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still the best Villain Team around <3

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Z momentarily stood upright, confused by his forceful order; the proximity between them allowed her to bypass his intrusive command with her own psy energy. “That tis it? That is the best you have?” She taunted with a smirk. Unprotected and vulnerable, the powerful sonic aftershock of his thunderous voice nearly sent her sailing off the edge of the compound.

She pushed her vibration absorbing shield out in front of her to protect her from the vigorous nature of the sonic wail. Losing balance, she fumbled to keep her shield press against her body; this fleeting lapse of defensive posture would cost her.

With her equilibrium thrown completely off, his fist knocked her off her feet. Her body mass alone caused a small divot in the roof. Rolling to a crouched position, she touch the corner of her mouth to access the amount of damage taken. Normally, this would’ve been a big deal; but after being blessed with divine right, her tolerance for battle sky rocketed.

Her eye’s turned to the appearance of an Emerald Ace, she had no idea what he was saying, but he seemed to know Zoe. His aid would’ve been appreciated; as he seemed to storm in only to ask a question.

“You hit like a girl.” She teased, rising to her feet with her attention on Manson; she first toss her shield dowsed in psy energy at him, the properties of the shield would protect it from his sonic energy; the explosive nature of her psy energy would deal the damage.

Removing the Conquistador bullwhip, she snapped the snare at the sonic adversary, in an attempt to subdue him.

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Hello Villains.

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@_hawk_: I finished season 5 of Sons O_O

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Tara's in jail for conspiring to murder somebody.

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@aeron_glyndwr: Oh so she just got an ugly haircut for no reason what's so ever....lol

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Whoop I'll start working on my post

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@darkchild: @shanana: @_avatar_:

Her eyes widen as she watched a man, glowing with emerald energy stopped before Ziccarra and stopping her own fire attack with a simple green umbrella, made of the same energy that was surrounding him. Wait... she knew who that was. "Avatar." she whispered to herself, she remembered hearing about him from Dark Vengeance but never actually met him. She was about to go down to help Z, when the people who were guarding the tower, went on the attack. A single man made his way towards Ziccarra, and a group of three rushed the emerald warrior, while a single person, the one who was standing that giant root, came towards herself.

Vine like roots exploded from the ground below, whipping around her as if Zoe was nothing but a pesky fly in the way. One swing, two swing, three swings, SLAP! the vine slammed into Zoe’s back, catching her off guard, sending her flying downward as roots suddenly exploded from the earth, entangling themselves around the hero tightly.

"Why are you guys here?! We haven’t done anything to you, why do you guys force our hands. We cannot be responsible for what we have to do now."

Zoe cried out in pain as the roots tightened their grip with every struggle. Then, punch after punch, kick after kick was rained upon the young hero. This is where Gio was, he was here, somewhere, and these individuals were in her way. THEY WOULDN’T GET IN HER WAY! The anger that was building up inside the pit of her stomach became too much, with a feral roar her body erupted into a bright golden flame that lit up the area, catching the roots that were currently keeping her captive, on fire, shriveling them to ash.

"WHY!?" Zoe shouted, her flames seemed to have a life of their own as they swirled around her body as blood pressed from behind her lips. "BECAUSE GIO KILLED ME!" Her emotions overcame her, every word she shouted, the heat of the fire intensified, feeding off her anger. "HE KILLED ME AND MY FAMILY AND NOW I’M HERE TO RETURN THE FAVOR!" She threw both her hands outward at the woman, as the inferno rushed forward like a tidal wave as it formed into the head of a dragon, it's mouth opening wide as it attempted to crush her between its' firey fangs. Her eyes shift around widely behind her helmet as she watched as a man dressed in black was leveling buildings with just his voice. Ziccarra looked like she was having a difficult time with the man she was battling.

"Z!" She yelled out, quickly rushing down back to earth like a rocket, leaving Tsung behind.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Zoe yelled out, as she landed feet first onto the ground, skidding on the ground for a moment before her legs began pushing her forward in a sprint from the left of the man dressed in black. Her emotions were quickly overwhelming her as she took a leap into the air and towards the man, her flames pulling from around her body and to her fists as she used her thermal induced strength, using her own fire to increase her strength she balled her hands together, raising them behind her head as she brought them downward forcefully at the man's head. If she hit him, not only would her attack land, but the effects of her flames would hopefully burn him. If she missed, her fists would land forcefully on the ground as she too would land, then while in a crouching position, would push both her hands forward so a wild burst of fire would rush at him, trying to quickly overwhelm him. "AVATAR!" she quickly shouted out to him. "We may have attacked first, but the man who command these fighters has done more evil than you've seen in your own life, help us stop them!"

