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It is snow day, kids are building snowmen, lovers are holding hands and some homeless man is freezing under a page of old newspaper. Lo it is a beautiful sight to behold, Dennis is unarmed today and his new domino masks is skin tone with semi transparent properties. He looks like the average gentleman and dress appropriately to mold his lean athletic body. Breathing is normal and there are so many targets everywhere, the weapon in question being a snowball. A fist sized object compressed with childhood nostalgia and a pinch of mischief.

He saw a lady walking with her friends and in the spirit of snowball he chucked a ball of snow at her. Moving in moderate speeds, as he is also making sure that she would know that he is the challenger in this jovial battlefield. Waiting for a reaction, hit or miss it does not matter. Reciprocation comes in many ways, will it be a snowball to the face? will it be a shriek? who knows?

This is one for the memories.

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@Rumble Man: Three girls were out for a casual stroll on a snowy day.

Girl number one, or Kelly, said: "Oh my gosh, Cameron, you're such a slut."

Girl number two, Cameron, went: "Shut up, Kelly, it's not like I go there with every single guy I meet."

Girl number three, Mei a.k.a Bestie, chortled at the conversation then chimed in like: "Okay, how did we get from accessories to Cam Cam's sex life? I wasn't even done telling you guys about the--"


Girl number three took a snowball to the face. (Ouchies)


"Mei are you alright?" The other two asked.

"Oh... My.... GAWSH!!!" Heh, you should have seen Mei's face. She wasn't actually all that mad, though. After all, snowballs to the face are normal during snowy seasons pretty much everywhere that it snows in the world. So after wiping the icy slush off from her eyes she glowered at a group of kids on the street nearby, as if she knew they were the perpetrators.

"Wasn't us.. he did it," the kids all said innocently, pointing together at a man just further down the way.

"Ohhh.. so you wanna throw snowballs at unsuspecting people, do you?" Mei asked aloud. Without even waiting for a reply, she kept on talking, "alright then, Mister." With both hands, Bestie dug into the snow and quickly made a ball, then let it fly at the guy, softball pitching style. You should have seen her form, it was totally flawless.

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As he laughed he swallowed a mouthful of snow and choked for a few seconds, before coughing up a pile of slush. He grabs an icecream cone from a kid instead and throws it at her friends, a strawberry and a vanilla to hit their faces. Taking evasive action as the desert slips past his hands, a snowman becomes a hostage. Its round body providing shelter and a ammo.

"That was a good throw girlie" He stared at a kid in front of him and told her to scram "I have more snow in here than you do there"

Both hands had sunk into the layer below and three balls are held between his hands, firm and spherical. The perfect shape for facial impact, it was cold but it was also a bit heavy. Something that even older sixth graders can feel, four of these and a toddler might catch a common cold if they do not wear hats.

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@Rumble Man: Oh wow, score! Hehee, served him right!~*Splat - Splat - Gasp - Gasp*~ Oh.. that's not good."You stupid Jerk!"Mei's significantly-less-athletic friends had just been served a double 'shot' of ice cream (okay, maybe that was a bad pun..) and normally the idea of vanilla and strawberry to the face would sound nice but in this case.. no. So, with her friends defaced, what was Mei ever to do... ? Why get revenge, of course!

"You cheapo!" she yelled across the way.

Mr. Perpetrator went and hid behind a snowman.. that coward."That was a good throw girlie" He stared at a kid in front of him and told her to scram "I have more snow in here than you do there"

"You darn right it was a good throw; and my name's not 'girlie' it's Mei --as in Mei-be it wasn't a good idea to mess with me.. or my friends.. or that poor little girl either. You have a lot of nerve just coming up and---"

[OOC: I'm guessing he threw those?]

She was cut off by three bullets made of snow. Now, if she wanted to, she could have dodged them 'Matrix' style since she can power up like the characters from a certain anime, that we'll just call 'Bragon Dall Z', but she didn't because 'bullets made of snow' is just an exaggeration I used to make her look even cooler for being able to dodge them. Heh. Anyway, Mei dodged those and wheeled in the snow, digging in and making a couple of her own snow pellets before rolling back onto her feet in seamless motion before launching them at Mr. Perpetrator from an angle where she at least had a line of sight on him.

