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The location was an old abandon oil rig 1234 miles of shore. It would normally take a person probably a couple of hours to reach the facility from a boat, but then again no one would want to. You could smell the air filled with the think filthy smell of oil and rusty steel. The rats and other vermin were the only ones who lived there feeding on whatever they could find. A pill of them was eating some garbage when a yellow square vortex opened. A black boot stepped out causing the vermin to flee in terror. "D@mn I feel sorry for the idiot I'm about to kill in this place. Its nasty" The lone figure with a black duster and mask walked through the baron and empty place.

He walked and then his foot suddenly fell through the floor. You could tell the rig had been abandoned for some time and not taking care of like all the trash people through in the city. He pulled his foot out the whole" this place is falling apart this "Shadow Huntress" and me can't fight here to long or the whole thing might crumble under our feet." He let out a sigh "Only Ace Shot's dumb@ss would make me fight in a place that want to kill me on top of this crazy lady. I going to put my size 12 in his @ss next time I see him". He wandered around some more.

He soon found walked into a room and looking out of a broken window he saw his target" So this is Shadow Huntress huh......... nice butt. Oh well time to get my game face on". Still in the room overlooking Shadow Huntress Renegade Black walked away from the window. He reached his hand behind his back. Out from his coat he held in his hand a small baton. He used his free hand to release the mechanism causing it to extend into a 7 foot long fighting staff Renegade Black has so often used to defeat bigger opoonents than his current one. "Okay then". He dashed across the empty room.

In under a second he had bursted from the window he was just looking out of a few moments earlier. As he fell through the air he pulled his hands back in mid-air ready to take off Shadow Huntress's head with one swing of his staff. He made thing like this look easy, but no matter what even as he fell closer and closer towards her he had bad feeling in his gut that he was going to have a very bad day.
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Like a white waterfall, her long hair cascaded down low to her waist. The wind blowing through her fragile figure; her hair carressing her porcelain skin. She stared up at the full moon, which hung low in the sky above her. Her eyes like large sapphires, almost snake-like. Myobi took her cigarette from her lips, and exhaled. She flicked the cigarette away from her, mumbling, "I hate cigarettes...". With her other hand, she zipped up her black leather jacket, and pulled the fur-trimmed hood over her head. Tucking in her hair, only a few strands poked out.

She sighed, watching the cool midnight air escape her pale lips. Myobi shifted her weight to her other leg, as she stood waiting for her prey to arrive... The floorboards beneath her feet creaked. A foul stench filled the air, it smelled of rust and oil. The floor was caked with dust, and heinous sewer rats lurked about. Trembling in fear of the great Death God, they all shuddered at what she was planning. She gave out a yawn, and raised her arms high above her to stretch out her limber body. Suddenly, one of the factory windows smashed. Sharp shards of glass littered the floorboards around her. Her ears perked up to a loud 'swoosh' noise that was sounded behind her. Myobi spun on her heel, and came face to face with her opponent. A man swung his baton straight for Myobi's neck, but quickly she arched her body backwards. The baton inches away from her face, as it passed through the stale air.

Continuing to bend backwards, Myobi pressed both hands on the ground to launch herself back. Landing gracefully on the ground, her arms hung limply at her sides. She faced the man who stood before her. He was much taller than she was, and dressed in black. He clenched his baton in one hand, whilst his other fist remained tightly closed.

"You're late Renegade Black", she stated as she flashed her pearly white fangs to him.
With that said, Myobi leaped high above the man. Unsheathing her katanna from its holster; only to have her blade meet his weapon.

They clashed.

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Renegade Black held his ground as the Shadow Huntress pinned her sword against his fighting staff. You could see sparks shooting out from between the weapons as they fought against each other only moving there weapons but an inch from each other. "You're late Renegade Black". She said as they couldn't move. "I wasn't late Iwas planning on a very dramatic entrance that would have made you pee in your pants and run away in fear, but then I couldn't find for like an hour in this sh!t hole so I had to settle for the whole leaping through the window thing. It usually give me great results in the fear thing."

