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The Dome

Located in the Saharan Desert near the border of Libya, the Dome stretches nearly an acre long. A thick protective and clear polymer shields the Society from the enviornment along with anything that wishes to intrude on the lives of those within the Dome. The Dome itself has no defensive armorment, but if anything or anyone was to breach the shield the sfirst line of defense are its people.

The Society

A few dozen men and women are what protects the above ground compounds within the Dome. Each individuall has been enhanced both physically and mentally to that of a demon/insect hybrid. Giving each person a thick almost impenetrable exoskeleton akin to many of the insects upon the earth. These men and women serve as the first guards of the Soceity, they keep the visible goings on of the Society flourishing and without halt.

Each person within the society holds a certain and integral part within the goings on of the entire community. After the transformation into a hybrid, they are given a choice of which role they will play within the society. These roles are Warrior, Scientist, Worker, Breeder, or Queen. As of yet a Queen has yet to be found, and Daemon is searching for something outside of his created colony for a suitable Queen if the match is not found.

Outside of these Roles are four distinct stations within the underground, these have yet to be filled. And Daemon has begun searching for people outside of the colony to fill these positions.

The Underground

The real crown jewel of Daemons creations is the Underground, in which all the breeding and experiments are performed. Daemon wishes to help everyone and anyone become pure, devoid of emotions of perfection in the money sentric world of the above. Within the Underground Daemon has begun construction of various devises that would help in his conquest of the world above.

His true goal is to make those who never helped him or his mother survive wish they had, his aim is to crush those he deems are not valuable in his world.

The Vine Villains

As the Hill slowly became a new haven for those who wished to continue the worlds progression towards perfection, Daemon slowly built a team of followers and allies who would help in his quest for world wide perfection. Some of these were loyal followers to his cause, where as others simply needed his power to meet their own means.

The Roster(So Far. Subject to Change)

Clockwise: Bug, IcarusMach9, Warsman, Darkchild, Noir Anarchist, Scourge, Veronica London, Eisen, Asylum, ReEnforcer

Allies (People who are not official members, but are tied to them)

Last Arashikage-Allied himself with Daemon but controls his own people within The Yard. Only aligned with Daemon and the Vine Villains in hopes of controlling the world once Daemon succeeds. (aka gonna try an kill Daemon once he succeeds and keep the world as his own.)

Mattersuit-Paid hit-man and henchman for Daemon

Final Arrow-He has shown an interest with Daemon and his Vine Villains, and has agreed to "join" his team. But most likely only so he can watch and tinker with the emotions of its members.

Outsiders (People allowed to venture within The Hill, at their own discretion)

Fate Doctor(Antonnis?)-Has made a deal with Daemon and is allowed to study and cataloge The Society. In return will "help" Daemon's people reach even further levels of power.

Militia( Daemon and Warsman's personal armies, All NPCs)

Drone's and Soldiers: Each man and woman within the Society who are considered Drones or soldiers are capable of lifting nearly 500 times their own weight. Which allows for considerable amount of strength. They also have reflexes that are higher than humans but not meta-human levels. Each are of average intelligence, not super genius, but also not idiots. These men and women when in groups can take on even the strongest of street levelers.

Hybrids/Demons: Warsman the ever changing Doktor, has bred a group of Drones and meshed them together with other creatures he has come in contact over the years. Creating super strong and at times incredibly dim witted beasts, most of these Hybrids are in the upper class 3 of the Strength classes, while others are skinnier and more agile creatures. Many of these skinny "Dreds" hide in the shadows and also keep a perimeter around the Hill.

(Range in appearance: Either large and muscular, Short and Fat, or Skinny almost emaciated )

Demons: As Daemon tinkers with his new found parasitic demon larva within his body, he has achieved the ability to create demons out of almost nothing. Needing simply a base for the creature he has created many demons that roam the underground. Three of these creatures were the very first of his Society, they were the first three he changed into Insectoids. Even further manipulating their bodies into huge monstrosities, they are almost always near Daemon.

