he had found their target, the problem in his path was the distance between him and the little girl which was considerable and the panicked crowd wasn't making the situation any easier. Taking a deep breath, he ran, leaped and persuaded his way through the crowd while attempting to calm them down. "Don't worry, everything will be alright", he said, reassuring a cowering man on his right. In the meantime, Jay would remain in contact with his teammates through the comms as he used his to inform Nova of his identifying an isolated energy-signature.

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Some guy came in looking about her age but Amy didn't care really.care. It wasnt that he was ugly or rude or anything she just was antisocial. She hated geting close to people. The instructor was the same age as them Amy wasn't fond of that. Odds were that high status made her stuck up and think herself better than others. Didn't matter to much though so far nobody had told her to kill her blaring music and that was enough to calm her down. If they would let her keep music and kick the tar out of people digital or not then she would be content. As the straglers filled in the woman began to speak, and maybe just maybe Rayne thought she had judged a little to soon. Normally people who called you a sister weren't to bad, of course they could be all super friendly and that would totally suck to. She shook her head mildly ammused at herself as the mission was explained.

The entire room had disolved into a burning city flames a monstrous roar and debree filled the streets. It was chaotic and frantic scene and Rayne kind of liked it. Maybe it was because she  was into this kind of thing or maybe it was that this was all a game she didn't know. All she knew was it was cool and crazy and this school could maybe give her what she wanted. Taking the comm link and brushing white bangs of her eyes she smiled. "Depends am I left or right? Im pretty sure my left hook tops my right." The sarcasm the best she could do at being social. A rioter came at her bat in hand rushing Rayne the teen's eyes narowed in concentration as two slender blades came from between her knuckles on her left hand. She had gone through this before thugs in her hometown fond of metal bats. A quick slice as she ducked and the bat fell to the ground with a metalic clang. It was awesome how real the holographic world seamed. A quick jab of her right hand striked the holographic rioter in the gut droping him to the ground. It would of been nicer to have been allowed to use her blades but she resisted settling to just knock the man unconcious. Amy had no wish to lead she would follow  the other two.

Of course that two had quickly became one as the teen who entered only seconds after her took off. She wasn't big on the idea weren't they suposed to be like a team or something? Every time someone took off that had a bad tendancy to go south.

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Nova watched as the guy rushed off in a hurry to complete the mission; she admired his work ethic however; she wanted them to work close and smart, as opposed to separate and misguided. “Wait get back here” she yelled as he disappeared from sight. Nova through up her hands blocking strikes from the unruly crowd, which is until the girl whom was with her knocked him out, with a clean strike. “Depends am I left or right? I’m pretty sure my left hook tops my right." She said, sending a bit of sarcasm towards Nova. “You can be left, considering our right, has left” she said, chuckling a bit. “What’s your name?” Nova said, with her back turned to her teammate pushing a gale towards the oncoming crowd knocking them off their feet. “Well that bought us a little time” Nova said, motioning for the girl to follow her “I’ll watch our 9 to 12, you watch out 3 to 6” Nova said, messaging in on the comm. “Hey guy, we’re supposed to do this exercise as a team” She said, setting up a protective windshield to shield the both of them from on-coming projectiles.

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Jay had a tendency to work alone, a trait of his fiercely independent personality however, he was actually attempting to aid the team. The moment that he had received a message a from Nova on his comm, the resourceful youth dodged an incoming projectile but narrowly. "I know. But what I'm doing is for the team. I used my energy-senses to zero in on the little girl's location, it's a little isolated from the crowd so it was easy to pick out. I'll keep in contact with both of you and tell you which path to take while a clear the way for you", he said, then went on to add an apology for his abrupt departure, "I'm sorry for leaving without telling you guys anything though", he said, clearing the path for his teammates without harming the citizens and helping them as well.