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Ring Capacity- 96.8

The woman didn't answer... she was obviously preoccupied with her attacker. Sam was ready to blast the vocal enemy to the ground, before before he could he heard the woman riding the metal disk- seemingly the leader- yell out some orders. He flips around, creating a fist construct around his own as he prepared a punch. The woman slipped past him, but her more physical friend was right behind her, swinging his own punch. The Avatar's giant green fist clashes with the beast-man's, creating a small shockwave. Not shaken in the least, the smirking Avatar lifts out his other hand and fires a blast point-blank into the brute's gut, seeking to send him flying away.

Sam's smirk was quickly replaced with a look of surprise when he heard his alias called out. Snapping around, he saw a woman, covered in flames, in battle with the man in the black suit. He listened intently as she gave him an explanation, and nodded. "That's all I nee-" His sentence is cut off short when he was caught in a vortex of energy from behind. "Dammit, Sam, never turn your back on hostiles..." He thinks to himself as he covers his face. With a yell, explodes out of the kinetic storm with a burst of emerald light- likely knocking the the kinetic attacker away.

Opening his eyes, the Emerald Knight sees the metal vixen coming, blades in full swing. Lifting his ring towards the metal, he sends out an intense blast of energy, seeking to blow the metal weapons apart. "I'm done playing games." He says before sending a vicious shield-enhanced uppercut towards the woman's jaw, and then lifting his ringed hand into the air, creating a hammer construct, and swinging downwards- seeking to send the metal vixen to the ground.

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@feral_nova: @_avatar_: @shanana:


Watching as his screams slam into the woman and toss her around for a brief moment, he feels a deep emotion of dread as he wishes that he didnt need to do such things. He believed in Daemon's cause but wished people would simply accept Paradise, and work with them rather than fight them. Watching as she takes each blast her body trembles for a moment as his screams shake her to her very core, her bones almost harmonize as his punches and screams slam into her. As she recoils she smiles to him, barking a insult to him as she pulls back her hand holding her shield. Hurling it at him he screams softly a wave of energy washing over the shield, yet it does not shatter nor does it stop. It slams into his chest and his most feared life event begins, his suit taking most of the explosion he still rockets backwards into the tower leaving a imprint of his body. His suit in tatters he watches as the bullwhip slaps towards him, he holds his arm out as it wraps around it and digs into his skin tearing what little remains of his suit into further shreds.Looking up at her a tear runs down his cheek whispering as he talks waves of sound wash out from his body with each word "You made a mistake....should of just fallen. Now I cant control it..." As he speaks the Fire Bitch as Gretchen had called her hurtles towards him. He moves out of the way in time to avoid her powerful strike. Only the burning infernos barely touched him, he knew what was coming next and as she was close as she attempted to slam into him he screamed aiming his voice to the ground. The explosion rocketed him backwards and also leveled the surrounding area.

His mind was on high alert, he now had to deal with these two...alone. Off in the distance he could smell the burning of vegetation....Tsung. His body instantly sent out a large wave of energy, he started to rip what remained of his suit and tossed it to the ground. Screaming to the two women now at full volume the sheer force of his scream vaporizing anything non organic instantly "You will regret this!" He was full power now and he rushed them his body vibrating with sound he sent blast after blast towards the two women, each even powerful enough to cause level a building. As he got closer something slammed between him and the two women, a voice rang out through the smoke as did a large wooden fist "SHES MINE!" Tsung screamed from the smoke as she attacked Nova


A sinister grin crept onto Tsungs face as she watched Nova struggle against her roots, they dug into her skin and blood slowly dripped coloring the sand and turning it a dark brown. As she watched Nova she spoke her mind "You all cant begin to understand, we are trying to help the world. Daemon is not the demon you all believe him to be, what he has done he as done to make this world better. No matter what he is....what are you doing?" Screaming Nova erupted in a wall of flame instantly turning Tsungs roots into ash. Tsung braced herself as Nova broke free and began screaming, that Daemon had killed her family. Tsung knew nothing of this and was taken off guard as she watched Nova turn into a large fire dragon. It towered over her and she simply muttered "F$%king A...." As it clamped down over her, the flames inside its mouth burning her she screamed out. As the fire construct attempted to swallow her, all Tsung could do was wait till it was in its gut. The flames eating away at her body, but thankfully her mutation had allowed her body to become a hybrid of what she used to be. She slowly pulled her energy from deep within, her skin began to bleed a sap like substance turning her body into that resembling amber. In an instant her now armored body burst from within the dragon's body and split it in two slowly the fire dragon dissipated. As the smoke from the area cleared she could still smell the stench of her own flesh burning, the amber had saved her but...her beauty was gone. She was never going to be the beautiful woman that she once was...she was filled with pure unbridled rage. As she heard Manson scream she knew exactly what was happening, he was no longer in control and if he continued would destroy himself to take them out. She couldn't let that happen, she took to the air atop of a long root and then slammed in between Manson and the two women. She looked to Nova and smiled screaming "SHES MINE!" her arms burst through the amber armor and turned into vines. Her entire turned into vegetation and she was the embodiment of the earth, towering above the two women she attacked. Her palm aimed to the Fire Goddess a barrage of sharper than diamond thorns launched like gun fire, she waved her arm out aiming at both women but focusing her fire at Nova. Her and Manson would take these two out where as the others had there hands full.

