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@warsman: Steel surprised by this new hulking behemoth saw it best to once again outwit his pursuer "A Prehistoric beast... peculiar. but you were never particularly smart creatures" Steel once again used his multiple mirror clones to try to disorient his foe. This time as a ploy to try to catch him on one of his blind spots catch him with his Entropy gun.

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@assault: @warsman:

"LEAVE. MY. BROTHER. ALONE!" Stark blasted through the air, instantly breaking the sound barrier the instant he had heard that his brother was in danger, always the one for danger, typical. Now mere meters away from the dangerous goliath which had injured his little bro, Stark was angry, moving in at over double the speed of sound, 680.29 m / s to be precise, Peak charged in with an almighty punch aiming directly for the creatures jaw, the force imparted within the punch had enough catastrophic stopping power to break through the strongest substances on the earth like simple plywood, attacking a bone would be like snapping a twig. If this was successful or even a fail, Peak would invert his thrusts outwards and fly back at super sonic speeds once again possibly deafening the beast, a shoulder mounted railgun would come out and fire two deadly bolts towards its chest and head, hoping to decimate.

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@warsman: hey man Xenon's gonna jump in with Anthony Stark, so hows the post order gonna go? You want him to post, then me, then you have Warsy reply to both attacks?

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Exploring the limitations of a super-Tyrannosaurus against two Iron Men is fascinating, so yeah. I'll post next and you two just try and stop me >:U

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The sound of snapped tendons ricocheted through the ruined city. The tyrant lizard's lower jaw swam in the broken blood vessels, independent from the hinge that once nestled it. Rolling head over heels, the dinosaur flipped face-first into a building, sending the crumbling ruination skyward with the momentum of his involuntary headbutt. Dazed and confused, the beast would have staggered back to his feet if not for the wailing sirens being blasted into his rudimentary ears. Half-roaring, half-groaning, the broken-jawed behemoth nevertheless screeched in an agonized defiance of his latest attacker.

As soon as the noise stopped, he returned to a bipedal position, healing factor still patching together the muscles that the supersonic smash had shredded.

With a renewed vigor, the reptilian terror hurled his twenty-ton form with horrific ease skyward at Anthony, intent on bringing him down. If not for the railgun bursts, this would have succeeded. Indeed, if not for the second then Warsman would have at least latched onto Anthony's leg. The burning sensation dwarfed even the most potent acids Warsman had been exposed to. His flesh crackled and his hardened scales peeled away like sunburned skin. Still, he lumbered onward.

Crashing back down to the ground, he gave another vast shout, undeterred by the reinforcements.

Inside his Tyrannosaurus form, the Nazi warlord responsible for this senseless devastation writhed in the shared pain. Even the seemingly infantile act of healing brought untold agonies upon him. To feel muscles stranding together like chords of rope, to hear your own bones snapping back together and fusing like nothing happened. It felt like experiencing the injuries in question all over again.

The insatiable bloodlust happened upon the T-Rex. He knew some of the pain he would endure from this fight now. He took the cab of a semi-truck and wrenched it free of gravity, dragging the trailer along with it, and hurled it toward the armored entrepreneur, his legs already winding for another bestial leap. Whether by Peterbilt or the power of prehistoric jaws, Warsman would have his prey!

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"What an entrance."

Jacob laughed underneath his helmet, his voice carried through, ice cold as ever. Managing to restore some power to his armour via his limitless arc reactor whilst Peak distracted the monstrous creature. Summit patched through to Horizon, Anthony's own AI implant, setting up a link between their minds, much like telepathic communication. Assault spoke to his brother, "Careful, he's got a regenerative factor, and it looks as if he gets meaner the more people he eats. Obviously, we need to keep him away from the civilians. Let's get him into the woods." He had hardly completed his mental message before he saw the Tyrannosaurus throw a truck at the older Stark, the massive object moving with immeasurable speed. Deciding to return the favour, he spread both arms back and shoved his chest outwards, disintegrating the semi-truck with his unibeam. "Let's see how this bastard deals when he's got two Starks on his tail." He felt Summit cringe at his pun but didn't mind it, propelling himself forwards to intercept the dinosaurs lunge, he formed a highly concentrated beam of repulsor energy that would serve as a blade, formulating it with the knowledge that it could slice near damn anything. He aimed his own leap at the Tyranno-Nazi's massive nose, aiming to cleave the entire top half of it's face off with the make-shift weapon. Regardless of it's success, two plasma cannons popped out of each of his shoulder pieces, a single shot possessing enough strength to tear straight through the creature's ugly hide. How did he know that? Summit's scans had proved fruitful and he had affirmed the correct concentration of energy to pierce the dinosaur's own armour.