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"You can be left, considering our right has left." Amy smiled maybe the girl wasn't so bad after all. "Amy, I love my first name but Rayne reminds me to much of exceedingly sh!ty times." It was rather well going considering the situation they were in. Her back was turned manipulating wind to help aid the two of them. "I'll watch are nine to twelve, you watch are three to six." Rayne laughed "what about  one to three and six to nine. You left to blind spots how about we keep it simple I watch your back you watch mine." With that they began heding for their team mate who wanted to run off on his own. A part of her wanted something to go poorly so he would learn but that wasn't beneficial to the mission. Her comm buzzed as the other partner spoke. "I know. But what I'm doing is for the team. I used my energy-sences to zero in on the little girls location." Rayne kind of just zeroed out listening to her music player that was still going.  She didn't need to hear the rest of it really, he thought he was in the right etcetera etcetera.

Amy looked to her partner still not sure of her name."Can I take this lectture Ms Windy." A brief smirk making it to her face as she activated the comm. "Look blondi I know the urge to be all lone wolf trust me. Family died in my hands accidently and it was me who killed them I am a horible social person. Here though personal prefferance cant be apart of what we do. You run off and then Y Intercept or Eternal Chaos or somebody shoots you just because your easy picking. Don't run off it places you, me are friend here and the girl where out to save in danger." Amy then climbed onto a car using the parked vehicles its height to help by pass the hoards of people in the streets. This fealt to easy so far, she was rather confidant something would enebitably go poorly or a bigger challenge was around the corner.

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"Amy, I love my first name but Rayne reminds me to much of exceedingly sh!ty times." Amy said, whilst Nova kept the unruly crowd at bay. She herself had never been to America, but she heard the girls over there came in various personalities types; she figured Amy was one of those wide ranging gothic types. Though Amy wasn’t at all what she was used to, it wasn’t hard at all for Nova to work with her.

"I know. But what I'm doing is for the team. I used my energy-senses to zero in on the little girl's location, it's a little isolated from the crowd so it was easy to pick out. I'll keep in contact with both of you and tell you which path to take while a clear the way for you"

Jay responded back, still out on his own; they were only a couple minutes into the exercise and someone had already run off. Amy continued her fierce battle style by protecting Nova’s left flank, while Nova provided support for her right side. Amy went high, mounting herself on top of some vehicles, which was actually a great idea.

“Amy, I see an opening about 15 paces north, we can run into the donut shop and then work the roof tops!” Nova shouted still on the ground. While she was talking she felt a huge quake, one that echoed loudly throughout the streets. “Amy…There’s something coming” Nova said, scanning the area. The huge shadowy figure would no doubt hinder their plans to reaching the little girl. “Holy…crap” Nova said, back peddling.

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Amy's comments were correct, Jay had acted too independently, too abrupt. Such are the consequences of having lived a life where one depends solely on themselves. "I'm doing this for the team. I'm clearing a path for you guys but I guess I was abrupt", Jay admitted, speaking into the comm as he replied to Amy's earlier remarks. Stopping in his tracks, Jay turned round and decided to return to his teammates, he was there to work with them as a team. The independent genius activated his powers for the first time since arriving to work with the Trinity Legends. His senses had already memorized Amy's and Nova's energy-signatures, he could locate them even if they were two miles away from him. Focusing on their energy-signatures, Jay had a lock on their location. "Alright, time to work as a team", he murmured as he charged his body with kinetic energy, enhancing his physical abilities to superhuman levels, particularly his speed.

Dashing off towards the energy-signatures of his teammates, Jay arrived right in front of the two teenage girls as enormous shadows loomed over them. Looking up at the sky, Jay spotted sentinels. They were technologically advanced robots famously used to hunt mutants like Jay. Turning to face his teammates, Jay offered his advice, "I know I'm no expert on teamwork since I ran off abruptly but wouldn't taking down the sentinels together be a good opportunity to work as a team?", he asked, preparing his body to either fight or flee.

