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The night was calm. The wind did not stir, and no creatures disturbed the quiet of the night. The moon, full and waxy, shone down bright enough for visibility to be easy.

Suddenly, a figure cleared over the side of the wall, flying upwards as a blur. A trail of tattered red followed him, and he landed hard but silent onto the ancient stones. The blades connected to the bottoms of his arm gauntlets shone bright red for one moment, and then returned to normal.

He stood up, and crossed his arms over his chest. The wind suddenly kicked up, blowing his long, shredded red scarf out behind him in gusts. His visor gleamed, and he suddenly picked up movement.

Acheron tightened his senses and body, ready for combat. The tournament would begin shortly, but it would last for a while. Tenjin had a reputation, and would not go down without a fight.

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(Lat.39° 58' 0 N. ; Long.119° 47' 60 E.)...Target: Acheron...Threat level: N/A...Classification:N/A...Mission Objective:Terminate
Tenjin made his way up the long yellow mason stairway, nightfall stretched across the heavens and stars glistened and flickered from the void of space. The bone colored moon watched from above, staring down at the earth with a daunting aura, seemingly smiling at the blood shed about to sheath the ancient wall. Rolling hills and small simple forests lie on both sides,below the blockade which a battle was soon to be fought, resulting in only one man walking away alive. With every step Katsuro's armor clanked, shimmering in moon and starlight. The armor was raven colored, forged from vibranium and lined with sharp barbs along the helm, gauntlets and grieves. His visor covered his eyes but allowed him to see with several graphs and information on telepathic command. Weapons straped to his body, clinging to every inch of hid being but yet he felt nearly nude, the armor was near wieghtless compared to convential metal suits but retained immense durability. The lower half of his face was unprotected letting his emotionless expression show, enhanced by pale skin and lips add to the chilling appearance of the warrior. Walking side by side with death itself, his shadow, a silhouette appearing to be some form of demon at first glance. Then again how human is a man that has killed near five hundred men in clood blood?

As the final step was reached he let his left foot stomp hard onto the flat walkway that would be the battlefield for the tournament, his enemy was unkown to him. Acheron was his name. A dead silence gripped the men for seconds as Tenjin finally came within twenty yards of his opponent and shattered the stillness with a simple sentence as he slowly unseathed his sword, the chrome like metal flashed a dull light as it revealed itself. "Prepare to die, make peace with your god and pray for his invitation to the afterlife." he said in a strong deep voice before speaking once more "Because i am going to show you what Hell is." Like a streak of white hot lightning the sword and tenjin formed a battle position, the blade sparkled as it pointed skyward. Tenjin thought to himslef briefly I don't know what this guy is capable of, I'm risking my life to see what he can do either. A telepathic command did to things first, two needles from both ends of the visor poked his eyes as he stared hard and injected the Nirvana serum causing his body to undergo multiple changes along with the absence of color to his sight, now briefly only seeing in shades of black and white. The second was the Nanobots shattered inside his blood stream and the valkrie seum rushed to his brain, this is a unique liquid indeed. Suddenly to Tenjin's eyes the night sky was engulfed in a spiraling flames and descended from the fire several shadow like demons, their bat like wings flapped hard as they flew around the men, passing Tenjin like swooping hawks. His opponent would be unable to see them, the Valkrie serum showed what truely walks this world, or in this case flys.

The serums caused him to show no fear in the heat of battle, emotionless, conscienceless but yet full of rage and hate. His lips trembled in anger and bursting at intense almost blurr like speeds towards his enemy. Using his left hand to reach behind him and pulling out a kusari-gama, a small scythe like weapon with a special ability. In one quick sweep of his arm sent the blade forward, connected to the handle by a vibranium chain. The blade was shaped like a cresent moon and tore through the air like a blood lusting beast. As he let the blade sail, Tenjin leaped into the air clenching his swordhand tightly and sent the blade horizontal slash aimed for Acheron's guts. Katsuro preformed a corksrew in the air to aviod a retaliation strike if there was one and landed on his feet, his back facing his opponent. His sword strike was a distraction, the cresent blade was the main attack, the scythe was aimed dead for his foe's spine but it was timed perfectly for if his nemesis adjusted even a few feet from his position the chain would wrap around Acheron.Still gripping the Kusari-gama's handle he pressed a button and through the chain a powerful electrical current was sent, it was enough to kill a man instantly approximately three million volts to be Precise.
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Acheron was aware of his opponent's presence even before the man stomped onto the ancient brick of the giant wall. He lowered his arms and faced the man. He took the words and threat with no emotion, and then responded. His voice was distorted, both deep, high, soft and loud at once.