Brutes: These colossal creatures are of Warsman's design, creating vast creatures that stand nearly 50 feet tall and growing. These beasts have the ability to fire off plasma weapons, that are embedded into the beasts arms and chest cavities.


Its pretty simple really.

Arrival at the Dome is pretty difficult, so try and make a legit reason and how you got here. Its in the middle of the friggin desert remember

NPCs are used but not really worried about it. Most of the population fo the Vine respects the NPC rule but here are the features.

Most of the NPC's are insect like in strength and appearance, but some also seem human as well. So you can speak of them how you wish. But remember, like Ants some of these men and women have the ability to lift ten times their own strength. Just keep that in mind.

If you wish to join Darkchild just post here calling for a meeting, or pm me. And NO if you want to join you DO NOT have to be changed into a hybrid. If you want to I am sure I can figure something out muahahaha.

And above all else HAVE FUN

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smart ass lol. And....well thats in the breeding chamber. Ask a breeder and they will give you allllll the honey you need

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@royal_rumble_man: @pyrogram:

thanks man. This is a byproduct of what we were talking about a few weeks ago. So anytime you wanna bring someone to the hill by all means.

RRM: you mean make shine for me right?

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I might drop in sometime >.> IDK when lol

Got an idea on how to bring a alt out of the wood work BUT I got to find the time to do that lol

"ignore that fck in red I'll kill him in a second its my shot not his"-Noir Anarchist

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Chad arrives at their meeting point, just outside the border

"This is a non lethal errand, we just collect the honey and make moonshine"

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@royal_rumble_man: Engineer flies around to reckon the surrounding locations,he lands near Chad and smiles,he was not frightened and even less worried,he lifted the Construction Tool with his magnetic field,which made metal on a 100 meter radius vibrate,moving some centimeters.He analyzed the enviroment and took a deep breath,slowly decreasing the magnetic field,so eletrons came back to their places.

"Sure,buddy,but this errand would be a lot more interesting with lethality,I wanna kill some mother hubbers."

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Breeding chambers inside the hill will be their destination as both of them will be gathering a lot of nectar, but it seems that infiltration will be a challenge. Now this new friends seems to be able to provide decoys, while he can significantly enhance the machine powers with his affinity. Now Chad opens a map and shows his friend where they are and the plan of what they are about to do.

"Some of these fellows would willingly give their honey, I need your engineering skills to make the perfect brewing machine. We will go underground, we strike at night time. "

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Hearing carefully to his new ally,which knew the ambient better than him,he took a small block of notes and a pen from his chest pocket,designing how the machine should look and which components he would need,after some minutes scratching on some pages,he handed the page containing the final project to Chad.

"At least one hour to build,it will work with solar energy and,I suppose this cavity can armazenate a sufficient quantity of honey and this spinner-shaped object is made to collect and refine honey from most cavities."

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"We'll camp out here first, and I can supply additional charge for the machines should you ever need it. Oh, and you can arm your machines but it would be nice if the weapons are mobility denial and adhesives."

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@royal_rumble_man: "You don't need to worry,just wait here and arrange the camping area,I'll be back one/two hours from here.Also,I can bring a metal sword,since I can transform it's shape at my will."

Suddenly,a green light emerged from the sky,creating a small portal,Engineer entered the portal,teletransporting back to his base and repeating,before fading in the air.

"Stay here."

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@demolitionguy: Chad prepares two glasses and a bottle of green fairy while his friend warps to a portal, taking a seat on the sand as the sun sets behind them.

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@demolitionguy: "Have a drink and lets rest before striking later"

Chad passes the bottle towards his new friend.

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"Sure,gimme the bottle here.But we shouldn't simply rest,this place seems troubly,we should take turns and guard our location."

