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In the dead of night, thunder and lightning cracked and sounded, the moon was covered by dark clouds. With every lightning pulse it brightened the sky, flashes of white light atop the Parthenon. It stood high on a flat mountain overlooking many smaller buildings, its landscape was covered with lush green vegetation while the soil was of reddish tint. The Parthenon itself, was a glorious building made of white mason and only supported by many pillars ethed with grooves and scenes of ancient past. Its roof was crumbling but for some odd reason it still held its majestic stance at its mountian peak. one side of it was in ruins, covering the surrounding area with white brick. the inside was barren and random white stones lined its grassy floor. It began to pour down with heavy rain, the water splashed onto the grass from the numerous holes in its mighty rooftop. The pillars were weather torn and slightly broken. The city it over looked was about 4 stories down only accessible by a a routine of ruined stone walls and a rocky stair case etched from the mountian itself and flowed through the maze like walls of ancient Greek buildings. The city was modern looking covering the past under its foundations, it surrounded the Parthenon from all sides. What a shame to desimate such a beautiful place, Human's destroyed much of this world but they're time had pasted. No humans were left alive, the 2nd Vampire and Lycan War was worldwide, we needed recruits and the humans became either Vampires or Lycans but not by there own will. Soldiers for the battle of alll battles, millions died and still counting. It was the year 2020 and This battle was to deciede the victor, no more thousands upon thousands dying each night. No more vast armies rampaging towards each other with blood in they're eyes. No not this night, this night was only one on one, the Generals from both legions, Amatus of the Vampires and Dontess of the Lycans.

Amatus stood in the cold rain even under the Parthenon's shelter his body was soaked in it. His long black hair rustled behind him, flowing in the wind dancing in the strong gusts. His pale face contrasted his glorious mane and his crimson eyes glowed in the night. He rested up against a pillar, his mighty armor scratching against the masonry, the demonic skulls with protruding lased the armor all over his shoulder gaurds, elbow and knee pads. His spiked gauntlets clawed and his grieves pionted and spiked also. It was a dark metallic color rivaling the night itself. He rested his left foot atop his helm resmebling that of the spartans of legend only more evil,was decorated with the wings of a bat and lined with spikes across its head like a small mohawk, this helm was given to him by his father, Dracula himself. Dracula wore it during the first war and it was only fitting that Amatus wore it during the second. The chest plate of the Armor was depicting a scene of the final battle from the last war, which he himself became a hero in it. Foe Cleaver rested on his back, Its evil aura could be felt by any surrounded life. It had sacred objects casted in metal,the skull of a stag acted as its base for the silver blade and a metal skeleton was decorated as its handle. The blade was hidened in a Lycan made leather hide, coated in black ink. It was speaking to him, reassuring him about the fight. it was quite annoying,The lightning flashed another bright white glow casting a bright aura around him. He waited for his opponent to reveal himself so the battle could finally begin.

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Thunder clashes as Dontess makes his way up the Parthenon steps. The rain falls like the many vampires slain by him on his journey to this very battle. This fight will decide the outcome of the very war that has caused so many deaths through out his long life. But only one reason stood out among the rest. To avenge his mother, Anita, who was slain by the vampire Amatus. Amatus was now the opposing general of the Vampire army. But this mattered not he was going to make Amatus pay with his life for what he had done to him. Dontess' armor glistened in the pooring rain. The once heavy armor that was weighted to provide a handicap for the vampires now felt like regular armor. His armor a cobalt blue that showed off Dontess' silvery grey fur when in his transformed state. Being the strongest lycan Dontess had went through the whole battle without transforming into the mighty alpha werewolf. His armor was customed made just for him. 200lbs. arm gaurds, 300lbs. shin gaurds, two 100lbs. shoulder gaurds, and a 500lbs. breast plate with a picture of a werewolf's silhouette howling at the moon... It platinum accented. Dontess' face was older looking. His arms are muscular and covered with scars. This average size, olive-skin Italian was ready for the fight of his life. His long hair was soaked from the rain when he neared the opening of the parthenon. Dontess finally reaches the top and walks in to see Amatus leaning up against one of the pillars. 

