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It wouldnt have taken long for them to arrive at the Park...he'd eschewed the normal flying to and fro he's ben doing, in order to select more.. conventional means of travel. Perhaps he should have flown her here however, case New York traffic could be absolute murder even at the best of times.

having parked the car a few moments ago, he'd have sat there for a moment behind the wheel, just gathering his thoughts. Really just gathering himself. The day was here, all he needed to do was get through it. Hard, with all the thoughts running through his head, but he'd do his absolute level best to make it happen. Exiting the car, he'd make way to the other side, to open the passenger door, and offer a hand to his date. He had to admit, Risky had picked quite the dress for the occasion. He couldnt forget to comment on it, even if it made her the slightest bit uncomfortable. IT was just his way around a lovely woman who had chosen to grace his arm this day

"Might I have the honor of escorting you the rest of the way, good lady?"

Her hand offered to him he took it up.... then proceeded to lock arms in a casual manner as they walked the rest of the way towards the gathering. He wouldnt forget the promise she made him earlier on in the shop.. about the hand if he needed it. He was sure he was going to before the day was out.

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it had been difficult spending the night apart from him. since they'd met, those days and nights apart had been rare. she went to bed early, wanting to make sure she got plenty of rest for the big day. LstPaladin and Lady Redhead were meeting her at her apartment and they were going help her get ready and then drive her to Central Park

she woke up about 6am, too excited to simply lay there a moment longer. after a small bite of breakfast which she pushed past her nervous stomach, she went in and showered and washed her hair. after drying, she pulled on her bathrobe and cinched it tight. she padded into her bedroom and looked at the wedding dress, its garmet bag partially unzipped. the bright white winked out at her, its silkenness just waiting for her to slip into it. she sat down at her small vanity and just started at her reflection in the mirror. no dark circles, no blemishes, just smooth skin. she exhaled softly and smiled

"By this time tomorrow, you're going to be Mrs. Summers. That's just.. that's amazing. Fairy tale come true.."

she just whispered to her reflection, knowing that talking to herself was a sign that she was maybe picking up just a touch of nerves. it wasn't that she was afraid. not at all.. it was just her wanting everything to be perfect. wanting everything to go off without a hitch. this was the most important day of her life and it just needed to be flawless. she picked up her brush from the vanity top and ran it through her damp hair. the mass of dark waves shone with the remaining water droplets glistening in the sunlight filtering through her curtains. she slid off her vanity stool and slid into her undergarmets, appropriate for the dress she'd chosen. she slid the robe back on and about that time, heard the doorbell ring. she bounced downstairs and pulled open the front door to find a very excited Lady Redhead standing there with the makeup bag. she began to laugh and ushered her maid of honor inside

"You have great timing! I just finished getting the undergarmets on. Now, I leave myself in your delicate hands. Do what you can to make me beautiful!" Lady Redhead just gave her a snort and pulled her along back up the stairs, the rustling of her silk and taffeta black dress heard above her chattering. "Do what I can? Lexi.. really. Look in the mirror sometime. Do you really think I'll have to work hard?" she just shook her head and felt her cheeks color as Lady Redhead just gave her that look. "Okay.. okay. But you know what I mean. I just want to look perfect, that's all!"

Lady Redhead sat her down onto the vanity stool and grabbed her hair dryer. she made quick work of the damp locks and was soon brushing them until they laid flat. taking pieces from each side, she swept those up into pins and then grabbed the tiara that was Lexi's headpiece to match the dress. she situated it on the crown of her head and pinned it into place. makeup was applied next.... eyes, cheeks, and lips.... and just a touch of body glitter. finally it was time to slip into the strapless beauty. Lady Redhead let her step into it and she slid it up and buttoned the back closed, all 50 little pearl buttons. she just looked at her and put her hands on Lexi's shoulders and smiled. she looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror and she swallowed. she really.. really was beautiful. she slid on her satin heels and they went downstairs to wait for LstPaladin

he arrived about fifteen minutes later, stunning in his tux. he ushered the two out to the limo they'd arranged for, as a surprise for Lexi, and the three were whisked away to Central Park. upon arriving, she let out the softest gasp. everything looked as though it was from a story book. the brilliant flowers, the birds chirping... even the warm breeze that fluttered the leaves of the trees overhead. they parked and the three of them made their way to the tent set up for final preparations.. there, Lexi would wait until she heard the strains of that familiar music to begin to play. and there, with Lady Redhead at her side and Lst Paladin on her arm, she'd walk down that aisle to the man waiting to marry her and make her his

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he wakes up and puts his clothes on and try's to get his mind straight than goes to the fridge and grabs Lexi's and andy's gift than looks at it "im not sure if they will like it be i cant think of anything else" puts the gift on the counter than goes to my closet to grab my uniform than gets the gift and puts it in the viper between the driver and passenger seat than drives to the coffeeshop and when he gets there risky and Chris are already there talking he enters and sits down and talks for a few minutes with Lexi popping in and out every now and than. he realizes it is getting closer to the time the wedding starts so he goes into the bathroom to shave and change into his marine uniform that he will be wearing to the wedding than walks out and gets some compliments on his uniform from lexi and risky than he plays with Lyon for a half hour than notices the wedding starts in 10 minutes he gets in his car and drives to to central park than puts his gift of jose quervo in the reception area he walks around the park looking at the decorations for the wedding.
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She looked inn the mirror about the 1000th time in the last 20 minutes. Again she asked herself if she had sone the make up right. The lipstick had been a torture in itself but the mascara had been a real hell. Fortunately it was done now and even she, critical with herself in ways of looking as she always tended to be, had to say it looked quite well. And that not only considering it was the first time she wore makeup. While she checked her hair she noticed how her hand was shivering. She was nervous and she was angry about herself to be so.

"Jesus, girl! Get yourself together. You can jump from a helicopter into the Brazilian rainforest without even doubting for a moment. This wedding should be easy game!"

