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@fate_doctor: Looking to the Doctor with minor annoyance he waved his hand and the two drones left promptly. They were gone in moments retreating into the lives they had been given within the society. Daemon looked the doctor up and down "I am the Hive Mr Fate, its a unilateral conscious of all my people. They all have their own personalities, but also follow my thoughts and wills. I called for the people I did not to merge them with my mind, but for a calling for something more. You are not one that falls into my plans." He turns to a computer and waves his hands over it, soon a detailed schematic of the upper half of the Society showed.

"Look over the schematics, and the blue prints to my first aberrations and then leave. Unless you have something to offer me, I am a very busy man." He sits down in his large chair leaning back, his legs out in front of him.

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For the moment, the New Age Todesengel humored the idea of helping Daemon achieve his own ideal 'master race.' He walked, hands behind his back, with a purpose in his long strides. Observing his new sanctuary with a growing curiosity, he witnessed the old trappings of Mengele's scientific butcheries. Routine check-ups were combined with autopsies, living beings treated like dirt and shifted around shamelessly. The smell of blood and fear made him shiver with excitement.

"It is beautiful, herr Daemon," he unconsciously walked upon an experiment in progress. Shoving the smaller 'doctors' aside, their chattering noticeably increasing in frequency and urgency, Der Kriegsherr looked deep into the innards of a large brute of an insectoid.

Easily twice the size of the largest human beings in sheer muscle mass, he had been bound to the table with chains, straps, and braces. No anesthesia nulled the pain he could be feeling. The fact that he remained mostly mannish in thought processes proved unsatisfactory. He squirmed uneasily in his bindings. The red skull-like face of his latest visitor frightened his primitive mind.

"I only require one thing in return for my services," his ice-cold blue eyes darted back to the Daemon.

"And I shall explain that as time goes on. For now, I shall partake in the suffering of the unworthy on the way to becoming perfect. Krankenschwester! Skalpell!" He howled.

One of the subordinate creatures ran next to him carrying his required instruments of pain. With a cruel jackal of a smile creeping across his face, he set about his work in improving the designs of Daemon's genetic monstrosities.

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@warsman: Daemon smiled as the Red Skull as he had been calling Kriegsherr in his head, began to work his magics. Smiling even wider at the fact that the first in his new creation had come to his side. He was really creating a team of men and women capable of many things, the one thing they all had in common was the ability to change the world together. Once they all came and agreed to join, giving their own wagers and needs to joining they would become a mass of villains. Able to change the world as a whole, and wipe out all the imperfections riddled within it.

Daemon left his new partner to the massive laboratories underneath the Society and made his way topside, as the rest should be arriving shortly. Stopping just short of the door he turned and spoke to Red Skull "Anything possible you need, I will be in the tallest building behind the White Door." and with that he made his leave.

@mercy_: I sent you an invitation check the first page.

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@mercy_: your not gonna meet with me :(?

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@darkchild: contemplating it. Mercy's not much of a meeter or a joiner.

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@mercy_: Awwww come on would be entertaining. DC could show up where ur at too lol

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@mercy_: Awwww come on would be entertaining. DC could show up where ur at too lol

womens department at the PX pls (post coming up now btw)

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@darkchild: Irreversibly immersed in a habitual period of the obsessive pursuit of intellectual prominence, the Stylish Spanish Storm Shadow instinctively dismisses the presented letter for momentary forsaking. Upon the inevitable conclusion of the Martial Arts Don's analytical studying, the cryptically constructed letter boasting crimson calligraphy captivated his attention. Intently reading the letter with characteristic composure, Andres' interest, while authentically attracted by the letter's enigmatic implications, indulges in a moment of pensive consideration. With no inherent desire to consume his personal energy in a virtuoso display of iconic superhuman speed, the Artistic Aristocrat instead retires to an undisclosed scientific complex prior to utilizing borrowed properties from his L.K. Accelerator. Technologically-linked to appropriate devices, an intricately designed teleporter instantaneously commences the fundamental high-energy collisions for the immaculate generation of a wormhole, meticulously manipulated to divert his physical frame towards intended destinations. Stepping inside, he vanishes, materializing before the architecturally ostentatious dome. Arms aristocratically folded behind his back, mirroring the genetically inherited regalia of his father as he indulges in patient waiting for he who requested his presence.