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@demolitionguy: @royal_rumble_man:

A drone comes up to Daemon as he stands at the window over looking the society. He bows before him and twitches slightly before speaking "There are two men collecting...honey sire. Shall we stop them my lord?" Daemon chuckles and waves a hand to the drone.

"Dont worry about them, the honeys poisoned anyway. Might as well show them not to come in invited and steal from us. I was nice enough to give them a pass, foolish men." The drone looks curiously at Daemon "Poisoned sir?" Daemon smiles "Nothing serious, wont affect the hive. Just outsiders like them foolish enough to steal from me, wont kill them either just a wicked case of diarrhea." Both the drone and Daemon chuckle.

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[This is not a big group meeting, I plan on having a meeting with each individual. Enjoy[


Daemon sits in his study writing a detailed letter to each of the men and women he intends to speak with. Almost all of them he has never met in person, but knows of them in great detail as his hands are everywhere in the world. His insects seeded deep into almost every place on earth. Writing in his own blood he seals it with an emblem resembling a scorpion. Sending out each letter he finds he cant stop thinking of how each of them will come to him, and if any of them will agree to his plans. If any will work against him knowing what he plans, and with each thought his nerves crackle with anticipation.

The letter reads

"Firstly you may not know me, but I know much about you. Your feats have reached my ears, and some I know personally. I am sending this in hopes that you will meet me on common ground, to either help me or ignore me. That is your decision, but what I have to offer is immense, and I cannot fathom not sharing it with those whose power reaches to every corner of the globe. I have left the location of my home, given you every chance to either attack me or do as I hope and simply come and speak with me.

Daemon Matthius"

Daemon turns his chair to look out the massive window before him, as the moon shines in the sky he cant help but twitch with excitement. Tomorrow and the coming days will prove either his downfall or his rise.

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(Dude, c'mon, of course this is going to happen.)

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Adam had taken up the invitation mostly out of curiousity, one of his worse vices. He went almost unarmed, with a pair of handguns at his waist, and a sword on his back. He slowly approached the residence, taking in every aspect of his surroundings. "Daemon?" He called, as he came close to the house. "You wished to talk?"

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@mattersuit: The Hill was a place of many buildings both small and large, Daemon himself stayed in the tallest building within the Society able to look out at everything and everyone within the top level of the Society. He watched as the first he invited showed up, first stopped at the gates then allowed further access. As Mattersuit made his way in, Daemon altered his appearance to be more human. He knew many would not enjoy his true appearance as it was not a kind sight to look at.

Manipulating the demon bugs within his body he transformed his entire body, appearing more human whilst appearing demonic. He no longer looked like Giovanni he was a new person in his appearance. As Mattersuit walked in he cut straight to the point "Adam Mercer, also known as Mattersuit you were more difficult to follow but nonetheless I found you. Your feats are very....obvious arnt they?"

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@warsman: make a post that your at the hill lol

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@darkchild (Mind hooking me up with something akin to a meeting?)

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@fate_doctor: (sure why not, have it that you followed one of the people I invited and came to Daemon once they left. You dont need to wait for them to leave mind you, just say you did lol :))

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The Good Doctor

While trying to observe the unique characteristics of a man named 'Adam Mercer' the Doctor had the pleasure of stumbling across the invitation that led his subject of study across the desert.

After reading an invitation of rather, interesting proportions, Alexander decided to venture out to this man in the desert while continuing his study. The promise of power truly held no sway over him as he knew knowledge to be the only true source of riches, power and ability. Only one part of the letter stood out to him and it was the open door it presented for someone that apparently wanted help.

He arrived behind Adam Mercer, the man he had been studying as a medical interest.

Everyone he encountered exhibited a unique physiology that he would have loved to study further but kept quiet. His dark visor and helmet would hide most of the doctor's face so he only needed to keep the rigid jawline that had become signature to him in the last few years. He watched from the gate as the exchanges took place and waited until the others had completed their exchange before approaching. It gave him time to examine the creature before him and come to the conclusion that the man known Daemon Matthius was in charge of a much stranger body than he would have first assumed. Perhaps it was a condition that the others outside the dome shared, while their muscle tone suggested strength in excess of ten times that of a human. The variable across the bodies exhibiting augmentation seemed to suggest a central variable but it was a matter that he decided to process at a later time when he had the chance to examine more of the population.

