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Another Dimension

In a great councilroom sat a vast array of incredibly potent beings of both cosmic and supernatural origin. This vast array of powers that be had come together for the purpose of determining who should become the new Sorcerer Supreme. "With Gygax gone, a void has been created, one that must be filled immediately before the forces that would seek to bring chaos to all that there is can take advantage of this situation." One of the beings, a vast, armoured creature whose head was wreathed in milky white flames, stated. "Agreed...the word must be sent out, a new sorcerer supreme must be selected." Another responded, this one taking the shape of a spherical mass of colours, it's serene voice flowing like silk. "Too true, Kli'mar" Another, taking the shape of a shapely woman hidden by grey robes that covered every feature from head to toe; answered. "But who shall we choose Ele'mai?" The armoured one asked in a crackling voice. "We shall choose through the standard method, Xor'maktar." Ele'mai responded in her pleasant tone, briefly gesticulating to a magical representation of the universe, prompting many of the other powers that be to murmur.

"A new set of trials?" Asked one, this creature resembling nothing more than a solid ebony spider of epic proportions. "That seems to be the implication." Ryujin answered, stroking one of the blue whiskers on his scaley face. "Shall we send out the invitations?" Gaea asked, letting her hood down as she looked closely at the representation of the universe, taking out a mystic pen from the cleavage in her robes. "Do so as quickly as possible Gaea." Ele'mai commanded, bringing her fingers close together as she leaned towards the representation of the universe. "I shall return the undead challenges back to existence." Cizin, appearing as a colossal ivory skeleton dressed as an Aztec eagle warrior offered, and with but a single thought, it was so. Undead beings who had long been extinguished in the last trial of the powers that be were restored to function, negative energy flushing their forms while their spirits were plucked from their afterlives by his immense power.

"The messages are written, Sai'tala." Gaea reported as she handed them to a female figure of albalaster skin and golden hair in a pleasantly form fitting tunic. She picked up the messages, charged to open portals for those invited and written to match the names of anyone who had magical abilities and with a single command Sai'tala had them spread across the whole of the universe. These simple, unassuming letters found themselves in front of every user of magical abilities in the universe. It didn't matter how old or young they were, what species they were, what planet or plane of existence they came from, what kind of magic they used, how powerful or skilled they were at it. All that mattered was that they were able to use magic in the first place. "What say you Arishem?" Asked a writhing column of tentacles, turning towards the red celestial, who simply gave a thumbs up i approval.

"This will be quite the spectacle." A being that appeared as a floating eye made of fire stated, to the nodding and approval of the other beings. "Rest assured, the typical foes of the Sorcerer Supreme will be very interested in the outcome of this." Imasura pointed out, her antennae twitching as she spoke. "In any case, I have already reset the challenges under my jurisdiction." The winged serpent and lord of the positive energy plane Quetzalcoatl stated. "As have I." The blazing lord Tartarus added. "And the first challenge?" Asked the column of tentacles. "It will be quite the doozy, that will be certain." Sai'tala laughed.

Tir Na Nog

Rose calmly poured over the texts from the Celtic god Lugus. She was hoping to master some more of her magical ability and hopefully even increase it. But the fact that this was quite tedious work could not be denied. She practiced some of the celtic spells offered to her by the tome, carefully making geometric patterns with the Thorns of Destiny, each motion meticulously planned and made. And soon enough, purple and orange patterns were traced in the air. With a flick of her hands, she caused the effect she desired, turning a block of lead into a block of Mithril, the Celtic variation of the Olympian Adamantine and the Asgardian Uru.

She continued to practice her spells, making another set of patterns that soon summoned a portal into being, which she then closed with another gesture. With another series of gestures, she channeled the innate energies of the positive energy planes and the elemental plane of water, as well as the power of the deceased gods of Novia, and brought forth a Mordon, a geometrically shaped being that was to order as demons were to evil and angels were to good. The Mordon looked around in a baffled fashion before it was dismissed back to it's home plane of Mechanus.

Then, she set about starting a series of gestures that restored life to a long dead log, which soon uprighted itself and quickly sprouted branches and roots, then leaves, followed by the rest of the million or so logs she had set to test her ability. The logs soon reformed into an entire forest, that she then unleashed awakening spells on, bringing sapience and the power to move to them. In an instant, the forest had become an army of treants who slowly shook themselves awake and turned to see their newly observable environment, uprooting themselves from the ground as they milled about.

As she continued her practice, forming all sorts of illusions, she was then approached by a familiar blue shirted figure whose long wind sock hoodie dragged across the ground. "Hey Rose!" John beamed as the girl with another series of flicks of her thorns, created a lake where there was nothing but dry land, a lake that was filled with magically created life such as merfolk and fish along with all the components needed for a healthy ecosystem. "Whoa...kind of makes my paladin magic seem kind of lame by comparison...I mean...it's mostly just support crap!" John exclaimed as Rose turned a patch of mud into a sizeable mountain with a transmutation spell.

"Don't be so hard on yourself John." The seer responded as she let down her hood, revealing her orchid eyes once again, as well as her pleasant smile. But before the conversation could continue any further, an envelope appeared before them, marked with the seal of Gaea. Rose quirked an eyebrow and reached over to pick it up, breaking the seal on it with a flick of her index finger and took out the message. Immediately her eyes widened, the contents of this message were quite simply astounding to say the least, even her ability to see the future in a great amount of detail didn't quite prepare her for something of this magnitude.

