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Gothic City - May 2013

If you can't love the one you want. His head rested comfortably on her petite shoulder, soothing melodies floating along a steady indoor breeze, but even calmness couldn't conceal inner intensity. It had been months since their last encounter started a chain reaction. A chain reaction that will only further complicate lives so grand.

Love the one you're with. A young man and his step-mother, sharing company as their mutual male love worked feverishly for their happiness. And in this eerie city where even conquerors fear entrance, sit two sinners unwilling to discuss apparent problems. Life wasn't fair and it's plain to see. "Clarice?" He shattered silence, wrapping his arms around her waist, hoping to rediscover the Clarice he once loved all those years ago. Noah honestly thought physicality would set her right, but his actions as of late are definitively wrong. "We need to talk about this." His love for her knows no bounds; it's why he tries his earnest to fix what's already broken.

Love the one you're with. One decade ago they were teenagers mad for one another. Today they are indifferent toward each other. "Noah, I've missed you. Y-you know I love you, but this was a mistake. I'm with your father. I love him", she said as tears slid down skin so fair. Miss Michelle is a self-portrait of deceitfulness, flawlessly tying lies and truths with the slightest of ease. It's a tactical maneuver she's mastered over the last ten years. An ability the yellow eyed romantic has fallen prey to since his return.

"You're a liar." Like a serpent his grip tightened around her waist as her wordings only gave him displeasure. He felt pathetic, useless, like a possession without meaning. Noah couldn't believe a word she uttered since her actions spoke differently. His face reddened with madness.

"I've prevented relationships, looked past your opportunistic ways, and all I ask is that you leave my father. Why can't you give up this fantasy of becoming a queen of conquerors? It'll never happen Clarice. My father would never allow it. You're his second wife, an accessory beneath his belt, you're--"

Concentration slips away cause your baby is so far away. Clarice Michelle pulled away. "Shut up!"

Noah jumped onto his feet. "You're not the victim here. Can't you see that? Dammit Clarice, I was gone for five years and the first thing you did was hop onto my father! What kind of shit is that? I came home to see the love of my life laying on my father's lap! That broke my heart. T-that made me wonder if t-this life was a life meant for me. That maybe my mother was right. All you want is money, fame, and self-indulgence. Tell me what you want from me!"

She punched his chest with all her might. Each angry thrust bruised his mortal flesh. His words didn't hold back. He tore through her facade like no one else could. "N-Noah I'm s-so sorry. All I've done is drive you insane. I can do better. I promise. I can do what I've never done before. I can tell you what I want and than we can be together again. Is that okay?" Fractured spirits edged closer toward one another, unique eyes locked onto one another, each perplexed by their current situation yet intrigued by thought of reuniting.

"If you want me as much as I want you than tell me what you want Clarice. Tell me so that I quench your thirst and fulfill your dreams. If it's the throne you seek than it'll be yours when the time is right. My father will understand. He will have to understand. Now tell me is that what you want?" Their hands clasped together as their hearts pumped in unison.

Together they swayed to the gentle melody. Eyes never wavering until the beauty spoke to her prince. "No your father will not understand. Can't you see what he's been doing since your return? Keeping you isolated, never visiting, telling the court of your supposed mental issues. All I've ever wanted was to be your wife, your queen, and I can do that with all the power I've gained in your absence. I want to be happy with you. I want to help shed your vision onto this fragile America. We can do what your family said could not be done, but in order for this to happen. In order for our dreams to come true...my love you must murder your father and forcefully take the throne. It's only than the ambivalence of your people will cease and a new regime can begin. That's what I want babe....that's all I ever wanted."

His love for her is a disease that cannot be undone. Like a fool he falls inward into a toxic love. "Anything for you candy pop, anything for you...." Noah pulled her inward, tears falling onto a floor so frigid, and even though her words felt far fetched he chose to accept the proposal.

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I like this. There's always something more under the surface with your characters.

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@kratesis: Thank you! I try my best to make sure they feel like people. I think I succeeded pre-CVnU with Clara....now I wanna do the same for both. #evolution of a writer.

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You are single-handedly my two most favorite people around here.

But don't tell anyone I said that. Sssshhh.

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