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@anthony_stark: Zane sat down in the chair "thank you Mr. Stark." he took a look around the office "Nice office, anyways Mr. Stark what are you going to do for Mutants? We are mostly a peaceful people, yet we are treated as different, as less than Human." Zane sat and waited hoping Mr. Starks response would be worth the trip he made.

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"Mutants...Have always been treated unfairly. The Meta-Human registration act was put in place to ensure humans, and mutants alike, who possess abilities beyond that which "normal" people possess is not used for evil. This act was introduced to have no discrimination between humans, or mutants." Stark sighed.

"The truth? You segregate yourselves. You talk as though mutants and humans are not the same. Sure, mutants may be far stronger, and far greater than the average man, but you say "We are mostly a peaceful people" like you are not part of this nation, or you somehow belong to a different species...." Stark adamantly nodded. "When you can accept yourselves, then, others will accept you".

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BS mode engaged. LOL

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^The "This b!tch" face^

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@anthony_stark: Zane frowned "The Registration Act set Mutant Rights back a decade. I was abused throughout my childhood for being different, and i see nothing has changed. We have been set aside, i say "We are a mostly peaceful people" because we have not been accepted as part of this nation or part of the world."

Zane was hurt by the presidents words. He had hoped the Registration Act would not be brought back.

Zane asked the president another question "the Knightfalls..." he said "and more specifically Kamelot are prominent in the USA today. what are your views on them, because, if i remember correctly, Quintus Knightfall gave an interview praising you as a hero and a good man? It sounds like you have a fan."

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@anthony_stark: Now an MP of Ontario, a war-hero, and a rampantly successful business man, Aleksei decided to turn his attention towards politics. He had aims on becoming Prime Minister of Canada, but he was also deeply worried by a man he saw as little more than Hitler 2.0 in a metal suit, even down to the poor choice of facial hair.

He knew that the reintroduction of America's incredibly unpopular and incredibly heavy handed registration act would lead to conflict soon. And that Canada, with it's unobtrusive act that simply politely asked heroes to sign their superhero name to receive benefits at drop off points and attend a seminar on a seasonal basis and superhero adoring populace, would likely receive refugees seeking asylum from persecution.

He was well aware of how heavy handed America was when it came to foreign policies and seeking out those it believed had escaped it's justice. And he planned to have Canada be ready to war with it's belicose neighbor should it come to that. But first, he had an idea for a smear campaign.

He knew a friend he had met during the Marathon campaign, a thirteen year old girl with tremendous power. One he could call up now to deliver something personal.

"+Jade, this is Aleksei...I'd like you to deliver a billboard if you would.+" He said into his phone, the girl receiving the message with her own phone which started into a most excellent electronic guitar riff ringtone.

"+Oh sure, what is it?+" She asked as he sent her a picture of the billboard, Anthony stark's armor with Hitler's mustache on it, with the writing "Hitler made the Jews register before the holocaust."

"+Wait...who's this guy?+" She asked, knowing pretty much zilch about earth history and current events.

"+Oh a friend. It's a gift, here's where I want you to deliver the message.+" He smirked.

"+Oh okay, sure!+" She said as she focused on the billboard light years away, and in an instant, teleported the billboard in a green crackle on top of the nearest suitable building, right where the new President would see it.

Being an avid internet junkie, Aleksei cracked a wide troll face.

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@aleksei_andreinov: That made me laugh, I'll do a kinda-response (in my own way) in a few hours. Nice job. LOL

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@pyrogram said:

@aleksei_andreinov: That made me laugh, I'll do a kinda-response (in my own way) in a few hours. Nice job. LOL

When in doubt, pull this card.

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Stark promises jobs. Same as Hitler did...

By 1939 there were fewer than 350,000 people unemployed. The SS would persecute the unemployed, calling them ‘lazy’.

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"I do not speak about individuals such as the Knightfalls in this office. What I will say, however, is that Quintus Knightfall, as any of the Knightfalls, are an asset to this country and shall be treated the same as any other citizens. The Knightfalls have taken Kamelot - my old business - and turned it into a marvel, for that, they have my gratitude." He pointed to the door, "But if you do want to continue talking about the Knightfalls, could you please, leave."