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@morte_knightfall: The Hive buzzed with voices telling of Morte arriving outside the Dome. A small smile came to his face as he stepped out the room and made his way down the hallway, soldiers followed in pattern behind him. Forming a defensive line all around Daemon they made their way outside The Fortitude and towards the gates. As they closed in towards the Gate it opened slowly revealing Morte standing hands behind him and at attention. Daemon spoke softly to the soldiers and they left without a word, he turned smiling wide as he introduced himself.

"Hello Mr Knightfall, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. The Knightfalls are quite the spotlight family, and for myself to meet one such as you is quite humbling." He stretched his hand out towards Morte "My name is Daemon Matthius, and I have brought you here to hear something I have in mind. Shall we retire to my office?" pointing at the tallest building within the Society called the Fortitude.

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@darkchild: "Likewise, Senor Matthius", firmly shaking his host's hand with poised politeness. "Of course. Lead the way", issuing a calm inclination of the head as wordless agreement.

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"Li.. Lis-... Listen..." Eisen's approach at learning how to speak in his new flesh again was slowly making progress, getting better at each attempt. "Leave." Before long the armed Insectoids that kept guard around him saluted to a newly appeared being and went their ways, obviously being outranked by it in every aspect.

"Not many people come to my home to meet with me without an invite. And even fewer appear out of nowhere, and even LESS than that come within 50 miles of this dome without setting off the Hive. So please tell me who and what you are, as you have my attention and my curiosity peeked." it said while crouching on Eisen's eye-level

"We... ll... let me... start with... why I'm here... " Eisen's cold eyes now slowly shifting towards Darkchild's, meeting with an anticipation not unlike two animals about to go at eachothers throats "I had an object..ive, to prevent cert... ain things from happening. It would seem as If I were transported to a different location or timeline then expected." he closes his eyes takes a deep breath and stands up, dusting himself off "Y'know at first i kinda wanted to get away from here, back to my timeline, but i noticed that the future doesn't seem that much different. I don't know how the rest of this world looks like but I'd interested in sticking around." he turns around looking at the wholesome of the dome "Back from where I come from, we had certain orginasations that kept things in check." he turns back again, staring eye in eye "Let us create a partnership that we both can benefit from, I get to stay around and you benefit from... me. I have knowledge of another world, and together we could create a bond that could stand against more than just this dome, desert or even this planet. I only have one proposition... the name under which we operate should be the V-..." the rest of the sentence was not to be heard from anyone but Darkchild, carried away by the blowing wind.

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@morte_knightfall: Smiling slightly to the Senor, he put a finger onto Morte's shoulder they spiraled into a cloud of locusts appearing within a empty room. Two chairs sat next to a burning fireplace, the room was slightly relaxing and Daemon chuckled "Dont worry my new friend, I am not trying to romance you. This place is my Zone, a room I use to relax. I thought it would be an adequate place for a discussion that needed both of us relaxed." He walked over to the corner of the room retrieving a flask of whisky and two glasses. Bringing over a small table he sat it between the two chairs and sat down, pouring two glasses he waited for Morte.

"Mr Knightfall, I am fairly new to the world of business and society. I would enjoy having some helpful advise in creating a vast organization much like yours." He took a sip from his glass and continued "Your hidden organization that is, I know exactly how you create a fake, but how do you keep those who wish you harm from easily conquering your home and the things you hold dear."

@warlock360: As the man before him spoke he made Daemons mind spin in circles, he had heard and even seen proof that men and women came from futures and their adventures. But never would he have thought one would come before him, and give him the opportunity to use their knowledge for his own gain. A sinister and wide smile came to his face as he thought of all the possibilities. Even the insects inside his body were speechless to the potential of it all, Daemon composed himself and spoke with a deep tone.

"We can rule the world in mere minutes, but I have much more planned from now on. As to the partnership and the possibilities of creating an organization, I have a few ideas." Putting his hand on the mans shoulder the two spiraled into a cloud of locusts, reappearing inside the Fortitude. As they appeared a large computer came to life bringing up profiles of every mutant,meta, human of every alignment spreading across the room wide screen.