The question that played in his mind now, was if this man had truly wanted any help or if it was WWII all over again.

While his appearance was rather horrific compared to the humans stationed on the outside of the dome it made sense and answered a dozen questions for every one that it presented. He could make out the rigid details and assume many things from the man's appearance that only a biologist would comprehend, anything that lived was within Alexander's realm of comprehension. With his empty holster he approached the leader of the establishment, alone. Footsteps fell softly on the sand as the Doctor stood tall. His arms folded.

"You called for a Doctor?"


  • Normal Gear.
  • IC knowledge of insect theme in place with similarities to an experiment in his history.
  • Show me your moves~
  • Reached my post limit for the day on this Alt

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(Notification lag.)

Fifteen hours after the Nazi recipient's approval of the cryptic message, the Fuehrer's own Mercedes pulled up in front of the Dome, kicking up a large cloud of dust as it stops. A figure dressed in illustrious leather polished boots and a black greatcoat steps out. He adjusts his pointed cap and observes his surroundings.

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@warsman: Daemon watched from his tower as the Nazi arrived as loud and obnoxiously as he had thought he would. Standing in full attire with black covering his body, he chuckled to himself at the thought of how hot the red faced man was at this very moment. In an instant a swarm of locust swallows Daemon. He reappears at the Gates and greets the Nazi "Fuherer how nice to see you, I am pleased that you came." He held his hand out to the Fuehrer

(Mattersuit, the convo between me an Fate takes place after ours. Ours still is going on dont get too confused)

@fate_doctor He knew that at some point one of his visitors would have slipped up, allowing for others to follow them. With this in knowledge the arrival of the Doctor was not a surprise, his presence was felt miles before he arrived. The sand was littered with the bugs that live within his body, they sensed him and relayed the information to Daemon. Before the Doctor could finish his question, a Soldier and a Drone were behind him.

Each holding a long spear to his back as Daemon spoke "I did not call for you. Nor would I have, I require no Doctor of physicality nor of Fate. So please tell me why you are here, before I give my men the order to remove you forcibly."

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(Notification lag...again.)

The skull-like visage of the Red Terror stretched into a conservative grin. He did not come here to exchange pleasantries, but it seemed this would be the only viable route to obtain what he desired. Uneasily at first, he extended a gloved hand toward his host's and grasped firmly, shaking up and down once before breaking the embrace.

"Danke, Herr Daemon. Shall we proceed inside or would you prefer to have me melt in this heat first?" He inquired with a hearty laugh.

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@mattersuit: The Hill was a place of many buildings both small and large, Daemon himself stayed in the tallest building within the Society able to look out at everything and everyone within the top level of the Society. He watched as the first he invited showed up, first stopped at the gates then allowed further access. As Mattersuit made his way in, Daemon altered his appearance to be more human. He knew many would not enjoy his true appearance as it was not a kind sight to look at.

Manipulating the demon bugs within his body he transformed his entire body, appearing more human whilst appearing demonic. He no longer looked like Giovanni he was a new person in his appearance. As Mattersuit walked in he cut straight to the point "Adam Mercer, also known as Mattersuit you were more difficult to follow but nonetheless I found you. Your feats are very....obvious arnt they?"

Adam grinned evilly. "I like to call that my...advertising campaign. It works, apparently." He laughed loudly. "So, what is it you wished to speak of, Herr Matthius?" His silver eyes flashed wildly. "I am a busy man, and my time, it is valuable."