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She was runing taking out people so on and so forth. Smooth sailing no wories, she knew things would become crap however. And sure enough that it did. The woman who still had yet to give a name to call her by made a good sugestion. The roof tops would of been a ood way to traverse the city without being locked down.  The city was in chaos but the high ground would make it avoidable. Over the comm that guy who took off was all deffensive about his actions. Soon enough he had made his way back to the two women the group now atleast back together. Great timing because as soon as the trio was together giant mechanical beings were bareing down on them. They were huge their shadows masking much of the streets. Polished metal ocasionaly shined in the fire light but mostly it was just a big scary figure with ominous eyes. Mister cut and run seamed fixed on fighting the stalker of mutants. Rayne admitedly could relate with the urge.

Rayne clenched her fists her skin becoming razor sharp as claws extended. "Well if any of us aren't mutants I would sugest they go for the girl. That way the girl can be saved without one of these things trying to hurt her. If where all mutants though runing is stupid and we apsolutely have to run." A taloned foot hacked the golf club in half of a rioter who got to close for her comfort. Her closed fist slaped the man carefull not to use claws, bleeding but atleast not dead the man doubled over. "So Miss Windy and Mr Energy Rogue any ideas how we take these things down. I've climbed trees and buildings fifteen foot tall robots though are new to me."

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"Nice to have you join us" Nova said, smirking and glancing at Jay out the corner of her eyes. "Oh Amy, my name is Nova" Amy lifted herself slightly above both Jay and Amy with her own tailwind. The huge robots began opening fire on the three, however Nova's windshield deflected them beams. "Jay, Amy, let's take these things out!" Nova said, dropping the windshield and landing right behind her teammates. Balling up her first she conducted her electricity in her hands and aimed it directly at the joints of one of the huge robots. "Someone add some more fire power!" she yelled trying to intensify the electricity. Nova couldn't help but smirk this was what the Trinity Legends were about, teamwork.

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So it seemed as though Jay was finally willing to work as a team. His individualistic approach would have doomed their mission, fortunately though, his sense of reason persuaded him to do what was right. The sentinels cast enormous shadows over the city, to some they are simply gigantic robots and machinations of destruction... but to Jay, they were symbols of the demise of his race, mutantkind. It was almost enraging laying eyes upon them. But he remained calm. "Nice to have you join us", Nova smiled, briefly trailing her eyes to Jay. Despite his earlier departure, she was still warm to him. He admired that maturity in her. "Thanks", he smiled, his eyes beginning to pulsate blue energy. Then Nova went on to greet the brown-haired girl, "Oh Amy, my name is Nova", she said, properly introducing herself. "And I'm Jay", he added, feeling obliged to introduce himself to his future teammates. If they were to work effectively together, they would have to know each other.

The sentinels wasted no time in their merciless assault, firing beams of energy at the teenage trio. Luckily, Nova was a quick thinker, erecting a protective barrier, deflecting the deadly beams of energy. In the blink of an eye, Nova shifted from a defensive stance to an offensive one as she shot powerful bolts of electricity from his palms at one of the sentinel's joints. She then urged one of the two to add more power to her attack. An energy-based fighter, Jay gladly complied. "Sure thing", he said, his eyes glowing intensely along with his tattoos. In a flash, he thrust his palms forward, discharging a massive continuous energy beam, blasting the robot's joints. He could see the plan she had. "Once we're done with this one, I have a better idea to take out the next one. But I'll need one of you to work with me".

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It was all fun assigning pet names it was nice though to know what to actually call her team mates. Nova and Jay. Knowing what to call eachother was a fair touch to being able to actually get things done. Without it they would of just been random people placed together. Soon enough Nova was redirecting  the beans as she reposistioned herself and added a stream of electricity towards the giants. Responding to her teamate Jay jumped in mixing her own abilities to help topple the giant machine. Soon enough the thing toppled over legs blown apart in a metallic rain as the energies merged together. The giant fell poorly trying to stabalize itself with the other hand as the other opened fire. With it down Amy made her move.

