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Rebounding from learning of her biological father’s secret, the former human right’s advocate; Ziccarra Liafador has become a mutant equality advocate. The growing tensions between Mutant-Human relations have reached a fever pitch, in an effort to regain some stability the former Malagan beauty, Z enlist the help of what will be known as the Trinity. The X-Gene has been credited with bestowing abilities upon people at some point throughout their life; however in South Africa a little girl named Kari; has developed the unique ability to grant or remove the powers from either Humans or Mutants. Her unique ability has been publicly praised in Africa making her a target for anti-mutant groups. Can the Trinity secure Kari, before the world eats her alive.?


“I hate needles” she whispered, slowly quivering as the syringe broke her skin. Sweat poured down the side of her face, eventually dripping down to a puddle on the floor. She always waited until the last moment, diabetes wasn’t something she knew ran in her family; but given the circumstances of her birth she could really make a case for her habitual tardiness.

Turning on her side with her blanket pulled to her shoulders, she held a small picture of her daughter at birth in her hands. Times were so much simpler; or at least from the top they appeared to be. At the bottom things were getting tougher, mutants and humans were in the midst of a dominance race; Anti-mutant and Pro-human groups were popping up everywhere.

Secret Human cabals met to discuss how to rid themselves of the “Mutant Problem” much, like the Mutant Cabals did. There were hold nations dedicated to mutant supremacy and vice versa; it would seem like all they needed was a reason to collide.

That reason was supplied just a few days ago, scientist in the Eastern Cape of South Africa; found what a small child that could, activate or deactivate the X-gene. As far out as it seemed, their results were verified by scientist from all over Europe.

It didn’t take long for mutant activist to move in on the young child, the South African Military force wasted no time in repelling them; but extreme threats from anti-mutant organizations have called for 360 security around the child.

Her premature sleep was disrupted by the thoughts of this little child being her daughter, she knew her child was safe with Quintus, but there was a frightened little girl with more power than she could imagine; being hunted.

Sliding from her bed, she immediately put her new navy blue and white ensemble on and marched to the proposed war room. The cold catacombs, once belonged to an enemy of the Red Cardinals, known as The Bravehart Order; this intricate “bat-cave” was funded by Samantha Weston; not many people knew of her however, her family lineage trailed back to the Rothschild family.

Standing in the middle of the Catacombs, the Spanish Marquesta remained conflicted on a decision to enter South Africa. From what she knew of her team, some of them were more than equipped for the mission at hand, Cassandra has a track record longer than Ziccarra’s leg, and Xenon was a mutant supremacist; though his views on white people could be biased. She knew very little about Alexander, Atticus and Blair other than the fact they were willing to join blindly.

She stood still conflicted, trying to think her decision through, finally she mentally cursed and called a team meeting.

Z stood with her hands coupled in front of her, there was a certain patience about her that played down the seriousness of the situation.

“I know we have not known each other that long, but we have a mission” She started, making sure her face expressed the proper concern.

“We’re going after the South African child, we are probably not going to be the only ones looking for her, but she needs to be extracted from Africa. As long as she is there her life is in danger. We this will be a covert operation, if met by hostiles….leave no witnesses.” She said, walking past them swiftly. Killing wasn’t her style, but as she soon found out, some adjustments would have to be made.

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however in South Africa a little girl named Kari; has developed the unique ability to grant or remove the powers from either Humans or Mutants.

From inside the green corridor there is an image of a Gorilla leading a 35,000 feet stone construct, an angry silverback housed inside the 'heart' of an angrier doll. The problem is that the giant doll might crush neighboring tribes and humie settlements, this one is so strong that it wouldn't even notice conventional weaponry even if it is shot at point blank. The sheer size of it would enable it to literally stomp over skyscrapers, and the ape inside would not care for squashed humies. Huxley needs to act quick and is dispatched by a greenway, quickly before the silverback began hurling rocks the size of large trucks. It acts in a way that is hardly surprising seeing as humies have lost respect for the other beings that share the earth, it was a decision long ago in the council that they opt for removing the entirety of the human race. However Huxley were one of the opposition to that notion, saying that they can be trusted after traces of 'greed' is gone. The current agenda is more focused to removing the rest of the animals to the Green Yonder so that they are not oppressed any longer.

Mutant animals are priority and as an ambassador of the Evergreen he is tasked to retrieve them from the humie realm into the better realm, one free from humie intervention. He is there to stop the more radical misanthropists from reaching this world, since several other worlds with superheroes have been expunged of all human life. He is a firm opponent against that movement, because unlike them it is unsure where humans will go after they become soil. Arguments aside he is also hearing news of a humie that is bestowing 'abilities' to animals and humies as a byproduct of her mutation. Maybe it is her that has given this silverback his tremendous earth shaking powers, or perhaps she can take it away so that transportation becomes easy.

Two sets of claws, muscles, fur and fang would be enough to ward off anything that got in the way. When it comes to a contest of strength he knows that he will win regardless of opposition, however if they opt for alternative means such as toxins or pollutants he is at a serious disadvantage.

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Unlike most in the world Mark and the Sinister Underdogs cared little for the sides of anti-mutant and pro-mutant. What they were for was respect from the world and a little money wouldn't hurt. Sure it might be a Golden Age villain scheme, but isn't that what the world needs some old school?

Mark took him and some of the Underdogs to South Africa, with some of his connections. They were about to land in the capital of South Africa. Mark thought about Ghandi had done here in the late 1800's and early 1900's. "All right are we ready?"

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POW! slipped on his gauntlets over his red gloves of the shock suit, looking over to Mark and giving him a thumbs up. "Yeah loud and clear, man..Kinda sucks Sandy couldn't come along, if what they do is true about this brat? She could have turned him into a pile of normal sand by touch! Mutant problems am I right?" POW! spoke with an obvious tone of anxiety in his voice, he hated planes, he hated kids, and he was really scared of mutants and what they could do. "So you know where we are headed first then?"

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@lincoln_protocol: "I am not sure, but based off history and human thought she should be in the least populated province. This province is Northern Cape". Mark put on his hover boots and golden gauntlets. "Thoughts?"

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@the_golden_man: "Or she could be a little more clever and be hiding in one of the MOST populated areas to throw people off, living in a sewer or something...We aren't paying for this flight right?"

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@lincoln_protocol: "I might be a villain, but I always pay a friend back. Luckily for me I wrote a New York Times Best seller. Anyways you might be right, but the Northern Cape is the largest province. It might help if we knew what dialect she spoke. Due to the Scramble for Africa many European countries forced their language on an already multilingual society".(OOC: I have to switch to my main profile now).

