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(@darkknightdetective and @honor_girl and @pyrogram, get Cormac Ready! )

Crimson stood int he streets of Gothic city, Followed by his comrades, cormac, cara_hunter, and asher_michaelis. They were unsure where warsman and lady_liberty were, but they knew they'd be okay.

"Well, here it is. The warehouse this scum and his goons hide out in. They're tough, but not anything we can't handle. On the count of three, we get in there, and leave no scum standing."

Crimson, Sword in one hand, Sub-Machine gun int he other, crept towards the door.

"One....." The vigilantes readied themselves. "Two....." They drew their weapons, and got into a position to attack. "Three!" The doors to the warehouse crashed open, and, faster than anyone could realize, the vigilantes were in the warehouse, cutting through scum like paper.

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There mission was to destroy the scum of Gothic City.He along with other people that joined in on this quest to rid the world of evil would start at this warehouse.When the got to the warehouse the fearless leader of all of this told them to get ready for the massacre of the scum in this warehouse.Pulling out Asher favorite weapon an AMT Hardballer and clone of the Colt-1911 and made sure that he had plenty of ammo for it too.He finally got another blue overcoat since his last one was ripped,he loved the color blue a lot .He looked around and saw everyone else pulling their weapons out.When the Crimson said three all hell broke loose.

He always like fighting scum but now he had other people to join in on this fight.When the doors were open,the first thing that he saw was a man with some sort of machine gun to his side ,sitting on a large box filled with who knows what , maybe the gun had a AR-15 but that didn't matter right now.He aimed right at the mans chest and fire three into the mans chest and then find cover behind some boxes that were to the right side of him.

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Crimson gunned down wave upon wave of mobsters, before looking to Asher. "Go intangible, phase through anything that's in your way, and put a bullet int he boss! quick!" Crimson was shot many times in the chest, but looked down at the crushed bullets at his feet, and grinned. "I love this vest!" He charged full speed at the gunner, and with one clean slash, the goon was in two different pieces.

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A bullet whizzed past Crimson's head, temporarily deafening him, and disrupting his mask's vision "Damnit, where are you!?"

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@asher_michaelis: @crimson_vigilante:



And here....we..go!



Despite crashing the doors of the warehouse in unison Cara was the first one in, alright all I have to-


Cara shrieked in horror but her voice was drowned out by the sound of lead flying, blood was spilled and lives were ended as her associates began killing the wicked men almost instantly after entering.

Cara took shelter immediately in the cover of darkness giving off the illusion of getting consumed into the shadows and disappearing entirely almost as if she teleported away, "oh god" Cara whispered watching the vigilantes kill many men I don't want to be responsible for this massacre I didn't tears came out of her eyes she hadn't see this amount of carnage in a long time well not at least done by supposed fellow heroes.

I have to save as many lives as possible, Cara regained her wits wiping the tears away as she was hidden...before taking action we are having one serious talk after this is over

fueled by the adrenaline to save the lives of these men regardless of their actions Cara reached her peak speed creating after images and through a combination of stealth took down men in rapid succession with a minimum of one man ko'd per three seconds, Cara then heard the leader of her group

put a bullet in the boss! quick!"

Cara then shot a quick stern look at the captain of this large force he was located at the center of the room I'm taking you out before any more people get killed, Cara ran to one of the walls and preformed one of the famous fictional wall running techniques made possible thanks to her speed. The room was square shaped so she did not bother running in a square but rather up the wall and towards the center of the ceiling, mere moments passed by after Crimson gave the kill order and Cara landed directly on top of the boss smashing into his shoulders with the weight of her body which wasn't much.

Smoke pellets!, Cara with a slight of hands movement dropped several smoke pellets infront of herself to ruin the aim of the Bosses body guards as she lifted him above her shoulders and went back into blending in the darkness

"CALL THEM OFF!" Cara said with scary aggression while tossing the still conscious gang leader into a empty crate, before he could even get up she lifted the man by his throat and stared at him in the eyes striking fear into him "CALL THE OFF BEFORE MORE MEN DIE, DO IT NOW!" she started tightening her grip on the mans throat as time was running out and then the Boss nodded accepting Cara's command and she released his grip

"Here" Cara passed the boss a gadget "speak loud and clear in this device it'll allow you to be heard even through all this gun fire"

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@cara_hunter: Crimson, barely able to speak, tossed the device aside and choked out his message to Cara. "What are you doing!? If we don't kill these men, they'll kill many more! Each life we take here is saving the lives of potentially hundreds of civilians!" He lifted Cara off of him, and carried her to cover before setting her down. "You knew what we were getting into, you knew what would go down here. Now you can fight, or you can leave, but this man runs a gang that kills innocent men, rapes children, and kills them. You won't interfere."