Fast as her build could carry her, which was fair as she was a thief that ran from the law before she came here she moved to the nearest building. A mix of parkour and blade assisted climbing carried her to the roof ledge where she proceeded to kick off. Her slender frame latching into the machines head. It wasn't as gracefull as she would of liked but it got the job done. Holding tight with marrow blades her right hand pulled free and proceeded to slam into the center of the head. Blades going further as her blade like skin punched into the skull of the machine. Her hair becoming slightly staticy as the giant toppled her arm being shocked continuously. Pulling her arm free as it pieced itself together as her frr hand straighted out her hair. "Who's next" she smiled behind violet wild eyes.

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Jay and Amy worked together well with Nova, she could see that an odd friendship was forming already. Amy showed off her ability as a free runner, using very masterful Aerial tactic to bring down the first sentinel. Nova kept her windshield up, continuing to provide cover for him as he moved into position. “Alright Jay, what’s this plan of yours?” she said, pushing her wind harder towards the huge mechanized vessels.

“Well atleast I know people at school now” Nova said, with a bit of a smirk on her face. Even though she was laughing, she really meant it. Nova didn’t have many friends, Cairo belonged to Egypt before Z took over, and Utopia was modern day Babylon ; her time wasn’t liked.

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The intellectual energy manipulator couldn't resist smiling, it was uncanny how well the superhuman trio worked together, the chemistry was instant. They're flawless work generated the impression that the trio had known each other for years, sharing countless experiences with each other. But that wasn't the case. Perhaps the stress and danger of their current situation forced them to fight together like a deadly pack of wolves. Amy was simply ruthless in her approach, merciless like a fierce Siberian tiger. "Looks like she's feeling the thrill of the battle", Jay smirked, briefly trailing his eyes towards a battle-immersed Amy.

Returning his focus to the attacking sentinels, Jay was glad to hear Nova considering his plan. "Alright Jay, what's this plan of your's?", she asked, continuing her assault on the sentinels with Jay. While focusing the massive energy beam shooting from his palms on the sentinel's weak points, The Genius revealed his plan, "I can sense the sentinel's energy-reactors, the main source of their power. But if I go anywhere near it, I'll be attacked. Can you use your powers to distract them? Oh and this should help", Jay said, using his energy manipulation to transfer a great deal of ambient energy into Nova, temporarily increasing her overall power. "That'll last for thirty seconds. Let's make it count", Jay smiled with a wink as he quickly pulled out two adamantium hilts tied to his back. With a sudden intense continuous glow in his tattoos and eyes, a blade of energy formed on the hilts respectively.

The energy-based swords were one of Jay's favorite weapons, they have served him well in the past. "Well at least I know people at school now", Nova chuckled. "No. Now you have friends at school", Jay smiled before speeding away from his comrade, finding himself behind the sentinel. "I hope she does well", he thought, referring to his plan. Leaping on to the sentinel's back, Jay climbed to where the top of the spinal cord would be on a human being, ready to deal the finishing blow.

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 “Alright Jay, what’s this plan of yours?” Rayne could hear Nova say as the sentinel fell. The usually grim avoiding teen rather fealing at ease with these teamates of hers.“Well atleast I know people at school now” The girl continued as she diverted dangerous attacks coming their way. "Looks like she's feeling the thrill of the battle" Jay continued as Amy aproached, she couldn't argue that this was her kind of thing. The entire reason she more or less was even here. Either find a cure or learn to control it and put it to use, she seamed like she could get such at a school like this one.

