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@ownagepants: "was wrong about you just trying to enslave this creature to make your self look tough it seems you do consider it a friend instead of a slave" " and a fight we will have but my ability would destroy this school" he says "by the way my powers are improbable weapon proficiency plus super strength and peak human speed, agility and reflex's"

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@knight_walker: Aaron turned away from the student not impressed with the boys powers " alright then see you later " he went on his way to his next class .

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Munch gives the boy a dismissive grunt and follows hi master

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@ownagepants: "so no okay didn't thank you were that skilled either all you did was spam portals" he said unless you have other abilities your a low ranked mutant with party tricks you call an ability" he insulted with a smirk

post limit reached changing to other account as sbg

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@knight_walker: Aaron ignored the boy with basically the same power as a hundred other mutants in this school who had to resort to petty insults and continued on his way.

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@sbgnumber1: ( you realize i was not being serious i was reacting to what you said only i was thinking it and you said your out loud)

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@amaranth_strix (Time to party!)

Previously, after a relentless struggle and valiant fight Myrmidon has tyrannically executed the brother to Amaranth Strix, stolen and cleaned his skull to make it almost look like a theater prop. Amaranths brothers hammer casually resting upon the ground, blood splattered down the sides as it had been used to kill the owners life. Made of Xanthium - one of the rarest metals in existence. And today, Myrmidon would deliver Amaranth a hell of a Memento mori. The location of this new "Mutant" school would serve as a desirably theatrical location to give such warning to Amaranth, that Myrmidon, the Ancient Arcani, was back. Standing outside of Strix's office the skull idly swinging by his side, a metal chain through the eye socket attaching it to his belt. The Xanthium sword levitating off of the ground simply waiting. He knocked on the door with three ominous thuds, waiting for the Strix.

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Amaranth, having just finished grading the days quiz was standing by the printer collecting the next days worksheets. Hearing the knock he opened the door, turning away as he did so, not seeing Myrmidon in his absent mindedness.

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@myrmidon_: Nate walked on passed the hooded man, of course garbed in his usual small version of Creed's costume, looking at the skull while drinking a can of mountain dew. "Yikes..Drama teachers.." Was all he had to mutter before scampering off to his next class.

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Munch feels an unease in the air, almost as thick as blood

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@myrmidon_: @amaranth_strix: Aaron happened to be walking by when he saw the weirdly dressed stranger interested in what was gonna happen he decided to stick around.

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Munch tugs at his masters clothes wining and moaning

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The door slowly opened as Myrmidon simply awaited acknowledgment. The Xanthium hammer levitated forwards inches off of the ground, Myrmidon clenched his fist as it dropped onto the floor in front of himself with a loud thud which echoed throughout of the room, trying to gain Amaranths attention.

@_creed_: (LOL)

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Kids, stay out of the way if you don't wanna die >.>

Leave this to the adults hehe teachers responsibility to keep ya safe :P

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@myrmidon_: @angryprune: Aaron waved munch away "if your nervous go find something to eat it looks like this might turn into a fight and i wanna be here when it does after all how could i ignore such a promising opponent.

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Thinking it was a student playing a prank Amaranth turned, and saw. The papers tumbled from his hand. His face turned white. "...." Though he opened his lips to speak no sound came forth.

In that moment his eyes reflected the weight of every second of eternal life.

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@ownagepants: I only dropped a hammer, nothing has even happened yet. lol

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@cara_hunter: Cyclone Champion: "No the only place we have it is the bunker downstairs, but I remembered that I was given a device that absorb or release matter from any source; such as this matter dimension. Do you have a suit or something I link this device up to?"

"No I don't" Cara said disappointed but cheered up again "but I'm sure we can build something to link it up with, with the schools resources!"

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@myrmidon_: (no guarantees on my part Aaron's bit battle crazy especially against strong opponenets)

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@myrmidon_: ( he gets vibes off people so he can usually tell how strong someone is before they actually start fighting )

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"Munch couldn't let his new master die, not by HIS hand, not like nhazul. Munch strutted in front of the eery hooded man and suddenly, Fired his 12 metre long, sticky tounge.

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@ownagepants: (Just, let it stay as 1V1 please lol, no disrespect to you. Not up for a multiple interaciton)

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@myrmidon_: ( alright just know i am gonna be watching the whole time)

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@amaranth_strix: (I felt that post, that was really powerful)

Myrmidon stepped forwards. His right palm moved down grasping the skull of the deceased brother. His eyes behind of the elusive mask glowing fiery red. He dropped the skull, casually kicking it like a football towards of Amaranth. Another fateful step followed suit as he came in closer a mere meters away from his ancient enemy.

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@angryprune: "munch back off that guy would destroy you " he told munch.