Daemon pressed a group of profiles and dragged them across the screen letting them go, the profiles spread out littering the large screen. Each of his invitations he had sent out days ago, each were sent to one of the profiles on the screen "I have been planning creating something akin to a team for sometime, and been waiting for something or someone to make me make it official." He smiled to the man "I am thinking Vine Villains...what do you think...by the way would you like me to continue calling you Warlock as you appeared out of no where like a magician, or do you have a proper name?" He smiled as the screen continued bringing up suitable people who would work well within this team of Villains.

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Noir was a little surprised at first. Not surprised by the numerous voices thing though but rather the way she was greeted. But then why shouldn’t she be crowned in such a way. She deserved to be a ruler, to be a dominant force. And if she hadn’t been given such a title she likely would have killed her way to the position anyway. “Indeed I have finally come. I hear people on this planet think themselves gods amongst insects, its time they learn. So does he speak and is just awe struck? Or do you own the form as a sort of host?” Her black eyes blinking with curiosity.

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@darkchild: In characteristically respectful manner, the Poised Picasso's regal steps perpetually position themselves a foot behind the inherently sinister Daemon. Instinctively assuming aristocratic posture while momentarily indulging in the comfortable seating of the physically presented chair, the Spanish Michaelangelo resumed their conversational immersion. "Hmm of course, of course", pensively considering his host's request prior to continuation, "Well you see senor, tis simple. My enemies, my opposition, they simply know better than to cross one of history's most dangerous men. They know how much I know. With a high enough intellect mi amigo, limits are fabrications".

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Eisen listened almost gleefully to Daemon's side of the plan and it's ambitions, not expecting any less from a being of his posture. Daemon puts his hand on Eisen's shoulder and seemingly embalming them both with locusts and warping them inside the Fortitude. When they appeared inside a gigantic computer awakened providing information and statistics of various creatures that inhabit this planet on a panorama screen.

"Vine Villains it is then, as for the name... It's Eisen, Eisen the Dynamo. If Warlock's easier to remember though you can go ahead and stick with it, kinda like the tone."

Observing the screen of selected personalities that Daemon had chosen, Eisen began to feel a certain Nostalgia... somewhere in the back of his mind.

"With this intel i can fill my memory gaps with useful information. Not to mention that my Nanomachines will profit from this as well..."

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"Each insect in the hive has their own life but ultimately are perfect tools for the will of one. The beauty of the human mind is the ability to completely decide their own Fate and not be dictated to by another."

He was at least in the presence of someone who could reason and had some form of care for the people under him. Perhaps it was genuine though he suspected otherwise with the confirmation of being the Hive Mind, it was likely that the Daemon did not wish to waste the efforts of his people. The Doctor crossed over to the panel and scanned through the information, transferring everything to his database for later reference. To say that Alexander was affiliated to good or evil would be a strange feat as he cared only about certain things, he was truly a dedicated Doctor and a scientist before all else factored in. The experiences he had run into with people that wanted to abuse science shaped his personality into something strange, unpredictable even.

"It seems like your plans are more geared towards domicile living, insectoid theme aside. What exactly are you looking to accomplish, Matthias?"

He looked up from the screen after a few moments and decided that he would scan the surrounding area to check for consistency later. For the present he actually was more pleased with the honesty and the blunt nature that he had encountered. The thought crossed his mind about misjudging the insect splicer but nothing was out of the question yet.

OOC Notes

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@fate_doctor: Now more entertained than annoyed he couldn't help but answer his question with honest "Perfection Dr Fate, the perfection of all on this scum filled planet. But that will most likely never happen, so I guess I will settle for revenge." He smiled tearing the scanning device from the Doctors hands and setting it aside "I have allowed your scanning to go on long enough, if you want answers you ask me. I will be honest, but I wont be if you continue to take scans of my Society I did not directly give you permission to do. I told you, that you could scan this building and its schematics." He tapped on his head "The Hive is saying electronics everywhere within my city are going off, so that will stop now." He looked at Fate with no emotion on his face at all, just a smile.

@morte_knightfall: Smiling to the mans passive aggressive way of speaking, slowly he trailed the line of the glass listening carefully to his words. Leaning forward he looks at Morte "Why dont I cut to the chase Mr. Knightfall. I need a man with an endless level of charisma, a man who can simply be in a room and get the soldiers to rally behind him. Someone who can call upon a single number and bring half the world with him, someone the people will stand behind. I would love to think that I myself can do that, but I know I need men and women behind me who will help that happen." He drinks the last of his glass and finished the last part of his sentence "I need you Mr Knightfall, what is your answer. Either way you answer, you walk out of here." Smiling as he finishes he waits for his answer.

