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  Mark gathered into a private plane. Sitting down he fastened his seatbelt and waited for lift off. As he did the pilots emerged from the cockpit. He was the only person on the plane so they approached him to explain the situation. "Sir we're having flight problems with the Control Tower so we are going to be late to our trip towards China. May we offer you something?" Mark stared out the window for a moment then looked back at the two pilots. Unfastening his seatbelt he yanked it from the chair and stretched it. Then he moved quickly.

Wrapping the Seatbelt around one of the pilots necks he jumped in the air and enclosed his feet around the other pilots neck. Dropping to the floor he and the pilots laid in the walkway .Then he slowly savored the screaming before ending the pilots pains. Pulling the seatbelt hard together it slowly strangled the first pilots neck until he died. Lessening his grip on the dead pilots neck he let the seatbelt slip off of it . Turning his head down he looked at the second pilot , who's face was full of fear. Laughing ,Mark quickly rotated his feet snapping the neck of the man in a instant. 

     Getting back up he put his hands to his chests without thought and wiped himself. Looking at the now dead pilots he grabbed one of their hands and pulled them to the Enter sign. Then he pushed them off the side of the plane. Closing the doors for incoming people he moved himself to the front of the plane. Sitting in the pilots seat he grabbed the wheel. Pushing the handle forwards the plane slowly jerked to the runway. When he reached there he turned of the earphones to the Control Tower and took off. Flying into the air he witnessed some turbulence before steading. when he did he flew off towards China , where he was supposed to verse a man called Uchia NeVann.

   Already out of the plane Mark was in China. He was at the entrance of the Airport and was looking at the sunset . It was beautiful.The sun set calmed him but not for long. Turning around he went to the Hertz desk. When he reached there he spoke to one of the clerks.

" I need a car right now...so if you don't give me one i'll kill you."

As the clerk looked up from a magazine she looked him up and down." Sorry, no car rentals after eight. Read the sign."

" Dont test me little girl.

    As the girl looked at him her hand started to slid towards the end of the desk. Noticing this Mark actected quickly. Pulling out a pistol he shot into the girls heart ,killing her instantly. As she slumped sideways ,Mark walked around the Clerks Desk and looked at her hand. She had been reaching for the Panic button as he had thought. Turning her chair around he lifted it and as he did this she slowly slid out of the chair and on to the floor. Looking away from the scene he grabbed a Hummer Key and walked into the garage.

   When he saw his veichle he popped in and drove to the payment desk. Taking his gun out in his left hand he lowered his window.As the man asked him for his reciept he laughed . Then he pulled his gun up and pushed the trigger. As it blew out of the small pistol hole it missed. After richocheting off some metal behind the man and hit him in the back of his head . Slumping forwards towards Mark, Mark sped off. He had already killed four people on this trip and what was one more . One more named NeVann to be exact.

     Reaching the Bamboo forests he slid his fighting uniform on and walked into the forest. Grabbing his two double bladed swords from his back he looked around of a moment. He was the only one in the area he thought. Then as he turned he saw the man. The figure as he was to far away but Mark could recognize him as NeVann . He only knew it was him because a picture of Mark's target had been put in a envelope and then mailed to Mark.

   Running towards NeVann Mark attempted several slashes to the mans arm. Then he ducked down before unsheathing his swords again. Without hesitation he started to laugh in a weird way as if he was happy at the small test ,before attempting to punch Nevann in the chest with his super strength. Jumping back he looked at the man up and down.Then laughing yet again he said,

" Is this all the Assassins Tournament could send me ? Seriously if it is i'm so pissed right now. Hahaha, nevermind lets just get this fight on . Shall we?"

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Finishing up and mission in China, the young shinobi found himself with some much need freetime to relax and take in the scenary of the beautiful country side. Stopping for a rest while on his travels Vann found his place under a tree, as he laid there looking up at the light from the sun that was struggling to makes it's way through the many leaves and branches of the trees. The sent for fresh air piled into his nostals as he took a deep breath in, a soft breeze blow upon his face sawying his raven hair back and forth infornt of his face.

