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@allegiance: XD Well he's arguably one of the better gunslingers on the vine, powers didn't matter he just wants to equalize it.

@talon_: Yes sir!

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Allegiance is still ridiculously tough.

His only metahuman buffs are superhuman strength and an accelerated healing factor.

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@allegiance: The healing factor will mean that the S.P.I.N. Tech won't las as long but he'll be in a lot of pain due to his healing cells fighting a battle the size of Thermopylae but during that time he will lose his strength and anything meta

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@allegiance: @_cain_: (thats awesome stuff)


Scarlett Rayne Oren, the name belonged to an assassin of the United States. One of the highest officers of the spec ops/black ops field, this position would today be burned in an act of terrorism but it was for the best. The lethal minx having ended the life of the guard in artistic display of skill was now hard at work layering the demo charges in the right manner to begin her breach. When detonated the explosives would go off in a series that left only the actual bunker wall standing. To which she would then cut through that and get started on the real work. That was until she was rudely interrupted by the newest, and slightly controversial addition to the armed forces. “So the legal system is dead now? No court hearing or trial your just going to shoot on sight? I like it the American way! Who knows I could of turned myself in after killing this nitwit.” First came the repulser ray, glowing gauntlet was an indicator.

The solution to this was to duck, a millisecond off and she would have had some major healing to do. But her timing was not off, the electric blue beam of energy passed overhead as planned. As it slammed into the wall the charges set detonated. The small corridor that was these tunnels now had the crater in the wall Rayne would need. It served however a different purpose as well. With all the dust and debris sight became hard, the flames messed up thermal, smoke regular sighting, and particles in the air helped muck up likely any other visionary methods. This fight do to an explosion and closed spaces was now mostly to be done blind. Something Razor was trained in, something the armored soldier likely was not.

Arms raised she braced herself for the inevitable impact that came. Two tons of force hit her arms in a way that would have snapped them out of their joints breaking them in a brutal fashion. However while in her mind she was thinking ‘shit that fckn hurt’ her arms did not break. Within the marrow of Rayne was Evolium, a rare metal that scientifically seemed to be a sort of cross gen between Vibranium and Adamantium, and do to its symbiotic nature managed to coexist with Rayne’s marrow related abilities. What this translated to was not only was her bones a near indestructible metal, but unlike others with metal skeletons she could turn a defense into an offense. Though her arms were in pain she pushed past in training made her instinctive and rather then be thrown, two blades of Evolium coated metal expanded. With the grip on her arms intended to fling her into a wall it was almost guaranteed that his hands would become impaled slabs of meat. Of course Rayne didn’t stop there, a chance existed the soldier could escape or still resist. This is why a second spike emerged from her knee rising in two quick shots that if successful would likely drop anybody that was human. For Rayne was not afraid to fight dirty. The first blow from this knee spike of the rare metal was aimed for the groin, it was not a ‘nice’ move or a ‘display of acrobatic or martial arts brilliance’ it was the move of a killer. Someone willing to do what was needed to get a job done. This was followed by a shot towards the Sartorius muscle in the leg. Such a blow did not only pose as potentially fatal if not treated soon, but also would drastically ruin mobility. Should she fail to kill her foe now she at least intended to weaken him and give her even better odds.

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Makes sense.

Bring it on xD

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Now I've gotta read XP

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The Division Nine members sight was temporarily disgruntled due to the debris and stray dust particles now spreading through the enclosed tunnel, making it hard for both opponents to see anything. The robotic defender's sights quickly shifted from the visible spectrum of light to thermal vision promptly allowing himself to view the battle unfold without hindrance.

As this happened, the robotic defender charged forwards with unprecedented speeds, ramming into the woman with over two tons of devastating force which somehow had performed less than a desirable amount of injury, expectedly, she was tougher than her appearance.

The defenders first instinct was to safely back away, and as he started to move, he was alerted to an attempted intrusion into his metallic hull as her claws had been extended, bitterly relinquishing his grip upon the woman unwanting for his armor to be actually pierced, the technocratic titan felt a secondary strike threaten to impale his groin area, her sharp claws piercing through his reinforced metal as the robotic warrior let out a cry of anger intermixed with feelings of agonizing pain.

