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(I'll reply after Tony does.)

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Pretty sure at this point Peak and Assault are needed in Homefront: Britain :P

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@warsman: @assault

"Bro I'm coming back around try not to die" Laughing, Stark had not had a battle a battle where he felt his life, or another persons life was truly in danger since his fight with Amaranth, hell even taking over the president was not that hard - It only resulted in a suit being blown up. Flying downwards at great speeds, Stark was once again parallel with the great beast. "HEY, CHICKEN! OVER HERE!" Stark continued his flight circling the enemy, during the entire flight he was firing repulsion beam after repulsion beam hot enough to melt through high grade steel, the energy grew stronger the longer it traveled through the air as it would gain kinetic energy and upon impact hopefully blast away chunks of flesh, but this was all a ploy to weaken his nervous system and tax his regenerative systems

Suddenly coming to an abrupt standstill in midair he messages Summit, "On my signal, I want you to increase the magnetic fields around the area with your next attack and fry the creature from the inside out, get Summit to lock onto his Red Blood Cells and attempt to heat them up, effectively microwaving him from the inside out, once that is done continue with your assault" In midair at the same height as the creature, his writs came out, locking targets with the creature getting ready to perform his most deadly attack yet. Using his Source Particles from his highly intellectual friend formicidae he would fire two swift shots of concentrated repulsion energy towards the dinosaur, effectively turning him into the size of an ant. However, this would be the case if it was for the standard particles being used, these particles would hopefully cause a failure of the beasts molecular integrity as it was laced with his own PEAK-Bots ( nano-bots ) which were also inside of the particles, upon contact with the beast they would change the properties of his body down to an atomic level, switching off its regenerative systems through a maliciously clever assault in which the PEAK-Bots would find, and switch off his regenerative systems. "Go, Increase the fields"

( I left it open instead of increasing the magnetic field myself lol )

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Wow, that last sentence xD

I gave you too many ideas with Aaron Palmer :P

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@warsman: You really, really did XD I loved RPGing with him and such, I had to use source particles against you :P

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Warsman is going to have to find him and kill him, you realize this :o

Anthony using Source Particles on the Nazi is going to lead him straight to the good doctor.

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And that's how you spell i-r-o-n-y ;D

Gonna eat him and send his head in a box to Tony's office.

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Dammit! I liked that guy! I'm killing you for this! :'(

Stark is going to go ape shit.

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That's the plan.

More drama for the Homefront thing :O

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@warsman: Cease with the dillying of daddles and perform your rebuttal to our combined might! BTW, gonna have Assault's attack come after Tony's, the one where he tries to trap Wars in a box, so that Tony does his thing first and gets out of the way.

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@anthony_stark: @assault:

Self-destruct sequences were so annoying.

Thinking of his continued experience with the two heavily-armed paragons, Warsman rested on bedrock while his body pieced itself back together like it always did. Cascading waterfalls of sand followed him down, flowing over the molten glass in rains of fire. He had studied what the scientists were able to do. Not even the madmen of the Third Reich could accomplish half of what they were displaying here, as if they were children tossing around new toys for the entertainment factor of purely having them.

While Assault preoccupied himself with obtaining a new suit of armor, Peak went about making sure that process reached its fulfillment.

Repulsor blasts increasing in heat and kinetic force pounded into his body, knocking him deeper into the very limit of the Earth's crust. Emotion escaped him. Sure, the energy scalded and pain shot through his nerves, but he understood the feeling all too much and let it pass like a whispering breeze. He merely stared at the iron man hovering above him, following the armored American with his eyes no matter how fast he flew.

Then, a curious sensation of heat spiked up from his normally cold blood. Intrigued, he attributed it to Peak's environmental control. He finally stood up in the wreckage, a new purpose glowing in his eyes. Teleporting up in front of Peak, he ripped his own throat open, vomiting blood all over the armor if all things went according to plan. If Peak had any sense left, then he would stop the microwaves for the sole sake of keeping his suit's core temperature intact. Regardless of how this worked, Warsman wanted to knock Peak out of the sky with a mammoth kick that would cripple any flight systems for the foreseeable future - but not before Peak blasted the Nazi with the two specialized repulsor beams.

Keeping airborne by principle of constant teleports, Warsman continued his unemotional study of the two, but felt somehow different. Looking around, he discovered that he had been reduced to little more than an insect in size.