"Whatever happens will happen. Fate will decide"

He braced himself for the inevitable attack. Surely, if he did not have reflexes that were beyond that of human reckoning, he would have fell to the blows. He saw the chained weapon's arc, and momentarily put it aside to focus on Tenjin. The man seemed bloodlusted, and ran forward with his blade ready.

Opening the Eternal Sphere, Acheron's katana appeared in his hand with a gathering of light. He swung it backhanded, and blocked Tenjin's strike with one of his own, sparks flying out in all directions. But just as he would have retaliated, the man jumped back. Remembering the projectile that had been hurled at him, and recreating it's movements in his own head, Acheron calculated what he believed would happen next, and acted on it.

Risking his life, he pivoted, gripped one single kunai on his forearm, pulled the blade out of it's gauntlet, and hurled it with a flick of his wrist. The blade soared straight and true, and collided with the Kusari-gama's handle, knocking it off course. The moon shone on the glittering spray of sparks as the weapons deflected off eachother.

Reacting with no hesitation, Acheron faced his opponent and dashed forward, moving at the top of his speed capabilities. With his free hand, he gripped four kunai's on his other forearm, and hurled them at Tenjin. Each blade pinpointed to a different area-the heart, the throat, the leg, and the stomach. Following up with this, the cyborg flipped high into the air, and pointed his palm down towards Tenjin. The gauntleted hand shone for a minute, and then a blast discharged outwards, going diagonally down at Acheron's adversary. The bright blast shone as a multitude of colours, distorted in the bright light of the moon.

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The gods of war smiled today, high from their thrones watching in awe from the cosmos above, cheering on their beloved warriors. These men fought for not only glory but for their very lives and Tenjin wouldn't have it any other way. The thrill of battle gripped him like a invisible hand, clenching every fragment of his being but yet rage fueled his heart and mind. Katsuro's heart pounded in rythym, thumping against his chest like the beat of a war drum. A single bead of sweat slithered down his cheek as he crouched down, gripping his swords handle tightly, letting the blade remain infront of his face several inches from his helm. He was using the mirror like finish to look behind him ever watching his foes moves. The bloodcurdling screeching of the passing Valkries drowned out any noise that could distract him, the swooping shadows spiraled from the whirlwind of flames above and unleashed a rain of cinders. A small downpour of yellow sparks floated to the earth and settled on Tenjin's armor and began to cover the battlefield. Kenpachi was in a trance like state, optics piercing like those of a snake's, colder than ice and lifeless. To tenjin's surpise a ghastly grip clenched his right soulder, it was a Valkrie and its face absent except a pair of red embers for eyes. Immediately Tenjin gazed up then down again, felling his kusari-gama's handle drop to the floor and a kunai tumbled against the tile to finally rest to Tenjin's left side. The reflective properties allowed Katsuro to see the quintet of ninja weaponry to glisten in the moonlight as the streaked at him in specific courses, but each kunai moved slow compared to Tenjin's new found bullet timing abilities. To Genshokage's surpise the attack was not yet complete instead his foe leaped into the air, his palm facing Tenjin's back and a sudden vortex of light and energy formed in his clutch.

As the four kunai came within distance, only three feet from Katsuro's position He spun around to face them head on, a true combatant gifted with a spectrum of warfare knowledge. The hate within him exploded and as he turned he let the sharp edge of his sword scrap across the tiles, sparks uplifted along with dust trailing in a half circle around him. In a single sweeping motion he sent his sword tearing through the air and colliding with the bottom kunai sending it flying of course several meters to the side and using his momenteum he sent his sword slamming into the two middle kunai sending them of course as well. The final Kunai was left airbourne, still aimed for the heart, intending to kill Kenpachi but he had other plans. With blinding speed he snatched the kunai by the double edged blade only mere centimeters from his chest armor, the once shining polished metal now engulfed in blood of tenjin's fingers and palms as he purposely squeezed. The blood trickled through his fingers and began to puddle on the ground and a immediately tossed it back at his foe as Acheron still charged his blast, the kunai spun like a arrow leaving a airbourne trail of blood following it aimed for his foes palm. As it flew with incrediable speed it came within a mere inch of Acheron's palm before the blast was sent off, disinergrating the weapon as it let off a blinding flash of light. Tenjin remained still though, a energy blast like this could severely wound him but yet he waited for it to come within his vicinity. With lightning speed tenjin leaped backwards at the same time making a X shaped block with his arms to protect himself from the concussive energy from the blast's aftershock. The energy slammed hard into the ground only a few meters from Katsuro, sending a uprising cloud of debris and smoke, another form of deception, making it seem Tenjin was killed and give his foe a sense of relief for a brief moment.

