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It started with weird stories and water cooler conversation pieces as someone who knew someone who knew a neighbor who had been attacked. Of course nobody paid any real attention or gave serious thought to the re-tellings easily dismissing them as exaggerated tales of suburban hysteria. Even the news media's initial coverage had been geared towards explaining the strange and wide spreading phenomenon as bath salt addicts losing control and in a mindless drug induced haze lashing out at unsuspecting victims with disturbing results. It was because of our inability to except the unbelievable that any conventional means of quarantine failed allowing a World wide epidemic unlike anything record throughout the history of mankind. The primary government response was slow forming and poorly executed. Curfews, military roadblocks, and so called safe zones did little to curb the elevation of mass panic as the public frantically tried to escape the cities only to be shot if they tried to leave designated areas. And as the body count rose, so did the infection. As things progressively deteriorated information became scarce. Riots engulfed everything from California to New York as desperation fueled looters ransacked stores for basic supplies and if lucky enough, weapons. The streets were no longer safe for travel as families were pulled from their vehicles by frenzied mobs urgently seeking any means of escape. Like drowning rats neighbor turned on neighbor, the will to survive superseding basic human compassion casting the World into a pit of hopelessness and despair. Nobody knows how or where it started exactly, or if theres any place left unaffected by the outbreak. So we do the only thing we can, we survive.

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Just outside Winston Salem, North Carolina - Six Months later:

"Daddy lets just go, please." the fear in her voice unmistakable. Her father kneeling down beside her in an effort to offer some semblance of reassurance. "Baby doll I have to, we dont have enough food to make it much longer. We need this." kissing her forehead lovingly before ordering her to stay put while he made his way inside the abandoned roadside gas station. "You stay behind this tree and dont move until I get back, can you do that for me? I need you to be a soldier. Who's daddies lil soldier?" his falsified confidence giving the child a moment of peace. "I am" she replied with a half smile. Displaying incredible fortitude having lost her mother only days earlier. An only child,Sabrina and her father were the only ones left from her small Carolina family. Her father, Alex, had been a volunteer firemen in their small tight nit community before the outbreak and her mother had been a public news anchor. As the family had attempted to flee the more populated areas they had been caught out in the open by a stream of walkers forcing Alex to make an impossible decision. Save his wife, or save his child. He did what he thought was right, but it did not make the grieve any more bearable.

"Okay, I'll be right back." slowly entering the partially bordered building. The suns rays sneaking their way through the small cracks and openings offering some visual aid in the otherwise shadow camouflaged station. Slipping his empty backpack off his shoulders Alex began filling it with can goods, chips, and bottled water as fast as he could. Tension in the atmosphere at an almost claustrophobic height elevating every sound, every wind induced squeak, to an unbearable level. Briefly investigating the scene Alex soon discovered blood spattered hand prints smeared down the walls causing his heart to race as he peered over the counter. The clerks dead motionless body on the floor would have sent a less desperate men out the door, but the black Louisville slugger baseball bat laying next to him was simply to important to dismiss.

Moments later Alex emerged fully stocked and ready to continue on. "Sabrina......Sabrina.........Sabrina?"

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Charlotte, NC - 3 months ago

"Babe open the front door and let the air in will you? So damn hot today" Devoit laughs rather than gets annoyed as his wife Sonya calls to him from the kitchen after just getting back from the garage, folding down the lazy-boy leg rest asthe newsblares updates live onthe bird-flu quarantine situation. Walking over to the door he sees his seven year old son standing in the middle of the street as a lamp flickers on in the twilight. "Tyrone, come on your mothers almost finished cooking." But the boy doesn't move, his back slumped swaying in place. A scream and explosion are heard over the drowning sounds of the city during the 5 p.m. rush hour. Devoit walks off the porch and approaches his son, grabbing him by the arm "Come on little man play tomorrow- " before he knew what happened nails dug into his forearm, a foot moving backwards tripping him. Tyrone young face had been partially eaten, gums exposed just beneath a free hanging brown eye. His teeth gnashing for the his father's throat.

Shoving the lightweight boy off he looks down as he tries to rise Devoit ran back into the brownstone condo and locks the door. Going into the kitchen he pulls a knife out of the stand , noticing the backdoor was opened. Sonya ran with her heels in hand back inside, only to be grabbed and pulled out by what used to be the kind old woman who gossiped over the fence. Devoit had managed to let his wife and son die in the span of five minutes. He throws the knife and heads upstairs with tears streaming down his face as he enters the combination to the .38 snub nose and 4 spindle cartridges of extra ammo. He was a bad shot but could do some damage with the close range pistol. Instead of going to the commotion filled streets he heads to the kitchen, trying not to look down a break under the sight of his deceased wife of 15 years. He fills thebook bag of small cans and some water running out of the room and up the stairs, using the fire ecape to shimmy up to the roof with a few well placed steps. The roofs were close enough to hop all the way to the hummer dealership.


Barreling down the highway through stopped cars and walking dead, Devoit drinks a bottle of whiskey in celebration, three month he'd held up at the dealership as the dead had swarmed the entire building. It took him months of planning and routing the ventilation system, before finally causing a diversion with a fire extinguisher and the sister to the bottle in his rough hands. His only instinct in this situation was obvious; Get to a boat, get in the water, find an island. It was half cocked and hope driven but it was the only thing he had left to cling to.