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Double shots of snowball followed by evasive roll are aimed at the other friend. The snow-casting fiend is satisfied that his efforts were not in vain. His face mirrors his intent as a grin marks his location for all, it seems that one of the girls is not unlike the others. Slightly more agile, and vastly more perceptive compared to her peers. She was the one who nailed him with the snowball and she was the one who called him out.

"Ain't no rules in a snow-fight dear"

The kid in front of him is an expendable human shield, she is small yet big enough to take a face full of cold slush. Pigtails are very convenient, the easier to grab and her size is also perfect.

"So Mei, have you ever tasted a full course meal of snow?"

The child did not make a good shield as he had initially hoped, two out of three shots landed on her belly but the third one struck his neck. Cleary this is the kind of fun that anybody would love.

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@Rumble Man: [OOC: It's okay. I believe you're already engaged in a 'practice fight' with him. Just kick his butt for me ^__^]

"Aaiiieee!!!" Girl One and Girl Two had no chance. After getting pegged, both scurried off to find cover behind a snow-covered bench;"get him, Mei!" Cameron cried.Mr. Perpetrator proved to be pretty sharp himself when he evaded Bestie's expertly executed snowball chucks, and cunning enough - no - devious enough - to use the little girl as a human shield! Ugh! The nerve! Luckily one of Mei's snow pellets still managed to tag him. Oh and the little kid was okay, too.

"Hey, no fair!" Bestie complained, rising to her feat and placing a hand on her hip.

"So Mei, have you ever tasted a full course meal of snow?"

"I believe it's my turn to serve you," Mei said, immediately smashing her fists into the snow and making a snowball as big as a bowling ball. It wasn't just thick - it was packed. Probably like twenty pounds or so,"using the little kid as a shield now? Do I have to get serious, Mister.. uh.. what's your name, by the way?"

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The little girl started to cry, to that avail he tossed her aside to the snowman where the structure went down. The girl landed safely yet she is shocked at his actions. Now he slid down to the nearest cover, which happens to be a mere park bench. It has wooden slats and gaps which he can see through. Yet any decent shot should be able to penetrate, he has two right now. One on each hand. Now his eyes focus towards the one who can actually respond, the one that stood out. Mei.

"Hey, no fair!" Bestie complained, rising to her feat and placing a hand on her hip.

"Tough luck girlie, now you might want to pick up a snowball yourself if you don't want to end up as an ice-tray"

"using the little kid as a shield now? Do I have to get serious, Mister.. uh.. what's your name, by the way?"

"Rome, Just call me Rome" after ending it on a notice he chucks two, one simply as a distraction and another one at her gut. Picking a bigger target to hit compared to her head, Trying to incite a reaction.

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@Rumble Man: Bestie tucked and rolled at an angle to dodge his first snowball, but it was total fake-out! She took a soft blow to the hip and shot him an annoyed glance once she regained her footing. Truth was, though, she was actually having fun. Taking a handful of snow in each of her hands, Mei blasted off like an olympic sprinter to close the distance between her and Rome, firing off her snowballs with deadly precision, one flying at his sternum and the other directed at his face. Immediately she dashed away, yelling, "Did I get ya?" as she ran up the slide of a large castle-like play structure where she took cover in one if its windowed 'towers'.

Meanwhile, Cam and Kelly washed the sticky ice cream off of their faces with some snow and watched on from behind their little bench.

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The one to the sternum is reduced as the slats acted as a makeshift shield, he was about to stood up and say neener neener yet as he flashed his head a stray snowball from her messed up his hair. It was cold, and he zipped off .Hands stretched down like a shovel as snow began to form around it. Getting a handfull while picking up bits of frozen grass along the way. Along the way he pushed a kid down to a snow angel as he stole her vanilla Ice cream, something to mix with the concoction. Sticky, savory and grassy all on one hand. Sprinting upwards to enter her castle. Expecting traps or sudden snow assaults.

"I got ya now Mei"