But she knew it wasn't. She hadn't done something like this before. What if she behaved clumsy? What if everyone laughed at her? What if... The sound of a braking car infront of her door brought her back to her senses. This was not the timme nor the place for such selfish thoughts. The wonderful friend who escorted her to that wedding had problems that made her problems seem ridiculous in comparison. She had promised to be there for him and she would not let him alone. As she went out of her door she already saw him gettinng out of the car and smiled. He was such a gentleman.

"Might I have the honor of escorting you the rest of the way, good lady?"

Uncertain of her own voice she just nodded and took his arm. When their hands touched she felt her promise was not in vain. Today he would need all the assistance she could give him. While enterinng the car she swore again she would NOT let him down. But this time she swore this to herself. The compliments he made barely reached her ear as they drove to the wedding. So many other thoughts swirled around her head like evil flies. She hoped everything would go well today. Not only for the bridal pair but also for Chris...

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A stretch limo pulls up to the parking lot of the park where the wedding of the century is about to take place. Andferne and Lexicat we the two exchanging vows and Kurrent and the lovely Ella in the Limo.

Kurrent exited the limo first extending his arm to help the stunning beauty out of the limo with one hand and throwing the limo driver that had opened the door a large tip with the other. They didn't know each other too well Kurrent and Ella and neither knew much of the bride or groom but they were part of the super powered community of the vine and both had to attend each having their own agenda in mind.

"I think were late" said Kurrent with a childish giggle as the music played in the background. As Ella got out of the limo Kurrent grabbed the gift they had gotten for them spilling a bottle of champagne that was almost empty from the long ride. The two were an unlikely pair but they seemed to enjoy each others company.

Looking at his astonishing date Kurrent bent his left arm at the elbow motioning for Ella to grab his arm and asked "Are you ready"

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DL is swinging through the city when he notices decorations in times square. hmmmm oh right Lexicat is getting married. hmmmm i think i have and invite here. he lands on a building a few blocks away from times square. Lets see here..... the symbiot opens up and he searches his clothes AAAAA here it is. Lets see ok well i need a tux.

he web swings off the building and looks for a place where he can get a tux. HMMM where oh where aaaaah there. he sees a building with dress clothes on the window and swings down to it. Lets see if theres any in my size. the symbiot pulls off his body as he enters the store. Excuse me can you show me where the tuxes are? the clerk takes him around to the back of the building and leaves him to search through the tuxes. Lets see no to small to big here we go. he goes to the desk and actually pays for the tux. Now for the present.

he goes outside and the symbiot immediately covers his body he web swings away and to get a present.a couple of minutes later he returns to times square and lands across the street. Hitting the ground so hard it created a pot hole in the road. Oops oh well. he walks over and looks for a spot to put his present.

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Post Deleted.

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Acers eyes slowly began to open his ears ringing like someone had put a telephone directly to his brain his head was hurting from drinking to much at the bachelor party and he had started the party earlier than most drinking at an early time but he was celebrating a friends special day and everyone is entitled to a good drink now and then. The alarm clock war bluring music it was a signal for him to get up how he even noticed it with the state he was in was as confusing as what he did last night it was all a blur only remembering the people who were there and a few minor details but he knew he may have done a few questionable things that may come back to haunt him.

He noticed he was in a bed laying under the douvet the saturn and silk hugged his body he had no idea were he was or how he got there the last thing he remembered was looking at a certain part of a beutiful lady. Getting out of bed he noticed he still had his clothes on the room was dim things could be seen but it was still dark like a shadow walking across the room he switched on the light his eyes opening and closing several times allowing themselves to adjust to the bright light.

He quickly noticed he was in his room in the Mobb Deep mansion he couldnt help but feel a little sick and nervous it wasnt his wedding yet he felt not just for him but for the whole event he wanted to be as perfect as the bride and groom wanted it to be. Taking off his clothes Acer heads to the bathroom and gets in the shower it was a nice hot sunny day the birds were chirping getting in he turned the nob and out came cold water it was the best thing to have letting the water bounce of his body he began to clean himself washing his hair. It didnt take long he got out of the shower and dryed himself of quickly. Combing his hair and brushing his teeth making himself look presentable. Acer walked back to his room and pulled out the outfit he would be wearing it wasnt fancy just nice and simple changing he walked out his room switching the light off and walked outside and headed to the wedding.

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He walked along the sidewalk towards Central Park until he reached the gates of the wedding, then slipped inside.

"Well, here we go." He adjusted his collar nervously, wishing he'd worn his robes instead.

He took a seat near the middle of the congregation, took a deep breath, and gathered his power. As a handy side effect, it gave the air in the temporary chapel a subtle shimmer. He began the process that would make his gift possible.

Quietly, he began to speak to himself. "Ag seinm na farraige, Seinn..."

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Another wedding MOF will be attending today is that of Andferne, Andy, and Lexicat, Lexi. It is going to be his third wedding and he is making it his business not to be late. At the Tenth Magnitude headquarters, were he spends much of his time now, he gets dress. He lays aside his one of a kind battle armor and begins putting on his 'good' suit. He only wears it for occasions like these. The red three piece tux was custom made by himself to fit his large body and unique physique. The material was manipulated and seams very glossy in the light.

MOF is now finished and walks down stairs and waves to a few of his brother who have decided to stay home. He flips out his map and looks for the location "Central Park? That just sounds fancy... I hope my RPG awareness doesn’t trip me up while Im there..." His MOF-cycle solidifies in front of him and he throws on leg over and hits the gas. He is gone in a second with no trace accept for a few skid marks that disappear as he enters the sky. In a few more minutes the Man of Forever is closing in on the wedding's vicinity. He lands not too far and steps off his bike as it vaporizes.