His suits internal healing properties enacted almost straight after, flooding his biological system with painkillers which dampened all pain and nullified the effects. Refusing to sustain any more damage, the titan buckled backwards while freely attempted to punch the woman in the face with his metal fist, creating some distance between the two, his .50 caliber shoulder mounted turret activated. A smirk, and then the uproarious noise was heard, hundreds of devastating .50 caliber hollow point bullets left the turrets nozzle, dousing the woman in an abyss of deadly projectiles. As this happened, the defender backed away creating more room while firing a continuous stream of bullets.

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The Blurring patriotic flashes of red white and blue scattered across the battle field, zig zagging as the round vibranium discus slammed it's way back and forth through the DC Architecture until it reached the King of Killers who was admittedly distracted for a a second, only to find the man with the physique of a washed up football player inches away inside the compact crow's nest.

His face stared Cain down with a glare of protection, a sense of duty that compared easily to Cain's own patriotism which differed. Cain had a loyalty to the country that had taken his tired huddled mass of a culture and country long ago, and did not want to see it go down and if that meant killing the president then it had to be done.

"Alright. Alright ol' glory..." He said raising his hands in surrender behind his head. He gave a fainted look of surrender, as if he was going to prison or the death penalty awaited him.

Then the hands behind his head secretly grasped a pair of M1911s filled each magazine with high powered SPIN tech rounds ironically used by the government during the registration riots. Instinctively he pressed forward and drew the guns with his legendary quick draw and began firing both point blank at the decorated soldier until each mag emptied and dropped to the ground, which within milliseconds was followed up by an attempt to pistol whip him off the tower and multiple stories below onto the ground.

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I can't see notifications anyway xD

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"That's it. We can solve this all in a nonviolent and peaceful manner," Allegiance cooed, holding out his hand calmly.

Yet, like all of the Vietnamese soldiers who feigned the same tactic, Allegiance expected something against the interest of keeping lives from being lost or hurt. He kept his shield at the ready - and his caution paid off. In less than a second, the surrender turned into a shootout.

Having learned about suicide bombers the hard way, Allegiance knew how to protect himself in situations where life and death were only kept apart by a fraction of time. Hefting his shield between him and the gunman, he deflected all but one of the shots as it sank into his leg. The limb went numb and the bullet disappeared inside of his flesh. He couldn't feel an exit hole being formed, and the sensation began to spread.

His superhuman hearing started to fade and it became as if he were totally deaf. An endless screeching ring plagued his audial perception of reality. His nasal passages, once as finely tuned as a bloodhound's, started bleeding as the advanced nerves swelled and popped. The same went for his eyes and taste buds. Turning back into a normal human never felt so painful.

He hardly felt the pistol whip or his head bouncing on concrete. He rolled and vomited, but tried standing up anyway on quivering elbows and knees. Those elbows turned into knuckles as he dragged his knees underneath him and started rising into a suitable fighting stance. His healing factor combated jungle diseases and the deadliest swamp rot south Asia could muster, and it would start working against the nanobots as best it could. But for now, he had to fight knowing he could barely see, hear, or feel anything.

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As Stark or Talon?

We still have to do that thing in Gothic you wanted.

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I'm busy as heck nowadays due to leading the Spider peeps and being President. But if I find time for that, I wanna do it. Tomorrow, probably.

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If only you weren't ultimately evil and I wasn't ultimately going to die >_>

We could have made an awesome team xD

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@allegiance: Enforcers 2.0 or sumin, but that's gone now >_<

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You eat dreams and sh!t nightmares, you know that? >_>

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@talon_: Not for long, motherf*cker. XD

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@_cain_: If we go by my track record of owning countries.

Venezuela turned out well ^_^ Stark will....Probably FK the US up, and then fix it >.>

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@allegiance: It was depressing really. Cain truly down did wish that he didn't have to kill the man who he destroyed his senses. But what was the other option? Die a known traitor? It was needed to act upon and defend himself.