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(I feel like I am missing something)

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@warsman: Chuckling Daemon stepped to the side allowing the Nazi to make his way inside the Dome. As they walk through the doorway they instantly feel the cool breeze. It washes over them and Daemon speaks "How about I show you the Society?" He asks moving slowly down the roads. Each of the drones or soldiers bow their heads as the two pass, they know of Warsmans powers but they truly respect Daemon. "I have created my own little community, and I aim to expand my community in hopes of building an army. But insectoid hybrids can only get me so far. I know that you have dealt with experiments over the years, And I wish to hear your expertise in getting the best out of my subjects."

@mattersuit: Daemon shakes his head slightly "Daemon please, I am not German. Daemon or Matthius will do Mr Mercer...." Daemon picks up a glass flask and pours himself a glass of whisky, he looks to Adam and pours him a glass. Picking both up he walks over to Adam and hands him his glass. "I asked for you because I aim to collect those strong enough, strong enough to help me achieve what I wish to." He brings Mercer to the window and points at the people below "Each of them had nothing before me, and now they have the world at their finger tips. I wish to give that to everyone who wants it, and then...we strike." A evil grin comes to his face as he waits to see if Mercer was connecting any of the dots.

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"Mengele's eccentricity is hardly the stuff of raw and true science, herr Daemon," Warsman replied coldly, looking upon the legions of...hybrids...with a mixture of false admiration and indifference to hide his mild disgust.

"But I remember encountering the old lair of a certain necromantic mastermind. You might know of him? Klovis Tepes Dracula. That is when I truly became enthralled in the world of science. To mold together life and death in such a perfect harmony...I have done only a few experiments, just to prove that I could. My personal bodyguards, butlers, and housecarls are all reanimated corpses of true Aryan supermen and women, given the appropriate structural reinforcement to avoid involuntary dismemberment of course. Given living subjects, I will not doubt that I could create a perfect mold for our master race's foundation."

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@darkchild: Adam shrugged. "As you wish, Daemon." He took the glass and sniffed it cautiously. Smelling nothing wrong, he sipped it. "And, what, pray tell, would you wish to achieve?" He grinned. "There is only one reward I care for, and it is a simple one." He downed the rest of his drink. "Cold." He put the glass down, and stared at the people below. "Hard." He turned to Daemon and looked into his eyes. His stare was unwavering. "Cash." Although a man of simple pleasures, Adam was no fool. "I imagine there is a reasonable chance of death, no?" His grin grew only wider. "I like that risk. You have an ally, mein freunde." The mercenary flashed him a winning smile.

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Slightly less small, now more evil

A civilization gathered around the fire in rejoicement of their queen. How kind of her to provide them all with all they could ever ask for. How noble of her to fight off all those other encampments so that the growing colony could have homes. She was their saint, their idol, and their executioner. The town’s shamans said the spell the queen asked to be said. With a scream from the heavens the howl of the earth and the disturbing screech of souls torn from their bodies the city died. Every soul flowed into Noir to power her and make her more. For the longest time she was a small and insignificant thing to the large and mighty world. The lives claimed however meant that she was free no longer the size of an insect but the size of a ruler. They’re lives were torn away so that she could be more then what fate seemed to chose her to be.

As the souls entered her she grew and in a few moments time the camp and city she once called home was now something that was the size of her heel. A heel, which came, down and crushed that insect like city and the hollow bodies of her people. All life was like insects to her and as such she treated them so. And now able to actually bask in her greatness she sought out a home that would accept her a people that could use someone like her. In short Noir sought out Darkchild and the man-sized insect like race rumor said he governed. And in time the four foot eight inch tall arachnid arrived at this place she wished to call home. Her silver silk like hair fluttering in the wind along with tattered clothes as she reached the city.

(Probably could of done more but chose to keep it short. Azra here)

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Continuing from where he emerged, Eisen searched the sandy regions under the scorching heat of the sun to find signs of life in this timeline. While he was striding through the desert he had some time to think about what he was first going to do in this foreign world, with no clear goal in sight and his humanity now being lost.