@noir_anarchist: Daemon growled from within his own head taking control again. He raised a finger to Noir and went back into his mind, barking at the insects "You ever do that again, I will pry each and everyone of you little bastards from my body. Is that f$cking understood." The insects were quiet and he went back to talking to Noir. Smiling to her he bowed slightly "I am in control, they are the host you could say. From time to time they think they are bigger than they really are." A low growl comes from his body as he continues "You are one of the most beautiful specimens this world has to offer, may I have your name?"

@warlock360: Smiling slight as Eisen spoke he flipped through a few profiles coming up with on in particular. He had met her earlier and she proved to be quite the manipulative woman, stretching he profile out to fill the screen he gestured for Eisen to look. "Warlock, this woman shall be my queen. But I dont trust her, shes....too eager to be my queen. I feel a trap in her words." The insects inside him bark at him but he hushes them, shaking his head and continuing "I want you to keep a watch on her, if she so happens to twitch in a way that bothers you. Or could harm my Society, make her disappear." Smiling he walked over to a closet pulling out a long cloak and touched the fabric, slowly insects flowed from the middle of his hand and covered the cloak turning it into a full suit.

As the insects combined and solidified he held it up to Eisen "This is for you, If I am to have someone as a right hand man hes got to look the part." He handed it to Eisen and walked the two out of the room and onto a balcony "I already have the beginning of our Vine Villains prepared. A Nazi scientist, I haven't gotten his true name as he tosses around various names. I have been calling him Warsman, Adam Mercer also known as Mattersuit. They both are powerful individuals, but both are two complete people. Mattersuit shall be easily manipulated as long as the money continues to flow, the Warsman hes got ulterior motives but he will stay in line for now. The others are coming soon." He looked out to the falling sun and the rising moon, the sounds of the society filling his ears as he closed his eyes for a moment.

"Long live the Vine Villains." He spoke as he opened his eyes.

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@darkchild: A light smirk of reactionary charismatic response had momentarily overtaken his facial features, "I see". Forsaking any potentially pensive participation in the conversational encounter, Don Andres asks with characteristically combinational politeness and charmingly cultivated boldness. "I don't lend my aid to just anyone, senor. Why would I help rally an army behind someone that I know of only through studious observations and analysis? Do your objectives even relate to mine? I must politely refuse your request mi amigo", physical escalation commencing his exclusion from the aristocratically preparatory room. A concluding inclination of the head served as the poised precursor of his linguistic farewell, "Until next time my friend, I will be watching. You've caught my interest", casting a quickly constructed wink of frenetically fused ocular flair and pizzazz, Rey Blanco departed from the desert-enveloped infrastructure.

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Steel teleporting in from the Apollo Creed is around to gain intel of this new area in the universe that he has heard many residents talking about recently. Hoping to gain to some sort of information for his data-banks and maybe some friendly individuals Steel finds himself in the Hills surrounded by what seems to be normal humans but Steel being smarter than that knows to stay on his toes in this new environment.

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@icons said:

Steel teleporting in from the Apollo Creed is around to gain intel of this new area in the universe that he has heard many residents talking about recently. Hoping to gain to some sort of information for his data-banks and maybe some friendly individuals Steel finds himself in the Hills surrounded by what seems to be normal humans but Steel being smarter than that knows to stay on his toes in this new environment.

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@icons: The Hive mind erupted in screams, the insects were being overloaded telepathically by something interrupting their all seeing eyes. They screamed "TELEPORTER!!!" And the screams rang inside his head, he smashed his head against the wall trying to drown out the noise. Slowly they began to calm and so did Daemon. Breathing hard he barked into the comm links "Find whoever just teleported into the society, and bring them to me." Trying hard not to sound full of rage, as the soldiers would instantly kill the intruder if he was. He had to control his emotions as he waited for the teleporter to be retrieved.