Finding this fight to be a mixture of both increasingly interesting and agitating, the Nazi tried to counteract this problem by dispelling whatever toxin afflicted him with this condition by use of his healing factor. But something beat him to it. Having locked the healing factor inside his brain, nanomachines had started to dictate his powers.

He would have none of that.

Piercing his neck with his fingers, he ripped upward - tearing his own head from his body!

With the headless corpse falling to the earth, the innate healing factor kicked back on once the mechanism responsible for shutting it on and off disappeared, rendering it a natural process for the moment. A large column of dust hid the fact that Warsman sprouted a new head, complete with memories and a new brain unaffected by the encroaching nanomachines. Finding his strength restored, the Nazi regurgitated the nanomachines as his healing factor rejected them. He grew back to normal size in the process. Teleporting in front of the man responsible for this affront of his molecular structure, Warsman put his fingers around his head in a deceitfully gentle manner.

"I should kill you right now, Anthony Stark," he muttered, eyes glowing fiercely.

But the telltale arrogance of Assault caught his attention first.

"But I would much rather you watch as I tear your brother limb from limb,"

Vanishing again, he reappeared directly in front of Jacob Stark's new, imposing armor. Taking the bullets point-blank, with chunks of flesh falling away and regenerating just as quickly as they had been blasted off, Warsman reached forward and tried to crush the machine guns that were causing him so much grief. Assault had different plans.

One of the spikes he launched from his spine embedded itself in Warsman's torso while two more pierced his hands. Carrying him back down to the ground, they crucified him in an electric shock worthy of Thor. Lurching forward as the water in his body began to evaporate, Warsman kept his stoic silence. Eventually, the electricity wore out and all that was left of the Nazi was a charred skeleton, blackened and reduced to little more than ash. The metal monarchy knew better than to suspect his demise then and there, however.

Opening his eyes, Warsman broke his smoking forearms as his flesh and blood rained back down from the steam it had been reduced to. Flowing back like a roaring tidal wave, the insidious red of the Nazi warlord built his body back from its bare bones. He ripped the remaining stake out from his stomach and tossed it away. He popped his neck, sighing.

"Haven't you two accepted your fate yet?"

He leaped into the sky, shattering the glass under his feet that extended for as far down as the previous electrical surge carried. He did not attack at first, instead allowing the futility of the brothers' combined tactics to sink in.

"You two are not opponents. You are food. You are desperately trying to deny that fact, which is a reflection of just how ignorant you really are. You hide behind advanced technology and modern super-science, but it does not change your future,"

Vanishing, he would reappear behind the two, putting his arms around them and poking his head between theirs.

"Delaying the inevitable does not make it disappear."

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Hopefully that all makes sense. Otherwise I just screwed up royally >_>

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@warsman: ( nice! Damn that was a fun read! Also, at the end do you multiple into two? lol )

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Depends on if the kick worked. Otherwise Warsman just teleports between the two, the message remaining the same.

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@warsman: ( nice! Damn that was a fun read! Also, at the end do you multiple into two? lol )

No he just stands between us.

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"You talk too much."

The younger Stark was the first to move, mentally corroborating a plan with his brother and initiating his part of it without a moment's hesitation. Moving with a meta-human speed boosted by the magnetic field's properties, he intended to deliver a brutal strike to the Warsman's throat, adopting a deadly martial fighting stance and unleashing a frighteningly jagged spike from his palm. It was meant to surprise the rapidly regenerating reptile, as Assault already knew the wound would have recovered even before the completion of his next attack, which was a short blast from his unibeam, fired with the intent to blast the creature out of the sky. Without any pause the vibranium-clad vindicator propelled his figure forwards after what should be the airborne Warsman, laying into him with a series of ugly adamantium backed punches, his gauntlets lined with pulsating electricity. Eliminating any chance of the dino-man sneaking in one of his hyper-paced counter-attacks, Assault commenced with another unibeam blast, aiming to clear some more space between them before he flew at him again, firing off numerous missiles and unsheathing what could be one of the armour's most lethal weapons.

The Repulsor Cannon.

It fired off thousands of instantaneous repulsor blasts, every shot concentrated at 110% energy and travelling at just under the speed of light. It possessed enough strength to eviscerate a city like New York in seconds, but somehow, impossibly, Assault felt that the Warsman would rose from it's onslaught nonetheless.