Ah this feel goods good thing I don't have any more mission to deal with for a week only thing I have to worry about now is that assassin tournament...

His eyes quickly opened as he sat in disblief that he had forgot completely about until that very moment, right as he sat up the communicator that had a closed channel that only WAL members could access. He looked confused as he answered but didn't hear a voice he reconized, "Uchiha NeVann The Assassin Tournamate has began the combatents have been picked and paired off and locations have been set. Mr. Uchiha you are in the last seed and set to face Mark1212 in the bamboo forest in the heart of China. The coordinates will be sent to you at the end of this transmission, good luck Mr. Uchiha." Like the transmission said once it ended the location coordinates was sent to his com-link, activating the GPS on the com-link Vann noticed he wasn't that fair from the battle zone inwhich he would be doing combat in.

The shinobi rose to a vertical base as he dusted the dirt and grass from his clothes, before he head to the bamboo forest. Seeming to the reach the forest first, Vann walk through it going deeper and deeper in while going over a battle and strategies of using the area to his advantage. Still walking through the forest his hand gripped onto the handle of sword, then in an instance he sensed an apporching force closing in on him from his back left side. Turning about 38 degrees the ninja slid his blade from it's sheathe just in time to deflect the first set of slashes sending sparks and echoes of the metal on metal strikes and ducking the last that sliced through a bamboo tree behind him. Having next to no time to recover Vann saw a bullet train type fist charging right for his chest, on refelx alone the shinobi lifted up his sword holding it backhanded and turned so the width blade was facing him and bracing his other hand on it blocking the attack. Yet the pure force of power that was put behind the punch sent the ninja flying backwards only to be stopped by a tree, as his body slammed into tree a few leaves fell to the ground as did he face first.

  " Is this all the Assassins Tournament could send me ? Seriously if it is i'm so pissed right now. Hahaha, nevermind lets just get this fight on . Shall we?"

He heard Mark mockly say to him, as he thought to himself. "Ok that hurt alittle don't let him do that again..." Vann slowly worked himself back to a vertical base, never taking his dark brown eyes off of mark even as they turned crimson upon activation of his Sharingan. Alright you got the jump on me Marky Mark, I'll give you... but you would have wished that you bought the funky bunch with you cause when this is all said and done I'll be holding your heart in the palm of my hands and moving forward in this tournament. As the words left his lips a group of about 12 shadow clones appeared around him in a cloud of smoke. With great speed Vann along with his clones darted off in different direction bouncing back and forth using the flexible bamboo trees as a springboard to increase their speed, making it harder and harder to track the real one. Picking up speed Vann and his clones movements were almost untraceable they began slicing at Mark with each passing of him,  at some point durning the attack Vann used his Meisaigakure no Jutsu:"Hiding Camouflage Technique" before concealing himself wait for the right moment to deliver his killing blow.

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    Mark didn't know what happened. As soon as he landed the blow on Uchiha's chest flying the man into a nearby tree things had gone at the speed of sound. The adreneline in his head was pumping. He couldn't hear anything but he could see. So as the Eyes of Uchiha turned crimsion red he knew the fight was to begin soon.When the constant Gibber Gabber of talking NeVann had brought , twelve Clones popped out in a cloud of smoke behind NeVann. Then in different directions Mark's enemy or enemys ran off . He couldn't keep track on all of them so he watched. He watched As Nevann nad the clones began using the Bamboo Trees as a springboard to increase their own speed. All he could do was watch. The ninja had become faster than expected and Mark was doubting himself.
    As they passed him Mark was sliced beyond compare. All of the blows had hit with expert percision. They wouldn't kill Mark but the pain was to much to bare. Dropping to his knees after all of the clones had striked he breathed deeply. Taking a quick moment his wounds healed and he jumped on his feet. Looking around he could see no one but a couple of NeVann looking figures.