Inside the smog and dust Tenjin was hidden, but with a quick slash of his sword he sent a vortex of air to spiral the smoke out to the side revealing the silhouette of a demon. Tenjin's barbed armor casted gloom and dispair even from a distance and suddenly from the smoke's half embrace Katsuro spoke "My life is not yours for the taking, i am Katsuro Yamamoto, Oyabun of the largest Yakusa family the world has ever seen. Know my name Acheron, fear it as if it was Lucifer! I am the incarnate of the nine levels of Hell all rolled into one body.........learn your place boy, you haven't the faintest idea what you are up against, allow me to show you." Tenjin broke through the smoke with a slow steady step, smoke rolled off his armor, dragging of the pitch black plating. The invisible embers still raining down atop of him as he raised his hand to face Acheron with a open palm and with one single thought he channeled psionic energy through his body and sent a titanic psionic blast from his hand, with such power the tiles that covered the battlefield all torn from the ground. The blast covered the whole walkway, 30 tons of pure concussive force all at once. The tiles would become sharpnel in the blast and be used as bullets in the already devastating blast. The force would knock his opponent off the walkway and down the saits to the walking path below that streched almost a mile, if he didn't die from the pressure or the bullet like sharpnel.

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Tenjin had demonstrated impressive reactions by deflecting and catching Acheron's kunai. It was not a surprise when he dodged the blast and came out of the smoke unharmed-he did have thermal vision after all. Flipping backwards in mid-air, he landed a fair distance away from the crazed warrior, his arms crossed. He listened to his rant without interrupting. Mentally, he switched his visor vision to motion sensing, and focused on his adversatry. He could see the faintest movement around him, as if energy or something not entirely tangible had focused onto his area. No matter, it did not change anything that had to be done here, tonight.

Suddenly, the blast came soaring for him, moving quickly. Bringing his sword in front of him, he held it horizontal for a moment, focusing. If the beam found it's mark, it would surely do damage. How much, Acheron did not know. He moved his katana in a slow circle around himself, like the arm of a clock. Holding it down by his side, it began to crackle a bright red. He manipulated the energy shield focused around the sword,  forging it to his liking.

Finally, he swung the sword upwards vertically, and discharged the shield. It formed a wave following the slash, mimicking it's direction, and it zoomed forward to meet Tenjin's blast. It's crescent was sharp, sharper than any material that Acheron had ever encountered, the product of the technologies of his origins. The wave-slash met the blast.

The two grinded against eachother, rumbling, before finally Acheron's wave fulfilled it's only purpose. It cleaved through the psionic blast slowly, dissipating as it went through, sparks flying. Acheron knew from his senses that the projectile had altered course, splitted in two. His wave, meanwhile, had disappeared, only barely making it through in one piece. About ten feet ahead of the cyborg, the bottom half of the ranged attack crashed itno the wall, exploding in a shower of dust. The top half of the blast missed Acheron's head by a half meter, he could feel it's passing. It soared by him and broke into a sheltered walkway of the structure. Smoke and dust in front, and behind. He couldn't see what was coming.

With it's only warning being a puff of smoke, a piece of shrapnel burst through the cloud towards him. Instinctively, Acheron raised his arm to block, and the piece smashed against it, damaging him. He stepped back to allow more room for his reactions, ignoring the sparking portion by his elbow. Dull pain echoed through the limb. Suddenly, half a dozen more pieces like that of the shrapnel flew towards him, and the machine-man defended himself. In a backhand, he knocked two away, his weapon clanging against the stone now that it's shield was gone. He ducked to dodge three more, before performing a short backflip to go over the last. His scarf twisted around him as he landed, puffs of dust shooting out from beneath his feet. He sensed more coming, and formed a plan.

