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"Send for Herr Daemon," Warsman muttered to his assistant. "Tell him I have completed the First Legion."

Bowing low, the spindly pot-bellied creature lumbered off to the lair of his creator to inform him of Warsman's message.

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@warsman: The pot bellied hybrid lumbers into Daemon's room, dragging dirt and mud in with it. Daemon glares at the beast, then cracks his neck before asking "What you miserable beast?" The beast bowed and fell to one knee. "Me lord, the Doktor has finished the First Legion. He wishes to show you." Daemon smiled and left the creature to its own comings and goings. Coming to the Lab he smiles as the Doktor stands in attention "Show me." @mercy_: grrrr

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@the_last_arashikage: I am no fool, the world will be ours...until it is. Then we will fight for rule, its something we always knew would happen if VV works lol.

Its a VV tradition is it not?

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Turning on the polished heels of his boots, Warsman nods his head in acceptance of Daemon's presence.

"Welcome, Herr Daemon, to the dawning of a new age,"

He coils his arm proudly before throwing open his hand in the presentation of the first elite formation of what would be the foundation of the united VV-Nazi military. The hulking bio-forms salute in perfect unison, their plasma destroyer rifles at ease in their massive arms. The room shakes with a resounding "Sieg Heil!" as the Lord of the Hill and his Scientist Supreme observe the end result of their combined labors.

"Are they not a handsome lot?" Warsman said almost mockingly, considering the brutish features natural to ogres he knew to be hidden by their heavy armor.

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A little insulted but Steel kept his composure as to not cause any trouble " There are beings outside the dessert your majesty. I have heard from many others such as those who have left the Hills before. Information spreads not publicly but enough for me to access and learn. I heard of the Hills from private information and felt to learn more of the culture technology people etc. I do not wish to intrude on you or this place just to learn." Steel said complacently
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Veronica steps inside of the dome. The sweat slides down from her body from the long walk it took her to get there. She licks her lips from the thirst. "This bloody damn place better have been worth it."

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@veronica_london: Smiling as word of Veronica came to him the instant her heels touched sand. He flickered out of his Fortitude and out into the open. The gates swung open as the diva launched into the Dome, smiling he bows slightly to her arrival "Such an honor Miss London, thank you for heeding my call." Smiling he looks her body over once, finding an instant attraction to her. Purely animalistic lust, but nonetheless an attraction.

@icons: Snapping his fingers three behemoths leap from the rafters, he points to the boy "Allow him to gather as little data as possible. Vitals and Census is all he is allowed to gather and take out of here, he can view the people but not their jobs. He is allowed only within the Society, nowhere else." The large insect like creature nods in agreement. Walking over to the door it opens it, holding it for Icon. Daemon speaks up again this time directing his words towards Icon "Do not make me regret this child, I have had enough bothersome people in my life." Finishing with a gesture to leave as he goes back to work on a file.

@warsman: Marveling at the brutes before him he walks around them, circling for a few brief moments before touching the plasma destroyers. Massive and mighty they stand tall he smiles and looks from the corner of his eye to the lumpish creature that had sent Warsmans words to him. "Destroy that." Pointing at the abomination without looking. The brutes look to the creature and then to Daemon, Daemon stares to Warsman "They follow my direct orders alongside yours, or else they go back into the heap." Smiling wide he waits for the brutes to attack as ordered.

@the_last_arashikage: this is true, dischord rampant lol

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@darkchild: While the man talked to her she stared at her nails. "So what is next love?" V was talking a big chance with accepting his invitation. A chance that might turn out well for her.

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@veronica_london: Looking down at the woman he chuckled thinking "I wonder if she really is what so many have spoken for. Lets see...." Holding out his hand a orb begins to form in his hand "Catch." Taking advantage of her attention being elsewhere he tosses the ball towards her and it explodes.