The engine begins to indicate the near empty tanks just as he passes a sign for a rest stop with a Mobil station. Rolling up slowly with the light soft he pulls the gun from the back of his dust covered belt, pushing a wooden panel off of the door frame and sliding in as quietly as he could to find the starter for the pumps.

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@Surkit: His heart sank into the pit of his stomach as the sound of granulated stones crumbling beneath the weight of a tire resonated through the air as an oversized SUV rolled up to abandoned station. Seeking refuge behind the base of the aforementioned tree, Alex watched as a singular individual made his way inside before his attention was drawn toward the rear of the vehicle and his overly curious daughter who was attempting to gain entry through the back hatch. "Dammit." his anger slipping through his clinched teeth before darting across the lot sliding down on one knee while simultaneously wrapping his arm around the child's waist. " Its not safe here, we gotta keep..." his sentence cut short by the ear shattering screams of his daughter. Her pitch only slightly loader then the sudden chores of moans and decay infused gargles forming over his shoulder. Quickly Alex was able to grab his bat ruthlessly slamming it alongside the head of the first walker. Its missing arm and tattered gas attendant uniform leaving little to the imagination as two more descended upon the father and daughter. Off balance, Alex fell backwards knocking his daughter over while a female walker no longer recognizable in any sense of the human form collapsed on top of him barely held at bay by his bat now held horizontally across her neck as she repeatedly attempted to gnaw away. "Get, the f%&^ off.... from me." he gasped continuing to struggle for his life.

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All natural spring water company- Yellowstone

"So let me get this straight Mr geologist your tell me if i'am getting this right. The dead are walking the earth and feasting on the living which isn't bad enough for you , you have to add we are currently on top of a giant super volcano which in its self could wipe out the rest of humanity at any moment?" pausing for a second and correcting his glasses Richard stood up and calmly replied " Yes, that's the sum of it. Whilst geographically we have access to lots of clean and natural water from springs and have the forest for cover we have a ticking time bomb underfoot. On the plus side though if it was to blow it wouldn't matter where we was at the event since it would more than likely end most of, if not all life on earth and plunge earth into the next ice age. Being here at ground zero would mean our deaths would be quick at least " with a distinct look of hatred in his eyes Marshall John looked at Richard the lowely geologist " Well fuck me sideways Mr sunshine what you gonna do next to brighten my day." Richard couldn't resist pushing his luck a little further " Well i didn't want to bring it up now but there was another issue, the generators running low and we will need to make another Petrol, i mean gas run"

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@Alex_Raines: Figures, no cash in the register. Not like it even matters anymore...Nah calm down man you been through too much, stay focused...Rummaging through the bottom shelves beneath the register dust kicked up as he slides the medical kit out taking non-prescribed ibuprofen, bandages, and alcohol. Slowed music plays from an oldies rock juke box in the back corner, Devoit just tries to ignore the sounds of a time passed until he realized the obvious, there was still power here. The pumps could still work. Tossing magazines and blood caked menthol carton to the side he finally comes across the release valve mechanism, pump four blinking. His hand creeps slowly to the button almost not wanting to know if it would work, the weight of the possibility of walking I-11 for over one hundred miles seemed like more than he could handle.

"EEEEE!" A shrill shriek draws his gaze out the dhingy window, a man downed by the pumps, a walker on top gnawing at the air in front of his face. Hopping the counter Devoit pulls his gun clumsily to cock back the hammer and hold it steady with both hands. In the old days he would've saved the man without a second thought, but instead he lowered the gun for a minute. At the dealership he'd watch outside as people left children behind to save themselves, one man was pulling women naked on chains through the streets like mush dogs, the world had gone insane and he wasn't sure this man was worth the bullet.

"Please, please save him! Daddyyy!" A girl, he hadn't seen her there cowering beside a pump. She couldn't be much older then Ty when he... she was an innocent girl calling for her daddy. Stepping forward and exhaling Devoit smacks a bullet into the side of the female walkers skull between the ear, false pride in the lucky shot making him aim quicker than he needed and pop the second in the shoulder to spurt necrotic black blood. Devoit pulls the man by the collar from under the walker, standing beside the two with the gun trained on the oen surviving walker that crawled towards them, "Use the bat I'm low!"

Meanwhile in the distance a quarter mile down the road, a coalesced wall of hive like moans and whines reverberate down the opposite end of I-11

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@Surkit: Scrambling to his feet lucky to be alive Alex did not hesitate. "Son of a bitch!" he sneered. Swinging widely with a single underhanded uppercut connecting just under the walker's chin with the bulk of the bat nearly decapitating the emotionless monster. Collectively the group briefly eyed one another with suspicion before caution gave way to sensibility. Understanding full will that any walker within ear shot had no doubt heard, and been drawn, towards the sounds of gunfire. Leaving little time for a discussion, Alex shepherded his daughter into the backseat before fastening her in and climbing into the passenger seat. While off in distance the shambling silhouettes of an undead heard rapidly approached.