Assault would blast the creature with two simultaneous shots, the attack eating 5% of his energy, leaving him at 77% power. He couldn't hold back now, this was no bank robbery.

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@assault: ( Oh my god this is gona be so much fun - I will post soon! )

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@warsman: Need help small arms big head?

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@xenon_: Get to it! If there's one person who can and has taken on multiple RPGers at once, its Wars. You better go hard bruvvah ;D

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@assault: @warsman

"Careful? You do remember you're speaking to me little brother?...I've been killing worse than this chicken since before you could walk" With the words he watched on impressed at his baby brothers skills, shooting the truck out of the air Stark could only help but feel a little proud, regardless there was a mission on at hand and he needed to get this done quickly to return to other affairs, how hard could it be killing an over sized duck? Shooting forwards Peak opted for a dirty attack, flying parallel to the creature he messages his brother "Distract him" And with the words, his brother did with an imposingly dangerous combination of deadly attacks.

Peak darted forwards automatically focusing Horizon to lock onto the giants mouth, a shoulder mounted cannon appeared from within, now externally protruding it fired a single bullet moving faster than sound, blitzing through the air on a collision course with the beasts mouth, being directly controlled by Starks AI it would maneuver itself to hopefully, trick the beast and get swallowed. Once inside it would explode, and ignite all oxygen within the beast crippling him from the inside, regardless of the outcome he continued his relentless assault.

Peak flew upwards into the clouds out of sight, clicking his wrist the technological marvel fired four sphere into the air, instantaneously spreading around the location encircling the trio these were able to control the magnetic forces within an area of half a mile wherever they were, "Patchin' you in" Allowing Summit to control the magnetic fields which they now possessed and subsequently the beast was trapped inside of this zone on control unless it left, the field would allow them to amplify punches and other attacks by "boosting" the magnetic control of the suits, Stark however was not foolish like his brother being adept in combat, he did not go for physical might.

Instead, Stark clicked a button on his wrist. Instantly, a single bullet again fired. Darting towards the creature, and landing directly underneath if not blocked, upon its contact with any surface an explosion the size of multiple tank shells would rip through the air, and decimate the area with an unimaginable concussive and explosive force.

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@assault said:

He felt Summit cringe at his pun but didn't mind it, propelling himself forwards to intercept the dinosaurs lunge, he formed a highly concentrated beam of repulsor energy that would serve as a blade, formulating it with the knowledge that it could slice near damn anything. He aimed his own leap at the Tyranno-Nazi's massive nose, aiming to cleave the entire top half of it's face off with the make-shift weapon. Regardless of it's success, two plasma cannons popped out of each of his shoulder pieces, a single shot possessing enough strength to tear straight through the creature's ugly hide. How did he know that? Summit's scans had proved fruitful and he had affirmed the correct concentration of energy to pierce the dinosaur's own armour.

Assault would blast the creature with two simultaneous shots, the attack eating 5% of his energy, leaving him at 77% power. He couldn't hold back now, this was no bank robbery.

Peak flew upwards into the clouds out of sight, clicking his wrist the technological marvel fired four sphere into the air, instantaneously spreading around the location encircling the trio these were able to control the magnetic forces within an area of half a mile wherever they were, "Patchin' you in" Allowing Summit to control the magnetic fields which they now possessed and subsequently the beast was trapped inside of this zone on control unless it left, the field would allow them to amplify punches and other attacks by "boosting" the magnetic control of the suits, Stark however was not foolish like his brother being adept in combat, he did not go for physical might.

Instead, Stark clicked a button on his wrist. Instantly, a single bullet again fired. Darting towards the creature, and landing directly underneath if not blocked, upon its contact with any surface an explosion the size of multiple tank shells would rip through the air, and decimate the area with an unimaginable concussive and explosive force.

