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Hovering high above the Grimm City, New Jersey skyline; the newly remodeled St. Thomas Cathedral sits. Underneath the massive structure lays the remains of the old Cardinal Island. The Cardinal Queen has dedicated the Bastille of Cardinals to the Cardinals whom perished at the hands of their enemies. Teleportation,Flying and South Cardinal Island; (The ground level) are the only points of entry. South Cardinal island is guarded by the Creatures of Darkness. (Nobodies)

The Bastille Of Cardinals

The castle is completely white and supported by white Corinthian Pillars; all throughout the halls; huge portraits of history's most notorious leaders hand from the walls. The sheer beauty and majesty of the Bastille was nothing less of certainly awe-inspiring. It is in perfect contrast with the modern trend of faceless and sterile buildings, solely conceived for practical purposes. The sides of the great hall measure exactly 66.6 feet, 666 being the number of beast of the Revelation and the number commonly associated with Y intercept.

Consisting of 12 floors and 12 basements; the Bastille of Cardinals is a physical gauntlet to those who wander in aimlessly. The last twelve floors are guarded by The Shadow Guard; Cardinals who have been injected with the chemical Xechellum; and have achieved full "Cardinal Illumination". These Cardinals command the forces and darkness just as well as the Black Cardinal.

The Cult of Cardinals Rank System

The Black Cardinal - The Black Cardinal is known as the "Good Shepard" and almost known to promote reasoning. The Death of a Black Cardinal is usually followed by death and disease. In history there have only been two Black Cardinals; both female. The Current is Ziccarra Liafador.

The Supreme Cardinal - The Supreme Cardinal is known as the Cardinal of vengeance, When the Death of a Black Cardinal occurs, the Supreme Cardinal takes command; by spiritual decree the Supreme Cardinal is to invoke "Spirit of Vengeance" upon the populace, when the Black Cardinal died.

The Red Cardinal - This title was created solely for Surreal Diablo by Alistair, The Red Cardinal takes commands from the Supreme Cardinal and rules as a overseer of the Grunt Cardinals.

The Master Cardinal - The Master Cardinal is known as the Cardinal of Birth; the Master Cardinal's role is to ensure a consistent flow of members into the Cardinal society. The Master Cardinal is a rank that a crafty person usually gets.

The Grand Cardinal - The Grand Cardinal is the lowest ranked Cardinal before the grunts; the Grand Cardinal must have a mind for business and must be able to do anything nessary for the mission.

The Grunt Cardinals

The Grunt Cardinals patrol South Cardinal Island with the orders to kill from the Black Cardinal herself. They are at the bottom of the totem when it comes to importance. They have the basic martial art skills having been trained by Z; their skills being redefined by Sha Intercept.

The Shadow Guard

Shadow Guard.

The Shadow Guard, consist of former Grunt Cardinals whom achieved illumination; through certain rites of passage. Most of the Shadow Guard have been injected with Xecellum giving them powers over a certain element. The Shadow Guard are the product of the Master Cardinal, a spot that was vacated when the Black Cardinal killed him. For the time being, they take orders from the Black Cardinal at least until a new Master Cardinal is appointed. The shadow guard members have powers obtained from people Ziccarra Liafador interacted with.

Floor one

The Cardinal of Water

Upon entering floor one, visitors we'll be tested by the Cardinal of Water, the entire room; begins to fill with water and a battle shall ensure inside a water shrine. The Cardinal of Water can, project and manipulate water to his liking.

Floor Two

The Cardinal of Volts and Sound

Floor two keeps the simple white decor, however visitors who make it past the Cardinal of Water will do battle by Shadow Guard member number 2. The Cardinal of Volts. She can channel electricity in her kunai; and can move at a near lightening speed.

Floor Three

The Cardinal of Probability

The Cardinal of Probability guards the third floor; he has a master of luck and probability making attacking him head on nearly impossible. Upon entering his room the hall transforms into a giant chess board.

Floor Four

Cardinal of Magic

Room four is by far the hardest room; because here the visitor is without powers and must combat the forces of elemental magic. The Cardinal of Magic caste a spell on the room preventing the use of powers; he has control of Ice and Earth.

Floor Five

The Cardinal of Ice

Much like the Cardinal of Magic, The Cardinal of Ice; uses ICE. Upon entering his floor the room get's frosty and the visitor is met by Stalactites and Stalagmites. His Ice shield allows him to deflect most attacks; gaining acess to his blindside is advised.

Floor Six

The Cardinal of Wind

The Cardinal of wind, has a huge gale blowing through his hall; he uses lances to control the direction of the wind.

Floor Seven

The Cardinal of Fire

The Fire Cardinal takes residence on the 7th floor; upon entering his room, the room shifts into an active volcano. He wields a weapon known as a Chakram.

Floor Eight

The Cardinal of Tactic

The Cardinal of Tactic uses brute force to engage his opponent; Just one blow from his mighty weapon can send a shockwave through the room.

Floor Nine

Sharpshooter Cardinal

The Sharpshooter Cardinal, will start firing the moment someone enters his floor; he guided rounds ensuring that he almost never misses.

Floor Ten

The Berserk Cardinal

The Berserk Cardinal channels his energy from the moonlight; he is almost nearly impossible to damage once in that state. He uses a huge claymore to swinging at his foes.

Floor Eleven

The Graceful Dhalia

Dhalia isn't a member of the Cardinals in fact he is The Black Cardinal's hand picked successor; his weapon is a huge scythe that has some of the components of a snake blade (The sword that Y intercept uses). He has the power to control vegetation.

Floor Twelve

The Cardinal of Nothingness

The head of the Shadow Guard, uses two Aerial blades made from both light and darkness to attack with. Much like the Black Cardinal he can shift between both spectrum; he has the power to create matter from nothing.

The Tower of the Gods

The tower of the Gods is the last part of the Bastille; and where the Black Cardinal awaits.

The Black Cardinal

Ziccarra is the highest ranking Cardinal in the land, and commands despite her position in the Cult she will not attack unless attacked. She had a mastery over both light and Darkness and masters magnetism.

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If and when I become President... All thine enemies shall be made to take the Cardinal Trials.

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