Crimson looked sad as he barreled towards his dropped weapons. "Poor girl. Still hasn't seen the reality of it all." Crimson flew towards another criminal, and, is seconds, he and two more gun toating piles of scum were on the ground.

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@cara_hunter: @crimson_vigilante:

Asher was not a man to back down from a fight but this fight was getting bloodier and bloodier by the second.He was going to phase though some stuff and kill the boss .He stand behind the boxes while this is going to down.The smoke and the confusion of the fire fight is exactly what he needs to finish the job and maybe not kill the boss if he feels like it.

He got up and moving though the boxes like a ghost coming to clean housing.When he started to move out of the boxes he continued to phase though the smoke and bullets coming at him.Take shots at the two other gunmen shooting one with one bullet and the other one with two , ejecting the clip from the pistol and put the pistol back to holster .Seeing that the smoke and the fire fight continuing he started to move to away from the fight towards the walls of the warehouse moving though a pile of wooden boxes.Pulling out his pistol and putting in a new clip in the gun and start to move along the boxes and looking for the boss.

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Lights off

The wall exploded and the caped crusader entered through the hole that it left

His cold voice spoke in a terrifying tone that was heard all over the darkness

"You're wrong, you don't save anyone by killing them.".

Then, he disappeared, it looked as if he had teleported away but in fact that was his super-speed in action. He moves so fast that it is difficult for most meta-humans to see him attack.

Dark Vengeance appeared where Cara was crouching "I saw what you did, you need to get these men to safety. After you do that, you can help me deal with them". That's when he threw a flash bang aiming at crimson vigilante, and jumped over the boxes throwing four Vs at him. One of them was flying towards his thigh, one two for his ribs, and the last one for his elbow.

After this tactically calculated attack he runs at him and performs the unknown razor talon kick which he learned from Amaranth during his early years. The kick consisted of his entire downward body going first but one foot (in this case the left one) kicked and the right kick stayed down in the air. While his upper body stayed a eight centimeters above the right kick.

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@darkknightdetective: "Ngh!" The items hit Crimson, and knocked him flat. "Goddamnit! Where are these people coming from!?" He clicked his mask to night vision, just in time to see a fist coming at his face at frightening speeds. Pain shot through his head and neck, but he righted himself, and saw the bat.

"Damnit Vengance!" He said, snapping the neck of a gang member about to attack him. "We both know what happens if these men live! We both know what happens to the CHILDREN!" Crimson dropped the clip from his gun, and put a new one in. Tranquilizers. He shot at Dark Vengance's weak points, and began to shoot the gang members, switching to thermal vision on his mask. He wiped the blood from his face, reset his nose, and projected a krypton light from his mask, blinding and confusing everybody in the room, but the wearer.

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Ever since she returned to Gothic City a week ago and after the little incident with Pyrogram, Nicole ended up having an unlikely team up with DarkKnightDetective. She had never liked him the past, he was so bossy... and mean... and just so serious, totally not Nicole's style. But the way the city has been consumed by chaos and darkness, it formed this new dynamic duo. But ugh, he was so bossy! 'Cover me from a distance', 'Stay in the shadows', 'Don't get crumbs on my cape.' sheesh! Like seriously? Could he be any more of a killjoy? But that wasn't the point, the problem going inside of Gothic was bigger than the both of them, and she had to put her issues with him to the side. When they weren't bickering, they were actually a pretty decent team.

But right now they had just heard on the police scan about a shootout going on in a warehouse not too far from where they were. They didn't even have to speak, she knew where they were going. The two moved quickly through the city until they found the location. The dark building was lit up with gunfire as the two watched from the safety of a building just next door. "Crap... what's going on in there?" Nicole whispered as she slowly pulled out her bow, holding it tightly in her hand.

"Stay here and cover me." Was all he said as he leap off the building.

"Oh yeah, sure, no problem, while you get to go have all the fun I'll just say here and be a good little sniper archer." She mumbled to herself, rolling her eyes as she pulled a arrow from her quiver, taking aim and making sure DarkKnightDetective was in her sight at all times.

The wall blew in and DKD went into action, Nicole followed closely, her eyes sharp as she took in slow deep breaths, making sure not to make any sudden movements that would alter her aiming. But she saw a familiar face in the chaos. "Batgirl?" she whispered, slightly confused as quicly focused back on DKD, watching as he rush up to one of men, his kick landing perfectly. Was he the main man?