Renegade Black rambled on and then he weakened his stance and pulled backleaping away from Shadow Huntress and her katanna. He then stood still twirling his staff in mid-air back in forth on his two fingers. Back and forth back and forth with a razor sharp smirk on his face. He then collapsed his staff and then put it back behind his coat. "I think I'll do this with my hands trust me though thats even worse because know I'm going to have to wash my gloves when I get home because I'm going to get blood on them.

The rats that appeared earlier where scappering out crawling all over the floor as the two assassinss stared at each other. Renegade Black then kicked one of the vermin into the air" man I hate rats yuck alright lets get this over with so I can go home and get a nice warm bath okay thankyou."

Renegade Black stared at his opponent for a few more seconds. He then ran across the floor straight at Shadow Huntress. He stopped dead in her face and then jumped in the air and flipped into the air spinning and landed directly behind her. "I'll say something nice at your funeral." He then raised his hand and balled it into a fist and pulled his hand back ready to send his fist through her face.

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The collision the two weapons created was intense. Myobi's katanna and Renegade's baton clashed, but before any blood could have been drawn Renegade Black took a few swift steps backwards. Replying to Myobi's previous statement, he said, "I wasn't late.. I was just planning on a very dramatic entrance that would have made you pee in your pants and run away in fear, but then I couldn't  find this place for like an hour... In this sh!t hole, so I had to settle for the whole leaping through the window thing. It usually gives me great results in the fear thing."  Myobi stared at him flatly, and spoke, "Oh? You fool. Why would a being such as myself fear you?"

Renegade Black twirled his baton high in the air, as he smirked at her. Both he and Myobi sheathed their weapons, and he spoke once again, as he kicked a rat aside. "Man I hate rats... Yuck... Alright lets get this over with so, I can go home, and get a nice warm bath. Okay? Thank-you." He braced himself, and ran straight for Myobi, but as soon as he reached her, he jumped into the air; landing behind her. She closed her eyes, and pursed her lips. "I'll say something nice at your funeral," laughed Renegade Black as he threw a fist towards her head. Hoping to smash through it.

His clenched fist was inches away from crushing her skull. But, before his flesh could even come into contact with Myobi. Ghastly black shadows sprung up from the earth, and wrapped around his arm tightly. Preventing Renegade Black from even touching the Shinigami. The feared leader of the Armee Des Chacals turned her head slightly, "you talk too much Renegade Black." She revealed her eyes once again, they shone a brilliant emerald color as she peered out from the corner of her eye. This powerful being was not given the title, Shadow Huntress for nothing. Manipulating all darkness and shadows at her will was one of her greatest powers. She has walked the Earth since it was created - she simply could not die.

With a flick of her left wrist, the shadows immediately reacted to her command. Forcefully throwing Renegade Black into a nearby wall; the worn down structure collapsed in on the man. Thus the shadows slunk back into the floorboards behind Shadow Huntress. Myobi placed her hands in the pockets of her ripped jeans, and turned to face where she had thrown her opponent. She sighed deeply.

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Shadow Huntress would not be an easy kill to add to Renegade Blacks list.  Her control over the shadows had not only allowed her to block Renegade Black's attack but to also send him flying into a wall. The old abandoned wall collapsed under the pressure of the hit. The rubble fell on top of the black leather wearing anti-hero. As he was covered and down all he could think of was one thing. "this is going to be fun". He said that in his head. For even someone has powerful as her a little through wasn't enough to  harm him in fact it was barely equal to his morning workout.

He slowly pulled his body out of the rubble. He shrugged his shoulders to get some of the dust off him. He moved his hand to the shoulder to finish getting some of the rubble off. "Eh that was a nice shot sweetie but your really going to need to hit me better than that. I've had rougher sex than that and she was a big girl hahah.. .......... oh come on that was funny.....Jesus you must have no sense of humor huh.......hu okay lets get to work okay, but seriously step it up a notch or chances are I'm going to kill you.