(DC knows very little of you, so hes testing you)

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After an arduous trek through the unforgiving Sahara desert, the Spanish Marquesta dismounted her steed fixing her eyes on the domed civilization. The thought of an entire civilization completely cut off by a dome fascinated her; she’d have to bypass the shock for now, as her chapped lips left her in dire need of water.

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@ziccarra_liafador: As Daemon was studying the profiles of the teams and organizations of the world, a drone came barging into the room. Suddenly it was against the wall pinned by a torrent of insects, gasping for air it begged for Daemon to release it. "Sire there is a woman outside the dome, she looks to be-" The drone is soon released and tries to finish but before it can Daemon is gone disappearing into a cloud of locust. Appearing outside the dome he meets the woman before she can make it to the gates "How is it a woman manages through such heat?" He hands the woman a bottle of water "I dont remember inviting for you?" He knows very well who the woman is, but feels he should feign confusion to better get an answer from her.

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Ziccarra’s eyes were barley open the heat visibly taking a toll on her. “W-What can I say, I am an animal” she teased, her vision spouting off into a double glared gaze. Almost immediately opening the bottle of water Ziccarra downed it to the half-way point, before breathing heavily. “You did not need to invite me, I heard tales of a structure in the middle of the desert; what can I say curiosity got the best of me” she sassed with her Spanish accent complicating her words a bit.

“What is this place?”

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@ziccarra_liafador: Snapping his fingers the gate opened, slowly sliding open allowing for both to walk in. "I have created the Society, a place for perfection." He holds his hand out showing off the hybrids he created. Every so often a Nazi/Hybrid walks past looking over Z and bowing slightly to Daemon "Those are....experiments don't mind them, they are of no real threat at the moment." Soon a brute could be seen in the distance. On the other side of the Dome it stood outside, bellowing loud it fired off a large plasma bolt into the sky. A flock of birds all fall in unison, the beast dips its paw down into the sand lifting up the corpses.

Daemon smiles "That...well that's....the Doktors not really told me exactly what it is. But don't worry, long as I don't give it the command wont harm you." Smiling and acting like a buffoon he continued walking down the streets " This is a place for those who have been shunned by this world, deemed worthless to the world as a whole. I give them something to live for, transforming there old lives into something perfect." He looks over to Z wondering what she was thinking.

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@darkchild: Z pushed her long hair behind her ear, and then proceeded to scratch the undercut side. The gruesome looking beast reminded her of the pit, and that hellish hound Quintus used to keep as a pet. "A-All these experiments were previously in the world, and you found them?" she said, taking the extra time to gaze at the Doktors. Keeping her hands inside her red cowl, her eyebrow slowly slid to the top of her head curiously. "How long have you been here, given the position of the dome, and the distance in the Sahara you could, live virtually undetected."

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@darkchild: Steel angered by the actions found that his more charming ways were not working so he decided that now is the time to assert himself instead " Look Sir, I would like as much information on this place as possible to accord for any future events or grievances. The information I gain can be vital to me you and the rest of the Hills, I can aid you in keeping this place safe and many other things. Or would you rather this place be reduced from The Hills to a Crater." Steel said awaiting an answer

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@icons: Daemons eyes widened and turned blood red as he roared "You dare threaten me?!!!" He was inches away from Icon in the fraction of a second, towering over him he calmed himself slightly but he still was shaking from anger "You come into my home and demand information?! An if I do not comply you you mention reducing this place into a crater? Are you really so foolish?" Snapping his fingers again the three large hybrids stand behind Icon "Leave and scan what I allow you, if you overstep yourself again I will not be as merciful."

@ziccarra_liafador: Smiling he holds out his hand palm opened, slowly his palm splits and an insect crawls out. Chittering towards Z it snaps towards her before burrowing back into his hand "I am different from those you have met, all of my people were once humans or low level meta-humans. I transformed them into hybrids, all came willingly wanting a better life." As the Doktors creations walked about both inside and outside the dome he continued "The others are creations between myself and the Doktor, we have been creating and experimenting for a few weeks now. I personally have been within the Dome for nearly three months, and upon my invitations was undetected and undisturbed by others. But since people have been popping up left and right. Had one very annoying one a week ago..." He smiles to Ziccarra.

