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The Vine 2030

Nobody really knows how it started, how the world became the way it has. Some believe it was when Ninjeta invaded the world and the heroes could not stop them. Others believe it was when the Sha and BatgirlBabs joined forces years before Ninjeta invaded but either way you look at it the world was not right.

In the year 2015 the Ninjeta planet was destroyed by what most believed was an accident from NASA shuttle that crash landed into the Ninjeta sun causing a large explosion that took the planet and all people that were on it. Hundreds of Ninjeta warriors fled the destruciton on battle ships and were filled with anger which lead them to Earth. They came throughout different parts of the world spreading the heroes thin. With the villains taking a back seat it seemed that the heroes were done for until one BatgirlBabs stepped in using her gift of gab to dissuade Ninjeta from destroying the planet and adopting Earth as thier new home.

Bab's act sat well with the people of Earth. Using her manipulation backed by the advances that Oracle technologies was making prior to the Invasion she quickly won the hearts of the people of Earth which marked the beginning of her sovereign. As time passed she held no official rank but all the world leaders would come to her or one of her followers before making any type of decision. In that time Sha was appointed as the Ninjeta ambassador by Babs and the use of superpowers was outlawed only to those that did not join the new way of life. Heroes and villains alike embraced the new way each having their own reasons while others would not have it.

By 2018 Babs and Sha were at the top of the worlds food chain. Those that chose to follow them were heavily taken care of.  After being given a full pardon to everyone that has ever opposed them the ones that resisted were hunted down and put in high security jails when they showed them they could not be reasoned with. Earth was lost to the will Babs and Sha, the streets were now patrolled by Ninjeta warriors so that they may keep the world in fear from any type of resistance.

If anyone was pissed off about how the world was going it had to be Kurrent. He blamed himself mostly. In the winter of 2015 he lead Veritas that was by then 200 strong into the battle against the Ninjeta Warriors. Along with other heroes from the Vine they fought but the Ninjan force was unbelievably advance and even had them in numbers. In the Battle of Hawaii he lost 100 teammates and friends. He felt that he should have died that day and for the last 17 years has held the guilt inside. Thinking his team would be better off if they traveled alone he made the command decision to disband them saying to them that the world is going to change and he would understand if they did what they had to do. A few years after in 2019 he was caught alone and sent to a maximum security prison due to him fighting the New World Regime as a lone vigilante. He was held their for eight years. It was eight years of torture and torment until one day he found a fault in the security system and escaped.

For the past three years Kurrent was on a farm in "Texahoma" working on something that he had planned in all the sleepless nights of his incarceration. He had went into town that day to pick up a piece that he needed for his project. In the streets he saw Ninjan children as well as NINlings. "They are still breeding with earthlings" he though "I guess these are the going to replace the mutant since none have been born in over 10 years" As he saw the patrols coming he turned away quickly thought "I better get out of here"
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There were still those that resisted the ninjan takeover, those people called this new age a time of slavery wre those born on this planet have fallen beneath the shoes of those from another planet, they say that this dawn of control and fear was much worse than the registration act every was. The world was held in the grasp of two of the worlds most powerful women, leading an army so powerful earth's heroes stood llittle chance of driving them back. The first was a woman of sheer raw power, Sha was by far the most known and once respected ninjan but since the day were a once enemy and fello ninjetan convinced her to turn, she quickly became one of the most feared beings across the land, known to show no mercy, to never hold back. The second of these two women was BatgirlBabs, why she did not possess the raw power that Sha had she did have something far more dangerous, a mind that surpassed most with skills to manipulate even the most dangerous of foes, with that she seemed to possess technology not seen anywhere else in the world.

They had the world by the scruff of it's neck and they refused to let go. Any resistance, any man that tried or dared to fight back was quickly taking out of the equation, when it first happened the resistance was everywhere, underground, located in the most secretive of places but they were all snuffed out and were some were killed others were sent to prisons that rumours have it is a fate much worse than death. Still there was a few left, fightig the good fight, they had made sure they could not be found, taking every precorsion so they would not be found. The world even before this even has had some form of threat were there was a resistance a band of heroes or mercanaries to drive it back, but now there finally saying that this threat can not be beat and there is no chance of taking the world back.

Acer sat there deep underground, having went through a series of security checks, all around him were men, women and children who were some of the resistance, there clothers were in tatters, the food was only rashings, everything about this scenario looed like how he imagined the world wars looked. The tables were only made of old wood and the walls were plain and dirty. Some were on there feets while others were sitting but all were silent waiting for one man to talk. Just then Acer looked from across the table to notice a man stand up, his hair was a dark brown and scars covered his face, he stood there in a traditional taining gi. Acer watched as his son, now a man and one of the leaders of the resistance. Everyone in the confined space began to cheer as he rose to his feet but they stopped as he was all the way up.

Acer looked at his son, he had to pass the tourch on at some point, his hair was now grey, a snow white colour, while he had kept in great shape even into his late fourties he was slower than he once was, no longer being able to run at great speeds or pull of amazing feats of acrobatics, his sight was waning. While he was still a great fighter he was now surpassed by his own son and even some of the other youngsters out there. "Ladies and gentlemen, for to long have we stood in the shadows why these ninjans control every aspect of our lives, i say no more, soon we will take the world back and there is a man here to help my father ACER". the group's attention turned to Acer as he stood up, looking around a room that was fighting on just a little bit of hope. All eyes were on him as he looked over to see his son smiling.

Acer bent down and picked up a small bag and placed it on the table and moved the zip right around to the other side, looking down at his watch he raised his hand and his finger, everyone was wondering what was going on. "5.......4...........3.............2............1" they all stood confused as Acer took out a gas mask and place it over his face, when he brought his hand down a toxic gas spewed from the air ducts and filled the lungs of those in the room, one by one there mouths began to foam and bleed as they all dropped dead. After 15 minutes Acer removed the mask to see only one man was barley alive his own son. "Why father" looking down at his son who died after speaking those words, "The world is changing son and im changing with it".

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22 years ago...

Conservation between Hayden and Sha


Sha knew she was right, had she still been on ninjeta Earth would have probably been done for by now…

15 years ago

Sha was in the Congo jungle hunting down a hero by the name of Ratcliff, the world was in a lot of frenzy over NASA’s big exploration, the humans finally developed the Technology to blow through the Milky Way into the LYRAT and KO galaxy systems. Which means the now had access to the Expanding Ninjan Empire, Gwen Starks the leader of the Ninjan had taken over 15 systems in the KO region?  Sha knew that humans meddling in the Affairs of Ninjan would be drastic but she didn’t care because she was living her life in exile. A few days after the shuttle Launch Sha knew the shuttle would fly to far out in the orbit of Solaria Ninjeta’s most powerful sun, she knew it was only a matter of time.  Withing ours of entering the Lyrat system the shuttle was pulled by Solaria’s Gravity cause the ship to collide with the star resulting in a supernova of epic proportions taking the planet of Ninjeta with it. Sha’s mind was calm, a smile came across her face, she knew the weak on ninjeta perished, but those who had strength greater than her on were coming... and they were not coming as refugee’s like there Spanish ancestors they were coming as Conquistadores .  Within months the Ninjan had caused Havoc on earth Making daily life Horrible as hell. Sha had hid during this period the last person she wanted to see was Gwen Starks. After a few years Babs had taken control of the Ninjan Assault, making the Ninjans the new police force of Earth, and putting a rest to all those who opposed her might.

                Sha was named ambassador to the Ninjans making her the second most powerful person on the planet. She had created a new Sigma Six; back on ninjeta they were an assault squad that killed targets for the king/ queen. Now they were directly under the control of Sha.  Sha had imprisoned Marisol Montez at Guantanamo bay as well as Gwen Starks and Vanessa Trapton.


Sha was smiling as she marked off another bombed area of the city, “The résistance is getting stronger” she thought to herself. Sha sat at her desk and pressed a button calling in her Ninjan Death squad. GO FIND ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE KAS..AND WHEN YOU DO KILL THEM…KILL THEM ALL.

Sha was writing a manifesto for the Ninjan, something to make them more equipped for living on earth. It seemed that when a Ninjan and an Earthling reproduce, the earthlings offset the Ninjan female Dominancy. Sha gave the nod for the “police” for to kidnap several “pure” Ninjans using them for A sexual reproduction to keep the race alive. If left alone Sha herself can mother 4,000 kids but being in hiding so long she only managed to give birth with a man and only once asexually.

Sha stood up in her office and turned around with a George bush smirk on her face...FATHER…IT IS DONE.  Sha knew the deed wasn’t completely finished, Kurrent Acer, nova they were still out there, she figured Babs would want revenge on Kurrent for crippling her, and Sha still had old scores to settle with Nova and Acer.

Turning around and facing her guards she said to them, GET ME MY CHOPPER… She sat in the helicopter on her way to the office of “THE ALLIANCE” the place where Ninjan and Earth efforts came together. Sha smiled Babs was brilliant, the Ninjan were all over the world so a résistance in one part of the world meant harder and stricter rules in another. Sha and Babs,brawn and brain relationship worked better than any combination in the past, and people knew it. For too long sha stood back and watched the men fail in trying attempts to conquer the world; but the power hungry testosterone filled nitwits forgot the most important thing: NO EMPIRE HAS EVER WON A WAR ON TWO FRONTS,  and with Sha at babs side, and Babs at Sha’s side , there empire would last for a while.

Sha arrived in the compound where they were holding a Ninjan women for resisting arrest, she was beat down and bloody and looked like she had been thrown in mud. She glanced at Sha and then a look of fury came upon her. Sha paced back and forth to the other Prisoner who was human, Sha smiled at the human man and then pulled a pistol out.  She rubbed the metal weapon upon his head and the placed the chamber of the gun in his mouth and said: THIS IS FROM MY FAVORITE MOVIE…

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the
inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in
the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of
darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost
children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious
anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know
my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." She smiled and said GODSPEED!

And unloaded the weapon in the guy’s mouth, his blood splattered everywhere Sha took a napkin and cleaned her face off. I SOOOO FORGOT HOW MESSY YOU HUMANS ARE. She then walked back to the Ninjan women and said YOU’VE HAD A TOUGH LIFE….WELL IT’S ABOUT TO END, She coked her right hand back and fired a stream of light energy right at the women’s face burning the skin off of her killing her instantly. Sha walked to her desk and then told her guards. CLEAN THEM UP OFF THE FLOOR THERE CONFLICTING WITH MY CURTAINS.

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At 27 years old Angelique LeBeau, daughter of Esther Cotillard, was the worlds greatest assassin. Her skills and abilities had been carefully nurtured since birth in hopes of creating the perfect weapon, a living weapon. As she led a small portion of the, “Nior Rose” high into snowy covered mountains of  , she would need them all. For almost five years her and her men had been on an unsuccessful mission to bring in, or bring down, an illusive renegade. The World had been carefully reconstructed. New laws had been implemented and things like freedom and choice where simple memories. Those who did not fall into line where dealt with quickly. There was no room for wildcards, especially one as dangerous as the man they where tracking.

“We should turn back!!” yelled one of her men.

The icy goat path had already claimed three of her best and the wind was all but impossible to see through. Yet Angelique would not turn back, not now. She had never been this close before. For five years, five long years she had been hunting, tracking, stalking her objective like prey. Only to find that each time she was a step behind. Until now. Relentlessly she had  chased him across the World and back until finally cornering him in what she believed was an old Tibetan monastery. Suddenly her ears twitched just moments before a thundering rumble echoed  above the rocky overhang. In one swift and deliberate motion she withdraw a small blade and severed the line between her and her men. Without hesitation she broke into a long graceful stride leaving the Noir Rose behind in a state of confusion. She never looked back as the assassin’s where washed off the ledge by an avalanche, one by one pulling the other over the side to their deaths.

Physically drained her breath could be seen lingering in the air as it escaped her black facial mask. Her fur lined hood and goggles covered up her long jet black hair and white tattoo of a hand print on her face. The story behind the tattoo was a mystery to her yet she kept it for reasons even she couldn’t explain. Angelique took two more steps before collapsing from exhaustion unable to continue. No mercy was shown as the mountain continued to unleash its flurry slowly covering her body with snow. It was then that a hooded stranger led by a small goat reached down and plucked her from deaths door.

She faded in and out of conciseness as the stranger took her inside a building that seemingly appeared with the wind. Images flashed on and off as she struggled to decipher dream from reality.

Who…….who are….you?” she whispered. Barely able to speak.

Who am I?” asked the stranger before suddenly grabbing a knife and holding it to Angelique’s throat. He removed his hood to reveal his short white hair and a scar that ran the length of his face before continuing. “I believe I’m dee man you’ve been looking for. Some call me a traitor to the cause, others call me a coward. But you, you chere may call me……father.”

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2018...dates rarely meant anything to Aztek, why should they, his lifespan was so immense no single year should ever jump out at him, but this one did...why? The answer? Because it was then, twelve years ago, that Aztek finally decided to give up, to give up on his fight against humanity and those who felt they had dominion over it, why should he fight, he could win with but a sweep of his hand, but...the world was not his to control, he had sworn to keep out of its affairs, he had seen what a god's meddling could do to a universe and he wasn't about to repeat those mistakes. But still, why, why had he at least not saved himself?

The answer itself could be comprehended by very few, for Aztek was a villain, a man without morals, was he not? Yet it was because of honor and respect that he let himself be taken captive, respect for an evil. Twelve years ago, on this day, Aztek had encountered an old..."friend"...truth be told, he had often fought with her before, countless times had they left the other dead or worse, but on that day their fight had been over something else, not just for a blood lust, for a competition, for fun...it had been personal. Aztek had been standing up for his beliefs, his belief that the world and all within it should be free to do as they wish that had brought about this fight, for she had thought differently, she was in control of the world and not about to give it up, Sha had fought Aztek without mercy that day, there had been no jokes, not the usual, just rage...and he had lost.

But where was Aztek exactly? Where would they imprison the Master of Shadows and the Wielder of Light? In a light-filled chamber where he could not travel the shadows on a whim? In a dark cave where he would be unable to manipulate the energies of the universe? Nay, he was in an abandoned asylum, no expenses would be wasted on Aztek, he had given his word to never try and escape and Sha had believed him. Now, twelve years later he lay on his side, his deadened eyes staring into nothing...he had gone blind over the years, no longer possessing the willpower to heal until it reached the point that it could not be healed. But he could still hear, quite well in fact, so it was that he listened as he had for days, as a drop of water would fall from the ceiling to land in a pooling mass near his head. He wanted to cry out, the suffering, unbearable when he knew he could fight back, but he did not, it would be a sign of weakness, and even with no one around, he still had to prove to himself that he was strong.

Aztek began whispering, muttering to himself, "You will all pay, you will all pay, you will all pay...", over and over again, the ramblings of an insane man, insane god actually, a far deadlier combination were insanity and godhood, not to be trifled with. "Aztek!...", the harsh whisper nearly deafened the captive but he recognized the voice, even after more than twenty years, it was hard to forget a voice you had known for so long. Weakly he replied, "What are you doing here...Jack? I swore I would kill you next time we met." Jack's head hung low as he replied, "I know. But that's a sacrifice I'm willing to take my brother. The world needs you, it needs everyone, chaos is ruling the day, you need to bring a balance, you need to escape this hell but I know you will not on your own, so I have come for you."