He could only pray his brother's containment plan would prove fruitful.

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Closing his eyes and letting off a slight grin he backs off from the wall and begins to convey his intentions

"I've come to understand that you manage a facility known as "The Yard", and have a repulsion towards mutants. I can help, or rather be of assistance. Due to the fact that there was no fight, i can assume you've come to an agreement... sort of. An ally of my ally is ... an ally or something. I'll use my nanomachines to enforce the hive and your facility if you so wish, all i want out of it is some ... action."

Stretching out his arm before him, Eisen opens his palm revealing the nature of his powers to Charlemagne as the blood mixed with black nanomachines start tear open the flesh, forming a hardened vial like construct after his wound regenerated

"My gift to you, the nanomachines are all sentient in their respective ways, and naturally connected to me. The choice is yours of course. Leave it or take it."

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Looks like Gambler is getting all the allies this time....the tables have turned >.>

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@darkchild: @warsman: @strongarm: The Warmonger continued his multifaceted attack, and in an astonishing display of speed the glowing red clone was able to stay ahead of the strikes, parrying and avoiding strikes effervescently. Meanwhile the other had no such luck, ripped apart by the gun's piercing strikes and pounded down by the visceral elbow strikes. In a poof of smoke the clone dissipated, leaving a flash cloaked Milo alone to combat the mutant trio. As the third monstrosity of a man entered the fray Milo became easily overwhelmed. A hard kick to the back of his neck sent the the Air Apparent spiraling forward with immense force. A bright green energy manifested itself before the Keijijo Kaze and the stopping power of a mighty explosion impeded his aerial tumble, effectively destroying his physical form. In the wake of the eruption nothing remained and it seemed as if the threat was quelled.

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Watching the chaos quickly erupt I froze. I studied each of their moves. It is great to learn about the enemy, but better to learn about the people who's side you're on. For them to be taking this long to fight one single man, was a little boring. Frankly, it is time for me to make a move.

After Darkchild made his move I joined the battle. I need to show these men what a real monster is.

"You need to leave now, or I'll kill you. I don't hold back on promises."

Electricity spiraled around my fingertips. I waited for him to make his choice.

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Going to continue this after Anthony posts.

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I'll post sometime today just busy/distracted/dead

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@assault: I'll post within the hour....he says.

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@assault: @warsman:

Without warning the Nazi teleported towards Peak, spewing acidic like blood which in actuality was his own attack being used against him, the instant the blood touched stark the microwave properties of the blood heating up exponentially caused the Suit to go into a state of panic, or rather, begin protocols to defend against the intense heat. Engaging the electromagnetic field around the area Horizon caused the static on the suit to to reverse, kind of like the poles on a magnet being switched, meaning a thin layer of static energy actually pushed off the blood meaning no harm would be made, during this Horizon also switched off the microwaving of the blood, to avert any more harm. As this was being done however, Stark was still firing and had smashed the beast out of the sky with twin bolts of energy. However, the instant this was done Stark felt a tremendously powerful kick ram into his side, crushing two of his ribs the instant it connected sending the technological marvel to sprawl downwards in a vicious crash onto the ground, moments before highly injured from this impact, Peak enabled his teleportation device, porting into the air and using his momentum of the fall to aid in his next attack...

Flying around the beast Stark listened to his speech, angering a little yet watching his brother perform an attack of utter devastation, The older Stark brother himself was now encircling the beast faster and faster boasting speeds which shook the vary air they were currently residing in, shock-wave after shock-wave shook the earth as Stark circled the Nazi....

During this, He was dropping metallic spheres onto the ground which would create a circle around the Nazi, then a force-field would be propelled upwards and then interlock above the creature, and finally lock itself into the ground creating a spherical prison around him, made of pure kinetic energy any attack which was bestowed upon it would render the shield to be exponentially amplified in power, Stark's own sonic booms where giving the shield an unrelenting amount of energy themselves.

Finally coming to a standstill Stark dropped away a few meters from the shield, looking at Warsman he spoke, and performed his next attack "I can't say you were not a challenge" He raised both arms.