Just then, it was almost like slow motion, she watched as that same man drop his clip from his gun and Nicole new she was going to need more arrows. Quickly grasping four more she took a deep breath, holding it for just a split second as she let the arrows fly. They whistled through the air as they hit five of the gang members one by one along the top portion of their body. As soon as impact was made, ice burst forth, covering their entire upper torso. Nicole didn't know if they were tranquilizers or bullets, she just knew she couldn't allow those men to die. The ice, though not completely bullet proof, stopped the tranquilizers, cracking the ice that shield them.

Letting out a sigh of relief she watched from the safety of her distance that the man's mask began to glow. "Walking glow stick man?" She quickly pulled another arrow, this time a putty arrow was in hand. Quickly taking aim at the man with the glowing mask. The weapon flew true as it went aiming for the man's head. Hoping to cover the glowing mask with so much goop that whatever was going on, would give DKD enough time to attack.

Looking a bit more around, she saw a faceless man in the area, didn't look like a goon, she could try to take him out while she could. Without hesitation she grasped a taser arrow, taking aim and letting it fly, it aiming to his upper torso of his body, hoping to temporarily stun him.

"I expected more of them..." Nicole whispered to herself, she couldn't spot anyone else in the building at that instant, but that didn't mean they weren't lingering in the shadows. "Watch yourself boss man, I can't see everything from this angle."

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@honor_girl: The putty arrow flew towards the flashing light, but the aim was off. Everything had an after image. Every second the room turned from dark to bright about 3 times. Everybody was confused. Crimson was the only one who cold see. He saw the arrow land near him, and ducked for cover. Helpless, the gang members were easy targets. But he soon saw another light. Fire. The pyrokinetic crime boss illuminated himself and the area around him, and laughed maniacally as he started to burn the warehouse. "SH***********T!!!" Crimson turned off the krypton light, and barreled towards the boss. "You can't stop this! If I die, all of you're little friends die too! *maniacal laughing*" "No!"

Crimson shot like a bullet towars the boss, sword drawn, not content to tranquilize him. "What you've done! Unforgivable! Those innocent men! The children!" Barely able to speak, the boss choked too him, "I'll kill you, and you're comrades! I'll dance on your burning corpses!" The boss spat in his face, before turning the flames to him. "Gaaaaah!" Crimson said, the intense heat burning him. "I...... I'll kill you!"Crimson shielded himself with his sword, before lunging towards the boss, sword aimed for his chest.

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@asher_michaelis: @darkknightdetective: @crimson_vigilante: @honor_girl:

get these men to safety. After you do that, you can help me deal with them

Vengeance's words were stuck in Cara's head and it was the only thing she focus on, there was a second exit in the warehouse but as the lights were off Cara had to activate her night vision to see again.

"AHHH" Cara yelped once as Crimson's Krypton flashlight blinded her, Cara began stumbling back unable to see but still capable of hearing

"COME ON LETS GET OUT OF HERE!" she heard one gang member shout despite the continuation of gun fire, Cara concentrated and focused with every ounce of will power to detect where they were heading.

gotcha, even though she was blind Cara managed to hear where they were headed and then the exit doors flung open. Cara began running at their direction even though she was blind promptly bullets began to pound against her suit fortunately the symbiote was easily capable of withstanding their projectiles.

Like a deranged game of Marko-Polo she would let them shoot at her compromising her vulnerable face just to detect there locations, one by one she began to pound away against thugs with powerful fist strikes until....


Cara heard several cars activate and she began running towards the nearest one, "OOOG!" a sound came out of her mouth as she was struck by a car can't let them get away Cara pressed a button on her utility belt which released a localized EMP that only effected the cars in the alley way that attempted to escape.

Cara rolled out of the hood of the car and landed on the ground, she pulled out a gas mask with one hand and a black cylinder in the other pulling out the pin which was on its top

"SHOOT HER IN THE FACE" Cara's vision returned and she saw a barrel of a shotgun pointing at her head oh s!%@,s!%@,s!%@ she let go of the pin and moved her head feeling the blast of the shotgun miss her head barely, gas began to emit from the canister Cara dropped a lot and said gas was knock out gas.

Cara began to run back into the ware house there's not much left alive and those guys can't get away on foot with my knock out gas blocking their path , "I...... I'll kill you!"

Cara heard his shout and replied with her own "CRIMSON NO!" using all the speed she could muster Cara threw herself in between the vigilante and villain closing her eyes Heroes don't kill that was her last thought before she felt the burning sensation of her back and symbiote getting burnt by the intense heat of the Mafia Boss unlike Crimson her suit did not have a Vibranium mesh and thus Fludy's protection was flash fried allowing the propulsion of the villains fire attack to plunge her abdomen into Crimson's sword.