Renegade Black turned around. He grabbed massive chunks of rock with his left hand and his right. Each one more than likely weighed 2 tons each and he was holding as easy as someone would pick up a quarter or penny. His fingers dug into the cement and stone. You could see the pieces of bent re-bar protruding out of the chunks. In no time he was rushing at Shadow Huntress. The added extra weight plus his incredible speed he very movement caused the ground beneath him with each step he made. 

In the middle of his run he swung his hand and sent one rock flying straight at her. He did this in only a few seconds, but these are thing he can do with his powers. Running faster, jumping higher and lifting more weight than anyone else. As the first one headed in her direction he pushed his legs down and jumped in the air cracking the old floor under him. You could see the debris in the air from both chunks.
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The 'attack' Myobi had inflicted upon Renegade Black didn't do much damage to him. He shoved the massive rocks off of his body easily. He climbed to his feet, and chuckled, "Eh, that was a nice shot sweetie but, you're really going to need to hit me better than that. I've had rougher sex than that... And she was a big girl, hahaha," he pauses,"oh come on that was funny...Jesus, you must have no sense of humor, huh? Okay, lets get to work. But, seriously step it up a notch or chances are, I'm going to kill you."

Myobi pressed her pale lips together as she stared at him. She clamped a hand over her mouth, and let out a small chuckle. "Kill me?" Her eyes glowed a ruby red color, "I cannot die!" she cackled. Renegade Black grabbed two enormous rocks off of the ground; he first made a running start towards Myobi, and he flung one of the rocks towards. Immediately her body grew transparent, and the rock phased through her. Crashing into another wall behind her. Renegade vaulted himself from the ground, breaking the floor boards as he went. He smashed the large slab across Myobi's face, sending her backwards. Shadow Huntress dug her boots deep into the earth, as she skidded backwards. Smoke and debris followed after her messy trail. She gritted her teeth, as turqouise blood dripped from an open wound on her cheek; beneath her right eye was swollen.

Her eyes blazing like fire as she stared at Renegade Black. She wiped at her cheek, and flicked the blood onto the debris-covered floor. Myobi's hands twitched slightly; her finger nails formed into lengthy silver claws that resembled cold steel. The beings inside Myobi's chest hissed menacingly; her body trembled. With incredible speed, and agile reflexes - Myobi weaved through the compact room; her body becoming transparent once again. She unleashed a fury of quick attacks towards his face.

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Shadow Huntress had dodged the leather clad Renegades movement with her incredible speed and agility. She soon created large silver like claws from her finger nails and charged towards Renegade Black ready to make a killing strike on the Renegade. Soon she sent a barrage of quick attacks at Renegade Black. However she was under estimating Renegade Black's own speed. 

As she sent her razor sharp hands flying through the air. Renegade Black's body matched her own speed. His upper body swung from left to right and his feet moved from step to step to make sure to survive the mist of fist. After dodging one move he jumped backwards reaching a good 10 feet jump. He stepped on the ground beneath him. He soon raised his left hand to his face. He may have dodge Shadow Huntress's strikes, but her claws had ripped his black mask and made tiny cuts along his cheek. He swiped some blood off his face and you could see the wound close as the blood moved.

He flicked the blood on his fingers to the ground and put on a smirk that showed how little he was affected by the moves his  target had made. "Them was some nice shots there but I told you step it up. Although if our going to do the whole razor long metal claw thing I may have to rethink the whole killing you with my bare hands deal. I am kinda of tired of the cleaning thing and weapons can get the stains out easier."

Renegade Black then reached behind his back under his coat as he did when he revealed his fighting staff. He pulled his hand back, but you could tell he didn't have a staff in his hand. This time he twisted his hand and you could see three tiny blades between his fingers and knuckles. "Alright lets see if I can hit your throat, chest and stomach in one swing kay". Then as he said he pulled his hand back an swung forward realizing his throwing knives at Shadow Huntress.