The two brothers were in perfect synch. With fighting formations not unlike the hardened Luftwaffe, the duo began their aerial counterattack with the younger one trying to intercept the airborne Tyrannosaurus with a thick blade of pure suit-driven energy. But the dinosaur had sensed the impending danger. Ducking in the midst of his leap, he cracked his leviathan whip-like tail at Assault with the intent of knocking him out of the sky for the moment.

Interrupted in his skyward momentum, the lizard plummeted, thereby delaying any action that Peak would have taken in the midair brawl.

That is when the true bombardment began in earnest.

A team of plasma cannons ripped through his body, sending clumps of scales and flesh scattering across the landscape. He shrieked in pain and anger, a hot mixture of blood and adrenaline pumping through his dilapidated circulatory system. He fell to one knee, healing, but a stray bullet-sized nuisance pried its way into one of his open wounds.

The resulting explosion shook the remains of Jadid, sending a calamitous cloud of smoke and fire heaping ever higher with each consecutive thunderous clap.

The air kept still for a moment.

It seemed that the dinosaur had passed into memory, but something stirred in its wake, near the butchered stomach area. Could it be a survivor?

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@warsman: (OMF! Epic.)

The tail acted as a massive steel whip, striking the airborne Assault before he'd even really had a chance to near the creature. He managed to fire off the shots just before he was struck, satisfied at their explosive effects. His satisfaction was short lived, the creature already committed to a counter-attack, one that would leave a mark on the hero. He grunted, shards of pain flaring through his being, and hit the earth, unable to cease his momentum; he tore through the ground leaving a jagged path of decimated gravel in his wake. Once again his armour warned him of excessive damage, and this time he felt it. His readings affirmed that a terrible dent had been left in his breastplate, the tips of minute spikes originating from his own armour embedded within his torso. Had it not been for his loyal under-sheath, the young Stark would have faced a possible puncturing of the lungs.

"Summit, block out all the pain for a few seconds. This is going to smart."

The AI complied, and Assault reached over with both hands, reaching in and tearing the spikes from his gold-coated flesh. Blood spurted, but the resealing of the under-sheath covered the wounds and left it beneath, to heal. Then his pain receptors returned, guns blazing, and he winced, refusing to cry out. It would take a few minutes for the wounds to heal, but his armour had been delivered a gash right across his breast-plate and a small stripe of his body beneath was revealed. It didn't matter, he wouldn't allow his opponent to get that close without feeling some pain of it's own first. He could feel the physical boost from the magnetic field, deployed by his elder brother, Peak, and did a no-hands kip-up, feeling almost weightless. This would prove useful, as Assault had spent half of his life refining his fighting skills, and combined with his 100 ton strength capabilities, the titanium-clad titan would finish this quickly. "Nice Tony, looks like we took it out."

Assault let his face-piece slide up, glancing at the airborne figure of his brother and giving him a triumphant smile.
"Sir, I believe your victory strut is a touch premature."

Jacob threw his vision back towards the site of his fallen enemy. He drew back upon witnessing something rise from the ashes of the creature, and felt in the air around him, the pure unadulterated talons of evil. A sudden anger coursed through him and he initiated a thoughtless attack. His face-piece slid back with an audible clunk, and he began a sprint towards the new figure, giving a single battle cry, a repulsor blade in each palm, ready to dismember whatever filth had risen from the remains of the Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

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Sniffing the air, Warsman recognized the scent of blood and metal. He swallowed patiently. The blood-greed lessened now. He had his fill. His true power was about to be realized by both of his opponents, now.

Sprinting faster than any radar could track him at, each muscle of his heavyweight form pulsating like a thousand hydraulic pistons, the now humanoid tyrant lizard careened toward Assault, unafraid of the blades that would have spelled doom for him at any rate. With a single punch, he could take out Assault's eviscerated armor. He wanted to make the Peak above them realize the mistake of coming here.

Their collision would fall into the halls of battles as one of the bloodiest ever to happen in the history of duels. Regenerative healing factors, superhuman strength, technology surpassing modern man, and the forgotten strength of the dinosaurs all played a role. Whether it was Assault's energized blades or Warsman's adamantium-hard talons, the fact of the matter remained that Jidad would have disappeared by the time they were finished.