How am I not surprised that you would get here first. Anxious to die aren't we? grinned  Dontess I am much more powerful then when we first met. You should of killed me when you had the chance Amatus. But now you will see the power of the ALPHA WOLF!! roars Dontess.

Dontess draws his sword.

So lets get warmed up shall we. snarled Dontess

Dontess lifts up his sword and gestures to Amatus to prepare for battle.

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Amatus smirks at the Lycan as he attempted to perform a dramatic entrance, The vampire slowly pushed off of the column with his right hand. His demonic armor revealed its detail as the lightning lightened the pitch black sky. He let  his foot slide of the dark helm, he ran his fingers through his dark mane pushing it out from his face. He slowly reached for the evil helmet and lifted it by the T shaped opening in the front. He raised it to his chest and listened to Dontess' speech.

"How am I not surprised that you would get here first. Anxious to die aren't we, I am much more powerful then when we first met. You should of killed me when you had the chance Amatus. But now you will see the power of the ALPHA WOLF!!,So lets get warmed up shall we. "

Amatus shook his head and took two steps forward, suddenly he stopped and slowly slide on his mighty helm, for a split second it darkened his vision but was returned to him as the helm was fitted properly. His crimson eyes contrasted the black helm, with his right hand he reached above him and drew his sword, the vengeful Foe Cleaver. It spoke to him, "be careful he is an elite one of the best. He has transformed yet and i regonize his face, that is the beast that slaughtered a whole battlion of Lord Xavier's troops during the first war.  Kill him quickly,don't let him transform". Amatus told his sword to silence and let the sword's long handle become parralel with his arm as he held it horizontally from his body. He then guided it and pointed the tip towards his next victim, the metal gauntlet gripped the handle tight as he said these next words.

"Prepare yourself Lycan and may God have mercy on your beastly soul, for i shall not." he said in his deep Romanian voice, his fangs revealing as he spoke.

He cocked his arm back letting the blade tear into the soil as it grinded with the motion of his hand. He crouched slightly, his legs tense and His grip strangled the handle, his eyes looking glared at his opponent. He bursted from this stance, his legs propelling him to 40 mph and ascended straight ahead towards the Lycan foe. He swung at him with god-like speed with a one handed horizontally strike then leaped to a pillar behind the wolf-man about 3 quarters the way up the column. His legs crashed into the masonry, making two spider web shaped cracks from his feet, he pushed off and descended upon the beast with a double gripped vertical strike before vaulting backwards from a moonsault and landing in a nobleman's pose.

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"Prepare yourself Lycan and may God have mercy on your beastly soul, for i shall not."  said the vampire general

Dontess watches as Amatus charges forward. He runs towards Amatus to meet him head on. Dontess blocks the strike with his sword gripped in his right hand. He makes a fist with his left and cocks it back. As he goes to land a devastating blow Amatus jumps over him and ricotches off of a pillar behind Dontess. Amatus pushes off the pillar to deliver a mighty overhanded strike. Dontess raises his sword overhead to block the attack. The two swords clash and causes thunder to sound. A small crater is formed underneath Dontess as he pushes back. Amatus flips backwards and lands in a uptight position. Dontess steps out of the crater formed by the attack. A smile begins to form on Dontess' face.

"Ha... good job Amatus you exceeded my expectations. I knew you were powerful... but this is amazing. But now my friend... now its my turn." grinned Dontess

Dontess stands up straight and cracks his neck and back. He walks over to a fallen pillar.... Dontess stabs the ground with his sword to keep it still so he can use both hands to lift the heavy pillar. Dontess launches the pillar straight into the air, grabs his sword and jumps in the air after it. Dontess cuts the pillar into four pieces and kicks three of the pieces towards the calm Amatus. Dontess grabs the fourth piece and lands on the ground. As soon as his feet touch down he charges towards Amatus moving 60mph. Dontess whips the piece of hard white mason at Amatus. He zig zags left and right to close the gap between him and Amatus as the pieces fly at Amatus to deliver heavy damage. Dontess cuts right to deliver an attack that could cut Amatus in half. Then he sheaths his sword and piecefully leans against a pillar.