He hears laughter and talking and walks into that direction. "Its out doors?" It was beautiful. The fragrant flowers, the perfectly green plants, the pond is crystal clear, even the bees buzzed in harmony. The place seam to glow even brighter then MOF's aura. He walks to the seating area and ask an usher were he sits "I guess Im here as company of the bride...over here? ...Thank you." MOF sits down and knows it will be a while but he sits and listens to the sounds of the pianist.
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ronin had been out all night drinkin it up with andy. After a late night ronin made his way home and crashed just as he hit the bed in the hotel. ronin sleeps good all night but it turns out that he slept a little to good as when he woke up he looked at the clock only to see that he was late. quickly ronin began teleporting through the room doing all the necessity's. finally ronin was dressed wearing his marine corp dress blues. today was a celebration and he felt it was a fitting day to wear his most favorite attire. quickly ronin ran down the hallway and out to his bike. Once at his bike ronin quickly called shayla to make sure she was up and ready and would be meeting him there since he was late.

in a matter of seconds ronin had his helmet on and jumped on his bike starting up quickly and taking off. the engine roared through the streets ronin didnt take the time to stop for traffic as he just began teleporting both him and his bike through all the traffic jams. finally the wedding was in sight as he eased off the throttle and let the engine brake slow him down. once he was at a complete stop ronin quickly pushed the kickstand down and jumped off his bike running through all the crowd right for andy's dressing room. ronin forgot to take his helmet off as he ran through the crowd and finally stood behind andy as he looked in the mirror. ronin flipped up his visor and reached into his pocket pulling out a small flask and handed it to andy saying "here's to D day bud". ronin then took off his helmet and pulled his white cover/hat out from inside his jacket and quickly placed it on his head.

"Okay bro lets do this."

after all the manly chit chat was over with ronin left andy and NH to finsh up their stuff. ronin then quickly grabbed up some roses he seen out of a near by vase and hid them behind his back. ronin felt bad about being late and couldnt wait to see shayla. once ronin finally found shayla he quickly pulled the flowers out from behind his back and handed them to her with a firm apology ronin grabbed her hand holding it tightly and made their way to their seats.
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Sauron rode a fell beast over to the enshrined establishment with his nine nazguls , the nine ring wraiths and the dark lord dismounted and placed their dragon like mounts in a parking spot and strided into the establishment. With Sauron first and the Witch King second, the other wraiths following. The wraiths wore their usual robes over their armor, as did the Witch King. They were accompanied by none of their usual orcs, corrupted men, or uruk hai. They were going alone. But they were not in the mood for any trouble.

Sauron and his troupe enters the establishment, his long black cape flowing behind him and his gleaming yet dark armor shines in the lights, he takes a seat, his plate mail armor grating the seat, his infamous ring shining like a mirror in the light of a search lamp. The Dark lord sat in the back far away from other people. his Ring wraith's swords sat in their sheaths. And the Dark one's mace was similarly put away. The Witch king's sword lay in it's scabbard ready to be drawn, and his mace/flail was put away on his back.

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inside the tent, she paced nervously. Lady Redhead kept telling her to stay calm or she was going to muss her hair of get her dress dirty. stay calm.. right! sure. no problem, right? it was only the biggest day of her whole life. she walked over to the tent opening and peered out at everyone assembled

"Wow. There are so many people here. I didn't know it would be this.. this big of a turnout." Lady Redhead pulled her away from the tent opening and scolded her gently. "Do you want to bring yourself bad luck, girl? What if Andy accidentally saw you?" Lexi laughed softly and shook her head, the dark waves of hair swaying back and forth. "Superstitous much, Red? There isn't a thing in this world that could possibly bring me bad luck right now. The weather is perfect, this whole scene is gorgeous, my dress is killer, and well... Andy looks good enough to eat. I would say so far? Everything's perfect." Red chuckled and shook her head.. Love.. made you say some crazy things.

the tent entrance fluttered open and LstPaladin slipped inside. she felt her heart flutter a bit, knowing his arrival meant that it would soon be time. she swallowed down some nerves an with Red making a few last minute fusses with her dress and hair, she walked over to him by the entrance of the tent. he looked down at her and before she got a chance to say anything to him, he dropped a kiss to the top of her head

"It's time, little sister. They're playing your song. Time to walk down that aisle and make me a proud brother. Time to make Andy one lucky guy." his usually tough exterior was cracking just a little as she noticed his eyes brimming with tears. in that moment of quiet, she finally heard those faint orchestral strains of "The Wedding March". Red handed her the single red rose with the silk white ribbon tied around the thornless stem and squeezed her, softly. with a motion of Paladin's hand, the sides of the tent parted and revealed the velvet carpet lined with rose petals that would lead her to the man of her dreams*

Red gave her one last smile and took hold of her small bouquet of roses and began walking down the aisle. she arrived at the bridge, by the temporarly altar and took her place. now, it was her turn. Paladin offered her his arm and she slid her small one through it, still lightly clutching the rose stem. as the pair walked to the beginning of the carpet, the guests rose to their feet and she began to walk slowly down the aisle. she turned her head and she caught tears in peoples' eyes, their smiles.. if they were as bright as her own, the whole world had to have been glowing at this very moment. the breeze fluttered the hem of her dress and pushed her dark locks off her shoulders and outward, to brush against Paladin's sleeve. each step brought her closer.. each step felt as though she wern't even walking on the ground. this was the moment everyone here had been waiting for. she looked up at him, standing there so proud and so handsome in his tuxeudo. her heart overflowed with love and respect for the man who'd changed her life. as the final strains of the March ended, she stood merely inches away from him now, still on Paladin's arm. The minister smiled to the party gathered there at the altar and as the guests seated themselves, it was time. Time to say "I do".