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The plane touched down on the hot airstrip and the two super villains were finally in the chase. Walking down the airplain stairs and towards the airport, POW! threw on his trench coat and fedora to somewhat hide his costume. "Oh good lord..It is SO hot here..It's like being shoved inside a mattress..In a furnace! Anyway, I say we hit up one of the "Anti-groups" and scalp some of their info and crack some skulls, you know, leg work."

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: Mark wore his casual friday gear. "That sounds like a plan. Lucky for us I know some Zulu and Afrikaans(note: these are two of eleven official languages in South Africa, one among them being English)".

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@joeagentofhand1: POW! took the lead and as soon as they hopped the fence (not wanting to deal with airport security) headed over to the parking lot where he start browsing which car to steal. "I can only imagine that capes are looking to protect the kid, hopefully she is still out in the open cause if she is in the hands of a Knightfall or something? This is going to turn into a friggin' mess and fast..Oh hey this one's not bad!" POW! Pointed at a slightly run down classic Ford truck, using the same hand he pointed with to fire a kinetic beam at the window to shatter it. "I'll drive, I don't trust you behind the wheel" He chuckled while taking off his fedora and jacket, tossing it into the truck before he entered.

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: Mark tensed up at the thought about the Knighfall's getting the girl. If that was the case god help them. "I am pretty sure these cars like the ones in the UK ya yank". Mark smiled at his partner and got into the car.

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3 Days Ago - Anthony Stark's Abode.

Jacob stared at his golden skin for a moment before he retracted it once more, repeating the process for the umpteenth time this morning. Tony had told him that with the Peak Serum, came the ability to house the Peak Armour. He wasn't hinting at anything, it was just a morsel of information passed on whilst he spoke, explaining the events leading up to Jake's revival. Long story short - Jacob Stark was now, basically, a meta-human. He possessed the essential Peak under sheath within his bones, had an infinite supply of power supporting his heart in the form of an arc reactor, and AI implanted and bonded with his brain in the form of Summit.

The boy had asked for some time to himself and had locked himself within one of Tony's numerous bedrooms, reliving the events of his accident and contemplating his future.

The faces of the girls he had lead to death floated around his consciousness. Not their gorgeous bodies or their naughty nature, not their words or their attention, not the alcohol he had shared with them, none of that. Their faces. Their lives. Gone, because of him. Had he never asked them to join him on his trip, they'd still be here. The worst part? He'd planned on dropping them off upon returning and never hearing from them again. That wasn't how Jacob Stark worked. Or at least, it wasn't how he had worked.

He was a new person. And not in the best sense. The playboy within him had been murdered, fallen to death along with those innocent girls. The arrogant kid, who couldn't manage two minutes without blowing a kiss at his reflection, mangled and mutilated and, killed. Now he could not look himself in the mirror. The face that greeted him was the face of the man that had ruined the lives of five unsuspecting women. Summit remained quiet throughout the young man's identity search, recognizing the conflicting emotions his mind was taking strain from.

His skin grew gold again and he curled his fingers into a fist, face growing cold. He realized what had to be done and prepared to atone for his sins, subconsciously aware that he would never truly be able to.

Now, the Catacombs.

Tony had bonded the Mark Three armour with Jacob's genetic structure upon request and granted him access to all Peak upgrades and tech, recognizing his younger brother's thirst for salvation and giving him the ability to achieve it. The Peak Armour. He had hoped he wouldn't have to bring young Jake into the world of good & evil but knew, there was no other way. The 19 year old boy that had obsessed over his hair and marched around without a shirt on to show his physique off had died 4 days earlier along with those girls.

Jacob Stark was no more, now there was only Assault.

Silent and foreboding, the iron-clad anti-hero stood at the rear of the Trinity, listening carefully to their leader Zicarra's words. In his previous life, Jacob had despised all and every form of authority and had made every effort possible to belittle it, but now he remained quiet and still. The mutant hero had given him the opportunity to save lives and he'd embraced the opportunity, if stonily. Coupled with his combat abilities, the Assault armour would make him more than a dangerous asset to the team. It would make him a hero.

"Sir, how do you feel about the notion of murder? It seems this mission will require it."

Summit's thoughts and his were linked, and they sounded out through his head. He replied mentally, without hesitation.

"Killing bad guys isn't murder, Summit, it's taking out the trash, something I've neglected far too long."

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Irreversibly engaged in the obsessive search for globally situated mutants of youthful origination with the altruistic intention of the evolutionarily necessary preservation of the mutant race, Don Andres' frantic X-Gene centered endeavors have experienced unanticipated prioritized escalation since the incipience of fearfully whispered rumors regarding the recent birth of a discriminatory anti-mutant crusade. In the aftermath of a circumstantially enlightening conversation with the mutant supremacist, Xenon, the Martial Arts Einstein's genetically-inhabited resolve regarding the protecting of his X-Gene harboring siblings has encountered substantial strengthening. "Senhor Knightfall? (Mister Knightfall)", the weakening voice of the Mercurial Maestro's physically weathered Portuguese butler, Gustavo Fonseca, atmospherically overtaking the artistically aesthetic setting of Rey Blanco's expansive study. "Sim? (Yes?)", an intensively focused Andres' ocular attention resting solely on the holographically fluorescent screens of his technologically integrated M.D.D.S. interface.

"Encontramos uma mutante podersa (We've found a powerful mutant)", Gustavo's enthusiastically elevating words imbuing within the Catalan Knightfall's luxuriously enveloped frame a plausible quantity of hopeful optimism. Maintaining the controlled composure of flawless facial features, Andres' subsequent request for further verbal elaboration was met with immediate response, "Ela esta na Africa do Sul. Possivelmente em Joanesburgo, Pretoria, Durban, ou na Cidade do Cabo (She is in South Africa. Possibly in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, or Cape Town". Issuing a polite nod, operating as a testament to his wordless appreciation of Gustavo's independently conducted research, the Catalan Cobra indulged in the conduction of additional research regarding the most prominent of child mutants situated in the African continent, intellectually distributing his attention across Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland etc. yet never allowing the careless divergence of focus from South Africa. Upon the identification of a prepubescent blonde girl, periodically the focal point of public African praise pertaining to her potent mutant abilities, Andres' situational realism was instantaneous in alerting him to the plausible possibility of impending antagonism from anti-mutant organizations. Altruistically overcome, the Spanish Savant commences an abruptly orchestrated departure from Catalonia.