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@Alex_Raines: The heard shufflles into view with the front runners falling and being trampled slowly. "Ho-ly sh!t..." Breaking into an all out sprint Devoit rushes back into the gas station, reaching half of his body over the counter to smack the release button on pump four, leaning back to break through the thin sheet of ply wood blocking the entry. Reaching into the drivers side door he pushes the tank door open and grabs the hose, dead now only about fifty yards away being led by their pungent smell of rotten greying flesh. Clicking the handle the yellowed liquid rains into the tank. Looking down in time he noticed the stray walker by his leg ready to bite, descending reflexively he digs the pumps end into the creature cranium with the trigger clicked back

Shoving the key into the ignition he reads a half a tank, good enough. Revving the engine and backing up Devoit slows down and waits with gun in hand. So much gas drenched the concrete all he had to do was aim low, popping the thick bullet at the ground and ignite the herds first dozen. Dropping the gun between the seat he backs out of the entrance way and shifts to head down I-11 breathing heavily and hands shaking on the wheel. "D-" he takes a deep breath and calms himself "Devoit Mitchell...where you two headed?"

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"Dalton, get your ass in gear!" Boomed Abe's voice from outside. Looking behind him, he saw a small group of three shambling their way. "Damnit, Dalton." He hissed under his breath, gripping the crowbar in his hand tighter. When they got close, he held his hand out to the side. Glancing behind him, he saw that Dalton still hadn't come out, and the dead were closing in. Seeing as his options dwindled down to risking his ass or letting them get close to Ryan, he chose to risk his ass. Stepping in, he swung at the first zombie's head. A sickening cracking sound was heard, and fragments of skull mixed with flesh and rotten chunks of brain. Recoiling back, he swung again, putting more weight into the strike. The zombie was down for the count. He had to quickly step back to avoid being grabbed. As soon as he was clear, he retaliated, taking the next zombie down with two more blows.

Unfortunately for him, the third one got too close to hit. Instead, he had to press the crowbar up against its throat to hold it off. "C'mon Dalton, you stupid bast-" A shot rang out through the air, and the undead thrashing about in front of him went limp. Shoving him off, Abraham turned around to see his younger brother on the porch, shouldering a bag of guns. Two boxes of supplies sat next to him. "Jesus Christ, Dalton! What took you so damn long?" Abraham stalked up to the porch and grabbed one of the boxes. "Had to put down the dog. Somethin' bit 'im." Dalton's voice was gravelly and slightly strained. "Ah, sht. That's gonna kill Ryan." Abe shook his head, setting the box in the back of the truck and going back for the other. "Ryan, c'mon out! We need to get outta here!" A tall, athletic brown-haired teenage boy came jogging out of the house, carrying a box and shouldering his backpack. "Alright, get your stuff loaded in the back. I wanna get moving before those things hear the shot your dumbass uncle let off." Abraham shot a look over at Dalton, who rolled his eyes. "You'd be one of those things if this dumbass uncle hadn't taken the shot, igit."

"Just.. get your sht loaded and get in the bed, Dalton. I need you keepin' an eye out for any of them that get too close." Dalton shrugged, then stalked off to the truck, tossing the guns into the back and climbing in after them. Abraham slid into the driver's seat, his son following a moment later. Slamming the door shut, he stuck the key into the ignition and turned it. The truck roared to life, and Abe wasted no time in pulling out of the driveway. They had to get out of here.

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@Alex_Raines: @Surkit:

"What'dya think those f*ckers look like?" Said a raspy voice from a chair in the basement. Loud groans and noises could be heard from outside the bunker, The world was seemingly ending, But the three men inside the bunker were just fine. The world was crashing around them but they were okay, Henry stood up from the chair to grab another beer that had been placed on the shelf when a very large, Very strong bald headed man remarked to him "I Dunno Slim Jim, But if y'keep guzzling down those beers soon they'll be looking like us..." Finally a third, Black haired man came out of the darkness, Pistol in hand "Relax Austin..We can still survive for another month at this ra-" He was interrupted by a loud, Almost simultaneous "WHAT THE F*CK!?" As a large hand bursted out the blocked up door, Reaching and grabbing a hold of Austin's arm.

It's claws began digging deep around the arm, Blood drawing as Austin screamed. His Toned left arm came down upon the rotting one, Smashing it in half as he looked around "SH!T HENRY! GET YER GODDAMN GUN!" Were his words as the previous black haired man reached for a shotgun near a table, Holding it up carefully as he began pumping shots through the doorway, Blood resulting at the expense of said door tearing down, And Austin pulling out a very large knife and slashing said zombies. Henry though, He was much smarter then his two brute friends tactically. He rushed to the back of the room, A Short Metallic Lockpick in his hands as he stood up on his chair to open up the air duct. Hurrying he unscrewed the bolts, Climbing into the air vent with a smirk. His friends would have to survive on there own, Which he was sure of. Still rivers of sweat filled his head as he commando crawled through the vent before realizing he was right above the kitchen.

He had to get out as he pulled out a tool he used to cut glass easily, And sliced through the metal below him and allowed his hands to grip on the wet metallic edge. He fell down and landed with a thud into the kitchen, The busy crowded Kitchen was filled with Walkers just looking at him for dinner. He panicked, Grabbing a Kitchen knife and quickly running to the door before a walker rushed to him. Henry panicked as he felt the warm rush of blood on his sleeve, the Knife slashing into the Walkers head as he began running. He saw a destroyed city, Looted houses and homes filled the neighborhood. No time for sight seeing, He had to get on the move...