As four more cut through the smoke to him, he spun his katana in a circle, rapidly, the weapon moving as a blur. It smacked the projectiles, sparks emitting from every blow. The pieces were pushed to the ground by the sword's spin, and were embedded into the walkway. With one powerful, fast motion, he flcked the line of shrapnel up, and they shot back, vertically arranged down the walkway towards Tenjin. But he wasn't done yet.

He flipped sidways off the wall, aimed his hand towards the edge of the the walkway, and fired his grappling hook. It shot out, connected to his gauntlet by a thin, strong wire, and embedded it's hook into the stone with a crunch. He ran up the side of the wall, moving parallel and with the same speed as the shrapnel above. As he neared Tenjin and his arc was completed, he disengaged the hook, and it immediately slinked back into his gauntlet with speed too fast for even him to track. He let the momentum of the swing carry him, and as he soared over the edge beside Tenjin, he slashed in a rising upper at the man. He soared into the air, his katana still in it's position.

Now, dead above Tenjin, he seemed to freeze in the air for a what seemed to be a moment, suspended. The moon glinted off of his armor and bodysuit, and his blades all shined, proud weapons as they were. His red tattered scarf let beams of moonlight pierce through it's ripped holes, and came up beside him, carried by the wind. He flipped upside down.

Then, he began to fall. And, as he did so, he free-wounded-arm shot to the opposite forearm, to his kunai. His hand gripped the weapons, and once more he hurled them down as he extended his limbs, putting all his strength into the throw for maximum speed. It was all he could do to hurl the weapons in a shotgun spread-the shrapnel had impaired his limb's efficiency.

He soared now over the side of the wall, and fell to the tree-covered land below. He impacted, leaving a small crater and causing dust and dirt to bloom up around him. He dispelled it with a wave of his hand, and then listened, silent, for the result of his barrage.

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The Gods of War watched in awe from their thrones high above, they were pleased with this battle. It could almost be heard from earth, the constant cheering of their favorite warrior, the uprising grunts and growns with every strike. Under the Great Wall lay thousands of dead soldiers, they built the foundation and the mortar of the bloackade. An enormous coffin it is, the souls of the battlions absorbed into the yellow mason blocks. They are damned to support the colossal divider and yet another warrior is destined to die on this very barricade, one being the cybernetic ninja known as Acheron or the once Sky God who fell from grace, Tenjin.

"Impressive" thought Tenjin, as he clutched a handful of his own blood in his hand, the kunai torn into his palm and fingers deep. The river of life that ran through his veins now started to become a small puddle underneath his grasp. The wounds had begun to already heal, Kenpachi's psychokinesis was more than telekinesis after all. Eyeballing his enemy as he moved and dodged for his life, Katsuro could attack now but his honor, even though hisrage clouded him so, still held its place. Never would he attack another rival when the man was unguarded, a self induced weakness of Katsuro's, a rule he refused to shatter even if it ment his own death. Instead he stood there with a leaking hand and a thumping heart. Adrenaline charged him, bloodlust and wrath gripped his soul and mind as he strangled the handle of his katana and awaited his nemesis like a starved wolf. The hellborn cinders still rained down in Tenjin's eyes, contrasting his black and white perception. Suddenly Acheron rushed to the side and swung on some means of wire to tenjin's left in a blinding blurr, in a cresent arch he swung his sword starting at Tenjin's but was foiled by Katsuro's swordsmanship letting his blade grind against Acheron's. Sparks sprayed outwards, the bright orange fragments ricocheted off of Tenjin's shoulder as the metal of the clashing swords heated from the friction causing the crossing blades to brighten. Kenpachi's frozen pupils followed Acheron, their eyes met each other's for milliseconds before his foe ascended into the air with such agility and grace. Kenpachi turned himself to look at his foe but he was absent and out of pure reflex he gazed up only to see the tattered red scarf flowing in the brief outburst of wind. The Moon's skeletal hue could be seen from the many holes that covered the scarf. A sudden snap of surpise broke through his anger as he watched the kunai soar at him, the weapons were not aimed but simply tossed with much force that the didn't spin, simply whipped down upon him The polished finish of the weapons glistened in the starlight, flickering like the stars themselves before piercing through Katsuro's flesh in several places. Once through the right shoulder, one embedded in his collar bone and two others scraped him, on the face just under the eye and the other across his left arm.