Opting to disregard legal entry into South Africa, Andres' technological dependence on machinated high energy particle collisions enabled his delay-less transportation via an appropriately manipulated wormhole from particle-colliding origination. With the intention of presenting himself as a figure devoid of physical intimidation, Andres characteristically selects a fashionable attire of exemplified sartorial formality consisting of a form-fitting, black Dolce & Gabbana Martini suit. First setting foot in Johannesburg, the Catalan Maestro's search begins. Quick to contact an associate appropriate for the ensued endeavor, Andres' technological sophistication expertly reaches Xenon, "Mi amigo, I am in Johannesburg. Meet me at Mandela Square in Sandton. Tis of the utmost importance".

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The little girl may be in trouble, but the Gorilla will be 'more' trouble if it meets with civilization.

The silverback unlike umies do not use power for profit, rather to protect its family and now with its new doll it seeks to eradicate the poachers for good. By smashing them under several trillion tonnes of angry rock, no longer will they have to be hunted down, it is not shocking that it has chosen such a path. umies did the same with their gunpowder and metal engines, now they can do the same with several magnitudes higher.

the wrath of god will fall upon the umies who have wronged his kind, however the problem is that this alpha male cannot differentiate from this distance on which umies are the 'bad' ones. Anger after witnessing his community being dragged into cages makes this even worse, Huxley is worried that the big construct may endanger the other animals within the vicinity as well. umies have their own problems, but somefolk need to maintain the stability of the wild.

It has been predicted that in 2100 that the humie population will reach 11 billion, but by 2050 most animals and plants have been planned for mass exodus. Plans to curb the population have been implemented, some going as far as to point the final solution but the council dislikes such ideas as they opt with mass sterilization instead of the earthen males. To stop them from procreating, to end the spawn of their offspring.

It was a dumb book that decreed that all other creatures bow down to man, because of this notions hunting has become a prideful hobby. Huxley won't wipe the earth clean of hunters yet, as there are still those needing aid due to vastly diminishing populations. Now less than 900 in number they are indeed endangered, and unlike umie mutants their entire pool is lower. Waypoints have been established, and other agents from the Evergreen are already making contact with the gorilla communities.

Despite all the lore about the ferocity of the mountain gorilla, in general they are very peaceful creatures. Most days are spent foraging for food, playing, and grooming. Aside from mock fighting amongst juveniles, displays of aggression are reserved for challenges to the Silverback’s dominance or direct threats to the family’s well being.

Its fierce nature is seen when protecting the young from illegal traffickers bent on capturing their young, during the first mutation several armed umies are entombed in solid rock as their bullets met with several yards of earth. Since with every baby that is found in a cage an entire family of gorillas are cut down to reach it, now the counter attack has begun. One small umie settlement grounded into fine paste.

Several hardliners encourage violence while more moderate ones enforce their vision of removal, some independent groups are developing extinction viruses for mankind as they are being hunted for going against the word of the community. Huxley is a 'moderate' and now he stares up at the behemoth above the white clouds. Illegal trades, habitat destruction, poaching, umie diseases, war and civil unrest continually threaten their existence. Even though they are the 'flagship' species not much have been done since wars have pushed refugees to enter their lands and steal their food.

Now there are no more refugees...

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Stationed near earth's orbit, big spaceship called Morghul stood. Scanning every movement on earth to help the alien Supreme with observation. Big screens shined with a red lights indicating an important development had occured. Supreme left his room as he was called by one of the aliens appointed to be the head of the earth's observation.

Taking his place at the throne like seat, he looked at the screens. One of the aliens spoke with an alien language, telling him about an important mutant with some unique powers. ''A game changer?'' Supreme spoke with his humble voice. After getting informed about the mutant's age his face showed some signs indicating his sorrowfull approach to the news. ''A child? We need to act before they break her into pieces.'' Looking at the signs indicating that they were not the only ones to learn of this child's presence, he turned to one of his commanders. ''Do we have the information about this child's exact place or only whereabouts?'' The commander spoke in human tongue ''Someplace in... Afeeca?'' Commander stopped for a second then continued with his own language speaking about her place not being a secret.

Supremes closed his eyes took a deep breath before saying anything. The knowledge is out and they will fight for her as dogs fight for meat. Whatever the side they are on they will try to use her without looking at her. His thoughts were making his allready sorrow mood more sorrowfull. He looked once again to the screen. Changing his posture to his commanding stence he repeated his priorities in his mind. ''Priorities changed. Keep informing me about everymovement around the area. We should take the girl before anyone else.'' His voice changed from his usual humble and polite tone to a sharp tone. He left the deck heading to the armory.

I will not allow her to be a weapon in the name of goodness or the evil. His thoughts then turned into his own childhood. He was an important child too. He was a 'gamechanger' to his people too. He was thinking about that time when his people learned about his capabilities. The thougths led to anger filling his mind. He tried to cleansed from his thouths as he came to the armory. He wore his spiked armor and helmet to be ready to any hospitality. Took a pair of plasma guns and took some bombs, he was getting ready for anything. For the first time in years he was this concerned about anything. He came back to the control deck and nodded his head to his men as a farewell. He pulled his teleportation gear and after giving the coordinates he left the ship to the Africa, for the child.

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A prompt departure for Johannesburg instantly took place upon request from a obviously fruitful ally in days to come, Andres Knightfall. Being a blatant opportunist in character knowing fell well that on his own, or with the trinity rather would yield results slower than if he accompanied the Spaniard, as such he quickly broke through African airspace with abrupt acceleration through at telekinetic nature using his telepathic signals and suits own subversive nature masking his physical appearance to the local and military personal. Having prior knowledge of the mission through a team meeting he was aware the trinity, which he was part of would attempt to capture this child. Opting to do this mission with the infamous yet highly respected Andres instead having the undisputed suspicious founded on sound reasoning that it would be a more productive use of his time, instead, he would report back to the trinity as the mission moved forwards.

Arriving at the location draped in a casual African robe which where colored orange, traditional African robes would would make for an incognito appearance until needing to don his actual fighting attire, Looking around swiftly locking onto the mans undeniable characteristic flair even when trying to dress less imposingly, or possibly regally. He walked over, "Greetings Andres" Nodding was a testament to his eagerness to participate in this mission "This is about the child, correct?" Knowing the answer he continued "Was this what you wished to discuss?"

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Stone atop of a sea of roving clouds the ape commands destruction to avenge his fallen kind, four pillar like limbs assembled from earthen mass the size of multiple mountains makes its way towards the next umie settlement. Every normal step creating an earthquake that can be felt across the vast plains, from long range rock particles are ejected out of the stone frame. Bursting earth missiles sent from the heavens to wipe out the plague of umies. From below the sight was majestic, it was god's work in the form of an earth idol that came out of the strife of war.