He knew that his opponent would try to kill him at any givin moment while he dealt with the problem. Plus the trees would hide him for awhile. But the sun wouldn't help the concealment unless it was a Jutsu. Mark drooping his head knew it was a Jutsu. Why else be a Ninja . He thought as he cloned himself. Well who cares. If he want's to play like this let's play.I can clone myself too. As he cloned himself thirteen times he laughed viciously. The man had already landed vicious blows to him but he was still up. Mabe Mark himself knew he was physco and needed help but what ever the matter NeVann needed to go down or he wouldn't go up in the Tournament.

Moving towards the NeVann's he started combat with them. Slicing through them with ease Mark stopped and shifted his head towards the sky, Mark then started up a Bamboo tree near by him .Quickly as his clones also followed they came towards the same direction . Mark was now blent with clones of himself as he reached the top of the tree. Putting away one of his swords he took out one of his signature BA pistols. Loading it quickly he and his clones settled. If there was still more of the clones or Nevann himself he wanted to be ready.

Looking down towards the ground where he knew NeVann was hiding he started to speak.

"Well you like to play like this. Your not as what I would have expected. Mabe I should of came prepared but who cares. This is all a game so calm down. Take your time and relax. Have Commone Sense . Do you honestly want to get tired fighting me in only the first couple of minutes?"

Mark after saying this waited for Uchiha to make a mature move. Clones were useless in a war with the "Upper Class" of fighters. But anyways it was just a joke but he didn't know if Uchiha would take it that way.


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The calculating Shinobi watched on as his clones moving with the swiftness of the wind, continued to cut down Mark with slice after slice. He could see the seemingly never ending onslaught attack was begaining to take its toll on Mark as he dropped to his knees, but it would be only short lived for as quickly as the clones would strike leaving cut after along his body Mark healing factor would kick in. Seeing that Vann knew that a long drawn out fight wouldn't favor him, he had to take Mark out now while he had him on the defensive still. Vann stood maybe 50 ft infornt of Mark the whole time thinking, "What would be he best combonation of attacks to take him, well it would have to be a fatal blow that his healing powers couldn't recover from."

As Vann contiplated on the how to end this fight once and for all, he was soon surpirse by Marks's maniacal laugh. He wondered if he had something that could see him, and he wasn't trasparent the serise look on his face could easily be seen. But soon it changed to a smirk as Mark made twelves clones of himself, Vann wondered if this was the reason why he was laugh and if this was a his trump card to confuse the ninja it was one that was for waste. Through the making on clones wasn't in the dasia on the merc, but it matter not for the sharingan would never beconfused on which was the real deal, that's one of the abilities of the Sharingan it grants the user incredible clarity of perception. Becoming alittle enterested the shionbi decided to watch on as Mark and his clone made work of the ninja's shadow clones surrounding the area in a cloected cloud of smoke as each one vanished. His shadow clones had did their job not only did they give him the cover he need to conceal himself but also once destoryed anything they pick up through out their battle the creater learns intsently.

Vann continued his analyzation of Mark as he along with his clones made their way upward to the top, the clone took tactical vantage points surrounding the the Merc. This type of defence though text book was very efficient, due to the 360 degrees of cover for a high point makes a head on attack useless. The down side to this is that you need sometype of bait, but the location of the attacker at that point wouldbe given away. A normal person would have an issue with this, not only would that person not know if that was Mark or a clone but landing a kill shot would be slim to none on a crazied assassin like him. Luckily for Vann he was far from normal and it was time to put his plan into action, locating all twelve clones before turning his attention back onto Mark who stood with a blade in one hand while gun in the other as he yelled out.

"Well you like to play like this. Your not as what I would have expected. Mabe I should of came prepared but who cares. This is all a game so calm down. Take your time and relax. Have Commone Sense . Do you honestly want to get tired fighting me in only the first couple of minutes?"