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@anthony_stark: Leon walks into the white house and stares at the lady at the desk. "i need to speak with the presidant."

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@anthony_stark: "Hi! I got told no need for an appointment, just turn up. So we did. Oh sorry I didn't introduce myself, talking to these boxes makes me feel silly. I'm Mrs Cooper from the Utah Latter-Day School of Kids With Special Special Needs. I'm here with 32 of my students of varying disabilities to do the White House Tour. Could someone please tell me where to park?" The young lady smiled at the security box

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At A Hotel Near By

Rayne sat on the couch carving what appeared to be a eagle with a noose around it’s neck. Her index finger worked the diamond into the shape just as easy as any knife might do to wood. Her signature uniform fit her physique snuggly and though it looked probably more like an outfit to go to a concert or club in it was in fact a fully tactical investment of military hardware and software. She seemed rather relaxed on the hotel couch for someone who was about to propose a plan of revolution and presidential assassination. Her relaxed nature however lightened up once everyone was in the room. Before her was Brahma,, Cormac, Cassuis, Cain and one other just recently acquired. She had no idea really who the last one was for that matter. They would be the first innovative figures of the new age, or more accurately first assassins of the League Of Shadows.

“So let’s begin, I don’t know about you f-ckers but I want to see this war started already. Longer we sit around, the more people have to deal with this corpse of a nation and over all society.” A blue print of the White House was then rolled out, military government grade revealing every fact about the location. Unless Stark had remodeled it in the few days he’d been president the squad knew the place like the back of their hands. “Now what I would recommend is that we go where security won’t expect. They got the place covered from all sides it seems and now perhaps even from the air. And it’s safe to say Stark probably enhanced all of them in some way. So we strike where nobody would expect, underground. Recently the PEOC(Presidential Emergency Operations Center) was replaced in importance by the DUCC(Deep Underground Command Center). Naturally the center of security is there and more importantly that would be where key members of parliament would go. So using the strength and tools at our disposal we enter from here. From there we should be able to shut off the power grid and this will lead to lockdown. With the place sealed off the game should be easy. I would recommend however that even if we seem confident we can cut everyone down we still try and lay as many counter measures as possible.”

“In summary, we tunnel under to get the element of surprise. Lock the place down. Then end any life we spot not belonging to the League. However if you’ve a better idea I’m all ears. Well not really, I’m all blades but its close enough right. Note if you can’t make it to the party the rest of us will understand.”

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@razors_edge: "Allo, luv. Ope I'm not to late?" asking with rhetorical sarcasm and a cockney cadence. Arms extended, nonchalantly allowing the flaps of his impeccable leather moto jacket to sway open above his slender waistline. "Quite thee eclectic...association." arching a brow at the sheer magnitude of the Brahma Bull's unrealistically sculpted frame. "Not your average contingent of riff-raff." arrogantly flopping down alongside the apparent leader as she plotted the League's infiltration. "I dont know about you" directing his English accent towards the Bull, "But I'm more of a kick in the front door kinda fella."

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@razors_edge: @niklaus_winterthorne:

Mentally reviewing the impulsively governed Rayne's strategically selected course of action, the Brahma Bull judiciously dissected the leader of the sociopolitically motivated collective's proposed methodology. "Your approach is unorthodox", he began, hands domineeringly secured on the sides of the beige-flushed militaristic belt festooning his waist, inarticulately expressing his commanding presence with intimidatory belligerence and an abrupt readiness to engage. "This implies likely success. Which is satisfactory", his ominously resounding, audible contralto voice profoundly echoing throughout their immediate encompassment with monstrous depth. "But it is not perfect". Succinctly diverting his attention towards an emergent constituent of their party of terrorists, the Harbinger of Hell's luminously pulsating, soulless burgundy eyes issued a terse glance prior to averting his ocular focus.