Day One

Henry's breath was heavy, He had sent in a deep alleyway, Watching a random encounter of two men. One with a simple baseball bat the other with a pistol as he watched them kill herds of zombies near a gas station. Henry needed protection, His running wasn't going to protect him most...But something awful happened. Just as he stepped out from behind the store a final walker, One that was hiding from the others leaped from the alley, Crashing into him as Henry struggled with the walker, Punching and flailing wildly to no avail as the walker tackled him in front of said truck. His back was now on the asphalt, In front of the truck as the zombie was trying to tear his flesh apart. It was up to the kindness of strangers to save him now...

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@Surkit: "Holy sh!t" yelled Alex. Out of nowhere a stranger was taking down directly in the path of the truck. Unsure of whether or not Devoit would simply run the duo over or offer some assistance, Alex hesitated before acting. "F#ck" he blurted while flashing out of the truck delivering a single glancing blow to the walker. Making enough contact to temporarily free the stranger as they both scrambled back inside the safety of the vehicle. "What the hell were you thinking mister?" he questioned, visibly shaken. It was when Alex reached over to shake Devoit's hand that he felt the venom like surge of intensified pain streak through the right side of his body followed by the cool streak of blood tracing down his skin concealed beneath his shirt. He had been bitten. Willfully acting through the pain he simply smiled and thanked their would be savior. "My names Alex, thats Sabrina. Thank you, no I mean it. Thank you. I dont know what we would have done if you hadnt come along." pausing as he looked back at the mushroom cloud of black smoke and the indescribable scene of torch lit walkers crawling and stumbling about while engulfed in flames. While still turned towards the back seat he reintroduced himself to the stranger. "Alex, and thats my daughter Sabrina." Hit with an unexpected siege of uncontrollable coughing, Alex pushed it down deep before continuing. "We were headed towards my sisters. She's got a place about a half mile up the road. Its just past the state police post just off the I. If ya wouldnt mind dropping us there. She may even have some gas you could siphon.

Making their way down the interstate through a never ending sea of battered and broken down vehicles and make shift tent like shanty towns along the road, Alex and D quickly glanced at one another as the came up on the state police post. Neither saying a word but both thinking the exact same thing. "Sabrina I want you to stay here, you understand me? You look the doors and you stay put."

Using his elbow Alex broke the main door window in order to gain access. The luminescent lights continuously flickering on and off in an all to familiar fashion.

"Hello!?" a voice called from the back where the holding tanks were located. "Hello???"

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"You gotta be the last man with luck on Earth; Devoit Mitchell." Turnign back to Alex fully meeting his gaze"Far as you go... Alex? I won't lie, if I didn't see the girl you might not've made it" His words were blunt, in this world he knew trust was key, word of mouth was all we had to go on now. Creeping to a stop at the entry D gives Alex a nod. Stepping out the car with keys in the ignition, Devoit turns back and looks at the stranger with a skeptic squint while removing them, "The girl won't get hurt in the car...How about you come with us, friend." Giving the girl a kind smile he shuts the door and locks it.

Grabbing a broken piece of chain link fence post He steps inside slowly behind Alex, a small flame's flicker in the distance silhouetting bars. creeping down the hall the two holding weapons ready to swing "How the hell is somebody still alive...?"

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@Surkit: Silently Alex motioned slowly with his head indicating his disbelieve as well. The idea that anybody could still be alive in a place like this was beyond reasonable. Yet as they cautiously advanced and the strangers pleas became louder the lengths in which the human condition was programed to survive quickly became evident. "Oh thank god, you gotta get me out of here." Locked inside the middle cell was a slightly scruffy looking young man with empty water bottles scattered throughout his cell. The corner, filled with waste and teaming with flies was a small indicator as to length of time he had been locked inside. "The keys man, the keys are over there." poking his arm through the cell pointing at the dead officer lying face down. "Son of a bitch turned and came at me, they were all I had." he said as Alex hesitatingly rolled the body over revealing the lost set of keys protruding from his forehead. Glancing back at Devoit with suspicion, Alex reluctantly removed the keys and unlocked the cell. "Oh man, good looking out. Names Jesse and ah, I suggest we bolt, like now. We dont wanna be here when it starts to get dark....."

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Border of Virginia Just Outside NC

Hex sat on top of a car smoking a cigarette enjoying one of the luxuries that remained of being alive. It was rather aggrevating to be in this world, not alot of good left to cling on to. Hex had before this been a trouble maker, just got out of Juvi for stabing a teacher. Granted the teacher had totaly desserved it, guy was an ass who said some of the students wouldn't matter. So Hex took a pair of scissors and ramed it into his colar, she had gone for the neck but she was nobody special. She watched alot of kung fu flicks didn't mean she could be the next Ninja Assassin. She didn't like her mom or that many people but her sister ment the world to her. That was what kept the teen going, geting Serenity through this. Hex had kept her sister and herself alive by, being a good cook, fair in a knife fight, and having enjoyed gym so she was fairly well fit. The brown haired goth used to rock a stylized black hair cut with some pink tips. By now though alot of the pink had fadded only aparent at the tips and the roots could be seen as their original brown. In the backpack Hex kept alot of food and cooking ware. Her pockets jacket and a few spots on her back pack loaded with various knives from her personal collection and the kitchen.

