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Ladies, gentlemen, viewers across the world good evening and welcome to Zeraz Incorporated.  I'd like to extend our deepest gratitude for allowing global expansion of a once singular nation based corporation.  Since its inception Zeraz Incorporated as placed it sweat and soul into weaving biotechnology with the rapid growth of modern society into an assortment of so called "invisible limbs".   Founded by Jonathan Rafael Zeraz Senior this company has found itself in a constant state of evolution whenever a specific family member has taken control of such an astounding corporation.   

  • June 28, 1963 - Jonathan Rafael Zeraz Senior invents an illusion casting reconstruction device which increases the success of American infiltration efforts tenfold.  A contract binding the United States government with Zeraz Industries presents the company as legitimate competition for weapon's manufactures across the nation. 
  • January 5, 1995 - After months of debates between father and son the country is caught by surprise when twenty-two year old Jonathan Rafael Zeraz Junior finally takes over his father's million dollar company.  Though many are found bewildered when its re branded as Zeraz Industries.  John Junior strays away from his father's vision and focuses his vision on updating the lives of average american consumers.  From homeland security to creating foods that elevate IQ levels; the Zeraz family reminds everyone why constant evolution is a good thing.
  • December 25, 2008 - News stations everywhere swarm Zeraz Tower as devastating information goes global.  Jonathan Junior was found dead on the roof of a company vehicle.  Documented as suicide the public mourn the death of a visionary ahead of his time.  Many wonder if John Senior's only daughter; Marissa Lilith Zeraz will takeover the company within the next few hours.  Although she's been credited for sullying her father's company before...no one can really pinpoint conscious reactions in the Zeraz bloodline.  W-Wait incoming reports state Marissa was found dead, her child missing, oh dear lord what's happening?
  • July 4, 2010 - It has been a year and six days since the tragic deaths of Marissa and Jonathan Junior.  Children of Jonathan Rafael and Claudia Maurice Zeraz.  None of us will ever know the what truly occurred but our hearts go out to America's premiere family.  In the oncoming minutes we expect a once blossoming company to---Wait who the hell are they?  Am I hearing this correctly?  The supposed child of Jonathan Junior will effectively take over the company in the next few months.  With the support of his grandparents and seemingly attractive redheaded executive administrator...it looks like America is witnessing thee heavenly rebirth of a once dreadful horror story.  

New Generation

Its the year 2012 and everything once believed a fairy tale has in turn become reality.  Hello, my name is Clarice Michelle Zeraz and four years ago I returned to my blessed family after twenty-nine years of being labeled as non-existent.  And although I have an immense disdain for never knowing of my lineage it is with great pride that I allowed myself emotionally to forgive my parents for their wrong doings.  Since the death of two siblings that I'll never ever know...my biological parents showed both the affection I had always craved for since childhood and regret for losing me at birth.   I sincerely wept for days hearing a story I could never recollect.  Knowing their pain made me love them even more.
A year of obtaining knowledge from the outside of Zeraz Tower to the bowels beneath its surface, I became the Zeraz child I was meant to be.  I learned of a heritage that dates back centuries.  However, I did not see myself fit to control this company since Noah Rochelle Zeraz came into the picture.  As a result of my nephew being a successor to his late father, my brother, Jonathan Rafael Junior; it was with wholesome respect that I bowed away from the public eye.  Two years I worked by his side.  Defending him through the thickest of media tides.  Dedication and adoration for a young man I met just three years ago.  No one really understands our relationship but he might as well be my son.  
My fellow Americans I come before you with truest intents of being honest.  My nephew has left his duties as the director of Zeraz Industries in order to handle the reigns of the Nippon Empire.  Life for our family has changed drastically in these past 730 days.  Not to mention my marriage to the emperor of Iberia; my father's nation has wondered about the trust, companionship, and contractual obligations Zeraz Industries has with the United States of America.  Well I am here to clarify such realistic and well-rounded questions.  As of now the company and all its assets have been absorbed into a new body aliased the Zeraz Corporation.  A small name change where our company efforts will expand globally.  Have no fear for our epicenter shall be here though our reach is meant to better the living of humanity in its entirety.  A further elaboration of what this new venture means is forthcoming.  Until than there are brochures underneath all your chairs pertaining to logo changes, open positions, and information not yet known to the public.  As for those watching from Jersey to California and beyond, open your minds to what the future may withhold, and go to www.zerazincorporated.com and you too can join the future.  
  • August 29, 2012 - Clarice Zeraz officially takes over the reigns of her late father's company.  Zeraz Incorporated: Work Harder. Think Smarter.  Live Forever
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What is a legacy but for the lasting impression on those who never knew you?

Good job lady man sir maam

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@_Sojourn_: haha I see what you did there :P 
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@Clara Mass Keep the rain behind you son... And the sun strait up ahead.
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@Mercy_: Thank you and this is only the beginning 
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Coolness, I like it.

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@Kratesis: thank you 
@Fuchsia_Nightingale: Hello future intern :P
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@Clara Mass: Awesome son, that might need to get stamped as your best yet. The last line was great, hidden message in an obvious one

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@Surkit: Someone's getting a gold star for catching the message :D 
Thank you. I've been on my A-Game as of late 
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For some reason I expected to see you killed Impero and placed his soul inside a pinky ring or something O__o
Good job once again.

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Nice! :D

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Very nice. Great job :D

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@_Tails_: LOL! She wears men like jewelry

@Angeni: Thank you.

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@Clara Mass ^___^

So this that place we shot up the first time we met :D

Did they ever get all that blood out of the carpet?
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@The_Assassin_: haha yeah. I'm sure Clarice had all evidence of his stay cleansed away :P

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@Clara Mass There's always Sean to remind her of that ;)
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@The_Assassin_: Touche. Sean is an exception

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@Clara Mass: Your legacy you mean

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@Sean_Zeraz: Exactly. He's the sole heir (Damn Mike & Clarice made an amazing looking child lol)

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@Clara Mass: He realizes this ^_^ Despite being so young.

I know right O.O

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@Sean_Zeraz : He'll be a powerful young man one day.

Awesome genetics ftw

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@Clara Mass: To be honest... he's pretty powerful right now >.>

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@Sean_Zeraz: I know...his looks, god power, and the company he'll probably takeover - awesome written all over him

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@Clara Mass: We done good ^_^