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@ownagepants @cara_hunter @cyclone_champion

Shadoe looked at his feet shamefully, "I do have family, Aaron. But that is a story for a different time perhaps. Shall we continue to class before we are tardy then?" The well spoken boy, no older than ten years, began leading the way to a random class while looking at a neatly folded paper in his hand. Glancing at a few of the classrooms as he passed by them. He stopped and began lightly tapping a door, "Is this Science?" Scanning the classroom with interested eyes he sees the woman from earlier and a robotic figure. "Oh, I'm sorry about what happened earlier Ms... I apologize for my companion's behavior. It wasn't very polite of him, I hope all is forgiven?" With a respectful bow as he finishes and turns to the other figure, "Hello there. It seems I have a little free time before Self defense class. I was curious about Science and was hoping a may sit in for a lecture?"

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@lady_grimm: @cara_hunter @cyclone_champion "Hey don't you know its rude to apologize on someones behalf besides no need to say sorry to an idiot girl like her " then he looked around in wonder at the classroom but looking stoneface as usual ". So this is science class i have heard about it before but i have never been in one before so when do we get to make bombs " he said in a soft voice while taking a seat in a nearby chair.

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@ownagepants: @lady_grimm: "Bombs are boring.." Spiller said while carving his personal symbol in a desk in the back of the class. "Biological agents are where it's at..I mean..That's if you need to use something as bullocks as inventions when you're already a mutant.."

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@lady_grimm: Cyclone Champion: the one before him gave off an interesting vibe, but vibes are illogical and are not true means of measure. Cyclone grabbed a syllabus from his desk and handed it to Shadoe. "I teach all the science courses here. This syllabus will tell you about each class. This period is physics. You can sit in for the remainder of the lecture".

@ownagepants: Cyclone then turned to the other boy. "If you wish to remain here, I would suggest talking to your peers with respect".

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@joeagentofhand1: Spiller glared at the damned bucket of bolts, a teacher who's mind he couldn't read, just what he needed. Even still, having a superhuman intellect would easily boost him to the top of the class.

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@the_puzzler: Aaron looked behind him to see a kid who was not their before " you know you should not carve your name into school property people its against the rules Mr . shifty" he said to the kid while also assigning him a nickname ." Although ill agree with you their Mr . shifty mutant powers make most inventions useless when it comes to combat at least but its still fun to make powerful things out of weak things" he said giving what his definition of an invention is to Mr.shifty.

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@the_puzzler: Cyclone Champion: Cyclone stared at the child in the back. So this was the telepath he was told about. Telepaths have haunted his previous/creator's life and his current life. Hawthorne, though, was willing to give this one a chance. "Hello, welcome to physics and please stop engraving your gang symbols on my desks".

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@cyclone_champion "In my eyes respect is earned not by having been born earlier then me and not having died in that time their are very few people i respect in this world and none of them are in this room " he said looking at the teacher with hard unyielding eyes.

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Sooooo late, but this is f'n awesome!

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@joeagentofhand1: @ownagepants: "That's nice.." Spiller put his hand in front of the kid's face, trying to focus on what the teacher was saying. "Right..I'll just express myself later in or on another school surface..." He grinned while holding up the textbook for the grade's term. "I sort of read this all already...You wouldn't happen to have the next grade's books in here? I would like to get science done before the end of the week so I can focus on psych..."

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@ownagepants: Cyclone Champion: Hawthorne ignored his comment and focused on the telepath.

@the_puzzler: " I have the next years books all the way up to a college level on various courses. After what I have heard of you it would not surprise me if you finish it all in a week."

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@joeagentofhand1: @lady_grimm: @the_puzzler: He was annoyed by Mr . shifty but found comfort in imagining himself warping stuff on his head from a desk to a safe and the satisfying crunch of his bones as everyone of them broke he then looked at one of the textbooks only to be shocked that it all seemed like gibberish to him. I guess that's what happens when you miss a couple years of school good thing i lied on my application ugh how am i gonna pass this class.