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A blur in the night, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, closed in on the caped vigilante. He kept as stealthy as he could in jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers. He doubted that he could do anything to keep away from her highly trained senses. But he had to try.

While any typical hunter would mistake him for a simple human, Warsman abused this assumption and closed the distance between them - something akin to thirty or forty feet - with a single flying jump. He landed next to her, lifting his full height like a monolith. His baby blues gaze down at her, curious as to what her intentions were this evening.

"Why are you fighting us?" he inquired, his fists firmly locked at his flanks.

"We want the same thing. Why go to this extreme to prove that your method is right when the end result is not changed between either of us?"

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@cara_hunter: "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Crimson cried, as his blade pierced Cara. The crime boss, now skewered, laghed maniacally. "Aww, look what happens when a little slut plays with fire! Hahaha! I'm going t-ACK!"

Crimson slammed his fist down onto the man's throat, resulting in him coughing up alot of blood, and choking on his own throat. "Oh, god! No!" Crimson removed his blade from Cara, and carried her to cover, shielding her from gunfire. He took a round in the arm, and another in his leg, but he kept running, until he stumbled over some boxes. There, he felt for the wound, and opened his medical kit. He dressed the wound as best he could, and injected her with a syringe near the bandage.

"If you can hear me, this is adrenaline. You need to wait here, until it's safe." Crimson's mind flashed back six years, to the day he was telling his daughter the same thing. "It's going to be okay. You just stay in your room, no matter what, until daddy says to come out. Okay?" "Okay! I'll be riiiight here!" "Good girl. Daddy loves you. Wait! No! Gah!" "Ahhhh! Daddy!" "NO!!!" .........

When Crimson's min snapped back to reality, he realized he was on the ground, with multiple bullet wounds. e crawled out of the warehouse, and used what was left of his medical kit to improvise bandages. He staggered intot he street, but saw a familiar face, on the rooftop.

"warsman! Get down here! Sh*t's gettin' bad!"

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Dark Vengeance dodged the fired tranquilizer clips by carefully performing a back flip to then instantly cover himself from the white blinding light with his dark cape while his ear were left ringing. Speaking through a communicator to Honor Girl he said

"Got it, try to find a different angle and be careful.".

Above being a brat at times, she was skilled. Probably one of the best marksmen he has ever encountered, she will probably become a trusted ally sooner than she thinks.

Then the pyrokinetic boss began to burn everything to hell. "Honor girl, you know what to do". That was her signal for shooting as many fire extinguisher arrows as she could.

But then for the first time in a long time, his heart of grew sick. Batgirl had just taken severe damage which could possibly cause her death. He saw how Crimson had just killed the crime boss.. Even after what just happened he didn't get it did he? This is what happens when you go in a massacre everyone, you will eventually hurt someone you shouldn't. He then witnessed how he grabbed her and took her someplace else, right after Crimson began to hallucinate he pushed him out of the way.

Idiot, she's bleeding out. The adrenaline was the only smart thing that he did tonight. He took the bandages out and released small, flat pad which expanded and heated up and placed it in the stab wound. It hurt like hell, but it would stop the bleeding for now, the he placed the bandages back again. "Try not to move.".

Dark Vengeance ran outside and performed a jump spin hook aiming at the back of his which was fairly basic but effective, then he attempted a more unknown move known as the hammer lotus strike for his jaw, and finally he used his classic backwards dragon punch going for his left upper ribs.

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The giant looked from Honor Girl to the commotion in the streets. Crimson staggered out from the warehouse, covered in blood. Warsman narrowed his eyes carefully.

"Boss man," he muttered before returning his focus towards the respectable young lady in front of him.

"We'll continue this later. For now, consider us neutral to each other. I trust you to cooperate. Otherwise, this war will end before it begins,"

@crimson_vigilante, @darkknightdetective:

Warsman stepped between them, shielding his fearless leader from the vengeful blows of the veteran vigilante. His hands, admittedly, were sore after absorbing the impacts of the vicious attacks, but never once did he attempt to counter or step into an attack of his own.

"This battle is over. Those who have defiled the name of justice are dead. We should focus on getting the children to safety and the wounded to hospitals for interrogation later instead of beating each other to a bloody pulp."

In reference to how serious he was for this fight to end, Warsman calmly walked over to a nearby fire hydrant and tore it out of the ground, bending the resulting pipe until it pointed at the burning warehouse with the force of a torrential downpour.

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@darkknightdetective: Crimson, dazed and confused (tellin' all of your lies XD Led Zeppelin reference) was knocked over once again. He righted himself, and found himself face to face with the bat.