After a solitary bullet sunk into his leg the Vietnam hero was sent flying to the pavement below in utter pain. It was now time to finish him off.

Instantly the Gaelic Gunman screwed a Military grade silencer onto the HK416, shouldering it and turning the safety onto full auto. With expertise he aimed downwards through the holographic sight and loaded in a single of a pair of jungle tape high capacity magazines and began unloading down towards the the American dream with a cloud of full metal jackets

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I'm still on the balcony >_>

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Wait, never mind. I can work with that.

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@_cain_ said:

Instantly the Gaelic Gunman screwed a Military grade silencer onto the HK416, shouldering it and turning the safety onto full auto. With expertise he aimed downwards through the holographic sight and loaded in a single of a pair of jungle tape high capacity magazines and began unloading down towards the the American dream with a cloud of full metal jackets

....And as the The Paragon of Patriotism fell, the President of the United States watched in shocked horror from the safety of his office. Having dispatched multiple agents and heroic allies to deal with the ongoing carnage...But it was not enough, Starks tired eyes saw the King of Killers slowly lower his weaponry ready to terminate the life of the True American Hero...End the life of Allegiance.

And Stark said no. Departing from his protected quarters. Instantly teleporting himself towards the battle without haste, placing himself in the projectiles deadly destinations. Each bullet bounced and crumpled like paper as his metallic armor stood strong in the face of the Gaelic Gunman's relentless attack.

The President spoke, his monotone voice intimidatingly addressing Cain, "Who attacks a downed man?...You coward" As Stark spoke the words, he darted forwards, flying upwards at Cain trying to smash into him with over half a tons worth of blunt force, as this was happening a few servicemen had rushed towards the The Paragon of Patriotism and helped him up, giving him as much aid as possible and gifted him back his shield if it had been dropped due to the fall. Whatever was happening with Stark was of no consequence. Before leaving, Stark attempted to merely punch Cain in the skull, as his fist either met or missed the mans face, the President had left....Teleported, back to the safety of the White House.

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All this fighting and little ol' me is waiting for G to reply to me :P Not rushing or anything the longer it takes the more I plan.

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@anthony_stark: With radiant skill and grace the armored figure got his hands away before they could be ravaged. The blow from the knee however landed leading hot Ichor to flow down the blade and the rest of her leg. Surprisingly however rather then topple over in agony the man backed away before Rayne could land another blow. A fist came for her brow and did in fact connect sending the girl rag dolling into the wall. Her enhanced skeleton took the blow with ease allowing her to stay conscious but the skin was ripped open lines of red running down her face.

She smiled knowing what would come next...her ears rang from the sound of frighteningly loud automatic rounds going off.

Round after round ripped through the body of the fem fatal. Her bones deflected some bullets into walls and so forth. While others ricocheted into her own body further. It also weakened the bunker wall even more. She'd breach it with ease once this bitch was out of her way. Most the rounds hit center mass her limbs still fine. She was hunched over however do to a bullet riddled torso. The healing factor of her family origins keeping her intact and alive despite the teeth grinding pain. Rayne's angered growl accompanying the humming sound of the now empty gun.

"Bravo p-ssy" she grunted before raising her arms swiftly. In doing so the blades that had come from her arms shot out like throwing knives. These pair of blades flying with lethal accuracy to the armored head moving just as fast as any base ballers fast ball special. Logic suggested the mecha marvel could likely evade such blades. They however were also a distraction as she sought to close the distance her left hand extending claws, and her skin going into its sharpens nature. With Evolium blades and skin that could cut diamond she intended to impale the guard. Then her right hand fetched a pound of c4 from her backpack, the intention being to plant the bomb on the officer hopefully into one of the very wounds. After which shed leap towards the corner hopefully evading the explosion.

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@allegiance: @anthony_stark: A hypocrite in office tends to be a hypocrite on the battlefield.

The heavy upwards slam slapped Cain's body across the crow's nest, blood squirting out of his mouth, causing him to keel over, ducking the punch that was prior to him simply teleporting away.