And with one swift motion, Warsman attempted to end it all in the blink of an eye!

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The female Arachnoid gave Eisen quite a cunning invitation, albeit with a slightly dangerous undertone. It was reassuring to know that the female head of the society doesn't easily back down or show any sort of uneasyness from possible threats, rather she would invite the threat and take care of it herself. That was all Eisen needed to know that he could leave her be... for know.

"You have my name, you can probably get some of the rest out of the super computer, hell it probably knows more about myself then i do at the moment. Got other things to do, places to go and people to meet. I'll get back to you some other time... until then..." he saluted in a comedic fashion and left


One of the other reasons he left the Queen without further notice is that the nanomachine he planted into the database earlier came up with something interesting. The newly arrived guest whom he had breifly encountered in the corridor ,was a certain "Lebeau" ... the name seemed familiar.

"Ultra-Sapien huh... with ambitions of exterminating every living mutant... they say you can't dance at two weddings... but i always was sort of ambidextrous. If he turns out to be part of our alliance then I should definately try and make myself aquainted with him, wouldn't wanna miss out on so much fun being able to test my powers to some extent and all." he thought to himself while wandering the corridors looking for the right way again

A few moments later he managed to find the correct door relying on his nanomachine in the room like a radar, but the conversation wasn't quite over. In fact it just got interesting, Eisen eavesdropped and when he notcied that they were about to finish he crossed his arms and rested his body against the wall, waiting for an opportunity to speak to the Ultra-Sapien about a certain Yard.

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@warlock360: Excusing himself with a premiering demeanor that effortlessly expressed his alpha male personality, Charlemagne casually lifted his head as the silhouette of a late entry caught his attention in the doorway. Verbally silent, he never the less expressed himself through his body language as if to say, "You have something to add?"

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@darkchild (Would that be a cue to allow Doctor Fate, my alt, to wander and perhaps meddle in current happenings)

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@barkins: yes

@everyone else will reply later

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@warsman: @assault: @anthony_stark: Watching as the three fought within his Society he allowed their fight to continue, he wanted to see how powerful Warsman truly was. But he did hope to give him an advantage. Waving his hand over a computer pad on his wrist, the collars on the Brutes that roamed outside in the desert shined green. "Go help your master." three Brutes who stood 70 feet tall phased through the dome as they were allowed to and made their way towards the fight between the two Suit clad men and Warsman.

@icons: Growling loudly at Icon he swept the entire Mirror Clones with a long line of insects, smashing the clones and turning to face the one with his gun. Smiling behind a face mask made of exoskeleton he spoke "Go ahead pull the trigger, do you really believe that you are faster than a creature that has outlived everything else throughout the centuries?" He waited as the child stood before him.

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Glowing intensely with coquelicot flames sifting off of his form, the Air Apparent sneered as he hovered high above the dome. Unknown augmentations wired into his sixth sense for danger allowed him to now pick out mutants among the masses. And for what purpose would he need to highlight such a distinct demographic? Extermination of course.

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@_strigidae_: yeah? How about you come and meet with Daemon aka DC

@tranquil: Sensing the mans presence he allowed for a patch of locusts to fly up to where the man was hovering. The locusts formed into an image, that of Daemon's face it looked the man up an down before speaking in a demonic voice. "What is it with people looking from outside? Who are you and what is it you wish to do. Are you here to speak with me? If so please use the door, the last guy who tried blasting through the Dome splattered against it like a fly. Took days to scrape everything off it."

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@darkchild: "Your not funny. Your futile." Tranquil sneered rather smugly, his eyes glancing past the swarm and peering into the dome once again. "If you wish to speak, come out here and do so. I will not be at your mercy."

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@tranquil: @darkchild:

"Herr Daemon," Warsman said, taking the steps needed to stand next to the leader of the VV.

"Am I allowed to kill this untermensch yet?"

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Bugrom climbs a strand of his translucent slime as he extends his welcome to the new guest, also in regards to protect his king. He is a royal guard after all and it is his duty to ensure the utmost security for the royal family of the hive. The stranger seems odd, but he will be detected as he is a mutant. Just not one of human origin.