Gretchen, Tarzen, and Sly....

The three remaining of the Seminsonic were easily overtaken by the Green Emerald, he tossed Tarzen like a rag doll. Tarzen flying through building after building, finally stopping just short of the Dome walls. Covered in blood he tried to stand but shook too much, his arms were broken but he still tried to stand. Slowly a woman in a hazmat suit walked up to him, stroking his head she smiled to him "Rest for now, gain your energy back. I am going to need you very soon, but please...get Gretchen and Sly out of here." Tarzen smiled as Shin stood above him. She looked at the two remaining still fighting against Avatar, she began to walk towards them. Tarzen slowly sitting back and watching, he knew that he would be needed soon.

Sly tried all he could but he couldn't continue, the Emerald Archer silenced his attacks quickly knocking him down. Sly slammed into a building wall, he heard the snap of his arm. But he knew he couldnt give up, slowly he returned flying into the air and watching as Gretchen flew past him as she was slammed with a large hammer. She was sent through a nearby building, and he continued towards the Archer "What are you doing here?" As he asked he sent a wave of energy sky rocketing upwards towards Avatar hoping to knock him off balance. As he flew closer he flipped a switch on his suit, the suit covering him slowly began to tremble giving him vibrations to manipulate. Using the vibrations a small ball of energy began to form in his right palm, he lobbed it like a volley ball into the air before striking it with a swift roundhouse kick sending it towards Avatar. As he attempted to lob another he could hear Shin screaming "STOP!" He did instantly, slowly he descended to the ground and hit the ground next to her. He looked to her as she began to remove her suit, his eyes widened and he ran. He ran to Gretchen pulling her from the rubble of the building he slapped her awake, she screamed at him to let her go but he gripped tight "We need to leave...NOW." Out of nowhere Tarzen leaped into the remains of the building muttering nonsense but his point was made "Shin, We leave...Now." With that Sly tossed Gretchen over his shoulder, and leap onto Tarzens back "Far away now." Tarzen nodded and soon they were leaping from building to building getting as far away as possible.


She looked up to Avatar and spoke "I am coming to you...please do not attack." She was now in her bra and shorts, her hazmat suit on the ground beside her as she rose from the ground. Slowly she made her way up to Avatar, he was a brave man much like herself. But she knew that he wasn't prepared for what was in store...so she was going to make a deal. As she was level with him she spoke "Please...take your friends and leave. The three of us who remain of our squad...we are at the point where the gloves will come off." A loud scream followed by explosions could be heard in the distance "Alright some of us have removed the gloves, I think it is best that you and your friends leave here now. We are contained Chaos's, that's what our government told us when we first emerged as mutants. Our powers were so strong that we needed to be contained, Manson with his suit as well as mine. Tsung...her ego and beauty kept her powers in check...now it seems those are gone. If we attack you now we will kill you, something I know none of you want. So please..." Shin's body began to drip toxic waste, as it hit the sand the sand turned to glass it burned so hot. She wished not to strike him, as she would most likely end him swiftly. She had already killed plenty for a life time, most on accident now if he pushed her hand she would have to kill again. This time willingly taking someones life "Please whatever your name is, whoever you work for leave. Daemon's past is his past, no matter how horrible they were you need to know its not worth your lives...." She waited for him, hoping that she struck a chord and he would listen.

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@semisonic: Noticed you called me an archer a few times in there. I think you had be confused with Pyro.

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@_avatar_: nope Green lanterns are archers in my weird mind.

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Her offensive retort proved to be more effective then she originally calculated. The Sonic generator began to tear up, something Z didn’t expect to happen. Apparently, the suit he wore kept his powers contained; without it he seemed to be completely intoxicated by his once dormant energy. Zoe’s timely intervention caused a crippling explosion, Z took cover behind her shield to prevent herself from being pelted by blast fragments.

Z jumped from the dais back down to ground level; she could hear the swirling sonic energy resounding from his body. The increase in sonic energy, grew so loud Z went deaf; the tsunami-like sound waves pounded against her body; despite her shield protecting her.

Each waved sent her tumbling backwards drowning her in a pool of an auditory assault; however each time she took a “wave” her shin guards absorbed a portion of the energy, allowing her to transmute it for the fortification of her own body.

Rising to a crouched position bloody and disoriented from the concussive power of the sonic blast; she pushed the absorbed energy into a massive psy-shield that would repel the sonic energy wave with an explosive aftermath.