@morte_knightfall: Smiling as Morte refused his offer as he knew he would, he knew that if Morte had accepted without question and further investigation he was weak. This Knightfall was a intelligent man, and above all else a strong man. He nodded to him as he finished and made his way towards the door, before he left he spoke "And I will be watching you, say hi to the family." With that the man vanished and Daemon spoke to the Hive. "Are you at the location?" In unison thousands of ants and demon insects spoke "We are wat-t-t-t-tching Daemon. The Knightfalls are in view." Smiling Daemon replied "Gathered enough information then?" The insects replied "Y-y-y-y-yeesssss." Daemon smiled and took a drink from the flask "Pull back and return to the Dome. We have what we need, leave a flyer to continue surveillance." And with that he disappeared from the room.

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@darkchild: Steel feeling slightly threatened found it best to not cause to much trouble in the Hills, he thought it would benefit him and the safety of the locals and solders to come peacefully and go with them. Maybe he would learn something.

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"Your revenge is of little interest to me."

Doctor Fate only touched the side of his helmet, no visible button or outward indication followed. His more obvious scanner simply stopped for the present and would remain that way unless it assisted his vision beyond the cellular level. A thought to adjust his settings came to mind as a future motive though it would require him studying the technology that had revealed his actions. The jawline of the good doctor seemed as hard as ever, not even a hint of disappointment would be found in him as the encounter just kept presenting him more questions to answer. The dome was only partially recorded, he would need to find a way to remain and gather more information on that as well as the physiology of what was going on. Preliminary research could only yield so many things and even if he had to wait for the opportune moment to use his scanning equipment his eyes alone were far more prying than state of the art equipment.

A concerned Doctor

"I am only concerned. Medically, the same reasoning that led me to follow Mercer. Genetic splicing often has side effects that are not accounted for further down the road. As the primary host of this condition, do you have any side effects that I might ease? Among your people perhaps."

Truth? Possibly. A lie? At least not a full lie. Alexander had a mentality that was far above that of any human being and not entirely understandable even when explained due to his genius. His agenda was his own but always seemed to have an unshakable focus for medicine, even his other areas of focus bore the mark of a biologist when it was boiled down to the simplest form. He took no offense and yet showed no favor with whatever he found, the request for his scanner to turn off was honored simply because it was made. One hand clasped behind his back as he didn't bother to back away from the smiling Daemon. The digits of his right hand touched in turn as he spoke and contemplated the true nature of what Matthius' existence would bring about. The world at large might be affected, there may be an attempt at global assimilation or it may be a private affair against warranted injustice. If Matthius was the picture of no emotion then Fate's expression was truly dead in terms of what it would reveal. So many possibilities and only one doctor to contemplate the world.

OOC Notes

  • You tore that computer panel away I'm guessing? My scanner is in my helmet =) so I think I'm on the same page.
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A list of characters were displayed on the wide screen before Eisen's eyes, each of them a probable addition to the team until reaching one in specific, the queen. Daemon gave Eisen the "authority" if you may, to observe her and if need be, to exterminate her for the greater good of the society. Shortly thereafter a full body suit was formed out of a long cloak and given to Eisen to represent his position as a right hand man to Daemon.

"Much obliged, the rags were kind of smelly."

Making their way to the balcony, Eisen frees himself from the thin cloths and puts on his newly granted outfit. When they arrived Daemon briefed him on the already planned and confirmed roster. A nazi scientist whom he calls Warsman with some other plans in mind yet of use, and Mattersuit also known as Adam Mercer (who sounded more like an expendable in his explanation), others were naturally planned as well. Before Daemon ended the conversation he left Eisen with an almost nostalgic feeling when he uttered a so familiar chant.

"Long live indeed." he said in the irony of his longevity

Before long Eisen had left the balcony telling Daemon that he would pursue his current assignment and try to meet the being in question in person, or at least... be around her...

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@warlock360: Smiling to Eisens appreciation of the new cloths and his new assignment he allowed for him to leave "Be careful, for as much as I distrust her I do need her to breed. To create more powerful Drones and Soldiers, so don't interrogate her too thoroughly alright...Warlock." As Eisen left Daemon looked off into the distance. The sun would soon arrive and bring forth another day, and with each passing day his Vine Villains would grow. And soon the world would truly know real fear, he will have his vengeance on those who wronged him. The heroes of this world will never be able to stop him, he will be relentless and unforgiving.