A scourge of God that listens to no one, yet a force of nature that can easily cause irreversible damage to the wartorn lands. Even the tiniest movement topple flimsy housing and cracks can be felt on the surface of civilized buildings on more cosmopolitan areas, it was not something that can be ignored unless the news of genocide are to be spread across the corners of the modern world. Those that can broadcast do, those who can't simply watch as a very obvious scene appears. Having a stature of 35,000 feet makes every satellite on the are a focus.

Huxley might need the little girl to depower this situation, but at the moment he sets up to establish communication with the bahamut. The plan would be to attack this thing and lure it outside, the human radiation has given him insight in how to do basic planning. Currently he waves his hands to blow away the rocks from the nearby villages, strength allows him to do many things. It does not however allows him to be at many places at once, and as he swipes a rock back to sender he sees an eruption of stone exploding to the far reaches of the sky.


@ziccarra_liafador: @the_golden_man: @lincoln_protocol: @joeagentofhand1: @assault: @morte_knightfall: @morte_knightfall: @adhene: @xenon_: (not for interaction but a heads up for the earthquake's shockwaves)

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"Sir, there are numerous incidents occurring within South Africa right now. There are two of major concern. Satellite imagery shows a giant silver back gorilla on a rampage," the photographs were uploaded into Jacob's consciousness. "And my personal scanners have picked up a teleportation trail starting just along the edge of Earth's orbit and ending in Durban. My scans indicate that the intruder is alien, sir."

Jacob took a moment to process the information, still a bit of a rookie at the hero gig. And by rookie he meant this was about his first time in the field. Sure, he'd been sufficiently trained by Tony regarding the bare basics of the suit, but despite that infinite supply of confidence his soul possessed, he couldn't help but feel a bit jittery.

"Which is nearer?"

"That would be Durban, sir."

"So what are we waiting for."

He split off from the group, the entire conversation taking place within the confines of his mind, silent and quick. He left the catacombs rather aprubtly, activating his flight system and firing off into the sky, howling excitedly as he did so.

Assault had soon reached super-sonic speed and prepared to land in Kwazulu-Natal's most beautiful city, beginning to slow down even before he'd seen the coast. The Titanium-clad Titan landed with a thunk upon the roof of a Wakaberry, a famous South African frozen yoghurt shop. His target had landed upon the beach, surrounded by surfers and bathers, all of them regarding him with suspicion. The metallic man knew what his first objective was.

"Summit, boost my voice."

"As you wish, sir."

The Stark hovered in mid-air, speaking slowly and deliberately, his ice cold voice carried across over the massive area.

"Run, if you value your lives."

A few of them looked up at his figure in bewilderment, phones being whipped out almost instantaneously. A quick little EMP wiped them out.

"Summit, let's scare 'em off."

"Initiating holograms sir."

To everybody looking at him, it would look as if Assault had raised his arm and fired a single missile at an empty spot in the sand and caused a humongous explosion, bits of shrapnel firing off in all directions, but somehow managing to not harm them. Then they fled, surfboards forgotten.

Assault turned his head slowly towards the alien, his stone faced helmet failing to betray any emotion. He began to lower himself, finally landing in the sand, level with his opponent. He spoke, voice ice, laced with prejudiced malice.

"I'm going to give you one minute to explain yourself and 'port back outta town. Or," the Steel Savior's eye slits suddenly seemed to grow more luminescent, glowing ferociously. "I can blow you to shit."

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The bear immediately rushes at the tin man, to push the human out of harm's way. Not because he cares but because that he might be able to get to the girl the fastest, unless the man is having one of those nukular weapon that mister bush likes to talk about the 35,000 ft mountain dwarfing monster is not going down. Also even if he did have nukular weapons the bear would not allow him to use them, since it would be dangerous. At this point he is at an edge since he can only try to express little human speech pattern. It is very hard to do so in bear form, and in human form he is retarded.

so he pushes the man at a speed where he can be noticed, before a large pillar of stone that is used as a leg falls down on the man that is barely noticed. A leg made from an amalgamate of mountains, "G............ee.t .....gg......rrr...uuuu.....r..ll"

That was just a flash of daydream, now back to reality the ursine is bearing the load of one of the legs as it nearly made impact to the ground.

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Moments Ago

Alexander Smith stood a bit away from the group as they discussed the mission in the Catacombs, his eyes roamed behind his mask. He was still unsure about this whole thing, shit he was unsure of himself to be honest. Just a couple of months ago he had escaped a laboratory with scientists set out to make him a weapon for governments, he was simply the first to survive of many to come. He changed that when he escaped destroying the lab and all of its data, even some of its workers. So, he was still unsure if he was right for this team and that’s why he eyes could not stop roaming each of them as he made mental notes.

Ziccarra Liafador, the leader, most likely the final say in operations. In Alex’s opinion he could certainly trust her. The others, he simply passed by as he tried to listen to the mission. The mission was a young girl named Kari in South Africa whose mutant power was where she could grant humans mutant capabilities or take those away from mutants. With the world at unease about mutants and humans, this was biggest tipping point up to date. Trinity understood that they needed to control the situation before it became a world disaster and they also knew that others would be after her. Her power was not one to take lightly, but it could be controlled with the right people and environment and Trinity would try its best to make sure of that. With villains, pro-human and pro-mutant groups after her as well, opposition was inevitable and Ziccarra had just okayed killing if necessary. They left as soon as possible because the time to act was now.

To be honest with himself and others, Alex knew the only way he could protect the girl and ensure her safety was up close. He set out to what was believed to be her destination, The Eastern Cape of South Africa. He took flew the team’s modified Blackbird stealth jet to the location. He set it to stealth mode to avoid as much confrontation as possible.


He landed in the center of the Eastern Cape, is a deserted area. He communicated with the rest of the team in his suit. “Trinity: This is Alexander, I have landed in the center of the Eastern Cape. As of the moment everything seems easy, no signs of the girl. I will keep you updated as much as I can. Alexander Out.”

He walked out of the jet to think of his next move. He knew he could not think too long, the girl was in danger and he would not like what happened to him to happen to her or anyone.

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The assassin sat silently in the mission room, her deep green eyes focused on Ziccarra as she listened attentively to the mission they were being given. It had been all over the news recently, a young girl in Africa able to not only give normal human mutant powers, but take away mutant powers for good. Even Cassandra had been getting messages from her prior employees about the girl. Some to retrieve her for them, others to kill her and some just to get a sample of her blood and while the sums of money were impressive and very luring, Cass had already dedicated her time and skill to this 'team'.

"We this will be a covert operation, if met by hostiles….leave no witnesses."