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@darkchild: The hissing insect was enough to scare Ziccarra away from him, it didn't matter how much power she possess a bug was still a bug. Smoothing the wrinkles out her shirt, she placed the tip of her index finger in her mouth slowly quivering. "I wouldn't suspect too much traffick through here" she said, responding to an annoying visitor.

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"Is that a threat, Herr Daemon?" Warsman chuckled, making light of his host's suddenly serious nature.

"Soldaten!" He snarled.

Every ogre in every row and column stood at a rigid posture, aware of the consequences of not standing at attention when called to do so among other disobedient actions.

"Dieser Mann ist dein Schöpfer. Ich bin euer Führer. Befolgen Sie ihn so wie du mir gehorchen würden. Jetzt zerstören das Kind,"

In unison, three of the nearest ogres to the smaller abomination lowered their plasma destroyer rifles down at him. The impling gave one cry of utter terror before it vanished into a mound of atomized slag.

"The world will not be ruled by an iron fist, but by a mighty chapel of fear and power,"

Folding his hands behind his back, the Forever Fuehrer approached the edge of the balcony overlooking the ranks upon ranks of what he promised to Daemon.

"I have forged your armies. Now it is time to discuss the matter of my payment."

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(Quoting for notification)

"You have only tapped half of the potential, one part of the equation if you will. For instance, my natural body is far more resilient than that of what your people now possess."

He spoke without a hint of pride as it was a statement of facts. While combining the human body with attributes of insect origin gave it certain beneficial traits to be sure but Fate theorized that it also transferred the common weaknesses of the species as well. Given that the drones Matthius pointed out were seemingly more human than the rest confirmed what Alexander had originally thought about the mutation being parasitic in nature. There were things that he might be able to exploit but he would need to be given time to study them, or rather just time to be away from the Daemon's untrusting attitude. It wouldn't matter if he knew all that he was doing, especially if what he was doing was simply helping.

"While your changes, that I recognize as an aggressive mutation, are effective they are lacking in what could be accomplished through their own bodies. I believe I could amplify not only their physiology but your own as well."

He held a hand up.

"I'm not asking for trust. I deliver results. If any of your people would be willing to volunteer. Or I could simply demonstrate just what the human body is capable of if you prefer that route."

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@fate_doctor: Finding that Fate was moving from annoying nuicance to potential helpful individual made Daemon's nerves stand in attention. This man wanted to "help" but like any scientist good or evil they have ulterior motives they never show until the time befits it. Smiling wide he held out his hand "You take my hand now, and prove your usefulness in full and I will allow you all knowledge of who I am, what I am and what exactly the Society is. But only after your "breakthroughs" prove beneficial, if for one moment I feel you are scheming to damage my body or my people. I will end you swiftly, and allow for the citizens of my city to feast upon you." He stood waiting for the Doctors hand in agreement.

@warsman: Smiling at the smoldering pile of slag he nodded and showed the Nazi Madman the door "Where shall we discuss the payment? I know money is not what you wish for." Smirking wide he knew that the next few moments would either be peaceful and easy, or chaotic and difficult. Either option made him grin from ear to ear.

@ziccarra_liafador: Smiling to her he nods "No I am making it more difficult for people to simply walk up." Pointing to the Brute off in the distance swatting and firing at nearby birds. "As much as they are big children." He chuckles to himself and then transforms his approach, his smiling face more stern in appearance. "Why are you here Ziccarra? Looking into me like Mr Knightfall had?" His smile had vanished as the truth finally laid itself out. He was tired of the pleasantries and wished for the truth to finally come out.