"I'll be damned if I let this barren wasteland be the end of me ..." he thought to himself while staring down at the dunes beneath his feet as he keeps on striding forward"... Sonovab*tch didn't tell me this could happen, I'll go back somehow and...!"

It was just this moment that Eisen noticed a wide dome that stood out from the rest of the environment not to far away. Making his way towards the dome he began to notice life forms, almost humanoid looking insectoids. Some more insect than human. Eisen hid himself around a corner to eavesdrop on the situation and see if they were hostile or a threat at all. One of them was carrying around debris which no human could heave by himself, clearly they were larger than life versions of their smaller selves, possibly with proportional strength and defense.

"State your business!"the sheer idea that he was just caught from the side by a super-sized Insect in the middle of a desert caught Eisen off guard, more so by the idea that they are even able to speak as he replies"Ah.. ah... I... "he forgot that his flesh was new, and his vocal cords haven't been used to any extent. He would need to train them before he could utter a full sentence "L.. L.. Lea... der..." it was either buying more time to be able to convey a sentence or be offed in the desert and looking like a degenerate "The Lord will be notified, you stay here until further notice."

He looked up to the creature and nodded, sitting down on the spot afterwards as the drone went it's way. Not a moment passed until Eisen started training his linguistics so he wouldn't be embarassed in front of their leader as he was by the former.

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@the_last_arashikage: (ty ty, and look, it even has an image. I remember being shunned for it but it seemingly has become a thing now lol)

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@the_last_arashikage: (ty ty, and look, it even has an image. I remember being shunned for it but it seemingly has become a thing now lol)

(innovative genius is seldom appreciated in the present. You were simply to far ahead of your time :p)

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@the_last_arashikage: (ty ty, and look, it even has an image. I remember being shunned for it but it seemingly has become a thing now lol)

( I made it a thing >:D....maybe not, but I was a catalytic :P.....maybe not....maybe so. Pshhhh! :P )

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@the_last_arashikage: (the way it's currently used makes it seem more like a comic or a graphic novel, the way i used it was... really just to visualize the damn thing xD)

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@xenon_: (depending on the decision if this is good or bad you may either be praised or lynched then :p)

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@xenon_: (Xenon_'s burning body is hanging from a branch"Praised be he!" :D)

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@warlock360: Not many things go on within the Society that Daemon isnt privy to, so when one of his Drones came to him with interesting news he was a little awestruck. "Sir!" The drone saluted him and continued "A man...I think its a man has just....appeared outside the dome." Daemon looked to the drone slightly confused "We are in the middle of the desert....and how did the Hive not notice this man?" The drone shook his head "I do not know my lord, but he is asking for....you." Daemon waved the man away and disappeared into a cloud of locust, reappearing at the front gate to the dome and found that the drone hadnt lost his mind. Their was a man dressed in rags sitting down just outside the Dome. "Leave." he told the soldiers who had guns and weapons ready, the saluted and left in haste as Daemons orders were final. He walked up to the man and knelt down looking him in the eyes "Not many people come to my home to meet with me without an invite. And even fewer appear out of nowhere, and even LESS than that come within 50 miles of this dome without setting off the Hive. So please tell me who and what you are, as you have my attention and my curiosity peeked."

@noir_anarchist: As Daemon made his way to his room for the night the sounds of his Hive Mind rattled in his head. Something or someone had given them something to enjoy, they were chattering about "Sister" something really intrigued the millions of insects within Daemons body. He groaned as he was delighted that he could finally retreat to his bed for the night, putting on a robe and cracking his neck the insects in his body without his order transformed him into something more pleasing to the eye. Well pleasing for another insect, he was in full form now. Appearing as he should they thought, his thick exoskeleton in full form.