"Dear Rosalina Lalatia, we have been aware of your development along the path of magic for a very long time. We are impressed by how far you've gotten in your short time in the universe. Few could claim mastery of magic on your level in a few short years as you have. But there is something you should be aware of. The position of Sorcerer supreme has become vacant, as the last holder, the Archmage Gygax, has ascended to a higher plane of existence and left this universe behind once and for all. This has opened up grave holes in the defenses of the cosmos, leaving them open and vulnerable to those who would seek to see it destabilized and ruined. Thus, we are inviting you to partake in the competition to become the next Sorcerer Supreme. Many, many others from all corners of the universe will be participating. As there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, you can expect to see no end of mages who wish to prove themselves the greatest of them all. Should you accept, even mentally, a portal will open for you to bring you to the Halls of Mysticism, where you shall be told more about the challenges. Feel free to bring along friends, especially your boyfriend. I find that the two of you are endearing together. -Love, Gaea."

Rose tried to hide her embarassment about the last sentence, but having already accepted the moment she read about the challenges, a crackling multicoloured, swirling portal tore itself open in the fabric of the cosmos. "Whoa, is it jump in the swirly vortex of death day already?" John asked as he straightened his glasses before Rose took him by the hand and brought him through the portal in a hurry, excited to see where this was going. Her visions were telling her to expect a great many people from all over the universe, of a great halls that meshed together the architechtural styles of countless civilizations in perfect harmony, of a concentration of magical energy that most couldn't even dream of.

Halls of Mysticism

And she was absolutely right. A virtual horde of magic users from all across the universe were present and more were constantly streaming in. Waiting to greet them all was a figure in black robe and cowl, whole hands and face were obscured by a gleaming, perfectly reflective set of gloves and mask, while that same perfectly reflective amterial was also used as a breastplate around it's chest, and a crown atop it's head, followed by a virtual parade of armour on it's arm, and the briefest flashing of plates of this mirrored material on it's legs. The being had eight arms, and sat upon a throne of Albalaster that radiated intense amounts of magical energy. Vour'nos, the Primordial deity of the Spatial energy plane, master of space. Flanking it were other primordial deities cosmic beings, abstracts, and supernatural entities of vast might and of all stripes. But they seemed to be waiting for all of the contestants to arrive before beginning their briefing.

Some of the entities gathered were so powerful that just looking at them gave Rose an urge to kneel before them. But she managed to fight back the urge to bend a knee to these incalculably powerful entities. She noted that there were quite a lot of Celestials among the group, which she found unusual, as the Celestials generally didn't concern themselves with magic. But then she reminded herself that the title of sorcerer supreme was as much a cosmic title as it was a magical title. Still, so much as looking upon the colossal frames of the Celestials, who had so easily trounced the gods of Earth like yesterday's trash, was enough to make her feel in awe.

And this wasn't even getting into the even more powerful Primordials, fundamental aspects of the universe, energies and elements given forms of such power that each one could completely obliterate and then recreate the entire visible universe with their thoughts should they so desire. To be in the presence of these beings, not even mentioning actually being acknowledged by them, was an immense honor. The fact that they had even considered her worthy of competing for this honor made her swell with pride, and she swore that Ryujin actually looked over and gave her a nod.

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Max sat, cross-legged, in mid air. Around him, several different objects floated as well. His eyes were closed, but through a new spell that he had been taught, he could see perfectly fine. even behind his closed lids, he had a perfect sense of where he was in the cavern. "This spell..." An ancient, wizened warlock spoke, "requires perfect control of your mana, and of the mana around you." Max inhaled. He felt, of all things, in control. He concentrated, and suddenly, an arrow flew towards him. He didn’t move, but the arrow froze in mid air. With the slightest nod, the arrow exploded into splinters. The three teachers nodded, and Max slowly lowered everything.

“Can you feel that?” He asked, his senses reaching out, trying to detect the nature of the upsurge of mana in the cave. The teachers looked at each other. They could sense nothing. They whispered among each other for a moment before a tearing sound erupted in the cavern, as space and time were torn apart, and a letter dropped into Max’s hand. Smiling, Max opened it.

Maxford Swift, or as you prefer to be identified, Sorceror Swift; you are no doubt aware of the Ascendance of Gygax, former Sorceror Supreme. Therefore, a new Tournament is now being called, and you are being considered for the position. Enter the portal, and all your questions will be answered.

- Gaea

Max stood up, and tossed the letter to the ground, and pulled his cloak around him tighter. He saluted the three mentors, then walked through the shimmering portal that opened before him, pulsing and crackling with magic. With a flash, a crack, and the aroma of sulphur, Max, the portal, and the letter all disappeared.

The Halls of Mysticism

Max entered from the shadows, and walked to the illuminated centre of the chamber. He remained silent, but observed the collection of mystics, sorcerors, witches, and magicians with a hint of interest in his amber eyes. He could feel the chaotic, yet controlled nature of this place’s mana, and made the conviction to study it in greater detail should he end up successful in this tournament. He stared at Vadim silently, but the two shared a knowing smirk. Max and Vadim had dealt with each other on occasion.

Pride swelled in his chest, but he forced it down, tempering it with humility, finding his emotional centre, concentrating on his personal challenge. His greatest hurdle was himself. Were he able to conquer himself, he could conquer anything. He spoke to no one, and pulled his cloak tight, ensuring his pristine white gloves were firmly in place.