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Lady Deadlock slid her finger across the mantle place. She lifted it and examined the brown grime, noting the house could use a good dusting. Wiping her finger on her pants she turned around and took in her surroundings. The room wasn't amazing. Just a book shelf by the back wall, a maroon chair facing the fireplace by which she stood now and a table with assorted alcohol near the door. The walls were also a deep burgundy colour. The room lacked windows, but made up for the loss of potential light by housing a grand fireplace. The mantle seemed to take up an entire wall by itself. An intricate design had been carved into the marble, which looked like, at one point, had been well looked after. Now the whole room seemed to be meant to collect dust. There was a small click as the doorknob turned. Deadlock watched as the door opened and a small round man entered the room. Without so much as a glance in her direction he man took a seat in the maroon chair and wiped his forehead with a handkerchief. She waited patiently for the fat man to finish collecting himself and speak.
"So you...you do stuff for money, right?" The man leaned forward in his seat and looked around quickly, with his beady little eyes, "I-I-I mean like killing people and stuff."
Deadlock really had no interest in this man and his money. She just wanted something to do, so she nodded and the man continued.
"You can kill anyone....right?" He held up a picture of a man in his mid twenties with brown hair and bright green eyes. The man in the picture was smiling and giving a thumbs up to whoever the photographer was. The picture wiggled in the fat man's shivering fingers and he pushed it back into his pocket. "You kill him and I'll give you so much money you can buy your own island. No. No. You're own damn country!"
The man took a deep breath and wiped his face again. Silence filled the room as Deadlock watched the sweat poor down the man's plump cheeks and his face go through several different shades of red. Obviously he'd never had someone killed before.
"Why should I kill his boy?" Her tone was bored and distant. The man looked taken aback. He'd offered her loads of money. What else was there?
"I'll give you more money than the Premier has in his piggy bank! That's why."
"That's not a good enough reason."
"What do you mean not good enough!?! Money is the only issue."
In one elegant sweep of her hand Deadlock had the long dagger that had been strapped to her hip pressed against the fat man's neck. He tried to scream but Deadlock slapped her hand over his mouth. His nostrils flared and his eyes were full with fear.
"I do not kill for money. Whatever monetary reward you offer me I would rather have it shoved up your ass. I don't care how much money you have. You cannot buy life. You sure as hell cannot buy death." She pushed he dagger against his skin until it broke and blood trickled down his thick neck. "Now give a reason to kill this man. And you may want to add a reason why I should let you live."
Deadlock pulled away and reattached her knife to her hip. The man, who was looking like he was about to burst into tears, coughed. Eventually he managed to choke out a story about how the man in the picture, Simon Grey, had run away with the fat man's daughter. He wanted Grey out of his daughter’s life. He wasn't good enough for her. At the end of his story the fat man eyed Deadlock's knife and added that there should be someone to take care of his daughter when Grey was dead. Deadlock thought for a moment and agreed. Simon Grey was as good as dead.

It took her all of two weeks to track down Grey and the fat man's daughter. They were living outside of New York in a small suburban oasis. The house had everything from the white picket fence to the crisp, clean American flag billowing in the wind. It made Lady Deadlock ill. All she had to do was look down the block one more time and she'd have some kind of seizure. An unwanted chill ran up her spine and the movie Stepford Wives came to mind. Ignoring her thoughts on the layout of the homes, Deadlock plastered on a horribly fake smile, strode up the walk to the front door and rang the bell. After a moment a small girl with pigtails threw open the door. Deadlock froze. The girl stared up at her with big, innocent eyes and tilted her head. Turning on her heel, Deadlock bolted away from the house and threw up behind a tree. She'd planned to walk right in and kill Simon or shoot him down as he opened the front door. Now things were different. She would have to try something different.

Later that evening Deadlock watched as Simon put his daughter to bed and kissed his wife goodnight. She watched him go outside for a smoke and then return to the living room to watch TV. She watched him turn out the lights and go to bed. The entire time she thought of the little girl. As she planned her attack, she thought of the girl. As slid from the tree she'd been crouched in, she pictured the girl in her mind. While she slunk across the lawn and darted into the shadows on the house, her mind remained on the child. She picked the lock of the backdoor and always she thought of the girl. There was a satisfying click as the lock turned and Deadlock slowly pulled the door open. Just as she was about to step inside she felt a presence. She stiffened and behind her a man spoke.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

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October 15, 2008

Thunderbolt sits down in his desk looking at pictures of his old team members.  Like Hardartist, The Soldier, and Swordsman.  He pushes the pictures off the desk and grabs a file called the "Current M.V.A."  He sees LightBright, Ferro Vida, Kitty98, and Lady Deadlock.  She is a peculiar woman with an unknown past.  Thunderbolt types in Lady Deadlock on his S.H.I.E.L.D computer.  Assassin for hire comes up and Thunderbolt is mad.  She seems like a great person but is somehow a murder.  He remembers the first meeting in which LightBright didn't speak to LadyDeadlock.  A trust issue was happening and Thunderbolt was afraid of another event.  Such as "The Death of Thunderbolt" in which Bolt barely survived with his teammates scattered.  Only LightBright, Ferro Vida, Mark1212, and Kitty helped in that battle.  He blinks and his flashback is over.  He clicks a red button and the coordinates of Lady Deadlock is shown.