"Very well..." As if he had been waiting for consent, Jack now took a few steps forward until he was in the center of the room, and he looked down at the ragged pile of filth that had once claimed greatness. Wrapping his arms around Aztek's body, he lifted him without strain, doing his best to keep the disoriented immortal balanced, than he began to take a few steps, Aztek's feet dragging beside him. "You know, this would be a lot quicker if you would try walking..." Aztek turned to face Jack, their eyes locked, even if Aztek's couldn't see anything...Jack fell silent but still they continued, Aztek beginning to shuffle alongside his enemy.

Led up some stairs, Aztek knew not where they were or where they were headed, but he had a feeling that he had been below the surface of the earth for quite some time, the asylum had been covered with earth and no one had noticed its loss, no one bothered to check what was inside. At last they stopped and Aztek deeply inhaled the fresh air, a cool breeze hitting his face as he heard his savior's last words, "You are free."

Than Aztek moved with lightning fast reflexes, ripping out of the throat of the man that had been supporting him, keeping him from falling, and as such, both collapsed to the ground, for several minutes there was no motion, Aztek was regaining his strength, drawing in the shadows until at last he got to his feet, looking around, but all he saw was blackness, "Perhaps it is time I show them all...what I can do."

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Hotaru stood silently in front of a grave at the cemetery made for all fallen members of We Are Legend. The wind blew through the already chilled air and rushed pasted the now older fire ninja’s face. Her dark green eyes burned with anger as she continued to stair down at the tombstone that read ‘Here lays Stephanie Ardor, daughter, sister, mother, friend and hero.’ The dark haired woman grit her teeth as she made a fist with her left hand, her knuckles turning white as a tear came down her face. It was the anniversary of her mother’s death, fifteen years ago she was killed; by none other than the one she called sister, Sha.

Her before her fight with Sha, her mother had fallen extremely ill, her body was slowly starting to reject all of the metal, wiring and computer implants that have been fused inside her body, and because she wasn’t born with her fire power, her internal organs were slowly withering away, unable to hold the power that Stephanie held inside her. Stephanie didn’t tell anyone, not a soul when she found out, not till she was so weak, she could barley stand. Her father Uchiha NeVann was furious when he found out she had been hiding something like this, and used his knowledge of technology to save her. He managed to get her stable once more, and even able to fight small battles, but anything other than that, and her body would literally burn from the inside out.

For years Feral Nova stayed low, still leading WAL strong along with NeVann and Kenobi who still put up the good fight. She decided to do all of the mission paper work and help teach the Young WAL while even teaching the Diamonds at the Vine Prodigies. No one (other than NeVann, her children, and Kenobi) knew of her illness and she kept it that way, she didn’t want others to see her as weak, no matter how weak she truly was.

For years Nova didn’t see any action, until the year of 2015, after Earth was clamed to be responsible for the destruction of Ninjeta, the home planet of her dear friend Sha. As the Ninjans came, Nova and the rest of WAL stood waiting for them at Miami, Florida. Being made up of only a few, they were still strong, she looked to her left to see Kenobi and most of the members who used to have been young WAL members that have graduated and joined up with the team. To her right side, NeVann and all of the older WAL members still stood while behind her was the current Young WAL at the time, she knew this battle would be a hard one, so she would try and avoid it as much as possible.

As soon as they landed and the furious Ninjans came out, ready to assault the group of heroes, Hotaur’s mother went to talk to one of the Ninjan leaders, trying to apologize to them, trying to avoid any violence that wasn’t needed. The now 27-year-old fire goddess didn’t want any casualties on either side so she stood for about five minutes, talking to them, trying to negotiate something, anything with them. But then all hell broke loose… A new team that had just been formed sprang into action, and sent all of its members on a suicide attack.

The entire We Are Legend team tired to stop them but were called traitors and spat at for trying to work with the Ninjans. Before the WAL members knew it, the Ninjans began to attack at them. The entire WAL team was now on defense, Nova, Kenobi and NeVann gave out orders not to kill the Ninjan’s but just try to get them worn out, so they couldn’t fight. But soon, the Ninjans began to use deadly force, and began to kill off the Young WAL, one by one. Now enraged, Feral Nova burst into flames and began to rain her own assault upon the Ninjans taking them down herself, until she felt a punch to the face, knocking her down to the ground. It was none other than Sha, former teammate, a friend, and a sister.

The two began to go at it, fighting fiercely like nothing anyone had seen before. Anyone who knew the two, knew that they had their own little person bests for battles against each other. Feral Nova held three of the battles, while Sha held the other three, this battle was going to determine once and for all who was stronger of the two. Everyone seemed to have stopped fighting for a moment as the Ninjan power princess and the fire goddess continued to fight. Sounds of bones breaking and the smell of burnt flesh filled the air around them. NeVann yelled at Nova to stop fighting, warning her about her power, but Nova didn’t listen, it was now or never, she was going to either be remembered giving up, or die trying to protect what she loved. As she pulled out her sword Nova held onto it tightly as she swung it at Sha’s face, making a deep cut from the tip of her ear lobe down to her chin. The Ninjan warrior then shot her fist forward with all her might, hitting Nova right in the chest. As soon as her fist made impact, Nova was sent crashing into the Earth the ground shaking violent from the impact and then… nothing. Everyone stood still as the watched to see what Nova was waiting for, after a few seconds Sozuko, Nova’s son, took off to check on her, only find her… dead.

Sha had killed her once teammate, friend, and sister. The entire WAL team stopped fighting at that moment and gathered Stephanie’s body, taking it back to the WAL HQ, and surprisingly all of the Ninjans and the other heroes who had started the fight, left the area as well. The team held a funeral for her and since then… nothing had been the same

The now 32 year old, Hotaru brought herself back to reality as she knelt down at her mother’s grave. She brought her index finger and middle finger to her lips and placed them upon her lips as she then gently placed them on the grave, slowly rising up she looked to the side to see her twin brother Sozuko and father who had also came with her. She glanced back down at the grave and softly spoke. “Mother… we will get her… its only a matter of time… your death, shall not be in vain.” She spoke as she turned away and began to walk off.

“We should get going, we have a lot of work to do.” She said as they began to make their way back to the underground WAL HQ.

After the death of Feral Nova WAL slowly began to go under, one by one members began to drop the group, making their numbers thinner than they already were and the continuation of fighting with the Ninjan’s only made things worse. By the year of 2018 Batgirlbabs and Sha were now known globally. Both of them seen as saviors for both the human race and ninajns. Hotaru was enraged, how could the world be so blind? How could they just allow all of this to happen? Since the death of her mother, Hotaru learned to hate Ninjans. Not too long after that, NeVann and Kenobi stepped down as WAL leaders, both Hotaru and Sozuko took a step up and began to lead the few of WAL and even fewer of Young WAL but still under the watchful eye of the two former leaders. Seeing what was happening with he resistance, the two took the team underground, still working in Los Angeles but more discreetly.

They took everything six miles underground, and were well hidden by any ninjan or government technology. Only the ones who were in the resistance knew about it, and even made other small HQ’s around the world, using their D.O.V.E teleporting system that they still used to this day. They kept communication with all of the HQ’s everyday, making sure everyone had enough supplies and energy. If anything were to go wrong at one HQ, the main WAL would know about it.

As the three began to drive off back to the dumpster were the secrete entrance for the WAL HQ was at Hotaru spoke once more. “We need to have a meeting with the others, its time we do something about that ‘Ninjan Princess’.” She said coldly as they began to make their way down into the HQ of WAL.

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Time had changed drastically.  And with change comes those who stay out of it, opposite it, and protect it.  The famous Ninjeta Warriors had come to Earth.  They fearlessly took over rising to power and establishing an almost social hierarchy.  But of the ruling elite, rose two.  Sha and BatgirlBabs, they were the epiphany of power on Earth.  It was they who held the key to life and death, to destruction and Comfort.  They complimented each other.  With insanely smart decisions and a force, they placed themselves above everyone.

Of course there was no room for, opposition.  This was the new way, those who followed were protected and lavished upon, those who didn’t faced a certain demise.  Over the years, Prima watched as hero neutral and some evil, fell as a result of opposition.  IT was sad, some she held so dear where gone as a result of the new ways. 

Prima’s role was one of the shadow’s as this happened. This was not something to be dumb about, it required planning and serious discretion. Many people went around swinging blind fists and making threats only to be swiftly discarded of or paraded around to serve as a lesson.   Prima had a son who all in all needed her attention, and more than ever having to grow up in such a world.  She wanted more than anything to fight and be foremost in the action, but it wasn’t an option.  She stayed discreet but never gone.  Acer and she held strong, working together and with other discreet groups finding answers and collecting data, all the while making sure their family was first and kept safe. But, As the world changed so did their relationship.  He became darker almost. She knew that he hated not being able to be forefront in the action. As friends died and became subjected to sad lives, he seemed to get darker and darker.

Prima couldn’t leave him, and never thought of it, It was at times like this that she was needed most. But it only got worse, He became distant, uncaring and lashed out frequently.  Yet, it seemed Prima had not reached her limit.  One day, Acer and Fibra, were training.  Fibra possessed all of Acer’s powers so it only made sense that they practice and train together.  Fibra looked up to his father as if he were an idol, there was no one better to him.  She came home that day, tired from work.  As she walked through the house , she went into the training room.  On the ground lay Fibra, his wounds were prominent, he was hurt badly, and would need to rest for at least the week.  Acer stood over Fibra chastising him for being in adequate and not good enough.  It had gone to far, and Prima had reached her limit.  She avoided looking Acer in the eye.  Pick him up,’ she said her voice wary and tired.  Acer looked at her, his eyes showed defiance. She took a breath closing her eyes “Pick         Him         Up ,” she said her voice barely above a whisper, it was practically inaudible.  There was a tone in her voice that had never been there before. Acer Picked Fibra up and led him to where she instructed.  Prima did all she could, and helped the process of healing Fibra. 

Immediately after he was a comfortable as he could be, She walked to their room.  Taking out suitcases she packed, everything she could find of his.  Prima put each one by the door.  Acer was gone by that time, he usually stepped out of the house unannounced.  It was late when he came back.   When he was in the house he looked down and noticed, the cases. .  Just, leave, I cant even look at your face right now,” she said no emotion in her voice what so ever.  It was a major turning point for them.  She still loved him, but it wasn’t the same, nor was it acceptable.  In 2 weeks, Prima had taken custody of Fibra, and Acer and her where more than over.

It had been years since Acer and Prima had split.  Fibra, their son, was now leading a major faction that planned on revolting. Prima had tried to talk him out of it, but he had insisted.  She knew he wasn’t going to back down.  Fibra was just like his father.  When the split happened, Prima made sure Acer and Fibra were together all the time, and she made sure Fibra NEVER saw any other side , but the side he respected of his father.  He grew up to be a fine young man, everything that Prima had hoped and worked hard, as a single mother to make sure of. 

Lately, she had noticed a change in Acer. He was different.  He lost that hollow look and some of that darkness that had consumed him before.  They had started to speak more.  It was like, when they first met only with more maturity.  She played nonchalant but a part of heart beated that had layed dormat for a long time.  But, She couldn’t take him back yet.  She just felt something, like he was almost their but not quite.  She knew him, he had something up.  And what she didn’t know, but she considered it harmless.

Today, Fibra was going to be rallying more people in his revolt.  He planned on revealing his father, a once and still revered figure in the community.  Fibra had asked her to be there today, and Prima obliged happily. 

UGH, she said waiting at the fax in her office.  Since the power change, Had taken her previous career back, which was the field of medicine.  She was already late.  NO doubt she missed her son’s big Speech.  Retrieving the pictures from the fax, she slammed them on her desk, grabbed her coat and ran out the door.  Her heals piercing the concrete with every brisk step, as she hustled to catch the last last bit of Her son’s speech. 

When she arrived she found the front door locked.  An almost, deathly feel came off the place.  Going around back Prima found that door locked too.  More than frustrated she kicked her foot out, the heel of her black leather pump, slamming against the rusty lock.  It burst open with a look moan.  Walking in, Prima was taken aback. WHOAH wtf, she said.  The placed reeked of a most nasty smell.  Prima was immune to Gases and poisons. Only the strongest could get passed her immune system.  Walking through the back, she entered through the side exit onto the stage.  FIBRA she called out, cursing under her breath.  It was too quiet, she had missed the speech. 

Prima turned her head and looked out before her.  All around the bottom of the stage lie corpses. Children, Mothers, Fathers, and families.  Prima was shocked.  She hadn’t seen something like this in a long time.  She walked along the stage in silence.  In one fluent motion, she felt herself loose balance as her heel tripped on something solid.  When she looked down her mind went blank.  She felt some arms steady her.  Turning around, she saw Acer.  He stood their, a sastified look on his face. Prima didn’t even comprehend it though, turning back around she looked down again.  Their layed her son Fibra.  The one she fought so hard to protect, and to make sure fulfilled his life as best he could.  Her arms wrapped around her body, as if to hold her broken self together.  Her eyes turned a blood shot red, while her mouth opened.  She couldn’t get a sound out though.  Not a sound.  Her knees gave out as she fell to them, by his side.  She moved her hands, they hovered above his corpse afraid to touch.  It was then kneeling by him, that she began to cry, hot tears.  Prima turned her head, her eyes catching acer’s reflection in the shiny wood floor.  His look was one of one emotion, it was simple, a satisfied face, that said mission accomplished.  A rage like no other filled her heart.  She found herself actually blinded, with sorrow and pain.  Why, she said her voice cracking.  It was it was all she could form her lips to say.  Once again, her eyes moved, scanning Fibra’s body.  Opening his jacket she reached in the lapels. 

In one swift motion, she pulled out the two daggers he carried, gifts from acer himself.   She moved with more speed than she ever had in her life.  Jumping up and twisting around she sent, a hurdeling dagger straight at Acer towards his upper chest.   Looking at his face, Prima found her voice.  YOU TOOK MY SON, I HAVE NOTHING LEFT. NOTHING, she yelled.  Running at him, she pushed her heel clad foot out, attempting to slam it into his chest causing him to fall. There was no door behind him, and no escape
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Somewhere in Vine City.


Elian Allen the original G‘bandit was looking down at the renewed cities  from the top of a cathedral in ruins. The wind was flowing mild blowing Elian’s long hair along its currents while the once mercenary of greatness just stares at the ominous city.  

Everything have changed and for the worse, while some where too busy blaming the world’s evil on the Cajun something worse was been cooked right below the people’s noses. The world that the heroes pledge to protect had fallen at the hands of a Alien invasion apparently just because of a mistake of the NASA, it cause the human kind the tittle of the dominant species on earth.   


Before all this had happen Elian Allen was already bringing up his own empire. The R.O.R had become a world threat along with Iits owner Elisa Allen (Elian's sister.) By this time Elian had retired as the G’bandit and had left a new boy fill his boots while Elian look for a way to get rid of Evaristo, the damn soul that had haunt his family for ages. Elian had apparently found a way to get rid of the curse but the procedure took a full year to be able to clean his body and soul from the devil‘s hand. Elian’s body would be in what the scientist would describe as a coma for a full year in a incantation by a witch name Hanna the healer, bad mistake.

A year to get rid of Evaristo, but for Evaristo it was a year to make sure Elian suffer as much as he could when he awakes. Using his power over Elian he manage to take control over his unconscious body and manipulate it like if it was a puppet. Evaristo sworn revenge since Elian was accomplishing his life long mission he was getting rid of the Allen beast.