"Your move." smirks Dontess

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"Ha... good job Amatus you exceeded my expectations. I knew you were powerful... but this is amazing. But now my friend... now its my turn."

Amatus stared expressionless as the monster stepped out of the crater, his enemy didn't surpise him, he knew this wasn't going to be easy. But he couldn't falter, his vampire race depended on him to win this battle and to finally end the blood feud so his people could be at peace. He himself has killed countless Lycans but never has he faced one of such power that in human form could block that attack. The rain splashed on his helm and armor, it trickled down the formed metal and dropped to the ground from every end. He wasn't enjoying this as much as Dontess was, this was for the sake of his species and he wouldn't allow the thrill of battle cloud his mind in this fight.

He watched as Dontess lauched the stone at him, Amatus wouldn't be tooken down that easy. He manuevered his body, arcing it so the stones passed him one by one, he dodged them with both finess and skill simultaneously. The forth piece was also tossed at him and the Lycan general followed with it. They both came at him from different angles the stone column piece from the left and the general from the right. There was enough time for Amatus to indeed block both, The pillar was only a meter in front of him and with another show of speed and strength he used the Foe Cleaver to greet the masonary head on. He raised the sword to his left side having the blade point to the sky as the rain still poured down onto him. He bared his fangs and let out a loud roar, slicing the pillar in two right down the middle. The two sides grinded against the blade causing massive amounts of yellow sparks all the way down. From the right came the beast, launching a diagonial slash but Amatus' skill in sword combat is second to none. He used the Foe Cleaver to simply guide the attack away again leaving massive amounts of sparks from the impact.

"Your move."

Amatus turned to face his mighty adversary only to see him mocking the Prince of Bats by relaxing on a nearby pillar. Amatus spoke sternly.

" You are taking this well my nemesis, i hope you enjoy this building that much because it will be your gravesite."

With that said he bursted towards his foe, and used the sword as a lance attempting to spear this Lycan with its sharp tip. After that he spun wildly into the air only to faint a horizontal slash from the right to proceed with a rising diagonial slash from the right. He would land slighty sliding and tearing his metal boot into the earth. Because of the werewolf speed he imagined he would block those attacks so he transformed into a swarm of crows to both block a instictive retaliation strike and to revert behind the Lycan. He flipped his sword backwards, with his body facing the opposite way he attempted to impale the foe again with a thrust aimed for the Lycans left rip cage.

"Why don't you run back to your den and lick your paws."

He stepped forward while rotating his body to face his opponent whipping his claymore around to attempt to cut the Lycan's head from his body. As this happened lightning struck a pillar nearby and the thunder clapped violently as the rain continued to pour down.

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Dontess and Amatus caught eyes. The once emotionless vampire spoke to Dontess with anger in his Romanian voice...
" You are taking this well my nemesis, i hope you enjoy this building that much because it will be your gravesite."   Amatus said angerly

The mighty vampire darts forward. Dontess almost gets caught off gaurd. He jerks his body left to dodge the fast attack. He goes to grab his opponent but Amatus spins in the air knocking Dontess' hand away. He watches as Amatus stops spinning to deal a vicious attack. He goes to block the horizontal slash but its a fake.... Foe Clever rises up diagonally like a bat out of hell. Dontess sees it out of the corner of his eye and does a backflip and grips on to a pillar to dodge the attack. Dontess notices that his cheek was knicked by the clever attack. He wipes the blood away and the wound has already began to heel itself.

"Is that all" roared Dontess

Dontess pushes himself off of the pillar to slice the Bat Prince in half. But is engulfed by a swarm of crows. Dontess uses his sword to cut at the ocean of crows. They fly behind him scraping and cutting him as they fly by... he lands and they dissapear. Dontess turns around to be welcomed by a sword aimed straight at his heart.