Serenity was the seventeen year olds seven year old sister. She was a red head with light brown eyes and wearing clothing that once was really bright. The kid didn't pack to much in her back pack she got the lighter stuff like clothing, bathrooom stuff and a pistol, standard 9mm. It used to be dad's but dad was dead now, so was mom, the cute neighbor Carol, and Rex the cat. It was just Hex her sister, Selene and her dog. Serenity wasn't a great shot she had taken out in the six months only one zombie, but she was really proud of that one zombie. Hex helped make it easier, taught Serenity that it was just like Halo and Call of Duty, you just aim for the stupid bad guys head, pull that trigger and knock out the stupid bad guy. Hex told alot of lies to help her sister, she took special effort into always having expensive perfume but never saying where it would come from. Serenity would say "oh my god that smells amazing where'd you get it sis?" At which point the gothic teen would answer with the most crazy answer she could think of. Things like butterfly wings dust, or the hairs of a unicorn. Each one made Serenity feel like there was hope of a better world out there that one day the walking, runing and walker killing would end.

"Hex Selene never tells me about her, does she tell you her storry?" The adorable kid asked as they sat on the hood of the abandoned car near a forrest.

"Selene rember is just a friend not family, if it comes to us or her we all agreed she goes right?" Hex waited for a nod before going on "well a long long time ago in a state not so far away." Serenity laughed, Hex loved that laugh......

Six Months Ago New York New York

Selene sturred as her alarm went off as per usual. And like every day her Michael and Fera went through a morning ritual of geting ready. Michael was the raven haired officers husband. They had hooked up during the academy nine years ago when the two nineteen year olds entered the academy. They got maried after and a year later had Fera. Fera being seven now thought she knew everything while also being the most hyper kid either of the two parents knew. Today Fera had no school something had happend last night that made so many teachers missing and sick it was pointless even to have attempted having a class. Fera also was "dying to go on a ride along like so so so bad" and there was no way the two could tell that dempled kid no.

Both were police officers who had impressive records on the force. And so far of the two Selene had only pulled her gun twice. Once on an old man acountable of murder on the first degree he dropped his gun to avoid being shot. Nothing major, the other was a police shooting, she was one of the five officers to have opened fire. He had refused to put his weapon down and showed signs of resisting. The man had fired shot hhaving gone wild before the officers then squeezed the trigger. Michael on the other hand had never had to pull is gun. He was a K9 Unit his dog Rain a blood hound had served just as well as her master. Rain had been ordered a few times to attack that was apout the extemity of their time on the field. The moments when they had to engage into hard work were rare to none.

After breakfast they took off to the station as one would logicaly expect. Was a usual morning and nothing really seamed out of place. Rain ocasionaly barked at someone but she was a dog after all that wasn't out of the ordinary. The office to was the standard scenario, the family trying to enjoy themselves as much as possible. Then came a scream, a couple had begun biting and clawing at people at random. Blood seemed to seap from their jaws and they looked sick as if infected somehow. Then the woman pinned Michael down, teeth digging as deep as they could. A spurt of blood bursted from the shoulder sparying the tile. Selene in a quick motion retrieved her gun and squeezed. Carefull aim puting the insane woman down....

"Stop, we need to go, waisting daylight you two" Serenity groaned in annoyance hating that the story ended for the moment. Selene was right though Hex knew it. They needed to move becoming a snack wasn't a desirable moment in life after all.

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Gas station-Yellowstone

"Shut up a minute did you hear that ?", the marshal turned his head "Look son if your gonna go all girly on me each time the wind catches the tress i would be better off on my own." returning to filling up the jerry cans for the generators back at base. Smillling to himself RIchard smuggly replied " I 'am just being cautious, and you know the rules never let any one go somewhere alone. Surely a man of your experience knows about the importance of man power" without batting an eyelid the grizzled old marshall replied sharply " Man power exactly, your jumping at your own shadow every five minutes you wouldnt of lasted one night in Da Nang." Richard always laughed at the marshalls war stories " Yeah remind me how that went again? O great American war hero. Anyways since Charlie couldnt be pumped full of rounds and still chow down on your for a mid death snack ist not really the same is it."


We got walkers at four and severn o'clock at least 20 of them. Get to cover leave the jerrys for now. will get them when its clear. The marhsal drew his firearm and Richard pulled out his excavation hammer its comedic size a constant jibe from the others at the factory especially the marshall. " Thats it son , time to crack out the big guns see how they tremble in fear" The marshall had seen war and was oddly unphased by the grotesque nature of a rotting corpse trying to eat him. Richard wasnt anywhere near as comfortabel around the undead . He had seen a walkers eight times and each time he was left wit ha sleepless night his body wired with adrenaline he went into full flight or flight mode. And right now they ran into the Gas station shop and started to baracade the door. "Get that fridge over here i will hold it shut" The marshall was a leader of men and richard whilst he didnt like him personally respected the group needed a man like him. With every inch of him Richard wrestled and clawwed at the fridge a loud scrtaching noise errupting from its feet as it scrapped along the floor towards the door. Moving aside the marshal helped finish the make shift barracade. " Good job Mr Geologist we will make a solider of you yet" reaching for his walky talky the marshall started a trasmition to base "We are pinned down 20 or so walkers will wait for them to break up then make our way back no estimated eta sit tight Jerrys are ready to roll."