The side of her lip curled up just a smudge as she heard the last statement, that's what she wanted to hear, to draw blood of those who dare to stand in her way. Without a second though she suddenly vanished from the room, using her powers of teleportation to lead into the weapon room where her equipment was held. Unless on a mission, she was told not to carry her weapons inside the building, due to her very colorful past. Most people would scoff, knowing that Cassandra Jaege of the The Totschlag Family had join a 'hero' team, but she didn't join Trinity to redeem herself like people have seemed to jump to conclusion. They had need for her skill and she had need for the sums of money they had offered her. Killing in the name of good or evil... doesn't matter to the assassin, blood spills from a slit throat the same way. With her equipment on and her Vernichtung Klingen gauntlets strapped onto both her forearms, she was ready.


Her black Blackhawk boots pressed firmly onto the land of the Western Region of Eastern Cape. All across the land After Alexander checked in she too flipped on her com-link. "Trinity, Cassandra, just land in Eastern Cape, nearby Kirkwood, I'm going to start there and work my way outward through the neighboring area for the girl."

Making her way through the small town of roughly 3,000, the smell of citrus filled the air and it should, after all, Kirkwood was one of the largest citrus growing regions in South Africa. Orchards could be seen as afar as the eyes could see, Orange trees, lemon trees, grapefruit trees... all around her. Workers in the orchards could be seen harvesting the fruit, but not before glancing at the darkly dressed woman. But her mind was focused right now, find the girl, get her out and kill anyone who stood in her way.

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Readily indulging in conversational resumption, the Martial Arts Einstein issued a comprehensively responsive nod, "Si. Tis about the girl", the Catalan Don's verbal confirmation, jointly accompanied by a subtle gesture of wordless politeness, requesting that the poorly documented mutant supremacist follow his proceeding steps. With a commenced walk, Andres began, "She is very powerful, no?", a calmly raised brow serving as the emitter of implicitly manifested curiosity. "Naturally, she must be a target for any anti-mutant organization. The power to grant or remove powers from either a human or mutant would face immediate exploitation, Senor Xenon", undoubtedly a premeditated course of action incipiently adopted by any quantity of anti-mutant factions with the discriminatory objective of rendering mutants, powerless.

Regally folding both hands behind his back, perfectly mirroring the genetically acquired elegant mannerisms and aristocracy historically radiated by his soft-spoken father, Don Andres continued, "We have to find her, and take her to Venezuela. She'll be safest there. Here... I don't even know who might be after her as we speak", uncharacteristic admittance of a harbored lack of knowledge regarding the girl's location soon followed, "I don't know much about the girl. I simply know that her name is Kari, and that she is blonde. You are far more in touch with this continent than I am, do you have any suggestions on where she might be? My initial thoughts were Cape Town but, I could be wrong".

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Two hours later, H.Q of a anti-mutant operation.

The guards new what was down before the alarm went off, the five inch massive steel door being blown off it's hinges and onto a few men thanks to POW!'s kinetic beams were enough to declare their arrival. "Goldy! I'll distract them, you got find their stupid computer set-up or whatever it is!" POW! shouted while firing a few more guards upon running through the smoke and debris, drawing alot of attention to himself as he fled into one of the halls.

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I thought you would ask me to do something challenging.

@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: Mark opened his pocket and robotic bat came out. He turned into a human sized robotic bat. "Alright Vespertilio I need you to hack this computer". The bat smirked and said "I thought you would ask me to do something challenging......done". A guard ran behind Mark. He grabbed his gas gun and shot it. He was hit in the face and passed out. "Have a nice dream sleeping beauty! Hey Pow! I am done here let's get out!"

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@joeagentofhand1: POW! Pegged a few more guys before being cornered on the walkway very quickly, leaving him with of course, the painful alternative. "Aww jeez.." He muttered before slamming his fists together, creating a kinetic blast that sent him, and the guards around him in all different directions. POW! luckily got sent crashing out of a window, landing face first on the truck they stole at the airport. "..Ow.."

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: Mark ran towards the car and got in the drivers seat. "I guess your taking shot gun. Vespertilio has all the data in his mind".

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@joeagentofhand1: "Sweet! Yeah I better ride shotgun.." POW! slowly got off the truck while groaning and got into the truck. "And what did the little bat give us?"

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: "So far I only see the encounters that she had. Causing a guy who can fly to fall to his death(by accident) and giving some kid fire powers. The data banks just has random places she has been, nothing definite. Vespertilio can perhaps hack into to every comlink in South Africa in case anybody finds something before us".

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@joeagentofhand1: "That...Could really put us out in the open Goldy..If there are capes out and about, we could get caught REALLY fast.." POW! rubbed his head from that fall, typical villain work for him. "We should take the risk I guess, but we should act swiftly as soon as we pick up a scent."

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: Mark was thinking of the possible consequences. Lincoln was right the capes have gotten craftier. Then again Vespertilio is the world's, perhaps the universe's, greatest hacker. "Vespertilio you know what to do..."
The bat froze and then said "It is done". "The true show is just about to begin...."

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I am a Mutant. There is a part of me that is just like this child we are searching for. Lost. To know that there are different groups of people endlessly searching for you is.. it is scary.

I understand. Feeling trapped, because of who you were born to be. People hate you, and want to control you.

If we find her I'll make sure she doesn't go through what a lot of young Mutants go through. What I went through.

Kirkwood. Small town, but absolutely beautiful. The Orchards that surround me makes me just want to come back after we find her and chill here for the rest of the day. Actually maybe I'll make that a recommendation. I would run off to a stunning place too.

My boots dig into the dirt with each step. It is making me regret wearing a dark blue pair instead of a brown one. Yuck.

I look up to see Homicide talking onto the communicator.

She could probably kill me in seconds. I'm not even sure if I should be scared or happy I'm with someone like her. Maybe I should contact the team as well.

"Trinity, this is Agent Selina Stone. I am now here with.. um. Homicide. I'll make sure to report if anything comes up with the young girl, over!"

Working with everyone that is literally the idea of professional when it comes to a task is difficult. I'm not a slacker at all, but these people are just really good at what they do, and then there is me. New at everything.

"Where to now?"