"Damnit! This whole operation's gone to hell because of you! Cara's hurt, and bad!" Crimson took a shotgun from his back, and fired at Dark Vengance with rubber bullets. "Don't want to kill you, but who knows who died in there after the lights went out! Cara could be dead now, Asher could be dead now, who knows! Nobody! This is what happens when we fight over fights! People die! Good people! All because you can't stand that you're addicted to fighting scum, so you let them run free!"

Crimson threw his shotgun to the ground, and dodged a kick. "You caught me by surprise before, but this time I'm ready!" Crimson ran at Vengeance, and missed a punch to his face. Crimson, off balance, was thrown into the alley outside the warehouse. He saw a familiar face looking down at him, and saw a needle travel to his arm. "......Brother?" The man tossed the empty syringe aside before running away. Crimson's half-brother had somehow found him, and stuck a needle full of god knows what into his arm. Crimson ran at Vengeance, but stopped.

In Vengeance's face, he saw only the face of the man who killed his daughter. In a fit of rage, he charged, only to stop himself, sending him skittering across the pavement. "No!!! The drug!!!" Crimson threw all of his weapons to the feet of a confused Dark Vengeance.

"Don't let me! GAAAAAAAH!!!" Crimson removed his gloves, mask, and elbow pads and tossed them aside as well. "Drug.... fury..... paAAAAAAAAAAAAIIINNN!!!!" He slammed his head against the pavement, leaving blood on the ground.

"The drug! It makes me crazy! All I feel is HAAAAAAAAATE!!! Don't let me kill any innoCEEEEENTS!!! GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Crimson dragged himself as close to Dark Vengeance as he could, and looked up. "Kill me if you HAAAAAAAAAVE TOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

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Asher was here to kill the big bad boss here but now there is more things to worry about.Two new problems showed up and now other things are happening but this fight was slowly turning into a problem that was not his anymore. He heard screams of pain and sadness though out the fight and now this was just sad in a lot of ways and he made a decisions that would haunt him for a while.

He got up from his spot behind the wooden boxes and dust off his blue jacket.He check his old watch which always says 12:00 and started to phase out of the warehouse wall's to leave the fight in the warehouse.

"These people were said that they were try to do some good here but I guess I was wrong about that now."

He phased though the walls of the warehouse and left the battlefield.

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Warsman was half right, they needed to take care of the injured. "Honor Girl, get Batgirl on the car and say the destination that I told you earlier in case things went wrong tonight and follow the directions that I gave you to the note. ". He was also half wrong, the battle was far from over, Crimson still needed to pay for the lives he took tonight wheter he approved or not.

Dark Vengeance just moved out of the way when Crimson Vigilante tried to carelessly shoot him with the rubber bullets. "I'm taking him to prison". He said as he turned his attention to Warsman. "He has to pay for this". The Gothic Knight simply ignored Crimson's attempt to hit him, he knew he was going to miss.

Now the mad man is at his legs begging to be put out of his misery for some apparent reason, without hesitation he used a small vial which carried potent tranquilizers and injected him with it. Now rephrasing what he said before "He needs psychiatric assistance and a doctor. This man is clearly not well. If you are as smart as you act you'll let me go". He then handcuffed him and picked him up, then he began walking away.

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"So that's it, then?" Warsman said, cutting off the detective with his bulk. He glared down at the bat. "The men Crimson killed were already murderers in their own right, correct? If given the chance they would kill again and continue the cycle of hatred permeating this city,"

The massive Russian did not want to start any further unnecessary fights, but he certainly had the means to back up his words. His hands were clenched into fists at his hips, indicating the Quick Draw Pistol style.

"I can understand your frustration, however. You wanted information. These people could have easily been part of a larger scheme. There could be someone on a national level manipulating these prostitution rings and raking in the cash. I am not denying that,"

Warsman prepared for the worst.

"But this is about sending a message: come to this city, come to this part of the world, and you die - horribly. It's not a simple matter of stuffing someone in jail and forgetting about them. They are still a threat. They are still a menace to society that could get out early on account of good behavior. Then it's back to selling women and children like meat and killing men by the dozens. Let my friend down. He has just as much to go to war about as you do. A soldier has no right to tell another soldier how to die. As long as they die fighting, they lived a life worthy of remembering."

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The blade with ease pierced Cara's abdomen just an inch above the belly button slitting her appendix and cecum it then continued to penetrate all the way through creating even more damage as it went further and exited out her body snipping a chunk of Fluddy's body an alien parasite that was attached to her spinal cord.