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sha couldnt cry at the sight of lexi getting married because were she was from it was disrespectful this was a happy and joyous day for lexi.As she walked down the ailse toward andy sha couldnt help but imagine that the pretty young women walking was herself ,she quickly snapped out of it and began to think about how she almost missed the wedding.ronin had waken her and she had slept with a wrap on her hair from being ruined she could'nt see how earthlings slept with them on. Sha ran outside but she didnt know how to operate a car so she used a portal to teleport inside the bathroom of the chapel. Sha was still undressed so she hit a button on the side of her watch and a pretty dress appeared over her undergarments as she walked to take her seat. Sha snapped out of it again because it was time for lexi and andy to say "i do"
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The witch king stood with folded arms and said to sauron, "I would have preferred funeral march myself", And Sauron simply sat there silently, the dark lord and his foul servants said nothing else as they watched the Wedding go by. Sauron and his group were not wearing Tuxedos, they were wearing their usual battle gear. The dark lord stood over 9 feet tall, his crown of steely blades added another foot to his height. The Witch King stood 7 feet and his crown made him look 8 foot tall. The Nazguls too were 7 foot tall, but they wore no crown which added significantly to their height. Their emotions could not be seen as none had a face to begin with.

Though they were evil beyond all redemption they resisted the urge to corrupt, desecrate or unhallow. They would simply stand with the rest of the group and as they were spiritual beings given a physical form rather than physical beings with a spiritual form posthumously, they would simply avoid eating the cake.

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He finished his preparations and heard the wedding march start. He stood with a smile on his face. Maybe Lexi would finally get some well deserved happiness. Lexi reached the alter and he sat down to observe the vows. It was time to begin.
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Soldier-Boy just stood there waiting as the wedding go by. He then walked around and saying "Hello" to everyone that he knew. When he was done doing that he sat on a bench that was nearby. He sat there and relaxed, took out a book out off his backpack that book namedBibleThis is the third time he read the bible. He knew if he read the bible he would live longer and have more luck in the life. He was just started the bible when the wedding started. He put the book back in the backpack

"I will finish it when we go to eat. If we go" said Soldier-Boy to himself

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he was walking around the park looking at the beautiful flowers and trees and than he walks to the area were the wedding was being held than he looked around at all the people there he saw andy in the nice tux and Chris ,risky and everyone else that was there looked good and he walked to his seat has the ceremony started and sat down and watches has Lexi walked down the aisle in the beautiful dress with paladin escorting her down the aisle it reminded him of Hana when he was getting married so he knew how andy felt standing there with everyone watching.

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They finally had arrived though every car driver in New York seemed to plan to let them not. As she walked in and got aware at the surroundings she almost cried. The plants, the singing birs and of course the bridal pair, everything was so beautiful. Never before had she been to such awonderful festivity. Every more or less official thing she had been to had been military ones so far.

As her gaze fell upon Lionel and Ronin she wished she had also put her military uniform on. But now it was to late. She had wanted to show Lexi her respect and bougth a dress. Then she had put it on. Now she would have to get through this.

A slight pain reached her busy brain. She looked down and saw how Chris pressed her hand. It was not easy for him so she pressed his hand, too.

"It's okay, handsome! I'm here!"

Her lack of selfconfidence had even prevented her from her usual "Yahooooo!!!" upon entering which showed how uncertain she was. The first time in a dress. The first time invited to a wedding. She didn't want to do something wrong so she folloed the usher to her place together with Chris. She took her seat and watched as Lexi as beautiful and happy as she had never seen her before progresse the carpet to the altair. Finally she reached her groom Andferne and stood right next to him. They were such a awesome pair that Risky could not surpress a sigh although she normally wasn't prone to sentimental feelings. Suddenly she realized whom she was sitting next to and looked to Chris. His face showed no negative expression but she was certain he was in horrible pain. But she could do nothing for him beside being there...
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As Paladin looked at his little sister he could not have been more proud of her. To say she looked beautiful would be such an understatement. Her long flowing white gown and her long dark hair made her appear as a dream, a beautiful dream. Paladin also knew that part of her beauty this day was the way she beamed with happiness. Lexi was truly happy and her day had finally arrived. Paladin could not help but think how Andferne and Lexi seemed to be the perfect couple.

Time to make Andy one lucky guy were the words Paladin spoke to her. As Paladin looked down at her he was so happy for her, his eyes began to mist over. He knew she was entering into the next step of her life. The son of Preen quickly regained control of his emotions, he was not about to let others see the depth of emotion he felt for his lil sister.

Lexi took his arm and as the music played they made their way down the aisle. Paladin thought he could feel her tremble a little as they approached the groom. Andferne was very handsome, standing there waiting for Lexi to join him. He greeted her with a huge smile, and everything was proceeding smoothly.

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Aztek sat in the back row of chairs at the wedding, what the hell he was doing here he did not know...all the fellow attendees he could see he had never even met before but judging by their looks he figured them to be a ragtag bunch of people the bride and groom had invited out of their respect to all, it did not matter though, Aztek was not here to see the guests.

Alone he sat, wondering if she would be coming but the thought trailed off, he looked up at the altar and there he saw too familiar faces, he remembered the first time he had seen the two together, in fact the first time he had seen Summers at all. On that day his whole world had been destroyed and the one man he blamed it on was the groom whose wedding he was now attending, funny how things could change that Aztek would attend a heroes' celebration.

As he began to drift into thought once again why he was here, he heard the song come on, it was time, and for a second he forgot who the bride was. He looked into the aisle and watched in surprise as he saw his beautiful sister walk down the aisle, he had not even known she would be here...but it was not her who he had turned around to see. As the minister asked the congregation to please rise, Aztek did so slowly, its not like anyone would notice him anyway.

But when the bride came into view, Aztek was stunned with her beauty and for a moment he envied that fool hero up at the altar, that he would get a woman so beautiful that one might mistake her for a goddess and at her side stood a god, another familiar face, a good friend at one time. However, Aztek stilled all these thoughts and just watched Lexi as she walked down the aisle in all her brilliance.

As she arrived at the altar and looked up into Andy's eyes Aztek saw the love the two shared for each other, taking one last look at the happy couple he laughed to himself, "Hope your love lasts..." and with that he stood up, pulled up the hood of his shadow cloak and walked off, "...or else you may turn out like me" with that he continued at his pace, disappearing in a portal of his own creation, leaving the wedding before anyone even knew he arrived.