"The boy", implicitly referring to Niklaus, "He is right". Appropriately elaborating, the Wrathful Warmonger offers an additional, tactically endorsing component to Rayne's incipient contrivance. "One or two of us must approach the White House in a manner deemed as reckless. I will do that", he bluntly decided, concisely directing his attention towards Niklaus, wordlessly expressing his veiled approval should he seek to do the same and join him in a dual assault of the White House's fortified front. Addressing the entirety of the militaristic compilation, he continues. "I will attack the White House's front. Bring all the attention to myself, ensuring that none come the way of those tunneling underground. This will work", he affirmed, "Nothing short of a nuclear bomb can drop me. And nothing short of God can kill me". Issuing his final statement, he voices, "They cannot stop me. You will face minimal opposition this way. The revolution, it will come".

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Nice post's. I'll wait for...Who else, I don't know >.<...We'll see.

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@pyrogram: Still waiting on your response to my trolling. :B

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@brahma_bull: (Cant lie. The idea of crashing the gates with Brahma Bull has me hyped lol)

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@niklaus_winterthorne: LOL when I saw that your boy was a big werewolf and he suggested it, no way I was not gonna run with Nik's suggestion :P

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@andres_knightfall: lol right right. I got this epic opening front lawn scene running wild in my head.

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@laus_: @brahma_bull: @pyrogram: (didn't bother to switch accounts wanted to just get a reply up so this can move ahead have work hoping il have stuff to reply to on break or once home :) nice post btw) Rayne couldn't help but smile at the remarks. "Thought that the chink in my plan just wasn't going to throw you into a sea of gunfire. Thanks for volunteering!" She removed some communicators to pass out before she continued. "Feel free to make it loud, just also get home before dark. Seriously that btch will have every hole closed off. You'll want to be inside by then." Pulling her hood over her head and slinging a backpack of 'accessories' over her shoulder she made way to the window. "Any more commentary or shall we get to work?" (Kinda short but I'm at work with a bleeding nose typing this on my phone lol)

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@razors_edge: @614azrael: @brahma_bull:

Extending beyond the gate entrance and down the sidewalk in view, yet several yards away from the actual White House, the daily tour crowds had already begun to gather. Camera's and cellphones continuing to capture images from aware while waiting to gain the limited internal experience of wandering through the most recognizable monument in the World.


A dark ball cap pulled down over the brow line concealed the facial features of the motto jacket wearing hybrid. His harmonic theatrics attracting the playful attention of a young girl as she clinched her mother's hand, the visually painted expression of boredom shifting towards a smile as Niklaus tilted the bill of his cap up with a finger. Winking and sticking out his tongue, he then pressed the same finger against his lips "Sssh." suddenly vaulting up and over the fence with effortless ease.

As he landed, a quick roll of the shoulders disrobed the jacket in preparation of what was to be an unprecedented act of ultra-violence. Secret Service wasted little time in rushing towards the scene frantically relaying the breach over their closed circuit communications link. Organized in an efficient tactical formation, they opened fire. Riddling the unknown intruder with precision shots causing his body to hectically flail as it was violently spun and put down.

As they approached with cautious professionalism unwilling to take any chances, they had no idea the horrors that were about to befall them, and the White House...

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@razors_edge: @614azrael: @niklaus_winterthorne:

Positionally averting himself from Niklaus' presence due to his adherence to a formulated, improvised stratagem, the Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare quiescently waited, intrinsically incensed, rufescent eyes surveyed the White House's immediate encompassment whilst simultaneously observing the Winterthorne's cinematic athleticism prior to the flamboyantly staged massacre of the League of Shadows' canine constituent by the defensive spontaneity of the Secret Service. "Hm...", the resounding vibrations from his monstrously alto voice heralding the sadistic construction of a facially veiled grin. Emerging from self-indulged concealment following studious predatory analysis, the Brahma Bull, adhering to his namesake, rushes those before him, savagely forcing his way through all structural barriers.