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@assault: @warsman:

Dropping downwards literally in-front of the Nazi, Stark drew back to his full height, voice bellowing out of his suit through an amplification device "Brother, I think it's time you left" Peak then spoke to Assault telepathically without the Nazi being able to hear, "Leave, Don't give me that bravado crap this is to much for you and I won't let you risk your life after nearly losing you once" Without waiting for a response, he attempted to get Horizon to hack into Summit, or rather ask Summit since he built the machine, and knew exactly how it worked down to a ridiculous level. Instructing Summit to perform a safety override and fly him away while removing the safety features on his brothers suit, allowing for 150% of the energy to be used...working overtime, and allowing an escape. However, he had also instructed Summit to tell Assault that it was all a ploy to trick the Nazi, Five minutes later the hack would finish, and he would be instructed by Summit to return to the battle and perform a suprise attack.

Clicking his knuckles, Stark spoke to the beast "This is between me and you chicken, Let's finish this" Blitzing forwards at incredible speeds, his metallic knuckles hoped to work like pistons and blitz the beast with multiple punches towards the head and chest with over a ton a punch, strong enough to turn a concrete wall into bread crumbs and performed faster than a standard human synapse could comprehend. Suddenly, his foot came from underneath him, Spinning his hips around using full momentum Stark spun around attempting to perform a side kick, calculatingly strong enough to shatter this creatures bones based on prior analysis of damage.

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@warsman: @strongarm: "Lackeys? Is this the welcome party?" Attention strictly focused on the two of them Tranquil summoned a doppelganger, halving his own strength for the sake of some support. "Here are your options. Remove yourself from the world of mankind. Seek underground bunkers where beings such as you can be kept from harming humans, or be executed." Arms folded, face blank, Tranquil hovered before the two, anticipating a volatile response and preparing his muscles for combat.

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Bugrom picked a rock from the ground and launched it at bullet speeds to gauge the worth of the visitor, if he dies then the body will be shared by the laborer insects but if he survives, then he's got interest. It was only the size of a wooden crate, not too big and not too small either.

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@warsman: @strongarm: @tranquil: Narrowing his eyes Daemon slowly left the confines of his room and began to ascend into the skies. Phasing through the Dome he met up with Warsman and Burgrom, each had a tiny insect in the inside of their ears and Daemon spoke to them through it without the intruder hearing. "If this escalates Warsman, unleash the militia as I am sure this fellow didn't come alone. There are others hiding around the area, if hes smart there should be at least. Bug, follow my lead.." Now he was face to face with Tranquil and stared at him for a moment, the sands beneath them began to churn and slowly mounds began to move as something beneath the sand swam through it.

"You have come to my home and order me to leave, you are a foolish man. But I am not, I have some form of respect for those who come here. I give them one warning, and this is yours my fine fellow. Leave here now, or I will end you here and now." He held his hand up palm facing up towards the sky, as he did three large worms breached the sand. Each stretching as high as they all were in the sky, each behind Warsman, Bug and Daemon himself. "I have an entire militaristic army at my disposal, as strong as you are....you will not win this confrontation." As he spoke the worms opened their jaws stretching their monstrous mouths, each having hundreds of rows of razor sharp teeth. Daemon hovered arms now crossed out before him waiting for the man to make his next move.

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Warsman continued to glare at the man floating before him.

"The world of men? That is strictly a place reserved by the Fourth Reich and its allies. The rest are apes claiming to be men. You speak of mankind as if you belong to it, untermensch. I would suggest that you go back to the jungle and mate with your sister, but that would imply that I am allowing your kind to reproduce."

Following through with his VV associate's rock-throwing test, the Nazi teleported in front of the opposite half of Tranquil, the long-barreled Mauser pistol pulled back for a stabbing motion through the heart.


"Glaubst du, ich bin blöd?" Warsman responded harshly, his fangs clacking together fiercely.

His legs exploded with speed and he began to match the iron crusader blow-for-blow. Sure, his bones broke like Anthony had predicted, but they sewed back together with as much ease as packing together lumps of modeling clay. The kick came in the middle of the furious storm of their individual attacks, but it did not exceed Warsman's expectations. Flipping around the armored leg, he landed on his feet and lunged for Anthony's suddenly exposed back, intent on grabbing him and squeezing the insufferable human out of his metal shell.