By the end of the year Evaristo had destroyed everything that was precious to Elian, his code of anonymity, he Showed the world that Elian Allen was alive his friends, Killed Every single member of the R.O.R company including Howler and the new G’bandit and made Elian public enemy number one. The curse by this time had Killed members of other teams like the fallowing, The Wondering Spider, Mathews Rome, Exxo, and others yet Elisa Allen was never found. By the end of the year Elian awoke realizing what he had done knowing he would be hunted by the world he disappear living in the shadows for the rest of his life.

Present 2030:

Elian jumps down from the cross at the top of the cathedral to the pavement landing crouch on his feet, his appearance had change it was not the ninja suit no more it was just, himself. the sword of the underworld on his back, bluish skin, long hair and a black suit along whit medium size cape that covered his neck almost like a scarf.

The city was constantly patrolled but he have lived his life hiding and escaping for so long that he can smell a patrolmen from a mile away, being the escape artist that he is he couldn’t care less. Walking by a alley Elian notice a homeless man on the street wearing a tagged shirt in the line of auto-destruction, he was drinking a bottle of rum by himself while shouting gibberish at a wall and laughing by himself. Sighs, Elian grabbed the hilt of the underworld sword “I guess I shall end your misery right here.” Said Elian on his deep dark voice. The man heard the unleashing sound of the underworld sword and reacted “Eh?!” he looked up and saw Elian holding the sword on both hands raising it high above his head ready to end the bum’s life. The homeless man laugh before Elian swiped the sword and shout “Its you!” those were the man’s last words before Elian killed him and his body was consumed into the sword of the underworld given to Elian by his wife the goddess of War.

Elian places the sword back on its sheath and walks while thinking about the future, “Is this what all those who had fallen meant to the world? All that sacrifice, all that effort just to get @ss raped at the last moment?”  Elian then stops walking, he can hear something approaching. Elian’s teleportation since Evaristo was wipe out of him it was not as powerful as it once was, but it was enough for him to escape.

“I guess I was right from the start, there was no point of becoming a hero after all, the memories of the once great warriors have been forgotten like it always happens and the world insn't safer than it ever was.."

Elian teleports away and right around the corner a patrol hover ship was scanning the area. A couple of guards are dropped from the ship and they walk to the alley just to find nothing but the soulless body of the homeless man, the name tag read (Troy Mavias)   
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Some 20 years ago, a male mutant named Lamont Quentin a.k.a Siphon, began distancing himself from his team. Spending all of his time in the archive room where Tenth Mangitude kept all it's treasures. He discovered the slumber of an ancient evil genie named Kazarr and released it. Siphon in a state of grief and anger after the murder of his family and the disappearance of Man Of Forever, is taken over by the evil genie. Thirsty to take revenge on his captors, Kazarr goes on a killing spree even attacking Siphon's friends. His team's efforts were futile. In a last and desperate attempt, Siphon still trapped within the depths of his mind, absorbs all surrounding energy, reaching critical mass. His bones and organs are illuminated by a blue light shining under his skin and he blows destroying everything within a 30 mile radius. Siphon's frail nearly dead body, lay in a crater. He had succeeded in killing the genie,but he killed hundreds of people. His eyes flutter open to see machines around him altering his body.

     He drifts back into sleep, but when he awakens, he is more machine than man.  He wears a blue suit that supports his life, it was essential seeing as he had lost the ability to heal some time ago. He wears a blue helmet regulating his breathing and protecting his fragile skull. He had not known who had done this too him. He was both grateful and ashamed at the same time. If he were a freak of nature before, he was now for certain. A note left at his side read that he did not require food or drink. He only needed to recharge himself. He had become a  living battery. 
    Disgusted with himself he flees for the mountains, living in seclusion. Leaving behind The teams he devoted himself to. He attempts to sustain his sanity by creating a series of robots from pure junk. He controlled them with his power, which had apparently grown. He lives in peace until,  the Ninjans invade Earth after we had taken away their homeland. Together Babs and Sha created an empire ruling all of Earth. They ordered any one who would oppose them, die an excruciating The ninjan police force breached the walls of Siphon's home and subdue him. Siphon puts up a good fight, but he was brought down. He surrendered and agreed to join their armada and hunt down remaining heroes and villain. He had no other option.
Present day, 2030
Sha sends Siphon, as well as others, out to apprehend the rest of the supers. He sensed a high energy level nearby. It was one he had not felt in a  long time. Man Of Forever enters Earth's atmosphere. The white blanket of snow crumbles beneath Siphon's heavy boots. The cold
''Red team create a perimeter around the cavern. Blue team activate camouflage and lay with the snow. Move!'', he orders them in a raspy mechanical voice. 
    They respond and move into position. The subzero whistle of the wind seems to slow the soldiers movements , but does not affect Siphon. He stands tall, arms crossed awaiting the arrival of his old friend. He would not be receiving a warm welcome. Friendship, an illusion Siphon would use to his advantage. As he had changed physically, he had so changed emotionally. Nothing mattered to him now.  The lifetime of tragedies had finally taken their toll upon him. No longer was he a man of equilibrium , but a man of evil. pure evil.
    As he patiently awaited the arrival of Mof , he filtered the sounds of a soldier panicking through his audio receptors.
''Sir isn't Mof one of the most powerful beings to live? He'll kill us for sure ! This is a fool's errand --gughh ahh!'', The soldier is suddenly impaled through the chest by Siphon's large fist.
    ''We have no desire for weakness in the empire. Would anyone else like to join this pathetic excuse for a soldier?'', Siphon boomed through his helmet.
    ''No sir!!'', the unit shouted in unison.
    ''Very well then look sharp, shut your traps and prime your rifles''
He loved being in authority it gave him a joy that he had never experienced before. He was feared if not respected, something he had long thrived for , but never saw accomplished until now. A ball of fire streams from the clouds, hurdling towards his feet in the icy cavern surrounding him.

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     Juliette cringed as a bladed hand came down hard on her face, slicing from her forehead to her jaw and knocking the young girl to the ground. Brilliant white light spewed from the wound as she bled the positive energy that her body was composed of. The cut quickly healed and she turned her sword on the hell-spawn that attacked her, only to see a brilliant steely blade poking through from the other side where the beast's twisted black heart would be. The monster fell revealing the armored man who had killed it, her knight in shining armor.

     The man was covered in blood and ichor from the demons of the hellish army he had slain. He removed his helmet to speak to the girl revealing his still young and vibrant face, he was quite handsome, "You must be more careful Julliette. There is far more honor to be had in surviving to fight again, than there is in death at the hands of the enemy. Don't rush so foolhardily into battle." He reached down and offered Julliette his gauntleted hand which she took and hoisted herself up off the ground.

     "Yes my lord." She replied timidly, "I will remember to be more careful in the future." She had her head down trying to hide her look of shame at allowing her emotions get the better of her, then finally swallowing her pride looked up at her mentor with a look of steely determination, "Your orders sir?" Julliette was surprised at what happened next.

     "This will be our final battle in this campaign Jules," She hated when he called her that, "and we're going to need all of the knights we can muster." She stood at attention waiting for the order, assuming that she would be taking another supporting role. "I guess what I'm trying to say is, kneel Ms. Julliette LaCroix." Her heart raced, her throat was suddenly dry, and she began to tremble as she went to one knee, anticipating her master's next words, "I would usually prefer for this to be more ceremonial, but a battlefield will have to do." She was staring at the armored feet of her mentor when she felt the cold steel blade of the holy sword touch her unarmored head. The knight gave the same short speech that she had watched him give to many others recruited in the order, "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you have proven your strength and devotion. You have labored and triumphed in the face of death. Your faith has been your armor and righteousness your sword. You have dutifully performed, and have excelled while maintaining the Code that you have been expected to follow. You are now enlisted in the army of God and fight on the side of angels. Please rise," Juliette slowly rose to her feet and looked at the man in front of her in his icey blue eyes, he was smiling proudly as he spoke the last part, the words she had wanted to hear ever since she had first laid eyes on the pious warrior, "Lady Juliette LaCroix, Templar Knight!"

     Juliette could feel a renewed strength within her as she let it sink in that no longer was she the man's squire, but his peer. The feeling was short lived though as the two were suddenly joined by a fellow knight with urgent news, "The portal is ready Sir James! The men stand ready to march!"

     "Good job!" The lead knight assured the newcomer, puting his hand on the young man's shoulder, "Lets make our final preparations. Tonight we bring this fight back to hell!"

     Suddenly the scenery changed, and again Juliette found herself in the midst of a bitter battle. The remaining Templar forces were few and were becoming overwhelmed by the enemy hordes. Their goal was in site though, they had made it to the dark thrown and their leader was engaged in combat with the general of the evil army.

     The battle seemed nearly over, when from out of nowhere a sword came flying through the air and embedded itself deep in the ground at Juliette's feet. She recognized the weapon instantaneously, any Templar would. She turned to look for her leader hoping not to see what she knew and feared she would find. She was just in time to see her leader run through by the unholy weapon of the lord of hell. "Slinger!" She screamed trying to will the legendary knight back to life, but it was no use. Slinger was dead.

     She pulled his holy blade from the ground and pointed it menacingly at the monster that had killed the man who had become like an older brother to her. Her body became engulfed in crackling energy and she charged the devil, moving with blinding speed. Her aim was true and her arm was strong as she plunged the fabled weapon into the heart of the beast which let out a deafening roar. A shock wave shook the bloody halls of the demonic palace. The minions of the slain monster collectively howled as they felt their power stripped from them and they all began to crumble. All that was left of the horrible fight was dust and the bodies of Templar knights, living and dead, scattered about.

     Juliette was quick to find her master, but was too late he was too far gone. She sobbed heavy woeful tears as she cradled the lifeless body of the legend in her arms, repeating again and again, "No. Slinger. Slinger!"

     "Slinger! Slinger! Get up!" Juliette gasped as she jolted back to life sitting up in her tiny bed. "You were having the nightmare again. We could hear you screaming from down the hall."

     "I'm sorry Melissa, I didn't want to wake you, it's just..." She trailed off lost in her own mind.

     "There was nothing you could do. I was there. I saw it too. You saved us all. Probably the entire world."  The woman who woke her was a stunning redhead with dazzling green eyes that seemed to glow in the moonlit dormitory room. The only mar on her porcelain skin was a pink scar that ran like a teardrop from her left eye down her cheek. She was Juliette's most trusted friend and adviser. She spoke softly in tones that were nothing but comforting, "You have to let it go if you are going to lead us from now on. There is much to be done and we are all depending on you."

     "I know Em, I know it was years ago, but I remember everything so vividly." Melissa shot Juliette a concerned, yet somehow forceful look, "I know, I know. The Knights Templar are a force for good and the world needs us now more than ever. I just miss him is all. I feel like if he were here he would have found a way to stop the war and we wouldn't be hiding out in an abandoned college in Western Massachusetts. I just don't think I'll ever be able to live up to his standard."

     Melissa smiled at her friend, "I know you have big shoes to fill, but like it or not, the book says you're the only one who can do it. Everybody loves and respects you, not to mention trusts your judgement. You've proven yourself over and over again. You need to go easier on yourself."

     Juliette smiled back at Melissa as the sun began to peek through her window, "Is it that early already?" She frowned slightly, then sighed and began her day. "I don't know why Em, but I think today is gonna be the start of something big."

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2008…. A year that Francis would never forget. ICE had broken up, Generation Next had been formed, and Gambler was out to unlock the gates of Hell. It was something Francis swore he wouldn’t let happen, and he would sacrifice everything for it, even his own life, but he never expected to sacrifice what he did. Zora’s Freedom.

The Two were off the coast of Ireland looking for a piece of the key that would unlock Hell’s gates. It was a warm day and the Irish winds provided a good breeze at the surface. The two mer people had found the key at the bottom of the ocean, inside a ship that had sunk over 500 years before. All was well, until they were confronted by Drifter. Francis begged her to swim away with the key, but she refused to leave him. The two attacked the villain valiantly, but it was hopeless. He was too much of a match for even the two of them, and as he knocked Francis to the ground, he landed a punch into Zora’s spine, preventing her from changing her fin into legs ever again. The two beaten lovers lied on the beach, bloody and bruised. Francis walked over and embraced Zora who just sat there, staring at her lower body, trying to form legs with all her might. He knew what it meant. He knew that they would never be able to walk on the beach together, as they loved to do, visit family members, or just go anywhere outside the ocean with each other. The two made their way into the ocean together without the key. At the time, they didn’t care about what happened to the rest of the world, they only cared about each other.

Shortly after that, Zora discovered she was with child. It was the best thing they could have heard, and nine months later, a mermaid was born. She had the same physical appearance as her parents. Her body was covered in blue scales, she had pitch black eyes, webbed hands, and bluish black hair. Shortly after she was born, Francis wrapped her in a blanket of seaweed and took her up to the surface. He cradled her in his arms and whispered her name into her ears. “Aquari.” And as he brushed the grassy green seaweed out of the blue baby’s eyes, he made a promise to her and to God to protect her forever. With that, he swam back down to his home in the ocean.

Present Day 2030

It had been 22 years since that fateful day of Zora’s injury, 21 years since Aquari’s birth, and 22 years Francis had been to the surface and walked on land. Much had happened in the lives of humans, but to a Merman, 22 years was but the blink of an eye. As mer people, Francis, Zora, and Aquari had a life span of 1,000 years, ten times the length of a human’s.  He was still the same as he was more than two decades before, and with Aquari growing up so fast, and their ages so close, she became more like a little sister than a daughter. When the Ninjeta invaded in 2015, Francis had chosen to stay out of it. His family needed him,  and it was probably for the best that he wasn’t involved in the fighting. During the war, the lives of over 100 heroes were claimed. Most of them, Francis had once known on a personal level. It was best for him to just forget about the lives of the surface dwellers.

By now, Aquari had begun her journey into womanhood. She had become mesmerized at the heroic deeds she had heard her father and mother perform and she had wanted to become like them. With the resistance movement against Esther LeBeau and Sha getting stronger day by day, it provided Aquari with the perfect chance to do so. Her father disapproved of her decision, but he knew he couldn’t stop her. She was a strong willed, stubborn woman. Just like her mother. But Francis had a promise to fulfill. He had to protect his daughter. They would have to go together. Francis’ brother, Scott, volunteered to keep Zora safe at Olympus, where Scott now lived as god of the ocean, taking over their father’s, position.

Both Francis and Aquari made their way to the coast of the Greek Island of Crete. It had been more than two decades since he had stepped on shore. It was harder for him to form legs now, and when he did, they felt week. It would take some getting used to, but he knew he would have to adapt one way or another. There were resistance members out there, and they would need to find them, for the sake of his daughter.

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Charles Tucker stands in a dark street at night, his surroundings dimly lit from the moonlight. In his hands he holds a long blade, much like a katana. He looks tired, exhausted in fact, but in his eyes, one can see absolute determination. The man looks at his watch for the umpteenth time already, and he feels adrenaline rush through his veins. The time has come, he thinks to himself. Hidden behind a small, jet black car, he leans forward to catch a good glimpse of the street, and he sees what he was expecting. Two women, one brunette and one blonde, are floating across the street, looking around as they do so. Ninjan warriors doing their surveillance rounds, he thinks, his eyes filling with anger. Indeed, the two alien women were patrolling the city at night, making sure that there weren't any rebels around... well, this time, they would find what they were looking for.