The insects took control of his body, and he allowed it for the simple fact that this could simply be another meal for them. As they brought Daemon out into the cold air he saw a visage of beauty as he drew closer, a woman not even five feet tall stood before him. He couldnt speak, he was at a loss for words but the insects within him were not and they spoke in unison. Almost sounding like a hum they spoke to her "My queen, it is true that you have arrived. This idiot cannot speak for us when we tell you, you are the visage of pure beauty."

@mattersuit: Smiling at how easy Mattersuit could be bought he reached behind his desk and pulled out a large manila envelope, tossing it on the table the contents slide out slightly "Three million dollars should be a start no? I need you to be my main man you could say. I need someone who will do as I ask and tell without question, and from your past I believe this would be an easy thing for you to do." He walked over to his desk again and pulled out a file, handing it over to Mattersuit he continued "This is a file on everyone within We Are Legend, along with the Hellfire Academy. I need you to find them, do not provoke them just yet. I simply need to know where they are, if they do pose a problem to your investigation and will not leave well alone. Do as you wish." He waited to see what Adam's answer would be.

@warsman: Daemon smiled at finding out that Meng has successfully made his experiments without fail. And this knowledge only made him want the crazed Nazi even more, to have such a mind within the society would be priceless. He smiled snapping his fingers a drone walked over and knelt down before him "These creatures are just the beginning, they are my first attempts at creating something new. Something that will allow me to reach my goals, I asked for your company so that I may make a deal with you." The two made their way into an alleyway and Daemon waved his hand over a single brick, suddenly the wall shifted and a door opened.\

"I am in need of someone whose knowledge of science trumps my own, I am not foolish enough to think I can achieve what I need alone. That is where you come in my friend." Venturing into the doorway and down a flight of stairs they make their way into the underground of the Society. As they reach the bottom a vast number of labs and rooms fill their view, all empty and ready for Meng "I would be humbled if you would help me in my dream of perfection. What do you say, all of this and more yours." Daemon turned to face the Nazi with a smile upon his face.

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It was obvious that his arrival was not expected but had been monitored.

With a iron expression he just looked at the man before him for a few seconds. His vision focusing on the Daemon as it honed down to a microscopic level so that his helmet could record it and help him to start storing information on what he had walked into. He slowly scaled his vision back to comprehend the various insects in the area and determined that it was logical to assume he was inside of a literal hive. The extent of control that was shown when Adam Mercer was greeted led him to believe that he was in the presence of a rare, biological phenomena known as a Hive Mind. The mind could race with assumptions of what was in motion here, if it was right or wrong and what the intent of bringing another with an extremely unique biology could be fueled by. The white glare of his eyes stayed constant and he let his fists slowly mold at his sides.

As a man of science he tried to see both sides of the situation. As a recluse from society he understood that people were entitled to their own business. As a Doctor he had a problem with genetic splicing. Even if was given within the free will of the people he hated it bitterly for what it was, an unnatural perversion of the human body that undermined and shunned the potential within. To subject the bodies of others to one will was to insult the intellect and ability of the minds that they possessed. Medicine, sorcery or simply a strange power did not justify a slap in the face to what Alexander had worked for with his intellect: A chance for humans to be what they could be without the need to look beyond their body and mind.

"My interest is purely medical and observational. Adam Mercer has a unique physical condition that I wished to study. He came here, so I came as well. Your establishment is quite unique as well and would bring the question to mind. What would an established Hive Mind want with those of other conditions?"

He didn't bother looking over his shoulder. The HUD inside of his helmet gave him a readout of the capacity that he had observed in the humans he saw earlier. Immediately it ran the statistics alongside of what he could see from the Daemon in front of him, a simple theory of maximum capacity put him well within range of being able to contend with a safe margin of unknown, militarized unit potential. With a burst of speed that was likely to dazzle the two behind him his gloves would suddenly be round the shafts of the spears. Then he threw them out to his sides with tremendous force.

"This is a blatant invitation for someone of my focus. I only apologize that I happened upon it by happenstance, my isolation appears to have limited my knowledge of current events."

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