October 16, 2008

Thunderbolt sees Deadlock looking at the house but suddenly vomats.  Deadlock vanishes in a instant.  "She will be back" Bolt tells himself out loud.  He begins to walk to the door.  He knocks and a little girl opens the door.  "Where is your daddy?"  The little girl points to the dad and Bolt walks in.  "S.H.I.E.L.D wants me to protect you from a threat."  He says "Okay" while his wife begans to cry.  The little girl hops to the door and opens it to see Deadlock.  The girl swung her pigtails back and forth.  Deadlock bolted away from the door.  "Little girl step away from the door."  She gives Bolt a mean look and runs to her daddy. "Mr. Grey I want you to put your kid and wife to sleep and sit down in the kitchen afterwards.  Hours pass and everyone is put to sleep.  Deadlock walks in and Bolt says "I woudn't do that if I were you."

9: 55 P.M

Thunderbolt is pissed off.  He has gone through to many confusing stuff in his life.  Deadlock adds to the list.  Thunderbolt clicks the blue button on his watch.  The Iron Man armor covers his body.  He lifts his hand up.  He puts it up against Deadlock's face.  He shoots a repulsar ray that should knock her outside of the house.  "How dare you kill for money."  He takes a deep breath and waits for a reaction.  Is Deadlock hurt?

Those who kill are comitting a mortal sin

They go through a life like a normal person

Yet they are condemed to death

If they ask for forgiveness

God might have mercy

But the Devil might take that person before the forgiveness

Thou shall not kill

Is one of the ten commandments
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Deadlock was caught off guard. It so rarely happens that she froze in that intense second Thunderbolt blasted her. Why was he there? Had Grey hired him to protect his family? Maybe she'd just been set up by the fat man. In the end, it really didn't matter. The bright repulsar ray caught he right shoulder as she moved as fast as she could to try and dodge it. A searing pain ran down her arm. The crisp night air wraps around her as she falls against the cool grass. Her world spins for a moment, her breathing heavy.
"How dare you kill for money." Thunderbolt says, as though he knows everything. As though he's so smart.
"You're an idiot" She coughed, getting to her feet she stared the armor clad hero down, "You don't know anything about me. My motives are beyond you, you stupid little man."
With that she reached for the dagger still strapped to her hip. With a flick of her wrist she sent the dagger flying in Thunderbolt's direction.
It whizzed by his head with inches to spare...and straight into the chest of Simon Grey who had been watching the whole scene unfold. He fell to the ground and Deadlock gave Thunderbolt one last threatening stare. She then turned on her heel and sped off into the night.

A day later she arrived at the house of the fat man, only to find it surrounded by police and tapped off. Narrowing her eyes, Deadlock ducked her head so not to be noticed and left the area as quickly as possible. She didn't care about the money she never had. Thunderbolt's words tore through her. How dare you kill for money. She shook her head and kicked a beer can down the sidewalk. He didn't understand. She was not some lowly mercenary. She killed for a reason, always for a reason. And next time she saw Thunderbolt, she'd kill him too.
At that moment she looked up just in time to see a police officer coming towards her. He hadn't yet noticed her so she quickly ducked into doorway. The officer strolled by whistling to himself. Deadlock emerged from the doorway and was greeted by a bolt of light hitting the ground inches from her feet.
She looked up to she a blond girl in a yellow and black costume, floating in the air with large orbs of light around her hands. She instantly thought of a bumblebee.
"You're Lady Deadlock, right?" The girl said. Deadlock merely nodded and watched her touch down on the ground.
"Good," she continued, "'Cause I've been looking everywhere for you. Thunderbolt sent me to....help...you get back to the MVA HQ. Are you going to come easy?"
Deadlock let a sly grin cross her face as she pulled a small knife from her boot. She never went easy.
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After the all the craziness around The Death of Thunderbolt, Jen was ready for some down time. She was happy to be hanging out with the MVA again, but they always seemed to have some kind of big problem going on. And now there was this whole thing about a new team. Jen had always been on the MVA, so had Kitty98 and Ferro Vida. Thunderbolt had picked a good line-up once again. She liked her fellow Avengers, because they were good people, and it finally looked like the drama was over. Until she got onto the team. The minute Jen had laid eyes on Lady Deadlock she knew something was up. That Deadlock character was iffy and having her on the team didn't sit well with Jen.