Just as the women approach the car, Charles Tucker jumps from behind it, slashing at the brunette's torso with all his might. She screams in pain- and anger- but it is her blonde companion who reacts first, flying into Charles and slamming him into the wall of a nearby house. He grunts as his body comes in contact with the hard brick, but he does not show his pain. Instead, he gets up as quickly as possible and takes out several throwing knives from inside his coat, three of which he throws at the Ninjan who had swung him into the wall. She manages to dodge the first two, but the third knife finds its way into her arm. As she screams, the man realizes that, unfortunately, the first Ninjan, the brunette one, has recovered from his first assault. Shocked, he watches as she picks up the very car he had been hiding behind. Speechless, his mind races. He cannot even begin to run before the warrior woman throws the car, and the world seems to stop.

"Hello, there, Charles."

"You?" he says, staring disbelievingly at the apparition. "No, it can't be. How can it be? I had to- I should've- "

"You did your best with the time you spent here, Charles, and that's as much as anyone can ask for."

"But- the Ninjans. Sha and Babs- "

"They are not yours to worry about anymore. Here, just take my hand."

The man stands still, quietly, for a while. After a moment, he resigns himself and makes a few steps towards the black-clad lady. She smiles at him, peacefully, reassuringly, and he cannot help but notice the strange, black twirl under her right eye as he extends his hand. He touches her- there is a funny sound, like the beating of mighty wings- and Charles Tucker is no more. Katelyn Torres sighs. The two Ninjeta women have left, she is alone, now... or so she thinks.

"Katelyn. I thought I'd find you here..."

"Oh, hi, mom." Katelyn smiles at the woman. They are both dressed much in the same fashion, with black being the prominent feature in their style. Their pale skin and long, wavy, raven hair merely confirm the obvious fact that the two are related. It has been 15 years since Katelyn has embraced her true heritage as a daughter of Death. She was killed in the 2015 attacks, when the aliens had first started arriving on Earth to avenge themselves. Upon death, Kate had been told the truth about her mother, and had been offered the choice to act as an agent of Death. For 15 years, she has been an angel of Death, and there has been much work to do, with deaths becoming more and more frequent.

"Listen, Kate... I appreciate how you've been helping me out lately, since I've been so busy with all the deaths and everything, but I don't think you should do that anymore. I think... I think you should go back as a mortal and help out on Earth. I know it requires to break a few rules, but, hey! rules are meant to be broken, no? I really think you should go back, honey. They need you down here...  "

Katelyn nods quietly, knowing full well what her mother said to be true. She had been thinking about it for a while, too. As her mother extends a hand, Kate does the same, and it begins. A sudden whirlwind seems to surround them, and Light and Darkness become one as they dance around Gloom. She feels it, strangely. She feels her wings being taken from her, and it pains her to know that she possesses them no more already. But it is only temporary, and she must do what she has to do to help the Earth. Death of the Endless, Death herself smiles at her daughter.

"I'll see you eventually, Katelyn... I always do."

And, in Kate's mind, everything goes dark.

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In a ruined and fully battle damaged New World Alliance headquarters the sounds of a man deep in his work can be heard. In the shadows as easily as any man lives in the day Midnightist is working on ..... something, however the Man of Midnight is not the same. He has changed some much, but then so has the rest of the world. It is a common principle that when ones world changes they must change along with it. He has been no stranger to this and has actually become like a brother to all that has happened. He gets up from a table and walks down a hall and opens a fringe and grabs a bottle of water.

He drinks it as if he has never taken in water for some time and given his endurance and nearly unlimited stamina this is a sign that his work as become his life. He walks down the hall back to his work station and as he does he passes by pictures ruined by time of those former members of the New World Alliance. He looks and in his mind he can only hear the screams of his fallen friends. He leaves this time and travels back to the past with his mind flashing back to the day something went wrong. All he can see is the burning N.W.A headquarters the dead bodies of his friends and the things they left behind such as clothes and weapons. He sees himself pulling himself out of rubble and looking on he sees who caused all this death and chaos. H sees the shape of Sha and all she did, but that is just  a memory of the past this is the present the present of 2030

He throws the bottle on the pictures and then rips them from the wall slamming them into the ground and steps on them like bugs or garbage. 

"You know if you do that then how will you remember them". These words come from a young woman carrying weapons and in a uniform,

 Midnightist replies" I can never forget them. I see their faces everytime I close my eyes. I can hear them haunting me the spirits are mad I didn't save them I should have been..." 

The girl replies" Hey dad you did all you could it wasn't your fault it was hers" . 

The Future Man of Midnight has no words for some seconds and then  "where's your brother" ,Midnight Girl " "Jr. oh you know him trying to find trouble and do some good" Midnightist well he won't have to find trouble trouble will be coming to us from now on"

 Midnight Girl" You mean its ready" The father and daughter walk to the room Midnightist had been in earlier. "I finally got it. Years of gathering minerals from anti-matter formed universe and collapsed star and now we have a bullet built to kill someone I never thought would die. This is the bullet Im going to put in that b!tch Sha's head and keep her down"
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The year was 2009....

Thunderbolt was leading his Avengers after the events of "The Death of Thunderbolt".  They destroyed some of the LaS when Thunderbolt got his revenge.  The Mighty Vine Avengers were at the top of their game.  Beating villians left and right.  When the Vine Villians returned the Avengers wiped the floor with them.  Until the year of 2014.  When the Avengers finally fell to a great evil.  Her name was Sha and she was leading an invasion of ninjeta. The battle was called the "Ultimatum" and the Avengers payed the ultimate price with their lives.  Each and everyone of them died except Kitty98 and her brother Thunderbolt.

The year was 2014....

"Please don't hurt my sister Sha."  Sha was shocked by this man called Thunderbolt.  He was feeling sad Sha thought.  She was about to kill Kitty but threw her to the ground.  "I will save her life as long as you become my loyal subject Bolt."  Thunderbolt does not want to turn evil but he doesn't want his sister to die.  He wondered about his seven year old twin boys Jacob and Matthew.  His lovely wedded wife Stone.  He opens his eyes looking at Sha.  "What will I do as your loyal subject master?"  Sha gives him a smile "Training."  The ninjeta grab Bolt and begin to run towards a helicopter.  As long as Kitty is safe Thunderbolt is okay with the pain that comes for being a hero.

The year was 2020.....

Thunderbolt was now 35 years old.  He has been trained not to feel pain, guilt, nor to feel sorry.  Thunderbolt could not feel love as well.  His memories of childhood, being a hero, and his family has been wiped out of his mind.  Right at this very moment a silver alloy is being injected into his back.  This will give him the ability to use his armor when need.  Instead of pressing a button to activate it.  He is now Bolt 2030.  He was the 2030th soldier to survive the alloy in his body.  His eyes turn silver an objective has been imprinted in his mind.  Thunderbolt gets out of the containment cell and walk towards Master Sha's office.

The year was 2030....

Back to the present.  Thunderbolt is now 45 years old but doesn't look like it at all.  Some ninjeta guess 24 but their always wrong.  He is the only man within the ninjeta but so he thought.  When Sha was getting in her helicopter Bolt got in her office and began to look in her files. One said "The only men in the ranks of the ninjeta" first came Thunderbolt and the other had Acers name.  Before Thunderbolt could think an image was implanted in his brain.  Objective: Kill PRIMA3RA wife of Acer.  Thunderbolt knew Acer wasn't working for Sha.  He was to good for that.  The alloy covered Thunderbolts body.  He runs out the window breaking the glass.  As the shards fly down gracefully Thunderbolt begans to scream.  All the shards connect and return to the window just the way they were.  His board slides underneath his feet.  "I'm coming PRIMA."


Thunderbolt smashes into the underground only to see two people fighting.  While everyone else was knocked out on the ground.  The people who were fighting were man and woman.  Images poped in Thunderbolts head.  It was PRIMA3RA and Acer.  They are husband and wife and have a son.  Thunderbolt uses his new power called "Rewind Time" it allows him to see what happened in the past 24 hours.  Acer says "The world is changing son and im changing with it".  Thunderbolt was proud to hear that Acer was on his side.  In a matter of seconds Thunderbolt drops to the ground he remembers two people called Matthew and Jacob?  Thunderbolts eyes turn blue he feels something that he has felt in 10 years.  Thunderbolt feels sad at the wrong place and the wrong time.  He then looks at PRIMA who is about to hit Acer.
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How long has it been? said a voice in the darkness, that same voice had been heard many times by Lorenzo Eguiluz, an old man that once was the hero and later anti-hero known as Nighthunter, the man who fought many different epic battles against the evil of this world, someone would have thought that with all of his experience he would have been prepared for any threat, however the combined might of Sha and Babs proved to be too much for Nighthunter, it proved to be too much for any and all heroes as they quickly were defeated one by one until the world had been taken away from them.

"Who knows or cares? Time is relative and meaningless, in the end there will be darkness." said Lorenzo, as he finished talking he stood still for a few minutes and then grabbed a white bishop from an old chess board made of wood and put it in position to attack a black knight, as he did that he slowly got up and went to wash his face, the ways that the man in that prison had for a living was repulsive, they were locked for most of the day without anything to do or eat and as soon as the dinner was ready, they made the once proud heroes fight each other for a hard bread, the taste was disgusting, but not as much as the situation.

Darkness this and darkness that, pff come on man, you lost your sight just before you were captured, it has been years, go on for god's sake spoke the man nearly Lorenzo, his name was Mariano Miramontes, a man that was taken as a recruit when there was a severe need of men to make for the loss of so many heroes, he was ruthless, arrogant and ignorant, on top of that he didn't know sh!t about fighting, not his fault though; he asked Nighthunter for training years ago but was rejected because he was too busy then by training more skilled fighters, the company of Mariano on Lorenzo's cell has proven to be the perfect way to make Lorenzo pay for that.

"Go on? You never go on from something like this, you just adjust yourself to try to live without it, and it’s never enough though. You see all of the things I'm missing, yet you don't observe, you don't perceive the beauty and the ugliness of this world, you have to open your mind and see all of the possibilities" murmured Lorenzo, it would soon be time to go to sleep and he was tired, his body had long lost his shape as he didn’t find any reason in training when he wasn’t going to move a finger to leave that place.

Lorenzo could leave that horrible prison any day he wanted, even without the ability to see and use it in order to see all of the different ways he could leave, he still could think of at least two dozen different ways, all of them as effectives as the previous one, Lorenzo may be retired but the training is never forgotten.

Don’t bring me more of that Zen wanna be sh!t, we will be here until we die, maybe we should even kill ourselves to don’t give them the pleasure said Mariano, as he finished Lorenzo started to meditate, he always did it every day before going to sleep, helped him to sleep and think things more clearly.

“Suicidal is the way of the ones that are afraid of experimenting all that the life has to offer them” said Lorenzo and then went to sleep, the pillow of his bed was as hard as a rock but it was still one of the best this hell on Earth had.

The same morning Lorenzo got up and started to dress himself for the new day, as he got ready, he went to wake up Mariano and told him to get ready, that their turn of going to work on the mines that provide most of the metal used in the weapons of the ninjas was about to start.

As Mariano got ready he looked at the old chess board made of wood and then looked back at Lorenzo, he had suddenly realized that Lorenzo always moved on piece of the keyboard without any real purpose and sometimes re-arranged the board without any apparent reason, he knew where each piece was and somehow which one was of which color, they however don’t follow a pattern or at least not an apparent one.

What’s up with the keyboard? You aren’t using it to play chess, what are you doing? Asked Mariano, curiosity got the best of him. “I’m not playing anything, I’m just keeping track on things, now let’s go” said Lorenzo as he was leaving the cell to get on duty.

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The Alliance was not a normal headquarters, rather a great bustling and functioning city, that acted as the new world order for earth. It's great skyscrapers covered the terrain, rising high into the clouds. Aircraft vehicles hovered above the ground. The Alliance was a city in the sky, heavily guarded and protected for Ninjan forces and troops; many of whom had intertwined themselves with Les Assassins Silencieux. The year was 2030. Esther Marion Cotillard had survived as the leader of the Les Assassins Silencieux now for over 30 years. She had been far younger than her daughter, Angelique was when she had taken the dynasty's crown. She sat in the back of the black model J BMW that hovered through the air, followed by a line of cars trailing behind her and leading the way before her.  The steel gates that surrounded the Alliance Head Quarters opened allowing the line of LAS guarded bullet proof vehicles through its doors. Esther leaned into the soft leather seat. Peering out the window her thoughts drifted to her only daughter, the successor to the LAS dynasty. Five years before she held Angelique back from proving herself as an assassin in a battle that almost ended her life. Esther could not bear to watch her only daughter come so close to death. That was when she left. She could remember it as though it were only yesterday that Angelique bowed in the presence of the unrivaled Queen and requested permission to take with her select members of Le Rose Noir and return with the corpse of her legendary father. Not ever for a moment had Esther felt that in her heart of hearts Angelique going back in search of her father would be a good thing. Yet, her daughter was not a child. There was a part of her father she did not understand, did not know...a part that the young girl so desperately wanted to connect with. She didn't know whether to hate him, or honor him or both. This was something Esther could not help her with. This was a journey Angelique would have to take alone; one that would possibly change her completely, yet one that would answer her questions. Esther let her go. Five years later she continued waiting till the day she cold hold her in her arms once again. As she watched the moving scenery, her thoughts returned to the present.

"Drifter" Oracle activated the com link system and a holographic image of the loyal assassin appeared on the screen.
"Alert the Secretary of Defense of my arrival, call a meeting with her and guard the perimeter of the entrance."
So much had changed. So much in simply a matter of years. Esther had worked for years to attain control of global politics through means that were unheard of. She ushered in new medical forces, physicians that had secretly been initiated members of the LAS under The Scientist. These men were responsible for medicating more than half the global population. In 2015, the entire world struggled to survive through the greatest global health epidemic. Hundreds of thousands of people died instantly, and the same organization responsible for injecting society with the rare and fatal illness, was also responsible for offering the world the only known cure to humankind. By 2018, the world relied on Esther's organization for more than advice and guidance, as the government of France had done so for years previous; by that time, the human race turned to Esther and the LAS for protection from themselves and from the outside world.  By 2020, LAS had dissolved the United Nations, and Esther had attained the permanent high ranking position of Secretary General. Not only did she continue to hold power over her army of Assassins, but Mademoiselle Cotillard had also managed to garner the control of the United Nations peace keeping forces. At this point there would be no stopping the LAS. All of the funds and oil fields under contract with OPEC were revoked and their rights were handed over to the LAS. The entire world relied on Esther's dynasty for their energy resources; without the LAS the world could not function. Currency had changed, and rather than maintaining competition, every nation the world over switched to the Euro. There was no longer room for free market economies or freedom of the press...society had endured a sort of a Marxist revolution. This was Utopia. No one would go hungry, everyone was equal...However those that refused to comply to the demands of the Alliance and the New World Order would be anihilated without a second thought.