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@Alex_Raines said:

@Surkit: Silently Alex motioned slowly with his head indicating his disbelieve as well. The idea that anybody could still be alive in a place like this was beyond reasonable. Yet as they cautiously advanced and the strangers pleas became louder the lengths in which the human condition was programed to survive quickly became evident. "Oh thank god, you gotta get me out of here." Locked inside the middle cell was a slightly scruffy looking young man with empty water bottles scattered throughout his cell. The corner, filled with waste and teaming with flies was a small indicator as to length of time he had been locked inside. "The keys man, the keys are over there." poking his arm through the cell pointing at the dead officer lying face down. "Son of a bitch turned and came at me, they were all I had." he said as Alex hesitatingly rolled the body over revealing the lost set of keys protruding from his forehead. Glancing back at Devoit with suspicion, Alex reluctantly removed the keys and unlocked the cell. "Oh man, good looking out. Names Jesse and ah, I suggest we bolt, like now. We dont wanna be here when it starts to get dark....."

Stepping back and tightening his hands around the steel pipe until his knuckles were white "I think we should scavenge for supplies while we're here, I mean it's a police station. This opportunities won't come often anymore..." Looking at the young man with narrowed eyes Devoit couldn't make heads or tails of him, and that made him even more of a threat. "Alex, can I have a minute? Fall back kid." Huddling to the side with Alex he smells an acrid odor, pushing it aside as a commonplace he needed to get used to, chalking it upto the natural smell of the world now, "I don't trust this kid, I don't trust anyone who was left to die in prison, there's always a reason."

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Victoria slept until dusk. She preferred to move in the dark. The walking dead were sluggish in the cold, and the living sleeping after dark. Her eyes were keen, and well accustomed to working by the light of the stars and moon. Her ears sharp to the sounds of nature.. and un-nature.

Her blue eyes looked down. Down thirty four feet. As always she slept in her daddies camouflage tree-stand. The unliving didn't sleep, but they didn't climb neither.

Cradled in her arms was a MINI 29 compound bow. Compact, with a 70lbs. draw weight and a 99% let off it had seemed to be a perfect gift by her father. Now she lived and died by it. Perhaps he had been a prophet after all.

She slipped off to the side, wrapping her legs around the sturdy oak. On hand holds her bow, the other unscrews the tree-stand. Slowly she lowers herself to the ground.

Worn leather boots touched the ground. She noted the fraying between the soles and sides. Soon she needed new boots, these would not last much longer. Good boots were hard to find in her size, she would need to make a trip to the city. This thought made her frown, it would be a dangerous journey.

Quietly she gathers up her small campsite. Really just her backpack. She always kept it packed, one never knew when the walkers would come. Or worse.

People like her.

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Raising his hands, arms extended, Jesse contorted his lips and tilted his head. "No doubt brother, handle yours." gradually backing away allowing the two men a moment to deliberate. Understandable concern the forefront of their conversation, but the three time felon harbored no ill will or resentment over their exclusive meeting. Instead he made his way down the hall cautiously peering around the light deprived corners cautiously advancing towards the evidence locker. A quick look in either direction making sure the coast was clear before shouldering the locked door open, accessing the small room of confiscated items. Like a hillbilly Christmas Jesse grabbed a sheathed hunting knife, a ziplock bag containing 1oz of uncut cocaine, and an antique blued steel single action army .45 revolver with 8 outdated brass cartridges. "Bet." he smirked while enthusiastically spinning the revolving cylinder like a modern day cowboy.

A short time later after having secured a small police issue duffel bag filled with some basic essentials such as bottled water, several bags of chips, vending machine candy bars, and his black authenticated Outlaws biker jacket and shoulder strap for housing his knife discretely underneath his vest, the newest edition to the group slipped outside unnoticed. A swift elbow to the drivers side window allowed Jesse easy entry but was shocked when the little girl in the back seat started screaming but seemingly un-phased, he began trying to hotwire the vehicle.

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2 months after the Walkers rose

Trace slowly pulled the string back. Inhaling, he picked his target, a walker who seemed to be moving faster than the rest. The arrow touched his cheek, and he slowly tracked the thing with the arrow, then fired. It looked up, straight at him, before the arrow caught it in the forehead. By the time the Walkers looked up, Trace was already moving, bow slung over his shoulder, knives out. He jumped the small flight of stairs, landing with a loud THUMP! and a cloud of smoke. The Walkers were already battering at the door and Trace heard the makeshift lock, a chair, slide a few inches. He wrenched the front door open and sprinted to his truck, clearing the fence with a leap, and jumped up, grabbing hold of the truck's roof, and swung into the driver's seat. Dropping his hunting bow, and tossing his knives onto the passenger seat, he twisted the key, and the truck sputtered into life. He turned back to the house, seeing the Walkers hobbling towards him. Putting his foot down, he pulled away. Damn. Damn. Too close. He thought, his heart pounding as he drove.