"I know you, Anthony. I also know your good friend Dr. Palmer. His work with Source Particles would be valuable to the Fourth Reich. His life, however, is neglectable."

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@darkchild: @warsman: @strongarm: Effortlessly Milo dodged the pebble, reclaiming his stance and position whilst his doppelganger was approached by the warmonger. A long, skinny barrel of a foreign firearm was plunged toward's the clones chest, yet he managed to parry the strike with two fingers alone. "Your cowardice speaks volumes. You threaten me with a militia then attempt to attack amid conversation? Disgraceful." His hand dropped to the geijutsu hoko dangling from his waist as the clone gripped a geijutsu kunai. "Before we begin, I must ask, are you ready for war?"

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"A question that, much like your life, is unnecessary." Warsman replied coldly.

With unnatural speed and ferocity, the Nazi aimed to kick the clone out of the dome and into the desert beyond. His unemotional stance on the matter at hand spoke louder than Tranquil's harsh reply. What the Air Apparent had to say did not have even a glancing effect on the Crimson Terror. In summation, his words were as valuable as his life.

He wanted Tranquil to know the folly of his coming here. With the advantage of instantaneous travel at his disposal, Warsman went about unleashing a blindingly fast series of stabbing and bludgeoning attacks with the elongated barrels of his Mauser pistols. Despite if the kick failed or not, Warsman would be against two foes in the sky now. By virtue of his short-range teleports, he swirled around them, wanting to cause extensive damage with his melee-oriented gun barrels.

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@tranquil: The rock passed the man yet something odd happened as it was rebounded back by an unseen force, almost as if it was captured by a hammock and flung back from a slingshot. The crate sized rock is quite a fan of the visitor, it wants a blood autograph from the man's body.

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"Guess who's back!"

Assault hit the ground behind the Warsman, once more pushing his chest out and releasing a terrible unibeam from his arc reactor chest-piece. It was an extremely risky manoeuvre as should the creature evade the shot, his brother would suffer the brunt of the energy ray, but the metallic maestro had timed the shot perfectly, travelling above the clouds and keeping his eye on the battle, before he plummeted back towards the earth to catch the formidable dino-man unawares. Recognizing the immensity of his opponent's healing factor, Assault refused to end his barrage there.

Activating the boosters around his torso and spine he tore through the air at the creature, aiming to tackle it clean off of his brother's being and propel it at the earth, unleashing a plethora of missiles at the humanoid shaped Tyrannosaurus. He would follow that up with a series of shots from his repulsors concentrated at 100%, enough to sear straight through the monster's being and then travel a reasonable distance through the earth's crust upon exiting the Warsman's being. He completed his attack by emitting another unibeam blast, focused at 50%, the strike would eviscerate the creature.

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@darkchild: @warsman: @strongarm: Instantaneously the flaming aura of the flash cloak enveloped Milo's form, giving the armor he wore a more daunting look. With impeccable awareness Milo turned to face the oncoming projectile and met it with commensurate force, decimating the object before returning to face the one who'd launched it previously.

Meanwhile the forceful kick impacted the chest of the clone, sending him back with incalcuable speed. Yet his aerial recovery prevented the barrage of savage stabs and slashes from reaching the target. With preemptive reaction speed the clone ducked, dodged and weaved each strike with methodical positioning, allowing no disadvantages in his technique to be discovered. "Laughable attempts to say the least, but I must admit, your skill is impeccable."

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@tranquil: The object lost a tenth of its portion as it was caught by Bugrom, it was indeed decimated in exact wording. It seems that the visitor knows how to finely tune his power, in fact it looks somewhat interesting. Surely the king and her majesty would benefit from having such skill in their disposal, now he is about to do what he does best.

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@strongarm: (Gonna wait for DC before I respond to this one.)

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This is a good read my people :)

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"You shouldn't have done that. I was beginning to enjoy playing with you,"

Once again, the steaming carcass of his previous body melted away like an insect shell. Cracking his way out of the hell-blasted bones and gore, the Nazi revealed his most natural form to date as well as the one he had been born with. Standing proudly, the ubermensch pulled back his silver hair - slick with blood - and glared at Assault with a hateful pair of crimson eyes. This was the man who had become the monster. The man who killed his own fair share of Americans and their allies in World War II. The man who authorized the extermination of millions during the Holocaust.