As the door of the vehicle drew open, Esther stepped out gracefully. Lines of women in their Ninjan armor clicked their heels together in a salute. At the top of the steps, Drifter as well as several other loyal members of the LAS stood at the side of Sha, the Ninjan leader. Esther walked up the steps and looked up at Sha. The great ninjan warrior stood at the top of the steps and bowed her head slightly in Esther's direction. The LAS Queen bowed her head and smiled, gazing at each of her assassins in turn. They walked through the archway of the building.
"It's been a long time Sha...remember the days they thought an alliance between us would never rise into existence?" Esther laughed and shook her head.
"Yes it has...it's good to see you're mobile,...you are going to need it..."
"Actually that is what I have come to discuss with you..."
As the two women entered into the lavish botanical garden, they sat across from one another. A string of black curl's fell across Esther's cheek as she crossed her hands in her lap. Her gold bracelets shone in the afternoon sun, blinding her slightly as they set off a glare.
Esther adjusted the silk white gown she wore, smoothing out the wrinkles. She looked to Sha and furrowed her brow. There was a time when Esther could remember fighting on opposing sides...but now...everything had come together. Combined, they were by far the most powerful women in the world.
"Sha...do you ever miss your home planet? The way things used to be?" Esther asked. Her voice was almost monotone, slightly sympathetic. She watched the expression on her partner's face alter from monotonous, to strained. She looked down, darting her gaze back and forth, then looking directly into Esther's eyes. The birds began singing distantly in the background of the scene. The sweet smell of Jasmine rose into the air and filled their nostrils, and then...
"That's a good question," she said looking down, almost sadly.."But, maybe I'm all that is left...Perhaps I am all that is left of the old ninjan society..all that ever was..."
"If you had the chance to make this what your old home used to be...would you take that chance?"
Sha was silent for a moment, confused at first as to what Esther meant...and then
"I would...I would restructure the earth to mirror the ninjan Golden Age,..and soar with it into galactic conquest.."
Esther smiled.
They were silent for a moment.
"Sha...I want you to help me...I want you to help me change this world. From all corners I have heard whispers of an uprising from people who want to see us fall. The only chance we may have of surviving is to ensure the annihilation of all those that oppose the Alliance and force them  to succumb to us completely...yet, even then I feel that there are far too many that cannot be trusted. I thought perhaps we could start by eliminating the human race. One by one having them subjected to a quick and painless death. I say humans because they in truth, are the remaining link to the world we used to belong to...the one that existed before you and I came into power and changed everything. They are the greatest threat to our existence..."
She sat and waited, staring at Sha. This would be the ultimate deal. The one that would surpass all the rest, all other bonds before would not come close to this one, and the fact of the matter was, it was all feasible. 

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2030 A.D. - Somewhere in the Canadian Wilderness

A figure stood tall in the blizzard.  His clothes and hair was covered with white, powdery snow.  The figure moved smoothly and fluidly, making stances along the way that resembled those of the lost art Tai Chi.  This man had weathered many hardships, and fought many battles, having grown stronger throughout the years.  This was Obi Wan Kenobi, the man known as the last of the Jedi.  In his younger days he had been one of the most loyal members of WAL, defending the HQ many times against the new threat from beyond the stars.  They were strong, these ninjans, stronger than he had ever imagined.  As time passed they had bested WAL and had killed Feral Nova, a brave warrior he had grown to love as a sister.   In the days after the tragedy, rage had made its way into the Jedi's heart, rage which only grew as his entire family was assassinated by Sha's personal attack dogs, the Sigma Six.  Knowing that rage was a Jedi's worst enemy, Obi quickly became somewhat of a recluse, going out into the wilderness and trying to train hard to grab a hold of his anger and use it as a benevolent weapon.  This training had proved to be fruitful as Obi learned everything there was to be a Jedi.  He gained many special force powers, powers that only the most legendary had been able to master, and used them to defeated his foe, Starkiller, and reduce him to a mere vegetable. 

The storm intensified as flashes of the fateful first battle with the Ninjans flashed through his head.  He breathing slowed and it was slowly reduced to nothing.  His mind went blank and finally, he heard the signal.  A low beeping sound began to come his way as the forty-year-old Jedi deployed his green lightsaber.  Obi opened his eyes and in an instant of power and grace, sped towards the fifty battle-bots he had brought here to train with.  With quick thrusts and commanding skill, Obi quickly took care of the first twenty and as the next group came at him he flipped backwards, ready to unleash some of his newer attacks.  The rest of the bots bolted toward him with plasma swords in air, swinging them forward, when Obi suddenly closed his eyes and ceased his movement.  Extending his arms at either side, Obi pointed to two mighty pine trees close by.  The trees slowly began to move, shaking off the excessive snow gathered up on their branches, and as the bots got within striking distance of the powerful Jedi, a bevvy of tree roots sprouted up from the frozen ground and began pummeling the bots, quickly reducing them to piles of scrap.  Obi finally released his breath, having been holding it in for the whole duration of the exercise.  He let out a small grin, PROXY we're heading home.  A transparent robot with a purple, glowing interior appeared before him, As you wish Master Kenobi.  Obi had gained PROXY after besting its old master, Starkiller, in battle, and it had served him ever since. 

Obi walked over to his customized swoop bike, now aged and rusty, and hopped on, followed by PROXY.  The Jedi made his way towards WAL's nearest jumpgate, hidden cleverly at the foot of a frozen mountain.  In a matter of seconds, Kenobi was transported to the main WAL HQ, hidden six miles underground the surface of the great city of Los Angeles.  He was greeted by a new member of the team who also used to serve under Starkiller: Rabsus.  He wondered where the Uchihas were and made his way towards the basement.  Darkness greeted him as he entered the shadowy, damp sector of the compound.  He walked past the room of his old archenemy Starkiller and looked in.  The old sith sat quietly, with a blank stare just like he had for the past 15 years.  Obi walked to the end of the hallway and slowly opened the door of a room illuminated by light and devoid of darkness.  In it sat the 36 year-old Darko Twall, who had gone insane after witnessing the brutal murder of his teammates at the hands of the NInjans.  Blood ran down the man's arms and his whole body was covered with several self-inflicted scratch marks.  He looked up at Obi with bags under his eyes and said between frantic breaths, Obi! What do you want?   Obi slowly and calmly moved towards Darko, whose body began getting darker.  I have a plan, and it involves the whole team.  We're gonna take back what's ours and we need you, Darko, to do that. 
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Elian was constantly walking through the alleys to try and avoid visibility and been scan by the Sky patrol, he was a powerful opponent but against more than two Ninjan he probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Specially with out his arsenal. Elian’s current arsenal was simple The underworld sword, a couple of self made smoke bombs, a old grappling gun, a notebook and pencil and some antidotes to compensate his fear of death by poisoning. (A phobia he can’t get over)

Elian keeps walking around the alleys crossing streets from one alley to another. Looking behind him and above he seem to be clear at the moment. Walking forward he then feast his eyes on a sign up front, a closed store up front all that Elian could think off was to make some free shopping before getting home. Elian uses his shape shifting ability to mask his identity, then looking to both sides of the road and to the sky making sure he was clear he ran toward the store and teleport inside it. The alarm was set on because of the cameras detecting movement inside the store Elian had to be quick before they caught him.

After braking in the store Elian knew he had to make a run for it before they catch him. Having a bag of canned groceries he ran away from the store to the alley on the front and kept running stopping at every alley entrance been careful looking before crossing he headed to what he now calls home.

There was no R.O.R base, he had no motorcycle or anyone who he could rely on yet he manage to fix up a small base located under a video store that ran out of business in the city. Right under it there was some old train tracks. By dropping through a big fissure Elian found this tracks and not far from it walking a couple of steps there is a rusty old door leading to a lower level were  a abandon train station lies. There in that forgotten place Elian have lived the past years in solitude away from the world. He has technology computers and everything only one problem, to ensure that he was not tracked he could not have any  kind of signal that lead to that location. Meaning he has no internet, no phones or anything that could possibly make the Ninjans systems detect him. Energy source? The sword of the underworld’s energy was enough to power the place, all he had to do was connect it to a self-made metallic sword sheath that wired the electronics together. only place the underworld sword in the sheath and the place would switch on like a Christmas three.

Arriving to his “cozy” location Elian placed his groceries on a table, there was no light yet but it didn’t matter Elian’s night vision works.. Sometimes. Elian growing he crack his neck and stretches his arms while he walks to his circuit breakers box, he unsheathe the underworld sword and connects it to the power sheath creating a source of energy (Like electricity) the some places of the room lightens up, all Elian had in possessions was a small fridge, a electric fan, a couch and his stolen computers. In the whole place Elian’s only company were the rats and spiders along whit the spider webs and a old rusty train cart.

“This is life, I guess.”  

Says Elian while placing his stolen groceries in order just to keep himself busy, is not easy having the death of all your friends and close ones in your conscience specially when you are alone. Grabbing a remote control Elian then turns on his radio and plays it  listens to Bob Marley CD to clear his mind.

(three little birds playing)

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A little blue umbrella swirled around in a coconut, the sound ice sloshing around was faint yet but still could be picked up. Beating down the sun heated the area to nice 82 degrees, sit on the beach of Honolulu , Hawaii the Shinobi was enjoying his retirement. Using a palm tree for shade Vann stared off into the crystal blue sea that spots of white when the waves crashed along the shores, he heard a voice full of joy and happiness giggling behind him. He sat up and turned around to see his beloved Nova making a giant sand cookie then diving on top of it. Vann just smiled as he watched her, her hair flowing like a wild fire and the sun reflecting off her tan skin making her look almost golden. Standing up the fire goddess brushed the sand from her body and made her way over to Vann. As he went to hug her, Nova's body turned to pure light before engulfing every thing around.


Great, I guess my body is telling me I need to sleep again but can't not until I find something that can reverse Steph's condition... but that was a good dream.


Letting out a big sigh Vann continued to go over the research from N.O.V.A. Ind. on how they manage fuse cybernetics with living tissue. He had been locked away working on a cure for weeks, the last time anyone had seen him was right after Nova had finally told him. He noticed that mission after mission she seemed to be more fatigued, though she played off well hiding her pain to not be a burden to team. Their argument replayed in head over and over as each second passed, the only way fro him to drown it out was bury himself in his work yet that didn't seem to be enough. "Steph I've noticed for a while that you really haven't been yourself, not only have mission been hard on you but so has simply everyday things what's going on?" Nova's head lowered while her darted down to the left, her arms wrapped around her torso as she turned her body and bit on her lower lip. Vann continued on,"It's something big isn't it, why wont you tell me?" He saw her eyes water up as she turned her back to him, not wanting him to see her beak down more so then what she already did and explained to him how her body was slowly starting to reject all of the metal, wiring and computer implants that have been fused inside her body, and because she wasn’t born with her fire power, her internal organs were slowly withering away. Enraged the shinobi clinched his fist and put it through a nearby wall, "Why, why have you been hinding this from me, you know I could have helped... Did you not tell me cause you thought I would pull you from mission... you know sometimes you're to stubborn for your own good." The whites of his eyes became bloodshot and soon tears slid down his face the same as hers as he watched her drop to the ground. he seemed hesitant  to walk to her still angered but he then remembered this was the women he loves and he will stand by her no matter what she does,  picking her up he cradled her in his arms and walked over to her bed and placed her in it before covering her with a blanket. Heading for the door he was stopped by her soft voice telling him that she was sorry and really meant to tell him sooner, taking a deep breath he turned his head and in a warm calming voice he replied. "I know you did and I'm sorry for the harsh words... but you know you're going to have to tell Kenobi and the twins... but don’t think about it right now just get your rest." With a smile he stepped through her door and closed it behind him, as the door closed he dropped the brave face that he put on for her sake and the anger once again took over causing him to leave impression of his fingers in the doorknob.


Enough thinking about the past need to finish up here.




After finally figuring out a way to at least slow down the illness Nova was suffering from with the same nano tech that he used on her sword, the nanobot tricked the T cells in her body into seeing all the foreign cybernetics as simple blood cells but sadly her condition was far to along for this to complete cure only slow down illness. Vann was happy that he could slow down the illness knowing that giving her more time was better then having now at all, a few months after that he proposed presenting her with a ring that that had a emerald that matched her eyes rather then a diamond. Two years had passed since then Nova still keep a active role on the team and continued on as one of the co-captain through she only went out on small mission and handle the paperwork. Vann monitored her closely making updating the system he made to keep her going and to not draw attention as she took on the role as the overseer of Young WAL and their training, he ran all the programs through the nano tech sword he made for her years before. By this time the earth was in the middle of a war with Ninjeta the birth world of one of Vann's and Nova's dearest friend Sha. After seeing so many wars and losing so many people close to them WAL tried to make peace with Ninjans despite the hatred that was being thrown their way, WAL was got tagged with the label of traitors by most of the young heroes and other teams.


In diplomatic fashion WAL (Vann, Nova, Kenobi) along with member of young WAL (Hotaru, Sozuko and a small squad of about eight junior level members) met with the Ninjan leaders to apologize on behalf of the earth in an attempt to avoid anymore blood shed on both side but their affords were soon for not as a team of heroes with no relation to WAL so this as an chance to attack the ninjan leaders in hope of driving them from this planet. A huge battle soon erupted and WAL found them in the middle of it, cast his water encampment jutus a lager barrier of water surrounded the team protecting them for the moment to give them time to figure out a plan of what to do. Seeing know way to get out this with out a fight Vann along with Nova and Kenobi gave the order not to kill just disable the ninjan forces, this was going well until the Ninjan Princess herself stepped out and gave the order to live no one alive. Looking at Sha in disbelief Vann stood stunned as Nova burst into flames and went to confront the women she considered a sister. "Nova wait... your only have about 40% of your former power don’t engage in a fight with her!" He yelled out but his words seemed to fall upon deaf ears. Everything around him was falling apart the young WAL members were being picked off one by one Nova flew off to fight Sha, he didn't know who to help until he saw Zuko surrounded by a squad of ninjan assassins. Zuko was barely holding them off as he engulfed himself in a ball of fire, he yelled out to his father for help caise he was the nearest to him. Dashing towards him Vann yelled out "Use the Chirdoi Current!!!" A large surge of electricity flew from Zukos body at the same time Vann did the same. The smell of burning flesh filled the area as the group of ninjans drop to the ground, "their not dead now go help your mother!" he pointed as he watched Zuko take to the air. As Zuko passed over head he saw him stop in his tracks witha mortified look on his face, "Zuko, what-" before he finished the shinobi turned around right as Nova's body crashed to the earth.


Vann felt a sharp pain in his chest as Zuko flew over to Nova and sadly hung his head before telling everyone that she was dead. In an instance Vann covered the gap between himself and where her body landed, taking her hand he felt as the warmth was leaving her body. Lost in his grief he didn't notice that everyone around them had stopped fight out of respect of the fire goddess, holding back his tears he picked pup her lifeless body and cradled it to his. Then with bloodshot eyes he glared up at Sha, handing her body to Zuko well never taking his eyes off of Sha the Shinobi yelled out "Sha! Your life ends here!" Getting ready to a take a step forward and charge her Vann was stopped as Hotaru and Kenobi stepped in his path, gathering control of his emotions Vann adhered to their wish of not attacking her. Turning his back he ordered, "It's time to go home... we have a funeral to prepare for..." Then in an instance he vanished.




Soon after Nova's funeral Vann and Kenobi had meeting, Vann had receive word from Konoha that he need as the Ninth Hokage. They decided it was best at this point for them to step down and appoint a new leader for WAL. After talking it over they both thought that the Twins would be the best choose. Travelling back to Japan Vann soon learned of the urgency of which he was named the new Hokage was do to a ninja by the name of Uchiha Kei who soon later after being investigated was found to be Vann's older half brother. It turns out Kei had formed an alliance with Sha and Esther as he used the tailed beast to try and take over the ninja world and have them serve under the two. Like Vann Kei was able to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan. The two brother fought a grueling battle to point that they were both almost completely blind do to the over usage of the Mangekyou, Kei's original plan was to kill NeVann and take his eyes for his own to gain an even greater power. But alas Kei fall short and died by the hand of Vann's curse seal level two dark Chirdoi, because Vann heart was already frozen over by the loss of Nova killing his brother that he didn't know didn't even register on his emotional radar. Taking his brothers eyes Vann implanted them into his own clearing up his blindness almost instantly. With his new Mangekyou Vann now had the power to control the one most powerful tailed beast the nine tailed fox demon.