"Alright Jay, what's this plan of your's?"Nova questioned as the two continued to fight off the sentinels. "I can sense the sentinel's energy-reactors, the main source of their power. But if I go anywhere near it, I'll be attacked. Can you use your powers to distract them? Oh and this should help. That'll last for thirty seconds. Let's make it count" The teen seamed to glow as he transfered energy to boost the wind manipulator. "No. Now you have friends at school." Jay remarked and Amy hesitantly rolled the thought over her head, suppose she could say that.  Jay leapt onto the creatures back climing it with swords much like Amy had granted hers was slightly smoother. She had better climbing skills, no cool glow stick powers though. Shame to glowing eyes would of been awesome. Blades still extended Amy waiting on edge to do something. Energy abilities at work she saw little opening for herself to aid but regardless made effort to. The auburn and snow haired teen weaving between attacks launched her way trying to keep the machines distracted. That and maybe if she was lucky the two would shoot eachother as they tried to hit her.

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Feeling the instant power boost, Nova didn't hesitate to jump into action. Watching as the two sentinels began to fire upon one another; thanks to Amy's distraction, she began to fire upon them as well. The power boost worked well for her powers; the discharge was amazing. She seemed to have no limit on how much she could expunge. Despite this though, she knew there was almost no bringing this thing down without the reactor being destroyed. "Alright Jay...go!" Nova said, still pounding the huge robotic vessels with lightening bolts.

Deep down she knew this was just an exercise but, the real dangers of Utopia were a lot worst than these sentinels. Being powered with Xecellum ran rampant in these parts, and they almost as much power as Feral Nova. "Let's wrap this one up guys, we still have to find that girl" Nova said, almost forgetting it.

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Nova appeared comfortable enough with her temporary power increase, and Amy seemed to be handling herself quite confidently. While he did want to lend a helping hand towards Amy, she didn't seem like she required it. Jay chuckled at the amusing sight of the two sentinels firing at each other, in a futile attempt to shoot Amy who was planted on one of the sentinels. Nova in the meantime used her newfound power to fire at the sentinels as well, distracting them just like Jay had requested. "Alright Jay...go!", Nova said, bombarding the sentinels with vicious bolts of lightning. Nodding his head, Jay tightened his grip on the sentinel's back and quickly stabbed it's back, his technological sword piercing deep into the robot.

The sword's glowing blue blade pierced the sentinel's core reactor. The robot was seconds away from releasing it's damaged reactor's energy in a violent explosion, luckily, The Genius used his energy sword's capabilities to absorb all of the reactor's energy into the sword's blade, altering it's blue glow to a bright white glow. "Watch out for the sentinel, Nova!", Jay warned, as the colossal robot fell lifelessly to the ground. Quickly jumping off the sentinel's back, Jay smiled at Nova, she fit into his plan perfectly. "Nice job", he complimented, but soon turned his attention away from her and focused on the two remaining sentinels. They were violently shooting at each other, one was free while the other was being slightly restrained by Amy. Twirling his sword, Jay laid eyes upon the sentinel shooting at Amy and decided to put his sword's absorbed energy to good use. Slashing the air with his energy sword, Jay had it's blade discharge the absorbed energy in the form of a gigantic energy blade that cut one of the sentinel's in half before the energy attack evaporated, and the energy sword reverting to it's natural blue glow.

Now with only one more sentinel left, it should be easy for the heroic trio to defeat it. Nova was quick to remind them not too lose themselves in the thrill of battle, as there was still a little girl that required saving. "Alright we'll end this quickly", he replied, dashing over to the final sentinel. Charging his legs with energy, effectively enhancing his legs' physical attributes, Jay leaped on to the sentinel's back, landing next to Amy as he used one of his swords to pierce the robot's back, allowing him to climb on. "Here, use this to stab the robot exactly where your hand is. And press this button once the blade is inside the robot", Jay explained, tossing one of his energy swords to Amy, instructing her to stab the sentinel's reactor then absorb it's energy into the sword.