Shooting a beam this time slightly alternated from his last Source Particle attack, these particles would only harm the regeneration systems of the beast, and not a size manipulation. However he was still not done, having spent time with the Knightfalls Stark was aware of Chi, and metaphysical energies. Having learnt a way to convert metaphysical ambient energy into physical energy, he blasted his hands forwards sending out another two beams, the nature of the beams would "attract" this metaphysical energy and create a secondary shield just outside of the kinetic barries, making it highly powerful and immune to most forms of attack simply beacuse of its nature not being truly physical, while strengthening his own kinetic energy barrier.

( Tell me if anything did not make sense )

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@pyrogram: @assault: @anthony_stark:

I'll continue this tonight.

Might have Warsman pinpoint the creator of Source Particles with this next attack, might not :P

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@tranquil: Watching as his attacks along with his allies hit their marks, the intruder was left as nothing but ash blowing in the wind. Looking around he saw as Veronica slowly came to his aid as well, she barked at the intruder like him knowing he wasnt dead. He held his hand out in front of her as if telling her to wait, he looked around and spoke "Tranquil! This is your last chance, more and more of my allies will come. You are strong, but not nearly strong enough to take us all down. Leave now, I will give you this last chance to leave. But I want to see you walk away, show yourself now!" The Demonic Beast bellowed his words into the almost silent desert, his voice echoing for miles.

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@warsman: @darkchild: @veronica_london: Winds flurried about, developing into a small tornado before a mirage like inkling of Milo appeared before them, composed of the same vortex of air. "You have a point, but I truly had no intention of defeating you. A taste of your mutation was all I needed. I suggest you prepare yourself. When I return, this meager company will be insignificant in comparison to the martial might of my forces. War is coming, and it will be brought to every mutant's doorstep." The tornado was dispelled, and the Tranquil truly vanished.

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@darkchild said:

@the_last_arashikage: I am no fool, the world will be ours...until it is. Then we will fight for rule, its something we always knew would happen if VV works lol.

Its a VV tradition is it not?

So is starting up and then shutting down....then starting up again......then ......you see where I am going with this right :p.

But I guess I'll play if I am allowed to that is :p

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@anthony_stark: @assault:

Thousands of square miles were evaporated in a flash of bluish-white light. The magnitude of just what the iron men were doing seemed to be lost on them. Like the Tunguska event, the remnants of the environment were sprawled outward, irradiated, charred, and very much dead. Refugees fleeing from Jidad, livestock, wild animals, foliage, anything that just wanted reprieve from the carnage did not even have a chance to fully escape it. The burned corpses of men, women, and children huddled together in family units before the blinding light of the apocalypse consumed them.

The primary concern must have been starting to dawn upon the two Starks now. If they were to continue fighting Warsman, the destruction would only continue to envelop the world. He would not stop. Nothing could keep him down forever.

Like a monster from a horror movie, he just got back up. Reduced to little more than a splatter of ash, he nevertheless crawled from the depths of death's domain with his purpose of hatred still unfulfilled. He barely reformed his upper torso before the spheres started to close in on him. The shield almost sealed above him, which would have provided his ultimate downfall when the scent finally became clear to him following his sudden regurgitation of a new breed of nanomachines, his renewed healing factor still rejecting them.


Vaulting out of the crater, he regenerated fully once outside of the enclosed force field. The highly impressive array of containment devices prompted a curious tilt of the Nazi's head to the right, indicating a possible passion for science and building things. He would honestly have inquired Tony of its construction and of all the working parts involved if it were not for the fact that the two stood across from each other as hated enemies. The warmonger returned his gaze to the Peak suit in front of him.

"Dr. Aaron Palmer, correct? He discovered Source Particles. He is also your friend - that is why you left him in charge of your company a while back,"

While relatively cold and continuously unemotional in what he had discovered, the knowledge that he possessed must have chilled Stark to the soul.

"I know his scent now, thanks to your continued barrage of the Source Particles. He always seemed so meek, so afraid. I wonder if he bleeds yellow?"

Before Tony could answer or even react, Warsman would be well on his way to a small university classroom in Atlanta, Georgia, where a certain biology teacher decided to spend a few more hours after class putting together a lecture about his beloved formicidae.

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Just get to posting. I want to see Tony suffer :P

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Either that or I could post as Form and have him open the classroom door, thinking it's a student coming to him for tutoring.