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Setting: Oakland, California

Weather: Heavy rain

Time: Midnight

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There was a shade atop the highest building in the street.

The shade stood above an eagle statue. This was his hometown. He knew every part of the city. He had taken out all the gangs in Oakland. Rumors spread of new vigilantes in town. The only vigilante in this hood is Street Master. He isn't going to let anyone take control of his city.

  Street Master watched people below walking in the sidewalk.

They couldn't notice the caped character above, since it was so dark. Street Master bent down, and waited for the new guys in town. He could only mediatate now.

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T.J. was walking throught streets of oakland,they are barely lit by the street lights.It was raining heavly,T.J. stoped and pulled out his hand gun " You know it's a bad idea to sneak up on a guy like me." " I can hear your heart beating,your nervous." T.J. said into the darkness as he cocked his gun

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Street Master opened his eyes. Below, he could see a man equiped with a pistol. It looked like another member. He would be disposed of quick. Street Master rose, standing up straight. He examined the height of his location. It would be a simple one to master.

street Master pulled out his chain from his back. He coiled it up around his left wrist, where the barbs weren't piercing him. With a relaxed pose, he dove gracefully towards the ground. He was coming down twenty feet. When the moment came, he lunged his left arm forward, releasing the chain from his wrist. With his perfect eyes, he successfully wrapped the chain around a flagpole. His fall slowed in force. He pulled on the chain, uncoiling it from the pole. street Master quickly pulled out a staff, and slammed it against the wall. With the staff scraping the wall, he safely made it down.

 The man carrying the gun was right in front of Noel.

He didn't attempt to strike, but hesitated. He would wait until the man turned.

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"Why dont you make your move?" T.J. asked has he looked around,then he stopped. "You think your hiding up there ?"

as he sees a man on the roof of a building.

"I dont know what he can do,but i'am ready" T.J. thought to himself. "You anit gonna make your move ?" "Fine,i will !" T.J. shouted to the man has he fired seven shots.