Cara was temporarily out of breath and shocked she had third degree burns in the exact center of her back which was the point of impact that the mafia boss shot her at mean while the rest of her back was covered in second degree burns, Cara could have possibly still been capable of fighting if she didn't get propelled into Crimson's blade.

The force of the sword impacting and piercing her body so suddenly caused her body to involuntarily retch out excess blood that jumped from the stomach up to her throat she aimed said blood away from Crimson with what bodily control she had left, Cara's vision began to go black furthermore she had the hardest of times of even forming simple thoughts.

I never thought I would die of friendly fire she finally thought as she felt her body being moved from its previous distressing position, Cara felt four things after this the first of which was the warm blood that rapidly flowed out of her mouth like a broken faucet, the second sensation was the expanding numbness in her as Fludy became paralyzed due to getting a quarter of its body ripped away, the third were her tears not from her pain but Fludy's pain as their psych link was fractured as Fludy and Cara were practically one being however Fludy's wounds were equal if not eve ngreater than Cara's and unlike Cara the alien parasite did not have the type of pain resistance the female vigilante had.

The last sensation?


a white image filled with splattered blood was all that Cara could see in her eyes maybe a product of her mind or even damage to her eyes which remained open but motionless , she felt what senses she had left and even managed to hear a few incomprehendable words as she breathed at a steady pace she wasn't giving up on surviving but at the same time she didn't try anything drastic.

Cara's right hand twitched every few moments but slowed down steadily in unison with her breathing.

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Nicole cursed silently to herself as she watched her arrow miss, rarely did she miss a target due to her own lack of skill. All she could do was try and move forward from what had just happened and to give Dark Vengeance the cover he needed. But everything was become one big mess and fast! But before she could respond, she felt a figure loom behind her. Gasping she turned around to see a rather large man standing behind her, dressed in casual jeans and hoodie that covered his head.

"Why are you fighting us?" Her eyes looked at his fists, balled up so tightly that she could see the white of his knuckles. "We want the same thing. Why go to this extreme to prove that your method is right when the end result is not changed between either of us?"

Nicole didn't know what to say, I mean... she knew what she wanted to say, she just couldn't get the words out fast enough. "No, we don't want the same thing. You want to take the law into your own hands, you want to be the judge, jury and executioner. I want to bring these men to justice, let the Gothic City justice system take care of them, because what kind of hero would I be if I sunk to their level, what kind of hero would i really be?"

But it was as if her words fell on deaf ears, he quickly turned to the chaos below the two of them.

"We'll continue this later. For now, consider us neutral to each other. I trust you to cooperate. Otherwise, this war will end before it begins,"

"...or not..." she huffed out as she heard Vengeance speak, only to realize that the building was now ablaze! "Holy crap! When did this happen!?" She blurted out as she quickly grasped all her freezing arrows.

"Honor girl, you know what to do."

"Yes sir!" Without hesitation she began letting her arrows fly, explosion of ice erupted on the fire but didn't completely tame it, only calmed it a bit so Dark Vengeance could maneuver more easily.

She watched as he moved close to Batgirl and then she realized, she was hurt! "Batgirl!" Her heart began beating forcefully in her chest with anxiety as she watched everything go down. 'Damn it I should have been down there!' she wanted to scream as his voice came up again.

"Honor Girl, get Batgirl on the car and say the destination that I told you earlier in case things went wrong tonight and follow the directions that I gave you to the note. "

"I should be down there helping you!" He didn't respond, but she knew it was because they both knew he was right. Batgirl needed to get out and needed medical help, fast. Without hesitation she pressed a button on her wrist, signaling for her Honor Bike.

Pulling out a line arrow she let it fly downward towards the war before using her arrow as a hook to zip-line down to them. Her cape flapped behind her as she landed on the ground, skidding a bit until she stopped and made her way to Batgirl. "BATGIRL!" she yelled out in a panic, oh man she looked bad like... really really bad like deathly bad. "Come on girl, don't you dare die on me now." She whispered as she picked her up from the ground with a slight grunt, her suit helping her as she quickly maneuvered her way to the small fire and bodies laying on the ground. Her eyes glanced over at the men responsible for this and then over at Dark Divergences before making her way out of the building.