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"Agreed, a mutant with this unique power set is not just a threat to our kind in fear or removal of our powers, but what would be stopping her granting powers to our inferiors and thus, using them against us?...it would allow them to go unslipped inside of my country for a start - as a spy, sleeper agent" Shaking his head in a very, very apparent fear "We must NOT allow the girl to be captured by an enemy force....The consequences would be catastrophic" Rubbing his chin in thought, Xenon had a suspicion where the girl may be, unfounded yet possibly correct "Yes, My country would have the assets and protective services to defend her - and stop an abuse of powers" Nodding before he continued in agreement "You go search the Cape Town slum know as Joe Slovo - This slum has housed Apartheid supporters before and may possibly be hiding the girl...you go to Cape Town, Joe Slovo and I shall search the surrounding areas around the country - If you find anything contact me, I shall do the same for you" Before he left himself, Xenon had only a few words left "Be warned Andres, Joe Slovo is one of the largest informal settlements in South Africa.....it will be riddled with murders, and possibly dangerous mutants if she is indeed in that location" Thoughtfully looking into the air, ready to fly "Good luck my friend" Waiting a few seconds for any words to be said, and subsequently nodding to any he shot into the air leaving a trail of dust in his wake, going to search other slums of the country while Andres searched the major.

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The Dark Detective had missed the meeting due to criminal affairs in Gothic city which could not be ignored but now that they were taken care of he finally went back to his HQ, he was sure that the meeting was about the girl in South Africa which could give and take away mutant abilities, and like any detective it was his job to find any tracks that the girl might have left behind. He had hacked every com link in South Africa with a fake signal in order to avoid being tracked and find any data which would lead him to her, the computer detected somebody else doing this and their location so his next move was to find out who. The next logical move for any other hacker would have been hacking the other machine to find data about them, but other hackers do not posses a billion dollar worth company with satellites built to track, record, and take high quality pictures. The C.I.A database identified the one with the gauntlets as Willis Lincoln aka POW!, his gauntlets give him the ability to cast out kinetic energy. For the second one there was no need to hack into a database to identify him. Mark Hunter aka Golden Man, one of the classic villains who he familiarized himself with. Before going out he packed several EMP grenades just in case and used his doors to get to the HQ of the anti-mutant operation with his sidekick instantly. (note: his sidekick has the power set of a 16 year old version of Superman)

"The true show is just about to begin...." which Kid-Vendetta responded to with his usual wise cracking tone several yards behind them "You're right about that!". As he was floating with his arms crossed and his mentor was in a fighting stance on the ground waiting for their opponents to make the first move. Dark Vengeance said in his dark yet taunting tone.

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@lincoln_protocol: @darkknightdetective: (sorry about that) Two figures appeared on the road. Mark slammed his brakes and the halted to a stop. "The hell are you-" Mark then noticed that these were two capes "Ah so you have come to face us! Well then react to this Vespertilio, Compos Mentis, Canis, and Creatura eject!" With that command four robots appeared from Mark's pocket and flew out the car window growing to around human size. Mark slowly got out of the car. He did a little stretch and calmly took a breathe. "I am sorry my good sirs I do not know who you are, but if you are here to stop me you might want to head back. You see me and companion here don't want to be delayed and I am feeling quite generous today.....who am I kidding Super Bots kick some ass". At that command the four robots charged at the two heroes and Mark pulled out his knock out gun.

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@darkknightdetective: @the_golden_man: "We are so dead.." Muttered POW! as he stepped out of the truck and slammed his kinetic gauntlets together to turn them on. Cranked up to about 70% power, being enough to punch a whole through steel, POW! fired a wide spread ray of energy, looking to get both of the capes in one go.

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@lincoln_protocol: @the_golden_man:

(Again, no problem)

Two birds one stone, Dark Vengeance saw a way to use both of the attacks to his advantage. The robots charged first to which in response he charged back against them, but instead of connecting the charge he jumped over them and attempted to kick both Creatura and Canis to where the spread ray of energy fired by Lincoln was going in order to destroy them. While kicking them in mid air he would throw multiple explosive Vs at the other two robots and when he lands on the ground he would proceed by running at Golden Man at speeds beyond human and attempting to grab his hand with the gun and moving it out of the way while applying pressure which would result in his hand breaking, while he did that he would also head butt him in the nose that will cause a fracture.

While his mentor attacked he jut moved to the left at super sonic speeds away from where the kinetic energy attack was directing still with his arms crossed and noticed that "kinetic man" was kind of nervous so he flew right in front of him still with his mighty super speed and mocking stance and just gave him a cocky smile. That was his way of intimidating his opponents.

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@lincoln_protocol: @darkknightdetective: Golden Man: Mark's nose was bleeding badly and he was in deep pain, but it was nice to be the superhero fighting gig again. He quickly grabbed some fear pellets and threw it at his opponents. This might only serve as a distraction, put it would be worth it. Vespertilio was up, good. "Vesp plan XYZ!" As soon as he said that, the deed was done: Mark's mind was hooked up to all the nuclear bases and plants in South Africa. "I didn't come all this way to lose to the ambiguously gay duo! Right now I can cause this entire country to blow up and us with it. You don't think I will do it, do you? If I honestly cared about myself I would I have become a villain and dress in a stupid looking hood?! Also don't try knocking me out this will cause missiles to go boom! So let us go and we can go back home and watch Leave it to Beaver or Family Matters depending on your taste in shows". Hopefully he buys his bluff.

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@joeagentofhand1: @darkknightdetective: "Dude...XYZ?" POW! Chuckled a bit, not only at the fact that his body was intact, but at the silly code. "Oh..Sup tights.." POW! Met eyes with the cape and tapped his pecs. "Is it true what they say about roids? You know? Not so super downstairs?" Wllis's classic cynicism kicking in, always when he has anxiety. "I know you think your invincible and all? But these rays can dust your bones if I crank 'em to a hundred so..Take a few steps back alright?"

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@joeagentofhand1: @lincoln_protocol:

"Oh, you mean those rays?" Kid-Vendetta then fired his heat vision at the gauntlet hoping that he could destroy them or at least mess with them. After that he attempted to pick up POW! with one hand and throw him in the air 2500 ft up in the air in order to mess with his anxiety, he is little bit of a bastard like his mentor so enjoyed putting criminals through hell. When he would begin falling he would catch him and ask him to surrender before he loses his temper.

The fear pellets had no effect in Dark Vengeance, he is invulnerable to toxic fumes and most poisons thanks to his healing factor. He knew Golden Man was lying, he would have known even without his precognition because he is a detective. Intense breathing, avoiding eye contact, and it didn't fit his M.O, he is a classic villain not a suicidal mass murderer and he has occasionally been a hero so there in no way that he is going to kill an entire country. "Go ahead, kill everyone. Do you honestly think I got into this costume without knowing that I might get killed someday?".