"Why don't you run back to your den and lick your paws." smirked the batty prince

As the blade closes space between it and Dontess... he yells at the top of his lungs...

"I WILL NEVER RUN" yells Dontess

He took his sword and deflected the attack aimed at his heart then rushes forward. The wolf worrior ducks under the vicious attack and uses his sword to guide Foe clever over his head. Dontess cocks back with his left hand and sends a devastating blow to the stomach of Amatus. Then tosses his sword from his right hand to his left and uses his right hand to send an uppercut to the vain prince. He turns around, drops to his hands and tries to send a mule kick to the abdomen. Dontess does a backflip then and while in the air he raises his sword above his head and comes down with it as if to cut Amatus in half straight down the middle.

"You should run" howled Dontess as he closes the space between Amatus' head and the blade of his sword.

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His sword attack had been foiled, the beast simply dunked under it and threw a massive fist into his ribcage causing him to lift almost three feet from the ground. His breath was knocked right out of him, blood squirted from his mouth then started to trickle down his lip and onto his chestplate. He couldn't breathe, that punch would of shattered a normal human's torso.  His face went from the proud noble expression to a concerned and slightly frightened one, his eyes dialated from the impact but this assault was only the beginning. Dontess delievered a strong uppercut to his pale shaved chin causing instant whiplash. His head bounced back, his neck burned and his jaw felt as if it was snapped in half, he felt the blow travel through his head as he was launched in the air by the attack. His helmet was knocked off of his head and casted several yards before bouncing of the roof of the Parthenon and falling onto the soft grassy earth. He was then greeted by a strong mule kick, he watched as the foe planted his hands deep into the soil during the attack. A shockwave effect could be felt throughout Amatus' body before it exploded from his back and caused a thunderclap. Amatus was sent flying towards the rooftop before smashing into it and richocheting back to the battlefield. The impact zone on the rooftop crumbled down and fell down atop Amatus.

"You should run"

The lycan began to descend upon the mighty Vampire Lord his brown eyes stared down with delight as the Prince layed on his stomach covered in rubble. Only mere meters above him, Amatus opened his evil eyes and his pupils widened, they're color light up for a split second before he launched himself to his feet letting the rubble fall off of him. He stared at the wolf was he came closer, Amatus took a deep breath, the cold moist air filled his lungs before he exhaled and spoke these next words.

"That was nice, but you are going to need alot more than that boy." He was slightly bluffing, "I fight for not only my people but to rid the world of you abominations! You will be the first to die and the start of your species extinction! I am the envoy of your end and MY people will reign supreme by my hand alone!" His deep Romanian voice echoed throughout the Parthenon.

He bared his fangs as the beast descended but this was where Amatus took hold of the reigns of battle. He swung the Foe Cleaver at the blade of the Lycan causing a struggle of power. Red hot sparks where scattering everywhere as the blades met, Amatus was being pushed into the ground. His black silk like hair waved violently backwards and his knees began to buckle, the Lycan was winning the power struggle as the blades started to hteat up, like they were stuck in a kelm, glowing red at the spot on contact and slowly growing. Foe Cleaver spoke to Amatus,"i can't take much more of this, quit being dramatic and finish him off already!!!!!" The Prince told the sword to silence as he redirected his opponents pressure and slipping towards the side. That move was all a plot to leave the Lycan open for the next attack.

Amatus used the Foe Cleaver's handle as a blunt hammer a attempted to strike the beast in the temple area. With the other hand still free he would grasp the wolf by the throat and slam the opponent head first into the handle's blunt end.  He would then attempt a strong shoulder block into the opponents solar plexus trying to knock the wind out of him. If the attack went as planned he would stab the sword into the ground and Transform into blood-lust form, his eyes would be totally engulfed in red and his body would become massively over muscular. His ears would become pointed like an elf's and his fangs would double in size. After the near instant transformation he would preform a powerful backbreaker, grasping the foe by the ankle and face and launching them into the air and descending with the powerful wrestling move. But if the attack would fail he would simply start a volley of sword slashes.