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"Thank you." Shadoe said while taking his seat next to Spiller and behind Aaron. As he began opening his text book he heard the science professor scolding the student next to him about gang symbols. "Is that a brain?" Shadoe asked. "You seem very confident. Is that confidence derived from your Psychic abilities or have you earned the right to speak so?" Shadoe said bluntly. As kind as the young child may be, this is his first time socializing with others at a group level

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@mercy_: We try here at the Xenon academy mam ^_^

@joeagentofhand1: Spiller chuckled a bit, leaning back in the desk and crossing his arms. "And what is it you have heard of me professor? The school has done a pretty good job on mental blocking the staff rooms but I have in fact heard my name tossed around alot..Would you care to be the first in indulging me into what exactly all the hype is about?"

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@the_puzzler: This is the second time in 24 hours that I've been called ma'am :(

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@lady_grimm: "The united nations has me labeled as one of the most powerful telepathic minds on earth right now along with most intelligent..So you tell me luv.." Spiller looked over and grinned, pushing up his purple shades slightly.

@mercy_: o_o I didn't mean in a bad waaaay!

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@lady_grimm: shadoe are you good at science? he asked partly out of interest mostly because he had no idea what this textbook said "if so we should work together to ace this class " not wanting to admit his deficiency in the subject

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@the_puzzler: "It is nothing" Cyclone said dancing around the question.

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@joeagentofhand1: "Ok..Mind reading or not..That was some bad avoidance professor..May I just have the next textbook please?" Spiller chose not to push the man's buttons, so to speak, simply choosing to focus on schoolwork.

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@mercy_: :P Just don't forget that you're always welcome to join!!

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@joeagentofhand1: "By the way teacher you still have not told us your name what are we supposed to call you " he said interested in finding this robots name out

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The young BOY rose out of his desk "Don't call me luv." He said with an obvious hint of anger. The first emotion he has exhibited since coming to the class. He happened to be the NEPHEW of Lady Grimm and didn't take lightly to cockiness. Turning his head to Aaron, "I do have some experience in the subject. Maybe not as much as our classmate here though." Hoping the sarcasm was felt in the room

(lol I gotta make an ALT for this character XD)

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@ownagepants: @lady_grimm: "Sorry..You are just a very..Feminine looking person...Luv.." Spiller stuck his tongue out, knowing it wouldn't boil into a fight. "Maybe you should focus to the class yeah? Not all of us are just going to breeze past this course.." He held up the next grade's textbook, already a quarter ways in before he laughed, continuing to read it.

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@lady_grimm: Surprised at his companions sudden rage " hey calm down if you let jerks bother you then they'll never leave you alone the rule to dealing with them is ignore them or kill them your choice honestly" attempting to help shadoe regain his composure.

(its fine all my characters are on profile)

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@the_puzzler: Cyclone Champion: A small tornado carried the next book towards Spiller.

@ownagepants: "You may call me Professor Hawthorne".

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"Hmm..." Taking his companions advice he returns to his seat. "You're right Aaron, sorry" Glancing at the small eye on his desk he whispers quietly to it. "No, Ink. This is a school. Violence must be expressed elsewhere...like gym" He said giving a subtle smile.

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@the_puzzler: And you back off him or else ill wipe that smile of your face along with the rest of your face your tricks might work on the rest of the students but i am immune to telepathy you on the other hand are not immune to having a desk dropped on your head" .He didn't know why he was being defensive of shadoe maybe because he possessed the same vibe as his brother.

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@true_kid_shadoe: @ownagepants: "Oh..Telepathy immunity is tossed around alot these days..Sure I won't be able to read your mind..But there are alot of other things the brain is hooked up to, like nerve endings.." He gave a wink, while also sending a pinching feeling at the back of the kids neck.

(Also, I'm pretty sure you added Telepathy immunity to your powers not to long ago, it wasn't there earlier today? o_0)

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@the_puzzler: (he had a mild resistance to telepathy in the first place which didn't make sense because every telepath could just say they were above the resistance so i just gave him full immunity but he has normal human durability which means almost everybody else in this school could one shot him )

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@the_puzzler: (if its against the rules i ll change it back to mild resistance)

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@ownagepants: That's, convenient. See you in gym class XP)

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@ownagepants: Not really against the rules, I mean it does say in the books that you can't change your powers with no explanation but I don't really complain, so it's up to you)

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@true_kid_shadoe: Cyclone Champion: Hawthorne approached Shadoe's desk. "Are you okay? You kind of blew up there and now it seems you are talking to yourself" the android said with a hint of worry.