Present day...


After defeating his Kei, Vann united the five great ninja nation under one banner to help in the fight against the power of Sha and Esther. Returning home once a year like always, he met up with Hotaru and Sozuko at Nova's grave site. Both there eyes a burning emerald like their mothers put a smile on the old ninjas face. "Your mother would be so proud of like I am." The three comforted each other, as Vann noticed that Taru had grown so cold over the time of her mom passing. He placed his hand on her shoulder and look into her dark green eyes as if he was trying to look into her soul and said, "Are you ok princess?" He really hadn't called her that in ages but he figure he would some remark about her not being a kid any longer but nothing all she said was "we should go... we have work to do..." Nodding he along with Zuko followed her to the car and head back to the WAL underground hideout, during the drive back it wasn't hard to tell that they were all thinking the same thing but Hotaru was the first to say it. "Its time we do something about that ‘Ninjan Princess’.”
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Back in his secluded farm Kurrent was hard at work. On a large board was a spreadsheet with dates of every recorded event that Sha and BatgirlBabs had taken place in. In his old age he thought he was going crazy but after being locked up for so long his cell mate got very convincing. He was a scientist that never broke a law in his life but when he refused to work for The Alliance they threw him in a cell knowing that his work could eventually lead to thier downfall. For the eight years that they were in the prison he and Kurrent would plan their escape and he showed Kurrent everything he knew about time travel. He also shared with him the location of his secret half built time machine that was in a barn in the newly merged state of Texahoma. On the day of their escape he gave Kurrent a detailed list of the parts needed to complete the repairs of the time machine and told him that he was the only one that would be able to power up the machine.

Placing the final piece that he had acquired from when he went to town in its slot. He wrote on a log that he had kept the three years.....Time Travel attempt 38, Gambler's first meeting with Babs......This is when most of the worlds problems began and it was theorized that if the two would have never met Sha would have not turned evil again and she would have had the power to stop her Ninjan sister from invading. If the time travel worked Kurrent was to kill Gambler and Babs while they slept then if he did not fade away he was to kill his future self without being see. This was a sacrifice that he was willing to make to get the world back to where it was supposed to be.

He set the coordinates on the machine and took his position. After extending his arms out large bolts of electricity coursed from his veins out to the machine. The systems all turned and a small vortex began to open He was closer then ever this time. He kept a constant flow of his own electricity going and the time vortex seemed to be getting bigger by the second. That was until an alarm went off giving him a warning of too much power being used and was frying the circuits. He continued to pushed the power from his body thinking "I almost got it" as the vortex grew. This was the closest he had ever gotten and perhaps the most disappointing. Right as he was about to take a step through the vortex a smoke started seeping throughout the entire machine and the vortex to the past had closed.

He was at a lost for words when he went the log and wrote again.....Attempt 38 failed..... An anger filled his body that he has not felt in ages. He felt like he could not give up hope because it had been ripped from his soul already many years ago. In an act of anger he flipped the table over causing all his documents and materials to fly all over the place. He fell to the ground leaning against the wall and put his hand over his face and began to tear up. He was now a broken man all the pain he felt for his fallen friends, the innocent people that had suffered everything that happened on his supposed watch was coming out at that very moment as he wept. He stayed like that for a good hour thinking and when he finally got his bearings wiped his face and stood up. Looking around the room he thought to himself  "I'm not a fu@king scientist, I'm a leader, I'm a fighter and it's about time I started acting like one"

Using his electrokenisis he focused a stream of electricity around a small heater and tipped it over. Almost instantly the place caught fire and he stood there for a second watching his friends life work go up in flames before walking out the door of his solitude. He left with the intention to never come back, he was going to change the world or die trying.

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Sha’s eyes when from white to black as she listened to Babs talk about an “Ethnic cleansing” brought a smile to Sha’s face, humans had to long fight amongst each other and kept each other down, but now they were on the bottom of the evolutionary chain. Sha didn’t take her eyes off Ester making eye contact was the highness form of respect, she turned around and said: WE NEED DECOYS she pushed a button and the doors behind them opened, from the outside walked two almost identical naked women. Sha looked at Babs and then said: UNIT 2 AND UNIT 1 TRANSFORM, the girls began their transformation they transformed into Ester and into Sha. Sha smiled as she opened a small capsule; as soon as she opened it the clones disappeared into a cloud of smoke and went into the capsule. Sha then asked Babs to call forth the LAS members, it was time for the cleansing to commence Sha pulled out a map and showed it to Babs and everyone else.

THIS IS A MAP OF THE FORMER AREA 51 east division based in new jersey … BURIED A GOOD 15 FEET BELOW THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH IS A HUGE BUNKER..THIS BUNKER HOLDS THE TOLL FOR GETTING RID OVER EVERY HUMAN ON THIS PLANET Sha turned to look at Babs and the LAS members because she was sure they knew what she was talking about. YOU GUYS EVER HEARED OF CYRBERO. Sha knew that if she targeted all the humans then some of the member of the Las would be affected but she had her scientist make a advanced chip called GEM inserting this into cyrbero’s circuitry blocked specific people from being affected, in this case it was the LAS.  Sha face was turning snow white; her eyes had dark circles around them as her pupils filled with red. THE BUNKER IS BELIEVED TO BE GUARDED BY SECURITY FROM THE LAST RESISTANCE… IF WE CAN ATTACK THEM FROM THE SIDE USING THE LAS AND THEN ATTACK FROM THE NORTH USING THE NINJAN FORCES. THEN ME AND ESTHER CAN MOVE IN WHILE THE GUARDS ARE DISTRACTED.

Sha turned to Babs and everyone else..How does that sound…? Babs gave the plan Sha had the strategy the time to make their first move was now, there was no mistaken that  Kurrent was already thinking of ways to topple Esther and Sha’s empire..The old bastard. Sha watched the people around her grow old and she watched their perfect skin get penetrated by wrinkles, well she couldn’t her face stayed it’s natural youthful state, however her organs did grow old but at only 42 earth years old Sha was ready to take her ninjans to the promise land. A solider ran up to her and asked: WHAT HAVE THE HUMANS DONE THAT IS SO WRONG. Sha sat in her chair and smiled FOR TOO LONG HAVE I SAT BACK AND WATCH THIS PROSTITUTION KNOWN AS HUMANITY LIVE LIFE..WELL NO IT’S TIME TO PAY MOMMY. Just then women that looked almost like Sha burst through the door. MA’AM YOUR MOTHER AND SISTERS AND DAUGHTER ARE IN THE SECURE LOCATION! Sha smiled and then turned back to the girl who was still standing in her spot Sha turned around to ask again. WHAT KNOW? the girl looked down and then began to speak again.  WELL ONE OF OUR BUNKERS HAS BEEN ATTACKED; THE ASSALANTS ARE CALLING THEM SELVES THE KICK ASS SQUAD.  Sha raised an eyebrow and then looked at Babs, she hit a button on her watch and it transformed her outfit to all white, her name was riding up her pants leg and her traditional S was now on her shoulders.

She removed a red sword similar to the one Babs had used on her years back. THIS SWORD IS MADE OF SOLAREON…IT IS WHAT THE CORE OF NINJETA WAS MADE OF IT’S VERY DURABLE POSSIBLY THE ONLY SUBSTANCE THAT CAN KILL A NINJAN WITH LITTLE EFFORT… she then paced back and forth showing every one the sword.. NOW BACK IN THE 17 AND 16 CENTURIES WHEN A MESSENGER BROUGHT BADNEWS.. Sha jammed the sword into her identical messenger’s stomach and twisted it THE KING WOULD BE HEAD THEM! She pulled the sword out and then sliced off her head. GREAT…NOW I NEED A NEW MESSENGER, YOU she pointed to another Ninjan woman PLACE THE HEAD IN A BOX AND MAIL IT TO KURRENT...I DON’T WANT HIM TO THINK WE’VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT HIM. She turned to Babs and gave a nod, next stop cerebro.

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He could barely remember anything from time before the great war of 2015 until now. The last thing he remembered was flying down from space as fast as he could. He could never recall why but he knew he had a purpose. He could fell it deep inside. Something had knocked him out and made him crash into a large mountain braking several of his bones. When he woke he remembered being rescued by Sha and Babs and that the war had been ended because of them.

It took months to rehabilitate him. He was in a groggy state that whole time like if he was being drugged but they continued to ensure him that he was being rescued. Everyday at first Sha would come in with a needle and inject the Renegade in his neck with a syringe that had Oracle written on it. He was grateful that  Sha was helping him figuring that she was repaying him from when he had brought her back to life years before that. One day after his injection he was approached by Sha with an offer. He felt groggy at first but something inside of him could not turn her down. It was like he was under a trance. He agreed and she spoke to him looking straight in his eyes and said "You will protect me" looking back at her his mind was all over the place at first then it went blank. With a stern look and tone he said to her "I will protect you"

Several year went by and as his loyalty grew for Sha the "treatments" came less often. By the present day they were given to him once a week. He was now a member of the Sigma Six with no regard for anything else except the protection of Sha killing and any and all who opposed her. It didn't matter, man, women, child even Ginger Miles who over the years he developed a crush on would die by his hand if they crossed Sha.

The plans to destroy the human race were quickly brought up to the Sigma Six. First they would have to destroy as much of the resistors as possible so the hunt began. Acer would join the fold and quickly destroy a group of resistors that included his very own son. While other members of the Sigma Six went there own seperate ways RL and Ginger went on patrol to Vine City.

The City was a haven to resistors an RL knew that. It was his idea to take this city first. He was still a strategist and figured that if they kill the resistors in Vine City the ones around the world would be fighting with broken spirits and they would be easier to pick off. Together they flew over the city until they saw a group of about 5 people. By their clothes you could tell they were against the New World. Ginger flew down and made quick work of the three of them while RL glided down with his hands behind his back keeping contact on both of his victims. Once he landed he began to walk still keeping his hands behind his back. From his body came 4 identical constructs of shinobi ninjas. As he walked towards them he had his constructs chase down the men that ran away and hold them down until he reached thier location. On each side of the men was a green construct of a Ninja. RL watched as the men were on their knees, their tears showed their age, they couldn't have been 16 years old and something inside The Renegade cause him to freeze.

Ginger was back in the air and she noticed that RL was frozen "LANTERN KILL THEM NOW" she screamed. He looked back up at her and whispered "NO" while nodding his head left and right. Quickly Ginger flew down behind him with an Oracle syringe in hand and slammed it on the back of his neck and released the contents into his body. After about three second she said to him again "Kill them now". Immediately two more ninja constructs appeared as well as a throne behind him. RL sat down in the throne and watched as his mind controlled constructs began to stab the to young men forcefully. At this point Ginger had walked off and used he communicating device to call Babs while covering her other ear to block the sound of painful cries in the background she said....."Our dog is biting on his the leash. It's getting harder and harder to control him everyday, if this is the max dose he is going to snap out of it eventually  what should we do"

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The shock of finally tracking down her target only to find out that she had in fact been hunting her father was more then the fatigued assassin could handle. Her body went limp as she slipped into a well deserved sleep. Gambler smiled before removing the blade from her throat and plunging it into a bed of hot rocks. Slowly and methodically he used the knife as a spatula carefully placing individual rocks around Angelique’s blanket for warmth. He sat there for hours watching his daughter sleep while his mind flashed back to a time before the invasion, before the war.

He could see the withered testing dummy he had taught his daughter on. Never questioning him or his methods she had been the perfect student. He could see his wife smiling and shaking her head believing he was pushing the child to hard. But as he ran his fingers through the thickness of his beard his happy memories soon turned to ones of hate an violence. Years earlier the Ninjeta sun had been destroyed by a NASA shuttle that had lost control and drifted off course causing the death of their homeworld. Or so it had been written in the history books. Gambler never trusted the story but after the Ninjan’s invaded there wasn’t much chance of ever figuring it out.

Like a swarm of African killer bees they swooped down out of the atmosphere engulfing the Earth with their rage. Esther Cotillard  along side her Ninjanian counterpart Sha, used the invasion to camouflage an even more diabolical plan. Flawlessly executed, Esther rose in political power and influence. With Sha and the entire Ninjanian army at her side, the World soon fell under their dictatorship. However, like all great conquering forces Babs and Sha didn’t completely strip the human race of its way of life. Allowing them to keep their religions and churches. Which in exchange, secretly devoted their allegiances

to the Ninjanians and the LaS. Subtly influencing the World to accept the new regime.

At the time Gambler had no intentions of opposing the invading force and was content to sit at his wife’s side and watch her rule the World. But it was not to be. Gambler’s father, Jean Luc Sr and the Assassins Guild refused to bow down. Instead taking up arms against the alien invasion. In a quick and bloody battle, the Guild that had raised and trained the Cajun had been massacred. Furious upon hearing the news that his entire clan had been wiped out, the Last Arcadian set out to kill Sha and Esther. But with the entire Ninjanian army at their disposal as well as the most notorious assassins ever  trained, he soon realized it would be nothing more then a suicide mission. And so without so much as a word the Living Legend slipped away and disappeared.

Soon afterwards stories started to emerge. Some kind of ghost had been attacking Ninjanian surplus transports and weapons caches. It didn’t take long before Gambler’s name started to surface forcing Esther to deal with the situation or risk destabilizing her partnership with the Ninjanians. A small contingent force comprised of both Las and Ninjanian warriors where sent to in what historians would later refer to as, “The Battle of the Big Easy”. Outnumbered and outgunned the self proclaimed King of King’s was reportedly killed. The reports of his demise where greatly exaggerated. It would later be discovered that one of the Ninjanian officer’s never returned from the swamp, leaving many to believe Gambler had survived the onslaught by disguising himself as a Ninjanian officer and making his escape. Going off the grid and underground never to see his daughter again. Or so he believed.

The faint flickering light of the fireplace reflected in his ruby red eyes as his mind returned to the here and now, gazing upon his greatest creation. His eyes weren’t as bright and colorful as when he was young and his bones ached with every movement. He had gotten old. Still, he couldn’t help but smile as he ran his fingers through his daughter’s midnight colored hair feeling slightly rejuvenated. He didn’t know the true motives behind her arrival but feared the worst. Did she know who she had been tracking? Surely Esther was smarter then to send his own daughter after him yet here she was. He rose from his chair but not before placing a gentle kiss on Angelique’s forehead.

He would later find himself staring in the bathroom mirror, battle scars from years past running up and down his body like a patch work quilt. His long white hair and beard making him barely recognizable to even himself. Slowly he raised his blade to his neck and sighed before littering the sink with hair. It was time. Not only was it time to put down the Ninjanian oppression that had plagued the World for to long, but it was time to destroy the Les Assassins Silenceux. Gambler was no hero, but he wasn’t about to be ruled either. Not by Esther, not by the LaS, and most certainly not by an alien race.

Angelique was abruptly awaken as Gambler throw a bucket of water in her face. Sliding his thumbs and fingers together he produced two kinetically charged cards in each and as if by magic.

“Are you wit me or against me chere?”

“I' ; esprit de m que vous engendrez. Je toujours ai été” (translated: I’m wit you father. I always have been)

“Good, then get up. We have a long road ahead of us.”

