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Death of the Magi

Where will I go. What will I find in this place, and whom's warmth may calm me less it be cold and lonely. I have no faith. I swear to no gods. Is there only void left for a heretic, or is paradise unconditional. Sorcerers may claim they know and deities may claim they've been but there is no answer only mystery and terror. Am I scared? Is that what I feel creeping up my spine, or maybe I the cold handle of this gun gives me shivers. Yes it will be cold where I go.

A world of heroes and villains, disbelief and miracle. I wasn't meant for this i'm sure of this now. I realize now that because of my decision to sacrifice millions to save billions was useless when we all perish. Life is beautiful but death is eternal, even if death brings pain and suffering it brings the bliss of a young life's routine. Then again for all I know I'll end up in some ethereal kingdom where the trials of this world are mirrored and the horrors just as vivid. Whatever the case may be I'm ready for the endeavor, the action, the adventure.

The barrel of the pistol kisses the roof of my mouth and I close my eyes. I've never fired a gun, fitting that my first use of the tool would be to rid myself of the world in which it rests. I think one last time of the trials of this world's future and the shadow that is sure to cast itself over it's residents. I think one last time of my friends... I didn't have any friends. I feel like a teenager doing this, heaven is for children. No awareness would be just as okay I guess as long as I can leave this place. The trigger begins to move as I squeeze my finger. A smile invades my face and I wish for a better life. My eyes shut the hammer slides back. For the last second I sit there in my apartment for an eternity. Live on heroes, live on villains. *BANG*

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Sweeet. :D

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Bravo friendo bravo! Im mad though now cuz he died before I could rp with him >.<