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"I have made plans for a weapon that will change the fortunes of our Fourth Reich, Herr Daemon. With it, not even the mightiest of Earth's heroes can stand before us," he dismisses the ogres back to the barracks with a casual wave of his hand.

"I have seen it in my travels, ever out of reach and unattainable. It is called the Tesseract by some, but most know it by another name,"

Gripping the guardrail, the integrated computers of the Fuehrer's laboratories create a holographic image of what he desired.

"The Cosmic Cube."

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@warsman: Daemon had heard rumors of such a thing, it could be used to grant anything the controller wished. Endless riches to the total purification of the world, or in his instance the perfection of everyone on planet earth. He almost drooled with anticipation for getting his hands onto such a device, but he composed himself and looked to Warsman with a almost disbelieving glare "How could you even fathom of finding such a thing. The Cube is long gone, if we were ever able to have it someone would have found it by now. The lore behind it is endless, why do you believe it to be real and more importantly here on earth or even anywhere near the planet?" He hoped the Doktor knew how to get the device, and if he did he would allow the Doktor to find it. Then if he became disloyal would end the miserable cur where he stood with the Cube, he knew that the Nazi General would do the very same thing the moment they acquired the Cube.

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"Do I sense distrust in your voice, Herr Daemon?"

The Ultimate Immortal turned around slowly. The faint increase in Daemon's heart rate alerted him to something akin to an adrenal burst.

"I know what I am doing. It has taken me since the Jurassic Period to find it. To be perfectly honest, it changes locations randomly across the broad spectrum of reality. It is nowhere and everywhere at once. But it will manifest completely within the city of London for a specific amount of time. According to my calculations, it should remain in real space long enough for the invasionary forces to reach London and secure it."

Stopping for a second, the Red Dictator crosses his arms over his imposing chest.

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@darkchild: Steel done communicating with the man and feeling nothing but mild anger cooperated with the man and left his dim chamber with his mindless Behemoths. But refusing to listen and obsessed with getting as much knowledge as possible used the advanced teleportation systems of the Apollo Creed to teleport the three hybrids out of the planet's own atmosphere and into orbit. "I'll do a lot more than scan what you allow." Steel said while searching the Hills for the information he wanted

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@noir_anarchist: Taking Noir's hand he drops to a knee and kisses it, he slowly stands and smiles "Then allow me to show you your kingdom." Still her hand in his he levitates they slowly ascend into the skies above the Society. "I have been creating this Society for quite sometime, for a long time I have been alone to contemplate my own doings. But I believe my Hive need a Queen, they cannot survive as a Hive without one. And that is where you my beautiful Noir come in, some of the soldiers and drones still have lingering needs for their old lives." They pass over a crowd of the Hive, they reach up and scream in excitement as the two pass over. "You seem to have qualities I need to control these....nonbelievers. And even if you cant control them, I'm sure you can come up with a various number of ideas of dealing with them." Slowly they reach The Fortitude and land upon his balcony "This shall be your palace, it changes to your wishes. Merely walk into a room and think of how it should look, the Hive will instantly change it." Smiling he kisses her hand again and releases it "I have a few things to attend to my Queen, do you wish to attend to them along my side?"

"Every hive needs a queen, after all don't nearly all insects revolve around the queen in their daily lives? Of course we are also the evolution of that notion neither the ruler or the subject should be dependent on the other. Humanity is still crippled by the notion of just following the leader it is time the thing they see as a pest surpasses them. That said I am humbly willing to control the nonbelievers. Those who can not stand beside a brother should have no brother to stand by. This is a action that breaks most wills for sure." Reaching her room the queen simply turned to a servant rather then look the room over. Making it her own was easy the hard part was provisions. "Servant, fetch me all the variations of a blade the forgers might have. Four of each more you find the better the reward."

"And what might the king need to do? How can a spider be of service?"


: Finding himself in front of the supposed Queen's room Eisen couldn't help but peek before fully introducing himself. What his crimson-black eyes spied was a silver haired woman clad in a black dress who seemed to be partially arachnoid, attending to her blades and sharpening them.