His eyes rolled in the back of his head for a moment, the normally highly perceptive Angel of Anarchy had been downed at the same time secret service agents lifted the Paragon of Patriotism up. Cain had to act and he had to act fast.

Shooting upwards in a sitting position, Cain with drew a pistol grip, sawed off Mossberg with a buckshot and birdshot mix. Without even thinking he fired off five powerful shots across his unshielded areas, the head, legs, arms, anything to stop the Bulldozer who stood before him

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@anthony_stark, @_cain_:

"Get out of here," Allegiance muttered, pushing Stark's soldiers away. "Get out of here!"

His voice erupted into a cold shout as his strength flooded back into his veins. His healing factor would be better prepared for the nanobots, perhaps even making their existence a null point in future battles. He tightened his grip on his shield, a grip he never lost, and jumped back into the fray, ducking behind his trusty emblem as the shots rolled off its concave red, white, and blue surface.

The Living Liaison of Liberty closed the gap between himself and the marksman with one defiant motion, emphatically enforcing his dominance in the realm of melee combat with a vicious variety of heavyweight-busting attacks. He was determined to bring the Skull-themed Sniper down.

"Whatever you want to accomplish here, it will only endanger innocent lives! So just stop already! We can work out a solution that doesn't involve more death!"

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@allegiance: Each shot failed it's purpose a the distance gap was closed an the injured patriot laid down a beating upon the Dublin Devil, each strike caveing into his skin and bone as the shotgun ran out of ammunition, The pain was backdropped by the sounds of fierce fighting across the country's capital.

While he was a man of violence and destruction, Cain did not have a sick death wish, for another time the defender begged for peace once again and it made Cain question the worth of fighting with him. Five million dollars, ten if the president dies. This was not worth the suffering on his end and the people of america, so Cain backed up, crawling to a corner as he dropped his gun and said "Fine! You're right! we can talk this out..."

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(Be right back, getting chicken xD)

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"What are you here for?" Allegiance said, kicking the shotgun and any other available weapons out the shattered balcony entrance into the street below.

"To kill the president? To destroy our nation's capital?" he recognized a hint of Irish in the man's accent. A possible terrorist threat did not escape him.

"It's not worth it. Whatever you're being offered with is not worth this country falling into disarray again,"

He reached forward, offering a hand to the Dublin brawler for a chance to stand again.

"It doesn't have to end in senseless bloodshed."

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@allegiance: He got to his feet, but kept the weapons on the ground by stomping his foot on them "Not so fast cowboy..." He said while continuing to listen. He would try to make peace for a moment, but an armed listener is a vigilant listener.

He responded and said "I agree with you...The violence that is being brought down is excessive, but it's part of a solitary goal...." He coughed up a spurt of blood for a second and continuing

"I am not a terrorist, I have no intention of harming the united states, the contrary actually" He continued and said "There are people out there who want Stark dead, for reasons I don't know but I know they are powerful people" he continued while propping himself up on the balcony "Which is why I suggest we kill Stark without collateral damage or innocent deaths..."

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@_cain_: Hold up. All of that is OOC information and none of it has ever been done IC. Cain would know none of that.

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@talon_: Got it. Will edit.

However on another note he was lying and bluffing about half the stuff XD

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@_cain_: Cain's acting like Stark's done anything immoral since his election. Cain really could not argue a thing about Stark, I've done everything in secret. All he could talk about is the Registration act.

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@talon_: Ohhh got it honestly I haven't read anything about Stark, but I know there's a knightfall attack and that's it XD

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@_cain_ said:

However on another note he was lying and bluffing about half the stuff XD

Yeah but that makes no sense. It's still using OOC information to heavily sway things. How would Cain even like know about Stark and the Arcani? They have NEVER interacted in the public. And Stark is publicly friends with the Knightfalls, Quintus even owns his company. I'm just saying....That makes no sense, you can't lie about something which you are not aware of.

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@_cain_: Easy mistake. You're not the first, people have just duped themsleves into giving me false canon and pretending it's real to beat me quicker :P

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@talon_: Dude, honestly I haven't read half the sh!t I'm involved with, so I get it lol

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@_cain_: I know, I'm just moaning now XD

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