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Dontess watches as the Prince of bats rises from the rubble. As he closes the gap Amatus looks towards him and says....

"That was nice, but you are going to need alot more than that boy." His voice was shaky "I fight for not only my people but to rid the world of you abominations! You will be the first to die and the start of your species extinction! I am the envoy of your end and MY people will reign supreme by my hand alone!" The Romanian's voice echoed throughout the Parthenon.

Amatus attempts to slam the the handle of his sword into the temple of Dontess. Dontess deflects the blow of the batty prince by knocking his hand away. Amatus then poceeds to shoulder check Dontess. But the Lycan stiff arms the the bat stopping him in his place. But gets his hand almost cut off. Dontess pulls his hand back then starts blocking the volley of word attack. Each time the swords meet lightning touches down within the ancient Parthenon. Sparks fly as Dontess and Amatus swords clashes. His fangs begin to show as he rapidly moves the sword to parry the ferocious sword attacks of Amatus. The two swords meet once again in a power struggle and thunder sounds. The blades glow red like the fires of hell. And Dontess speaks...

"I will show you how just how outclassed you are!!!" snarled Dontess...

He begins to push Amatus back. Amatus' boots grinding against the masonry. Dontess ends the power struggle by pushing off and then he uses his sword to hack at the Foe Cleaver like he is trying to break it in half. Using all of his strength in each attack. Dontess smashes his sword against the other relentlessly. Thunder sounds sounds and lightning strikes with each clash. A small crater is beginning to form underneath them. The whole Parthenon shakes as the two mighty sword meet.

"I.... will..... END YOU!!!!" roared Dontess

Dontess hits the swords together one last time. Thunder roars as the two mighty swords shatter. He throws his broken sword behind him and attempts to grab Amatus by the throat. If the grab works he will toss Amatus up in the air to deal a ferocious combo. By dealing massive blows to the vampire's face, chest, and stomach. Following that with a knee to the chin, and ending it with a powerbomb, a strong wrestling move, straight down to the earth below. But if the grab failed Dontess would begin to throw volleys of punches and kicks towards his opponent. With each punch and kick having enough force to kill a regular man. Then a skull bash to the mid-section that would send Amatus traveling through the pilars that where still left standing.

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Amatus watched in horror as his Foe Cleaver was tore in half, sending the bladed half barreling off the mountain and down to the city below. With just the handle in his hand he just glared down at the mighty sword, His face wrinkled with anger and his eyes lite up for a second. His fangs were shown through his now trembling lips, this was not fear in his face this was now pure hatred. His sword spoke to him cursing rapidly at him before he said this next sentence." You fool!!!!! were do get off letting him break your sword! Snap this Lycan's neck and lift his body to the sky as his body hangs from your mighty hands!"

Amatus was enraged by this act, he finally listens to his sword for once. Before he knew it though the Lycan reached for his throat but Amatus pushed his hand to the side only to be battered by multiple attacks each with the strength of several men. A strong kick was laid into his gut then a haymaker to his left cheeck bone causing im to spit of blood once more. Several other punches and kicks were landed all over his body because Amatus was not attempting any blocks, he was overcome with rage and hate. A final headbutt to his chest sent Amatus crashing through many pillars causing the roof to colapse onto its side. A strong wave of energy was unleashed by the weight of the roof as it crashed onto the mountain sending a strong uprising of dirt and earth off of the mountain. The roof then toppled off the mountain along with thousands of tons of earth and stone from the mountain's rock face. Amatus was laying just outside of the vicinity on top of the grass. His body felt like fire as his blood began to boil, all the pain he felt from the Lycan's attack left him only more bloodthirsty. He totally ignored the severe pain he was in,as blood was flowing from tears in his flesh.