A violently ensued flurry of bullets either sluggishly deflecting off his gargantuan frame or inflicting minute, superficial damage. "Hahaha! Have you no shame?", the Militant Mammoth disdainfully ridiculed, "AK-47s, those are the weapons of revolutionaries, not presidential attack dogs", vehemently bringing his palms together in an ebulliently generated thunderclap, its vibratory force flailing outwards without mitigation, flinging several of their armed opposition into the distant horizon. "Time to properly announce our presence", the Brahma Bull paused, explosively bringing his mountainous fist downwards, his preternatural knuckles colliding with the ground, generating a topographically disheveling tremor, certain to attract all available attention towards them, and away from their teammates.

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@brahma_bull: LMFAO Awesome. "Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare" is the best alias I've ever heard haha

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@614azrael: I'll wait for you, or do you want me to go next?

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@talon_: Hahaha, credit goes to G for that one. He came up with it.

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@talon_: @brahma_bull: Brahm that was also bad ass. Talon feel free to post now I'm still at work and busy I'd rather catch up tonight then this lose momentum :)

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@614azrael: Cool, (This is Pyro, if you were wondering).

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The intruder alarm was instantly raised as a breach of security was so easily detected. Multiple security guardsmen and members of the military converged upon the singular intrusion engaging the seemingly vulnerable target with as a volley of violent bullets penetrated and ostensibly decimated the intruder before any real damage was caused. The security service were quick to start encircling the downed opponent with weapons drawn, ready to fire at a moments notice, a brave, almost naive solider, walked over and prodded the fallen Niklaus... Completely unsuspecting of what would happen next...

@brahma_bull As the staged massacre of the unsuspecting Niklaus took place, the Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare studiously watched from afar with domineering, predatory eyes prior to personally engaging... The breach was quick to cause even more pandemonium as any available secret service members desperately fired upon the Brahma Bull's gargantuan frame with fruitless satisfaction. Continually reining down an unrelenting torrent of fire, the secret service had no idea their pay would not compensate for the dangers of this disastrous day. A few humans were turned into Rag-Dolls as their fragile bodies were unceremoniously flung backwards by the gigantic thunderclap.

The Bull paused, swiftly, smashing down his monstrous fists upon the ground generating an unmitigated amount of calamitous force alerting not just the orthodox, but unorthodox members of the security service. An outside agent known as @_nexus_ was dispatched to deal with the possibly still conscious @niklaus_winterthorne as Stark's personal bodyguard, The Apex Arachnid, would deal with the Bull himself.

Talon was instantaneously teleported towards the location via Anthony Starks personal Peak-Bots rearranging his location from one point to another. As the Bull smashed his fists down upon the ground, he would find himself struck by five tons worth of force straight from behind, Talon had arrived, and attempted to simply jump from behind, use his own strength and gravity to his advantage, and drive his fists into the Bulls back.

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@_wolf_spider_: And you! I'm calling you all in my second post. I need to arrange transport first :P

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Wait, what?

When did this all happen? xD

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@allegiance: They are trying to blow up the White House o_o

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Wow, this gets me conflicted xD

On the one hand, I'd be protecting a national landmark. On the other, I'd be helping Stark.


Besides, is this still early? I don't want to get in too late and confuse everybody :(

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Receiving the order to go into battle to defend the white house, this nation most prized possession, from a treasonous and terroristic assault the Nexus Spider of the Arachne Clan ,Flynn Harthone, was swift to move into action. Clicking a button on the silver watch that he kept on his person at all time thousands of tiny spider-like nanobots crawled over his body and weaved themselves together forming his cobalt and crimson costume a high tech spider like suit his own emblem being inspired by the Prime Spider Nobody combined with his own style on his chest and a tattered like cape that allowed him to glide through the hair hung on his back. Using his organic webbing and alternating between swinging and gliding through the Nation Capital. The Nexus Spider arrived at his target. Position on top of a light post behind @niklaus_winterthorne the Technological Innovator retracted the talons in the tips of his fingers and toes and prepared for whatever this unknown threat would bring.

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@allegiance: It's not really started yet. Give people a few posts first though, to establish things.

And would a soldier let the White House break due to not liking Obama? No, that's not right :P