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@joeagentofhand1: @darkknightdetective: "AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaah" POW! Was thrown up into the air and finally caught by the god-like being. His gauntlets however were heat resistant, very heat resistant. "YES! I mean one of THESE!" He shouted while cranking it up to 100% power and firing it right at his face. 100% was enough rip a whole through a building, let alone knock a super human away. POW!'s arm as a result was severely injured, that was the cost of maximum power.

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Finally prepped and ready to go, Z made her way back to the catacombs to see that everyone was already gone and what’s worst, they took the jet. “So much for team” she whispered, brushing the side of her head. “Xenon did not bother to show up…interesting” needless to say; she had doubt in the current leader of Venezuela. He was a mutant supremacist pledging his allegiance to a group that wanted peace between the two factions. He was a character contrast to Ziccarra; and already working outside the group on his own projects.

Before taking off, Z removed her accu-check and began checking her blood. This tedious process was a must before every mission; she also needed to make sure she had enough medication to last the duration of the trip.

She didn’t know too much about assault or Selina Stone for that matter, Selina seemingly appeared over night; Assault didn’t speak too much, not like any of them did. Alex was new as well, as far as she knew, he was a human. Despite his being without the X-Gene he was fearless in his effort to land in South Africa by himself.

“Here goes nothing” she whispered, her body began to heat up before taking off in a blur across the British sound. The water parted as she sped across the sea, she was moving so fast that, she literally ran into the mist.

Few hours later

Z washed up on the shore of Port Elizabeth visibly exhausted, her body should’ve been able to with stand the speed. Keeling over she tried to force her body back functional. No avail; she fell over on the beach breathing erratically.

"I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up. It's like my body wants to rebel..."

“Trinity…” she wheezed, in the intercom sounding as if she were having an asthma attack. “I…I’m….Port Elizabeth” her eyes closed momentarily. When she woke up she was resting in some type of homeless shelter.

Rolling off her cot her eyes fell on the feet of an attendant. “You’re here because of the girl right?”The realization of the subject helped push Z to her feet, she stood with a slumped frame eying the woman. “The Mutant child…she is here?” Z asked holding her side, writing in pain; she was doing her best not to show it but failing miserably.

“No-No” the woman said, helping Ziccarra take a seat. “The child is being held in Queenstown” the woman said, handing Ziccarra a bottle of water. “She used to live here, but once we realized what she was capable of, the police came and got her”.

"Poor child, she did not ask to be in the middle of this whole Mutant vs Human bullsh!t, It tis a shame we cannot live in peace"

“You’re not going to hurt her are you?” Z winced heavily whilst trying to answer her question. “No…I’m not; but…I…can’t…say the same…for the others” she said, exhaling deeply.Z and the woman looked up to see people rushing towards a nearby television; her adept ears picked up the sound of what sounded like tears.

Willing herself to her feet, Z hobbled over to the television to see, that an explosion had ripped through Queenstown congressional building. Apparently, someone had come into contact with the child; the unstable bonding of her powers with their genetic code caused him to manifest his powers before he could adapt to them.

“Crap…” Z whispered, instantly hitting her commlink. “Trinity, she is in Queenstown; proceed with caution” Z fell to her knee’s, she didn’t want to do it; but she knew what needed to be done. Vibrating her molecules as fast as she could, she sped off with one step.

The explosion saw Kari unharmed, but now she had armed police escorts, as well as any mutant she might’ve inadvertently given powers too. Pro-human and Mutant Supremacist from all over the world were preparing to storm this little child, Z and the Trinity intended on ensuring her safety.

"I must....push the limit!"

Z thought running so fast that the world around her eventually began to fade in and out in a hazy yellow blur.

Speed Force...

No more Multiple post

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@lincoln_protocol: @darkknightdetective: Golden Man: A wave of fear moved over Mark. Did he know he was bluffing? He might as well keep up the charade. "Are you out of your mind?! There are innocents that are going to die because you are 'extreme'(90's reference ftw)! Just like the rest of heroes these days all you kids do is destroy the city and leave! I respected all the heroes I fought, but you kids now a days are just as bad as me!" Distract him as long as you can Mark said to himself.

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@ziccarra_liafador: Among the screaming and chaos at Queenstown, a taller and broader man walked through it all, gently shoving and pushing everyone out of the way. His work was almost cut out for him, police weren't going to be a problem, even less of one as the people started clawing at the men trying to get to a more than terrified little girl. Mutant right this, human rights that, money? That's the Underdog's calling, and Sandy was about to pick it up. With a very sudden movement, half of his body reverted down to sand, and then he rushed forwards while yelling, his body becoming more and more hard and rock-like the closer he charged towards the little girl. While running he knocked away dozens of people in shock over the strange powers they accidentally attained, before being only a few feet away from the police and girl. Sandy felt the bullets graze through his face and trickled a bit from it, but bullets couldn't stop sand, especially when it hurls itself at the police like a giant mound. The girl along with her help got buried in five pounds of sand, before quickly reforming back into his human self, carrying the girl who was either to scared or knocked out at this point.

"She's mine! BACK OFF!" He shouted at the humans that were still not scared enough, Sandy thought he would help change there mind by enlarging his free arm and crushing a bystanders skull in that got a little to close. Next was just blasting sand out of his palm, literally blinding people as he backed up on the stairs of the burning congressional building. But then it got complicated, which Sandy was not going to like. While he was distracted on holding off the people, the girl forcefully put her hands on Sandy's chest, making it start to crumble away and revert to sand. "WHAT TH-!?" He shouted, but before he could collect himself, literally, the girl dug her way through his chest and out of his back, making Sandy fall to his knees and clutch onto what remained of himself. The was now in a full sprint, in a daring escape by literally running back into the burning building. "Ok then...I'm pissed off now.." Sandy absorbed the sand that fell off his body and reformed his chest, trying to get to his feet and continue the chase.

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@ziccarra_liafador: Receiving the call for assistance Xenon instantaneously changed his direction towards Queenstown instead of the other slums in Cape Town, knowing that he and Morte had now been travelling to the wrong location. Blasting through the speed of sound ignoring incognito and stealth, he was fully aware that this child was now in inevitable danger and needed to be escorted to safety before any would bring her harm, or exploit her very exploitable powers.

Personally, this meant more to Xenon than just a mission. He despised the use of children in warfare, this was more than a team mission. Pressing two fingers to his forehead while in flight, he sent a telepathic signal to @@morte_knightfall "The girl is located in Queenstown, Immediate assistance is required - Be quick" Swiftly arriving on scene in no more than a few minutes due to his inhuman speeds during telekinetic induced flight the Mutant Supremacist now "acting" peacemaker arrived in the location, however unsure where the girl actually was.