@fate_doctor: Scoffing at the Doctors attempt to look helpful he shook his head "What I do doctor, is give these people another lease on life. I do not splice with them, I simply allow my body to use them as a host. Their minds are still whole, they are still very much who they were mentally. But physically they are better, and are better able to continue to survive in this hostile world." He knew the Doctor wanted to know more about the Society and he was not going to allow him to learn anymore. Not without knowing what he would do with the information. "Fate, cut the bull crap. Your here for a real reason, and its not to play doctor with me or my people. So tell me the truth, or I will physically escort you off the premise." Growing ever more impatient with the Doctors unwillingness to tell the truth.

@icons: Daemons soldiers bring the intruder and he looks to be a child, a child with immense power. Daemon looks him over rubbing his temple still reeling from the massive headache the child gave him upon arriving. He gestures for the soldiers to wait outside the room, and looks up to the child "Who are you and why are you here?"

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@darkchild: Wearing his traditional Arashikage bandage over his head in order to conceal his face, its white hue distinctly interrupted by the dried crimson blood colored hand print cascaded across the entire left portion of its display in a obsessive reminder of a battle waged long ago, the mysterious Master of Martial arts Darwinism suddenly appeared in the doorway of his summoner's office. Letter in hand, he waited for the villainous vet to unveil its cryptic meaning.

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@warlock360: The silver haired being more spider then 'human' a word she hated but was easiest to use regretfully; was busy attending to personal matters. Within a room all her own she had been sharpening a series of blades and other weapons. There was always four of them and almost all of them were blades rather then guns. As for attire she settled for a simple short and obviously black dress. Her attention to the variety of malicious weaponry was cut short however upon the arrival of one of Daemon's friends. "And how can I help you? Knocking would be polite."

@darkchild: She watched the silent figure deducting he was likely barking orders at the insects in his brain. "Noir Arcani though I would rather give more then my name. The insects seemed to also want more and I've no issue giving my hand to obtain power. As for the beauty thats just a perk."

(again sorry for delays busy busy)

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Fate would not be intimidated.

"Giving a man a crutch is not the equivalent of teaching him to walk. Humans adapt on their own so don't play the benevolent so coyly. There are always side effects and trade offs, equivalent exchange is the rule of the universe master Daemon."


He didn't even seem offended at the obvious threat but instead he smiled and lowered his gaze a bit to look directly at the man's torso and then back to his face. Matthius hadn't realized it but he had actually given away the words that Alexander had been fishing for that entire time. If he couldn't be scanning the complex and gaining intel from the population then he could just sit and probe the conversation for clues. The first of which was an admittance to the word 'host' which implied a relationship between two creatures but it was not applied to the friendly type. In the realm of biology there were only two types of relationships to be had between species, the symbiotic relationship wherein both species would benefit each other equally and then the parasitic relationship.

Fate pressed his hands together in front of him, steepled fingers interlocked as he walked around the Daemon, pacing as he spoke. There was no air of attitude from the doctor nor one of emotion, he clearly portrayed the being that he showed to the world; a man of pure logic and medicine. With his natural vision he was able to see the insects not only in the area but also the ones that clung to this man's body and seemed to be all in a daze as it were, most of them lying still or not moving at all. Only a few of them seemed to be in a 'busy' mode while the rest were on standby, a literal army as it were in the very place where they would be the most useful. He assumed that they could be controlled mentally from the demonstration upon his first arrival and from how the infected humans had responded. Parasite was written all over this scenario.

"Why don't YOU cut the crap Matthius. If you have any intelligence on my existence at all then you know that I have a vendetta against combining foreign traits with the human race due to the side effects of not only the body but also the mind. My concern is genuine for all of mankind, it is a Doctor's calling that brought me to observe Mercer and a Doctor's good nature that will have me remain until I am sure these people are truly what you claim."

Fate stopped when he was behind the man. He looked over his shoulder and straightened his face from the smile back to an emotionless one of conviction.


He paused for a moment. Then he spoke words that he wasn't even sure of himself, that were possibly for the man that was hiding under the infestation of insects. The mind behind the hive but also to that inexplicable drive that a parasitic mind had to protect itself at all costs, even that of the host though if the host were to become extinct then it would also die. The parasite sought to preserve the host, he would exploit that factor if he could.

"Now, if you wish to remove me I suggest you contemplate what good that would do in contrast with what I could accomplish for you."