Blood streamed down his pale and ghostly face, it was warm and soothing to the skin. A sharp pain shot through him as the cold metal was torn from his shoulder and collarbone finishing with quick sprays of blood. He felt little pain after he concentrated on his own nerve endings, deadening them, he mouth quivered and a loud roar erupted from his vocals before Katsuro gazed to his left and watched Acheron flip off the wall into a free fall down into the forest below. Mustering his strength to walk over to the ledge and seen only a few broken branches from his opponent's landing, a loud devilish voice was sounded as Tenjin spoke from the watchtower above the forest. "You expect me to chase after you boy? Like some blinded dog?" Tenjin's anger was repressed for a moment as he bone chillin laugh echoed throughout the once silent night. Kenpachi stood with his sword in his hand, blood soaked armor shimmered while he lifted his free hand slowly infront of him as he shut his eyes. he used his Remote Viewing to scan the area left and right briefly before seeing his foe mentally. "I guess you were right!" he screamed as he telekinetically lifted several trees in the air. They hovered lifelessly, roots still intact as dirt fell from them. They're branches covered in emerald leaves, some fell and rocked back and forth like a cradle before soaring down slowly to the grass and dirt covered ground. Reaching behind him he gripped seven grenades from a pouch, and let them float next to him using his mental powers before all in unison pulling the pins and sending them at the trees before exploding. They were incendiary grenades, causing the ancient plants to catch ablaze. This was only the begin, for Tenjin used TK to tear the trees into spear sized splinters, and sending them raining down of Acheron, flaming javelins they were. In the midst of the chaos Tenjin leaped into the cloud of smoke caused by the once burning leaves and through the flames he followed the spears, his armor glowed a bright orange and his sword reflexed the scortching wood and seeked his foes chest in a single sweep.

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The flaming spears bore down onto Acheron-immediately, the cyborg switched his visors view to motion sensing. He sent his katana back into the Eternal Sphere in a blink of light. As he raised his palms upwards, the limbs began to glow slightly. He thrust his arms up to the trees, and discharged three blasts. The light they would've normally sent around the area was dull compared to the blaze of the plants.

The projectiles travelled downwards, and the energy met them, exploding and tearing. Only a few trees made it out unharmed, and pierced through the smoke and rubble of their fallen breathren. Seeing them coming, Acheron rolled sideways, a tree jetting into the earth where he had been standing. One crashed down to his right, and he rolled to dodge the last, which had come later than it's predecessors.

He looked up to the wall again, and realized his mistake. In all the commotion, he had lost track of Tenjin-had he not been seeing through Motion Sensing technology, his wound would've been much more serious. His enemy's blade soared for him, slicing in a deadly arc. Acheron flipped sideways, his limbs extended for more stability, but he wasn't fast enough. The weapon cut through his armor and into his chest by what he could only guess was close to an inch. Sparks and arcs of electricty burst out as the sword created a rapture between wires.

As he landed, he stumbled a step in the direction he had jumped. The wound had thrown him off balance, and now, more than just dull pain had appeared. A cold, numb sensation was beginning on his chest, with a aftertouch of red hot pain. Not good, and especially not good now that his arm was just starting to feel the same, ever so slightly.

From out of the corner of his eye, he saw the remaining smoldering tree-spears. Another battle idea had formed in his mind. Mentally, he switched to normal vision, the smoke dispersing from the area enough for him to see. With a purpose, he dash-jumped to the cluster of remaining wood weapons, drew back his foot, and knocked one into the air by six feet. Seeing his actions in slow motion, he watched for a moment as the long piece of what used to be plant rotated in the air, and then, he jumped, flipped, and kicked it dead on. It burst towards Tenjin, sharp side first, cutting through the air.

Two others remained, and Acheron gripped the one that had been embedded in the ground. He tore it out, pivoted to provide more momentum, and speared it, following it's brother, but a foot to the right and a bit lower. Sliding his foot, he smacked the last one off the ground, and it spun into the air by his side. Spinning, he roundhoused it, and it also shot towards his adversary, this time to the left of the first and slightly lower.

Acheron raised both palms beside eachother, and let off two blasts simultaneously, merging their power. The rocketed forward, and crashed into and through the tree-spears, shattering them into hundreds of shrapnel bits, moving with them towards Tenjin.

He switched back to motion-sensing, and recalled his katana from the Eternal Sphere. With another flash, it appeared in his hand. Then, to clear some distance between the two, he backflipped twenty feet-to allow better response time, compensating for his wounds. He hoped.