"That's what you would call a femme fatal i believe..."

he mumbled to himself

It wasn't before long until he was discovered by the Queen and caught her attention.

"Indeed at times it is best to knock, yet how could i so abruptly interrupt a fine young lady's sincere act of preserving her deadly blades... that wouldn't be very gentleman like of me now would it." he jested whilst taking a bow

"My name is Eisen, also known as Dynamo... you can call me Warlock as well though since your spouse-to-be has taken a liking to it." standing straight again

"I sure hope i didn't make the wrong impression on you, would be a shame and all since the first is said to be the most important" which was something he couldn't have known due to his amnesia, unless he planted at least one nanomachine in the hive's panorama computer to gain world wide information.

"I'll be on my way then milady, unless of course you'd like to scold me, then I'm all yours." which would of course give him more time to observe the mistress' personality and behaviour in concern of the society

"The best blade is best kept sharp. It should part the flesh of the traitor, slice into any nonbeliever, and pierce any skull that defies our will. Come in Eisen I can play with knives any day. Allegiances are far more touchy matters. I only place blind trust in myself. Anyone else I put trust in I think I should see them for all they are." She was humble and kind in the first few sentences, the last line however carried a tinge of a threat. A black widow is naturally not something after all anyone would predict to be completely friendly to anyone they did not have insight of.

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@noir_anarchist: He smiled as she took charge giving orders to the Drones as if she had been there all along. He took her hand kissing it, its feel brought feelings he had never felt. Lust was amongst the feelings he was undergoing. He chuckled after the kiss "I have had a few pests, they believe this Dome is something to merely do as they wish with. I am in need of a net you could say, is that something you could do for me?" He smiled letting go of her hand, opening the curtains showing off the beautiful full moon. He looked as the bed laid empty and thought of taking her then and there. But he let his lust sit behind for the moment and turned to look at her in the moonlight.

@icons: He sensed his behemoths disappear and became enraged, disappearing himself into the atmosphere. His body adapting to the oxygen less void of space. A thin layer of exoskeleton forming over his face. He touched each behemoth and again disappeared into a void of locusts. Reappearing in front of Icon he slammed his food down. The ground beneath him quaked "Leave, Now!" He barked gesturing for his men to leave him. His body increasing in size, resembling a Hercules Beetle he was larger than he had ever been before. "I have allowed this farce of trying to gain knowledge long enough, I will not allow disrespect in my home. You came into my home, unwelcome appearing within my Dome. Everyone else who has come here, has had the decency to come to the front door." His anger was written all over his body "You are a child with power, and I will not allow such a tantrum to go on any longer. Now leave." He stood his ground in front of Icon.

@warsman: Looking to Warsman he knew he couldn't hide his own bodies excitement over the cube "No distrust Herr Warsman, simply need to know that you are not bluffing. I know that if you really knew how to get to the Cube you would get it yourself. But you need my help, but what I want to know is once I acquire the Cube....how do I know you wont use it against my people, or even myself." He rested his arms out in front of him, crossing them just like the megalomaniac before him. "Can I trust that you will allow me my time with the Cube?" He wanted to know how far the Nazi General would go to get this Cosmic Cube. He stood smiling at the Doktor, waiting for his reply

@closure: come on u know you wanna come an play

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"You don't know and you will never know until it happens," Warsman replied quickly and harshly. "I cannot promise you something that will simply not happen. What I can ensure is that you will have freedom for your people. Besides,"

Turning his back on Daemon, the Ultimate Immortal's eyes glimmer with the faint glow of avarice and a bubbling sensation of superiority.

"You will not obtain the Cube. I will."

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A Bear enters from outside the border, upon hearing that there are masses of great honey to be found...

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A Bear enters from outside the border, upon hearing that there are masses of great honey to be found...