Amatus was now lifting himself to his feet, his body hunched over but slowly lifted back into regular stance. His regal appearance and attitude was now finished he knew it was time to unleash the beast inside him. He began his transformation by ripping off his upperbody armor off and casting it off to the side. He pale sculpted body has now revealed, Amatus' long hair began to dance slightly as if being rustled by a slight gust. His pupils began to fade away into the white exterior, He began to breathe heavy and then it started. His eyes were consumed in a crimson color as his fangs grew longer along with his claws. His Hair danced skyward violently like he was in a tornado, he hunched over as his muscles grew tremendously atop one another. They popped and contorted under his skin like they were alive and moving. His face became more monsterous with his chin widening and engulfed in a evil look. He began to look like a devil as his ears grew and became pointed at the tips. His body became gigantic with muscle seeming too large for his body like a hulking demon. With a loud roar and a crash of thunder a strong forcefield was set off from his body creating a 20 foot crater beneath him. Amatus walked up the crater to the level grass and laughed maniacly as his inner beast let out a sentence in a half monsterous tone.

"I will tear your heart from your body and toss it to your Lycan king's feet". "Right before i slaughter your family,NO, your whole clan, you should know something before i kill you, i don't plan on killing you quickly now i want to savor my victory as i slowly rip off your limbs one by one".  He finished this line with another laugh before he bursted towards his opponent.

He charges forward tearing into the earth with his large feet. He lunged forward but attempts a dropkick to Dontess' chest, even if the attack failed he would handplant, rushinf forward the body and try to absorb the Lycan's head within his grasp. He would use the opponent's head as a hammer and smack it against the broken masonary several times before tossing him into the air. But if the grab failed he would lay into the Lycan an onslaught of fists before tossing the warrior into the sky. If the opponent was skybound we would launch himself into the sky and attempt a spiral powerbomb but if the opponent was to block it he would lay into him with several fists and attempt a bearhug and slam the foe head first into the Earth. He would lay into the foe with several more punches either if the opponents was grounded or on his feet. Nothing could have prepared the Lycan for the attack to come, He would attempt a face grab and grind it against the ground while he rushed forward towards the stairway and slide the opponents body down the stairs but deep into the rock before launching him into several buildings below. If the grab failed he would attempt several more punches and finish it off with a strong clothesline.

Either way the mighty vampire would Laugh again, his monsterous voice echoing the area as the rain began to slow down.

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Dontess Watched in amazement as Amatus rises to his feet. A combo like the one he did on Amatus would of killed any ordinary vampire but Amatus was different. He wonders whats going on as the pale worrior rips off his demonic upper armor. Dontess laughs at the skinny but sculpted torso of the bat. Dontess feels no brease and doesn't understand how Amatus' hair is moving. He stares at the vampire's pupils as they dissapear and the prince starts to breath heavy. Dontess steps back as the bat's eyes are engulfed in a blood red color. Amatus fangs doubled in size along with his claws. He watches in horror as the blood prince turned into a blood beast. Amatus was now bigger in muscle then Dontess was. And it seemed like Amatus would not stop growing. The pretty boy prince now had the face of a monster. Dontess had seen some pretty crazy stuff but not once had he ever seen a vampire transform into something like this. He had never seen a vampire transform at all. His eyes widen as he spoke these words...

"What the hell are you" Dontess said with surprised but worried look on his face.

After that was said he heard the monsterous roar of Amatus now transformed. A forcefield shoots out of Amatus and knocks Dontess back into a wall. The wall forms around the back of Dontess. As he digs himself out of the masonry, he hears Amatus' beastly voice utter these words...