This had turned out to be one of Acheron's greatest battles, thus far-and he would fight the remainder of it as smart as he could. As best as he could.

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through the searing flames, engulfing him like the embrace of a mother to her young, sparks rushed at him like a plague of locusts. The heat was intense, the breath of a dragon it was.The fire rolled of his armor, blazing cinders flew behind him like a comet as he gripped his sword with a single hand. A trail of inferno flickered wildly from his sword as his once midnight colored armor now shined in the shades of the fire. His mind focused on destruction and chaos, his blade hungered for flesh and bone but yet will be left hunger his opponent was not human so Tenjin doesn't expect to watch blood pour from open wounds. As he descended like a falcon upon Acheron, watching his blade tear into his enemy, a sense of triumph filled his gut as he slide across the ground to absorb the fall. His armored grieves tore up the grass and dirt as the velocity of the free fall deminished. Rising to his feet Katsuro turned himself to face his once thought dead enemy only to be take by surpise as a spear of charred wood flew at him with deadly percision. Tenjin swung is sword upwards and slintered the javelin down the middle causing it to split in to before both sides barrel of to his right and left. A dull sense of glee made Tenjin smile as he spoke "Not dead yet Acheron? well I can fix that!" His nemesis was quick and resourceful, flipping around like a ape and then sending two more wooden stakes in flight. The two sped fast, aimed high one for the solar plexus and the other the right kidney.Kenpachi tried to cut both in half at once but failed only tearing through the first while the latter pierced his armor's fold and struck him almost exiting through his body. The burned pine dug deep and rough. blood began to pour from the wound as Tenjin slowly tore it from his hip "That son of a b!^ch!" Katsuro screamed as the spear dropped to the forest floor.

To his dismay however the attack wasn't done and being his movement is now restricted because of several fragments still embedded in his hip he could only watch as the blasts barreled forward. Tenjin would surely die if he didn't act fast, pressing his hand against the ground he shot of a psionic wave into the earth. Instantly sheets of jagged stone a earth shot up from the ground forming thick barriers. The first blast struck hard sending shards of the once gigantic blockades flailing into the air while the second continued to push through to replace the first as the battering ram. A stelar light destroyed the last minitature mountain and at a third of its original power engulfed Tenjin in blinding light and carrying him with it through a large oak tree before Tenjin was released from its deadly grasp and laid bloody on the grass covered ground. Curses flew from his mouth as he staked his sword tip first into the ground and use it as leverage to lift himself up using his right hand. "I hope that wasn't your ace in the hole" he coughed up a small amount of blood letting it trickle down his chin before using his tongue to clean his lips of the crimson liquid.

Tenjin stood strong but wounded, his speed wasn't like it was before and the serum began to were of, no more demons flew around him, the blood drunk Kenpachi was now in a perdicament. He needed to end this now before his nemesis got the better of him. Tenjin bursted forward but aat a much slow speed in a semi limp because of the wood still embedded in his side. Leaping vertically into the air he launched a concussive blast from his mind similiar to the one previous but was shot in a spread shape to maximize its potential to strike. As he descended down he tossed his main weapon, his katana behind the cyborg at two o'clock position and as he fell he dropped several pellet like grenades, as he touched ground an explosion of thick grey smoke engulf the area. Tenjin dove at his foe with his now drawn tanto (dagger) and in a spinning motion he now was facing behind Acheron and struck at him with a stabbing motion dead center in the chest. As Tenjin fell he spun to face his katana and drew it from the standing position andbefore hitting the ground he pulled it from the earth and sent a sweeping slash at Acheron's neck. This would leave Tenjin vulnerable so upon impact with the ground Katsuro pulled the pin of a standard grenade and dropped it at his side. Kenpachi had put himself in a vendetta, even if Tenjin managed to live after the explosion his foe might be able to dodge the blast and deliever the killing blow.

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His foe was fast-fast, strong, and sharp. He managed to avoid nearly all of Acheron's previous attack, but the movements were not a total waste-for one of the wood spears had succeeded, finding their mark and doing brutal, serious damage. Good. Adding to the good news was that his repairs on his arm were now complete. His accuracy would be much more efficient now, but the wound on his chest still need time-minutes, maybe, which was too long in a battle like this.

When Tenjin began his next string of attacks, two things helped Acheron survive-the damage the tree-spear had just inflicted, and the fact that he had just switched to motion sensing. Otherwise, he might not have made it out alive.