 Vann made a set of hand seals and closed his eye and lightly whispered  Kirigakure no Jutsu,"Hiding Mist Technique", as he reopened them a high density mist began to fill the area. Vann wondered if the words Mark spoke were that of a joke to cause the shinobi to drop his guard slightly, Vann wasn't an elite level for anyreason. Assassinating targets has been something he's been doing for years now it was a second nature and sly tricks like the one Mark could been seen through by a ninja fresh out of the academy. The thickness on the mist dropped visibility down to about 10 percent which would roughly be about arms length. Creating twelve more shadow clones Vann sent them after Mark's clone thanks to help of another ability of the Sharingan is the ability to see chakra or energy as color, even through other objects this made the limited visibilty not an issue. As each one of Mark's clones were delt with the shadow clone would disspell to signal Vann, as all twelve were elimanated with the Muon Satsujin Jutsu, "Silent Homicide Technique" Vann lifted the mist. Slowly the fog fade allowing the warm and bright glow of sun back in, the tree top that Mark stood on shifted slight as if more weight was added to it. This case was true as Vann began to materialize out what seemed to be thin air behind Mark as his right arm wraped around to the front of Mark holding a kunai charged with wind chakra to his neck while his left hand straighten out like a blade while crackled and a glew a pale blue held against Marks back. The clod and calculating Shinobi then leaned his head forward and spoke.

Didn't I tell you that I'll be holding your heart in the palm of my hands and moving forward in this tournament. With in this fight I've shown you how a real assassin fights but now I must end your life.

As he was speaking his left arm slowly pulled back charging up the Chidori, then once the last words was siad Vann's hand thrusted forward heading right for Marks back just under the location of where his heart is, as he planned to put his hand through Mark's back and ripping out his heart by kicking the back of his knee forcing him down alining his heart with Vann's hand, yet that wasn't the only thing using the wind chakra charged kunai to make the edge shaper then the tip of a diamond decapitate Mark at the same time as put his fist through his chest so he could move forward to the round of the tournament.

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   As Mark crouched in the tree he saw a slow coming mist coming. It had no invitation and was like a scray movie to Mark. Where the sun diseappears and than your dead. He knew his time was up. It was just a matter of time. As the fog shifted Mark dropped to the ground about 360 feet down to be exact. When he hit the floor he left a dent into the ground. Looking up his clones wern't there anymore. Surprised he jumped a bit back. But to late for him. As he did this a person materialized behind him. Not just any person. Nevann appeared. AS Nevann grabbed his Mark's head Mark fell in fear.

    Then a mistic voice started to speak. "Didn't I tell you that i'll be holding your heart in the palm of my hands and moving forward in this tournament. With in this fight I've shown you how a real assassin fights but now i must end your life. " As the chilling voice stopped Marks adrenaline popped in his head. Feeling a glow behind him he knew something was charging. Turning around he saw as NeVann thrusted the Chidori . As it thrusted into Mark's body he felt stillness. Flashes appeared before him of his life and how being evil wasn't the best thing to do.

   As Vanns hand though approached Mark's heart he made one last attempt to dodge. Pulling himself back he barely dodged it and falling back a kunai decimated him through the chest. Flying back his body became cold as ice and he stopped back first into the leaves. The sun brushed against his supposed dead body and a couple of leaves fell on him and all was silent yet again for NeVann to think of a new opponent to end.


 "Ahhh...." Mark awoke .  His body had been slowly healing in the time he had died . Grabbing his chest he poked and prodded it. The Kunai laid beside him on the soft grass but that was all. The blood could be seen. His body torn to smitherens could be seen only in scraps and bruises that his body hadn't wanted to heal. Getting up he grabbed the Kunai and put it in his pocket. He had come close to certain death but at least NeVann had only tripped up alittle and gave Mark his life without knowing it.

 Smiling he knew he had found a new way. The way of a neutral was him. Being a Evil wasn't the right thing and Hero was a hard deal . Now he had a sworn ally hopefully and a fiendish enemy. Later on Mark knew that he and NeVann would meet again and that next time he would be ready for the Ninja stuff that had been pulled on him. Now he was born again . Now Mark was himself yet again and happy he was .