Adam watched the bear, and smiled. Slowly, he strode out towards the creature. He cracked his knuckles. Bears were always good practice.

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@mattersuit: The bear eyes the umie in a stand-off, if he stands in the way of the honey regardless of stature there will be conflict. However if this umie is really just a mongoose dressed in costume then there would not be conflict. Mongoose...

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@warsman: Glaring slightly at the Nazi General he began to walk out of the room, as he walked he spoke "So long as my people are free, and the world is allowed perfection. Do as you wish, but know I am not a creature nor a man to be crossed." Leaving the Doktor to his own doings he went about his own needs.

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FATEFUL decision has been made~

Alexander was no fool but perhaps Matthius truly had no idea what would happen if he tried to enter his mind. That was always the first impression that the doctor got when someone desired to 'show him something' and required the use of his hand. Regardless it seemed to be his only way to move forward and he was confident with the technology of his suit to protect him from any sort of mental assault, that coupled with the fact that he could definitely out think most threats led to a confident but guarded decision to take the hand of the hive mind.

"Whatever you seek to accomplish can be benefited by me and I would never harm a patient. Old Doctor's code you might say. Though the double cross goes both ways, molecular deconstruction is rather painless I've been told."

The doctor took the hand of the daemon lord and waited for what might happen. If it was a handshake in earnest he would be relieved but in all respects he expected some sort of trick. He wanted to get to work right away and start on the work of researching this new strain of mutation, the idea of a host and parasite being opened to him to actually study was exciting and would be able to advance a very specialized type of medicine for his adaptation studies. What more could a scientist ask for?


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Bugrom enters his hive

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The arachnid queen could sense some emotions of lust lingering in her new king. Those sensations were best saved for a different time and place however. Despite the torn rags that made up her clothes sense she had just recently arrived, she was still a queen expected to carry herself with a sense of class. As for the web that itself was easy as her body could extract that from any given point of the body.

Eight thin legs came from her back protruding from the spine and stretching like those of a spider. Both the queen’s arms began to peel apart until she had four arms instead of the two. And in a rhythmic semi-artistic display the various limbs began to weave a large web. A net for her to place wherever it was needed. Though the strands of silk were no bigger then singular threads each was as strong as steel and coated in a sticky acidic property. It could withstand a lot of weight and to be ensnared in it would be only to become familiar to the word agony. “So where should I put this? Allow me to educate some foolish minds.”

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@noir_anarchist: Smiling at his new queen he moved towards the door "I shall be needing you in the coming hours, be ready my Queen. We shall speak to the Society, allow them to marvel at the new Queen. The only thing left for you to do, is make yourself at home. I shall return to fall into bed with you, whether you allow for our kind to further is all up to you. But just for a moment, think of what we could create together." Smiling he turns and kisses her cheek before leaving the room.

@fate_doctor: Smiling as he took the Doctors hand he already had plans for the Doctor, he looked to him and spoke "Materialization is nothing new to me, I have been dabbling in its properties since the new body." He gave the doctor words to think about. Giving the doctor a little bit of information about his new change with the parasite being given to him and changing his biology. He let go of the Doctors hand and went back to his computer "Do as you must, but please now leave me. I have things to attend to, maybe you could look over the Brutes. Marvel at their genes, as they are the first step at things to come." He turned and returned to typing away at his computer.

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@darkchild: Steel looked at the now Hulking man with not a single shred of fear in his eyes or body langauge " And if I don't?" Steel said. He was never one to respect those he deemed less intelligent than him especially those who threatened him or his motivations. Steel reached into his utility pouch and took out a remote in seconds swarms of solid "mirror " clones of himself as far as the eye can see. He disappears in his swarm of himself leaving the man and his army to deal with them Steel had knowledge to get.

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Almost on cue, twenty tons of muscle and reinforced scales stomps in front of Steel. With an earth-shaking roar, the gigantic ebony T-Rex begins his ruthless stampede upon the intruder.

