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"So many lives lost...So many brave, loyal lives..all...beacuse of me, beacuse of my ego..my hunger for power...my pathetic sense of morality and patriotism..All for nothing, was it worth it? worth all of the lives lost?...." Stark turned his head as he caught his stare in the mirror...who would have known, this politician despised himself with enough hate, that he had drowned himself in a bottle for the 5th time this-week, without his advanced metabolism he would never be-fit for office, Turning his head away from the mirror, unable to bare his own reflection, knowing that his face was now going to be known, attributed to the deaths of over fifty thousand US troops..he had to justify this, he had to go on international TV and explain..He sighed, he had made a mistake, a mistake that would change the world. Forever.

Well, regardless now it was time too suit up, and get the last implant made, since the events - Tony had realized he was not strong enough....his last suit, Mark Three was being made, however he needed to create one last suit, one that would make-sure he could cope with any-thing in the future. Defend the people he cared about.

The procedure would totally fuse his body with the Peak serum, not just that however, the new serum would totally make him part of the machine, Nano-Bots would flood his blood-stream and finally enter his brain, his new suit , for all intent and purposes would be like another muscle, totally controlled by his brain, unlike Mart Two in which Horizon had to sometimes do certain commands on the suit, such as increase power-levels, or re-route energy into certain parts of the offensive capabilities.

Activating his Mark Two Peak Serum under-layer of his suit, it slowly came out of his pours, coating his body in a steel-like substance ready to fully complete the Mark Three process.

During this change, a woman came in, setting a metal briefcase down before clicking it open, she walked towards the door swiftly and spoke to Tony "Be careful, Not sure how dangerous that suit will make you, don't go and get corrupted" She nodded then left.

Tony walked over to the briefcase, A black and yellow Armour that was dismantled was inside, the plan was too put it on, like a Mark One suit then let the suit "drip" into his body, making it one with himself, he was unsure if this would work, or even kill him during the process, but it needed to be done.

After a troubled and annoying 30 minutes of getting the suit on, he had finally managed to remember how to use a Mark One suit, now wearing it, he felt strangely stronger already, even without adding the Serum and Nanobot formula to his body.

He closed his eyes, he spoke to Horizon - In some-ways....if this killed him, he would get an easy escape from the speech he would need too do after this was done about the Venezuela war.

"Horizon - Start the process"

Suddenly and violently the suit pressed onto Stark, gripping him tighter and tighter he let out a scream of pain, it felt like it was going to crush his very bones, sinking into his skin as if it was going to squash him, but then suddenly the metal became a liquid substance, leaking into his skin, he crouched onto the floor in-pain, gasping for air as his lungs had been pressed to be point of excruciating pain. He panted, and panted before the pain stopped, he had at-least 4 broken ribs from this process, however as the Serum started taking effect, they healed, slowly - The Nano Bots then traveled through his Blood-stream, he felt a tingly sensation as this happened.

The process was complete, Mark Three - had been completed.

Next - Tonys Speech about the recent War.

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Wicked :-)

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You keep coming with this stuff. I'm impressed.

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Like the emotion recoil you're showing. Adds depth and lets us see the inner struggle sorta thing. Saw another of your team members with a similar showing. Good stuff.

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we did what had to be done.

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^ Totally lying. You caused untold amounts of destruction and so much unnecessary death, innocent ones at that.

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@masterofchaos: sometimes the deaths of a few innocents are essential in order to free a world. sacrifices must be made.

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Aaron is not going to be taking this well.

At all.

He's already contemplating suicide, but Horizon is watching him 24/7.

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@ragman1138: Yes, because we totally give a damn about "a free world." Either way, those few thousands to millions, totally worth it.


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Blood was shed on both sides.

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@masterofchaos: The others may be reluctant to kill and may feel bad for it but rest assure, i will slaughter you, cut u open like a trout and use your pelt as a rug in my cabin

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@masterofchaos: -eye that appears out of his mask narrows.- dont tempt me..

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@ragman1138: Oh, but temptation is one of my favorite things! Just ask Closure.


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@ragman1138: I'm not so easily goaded, 2/3 of the time.

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@masterofchaos: ur just unable to fight. although i do believe what has happened was the right choice of action

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@ragman1138: Is that how the simple mind interprets? Very well, then.

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@anthony_stark: lets tag the murkans with mandatory government RFID's