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A red harley davidson pulled up in central park, pistons blazing and the engine roaring. This of course was Midnight, He jumped off his bike with a few guns in his holsters hidden by his long black tux. Slowly he found his way to his seat, It was quite obvious he was a little late, It was almost time for the wedding bells to start. Quickly he scanned over the place seeing Dreadnaught, Kurrent, Acer, Ronin and other assorted people sitting. He took his seat when a small tear came across his eye, It was'nt for such a glorious occasion, It was just that well, He did'nt know what to think about the whole mess.

On one hand, He was over-joiced for Andferne and how that he was finally going to tie the knot but on the other hand, Secretly, He had feelings for Lexi. Eversince the Nine Lives Coffee Shop opened, It took the vine like wildfire and of course Midnight was one of their best customers. It had all happened so quickly, He had always thought the wink and the smile every morning was for him and yet, She was getting married to Andferne now.

It just could'nt add it up in his head, His heart sunk as the wedding music played and a small tear rolled down his face.

"Gotta' keep it together man"

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Still not used to his RPG Awareness and being able to see everything at once, MOF's head feels like its going to explode. MOF bends over and put his face in his hands and mumbles "The post... they are coming so fast!" The subtle breeze tussles his mop like hair. He tries so hard not to look at people as the change with their comfort of privacy. He can’t stop himself from reading all the post. He begins to sweat as he tries to block them out and only see what he is facing. The bride, Lexi, with her brother, LstPaladin, walks down the isle and he thinks of the first day he meet the young lady.

It was in the We Are Legend lounge and they were all just chillin'. Her beauty and pleasant personality was so pleasing to be around. That’s not the end to this woman. She then goes on to be a business and open the Nine Lives Coffeshop which MOF has had the pleasure to see open. After his reminiscing of Lexi he looks to the man who she is to wed. Many call him Andy, but many more call him a hero. MOF has not meet him personally but all the stories he has heard of him, makes MOF feel he has know him for years. The balance keeper can’t help but crack a smile.

Weddings, the coming together of two who have found love to become one. Love, the word is profane to one of Man of Forever’s culture. He doesn’t think about it much until he comes to something like this. "Why, Arthur, have you cursed me? You give me so much power but the inability to share it with anyone other than an enemy." MOF talks directly to his creator now he has knowledge of who he actually is. "And for gosh sakes, TYPE FASTER!"

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There was a loud THUD as Andy closed the door, Scott turned up late to the Bachelor party and accidentally drunk too much, all tough when he turned up he'd already been drinking and was with another lady earlier that night. Scott fell out of a bed in the guest room. "No ma I don't want any cheese...WHA'" Scott said just waking up from a dream that he forgot straight after waking. His smoothing voice was accidentally loud, which woke up the two lovely ladies lying in bed. They sat up as Scott jumped up from the floor. He walked other to the window and opened it taking a long breath, I hope the neighbors aren't looking out Scott thought as he stretched.

Scott heard the two ladies get out of bed and walk over to him, but he let them, Scott felt their smooth bare skin rub against his, he turned around and started caressing the lovely two. Maybe we have time for another round John thought as the two got back to the bed, he was about to join them when he thought NO I promised Andy and Lexi I'd be there. "Sorry gals got to skip this round...maybe we'll meet again" Scott smiled and grabbed his clothes as he set off for the wedding. Scott put on his clothes as he walked downstairs. "Come on boys...Look lively" Scott said enthusiastically doing up his tie, looking in the room where his friends slept.

He stepped outside as the smell of drink washed across his nose. He sniffed his clothing yep It's me he quickly rid his clothes from the beer smell using controlling the water he evaporated it and then warmed up his suit to make him cozy, "mmm good as new" he whispered to himself. Scott with a blink of an eye disappeared and reappeared at the wedding.

Just in time, then a black Lamborghini pulled up and out stepped Albert his loyal friend and butler, and also his son Aaron Wallace. Aaron didn't like it when his dad made him go places. Aaron pulled out his skateboard as Scott expected, at least he wore his tuxedo. Aaron started grinding the woodworks of the bridge.

Time for Scott to step in, he froze his board making Aaron fall, who quickly acted, traveling at lightening speed, literally, and Aaron was at his fathers side, "get rid of the board or I will" Scott said forcefully, Aaron only replied with a grunt he unfroze his feet and kicked the board back to Albert who put it in the car. Scott and his son, who had hands in pockets and was looking down at his black converse, walked down to the wedding.

Scott saw soon a women he liked and walked over to her, who welcomed him openly "This blows" Aaron said kicking the ground just looking up for a moment at the women his father was hooking up with, "Master over here" Albert said to Aaron with a hand out. "I miss mum" Aaron said to no one. "So do I...So do I son." Scott said under his breath as he sat down with the beautiful lady he just met....

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A loud rumbling could be heard as a large black Dodge charger skidded away from outside an apartment taking off down the busy road it picked up speeds of around 80 mph in no time as it swerved in and out of the oncoming traffic it’s engine roaring over the sound of cars beeping as the rider sped toward his destination his jacket zipped up to his neck he skidded round a corner putting his foot down to as he was growing ever nearer to his destination as he pulled up stopping the car as it’s roaring engine came to a sudden silence as the door opened out stepped a tall muscular man his dark brown almost black fringe slightly flopped over his forehead but not covering his youthful face he dropped off his jacket revealing his Armani tuxedo he left his jacket in the car and he quickly snuck in through the gate as he came to the beautiful scenery he quickly looked around for an empty seat and quickly darted toward it whilst fixing his tie he sat down.

John heard the music begin to play which brought him back from his thoughts as he stared round the beautiful area the wedding was held then at all the beautiful guests all dressed up in there best clothes John stood up and turned to see the beautiful Lexi approaching her grace almost as if she was floating as she approached the alter John followed her until she stood opposite the man she would marry John could tell by the look on her face that he was deeply in love as the minister began John sat down.

John looked at the couple wondering if he had ever felt love and then how it must feel to truly be in love but he kept his composure showing no real emotion on his face until he was brought back as the minister began to speak again and he sat silently listening to it.