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     Juliette jogged around the UMass campus as she often did before the start of her day, it was a good way to keep in shape as well as keep an eye on the small commune. It was a crisp New England day, cool, but comfortable. The leaves were falling from the trees though, and it wouldn't be long until the harshness of winter had taken hold. Juliette smiled as she ran past the large fields that at one time might have been used for various sporting events, but now had been converted to the farmland that supplied the people of Amherst with food. Comunities like Amherst were extremely rare, somehow managing to remain unmolested by the New World Order, and they prospered. Everyone in the town had an important job, and all the inhabitants dutifully worked, and they were happy to do it. Amherst has its secrets though, and its biggest was probably the only reason the people were truly free. The people that lived in the one time college dorms also were practitioners of an ancient martial tradition, they were all that was left of the knights Templar.

     While under the command of the first "Slinger," the ranks of the knighthood swelled. At their hieght they were an army of thousands, a group of master swordsmen, both powered and human. Now after two major wars the membership was down to just slightly more than a hundred. Juliette was the current leader of the knighthood, taking over command after the previous leader fell in combat during the Ninjan war. Unfortunately there wasn't much left to be in command of. The remaining knights were mostly superpowered humans, though a few sympathetic Ninjans joined the cause after seeing the atrocities that their sisters commited during the Ninjan war. There were very few regular humans who survived the battle for Boston, where the Templar knights made their final stand against the encroaching army, and of them the Ninjans were particularly rutheless to the males, Juliette could count the men in the camp on two hands.

     As a result of the installation of the small army, and because there really was nothing there to exploit anyway, the powers that be generally left the small settlement alone. For years, previous to the uneasy peace, the LAS and Ninjans tried time and again to take them out so that they could be made examples of to other pockets of resistance, but they always found that the Templar guardians of the community were best left unprovoked. Since the wrath of the knights was never incurred otherwise, they eventually learned that it was better to let them be.

     Juliette finally finished her run, returning to the large dormitory building that was turned into a barracks. She walked into the building and went to her room to prepare for the day's patrol. Her friend Melissa, whom she called "Em" was waiting for her, and greeted her as she arrived, "Have a good jog today Sling? Hopefully it helped clear your head after your little episode last knight."

     "It's Sling-er," Juliette responded puting extra emphasis on the "er" ending, "and it did help. I feel a lot better." She opened the door to her spartan living space. There was one window, her bed, a simple desk, and a rack with her armor and sword. "Wanna help me get suited up?"

     "Only if you'll help with mine!" Em reponded cheerfully, adorning their armor was a much easier job while assisted, it cut the amount of time it took almost in half.

     The two knights prepared themselves according to a careful routine. They were very practiced at what they did, they could do it with their eyes closed. They pieced together eachothers armor, carefully inspecting the various parts for wear, then did the same with their weapons. Finally they recited a short prayer with the hope of another long peaceful day, and then were ready to go.

     The two left the building, then in front of it, they parted ways, "See ya later, Em. You'll call if you find anything?"

     "You know it, Sling-er! Take care."
Melissa responded kindly then watched as Juliette shot into the sky and began her patrol. "Show off." She murmered to herself, than started her own investigation of the area surrounding the town on foot.

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The wind blew through the man’s black hair pushing it backwards, his black suit fluttered around his body. Until suddenly everything came to a complete stop.. the man slammed into a car wreck below him. The sheer force of the impact crushed the roof from the car, windows from the wreck shattered and glass littered the broken concrete road below it. No-one seemed to care around these parts of the world, it was the very place a large battle between heroes of earth and Ninjeta’s broke out many years ago. It had obliterated parts of the once ow so mighty and proud city. Now, it was nothing but ruins.. a broken memory from a once glorious existence. The concrete streets were filled with cracks, buildings and towers no longer stood straight up, but were crooked and in shambles. An unbroken window.. In this city it was a rare sight, this was a city people went to that didn’t want to be found, yet ironically, a city were you had the most danger of being caught. The streets were constantly patrolled by Ninjeta, however a skilled person could survive here without being found.

Just one man, a drifter dressed in old rags had the curiosity to look up where the body came from. All he could see was a silhouette from a man standing behind a shattered window, his brown stained coat blew violently in the wind. The sun glistered of the right side of his head. Short grey hair decorated the left side of his head, his entire face was scarred, flesh from part of his face was ripped off, showing cybernetic implants around his right eye and ear which caused the glister from the sunlight to appear. It was a man previously known as Precise.. but he had long since abandoned that name. Not since he was betrayed by the very woman he swore to protect. Emile looked down at the man laying in the wreckage several stories below him. Slowly shifting his eyes to the drifter looking at him.. “Are you sure you want to do that Jack.. he said in a firm raw tone of voice. He turned around to see a man in a black suit grasping a knife tightly in his hand, his face was bleeding, a small stream of blood ran from his eyebrow to his chin. The man didn’t waste any time and ran towards him while at the same time raising his hand in an attempt to stab Emile. Quickly Emile responded by grasping the tendons in his armpit and twisting it around. Jack screamed in pain as Emile stood with a blank face before him. “I’ve taught you better then that Jack” Emile said. Jack looked at him in horror.. “Then just kill me.. if I don’t return to BatgirlBabs carrying your head, me and my family is dead anyway”. With that said Emile grasped the man’s throat firmly in his hand, the stream of blood coming from Jack’s head poured on Emile’s hand. The former assassin looked him straight in the eyes while at the same time twisting his neck.. his fingernails pierced his opponents neck, his eyes slowly rolled away. Emile loosened his grip on the man’s neck and let him fall to the floor.

Emile bended over and gently closed the man’s eyelids.. “I’ve always respected you..” he softly mumbled. He had just killed two assassins he single handily trained when he was still a captain in the Les Assassins Silencieux. Before he was being hunted like an animal.. He sat down at a nearby couch, the grey fabric was completely worn out. He looked at the dead man near his feet.. Emile was neither good nor evil, he was not above these concepts.. on the contrary.. he was beneath them. He had but one thing in mind.. one thing for the past 20 years.. Revenge. Revenge at the one woman who had done this to him, it was the only reason he still wanted to live. BatgirlBabs feared him while he was still a captain, Emile had never agreed in her way working with the Ninjeta’s and she knew this. He had gained the trust and respect of the assassins and she feared this, the only way to stop him was to humiliate him.. and kill him in the process. The first she had succeeded in, the second.. well needless to say he was still alive.. but the attempt on his life left him horribly scarred.

He stood up from his place, the wind still blew across the office from the shattered window. He went through the drawers from the steel desk grasping a piece of white paper and a black marker. While scribbling something on the paper he walked towards the knife on the ground. His bloodstained hand smeared the red blood all over the white paper as he picked up the dagger from the floor. He walked towards the door and plunged the dagger with the bloodstained note in the door. As he walked out of the room closing the door behind him you could read the message he left behind for BatgirlBabs..

“Soon..” were the only words written on the paper.

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Midnight Girl "Oh my god so you think we can kill her know?"  Midnightist "In theory I gathered enough materials that can b used to destroy nearly indestructible substances in our plan of existence, since Sha is still currently apart of plan of reality it can tear apart even her flesh, but no matter what its made of a bullet still wont be enough to kill her or anyone else that works under her. She still has an entire army of Ninjans at her command and it's going to be hard enough getting to her through that. There is till allot of work to be done. Go get your brother I need to do something" Midnightist opened  cabinet containing different weapons and armed himself. After he felt he was ready he left the ruins of the New World Alliance and as if he never existed began his search for something.

15 Minutes later  The building read FOR YOUR PROTECTION. This was one of the many stations that held Sha and Batgirlbab's soldiers and Ninjans. In a conference room. Men and women in uniforms could be seen working like the busy little bees their dictators loved. An officer walked over to a table "All right people I have good news these agents have finally located our target and tactical has already given us orders to proceed and eradicate our target" The officer walks over to a board with a map. "Now I want three teams........" Before the man in a uniform can say another word two bullets pass threw his head and heart becoming lodged in the wall. His body falls to the ground and there others crowd around him. Another goes to the wall and with some tweezers pull the round out of the wall. She looks and sees that the round is blinking and then suddenly increases in speed.

Less than a second later a massive explosion rings through the building. As the survivors stand up from the blast coughing and choking from the smoke. A shadow enters the room. He kills one man standing in front of him by stabbing him in the heart with a knife. He calm walks straight. Two more try and get in his way he spins slicing their throats. As some goes for a gun he comes out of he spin with one shot to their throat. He again walks straight a women then  try to punch him in the face. He grabs her hand and then twists her body and snaps her neck. A door opens with four armed soldiers waling through they die as soon as the enter. 

Soon the Man of Midnight has approached the agent earlier credited for finding the groups target. She tries to fire a gun, but he quickly rushes to her moves her hand from his direction making he bullet fire into the air. She throws a punch he grabs her arm snaps it so that the bone can be seen protruding from her skin. She screams in pain. He outstretches his hand towards her throat and lifts her from the ground slamming her into a wall. "Now you can live through this if you tell me something. I know who your after and I need to know too so I'm going to ask you one time WHERE IS KURRENT"
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Chaos was everywhere. The army of Ninjeta warriors seemed endless in numbers, and even though Veritas was 200 strong, the invaders from space numbered even greater. Around him, heroes were dying, taking Ninjeta warriors with them. Alpha Guard was determined not to be among the fallen, but you can't turn aside fate. The Guardian of Good heard the faint sound of buzzing behind him, the sound of Ninjeta blasters powering up. Whirling around, Alpha Guard transformed into pure energy, reforming himself as a Chimara. The beast plunged into the mass of warriors, scattering them and blasting them with fire breath. Shape-shifting was a power he had only recently mastered, and it wasn't the only new one. He had learned from his time in the AoA reality that his powers would grow, but he had no idea how different they would become. No longer did he meerely manipulate energy, he was energy.

Alpha Guard found himself fighting beside Kurrent. The two of them had fought together several times, and made a formiddable pair. But they were still fighting a losing battle. "Kurrent, now might be the time to start planning a retreat." "No way Alpha Guard, not after how far we've come." As Kurrent replied to his teammate, several Ninjeta warriors leaped on top of Alpha Guard. Reacting quickly, the Guardian of Good shifted into a fly to escape from their grasp, then reverted to his normal form and blasted the invaders with a plasma blast. With blood dripping from a wound in his arm, not too serious but still painful, Alpha Guard turned back to Kurrent and gestured at the endless tide of Ninjeta warriors and the falling heroes. "How long do you think we can keep this up Kurrent, we're not on the offensive anymore, gahh!" A beam of light collided with the Guardian of Good, knocking him to the ground. As his vision blurred, he shot a blast of energy at his attackers. He was right on target, but the blast had hit Alpha Guard hard. He couldn't hold on for much longer. With a screem of fury, Alpha Guard surrounded himself with a whirlwind, an attack that took out several Ninjeta warriors. But he couldn't handle the sudden surge of power. With the sounds of battle still echoing in his ears, the Guardian of Good fell into a coma.


After 15 years, Alpha Guard finally started to come out of his coma. He found himself in a cyrojenics chamber, obviously to keep him alive. He tried to move, but found himself paralyzed. Only his mind was active. Without anything to keep him awake, Alpha Guard started to slip back into unconsciusnes. But when he did, he found himself dreaming. Then a man dressed in Native American garments appeared to him. But he was unlike anything Alpha Guard had ever seen, his body was nearly translucent, and he was older then anyone he had ever meet. The ancient man then spoke to him. "Greetings Alpha Guard. I am the Wanderer of Days, and I have a mission for you." "What kind of misson; in case you haven't noticed I can't move. Alpha Guard could have sworn The Wanderer gave a faint, brief smile before replying. This mission well require only your mind Alpha Guard. I need you to contact an old friend of yours, and an aquaitence. I assume you remember Seeker?" "Yeah, what about him? And why can't you contact him?" "Only you can convince him to do what needs to be done Alpha Guard. You mist convince him to leave the Sea of Time and aid your fellow heroes here against the Ninjeta warriors."  Alpha Guard had no reply to this, he remembered Seeker well, he would be the perfect one to help Kurrent and the others. But his friend also had a strong desire to return to his mormal life, and the Ninjeta could have the technology that would allow him to do this. "You must trust him Alpha Guard. You should know that Seeker well let nothing get in the way of a mission, nothing. And you must trust yourself Alpha Guard, this coma does not make you utterly helpless. You must contact Seeker Alpha Guard, you must."  Then The Wanderer was gone, and Alpha Guard found himself awake again, wondering what to do.
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The halls of the catholic church faintly lit by candle light, shadows flickering across the walls and seven tall figures walked along the hallway.  Draped in ceremonial white robe and hood, reciting there ancient prayers, "Forgive us father, for we have sinned" they chanted, golden crosses dangling from there neck as there hands clutched to there bible. "Wait...There is a spy among us" grunted the man at the end of the line. The white robed men quickly spun around to see the man exclaiming of a betrayer in the midst. "And I'm the Spy...hehehhehe" Cackled the man as he drew both of his guns tucked beneath his pearl white robe.


Corpses kicked aside like garbage, bleeding both internally and externally.  The Vaticans foot soldiers did'nt stand a chance. Every last one was dead, blood and gore splattering onto the white robes and bibles that were now scattered across the floor. Clutching onto the leg of TheDrifter was the only one left alive, "Why....you were on--one of us", his eyes fluttering, and his head bobbing. The Drifters foot lifted up, kicking the last one alive up to the wall, holding his foot in place directly under the man's chin.

"Why did I do this to you? Why did I betray you? Sir, Do I look like the man who gives a sh!t about you? your family? your feelings? Anything about you? Of course not, You're nothing but a puppet to me. Thats what all humans are, you manipulate them and you push them aside like dog sh!t. Now, tell me where he is"

"Where who is?" Inquired the man

"Tenjin" Whispered the Dark one...

"I don't know..."

Infuriated, Drifter kicked the mans teeth out before he just went to find out where he was himself, disgarding the white robe on his way to reveal a sleeker more stylish black italian leather trench coat (his normal assassins gear)


One Hour Later

Deep within the basement, completely dark....

A figure stepped inside, keeping to the shadows as he threw the door back, the only illuminating this so far barren room was the flickering of monitors. On, Off, On, Off, in a nearly seizure enducing speed.

"Tenjiin...AWAKEN!" Shouted Drifter as the darkness was fully absorbed from the area and into the body of the Drifter. Making the room light once more, and empowering his twisted soul. The light shined brightly onto a large tank, filled with water and other assorted chemicals to keep the warriors heart ticking inside.

"Too long since you've walked this earth huh?"

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Half asleep in an alley lay the once champion of the world now turned desponded anarchist.   He was tired and off his game, although it was not his fault considering he had not gotten a full nights sleep in 10 years.  Dormath would not let his consuiosn slip to far from this world for fear that that was the moments that they would strike.   It was a humorless situation always fearing for your life, but with Dormath he found humor in something.  The humor he found was in the fact that he did not know who or what it was that he was watching out for anymore.  His enemy Rune has disappeared since the Ninjeta had come to claim this world.  Dormath almost missed it the comfort of knowing your enemy, it surprised him how his thoughts had changed over the years.  There was a time when Dormath would give everything he had to destroy Rune and his treacherous tongue but now…now that was all changed.  Dormath took another swig of the home made moonshine he was able to acquire from the drunk two alleys over.  Dormath finished the bottle that was more the ¾ full and let his mind go at ease for another rest.

The rest was not as peaceful as he had intended.  All Dormath could think about was the battle of members of his noble team dying by the hundreds, a truly scary thought.  For the team knows as Veritas where no mere push over’s they where the best the world had to offer…but now that was all a memory albeit a vivid one.