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Amy watched as Nova became super charged managing the battlefield without any struggle. Jay soon was assaulting the machine as Nova ordrered. All the while Rayne ducked and weaved avoiding the struggle that might of come to pass from the two she was keeping off of them. Nova was right they needed to attend to the girl as well they needed to drop these things as quick as they possibly could. Easily the glowing blade her friend used his rather inventive blade to pierce the machine and swiftly drop it. The blade moved from a cool electric blue to a blazing white as the energy of the felled robot was absorbed. Only the two Amy distracted remaine. A massive slash of white hot energy toppled the further machine, the small blade becoming large and cleaving the sentinel in two.

As the third fell Amy had worked her way to the back of the collosal giant. Her claw on each foot lanced into the giant. Her knees extended bones which helped her hold herself in place as she began to slash her way through the thick armor. Soon Jay was beside her "Here, use this to stab the robot exactly where your hand is. And press this button once the blade is inside the robot." Amy grabbed the blade and twirled it artisticly as se activated the weapon. Driving the blade deep into the robot activating it and then kicking off the machine. The energy based blade riping through what in a human would be the spine and seventh vertebra. That with the abilites Jay's weapon emmited made short work of the creature. "Allright Sparky so wheres the girl."

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Amy was quick and efficient, following Jay's instructions to the letter, and it seemed like she enjoyed piercing through the sentinel's power reactor. As the two kicked themselves off the falling sentinel's back and landed on the road, The Genius took his energy sword back, releasing it's absorbed energy as a lightning bolt he shot into the air. It was startling how well the three worked together as a team, especially for their first attempt with each other. There was no time to revel in victory, and Amy knew of that, immediately asking for the girl's location, "Alright Sparky, so where's the girl?", she asked with sass. With the glow vanishing from his eyes, Jay answered his teammate's question, "I'll take you guys to her".

Grabbing both his teammates by the wrist, Jay explained what he was going to do, it would be a better manner of traveling as a team, and it would be much faster than covering the distance how they usually would. "I'm going to use my powers to call upon dimensional energy so we can teleport to the girl's location. When I was going through the crowd, I had detected her energy-signature in some building. Her energy-signature was distinct because of it's purity. I can even sense it from here. Teleportation doesn't hurt or anything. But brace yourselves, you might feel a little light-headed", he said, preparing to teleport his teammates and himself to an abandoned bedroom in a dusty old building. That was the source of the girl's energy-signature, it was so unique among the energy-signatures of everyone else simply due to it's youth, vitality and purity.

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It had all gone so well, the machines toppled they were rather fluid dispite not knowing eachother untill today. Maybe it was the ipod, Amy had noticed she had still failed to turn off the music. And that was a remedy to alot of things  to make things better Jay still knew where to go to find the kid. At the back of her mind Rayne was a little curious about the kid considering everything else was a hologram of solid light. Logic suggested either they knew how to replicate light signitures or that it was a living being. If the child was living that was fine, if it was all machine however then Amy was going to be somewhat wigged out from this. Either way this mission was going incredibly well. "I'm going to use my powers to call upon dimensional energy so we can teleport to the girl's location. When I was going through the crowd, I had detected her energy-signature in some building. Her energy-signature was distinct because of it's purity. I can even sense it from here. Teleportation doesn't hurt or anything. But brace yourselves, you might feel a little light-headed"

With that they arived in an old room that looked incredibly worn down and lacking a fair cleaning in what must of been years. Amy lost all semblance of cool however as this came to pass. Any concept of working well more or less riped to shreads as she tore her hand free, her fists clenched the leather falling apart as she did so. Her razor like skin riping the fabric apart it was a miracle that Jay wasn't riped apart by the process. "Are you stupid?! Don't ever touch me, ever! " Her voice was dripping in venom "one day we won't be at the school and you'll do that and I suddenly killed a frie...team mate. Do Not Touch Me!" Granted she meant in combat situations and times where she might feal stress or adrenaline. At the moment though she wasn't thinking rationally, and so she sliped into leaning in the corner untill it was time to move. Her hand tussling her hair as she focused on simply breathing and keeping a semblance of calm.

