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<South west Europe- France>

<Mount Pyrenees area>


Hudson ends his hike up the mountain at around 8,500 ft high. The Mare (female horse) he road up the mountain on stopped dead in her tracks and starred at the cherry tree orchid in the distance as if she was about to take the shot her self.

The b-class assassin Hudson brought with him soon arrived to the point too. It took him and his horse a little longer because they were carrying more equipment. “This is a good spot sir. The mist and fog in the air are just thick enough to keep us hidden.”

Hudson replies quietly “Uh-hu...” And then he turns on his Mare so that he too was facing the orchid in the distance. He doesn't turn to look at the young assassin but requests “Sniper Rifle. Silencer. Cigarette.” The young assassin delivers Hudson all of theses supplies and says as out of routine “the time is 5:33 am sir. The target should be arriving in approximately 7 minutes. The buyer is already at the rendezvous as you can see and you have... I'd guess 20 minutes until this fog clears sir.” Hudson nods his head and replies “I only need 5 minutes son... All I need you to do now is be a good spotter. Affirmative?” “Affirmative.” The young man says.

Soon the target also arrives on spot and the young assassin adopts a pare of binoculars. “Target in sight.” Hudson lit a cigarette and equips the silencer to his rifle. “13.14.15. 15 others on location sir.” Hudson took the cap off his sniper rifle's scope. “8 vehicles total. Don't think any of them are well armored though.”

“Good looking out kid.” Hudson levels the rifle to his right eye, takes a second to get a good shot and pulls the trigger. The sound of the shot was muffled and relocated thanks to silencer and the others on spot danced around out of panic. One by one they were put to sleep too.

“No signs of life sir.” The young assassin says moments before hopping back on his horse. Hudson's Mare stood on it's hind legs and neighed out of excitement with Hudson still on her back and gracefully sped off. With the young assassin not to far behind he asks through the form of a curious shout “What are you going to do with the drug lord's body and the rest of the casualties?”

Hudson looked back while he replied this time and pointed to the clouds above “Had helicopters in bound the whole time just in case kid. They'll be dealing with the bodies and making sure the pay is received. You will be getting a nice promotion and I will be enjoying a nice glass of red wine” He laughs and then faced forward again.

<Mission status: Complete>