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@cara_hunter: Cyclone Champion: "I do a have a dimension hoping device, but if the gateway is open too long it could destroy the building if not the entire state".

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@joeagentofhand1: "We should do some more tests on your device before we try to open a portal"

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@cara_hunter: Cyclone Champion: "Perhaps it will not need to be opened for that long". Cyclone went up to a cabinet and opened it. Inside was a device that he was given long ago.

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@joeagentofhand1: Cara stared at it "do we have any facilities where we can preform a safe experiment?"

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"Oh you know, maybe sharpen my mind, learnt he meaning of friendship, all that jazz.." Spiller talked back with his own mind, fiddling with things on the dean's desk.

"It is blatant you're a strong telepathic user, I have to ask - How creative have you gotten? Have you ever been mentored?" He reclined back into his seat, contemplating to take the young telepath into his own wing.

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The bell rang and the young mutants hollered and jostled each other as the left their history class. Amaranth collected the stack of homework left on his desk and set, the chair groaning under his massive frame. Clicking a red pen he begin to circle wrong answers and underline misspelled words. He felt a rare peace wash over him; like cool river water. No endless war, no eternal crusade. Just information passing from one generation to the next.

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@amaranth_strix: Aaron entered the room seeing it empty except for an old man at a desk grading papers " hello my name aaron is this history class" he asked the teacher while taking a seat at one of the nearly desks.

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"Good morning Arron." Amaranth nodded to the young mutant. "The next class will not start for a few minutes, did you have any questions before the other students arrive?"

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@supreme_chancellor: "Creative? Hmm..I have used it in a various amount of ways, defensive..Offensive..And no I haven't really had a telepath present in my life until now.." Spiller leaned in, grabbing a handful of candy that was in a bowl on the Dean's table, putting them all in his mouth while chuckling.

@amaranth_strix: *Thump!* Spiller set the grade's textbook worth of paperwork down on Amaranth's table, pushing up his glasses with a grin.

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@amaranth_strix: Aaron looked at the teacher " yes i was wondering what we'll be covering in this class".

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@ownagepants: @the_puzzler: [ As a heads up, you can't read Amaranth's mind the way you can other characters Spiller. ]

"Done already Spiller?" He collected the papers and begin sorting through them. After flipping through the paperwork he turns his attention to Aaron. "This is the history course, we'll be covering the mutant history in the classical world, from the city states of Greece to the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

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@amaranth_strix: (I put that together :P) "But of course professor..Just trying to free up my schedule is all.." Spiller chuckled while walking over to his seat and sitting in it with a casual manner, pulling out his graffiti covered notebook.

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Yuki happily bundled into the classroom his eyes full of childish glee and stupidity as he bumped into his friend Spiller, "Heyo" Energeticlly Bobbing up and down all the while.

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@yuki_mendez: Spiller gave the kid a glare, eyes flaring pink for a second. "Do I...Know you?"

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@amaranth_strix: " Hm interesting i guess i shouldn't have expected any less from this school " Aaron mumbled to himself " will we have a lot of projects in this class".

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"Uh...yeah!" Taking a seat besides his "friend" he grinned "I bumped into your earlier and you called me stupid" He snorted "Makes us friends now!"

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"That is a good start." Secretly Amaranth wondered if Spiller had used his powers to take the information from the minds of other students. However he did not bring it up; in his opinion mutant powers were as much a part of a mutant as their leg or arm. Using ones natural abilities should be encouraged, not discouraged, in Amaranth's opinion.

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(Gona be gone for a bit, should give plenty o time for a few to gather)

The semester had evidently started yesterday, in predictable rebellious nature Azrayne appeared a day late. IN her defense she was here because she was best for the job, she was best for the job because she was more dedicated to her real job. Azra was one of the Elite, a sentinel of VLA might. That job was more important then babysitting. This job was important to though so she did eventually show up. However she didn’t bother to dawn any ‘uniform’. Fact was her chosen Elite wear should be fine here. If someone had a complaint or a problem, well then she’d show them a new way to make use of a ruler.

The first class had arrived and exactly one minute after said start time she began. Anyone late would be sitting out on the lesson. “First off my name is just Azra or Azrayne or some other shortening of that. If I get addressed with a mam or ms then your likely to be punched in the face. Now some of you will probably take a liking to me, others will hate me. Either is fine, my job is to prepare you more then be your best friend. That said let’s move to safety and rules.”

“There are none. This room will survive whatever we dish out and the telepathic link will stop the session for you if matters get to serious. See my job is to teach you fighters how to fight and the rest of you how to defend yourself. That can’t be taught if anyone is worried, so low blows, weapons, powers use what comes natural to you. Won’t bore you with the complexities here’s the simple version. After this class you go about your day just fine. However when here the pain and danger all will feel real. So introduce yourself how you like. Say what experience in combat you have. And then state what you would like lesson 1 to be.”

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Setting himself down in lesson Yuki grinned. Awaiting the lesson to formally start "I'm Yuki!" He shook his head around crazily "I think I like you already ma'am" His eyes widened "I mean Ms Azra! I mean...Azrayne!" He looked down nervously.

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"I will not overload you on coursework Aaron, I recognize you have other classes and a home life. There will be homework assignment every day and one longer assignment to be done over the weekend. Neither will be long and both will focus on the most important aspects of our studies; no trivia."