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The black DB 9 pulled up to the curb quietly and the driver stepped out and opened the door. The tall darkly clad figure adjusted his sleeves inside the car; Jean Luc LeBeau stepped out onto the sidewalk, turned and held out his hand beckoning Esther Cotillard out of the vehicle. She took her hand in his and stepped out, looking up at him as she brushed off his shoulder gently and wiped a single red tear from the corner of his eye with her lace handkerchief. She had wanted to get there in time to see the whole show, but they had been running late because of Jean Luc's business associates.

"Come Chere, we'll take a seat in the back row..." he whispered as he strode forward toward the seats and slid into the isle closest to him. They sat together just in time to see the gorgeous bride make her way down the isle; her long lace train gracing the ground behind her. Esther squeezed his hand gently and Jean looked at her, and then turned back toward the scene as they both gazed upon the happy couple as the music came to a halt. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as Aztek inconspicuously made his way out of the ceremony.

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Sha's right leg kept shaking she was nervous "what if i acidentially say something" she had never been to a wedding before,she was only really close to being married once but the guy got cold feet and called it off two days before it was supposed to happen sha was rather happy because then she could'nt be with ronin.She pushed her hair back and began to just let her brain speak freely then she got up and began searching for ronin looking all round for him.She felt out of place she had felt like she was the only person in the room she could trust....but that was her warrior instincts running while this was the one time sha had time to be a girl and she didnt know how to handle it.

being a princess from ninjeta she thought it would be a bit cliche to give gold as a gift so she built lexi and Andy a spacecraft she thought it was a bit to much.

Sha began to shake as she looked at lexi she didnt know weather to clap or say something she didnt know wedding adequate.

sha decided to hit the button on her watch to make herself invisable so she could find ronin.

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Nighthunter decided to leave Andy's bachelor party a little earlier than he originally wanted as he realized that he had forgotten to do one important thing for the wedding. Drinking two more shots of tequila he said goodbye to everyone there and went to his car to leave for his house. Once on the highway Nighthunter picked his cellphone and called someone to verify something.

"Yeah it's me. I changed my mind, you do your move after the ceremony is over, don't want any reasons why people wouldn't be looking at the couple on their big day." said Nighthunter to the person and then ended the conversation after arriving at his house he just took out his clothes and went to sleep.

Nighthunter awoke the next morning and went to his closet to pick the clothes that he would use the day of the wedding. After seeing all of his clothes Nighthunter made his decision; one white shirt and his best black suit. After combing his hair and puting his cologne on Nighthunter turned again to his closet and saw his ties hanging there. Nighthunter had never liked to use ties, using them only if the ocasion was really special and what ocasion was more special than this one?

Nighthunter grabbed a yellow tie and put it on, feeling like if it struggled his neck "you better apreciate this andy" joked Nighthunter to himself as he prepared to leave. Nighthunter went to his convertible car and left toward where the wedding would take place.

As soon as Nighthunter arrived at the place he went to where Andy was standing, congratulating him for the big day and helping him to make sure that everything was ready for the big movement. With both Nighthunter and Andferne waiting now for Lexi to arrive Nighthunter turned to see Andferne, who was nervous and didn't do a good job hiding it.

A little smile was formed in Nighthunter's face as he turned to Andferne and gave him a few claps on his back. "You are nervous? really? You've already done the hard part, you found someone that you love and that loves you beyond measure, the girl for who you would throw everything away for her, your soulmate. Now you only have to say I do and your wish to be with her until death becomes true."

After that Nighthunter turned to the door to see Lexi walking with her wedding dress toward the altar. Nighthunter looked at both of the couple's eyes and saw practically the same face, that face that someone has when they are about to be bond together for the rest of their lives.

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ronin sits and watches as andy stands up at the alter with NH by his side. ronin couldnt help but smile as this was a day of days who woulda ever guessed it just a while back that andy and lexi would hook up and even get married. ronin was holding sha's hand as they turned around and stood up once the music began to play. lexi made her grand entrance with LP at her side to give her away. "lookin good lexi" ronin said as she passed him and shayla. once lexi was at the alter everybody took their seats and ronin followed in suit still holding sha's hand. as the wedding ceremony drew closer and closer ronin would ever so often look over at sha to see her gorgeous face. ronin knew andy was a lucky man but ronin felt as if he was the luckiest man in the world sitting next to his best friend and girlfriend.

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Comes to the wedding but is quite cause he dosent intend on disrupting

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They had finally arrived, and fashionably late. She took his arm, as they pounded the pavement toward the wedding. She was decked out in Alexander McQueen, from head to toe. Her baby blue dress came down to about her knees, and her sky-high heels, lifted 6 inches off the ground. As they came into view of the ceremony she looked at Lexi.

"She's wearing white? We all know that's a stretch..." She whispered, but not very well. Several of the guests tried to contain their laughter at the witch's comment.

She walked toward the front row, dragging Kurrent as she did. Once she realized the row was completely full she demanded that 2 of the guests move it or lose it. Like usual she got her way, but once she looked back, she saw something else she wanted, and she was determined to get it.

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They had taken their assigned places, the usher having led us to the seats arranged for the two of them....indeed it was a beautiful day out, the sun shining, warm... not a cloud in sight. An honest to God perfect day for a wedding. All except for the cloud in his own mind.

and they wouldnt have at all long to wait...the groom already waiting at the altar, all that was needed was the bride to show her face. An event all were waiting for.. and one that wasn't to be denied them, as the familiar strains were heard from the assembled intrumentalists..

Flanked by Paladin and Lady Redhead, there she was in all her glory...and he couldn''t have seen her more radiant than he did at that moment, the onlookers all standing as Lexi walked down the aisle, all eyes on her... especially one set. His own. He felt....dear God, how DID he feel? Proud of her.... one part happy for her... while the other stood envious, apprehensive... and longing at the same time. The long held siight in his own mind reminding him of how he'd wished it was he who stood there, waiting at the altar.. all smiles and happiness..

it was then he'd reach for that promised hand and squeezed....careful of his own strength because he knew he could shatter it without a thought..