  • Didn't use any equipment in this, my vision can naturally scale down to the cellular level.
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@antonnius: This increasingly annoying man was finally showing himself as to be slightly useful, as intelligent he was there was nothing the Doctor could do for him. He smiled and allowed the Doctors words to be entertained "My people are of no concern, in honest my Doctor only three of the populace ever were forced into transformation. They were the first, and my most loyal guards in fact they are in the room with us at this very moment." Pointing up into the canopy of the room, three individuals who were more human in appearance than the rest of the population of the Society crouched on the railings above the two men. "I know forcing this kind of change was not needed, but I was experimenting and came to learn that you give a person the words they need to hear. They come in droves willingly, now as to the good you could do for me." He tapped his finger on a nearby desk and the three above and the rest of the guards around the perimeter left immediately. "What do you purpose you can do?"

@noir_anarchist: Taking Noir's hand he drops to a knee and kisses it, he slowly stands and smiles "Then allow me to show you your kingdom." Still her hand in his he levitates they slowly ascend into the skies above the Society. "I have been creating this Society for quite sometime, for a long time I have been alone to contemplate my own doings. But I believe my Hive need a Queen, they cannot survive as a Hive without one. And that is where you my beautiful Noir come in, some of the soldiers and drones still have lingering needs for their old lives." They pass over a crowd of the Hive, they reach up and scream in excitement as the two pass over. "You seem to have qualities I need to control these....nonbelievers. And even if you cant control them, I'm sure you can come up with a various number of ideas of dealing with them." Slowly they reach The Fortitude and land upon his balcony "This shall be your palace, it changes to your wishes. Merely walk into a room and think of how it should look, the Hive will instantly change it." Smiling he kisses her hand again and releases it "I have a few things to attend to my Queen, do you wish to attend to them along my side?"

@the_last_arashikage: The one he had sent out the invitations for in the first place finally arrived, no escorts were needed. Charlemagne made his way to the tallest building within the Society, arriving moments later in Daemons personal office. His attire hid his true appearance, but Daemon needed nothing led by sight to know who the man was. His energy was one of a kind, he was something else completely different from those who had already arrived. Smiling to Charlemagne he held out his hand " The Viper has arrived, Excellent!" Raising a hand in the air in excitement, looking to his hand he saw his signed invitation and smirked.

"Not too boastful was it? I hope not, didnt intend to be too egocentric." He flew over to the opposite end of the room floating just above the floor, hovering he taps on a piece of the wall and a secret door opens. A set of glassware sits, chilled by a chunk of ice he takes the glasses and flask out. Returning to the center of the room he pours both Scotch aged 25 years. Gesturing for Charlemagne to sit he slides the glass over with a smile "Drink, we have much to discuss." He smiles waiting to hear what the man had to say before he unraveled his detailed plan.

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@darkchild: Sliding comfortably into a seated position careful not to spill his refreshment, the LeBeau Legacy took a small sip for sociable etiquette, but little more. Resting the glace on a cup holder with cultured grace he waited intently for the true meeting to begin. Hopeful he had not wasted his valuable time.

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@darkchild: Daemon told Eisen to be careful not to harm the new Queen, for she is still precious to his hive even though he distrusts her.

"Do not worry, I'll be spectating." he said calmly while turning back and making his way

On the way out Eisen noticed someone apparenlty waiting to be granted entry, passing by without making eye contact he goes to meet the Queen.

@noir_anarchist: Finding himself in front of the supposed Queen's room Eisen couldn't help but peek before fully introducing himself. What his crimson-black eyes spied was a silver haired woman clad in a black dress who seemed to be partially arachnoid, attending to her blades and sharpening them.

"That's what you would call a femme fatal i believe..." he mumbled to himself

It wasn't before long until he was discovered by the Queen and caught her attention.

"Indeed at times it is best to knock, yet how could i so abruptly interrupt a fine young lady's sincere act of preserving her deadly blades... that wouldn't be very gentleman like of me now would it." he jested whilst taking a bow

"My name is Eisen, also known as Dynamo... you can call me Warlock as well though since your spouse-to-be has taken a liking to it." standing straight again

"I sure hope i didn't make the wrong impression on you, would be a shame and all since the first is said to be the most important" which was something he couldn't have known due to his amnesia, unless he planted at least one nanomachine in the hive's panorama computer to gain world wide information.