The Infernal Icon.

The Crimson Terror.

The Warsman.

"But since you insist on going through with this," he said, already having teleported past Assault's radar and directly behind him. Before any sort of sensory system could track him, the teleporting warmonger would have his fingers wrapped around Assault's helmet almost gently.

"I'll kill you quickly." He whispered into the audio receptor before trying to crush Assault's skull with untold amounts of pressure from his bare hands.


With a wayward glance to Bugrom, Warsman wordlessly indicated for Operation Death Cocoon to take effect.


Warsman replied in earnest by now teleporting around both Tranquil and his clone, somehow quadrupling his efforts and sending a hurricane of not only attacks from his Mausers but also kicks and elbow-related strikes. The lack of any sort of emotion suddenly became less a statement of how much he despised Tranquil and more an indication of how little power he had been using at this point. He almost seemed bored.

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@strongarm: @warsman: @tranquil: Watching as his men worked their fanciful powers against Tranquil, as he watched a slight grin came upon his face and he held out his hand before him. Within the fraction of a second he had disappeared fading into the sunlight entirely, nothing remained of Daemon no sense of power, no residual power trail he had taken in the aspects of an insect speeding along within the blink of an eye. As he moved forward at speeds unlike his appearance he reappeared inches before Tranquil, his fist glowed bright green before he swung it. Stopping it inches away from Tranquil's chest as it stopped a massive explosion erupted from his fist. This man was not going to leave without a true fight, and Daemon was going to give that to him. His creatures waited back for their cue to strike, the worms stood motionless waiting.

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@warsman: Webbing fell from the skies without warning or superflous gesture , but it was more like drips of glue and they appear to form a tight pattern.

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He was gone. One moment, the Warsman had been standing there, gloating. Then, he wasn't. In that moment, a split-second seemed to move at snails pace, every single muscle across Assault's figure recognizably moving, he was trying to turn but somehow, in the depths of his troubled soul, he knew he wouldn't be fast enough.


His helmet was suddenly being crushed inwards and he felt his head prepare itself to pop like a balloon. Effectively making use of his razor sharp reflexes, the young Stark mentally willed the armoured suit perform two actions. Primarily, it would release his helmet and allow his terrific opponent to destroy the titanium alloy without his skull inside of it. Secondly, it would trigger a self-destruct sequence within the Assault helmet, one with enough force to blow the Warsman to Kingdom Come once more. Jacob's gold-sheathed face revealed blood leaking from a single ear and the corner of his eye. He realized how close he had slipped by this time. If it weren't for his meta-human physiology, he would be a goner by now.


Pushing off with his armoured legs he shot off into the sky before the Nazi warlord and directed every single weapon on his being at the monster simultaneously. Railgun shots, heat-seeking missiles, plasma cannons, flamethrowers, unibeam blasts, repulsors... He would eviscerate this disgusting villain, even if he had to take the now abandoned Jadid down with him.

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The helmet crumpled in his grip like a sheet of tin foil, but no blood emerged from its folds. Instead, he was rewarded with a massive explosion worthy of antitank grenades - twenty of them. Walking out of the explosion, eyes glowing hungrily, he crept closer to the once-proud Stark brother. He unceremoniously tossed the remains of the ruined helmet to the wind.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death - I will fear no evil,"


In a white instant, Jidad was effectively erased off the map. It had taken Assault nearly everything he had - indeed, all of his weapons and most of his suit's power - to do so. A former metropolis of almost 7,000 souls, gone. In the center of the crater he replaced it with lingered what was left of the Nazi monstrosity the oh-so-heroic American had so much trouble with eliminating.

A wet crack. Blood arcing towards the moon.

Life yet flowed in the Crimson Terror.

Snapping his jaw back into place, swallowing his tongue back into his mouth, and standing upright, the Ultimate Immortal marched out of the sand pit with an arm still reattaching itself and a fluttering storm of blood finding its way back into his veins.

"For Evil is already here."

The spirit of prehistoric monsters pumped through him. The shadows of an ancient terror flowed around him in an aura of incomprehensible terror. This was what the Nazis strove to mass-produce: a true UBERMENSCH.