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As the heroic trio traveled through the shot dimensional portal, they were exposed to a collection of different extra-dimensional energies and though they wouldn't be affected prominently, the unexperienced would conclude the dimensional leap with a slight light-headed sensation. Upon their arrival in the old room, the blue dimensional rift that had brought them there closed quickly as it was forcing nearby objects to gravitate towards it. The dust and dirt in the air was thick, an assault on the senses. "Damn. This building needs to go", The Genius thought as he observed his surroundings. However, it was now the time to find the innocent girl, no doubt she was behind the only door in the room, not to mention that according to Jay's energy-senses, the little girl's energy-signature was at it's most intense, several feet behind the wooden brown door.

But suddenly, in a heartbeat, Amy, his teammate who had worked so well with him, had apparently lost her calmness along the way. Violently breaking her wrist free from Jay's gentle grip, Amy had activated her powers, her skin having grown razor sharp. If it wasn't for the energy that he uses to physically enhance himself, Jay would have been wounded by his teammate's skin. "Are you stupid?! Don't ever touch me, ever!", she snapped, "One day we won't be at the school and you'll do that and I suddenly killed a frie... teammate. Do Not Touch Me!", Amy shouted. His ocean blue eyes focusing on Amy, Jay wondered just what had occurred, even his genius-intellect could not decipher why Amy had decided to lose her composure right on the brink of mission success. Despite having been ruthlessly yelled at, Jay remained calm and briefly looked back at Nova, wondering if she knew of the reasons behind Amy's outburst. His teammate took refuge in a corner as she leaned on it. "Alright. I won't touch you", Jay said, calmly and casually, showing no fear as he walked towards the wooden door and slowly opened it. The Genius quickly spotted the little girl cowering in a corner. "Nova, I think I found her", he said, approaching the little girl, "Don't worry. It's going to be okay", he said in a soothing comforting voice, trying to be as calming as possible.

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Four Years Go

Rayne had done it these two class mates had been picking on Tera this gothic girl Rayne had a thing for. Tera was always busy trying to find away out of her abusive family, not all of her work was something to like or apreciate. Still though Rayne had often tried to help her out she had a nack for knowing when things were looking shady or seamed about to go wrong. For that reason Tera kept her around and for a month things had gone as Rayne hoped. All seamed right in the world in the eyes of the teenager she really couldn't complain then like so many things in her life it seamed it all came crashing down. Two classmates had pushed Tera demanding whatever it was she had given them. Now the violet eyed girl had no clue what Tera did, for all she knew the red and auburn haired beauty could of been partaking in some grievous things. Still Rayne was swift to react she hadn't noticed what had happend to her body. Two claws extending from her clenched fists and her gloves allready riping from razor sharp skin.

She had aimed a fist into an upper cut to one of the men, a blow to the sternum was readied for the other. On their own they might have hurt but they were far from anything critical, knock the wind from somebody at best. The claws however of course made things worse and in an instant Rayne had hacked apart one mans heart. The other had his skull impaled bones just barely peaking out of the top of his skull. That was when it all started when her life truely began to fall apart in her hands. "F*cking freak" were the words of her closest freind Sam. "What the sh!t is wrong with you!" This from the principal and guidance counseler both whom Rayne trusted. And last of those to register in her mind was Tera who insisted on calling her a "murderous b!tch!" The hallway of the school was filled with these remarks and screams of terror. Tears runing down her face and blood driping from her hands Rayne ran and that was all she did untill home. Tears and constantly moving feet her life seaming to be caving in all around her.

Pressent Day

Rayne brushed white strands from her eyes as she followed. "Im sorry..bad history I don't want to lose another friend." Her words almost a whisper, part of her wishing they didn't here it. That they would just leave her alone that was condusive to team work though and she still could use someone to not hate her on the spot. "So where's the kid lets end this, if there isn't something to kick the crap out of I would like to call this done?"