Almost on cue her motorcycle pulled up to the opening. While it was no car, her bike was much faster and would get them to their destination in record timing. Being as careful as she could she placed her masked friend on the bike before getting on, making sure she was secure as she revved up the engine. "Honor Bike, to location H-34" Her voice cracked a bit as she tried to remain calm. It took off like a bullet, tires screeching as it raced off into the night. The bike weaved through traffic with no difficulty. But the entire time Nicole could feel the weak breathing of Cara as blood stained her yellow painted bike. "Just a little further Cara, you'll be fine, I promise." She softly spoke as they pulled off road that lead to a large tunnel. A few more minutes they pulled into what seemed to be a series of underground tunnels. Nothing but the echo of her engine was heard as the wind pushed against her face until they pulled up into a large opening. The HQ of Dark Vengeance. Known by few and seen by even fewer. Pulling up to a final stop Nicole leap off the bike, gently grasping Cara into her arms she picked her up and carried off to the medical ward section of the area until she stood in front of a tube like structure. Taking a shaky breath she pressed a button with her leg as it opened it, slowly sliding Batgirl into it as she placed a breathing mask and a couple of IV's in place before shutting the tube. It beginning to slowly fill with a cool green healing liquid that would hopefully work on her.

Letting out a heavy sigh of relief she took a step back, leaning against the wall. But then her eyes began looking down at her hands and suit, stained with the blood of her hands. She was so frustrated, those idiots... they could have killed her! "Boss, Batgirl is safe, I'll be back in a couple of minutes." She began walking off towards her bike, she was going to make those vigilantes pay.

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"After all of this you still don't get it do you? Batgirl might be dead because of him, because he chose to use lethal force".

He says as he puts Crimson down knowing how this was going to go.

"When you choose that path not only you will get hurt, but everyone around you. Inevitably you will become one of them. Killing is easy, I could have killed both of you in the blink of an eye, but we need restraint. Without that we are simply animals. "

"I don't want people to come to Gothic city and be afraid. I want to make it a safe place where people can live a happy life, where people won't need three locks for their doors. I believe in Gothic city and that one day I will rid it from the evil of the world." He paused for a second and said "But I know you can't see it as I do. I've had this conversation too many times already and your kind never accepts it."

Dark Vengeance throws a smoke pellet on the ground and disappears. First he throws two Vs from the darkness which will be aiming at his left shoulder and hip only to distract him for his next move, with a combination of stealth and speed he would attempt a sweeping dragon feint coming from behind towards the side of his knee which could break it if it connected and do a stoned jaguar uppercut which would also fracture his jaw.

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Anger welled up inside of the Russian, but he did not lash out just yet.

"I am sorry," he began, his knuckles turning white. "I cannot allow criminals to get away with a slap on the wrist and some jail time. The system is flawed. Evil must be destroyed, not locked away because eventually it will find a way out,"

The smoke clouded his vision. He still assumed the Hitman stance and began swinging his left arm like a pendulum. The rhythm helped him focus, the steady 'tick tock' motion allowed him to see past the optical handicap. He could hear them coming - blades whistling in the wind. Two flicker jabs, each one cracking like a whip, knocked the projectiles out of the air, surgically striking the broad side of their manufacturing in order to minimize substantial damage so early in the conflict.

Following the shuriken, the detective moved to a sweeping leg kick modeled after the more agile fighters in the world arena. Warsman had fought against this kind of distracting blow before. He often found that simply standing against it like a tree trunk broke the legs of those attempting it. But, he knew that the man in front of him did not possess such physical limitations. Instead of dodging or backing away, Warsman took the kick and followed the muscular movements of the detective indicating an uppercut. Such a retreat would provide him with the necessary momentum and range for the rising punch to take maximum effect. Instead, Warsman closed the distance - depriving the knight of this advantage. Instead of his chin, the uppercut landed against his shoulder. Even with the power behind it halved and the full force reduced to a mere jab, the strength behind it could not be denied. Still, Warsman had better things to do tonight than to lose a street fight.

He could not rely on the temporarily stunned muscles in his legs or left arm to provide him with an advantage over the detective at this point in the brawl. Instead, he used his size and weight to shift into a wrecking ball style of acceleration. As he descended with the chopping right, he added his own unique brand of violence to draw out his monstrous strength. The simple punch faded away into a dangerous hook - an artillery gun having just gone off!

"I do not want this fight to continue. The enemy is destroyed. I apologize for my friends' reckless behavior, but this never would have happened if we had just cooperated from the beginning. How difficult is it to kill a criminal? It is easy once they cease to be human and instead become monsters, monsters that we have seen tonight. These children might never be the same again after what that man did to them. But at least they can sleep peacefully knowing that he's dead."

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Fast paced heartbeat, clenched fists, and a high yet calm tone. He's angry, good let's keep him that way, anger blinds the judgement of the best fighters in the world.

"I highly doubt that anybody except a psychopath can get any sleep after watching over a dozen men slaughtered ". He spoke from personal years of experience, night after night tormented with the curse of surviving a traumatic night. One day is all it takes to turn someone from a decent human being to what he is today.