Vanishing from the rim of the crater and reappearing an instant later directly in front of poor Jacob Stark, he would place his hands in a deceptively reassuring manner on his shoulders. No smile. No emotion whatsoever. The chillingly adamant expression on his face only meant one thing: Jacob was never an opponent. He was just food. No matter how many weapons he fired, no matter how many augmentations he received, no matter how many martial arts he practiced, nothing changed this fact of his life.

Jacob's mental condition willing, Warsman would only have to pull ever so slightly in two directions to forever separate his prey from his arms. Like breaking apart the claws on a lobster dinner - the most succulent flesh.

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Whilst impulsive and ill-tempered, Assault was no fool. Performing a series of scans via satellite imagery and GIS, he had affirmed that with the exception of livestock, Jadid had been entirely vacated of human life. His attack had indeed wiped the little town off of the map and he had destroyed hundreds of homes, but he had done so for the greater good.


With his armour sitting at 14% power, Assault dropped to the earth, managing to lighten to fall with a quick boost from his thrusters. He struggled to stand, having overly exerted himself in his previous onslaught. At least the threat was neutra-

"What... The hell?"

There, before his young eyes, was the Warsman. Once more reconstructing every inch of it's body, the seemingly invincible Nazi gave him a cold, emotionless stare. And then, again, the creature stood before him, hands on the titanium-clad titan's shoulders. Assault had seen enough of his brutal opponent to realize what would follow, and without a nano-second of hesitation he let the rear of his armour split open and eject his being, tearing the small rod linking the suit to his brain out instantaneously. Jacob rolled backwards through the dead earth beneath his golden feet, managing to see his armour one last moment before it was torn apart, treated as if it were nothing but rice-paper.

"Summit, initiate Protocol Plan-B, and make it fast!"

Without bothering to see what happened next, the Stark turned on his heel and ran from the Warsman, moving with exponential speed.


Not quite. Once again the Assault armour was set to self-destruct, possessing five times more force than the helmet had produced, enough to blast the Nazi warlord a few miles into the earth's crust. Unfortunately, Jake suffered some of the explosion too, not managing to clear the area in time, despite his enhanced speed. He flew forwards, tumbling over and over through the air, the world moving without colours or sound, just destruction. And just before his frame hit the earth...


Assault flipped through the air and landed on one knee and one fist, sliding backwards through the gravel a few feet before coming to a stop, tendrils of smoke drifting lightly off of his being. He rose to his feet, displaying the new armour to his opponent, proving that this fight was far from complete.

Protocol B. A back-up plan created by Jacob Stark in the event that the original Assault armour embedded within his being ever be forced to self-destruct. It would activate dormant parts of a much tougher, meaner armour, sending it flying towards him from the catacombs of the Trinity in each respective section, gauntlets first, breastplate second, boots and thighs third, and the remainder last. The pieces would be enabled to move at five times the speed of sound, making it's arrival far from long awaited. Not only would it boast full-power, it would possess a plethora of additional weapons and armour comprised of a variety of invulnerable metals, certain sections even composed of adamantium and vibranium. Whilst cliché, the young Stark had resources and intended to utilize them.

The Onslaught armour. Designed for folk like the Warsman. The young Stark had been itching to try it out, and was almost glad he'd finally been allowed the opportunity.

Assault took a few steps towards what should be the fallen figure of the Nazi warlord, two machine guns popping out of his shoulder-pieces.

"Alright ugly, here comes round two."

He opened fire, intending to keep the monster man occupied so that he wouldn't attempt any more of his teleportation tricks whilst he initiated his plan to keep the creature contained, as he'd realized by now that death was not an option for the rapidly regenerating reptile.

Four pole-like objects shot from his spine and implanted themselves within the earth around the Warsman, instantaneously forming an electrical barrier that would box the creature in from every side, even creating a wall beneath the earth, possessing enough voltage to power a small city for a year.

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@assault: ( Take advantage of the magnetic fields remember - Boil his blood or something :P And I will post on Stark sometime soon later )

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@pyrogram said:

@assault: ( Take advantage of the magnetic fields remember - Boil his blood or something :P And I will post on Stark sometime soon later )

(noo, tell him to open his armor and look down)

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0_o the VV.......