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A Brief Explanation

The void is, in an extremely simplified explanation, the space that exists between universes which is made from a fusion of both of the colliding universes thus taking on both properties. There are many different names for the void, the empty zone, the dark realm, limbo, the velvet room & more. It never appears the same way due to the fact that universes are constantly shifting causing the side effect of the void to adopt the shape of the colliding universes. Some lucky people gain powers while within the void which are essential for prolonged survival while in the void, unless you have some degree of advantage over a normal human.

A Short History Lesson

The Earth is influenced by the void & vice versa, for example destroying a building in the void will collapse the parallel version on Earth with seemingly no explanation. One group has decided to use this influence over the universes to take control & have so far suceeded in doing so with hundreds of universes. These are the Dark Gods who have gained near godly powers in the void via their constant exposure to void energy, though they cannot cross into any universe without a vessel from the same universe. These beings have slowly been invading our Earth for millenia by feeding in images of their selves as Gods & heroes. These Gods exist in each pantheon but to stop possible suspicion they are only temporarily possessed to allow for normal behaviour.

Previous Appearances

Below are some of the previous appearances the void has taken, they're notably a distorted view of the Earth's cities & landscapes.

Dark Gods

Many of the Dark Gods are well known Heroes, Villains, Gods & public figures. By slowly manipulating Earth when the void has infected the planet enough the true forms of the Dark Gods will transcend to our plane & allow for less fear from the general population. The Dark Gods plan to infect our world with void energy by sending in troops of void creatures that will infect the world with their existence, these creatures can only survive in vessels in the same way as the Gods but still project void energy while in the human or animal form.

Creatures Of The Void

These are just a select few of the most common creatures that are birthed & live in the void, more exist & they vary with extreme lengths though not for the better.


These are the Heroes who prevent the Dark Gods from having already taken the world already whether by force or faster breaching. They have ranks of hundreds led by the Top Twenty who are, fairly obviously, the top twenty soldiers in the guild of warriors. When one ascends to rank of Top Twenty a new codename of their own choosing is assigned it is a tradition to pick the name of the False Deity that you wish to slay yourself, this goes further as one can request one on one combat if the opportunity arises rather than the usual team attacks.

The Team (Open)


Rank: 18th of the Top Twenty


Tellumo, Alphonse Brody, is one of the most recent additions, as he was saved by a strike squad from being used as a vessel who then readily inducted him into the team, to the guild of Voidwalkers but one of the most attuned with the void. With this connection to the empty zone he quickly shot up the ranks to become one of the Top Twenty.

Combat Style:

Use of Buster Sword & Enhanced hand to hand combat using overwhelming strength, rarely uses his guns or energy blasts due to viewing it as cowardly.

-The void is free to use as you want but try not to kill any of the gods just yet.

-You can create a voidwalker of any rank other than the leader (that includes top twenty), remember to PM or @Tellumo if you want to be added to the page.

-Describe the void in any way you like that's the point of the shifting universe stuff.

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Daaamn man dig this. Great job.

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Sounds Warhammery. Not necessarily a bad thing :D

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Huh, cool Mr.Name had a concept like this a while back.

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Pretty cool. Reminds me of the Dark Terrestrials concept I was trying to kick start when I first came through.

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The only problem I have is calling it the void when there's stuff in it. Calling it the dark dimension or shadow plane would make far more sense.

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It's because it's seen as a void between the two main events/universes.

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@Tellumo said:


It's because it's seen as a void between the two main events/universes.

There's no connection between the two multiverses. The prime and new multiverse are separated by divine fiat. None may cross it.

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[what happened to this interesting idea?]

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@rumbleman_exe: (I didn't like nU, too gritty, partly the reason I'm not really RPing anymore.)