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@myrmidon_: ( also isnt it a bit weird attacking someone in broad daylight at a crowded school full of powerful teachers)

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Pale waded towards the facility, the Insane Harbinger had applied to be a groundskeeper at the new founded Xenon Academy, a memorial for a man which ideals were only matched by fight skills and intelligence. Leaving his human form due to ackowledging such ambient was exclusively for mutants and also for protection against any threat, the pale creature entered the establishment, searching for his boss, the Supreme Chancellor.

"I know I'mma merc and sh!t, but cash is low, contracts even lower, gotta stick to this groundskeeper bullsh!t. Ya know, might be a good experience, hot girls 'nd free dwelling. At least a decent place to stay 'til I get a better job." Pale muttered. "Now where is dat Chancellor I must speak with? Better not be called Palpatine..."

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@myrmidon_: @ownagepants:

Munch's tounge pauses mid-flight. Embarrassed, munch backs off, tounge dragging along beside him. He sits beside his master seething with rage.

(Well this is embarrassing)

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@pale_oracle: (I'll get onto the Supreme Chancellor tomorrow and reply :)

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@myrmidon_: @pale_oracle No longer interested in the exchange if their wouldn't be any fighting Aaron left since he didn't have any classes right now he decided to go look for something more interesting to do. when he noticed the very large feral looking man huh that could be interesting he said watching the man with intent

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@myrmidon_: (Yay! Better not be called Palpatine, bro >_>)

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He felt as if he could not draw breath. As if a vast and invisible hand wrapped around his chest. A sense of unreality settled on him. As if he at any moment everything would change-

Lightning would tear through the roof and his brother would stand before him. A roar of rage as he demanded the return of his hammer. Battle would be joined and together they would drive Myrmidon from the school. Amaranth would rest his hands on his belt and endure his brothers boisterous laughter, his back-slaps and jokes everything would go on the way it was-

-and it would never happen. He was here. This was real.

He bent at the knees and picked up his brothers skull. Standing, he looked into that terrible crimson mask. "Why did you do this?" His mouth was dry. Nothing seemed real. As if he was watching himself place his brothers skull on the desk. Like some stranger stood in his place and spoke with his voice, so calm it seemed to Amaranth a sin.

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@angryprune: Aaron just ended up heading to his room and hoping in bed and taking a nap .

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Munch abruptly shoved his new master aside and stole his bed, by the time his master could react he was asleep :3

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Unmoved eyes neither wavered nor rejoiced at Amaranths impassive tone of voice. Myrmidons own insensate compassion towards of an obviously soul saddening sight served as a testament to his undeniable deadliness. Ancient azure colored palms folded across of an armored chest, his metal mask flipped upwards revealing a chillingly human face, although, seemingly devoid of sentient emotion "The cycle of life. This was merely my duty to the universe - It meant nothing" His crimson mask flipped back downwards covering his sinister face, a smirk of distant happiness protruded his previously emotionless features.

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knight walks to the training facilities hoping to cause some destruction.

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Myrmidon's words were like a slap to the face. Amaranth felt rage. Pure, unadulterated wrath boiled up in him. He felt a moments relief; fury spared him the grief.

A fist ripped through the air, spilling violet light as it glowed; destroying every molecule in its path. An uppercut, aimed for Myrmidon's midsection and intended to obliterate his armor and his abdomen, its course taking it up his chest cavity, aiming to blast every molecule apart before it blew into the jaw of Myrmidon and obliterated that smirking face.

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Too fast, too skillful, too precise. Amaranths unrivaled uppercut tore through the air eradicating atoms as it blitzed through towards Myrmidon, the fist destructively connected with Myrmidons chest obliterating his armor leaving his chest bare, ribs broke upon impact. Internal organs rattled.

Death would have been upon Myrmidon this very instance without a minuscule mid-second reaction from the renegade. His mind transcended his physical body willing himself to be propelled backwards to avert further harm, in reality his metal bending was being used on his own armor, his body tore through the air coming to a crashing standstill at the wall behind of the two, causing it to crack and break upon impact.

Without delay his body was flung forwards like a puppet, his right fist clenched tightly trying to venomously punch the side of Amaranths ancient face with over a ton of downwards force, using his metal Yoso to further augment the strength, having never once utilized it against a being with a metal lined skeleton (like Amaranth), trying to slow down Amaranths functioning by a mere second with his powers, just enough to allow the punch to connect.

Simultaneously as this event was happening, the Xanthium hammer would have shot upwards into the air triple the height of the school. Upon Myrmidons failure or successful punch the hammer would dangerously drop downwards from the air trying to crush Amaranth where he stood, unnaturally amplified in strength by not just gravity, not by just kinetic energy, but by his own metal bending being the strongest force driving it down through the air towards of Amaranth.