It was 10:30 when she got the call from 'Bolt. Apparently Lady Deadlock had tried to kill some guy...or had. Jen wasn't really paying attention, she was too happy being right. Lady Deadlock was no good. Jen agreed to help 'Bolt find Deadlock and bring her to justice. The co-ordinates were forwarded to her cell phone and she set out.

She found Lady Deadlock at the house of some rich guy who'd just been arrested. Jen followed Deadlock a good couple of blocks before the lady ducked into a door way to avoid a police officer. It was now or never. Light Bright threw a flash bolt at Deadlock's feet as soon as she came out of the door way. The woman froze and looked up at her. Jen asked her if she was Lady Deadlock and she just nodded. Touching down gently on the ground Light Bright explained that Thunderbolt had sent her to bring Deadlock back. The woman smiled and slide a small dagger out of her boot.

Before Lady Deadlock could do anything Light Bright fired a heat bomb at her in hopes of stunning her or giving her some burns. After the initial attack Jen launched several small flash bolts in hopes of hitting Deadlock again. The bright lights were blinding and smoke and debris flew through the air. A moment passed and Light Bright stopped to see if she'd hit her intended target even once. The dust began to settle and the smoke started to dissipate. Jen held her breath and waited.

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Lady Deadlock was tired of people trying to kill her with blasts. She was also tired of being hurt by them. Deadlock moved as fast as she could to avoid Light Bright's barrage of light bolts but she didn't dodge them all. Her left thigh had been burned badly and her knife had been knocked free of her hand. A third blast blown her down, winding her. Struggling to regain her breath and her footing. Still limping badly Deadlock took off in the opposite direction of her attacker, her vision blurred making it hard for her to see where she was headed. She didn't have much time before her cover was blown away by the wind so she made the best of the smoky environment. She was not ready for a fight, but she was never truly unprepared. Racing through ever darkening streets Deadlock tore off her mask, as it hindered her sight. The hair band that kept her long black mane out of her face snapped and released her hair. It streamed out behind her like a black cloud, as though covering her tracks. As sudden wind ripped her mask from her hand and she let it fall behind her. She didn't need it now.

A sleek black car parked near a tree not far from her former contractor’s home had been left unnoticed just and Lady Deadlock knew it would. No one touched her car. Ever. It was old, barely functioning, but you couldn't tell that from the outside. The car looked brand new. Deadlock slid to a halt beside the car and popped open the trunk. She pressed a red button on the interior of the trunk and the storage space became an arsenal. Pleased with herself for first making the modifications  her car then filling the trunk with everything from a dagger to a bazooka Lady Deadlock couldn't help but smile to herself as she removed her two favourite weapons. A couple of extremely well kept Browning Hi-Power 9mm semi-automatics. Removing the guns from their engraved spots in the center of the trunk Lady Deadlock shut the car down once again. Now she was ready for a fight.

Darkness had truly settled in on the night. It was her time once again. Lady Deadlock moved skillfully through the shadows. Her fingers wrapped tightly around her weapons as she waited for the one who'd attacked her. She wouldn't be caught off guard again. She was in her element and ready to engage her enemy...

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Coughing up a lungful of smoke and dust Jen blinked the grime from eyes and surveyed the scene. It was extremely dark now and Lady Deadlock was long gone. Crap! Crap on toast! not only had she let 'Bolt down but she'd also let a psycho murderer escape. Pulling off her mask to rub her sore eyes Jen took to the air and pushed out a small incandescent glow. Just enough so that she could see everything around her. Where was she supposed to find Deadlock? How was she supposed to find her?!?! Pulling her hand through her hair Jen racked her brain. She pulled out her MVA communicator. There was a slim chance it still had Deadlock targeted. The device would only pinpoint things that were high priority. Once Jen had found Deadlock it would focus on the co-ordinates of some other crime or disaster.
"Please, please, please...." Jen muttered to herself flipping open the communicator. Sure enough Deadlock was still her main priority. "Yes!!" Jen took off in Deadlock's direction. She was not going to let that crazy lady get away again.

Jen found Deadlock again at the first place she'd looked before. Deadlock stood, almost posing, as if she was waiting for Jen this time. It was time for Jen to put that tactical genius of hers to work. Making sure to dim her glow as much as possible Jen doubled back around Deadlock and took up a safe position in a nearby tree to work things over quickly in her head. The best offense is a good defense. If things got sticky Jen would need to have an escape route. She tried to work out as many before even thinking about how she'd attack. After a good couple of minutes Jen figured the best way to take Deadlock down would be to surprise her again. But how many times would she be able to get to have the element of surprise? Tension filled the air. It was now or never.

Jumping down from her perch Jen landed noiselessly on the ground. Picking up a couple of small rocks, she disintegrated them, trying to draw as much energy as she could for her attack. Ready as she'd ever be Jen sucked in a deep breath and released as many heat bombs as she could manage at once. She figured most were dead on hits. But a couple hit the sleek black car parked by the tree...