His adversary was not only slower, but something about his style had changed-he wasn't the same. Wasn't as bloodlusted, as longing for combat? Perhaps it didn't matter, but the robot had a feeling that it might. In mid-rush, Tenjin leaped into the air, and launch another psionic blast. Acheron's katana had not recharged it's shield yet, and thus there was no easy defense to the spread. It smashed around him, bore down upon him, destroying the area around himself and smashing down into his machine body. Bits of armor were broken off, as he struggled to stand against the pressure. He was forced down to one knee, and finally, the blast stopped, even though it had only lasted a few moments.

He looked up just in time for Tenjin to hit the ground, spreading smoke. Luckily, his visor was in the appropriate mode-he saw the attack coming. He stood just in time, pivoted to the side, and blocked with his sword. The two blades ground together, sparks flying in all directions. The second swing that Tenjin sent at him was close, but he managed to duck down and roll under the blade, stirring smoke and dust around the two. The blade soared just above him, and swept his scarf out of the way, cutting the red cloth slightly.

He stood, and thought he did not see it, he heard it. The drop of a grenade. His head swung to the side where he heard it, and watched as it hit the ground, a puff of dust floating around it, in slow-motion. He glared at Tenjin. A suicidal strategy.

Instinctively, he jumped back as fast as he could, but not fast enough.

The grenade exploded, fire blooming outwards, the heat scorching. The impact smashed into his armor, and he was knocked back. The fire encompassed around him, and a portion of his shoulder was blown off. Red-hot pain laced through him, but not as much as what occured next. The fire shot out a part of his lower-right midsection, sparks flying and the metal that his body consisted of was blown apart in a shower of electricity. He flew back, and hit the ground, out of the smoke. Upon hitting the ground, the combinations of dust and wind had put his body out, but the flames spread to the surrounding forest. In moments, the entire area was ablaze.

His scarf was scorched, reduced to half it's original length. His armor was black and scratched, and out of his shoulder and midsection blue electricty arc. All across his vision, "DANGER" flicked in large red letters. He wavered in his stand.

Finally, he shook his head clear. He would not fall, not here, not ever. Tenjin would be the one to fall, to die, to lose. And if anyone did it, Acheron would be the one to kill him. He glanced around, at the smoke, and spotted his enemy. Whether he himself had survived the explosion or not, the cyborg did not care.

"That....was a mistake", he said, his somewhat disturbing voice rang out. With speed that covered the fact that he was badly wounded, he reached out and gripped all of his kunai off his forearms. In a simulatneous backhand with both hands, he hurled them. Each handful of kunai lined up on either side of Tenjin, stretching back at regular intervals, covering around twenty feet. Tossing his katana up momentarily, Acheron shot one of his daggers out of one of his gauntlets, and caught it with his free hand. Immediately, he spun, and hurled it dead on at his enemy. His katana fell down, and he caught it in one hand. But he wasn't done yet.

Focusing with all the mental power he had, Acheron manipulated the energy shields around his kunai and his dagger. He continued, trying harder and harder, feeling the mechanisms bend to his will. "DANGER" once again flickered across his field of vision, and he felt his hip and shoulder spark again. And then, he achieved success in his endeavor.

The fields on the dozen kunai surrounding Tenjin were first to bend. Without warning, they shot out towards him at all different angles, sharp energy waves of equal size to the one that he shot out of his katana earlier. They burst towards Acheron's adversary, going up, diagonal, straight across, curving, firing wildly off in any area towards the master fighter. Then, the dagger that the robot had thrown earlier shot out it's field, a long, thin, verical wave. It did not hinder the movement of the fields that already were flying, but merely passed through them. Then, the dagger went into the maelstrom, and Acheron watched, in his own unique slow-motion, to see the result of his effort.

As the waves moved, the dagger passed through a path of empty space that the robot had engineered while focusing. To most any normal human, it would've been described as a work of art, though to superhumans it was most likely a combination of luck and pain. The weapon followed the waves that had already been shot, and barrelled towards Tenjin's chest.

Acheron fell to one knee, suddenly-the exertion had cost him much. He didn't know how if he could continue-his vision blared bright flashes of red, and his body was a hurricane of pain. He groaned slightly, attempted to push himself up, and so, he didn't see what the end result of the attack had been. The battle was hard, and was nearing it's endgame, whether it be for good or bad. Acheron could feel it.