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(hahaha this is going to be awesome XD)

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@the_puzzler: " Yeah see you their mr.shifty " he replied to the kid obviously trying to hard to be a rebel instead just being a jerk but things could be settled later for now he had more important things to focus on like how he was gonna pass a class he knew nothing about.

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Regaining his composure, he opened his textbook to a random page before responding, "Yes I'm fine, Professor Hawthorne. Oh, and I'm not talking to myself." He said with a small smile while opening the palm of his hand to reveal an eye surrounded by a dark purple hue, "This is Ink. He's my defense mechanism...And my first friend." His small smile fading as the creature was a reminder of his lineage and what he may become one day. "No worries Professor. I'll keep my hands and to myself."

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@joeagentofhand1: @true_kid_shadoe" sorry Mr . Hawthorne but its time for me to head to self defense class " he got out of his seat and headed towards the door sparing one glance towards mr.shifty "yeah things would definitely be settled " he mumbled to himself "see you their shadoe".

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@true_kid_shadoe: Spiller took a second to skim the kid's brain, giving a rather concerned look just at a peek inside that mind. "Yeesh..Anya will get a kick about hearing from all this.." He muttered to himself before flipping through yet another chapter of the book.

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@the_puzzler: (by the way i changed it back to mild resistance which only means you cant read his mind)

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@ownagepants: "Have a good day and see you tomorrow".

@true_kid_shadoe: "I see; nothing out of the ordinary to me boy. Also if you and Aaron need help just tell me".

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@joeagentofhand1: @ownagepants: Spiller glared right back and got up, tossing a whole term's worth of papers on the teacher's desk and left without a work, following the kid. "Look mate, I don't know what your deal is..Playing big brother doesn't give you some sort of right to talk big towards anyone!"

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Watching the scene unfold before him, Shadoe didn't know how to react. Aaron had defended him yet he didn't want to cause any trouble on his first day and risk losing his chance at guidance. "Playing big brother..." 'I never had a brother', Shadoe thought to himself sadly. He was a mutant, but he was still a 10 year old child and even with Ink at his side, he wasn't one to jump into conflict, so remained seated as the events unfold in hopes to disarm a fight. "Aren't we here for science guys? The lecture as barely began and yet we bicker as old enemies."

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@the_puzzler: Aaron looked in his eyes " i know what your deal is your a punk that likes to play bad well you listen to me you are not bad you don't know what bad is i have seen true evil things that kids don't see in their worst nightmares i don't care what your powers you have or how bad you think you are .How could punks like you possibly scare me after i have seen the devil. " his eyes gave off the sign that he was dead serious . he turned away and started walking away from the kid.

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@true_kid_shadoe: @ownagepants: Spiller rolled his eyes, putting up his hand and mocking what the kid was saying with the flapping of his fingers. "AM I THE ONLY PERSON HERE WHO HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR!?" He shouted before storming off in the other direction.

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As Aaron stormed off he realized he was angry he had never let such things bother him before so why now " ugh the first day of school and i am already getting into arguments i have should have just stayed in bed" he calmed himself down regaining his composure and continued on his way to self defense class .

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@614azrael (hurry up and write your introduction i have some steam i need to work off lol)

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@joeagentofhand1: @ownagepants @the_puzzler

Shadoe offered a small giggle at Spiller's last statement about jokes as he stormed off. "Thank you for the assistance Professor. Sorry to cut things short but it seems as if we're all off to self defense class." Collecting his books and his bag he walked towards the classroom door in hopes to follow one of the two. 'Making enemies isn't wise' He thought to himself, 'Especially one such as a telepath.'

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@cara_hunter: Cyclone Champion: Cyclone leaned back. Matterology was something he heard about before, but testing stopped about eight years ago; if he remembered correctly. He did remember a theory he heard, some dimension where matter could be obtained or absorbed "There is a theory on matter where there is a dimension that can used to do what you said. It is possible to find this dimension, I have...." No that is out of the question he thought to himself.

Cara was silent for the moment until the others left which is where she picked back up the conversation "Yes, go on?"