He decided to make the final leg of the journey, to the city center, and make another sweep for survivors, as well as for rations. He was running low, but he wanted to help people, that instinct was as deeply embedded as the instinct with which he pulled his bow. As he drove, he started to think. Normally, survivors would go to the police station, looking for weapons and stuff. He'd start there.

His truck squealed to a stop outside. He patted the outside of the door twice. "Good girl." He said, as one might talk to a dog. He picked up his knives and sheathed them, one at his ankle, one at his thigh. He also pulled on his quiver, and picked up his bow, and opened the door, stepping out of the truck, and slammed the door. The keys remained in the ignition as usual, in case a quick getaway became a necessity, as it almost always did. He slowly walked towards the station, an arrow notched on the string as he slowly pushed the door open with his side. Drawing the bow full, he began to walk through the building slowly, the laser-sight on his bow active, a thin beam of ruby light pointing at whatever the bow aimed at.

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@_Jesse_: While they deliberatein the dark corner, Alex argues both sides of the case to see what the solution should be. He seemed like the kind of man that was well grounded, he knew there was a possibility of danger but he still held onto a piece of compassion. "I'm tellin' you...this could bite us in the ass at the worst time-"

The sudden shrill scream Sabrina let out traveled through the country based police station, Alex running instinctively toward the front door Devoit right on the back of his heel. He wished he'd brought the damn gun, this wouldn't even be an issue. Cocaine glistens on the floor as they head out seeing Jesse frantically trying to connect red to red from the bottom console. "Son of a bitch-!"Devoit runs to the car with the pipe held back, hopping twice to stop himself before swinging with massive momentum at the drivers side wind shield. "Alex get your girl!"

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The world was a surprisingly natural yet possitively drearry place to be within. This infection had no apparent effect on the world itself, this wasn't like those rediculose games Hex played with Serenity where the plants were carnivourous or every last patch of dirt looked apart of some barren apocalypse. On the other hand however every city or trace of the human world was lost. Apsolutely ravaged by what turned society to panic, then a virtual warzone and eventually just romains. It was enough to make the week cry for some form of haven. Hex didn't need that though, it was just her and Serenity against the world. And that was enough for her, anyone else was hounestly a perfectly fine sacrifice for survival. The group was traveling through the woods doing their best to keep quiet and out of the way. What few walkers they did find were put down fast to avoid as much trouble as they could.

Serenity was the individual to break the silence "why is it we don't use cars again? I mean like I dont mind walking and all. Its just it would be alot faster to go with an automovile ya know." Her voice was soft but still clear, Hex was always a bit jelous of that. Most were hard to make out when they whispered not Seren though.

"Automobile love and you know why we can't" Selene had answered. Hex had to admit Selene was a really good liar. When they first met Hex had told the raven haired woman to never grow attatched, that she was but a guardian. Selene had shown willing to do so, her loss made her a martyr in waiting Selene was more then willing to commit to the job. Of course the question brought back painful memories of what had happend in the past. The night where they adopted nicknames and Hex originaly forsaked the use of cars.

Five Months Ago

Rex died about two days ago Carol had tossed the feline to save her own ass. Something Amber hated with a passion how dare that condesending bitch lecture her so often of having mercy and sympathy. Amber wanted to give Carol the teacher treatment, their was no juvi now after all. They were in the car mom up front with dad of the Dodge Charger. Amber sat in back behind mom in the passenger seet. Jesica sat in the midle and Carol on Jesica's left behind dad. And for the past hour Amber had glared at Carol, Jesica noticed and carefully ziped up her backpack which had scizors in clear sight until then. Her small foot pushing her big sisters own back pack under the seat. Everyone kept there stuff with them just incase a quick escape was needed.

"You know what I think guys we all need cool nicknames. I was watching some movies with sis around Halloween and there was like alota stalker guys. Rachel McNobody or whoever would wrong Mr. Jo or whatever. And then Mr. Jo would stalk them and stab the bitch in the arm pit and she would die." Mom was quick to throw a complaint at the use of foul language.

"Look im just saying I like do not want to be in Saw Twenty Six, you know as in the last letter Z." Amber and Jesica got a good laugh out of it so did mom, dad did his best to keep his mouth shut from cracking up. And Carol showed no sign of anyrthing.

"I find the notion apsolutley childish" the cat sacrificing ass remarked.

"Yeah well for starters shes a kid bitch, oh and you know what I think your nickname should be Disgrace P___y it fits you flawlessly and dads name can be Rex Junior. Because Rex was the coolest cat in the world and you sacrificed him like a half eaten slimjim to a hobo." Of course mom got a little mad at the foul language but dad was quick to stop her from saying anything and just looked back at his daughters. "So Jess then what would yours be?"

"Princess Goodgirl....f_ck I duh know." Dad and Hex rolled their eyes smiling. Disgrace P___y showed her usual smugness.

"You know what I think sis, your name should be Serenity. Because you know your the peaceful light and shit in this not so peaceful time."

"Its perfect I think, and you should go by Hex. Its a nice contrast suggesting how you two are like opposite sides of the same kind. And it just fits your persona." Mom remarked following her daughter.

