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Okay, lets give it a shot. I am online at least once in 24 hours so no worries. Sign me up. By the way, what does the winner get? 1

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As always please follow these rules.

I will be RPing 2 chracters in this. Arken the creator of the tournament with godly powers and of course Zantin.


Arken loved games. Arken made signs and put them everywhere he thought someone would notice them which read


I, Arken am holding a tournament of super powered proportions with the prize being a wish sphere which will grant the users true desire. If you wish to sign up please yell for me and I'm completly serious when I say this, I will hear it and come to make sure that you are suitable to join.

Arken waited to hear his name.


Here is the general way this tournament will work.

It will be 1 on 1 till knockout or death. Everyday I will make a match PM the participants and they will battle. Now for the rules

  1. When you sign up please tell me the general time you are usually online.

  2. If I start a match and you don't post in it for a day I will disqualify you and you will be out.

  3. I want at the very least 8 people to have a good tournament but more is fine if it ends up uneven either one person will get a BYE or I will control a random character to fight you.

Thats basically it.

This is my first big RPG and I want it to work so please try to help me make this as successful as possible.

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The prize...ummmmmm I'll think about that when I get to that road. Thanks for signing up.

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sure I'm always up for a good RPG.....I'm usually on in like the morning before i go to school and then definitely some time at night so i should be on to do it

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Awesome another person. Just need about 5 more.

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Flash here I want in!!!! and all the time is flash time.
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Hey, this'll be my first rpg on this site. Count me in. I'm on generally from 10:05 to at least 11:00 am, not on Saturdays or Sundays at all.