In a calculated back flip the detective barely dodged the Russian's clear feat of superior strength, in order to successfully defeat him he knew he couldn't stay close or far for an extended amount of time and in the event of that happening he needed to avoid getting tagged as much as he could and going for every opening that he could find like while performing the back flip throwing with uncanny speeds multiple Vs aiming for several pressure points.

Perfectly landing four feet away he attempted to throw a small gas pellet which had a small gas pellet aiming for his face, hopefully he would inhale it and the battle would end there but he highly doubts it. It is never that easy for him, there are always complications in every complicated situation, hopefully the bomb will at least annoy him a bit and give him an opening.

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"This fight is pointless," Warsman continued, lifting his fist out of the pavement. He knelt there, quiet in his thoughts.

Suddenly utilizing the Hitman stance, Warsman knocked the incoming throwing stars to the ground with a series of quick flicker jabs. The pattern remained reminiscent of the first few seconds of their fight. Perhaps the detective wanted to establish a familiarity so that he could shatter it later? Warsman did not concern himself with such worry. He kept defensive, not making a move towards the dark knight.

"I respect you as a person and as a fighter,"

Stepping out of his comfort zone of boxing for a split second, Warsman slipped into the Violence style. The free-roaming movements of such an unorthodox stance allowed him to bend backwards and hit the gas pellet across the street with a full hook instead of finding it beyond his hitting range. He came back to a casual standing position just as quickly as he had left it.

"I can even understand your views on this war. Crime is a beast that neither of us can extinguish alone. While you make Gothic City a haven, there will be pain on the outside of its borders. While we offer to destroy crime, there will be a void filled by the innocents we sought to protect. Perhaps they will even call us the criminals after a while," he added with a slight hint of melancholy. He recognized the weakness of his argument.

"But I will not abandon this crusade, just as you refuse to,"

Water from the broken hydrant soaked his jeans and hoodie. Knowing this would give the detective a means of tracking him down even as he parted ways, Warsman discarded them in favor of his waterproof suit and cowl concealed underneath it.

"There is a fundamental truth that every human being has the right to defend life, liberty, and property. I will not pretend to know the proper method of achieving those rights when they are placed in danger, but I have been soaked in blood since birth. I have no right to teach anyone. Therefore, I can only fight,"

Walking over to @crimson_vigilante's unconscious body, he picked him up over his shoulder. He would say one more thing before leaping away into the darkness:

"The next time we meet, do not rely so heavily on your gadgets. I would like to fight you hand to hand."

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It was only a matter of minutes before Nicole was back in the battlefield. With Batgirl safe and slowly healing back in the HQ, the young hero could focus in helping Darkknightdetective. Her motorcycle's engine roared as she pulled up to the partially burnt down warehouse. Almost jumping off her bike from the adrenaline rush she quickly maneuvered her way into the area until she spotted Boss man and that one guy in the hoodie! But by the time she got there, it seemed the fight was already over. The man was talking to the fellow hero as he walked over to his own boss, picking him up and carrying him over his shoulder.

"Boss!" Honor Girl shouted as she quickly drew her bow and arrow, standing a few feet away from the two groups and even though the large man spoke of currently being in neutral parties, she couldn't be too careful. Sirens could finally be heard from the distance, it seemed the fire department was finally responding to the fire that had broke out minutes ago. "What are we going to do?" she questioned not just about the group standing before them, but about the mobster goons who were still alive and unconscious as well as the quickly incoming help.

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"We'll deal with them later".

Dark Vengeance said as he pointed his gauntlet towards the mysterious hooded men and attempted to fire a microscopic tracer the side of Crimson's boot to follow their trail later. But something else had caught his attention after he had placed the crimson killer on the ground to fight Warsman, he was just getting a feel of his fighting style for future reference so it wasn't "pointless" as he called it. Besides he couldn't save Crimson from bleeding out and doing what he was about to do at the same time.

"Before I knocked out the leader, he talked about a drug. At first I thought he was hallucinating but then I saw a needle mark in his arm. We need to find leads, this might be bigger than just some lunatics playing renegade vigilantes. He began talking about the drug when he passed out on the alley so he was probably injected there".

As he sirens got closer he simply walked towards the alley as if they were not even there, there he saw an almost empty vial on the ground. Not the normal kind usually found at the hospitals but the more precise that is usually used for experiments. He found a print on the vial but nothing showed up in any database of anything, he then placed the needle in a bag for further examination.

"Meet me at my headquarters in twelve hours, you did good today. Get some rest".