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@the_puzzler: @yuki_mendez: the loud kid behind him was getting on Aaron's nerves but the only upside is hes bothering Mr . shifty and not him but still he felt the need to drop him out of the window not with a portal just kick him out of it but he kept those ideas in his head.

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@amaranth_strix: Spiller wouldn't even dare prod at Amaranth's mind, this man didn't need an introduction, instead he was just going to sift through his class and try to not get on his nerves...Too much.



Spiller remembered, he was the one that bumped into him and wrecked his tag near the boy's washroom.

"Maybe another time Yuiki...Just focus on the class yeah?"

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@614azrael: ( ill be their right after history class maybe before )

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@the_puzzler: "Oh..." Yuki sadly looked down highly disheartened at this rejection "...Okay" He shuffled his chair to the side, looking glum as he burred his head in his hands.

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@yuki_mendez: @ownagepants: @614azrael: (You can be in more than one class at a time XP) Spiller would indeed like her ethics, being a bit of a hellion himself already made him chuckle and grin at her sass. He waited on his other students to do the talking while he observed what he was going to be dealing with.

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@the_puzzler: @amaranth_strix: " understood" their was something weird about this teacher for one mr.shifty either respected him or was scared of him either which told him a lot about his teacher he would have to be weary of this man .

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@the_puzzler: (lol will reply later today with Az gota leave in a few)

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@ownagepants: "Who are you then?" Yuki chuckled to himself while taking out his phone and texting somebody in Japan.

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(My alt Kid_shadoe reached max post so i'll use this one again)

Still contemplating the earlier argument and his future in the world, Shadoe walked into the next classroom accidently interrupting the lecture. He quietly walked to the back to avoid anyone noticing him and hopefully any unwanted attention. As Azra finished her introduction, the young 10 year old boy known as Shadoe raised his hand, "Azra? I have no experience in combat nor I know the limits of my abilities." Revealing a large eye within his hand that was still raised into the air he continued, "I want my first lesson to be...Challenging." He said modestly

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@614azrael: @the_puzzler: ( Huh really that's gonna get confusing) Aaron stood at the back of the room observing everybody no one more so then the teacher another interesting person its said that you don't really know someone till you see them fight and he really wanted to see her fight he thought about fighting her himself .

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@lady_grimm: Yuki bumped into the recent student coming into lesson with a wide grin on his childish face "Who are you?" He nudged her softly "I'm Yuki!"

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@yuki_mendez: "My names Aaron i just started at this school and i prefer to avoid long conversations about useless things". Aaron said coldly to the kid.

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"Everything is useless!" He raised his hands into the air before crashing back down onto the desk in a huff "What'da'ya wannt talk about!" He chuckled "What powers you got?" He tilted his head questionably.

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@yuki_mendez: " You realize that's not something your supposed to ask just any mutant its like asking someone what kind of car they drive its rude unless your friends" but Aaron relented i can create portals that send what ever goes into one out the other at the same velocity it went in at"

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@ownagepants: @the_puzzler:

The rest of the class filed in and found their seats. Amaranth put the papers into his desk, stood, and begin teaching. He focused on instilling the students with a strong grasp of their ancestor and providing them with context he gained from being a witness to many of the events he described. The ancient mutant had no illusions that history class would help them find jobs or teach them marketable skills. Instead he wanted them to know a little of where they came from, the great heroes and villains that made up their ancestry With his words he sought to instill in them a sense of the triumph and tragedy of their race. To paint a picture of the magnificent successes and monumental failures, to animate larger than life personalities and give the students a sense of what it was like to be a part of the glory and horror of histories critical hours.

[ We'll end this one here :-) ]

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"Is it rude" He chuckled not understanding "I thought its just common sense to ask, don't wanna annoy somebody who could like, punch you into the sun! Portals? Niiice!"

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@lady_grimm: Aaron saw shadoe but decided to keep to himself he had made a fool out of himself in science class getting mad over a petty argument after telling shadoe it wasn't worth it he would probably avoid shadoe for the rest of the school year things would be better that way " with that Aaron turned his head away giving his full attention to the teacher.

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@amaranth_strix: (Amaranth really is the best history teacher, been alive for so long :P)

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@yuki_mendez: [ Truth. He has a lot of interesting stories, I would imagine. ]

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@yuki_mendez: (It's not Grimm, character being used maxed posts)

Upon waiting for a response he overheard Aaron's conversation with the new boy, Yuki. "A pleasure, Yuki. I am called Shadoe." The boy extending an open hand politely just as he had did before upon meeting Aaron.

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@yuki_mendez: Aaron got out of his seat at history class and headed towards the door giving a quick wave to yuki "see you around kid " and with that he left heading into the hallways.

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Would you consider a new teacher?

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*enters building*

(Munch knows not what humans have against quadrupedal species that eat everything in sight, it is a puzzle that has eluded him for years. Hear he hopes to learn how humans work)

*munch starts eating a pillar*

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Out of the corner of his eye with his hand still outstretched respectively, Shadoe notices a student who had recently entered the building has begun to eat a pilar in the classroom. His defense counterpart pools at Shadoe's feet. "No, Ink. I know your hungry but you can't eat right now. I'll get you an abandoned car later." The young boy whispered to the black puddle