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He was sitting peacefully when he felt a shock run through his left arm. "Oh, drat."

He sighed and gated to the table of presents near the door. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden key on a silver chain, the gift he had created minuites ago.

He quickly wrote a note to the couple currently at the alter. I'm very sorry for not staying, but urgent buisness has come up. The key is a cure for just about anything short of decapitation. Disease or injury, the key can fix it. But be warned, it is good for one use only.

Best of wishes, Nathaniel

With his note completed he slipped out the gate and onto the sidewalk.
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Sean Smith walked into the wedding but he did not come alone he brought reporters,cameramen news stations,his own rock bands and his wife Paige Price.The multi billion dollar man Had showed up in a Black Armani suit with Robert Cavalli sunglasses on with a Marc Jacobs watch and some slick black prada shoes on (for men). he looked around at all the other people in attendance

and said "Damn i make this look good"

he left his gift for lexi and chris on the counter and made his leave

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Angelic Reaper was running late as always, she had just finished reaping her last few souls of the day and was trying to hurry up and escort the last few souls onto their final destination. Angel looked down at her watch with frustration

"Peachy... I'm late." She said to herself as she watched the last soul go on to 'The Next Life'. Angel sighed as she then turned to her Master and Trainer Orifile. "Thats the last of them Ori, I'm out." She simply said with a smile as she teleported out of the area and to the wedding of Andy and Lexi.

As soon as she teleported in her eyes widen in amazement, THIS was the most beautiful wedding she's ever been to. It was outside, the sky was blue the sun was shining and everyone was happy. She looked around, the area, it was packed with people from all over the world, some she knew and some she didnt. Never the less she quickly took a seat more towards the back, just in case an emergency turned up for her and she had to leave.

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After hearing the question from the minister who gives this woman to be wed in holy matrimony Paladin does his duty as the one chosen to give Lexi away. Before letting go of her hand, Paladin squeezes it and then puts her hand in Andy’s hand.

Paladin turns and takes his seat next to Kiara. Paladin smiles at Kiara as he sits down next to her on the front row. He cannot help but think how lucky the two of them are, to have found each other, such a blessing in this day and time.

Paladin wonders if he will ever find such happiness, and he cannot help but wish one day it would be the same for him.

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Post Deleted.

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He saw her walking down the aisle, and couldn't help but tear up a bit. Hawk loved weddings and this one would be no exception. It was a beautiful day and the bride was stunning. He turned his ring on his finger thinking about his wedding day as the music played and the ceremony started. He wanted something special to give to the couple.

Hawk stretched out his mind to all the doves, with one motion they exicuted the plan perfectly

As she made her way down the aisle rose pedals fell from the sky like a light snow. Hundreds of doves provided the light rain of pedals that fell on her shoulders. Covering the path to the alter she wouldn't step one foot on the ground. The air was filled with the sweet smell for flowers as the pink and white pedals fell to earth.


The image of snow white rushed into Hawk's mind, her beauty was perfect too.

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Feral Nova was rushing through the sky’s with her body covered in her flames, she was running late, like always to Andy's and Lexi's wedding. The wedding of the century! Feral Nova knew both the bride and groom, she first met Lexi back when she was a part of WAL, a while ago and she knew Andy from... well... she couldnt remember how she met Andy but she knew he was a really nice guy.

She then spot the area were the wedding was being held at, it was going to be an outside wedding so it wasn’t too hard to spot from the sky. Within five seconds she landed on the ground, her flames disappearing at the same time as she quickly made her way in. She was breathing heavily from rushing in and looked around the area for a seat, but the place was packed to the max. She looked around franticly as she then saw her best friend Angelic Reaper not too far from her, she was sitting only a few feet from her and there was an open seat next to her.

Without a moment hesitation she dashed over and made her way to Angel. She sat down and sighed in relief. "What’s up AR?" She said with a smile as she then saw Lexi from a distance, Nova wasn’t one to cry (for reals) but she couldn’t help but let a couple of tears fall down from her eyes. She was so happy for the both of them to have found each other.

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Feral Nova says:

"***Feral Nova was rushing through the sky’s with her body covered in her flames, she was running late, like always to Andy's and Lexi's wedding. The wedding of the century! Feral Nova knew both the bride and groom, she first met Lexi back when she was a part of WAL, a while ago and she knew Andy from... well... she couldnt remember how she met Andy but she knew he was a really nice guy.*** ***She then spot the area were the wedding was being held at, it was going to be an outside wedding so it wasn’t too hard to spot from the sky. Within five seconds she landed on the ground, her flames disappearing at the same time as she quickly made her way in. She was breathing heavily from rushing in and looked around the area for a seat, but the place was packed to the max. She looked around franticly as she then saw her best friend Angelic Reaper not too far from her, she was sitting only a few feet from her and there was an open seat next to her.*** ***Without a moment hesitation she dashed over and made her way to Angel. She sat down and sighed in relief.*** "What’s up AR?" ***She said with a smile as she then saw Lexi from a distance, Nova wasn’t one to cry (for reals) but she couldn’t help but let a couple of tears fall down from her eyes. She was so happy for the both of them to have found each other.*** "

approaches feral and barks

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Barks to Gloom

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Madison was traveling through an enchanted forest in another realm, having as of yet forgotten that today was the big day. The fallen dryad mumbled a levitation spell and she took off. Flying around trees and chasing butterflies and birds, the multicolor-clad nymph caught sight of a white dove, flying across the sky. It suddenly hit her that today was a wedding day and she plummeted to the ground. Fighting to remember, Maddy's memory became clearer and she managed to remember that today was the day Andy and Lexi were getting married. Getting up after her unexpected fall, Madison painfully overcame her delirium and tapped into the Chaos Magic she channeled.

In the park where the wedding was to take place, a swirl of every color appeared. When the lights died down, Madison was standing there, smiling. She was wearing a dress striped with every color of the rainbow, the lower part of it torn and floating about in the breeze. Her messy, multicolored hair wasn't held together by anything, flowing down to her shoulders. As usual, she was wearing several bracelets of various, mis-matched colors and sizes. Her green eyes glowed as she looked around the park, acknowledging the other guests with a big smile.