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Jadid, Libya


There were already rumors of a giant reptilian monster terrorizing the Sahara. People would go missing. Flocks of animals would disappear. Sounds in the middle of the night recalled the days when tyrant lizards ruled the earth. But nothing like this happened before.

Emerging from the gunsmoke like a towering bastion of rage and hunger, the beast erupted into an agonizing cacophony of pure hatred. Blood and flesh dripped from his massive fangs. Freshly hewn body parts hung from in-between the sabre-length teeth. Terror and chaos ran amok through the streets of the small community of Jadid. The berserk appetite of the Nazi dinosaur needed to be sated, his mind lost long ago to the throes of blood-greed and depravity.

Charging through a stone building as if it were rice paper, the behemoth ebony-scaled nightmare collected his prize in the form of two screaming civilians pinned down by the smouldering debris. Devoured whole, they registered the pain of his teeth driving into their bodies before the abyss claimed their mangled corpses.

In the midst of the smoke and ruin, the king of beasts bellowed at the evening sky, his rampage only just beginning.

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A few miles away.

"Dammit Summit can't we move any faster?"

"Excuse you sir, we have already superseded sonic speeds. We shall reach the location in approximately... Now."

The skies were torn apart by a comet, quickly dipping in it's flight course and, much like a bullet, firing into the town, landing with a terrible crash and emitting an enormous shock-wave that shattered every window in a five-mile radius, slight tremors moving beneath Jadid's ground and frightening it's citizens even more. Assault, locked in a crouched position, got to his feet and scanned the - Nevermind. He could see the hostile, making it's way through the town's buildings, leaving nary a soul alive in it's wake.

"Summit... What the hell is this? Jurassic Park? Scan that creature. I want to finish this fast."

His AI got to work instantaneously, formulating a file on the Tyranno-Nazi. In the meantime Assault got to work, prioritizing the situation accordingly and preparing himself for battle. First things first, minimize collateral damage by removing the threat from the civilian environment. He blasted back into the air, propelling his titanium-clad form with incredible boosters, managing to reach optimum speed just before he reached the dinosaur, travelling so fast the human eye would be unable to make out his airborne figure. He intended to hit the monster dead on and create such an impact that it would launch both him and the creature out of the town.

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@assault: ( How's about Stark being a little reinforced by his big Bro? :P )

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@xenon_: Will have Jake call Tony in for help after Warsy has terrified Assault in his upcoming post lmfao

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The impact alerted Warsman to his latest opponent, one undoubtedly attracted to the location because of some heroic purpose. His only response came in the form of a monstrous howl that shook the remains of the tortured town. The challenging sound seemed to work its magic, as the armored humanoid positioned himself outside of the crater he made prior to the true confrontation.

The sound of jet boosters, like a supersonic aircraft popping the sound barrier, and the battle commenced in full.

Having been in the midst of modern combat for nearly a century, the fascist dinosaur could guess when and where artillery shells would land. This man - however - soared at him faster than any battery could launch its destructive payload. The precision of his muscular tail would not knock him out of the sky. Instead, the king of beasts opened his mouth, which could easily entrap an entire Volkswagen, and snapped his jaws shut.

Twisting around, kicking up a cloud of dust and sand, the scuffle lasted for less than a second. The dinosaur's massive teeth could rip through steel without the giant even trying. But the sheer kinetic force of the human projectile knocked more than a few of those teeth from their sockets, splaying them on the ground in a gout of cold blood. Though it would be only a few ticks of his heart before they would grow back, the fact remained that the Nazi T-Rex had finally met someone worth exploiting.

The number of the beast burned brightly on his face as the inhuman yellow of his eyes located his foe once more. The swords in his mouth renewed, he threw down the gauntlet once more and stomped the ground, sending a tremor through the ruined cityscape. He voiced his dominance with an ear-splitting roar. Putting one clawed foot in front of the other, he gained significant speed as he lunged at the hero fangs-first.