"I'll be on my way then milady, unless of course you'd like to scold me, then I'm all yours." which would of course give him more time to observe the mistress' personality and behaviour in concern of the society

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@darkchild: Steel looked up at his captor most likely a higher up superior in the Hill finds it best to turn on his charm to help him self out of this situation " My name is Robert Johnson your highness I and I am here to collect data and information on the hills as I've heard of it recently by many locals. I did not mean to cause any harm and do apologize if I did cause you any trouble."Steel said humbly

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@the_last_arashikage: Smiling as Charlemagne sits dignified in every way, he is waiting for the reason behind Daemons invitation. Nodding he slides forward and sets his glass down onto the table in front of them, his nails tap against the arm of the chair and he just stares at Char trying to figure out exactly how to go about it all. His smile disappearing he begins to speak "Your a man of certain perfection are you not?" He waits for a moment hearing something off in the distance then continues " This world is full of impurities and some may say I fall into one of those impurities, but I believe no I KNOW that I am not. What I seek is the perfection of this drab world we have to live in, what I have been doing transforming these peasants into hybrids is only the beginning. It was an initial experiment, a failed one yes but it was a beginning." He stands up quickly hopefully not startling Charlemagne, his voice gets louder as if he is yelling "I want this world to know what perfection can do! You and I we can create a world that no one has ever even fathomed, you and your people they are the closest thing this world has to perfection. I want that, I want to bring my people and those who will come to us for salvation to be solidified perfection." His finger pointing from Charlemagne and then out to the people below.

"I was born from imperfection, and now I am perfection. No emotions that do not help me further my goals, no excess need other than to push forward. WE ARE PERFECTION, you and I we are the pinnacle of what our species can become." As he shouts he begins to calm down, slowly pushing his hair back into a more civilized state before sitting back down calmly. He chuckles "I need a person such as you Charlemagne, I have created a team whose soul purpose is bringing us as a species closer to what it needs to be. We will triumph, and we will rule this world.....and I wish to rule it together with you." He holds his hand out to him "What do you say? Shall we take this planet and transform it into something marvelous?"

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@icons: Looking at Icon with his eyebrow raised he chuckled "What locals? We are in the middle of the desert child." He gestures for a drone to come forward and whispers something to it before it wanders off. "What exactly are you looking for, what data do you wish to collect. I just had a most annoying fellow come in here wanting data, please tell me your more respectful than that fool." He said with a smile.

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With the last piece of his armor functional, the Ultimate Immortal continues with the bio-morph transference coding necessary for the mental integration of each plate and mesh coating. The abominations he wanted to design for Daemon were completed long ago. Even now, they strode in perfect formation while under the direction of their larger and far more monstrous kin. Each one hefted a plasma destroyer rifle upon their thick shoulders with armor much like Warsman's implanted into their leathery skin. They would operate in flawless synchronization with each other much like the elite squadrons humanity boasted, except with the strength of giants and the durability of juggernauts to make them superior in every regard.

Warsman smiled as the hydraulic seals on his helmet hissed into place.

He could feel his old power returning. Soon, he would be a god again.

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(dude love that)

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(There's more if you're interested.)

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@warsman: pm me nothing TOO elaborate it gets odd and Dreadnaughty if you make em too elaborate

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Letting the demonic tyrants words take deep rooted hold before expressing any visual acknowledgment, his mind cycling through and weighing the advantages of a unified consummation of achievable perfection, the Ultra-Sapien began to nod in agreement before clasping the outstretched visionaries hand up along the forearm in a sign of respect. His body language signifying a compliant pledge.

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@the_last_arashikage: Smiling as Charlemagne took his hand, he knew that together they could control the world entirely. All that remained was the answer to the one irritating question at the back of his mind "When the world is ours....will he try to kill me and control it all?" Smiling even wider he answered this question "He will try...." as the two separated hands he poured himself a drink and held it up to Charlemagne "A toast my friend, to OUR world."

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"When the world is ours....will he try to kill me and control it all?" Smiling even wider he answered this question "He will try...."

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This will end well, I'm sure :D

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@the_last_arashikage: I am no fool, the world will be ours...until it is. Then we will fight for rule, its something we always knew would happen if VV works lol.

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@mercy_: yeah but the rides gonna be a blast.


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@darkchild: Because I'm waiting for you two to kill each other and reap the bounties of your work for myself ;)

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