The sheer energy it took out of her to stay focused and fight her insanity was already beginning to fatigue her, but she promise herself she would suffer to behave. After all, she couldn't allow herself to let her delirium take over and perform random magicks at Andy's wedding. As she waited for the wedding to begin, Madison took seat next to a blonde woman she did not know and, killing time, summoned for herself a blue, levitating fish, which floated around, held by a small leash. The nearby guests whispered some things the young dryad couldn't quite make out, but Madison decided to ignore them and, instead, watched her fish float about. Happy, she smiled to herself.

This was a great day for a wedding, it seemed.

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As soon as the schhol bell rang Kenobi changed into his tuxedo and started quickly and hastily making his way towards the wedding. Obi Wan Kenobi was running late...like always and knew he was supposed to meet Angelic Reaper at the wedding.

After flying for a few minutes he spotted where the wedding was supposed to be held and started descending. As he descended he thought about the bride and groom. Andferne had always been a role model to the young jedi, he had always been the premiere hero on the vine, yet so friendly and accessible. Lexicat was maybe the friendliest person ever and he couldn't think of a better match for the great hero.

As he landed, Kenobi looked around and spotted AR and Feral Nova who had already arrived. Kenobi runs to them and hugs AR. Hey, girls, you're looking mighty pretty this fine afternoon.

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Angelic Reaper turned to see Feral Nova sit next to her, almost slamming herself onto the seat. "Hello Nova, at least I'm not the only one late." She said as she sighed looking at Lexi, it seemed only yesterday that Lexi was at WAL, sitting around drinking her coffee in the living area and now, she owned her own Coffee Shop and she was ready to be married to a man she looked up to as a brother. Tears of happiness for the couple started to come down from her purple eyes as she quickly wiped them off.

She then heard a familiar voice next to them. "Obi." She said with a smile as she hugged him. "You look very handsome yourself." She said as she patted on the seat next to her so show him to sit down. "Come on, sit down, they havent started their vows yet."

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Acer had left the mansion and headed off to the wedding walking down the street it was a happy day one filled with joy and love Acer couldnt help but think if he would ever find love it was a question he had been asking himself more and more often if he like Andy would find a girl that made his heart skip a thousand beats just by her smile and the way she would make his heart dance.

As he walked down the street Acer could feel the happiness radiate like the sun off each person it seemed that this day had made everyone else happy in the world that the heavens for this day blessed earth and everyone upon it. The sun dazzled off his suit each ray of light danced like fairies today truly was a blessed day.

Acer picked up pace and quickly arrived at the wedding it was outside and it was such a beutiful day to have a wedding outside the sun smiled upon earth on this day as it to watched providing a perfect gift for the wedding. Acer looked at everybody else they all looked amazing the women were all beutiful and the men so handsome a cocky and sarcastic thought came into his head any other time he would have said out loud he was the best looking dude here but that would be disrespectful. A tear left his eye he was a sucker for love and for a wedding and he imagined what it would be like if his wedding day would come. Acer took a seat and smiled enjoying this glorious day.

Dude do not cry

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Obi Wan Kenobi immediately sits next to AR as she pats the seat next to her. As he sits down he takes her hand in his. Weddings always made Obi feel romantic and full of love. He looks over at Acer, who was holding back the tears. Don't cry man, cause then you'll make me cry too.

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Hearing his alarm go off, NeVann lazily rolled over and hit the snooze button and laid in his bed for moment. That was until he realized what was happening today, quickly sitting up he looked at his calander and saw today was wedding of Andy and Lexi. He didn't know Lexi but Andy was new friend of his, jumping up he rushed to get dressed.

Oh sh!t I'm going to be late and worst of Nova is most likely going to kill me.

To save time he he dashed to the air craft carrier and barrowed a pelican, the jets roared as it made it's way to sky. Upon reaching the graden that the wedding was held, he set it to auto pilot and opening the hull door he leaped. The tail of his coat wavered in the wind as he made his graceful desent to the ground. Landing at the other end he rose to his feet dusting himself off, and making sure his hair was in place he lifted his sunglasses and headed over. Knowing that this was an event of the ages he wasn't surprise to see all the faces he did, sreaching around he finally saw Nova sitting with Angel and walking over he knelt down and placed his arms around the two of them before turning his head to the left and kissing Nova on the cheek.

Hey you two, hope I'm not to late.

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The wedding has taken off the people are gathering and the hulking behemoth known as Darkchild stands next to Andy. He vowed he would never get dressed like a penguin again but somehow Lexi talked him into it.

Why do i need a suit im just freaking security He fidgits with his tie and suit Damn thing

Darkchild is amazed at how beautiful Lexi is in her dress. He is almost tempted to say something sexual to Andy but he felt that would be much more fun to do later, leaning close to Andy "You sure picked a good one....lucky i didnt get to her first." he says with a grin and nudges him.

Andy himself was actually semi dressed. It made looking at him hard because Darkchild never saw him in a suit "You look like a penguin on steroids you know that."

Then a thought came to his mind where their this many people at my wedding....and if i looked that horrible in a tux someone should have shot me.

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Rushed, Mantoid gets ready to go to the wedding, gets in her car, and thinks to herself, Did I forget anything? Then it hits her, she forgot the present. She jets out of the car and grabs the present, wraps it, and gets back into her car. Off she goes headed toward the wedding.

With time running out, it looks like Mantoid is going to make it when, a Honda Civic runs a red light and crashes into a Ford Pickup. I'll never make it on time now. Then, as quick as the accident happened, it was resolved. Whew! That was a relief. Mantoid arrives at the wedding and jumps out of her car.

She walks around looking for people she knows. Hey it is Obi. "Hi." She sits next to Obi. I wonder when this wedding will start?

She sits back, relaxed waiting for the next thing to happen.