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The jaws of death closed in upon the titanium-clad titan and he was disorientated for a moment. His armour alerted him of the intense pressure applied by the dinosaur's teeth, some of which he had knocked out upon impact. He grunted in exertion, finally managing to throw his palms out and blast himself out of the creature's maw. He soared at the earth, only able to readjust his course and do a back-flip in mid-air due to his heightened reflexes. His boosters kept him just off the ground, and Summit immediately performed a diagnosis, informing Assault of his armour's vitals. Power was at 85%, minimal damage had been done to the breastplate and the shoulder-pieces, and the dinosaur possessed a rapid healing factor, one much faster than his own.

"Summit, contact my brother. I'm going to need some back-up for this one."

"Will do sir. Might I suggest evading the oncoming Tyrannosaurus Rex, sir?"

Assault swore his AI, adrenaline rushing through his near meta-human veins and slowing the world around him considerably. Summit reacted to his mental commands, strengthening the armour around his legs and firing off every booster on Assault's being with the exception of his palms. The beast was inches away, mouth ready to swallow the titanium-clad titan whole when two metallic hands grabbed hold of his lips, pushing back at the Warsman's enormous being. The seismic clash caused by their opposite travelling momentum wiped out a small house nearby, leaving a 200m crater around their positions. Within the suit Jacob smirked, surprised at his strength.

"Looks like somebody needs a breath-mint."

He paused, the space within his helmet suddenly very small.
"Looks like two somebodies need a breath-mint."

Amping up his boosters output he simultaneously fired off twin blasts with his repulsors, currently attached to the dinosaurs face. The shots should clear some space between them, enough for Assault to release a series of mini-missiles, combinationally enough to level a small town. He was unsure as to whether he would be able to finish the creature off, as he was not yet sure about the creature's vulnerability. To finish the attack off he would fire off a concentrated repulsor beam, created by both his palms, blending into a single stream of energy. He needed to stall until Peak arrived. He couldn't take this monster alone, not with this many civilians in danger.

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Despite the temporary struggle for physical dominance, the fact remained that while Assault possessed formidable strength in the augmentations of his armored carapace, he simply did not measure up to the more than twenty tons of raw muscle bearing down on him. Even the mightiest tree is put in danger by a raging avalanche.

He squeezed his mouth tighter, scraping the outer edge of the helmet Assault so desperately tried to protect from imminent death. Seemingly giving his opponent reprieve, the enormous ebony T-Rex actually began to clamp down harder and would have shorn the armored American's head from its stalk if not for the humanoid's quick thinking.

Instead of a mouthful of flesh, Warsman received a barrage of heat from the repulsors concealed in the palms of his enemy's hands. Following that, a hounding wave of missiles that were the equivalent of wasp stings to him battered his thick scales, but did a heinous amount of damage to the surrounding area. Lunging forward, absolutely enraged, he took a flying leap and almost took down Assault back to the ground with him if not for the repulsor blast shoved into his cranium. Stunned, the monster took a stumbling few steps back. The hunger overtook him again.

He could smell fresh blood.

Scanning the rubble, he found a family trying to escape the carnage. The father had a cut above his left eye. The primal urge to feed washed over the Nazi lizard. With no more than three steps, he chomped down on the wounded man and thrashed until the death throes stopped before swallowing the corpse whole. The rest of the family scattered under the guidance of the mother. None of them wore open injuries, merely bruises and a few burns.

He focused again on the future knight, eyes still widened in a berserk fury. He would be faster now, stronger, less likely to quit in the midst of killing. The burns on his face and mouth from the repulsors were already healing much like his teeth. The scales knocked out of place by the missiles were pushed out by fresher natural armor. He bellowed like the drums of the apocalypse and unleashed the full prehistoric rage overtaking his tyrant heart. In five steps he would be upon the iron man, ready to deliver a single fatal blow with his steel-rending jaws.

Nothing could stop the saurian stampede.