"Harlott was going to be my stage name if my garage band ever took off." Disgrace P___y remarked, she was a mechanic it was no surprise really to hear the no talent ass wipe wished to be the next insult to a clasic like Joan Jett.

"Im not surprised, you look like you could do well on a corner name fits. As for the band thing would never happen. Rather listen to Mylee Syrus sing about her Twilight inspired crush on Justin Beiber then listen to you." It was rightfully at this moment that Rex Jr could not hold it in. The man burst into mad hysterics car swerving subtley as he almost cried of laughter. Never did he expect his Amber to use so much commedy ever let alone make such media refferances. One more joke like that and he swore he might of wet himself, of course that was not the outcome of the night.

Walkers were always of course attracted to sound, sound usualy would imply something still warm and fresh. So the loud muscle car Hex and Rex Jr would work on every other weekend was obviously alluring. They came from all sides of course the reer rarely mattered. When a hoard formed a wall hower in front of them things got bad. There was a roar as Rex Jr hit the pedal hoping to run right through them. A wet thud sounded off in the car as the first walker was ran into. Then more and more as more bodies were hammered into at high speeds, moist crunching made carol cringe. Hex imediate thought being "totally Disgrace P___y" there was a problem though they all failed to see thanks to the infected fleshy wall. They were heading for a car abandoned in the middle of the intersection. A cacophny of noise rang out, glass shattered metal grinded against metal. Marrow shattered smashed inbetween the two the car went up a few inches and slamed into the ground. Tires screeched the sound of meet being grinded could be heard as tires spining out of control finished off the crippled hoard. The muscle car swerved and flipped as it hit a railing and fell into the ditch off on the side.

Jessica helped mom, Rex Jr pulling his nine and providing cover. He would breath in wait and fire. Not a fast shot but he got the job done. "Where going to hed out, you two are faster Amber you get Carol." In which Serenity was quick to edit dads sentance with the new names.

"F_ck you, just covery Blair Witch Reject." Hex glarred in annoyance but drew two knives. And waited ready, when they got close she would drop them. A knife in the head, a variety of stabs but all ultimantly fatal. Giving Disgrace P___y a chance to rip the twisted metal from her leg and limp out. They fled as fast as the limping but fit mechanic could manage Hex a little bit ahead. Untill Carol slumped against a tree. "Losing to much blood we need to do something you took biology and shit right."

Hex smiled "I always skipped that class......and I don't like slowling down. Carol my dear for crimes of animal abuse you are found guilty. The sentance" a glance to the side showed a good dozen walkers aproaching "is to be food for the moddern dogs of society." Hex pulled the metal from Carol's hand who yelped in anguish. Her scream was heard when the metal was shoved into the good leg. A push forward towards the infected and then Hex began a almost casual walk away. Not phased by the human buffet behind her.

"I hate cars, Hex told me about last time. That and I always hated gass prices" Selene's remark pulling Hex from her memory. There was a car up ahead, aproaching. Selene dropped to one knee raising an AR with a scope. Serenity pulled her gun as well and aimed down the road. Meanwhile Hex reached to a van and pulled a nail studded bat from a dead hand. They had no idea if these humans were trustable after all.

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Gas station-Yellowstone ( part 2)

"Ok its official we are screwed. We cant hold this door closed all night. The back door is blocked from the other side and the only other door is this whole dam place has six locks and no f*cking keys." Richard was clearly growing more and more tetchy with the situation and was snapping at anything he could. " You need to relax, a reckless decision will end us both quicker than a rational and dangerous one. Now how about you sit down and think and rest thoose gums of yours, before you draw the rest of the neighbourhood here with your shouting" Richard wanted to shout at the marshall. Every fibre of his being told him that sitting and thinking just delayed the certainty of a zombie reated death, but he sat and looked at the marshall who whilst not enituirely a picure of calm and serenitiy at least appeared to be clearheaded. " Ok then what do we do, its like we can run out all guns blazing like the Alamo. We only have one gun with six shots and this stupid hammer." The marshall smilled " Consider our surroundings, one well placed shot and we light this whole place up" Richard listened to the plan " Are you serious?, you cant be surely?. We light this place up we lose our nearest source of gas how we gonna run the generators?. What about the rest of the group? and thast even if we can get out of the blast radius without being blown apart or being eaten. I got to say thats a lousy plan" the marshall looked at Richard with he steely cold eyes " Ok then what you got ?"

an hour of hate filled silence passed

" Ok.... ah hell" CRACK, TSSH ( the sound of glass breaking) " Ahhhh!" BANG, BANG BANG. "Rich... they, they got me." the marshall spins the gun in his hand the handle now facing out towards Richard "Do it, i wont be one of thoose things. Leave me here grab the jerry's and go they will be drawn to me. You can get away whilst they get their dammed meal." Richards face dropped its angry expression and in tha second he knew taht whilst the marshall irritaed the hell out of him, he was right and a far more honourable man than he. Grabbing the gun Richard noddded " I'am truely sorry, your a better man than i treated you" The marshall looked at richard once last time "And your a better than you credit yourself. Look after the group for me, they will need you now. And for the love of god take care of my gun and throw away that piece of sh*t hammer of yours." Richard watched the marshalls last human expression a smile break across his face. Then the twitch started Richard knew the time was now BANG.