"I will tear your heart from your body and toss it to your Lycan king's feet". "Right before i slaughter your family,NO, your whole clan, you should know something before i kill you, i don't plan on killing you quickly now i want to savor my victory as i slowly rip off your limbs one by one".  said the beast of Romania

Dontess for the first time in a long time had felt something other then hate.... fear. He shakes it off. The thought of being afraid sickened Dontess.  Amatus laughs like a crazy person then uses his insane speed to rush towards Dontess. He braces himself but he could never be prepared for the @ss whoopin he was about to receive. He is dropkicked in the chest. His mouth spewing blood, he looks up to see a monsterous hand trying to grab his face. He knocks it away but then is caught with a strong right hook. His jaw feels like it has been disslocated. Another fist comes and hits Dontess in the side of the face. His vision is blurred for a slight moment he gets it back to see a flurry of fists hit his stomach. The wieghted armor that was made to withstand about anything absorbs some of the impact but begins to crack. The punches rise form the stomach to the chest. Each punch feeling like a cannonball fired at close range. Dontess raises his arms, that have been dangling at his side the whole time, to try and block but before he lifts his hands up he is caught with a devastating uppercut. His head flies back. All he could do is realize that this is what Amatus felt like when he uppercutted him. With his head thrown back, his neck is exposed. Before he could pull his head forward he feels his neck being grabbed. He looks at the beast and says....

"I hate you with a blazing firey passion you ugly, demonic, over musculared mosquito...." Dontess says this half constricted

Dontess is tossed skyward. He is pummled somemore, each punch hitting harder then the last. Amatus stops punching for a second. Dontess tries to throw a couple punches of his own but it seemed that the punches did not phase the beast. He could not believe how much more powerful the foe had become. He attempts to grab Amatus and knee him in the chest but is hit in the face and lets go. The volley of fists come again and is followed by a bear hug. Dontess says this in the ear of Amatus....

"Hey buddy take it easy on the roids...."

Dontess is engulfed by Amatus and plummets back torwards the earth in a twister of pain. He closes his eyes and tries to prepare for impact. Slammed on his head, a crater is formed on impact. Dontess lies on his back just wondering what the hell just happened. He opens his eyes to see the monster standing over him with an evil grin on his face.

"Is... that... all?" Dontess clinches a fist and shakes it at Amatus.

Another fist hits Dontess right in the mouth. His fist still shaking but falls after a second hit is dealt to his chin. More fists fly towards Dontess' face, chest, and stomach. Each punch making Dontess sink even more into the earth. It was like Amatus was trying to burry Dontess with his fists. Dontess' head is grabbed by the beastly hand of Amatus. Amatus had Dontess by the chin and proceeded to slide his head into the earth as he charged towards the parthenons opening. Dirt and gravel are flung up as Dontess' head grinds against the earth. The combatants make their way towards the stairs. Dontess' head still grinding against the earth. They start to go down the stairs. Dontess' limp body is thrown forward over the stairs causing him to go airborne. He looks back at Amatus to see the the beast laughing manically. He looks forward and to see a wall closing in. He crashes through the wall only to be met by four more. Once he cleard the walls. The town could finally be seen. Dontess braces himself then crashes into the city hall's upper office. 

"I see that the warm up is over..."  Smirks Dontess

Dontess slowly gets up and begins to unbuckle his armor.

"Now i can start having fun."

Dontess finishes taking off his armor and jumps out of the hole made by him. He is now in the center of town. He jumps on to one of the buildings to figure out where Amatus was. He finds Amatus still at the top of the stairs. He grins then runs at full speed. He was not handicaped by the wieghted armor so he now possesed new top speed. He jumps from house to house furiously trying to get to the new full powered foe. He reaches the steps and makes his way up the steps. Snarling and glaring at Amatus as he closes the gap between them. 

"Alright Amatus here i Come!!!!" 

Dontess goes to throw a vicious haymaker to the stomach of Amatus. Since he was lower he would try to grab his opponent by the feet and spin him in a circle before letting him go airborne towards the town. Dontess would then jump and follow him down sending volley after volley of devestating attacks. Fists, knees, feet, elbows, eveything would be used. Ending it with a another grab using Amatus as a battering ram to crash through the town buldings. But if the grab failed Dontess would trip Amatus, jump on to, and ride him like a surf boared all the way down to the town below. Sending one furocious punch right after the other. Once they reach the bottom Dontess would then grab Amatus by the neck, and lift him up and then throw a round house kick right to the face of Amatus sending him crashing into the surrounding buildings.