Through a telepathic intrusion into the police officers and other associated minds Xenon attempted to find out where the girl....however....this was done quicker than expected as somebody, or something had just performed the first kidnapping attempt @mrname Xenon jolted towards the man who had just failed, upon flying towards him performing a TK push, hoping to dismantle the mans sand and scatter him before flying into the building and meeting Kari, Xenon entered the building cautiously looking for the girl, Walking through silently due to his outfit masking all sound, he slowly spoke "Kari - I am here to help" He looked around the burning building, using his powers to stop himself dying but aware the structural integrity of the place was starting to fail.

Still unable to find the girl, Xenon keeled down onto the floor into a praying position. Activating his TK force-field to stop the fire which was licking at his sides harming him, the flames were now being pushed aside by an invisible barrier, concentrating harder and harder he suddenly jolted his arms outwards sending a telekinetic radar which pulsed throughout the entire building.

Now with the girls location pin-pointed accurately in his mind, he pushed the thought to the back of his mind. Knowing that if the building collapsed more trouble would ensue, placing strategic TK supports on all sides of the building, acting as metal beams would hopefully stop the whole place coming down.

Now with the girls specific location he literally shot through the building blasting apart the wood and bricks in his way, into an upstairs bathroom where the girl was hiding, "I am going to take you to safety" Xenon pushed open the door, Kari was inside. Xenon instantly felt a pressure of severe sadness creep up on him, the girl was carrying the weight of a war on her shoulders, a burden too much for any child, He moved in closer comfortingly "My name is Xenon, Nobody will hurt you now" Taking her by the shoulder, He protectively put the girl behind his back, pushing the fire away from the area as they descended the stairs.

Having a very realistic awareness that he would not "simply" walk out of the building without resistance, but not letting the girl go without a fight. Turning back around as the walked down the stairs, he spoke "You...have a gift, you can give and take peoples powers away" He smiled "Like a magic person! Bad people want your powers though - I am here to protect you" He took the girl by the hand, he had never had a family....had this girl? "You're safe now" They continued down the stairs. Xenon ready to defend this girl with his life.

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@joeagentofhand1: @lincoln_protocol:

The boy wonder flew a couple of yards back in result of the attack, he felt that but that didn't mean that it hurt. "Idiot". He muttered to himself, his opponent did not realize that if the attack would have knocked him out, he would have been left free falling and become a red stain on the floor. As his opponent was falling he caught him from both hands and started applying pressure into the gauntlets in attempt to break them and break both of his hands too. "Game Over". He said with a kind of annoyed tone. But then replied to his crotch comment from before and jokingly said "Mine is bigger than yours".

"You're wrong, I'm worse than you are. I have to be to beat your kind".
He then throws a EMP grenade at him and at the robots just in case he decided to make another move or if he had another gadget. Then he ran at him with all his might and performs an air knee attack aiming at his jaw, then he would do a under cut to his ribs, and finally a Ura-tsuki to the stomach. "I'm taking you to prison old man".

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"Hey, buddy."

A figure materialized out of the flames before the Panther-like clad Xenon, garbed in blue and orange, a massive broadsword in one palm. The Mercenary didn't give the man a chance to orientate himself, the blade already tearing through the air towards him. Without bothering to see whether the sudden assault was a success, he brought both other feet up at the jet black figure in the form of a scissors-kick, perfectly executed and possessing enough force to shatter a ribcage.

As soon as the balls of his feet touched the floor again he spun, low, aiming to cleave Xenon's legs away at the knee, but harnessing enough momentum to keep him twirling, coming up in a cork-screw like motion with the intent to cut the mutant supremacist's body into horizontal pieces. He was wary of the girl, prepared to teleport directly out of her path should she try to touch him and revoke his own mutant abilities.

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The molecules started shaking as the teleportation occured. Supreme's body assembled out of nowhere. He sighed as he looked at his surrounding. People around him looked afraid and curious. ''The child.'' His voice was nowhere near to his usual politeness. ''Where is she?'' Arround him there were ordinary people living their life. They were scared of the sight of an armored man. ''Let her be! She is just a child!'' The women who spoke was trying to look brave though her body was betraying her showing signs of fear inside. As Supreme turned to the woman a man came out of the crowd. ''We don't know where she is! Please, we don't want to get into any of this things.'' Supreme's left eye was glowing more then before. ''I don't care any of you. I just want the child for her safety.'' His voice were getting back to it's usual tone. People stepped back a little as Supreme moved a muscle. Pitiful, he thought. The woman is the bravest of them all. Without giving any other response he slowly walked away from them.

In search for the girl his mind was clear. Taking all the power from his energy creation he used it to heighten his senses. Since his last fight he was left with one power at a time basis. His hearing was unmatched. He could hear anything that was happening around the country but he had to eliminate the sounds one by one in his head to find the one he was searching for. He could hear people speaking about the arrival of some 'super' people. He had to be faster than them to find the girl. She was the one in need. He could hear some animals making a mass. His eyes widened a little with the voice of a flying object coming to his way. He wasn't expecting anyone to confront him before getting to child but it mattered not. Who or what ever that was it was coming. Changing his powers to give him his near invulnerable skin while leaving all the heightened senses other than hearing, he kept walking showing no signs of expactaiton for the arriving force.

All of a sudden a seemingly rocket blew up at the beach though Supreme's perception ove the matter could feel that was not the case. An illusion? He thought while looking at the armored man above him. The man settled to the ground, his armor shining with sunlight. The man spoke without manners. Supreme raised an eyebrow as he looked at the man though his helmet didn't let this to be seen. ''Who are you to command me?'' He spoke with a polite yet intimidating voice. ''Aren't you that Stark guy? Do you want to blow this place too as you did with Venezuela?'' He stopped for a second with a little grinning. ''Anyway. I am not gonna let anyone touch that child. She is not a weapon to your goals or anyones!'' His intimidating voice cracked a little as he was finishing his sentence. He was taking so many thoughts about a child. Which was surprising to himself. He didn't care much for anyone but the things happening right now was somehow reminding him his own childhood. ''Mind your tongue before speaking, boy. Try to command me again and you will meet the consequences!''

As he finished taking he heard an explosion. From his comm one of his commanders spoke informing about the recent activities. The explosion had an human origin. A man was activiated by the girl and with the uncontrolled power came the explosion. Those things took place in someplace called Queenstown and apparently the girl was there. Commander continued with the information. The girl now had some armed and unarmed men with her. Though what those men could do against the ones who seek her was questionable. Supreme's mind was on rampage. Thinking many posibilities. He had to make his there quick but first somehow he must get away from the armored man before him. He had no time to waste now as the clock was ticking.