SMASH a bottle broke above Dormath’s head waking him out of his alcohol induced sleep.  Before him stood a man, no an elf with a look that could stop Death her self in her tracks.

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Rune looked down at the shell of man he saw.  Once a deadly foe that had almost destroyed Rune world, now a mere alcoholic.

“You embarrass your people human fool, the Ninjeta was your chance to ban this world together for good and you FAILED.  You let down your whole world and what do you do to make up for those mistakes you drink yourself to numb your senses and dilute your life.  You are the reason that the human world will never be a dimension power you can even keep your act straight, its pathetic.” Rune said with venom in his voice.

“YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I HAVE BEEN THREW, I have lost everything I held dear my friends my family all wiped out.  Everything I worked so hard for is gone blow away by the ashes of death YOU have no right to” Dormath yelled at the the top of his lungs before Rune cut him off.

I Have every right, you are so low on the totem pole now that the drunk you stole that alcohol from has a right to judge you.”

Dormath responded back with “You have no right I was hear fighting they off and you just snuck away.”

Rune laughed and all his angry was abated.  He looked down on Dormath with true sympathy and spoke to him in the a clear tone “Thank you for that, it was a truly enjoyed moment in our history” he said with a smile “But you see that was all I ever wanted.  I wanted nothing to do with your world I just wanted you out of mine.  These Ninjeta are heroes in my world.  A force that would distract you humans enough for you to forget about us and let me and my Queen lead our people.  The land of the shadow has never been so blissful as the day that man forgot about it.”  Rune said to a completely stunned Dormath who needed to hold on to a crate next to him to steady himself.

“Then why are you here”  Dormath said.

“That is simple, I need you” Rune replied. “The Ninjeta have noticed our seal at the end of this world and have taken an unwanted interest in it.  I want you to destroy them for me”

“You have lost your mind this is the best news I have had in years and you want me to stop them for you HAHAAAH now that is a good laugh” Dormath said

Rune continued on as if he had not even heard Dormath “ I will help you take them down I will bring you back to your previous power level and beyond that.  I will give you back your dreams and make you a warrior that the earth can rally behind.  In short I will make you the god of wind that the world use to remember.”

Dormath looked up into Rune’s glowing green eyes.  A truly sobering sight. “HOW” That word took so much of Dormath’s faith that it hurt coming off his lips.

“Simple” Rune said as he tossed two jeweled wrist bands into Dormath’s lap “These are works of my Queen, you remember Khalan the god of war don’t you” Rune barley paused to smile before moving on “She has made these for you with her magic craft.  The first is an air filter designed to help purifies yourself so you can purified the air pollution that is keeping the world and your power level down.  The second is a piece of my will, in that it is my power stored in that lovely emerald.  It will give you the edge you will need to get by on my luck”  and with that Rune turned to leave threw the same shadow portal he had entered threw.

“Wait” Dormath said “how can I trust you”  Rune turned back and spoke his final words “I have no reason for you, but ask yourself what choice do you have if you ignore my gifts you will surely die by the end of the year with the way the pollution is going.  And if you go for your dreams and I have lied to you well you will die…but at least under your will and not there’s…the choice is yours now choose wisely.” And with that Rune was gone threw the shadow portal where he left Dormath staring at the empty wall.

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The Battle of Depression 2015

It was A truly hemic sight at the eyes of the weak, Blood drenched the soil ghastly, sending chills down the Spine of ga, the smell of Burning Flesh consumed the air giving a sickening intoxication to those who inhaled the gut wrenching pugency. Screams of Anweity and torment echoed throughout the beach at high volumes, followed by the clash of metallic weaponry, nad conjourations of energy. the the Cerulean beachwater was now A crimson bloodbath for The devil,  a large varity of adversaries and heroes drifted in the  in the water lifelssly. hundreds of Cadaverous colored bodies laid On the sand , gutted , entrails exposed from their flesh, soaked in blood. Jouchers ran passed The bodies as if it was a general sight . This was a mass atrocity, something unbearable to the strongest of warriors, this is something that would lead you in the path of suicide, this is war.

Ga  was one of the hero's lead into the batttles against the ninjeta, kurrent was leading the braggade, Ga stomach was rumbling in Fear and stupefaction as they scatter across the battle ground shore like insects, Ga ran of the beach shore onto the city pavement , debris covered the city pavement along with concrete dust hovering the air, thining th oxygen" cough cough ..dammit" Ga ran towards and empty office building and shatter the front door glass apathetically  and entered the nigresence  of the large main hall. Ga walked slowly through the building with his dagger held out, he flinched  nervously off the sounds of his boots stepping on fragiles gravel and  glass. " cant see sh!t" ga mumbled to himself , then he remembered that he had a flashlight, he took his flash light from  his  belt strap" crunk" ga dropped his flashlight in fear and looked around directionesslly  for the source of the sound' Who's there?" ga asked vulgarly, there was no answer. ga bent down cautiously with his head aimed up in case anyone tried to pull a sneak attack, nothing happend. He  stood up straight with his flashlight in his hand,  He turned on the light and began to scan his setting, he could see desk scatter untidly , plants knocked over and peices of glass and broken wall on the floor. " this is really starting to creep me out man" he murmured to himself, then his light cut of" sh!t" he mumbled" he smacked the side of his flashlight, it took a few smacks but his light finally truned on, and when he aimed his light straight ahead of him  he was in for a suprise"GRuahhh" a abdomen rupturing punch was unleahsed upon Ga's  stomach cauing him to gasp for air as he fell to the cold hard marble flooring" how do you like that?! , do you remember me?! i served life in prions because of you, now, after all the torment you forced me to go through, i finally get to avenge myself!!" Ga looked up to see  The legendary red arrow's son Vermillion Quarrell smiling wickedly in triumph." get up!" Vq Kicked  Ga in the face angerily sending his head jerking back with blood spraying from his mouth.  Vq walked over to a light swith and turned on the lights of the building, and began to hop up and down as if he was preparing for a fight with Joe frazier. Ga stood up with a light tumble and wiped the blood from the side of his lip, and spspit at the floor. "This is what you really want huh?" ga cracked his knuckles  and stationed himself in southpaw stance" bring it  Bytch!' 

Vq charged at Ga yelling in vehemence, ga became tense as his revival charge at him  violently. Vq launched a heavy right hand haymakerpunch at Ga's head, it seemed as if he was aiming for his temple, Ga tapped vq's hand toyingly  ducked under the punch skillfully and came back up with a massive counter attack, ga swung a left hook at Vq, it collided with his Cheek bone viciously causing Vq to stumble of impact. The fury was not Over, Ga threw a powerful straight punch at Vq's Mouth causing  His head to force back unwillingly, ga then paused. " you want more?! huh? DO YOU FUKING WANT MORE?!!!" Vq was leaning in 3 pont stance sptiing blood onto the floor." is that all you got ?" Vq replied" Ga charged  At vq  with  The lust Of  Murder in his eye's as he  Attempted to punt his adversaries Face in as he recovered from ga's Barrage. Vq sucessfully dodged the attack by rolling to the side. ga paused once more, they Both stared at each pother with pure abhor burning with The bowles of there stomachs" alrite moses" Vq said"enough of the games, imma rip your stomach open and use your blood to quench my thirst" Vq held up his rist to expose a  a golddmount " you see this? this is called an exsphere, this baby unlocks the hidden potential within the human body, thus enhancing the human abilities, basically, your attacks his sh!t to me, i toyed with your head  bro" ga  chuckled " did you take a good look at thing man?" ga pointed at a small pearl like figure on the floor" was that suppose to be in that gold mount of yours?" Vq stared at the Exsphere in horror and then looked at his mount:"you bastard!! vq vaulted  to grab the exspherefrom the floor but then Ga stopmed on it with a smile shattering the enhancement gem into little shards. "NOOOOOOOOOO!"vq screamed in desperiety, ga smirked at him in pity" too bad, im going to kick your ass now" ga stomped on his head sending it crashing to the floor at fierce impact.

Ga kicked Vermillion quarrel gengtly to see if he was alive, he didnt move, ga then bent down to feel his pulse, he was alive but unconcious. " thank god i was warned about that expshere, he wouldve whooped my ass"ga mumbled jokingly. He then walked back out side cauatiously to update himself on the events of the war, he could see kurrents bragade of hero's fighting off the ninjeta fiercely, but it would be a metter of time before they are overwhelmed by the opposing force, we were outnumbered, " sh!t, i new  this was a bad idea, o well, if im going to go out, mine as well i do it heroically". Ga dropped his arrow and quiver and unsheathe  his dagger Ready to die for his country" may the gods have mercy on me when i reach the heavens above, Ill miss you michelle"ga ran towards the beach shore" earth will not become your new home planet, prepare to die you, irrreelenat fuks. Ga danced elegantly with his daggers peircing through the flesh of his adversaries unmerifully, the vibrations of the dagger puncturing the flesh of those who opposed justice mad e him proud  to deem himself a hero. Ga fought bravely  before  a Ensate form weapon embedded itsself into his back unforgivenly, the cold steal twisted upon his spinal cord Unhesitantly leaving the hero in paraylsis  to die and unwanted death, on the shores of hawaii

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Hotaru burst through the doors of the underground W.A.L HQ, her eyes still burning with anger and her emotions getting the best of her. While taking a quick glance around she saw that everything was top notch, only the most advanced technology was seen down here. Being six miles under ground made it hard for it to be located by anyone, and with the D.O.V.E teleporters, it was easy to get around, she looked around the HQ to find some of the fellow W.A.L members walking around, talking about formulating a plan while others went to go train. The ninja woman went over to the computer and began to look up a few things. In the last 24 hours her teammates have killed off a total of 13 Ninjans, and critically injured three. A smile appeared on the woman’s face as she looked at the status of her men. 3 critically wounded and two dead. Hotaru grit her teeth as she slammed her fist on the keyboard. They were like cockroaches, you step on them, and yet they come back stronger. They needed help… and Hotaru knew were to get it.

Grabbing a hold of the intercom she pulled it close to her and spoke it in. “All WAL members assemble in the meeting room now.” With that she stood back up from the computer and made her way over there.

As she walked in she glanced at everyone in the room, they were all there, a small group, but filled with courage and honor. A group willing to fight for what they believed was right. She then looked up at her twin brother who had a stern look upon his face, standing tall and strong in front of the group. With a nod she stepped up and turned to face the group.

“Now, I know because of the recent events and the recent battles we have had, most of you are still exhausted and still wounded from the last enouncement with the last group of Ninjans.” She began to pace back and forth. “I have been doing some thinking,” She looked at her brother and then at the rest of the group. “We need outside help.” She could feel her brother’s eyes linger upon her, she didn’t speak about this with him, but she had been thinking it for a while. "So because of this, I am going to propose an alliance with Aztek the Lost." She stood silent for a moment while she saw a few of her members begin to talk to each other. She dared not look at her Tio Kenobi, brother or father; she knew what they would say. They would say she was crazy, that it would be stupid for her to go off and ask someone such as himself. She could remember back to the days when she trained under him, without her parents knowing. During this time she became strong at a very quick pace. She was able to do things that her parents were surprised she learned how to do at a young age. But when they found out HOW she was getting stronger, her mother came into play and stopped the training sessions on the spot.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that Hotaru found out what Azteks true intentions were for her. To turn her into something of a warrior slave. Make her do his bidding, corrupt her and turn her. If it wouldn’t have been for her mother stepping in, there was no doubt that would have happened.

"I know most of you do not agree wit this, but we are going to need his help, he is strong and powerful, both things that we are going to need." She then began to pace back and forth. "I understand where most of you will be coming from, but please, try and think about it with an open mind. We need help, we cant do it alone, something that I have just come to realization with." She then stopped as she glanced back at everyone. "I will be leaving in a few hours to go find him, there hasn’t been any sightings of him for over a decade, so I have some work to do." She said as she turned to Zuko. "This team will stay in Zuko's command while I'm away." She then placed her hand on her hip. "If any plans come to mind, just use your communicator to get a hold of me, I will have it with me at all times." She began to make her way out of the room as she heard a question answered.

"Why Aztek? Why not someone with equal strength? Do you really trust him?"

With out turning back around Hotaru answered. "Because, he is one of the few ones I would truly trust in this world we live in. I have trained under him, and I know that he is true to his word, if I ask him to help us and he agrees to help under our terms, I know he will do so." With that she walked out. She then walked over to her room as she felt the air shift behind her. It was her bother, he was questioning her. "Brother, I have made up my mind, we need help, and I'm going off to get it." She turned to him. "As I said before, I'll have my communicator with me if you need to contact me." She then walked over to her closet and opened it. What laid inside was the weapons of her mother, The Honoo Tachi and The Nova blade. With a quick movement she tied the sword around her waist loosely as she tucked the Nova blade inside her side pocket. She began to load up with weapons, just in case she were to come in contact with other Ninjans while making her way to Aztek. When done she walked out of her room to see her father, his eyes trying to read what she was thinking. "I'll be back." She said as she began to make her way to the elevator.

As she stood in the metal transporter she let out a grunt of frustration, they didn’t understand where she was coming from. The Ninjans had to be stopped by any means necessary. As the elevator finally opened the dim sun hit her face as she stepped out, the dumpster still standing as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. What she didn’t tell the others was that she had always had a special connection with Aztek. It was something he had given her while training under him, something so that the both of them could always know where each other were at, just in case they needed each other. Her mind began to wonder, she tried to pin point his location, but was difficult, she hadn’t used this ability since after her mother passed away. She then began to see an old asylum, broken and covered with rust, but then images of a dead man laid on the ground, his throat ripped open. Hotaru began to get the hang of it, she then began to see flashes of a desert with rolling hills of sand and harsh rays of the sun were beating down upon a man. That was him... "Aztek..." she spoke as she opened her eyes, she knew where he was.

She then crouched down as a burst of yellow flames covered her body and she took to the sky at full speed. Hotaru knew what desert Aztek was at; he was in the Judean desert of Israel. As she flew through the skies she could hear her flames roaring behind her and the sound of them crackling from the lack of oxygen in the air. But unlike her mother, Hotaru didnt have the need to drink, eat, sleep or even breath anymore. She continued to fly for about two hours until she felt a strong presence near her. Her eyes widen as she looked down, it was the same thing she saw back in LA, the rolling hills of sand, the sun was strong and just like she saw, a man walking through the area. It was none other than Aztek, it had to be. She quickly began to descend from the sky and when she was about five feet away from the ground, she put out her fire and landed gracefully on the sand, she was about ten feet away from him. She stood to look up to see only the back of him, as he was walking away. Hotaru knew he felt her arrive behind him, was he just ignoring her?

With a stern voice she then spoke. "Aztek." She spoke out, hoping he would stop and at least look at her. "Its been too long... Tio." She said as she kept still, not wanting to make any sudden movements to upset him, or cause him alarm. She wasn’t sure if he was still the same man she once knew him to be, but he was the only one she felt he could trust to go to for help. "You have been off the radar for some time, and I think I know why." She heard about his fight with Sha, and heard how he lost, she figured this is why he hadn’t been seen. "Sha humiliated you, kicked you to the ground, spat in your face and called you weak." She made a fist as she grit her teeth, just thinking about that Ninja was making her sick to her stomach. "I am here to offer a proposal to you." She said as she began to explain, saying how both of them could benefit from each other. She wasnt asking him to go 'good' if that even meant anything anymore, she was asking him to help her rid the world of the parasites known as Ninjans. She told him he could be a part of bringing down the most powerful beings on the Earth, as long as he would agree to partner up with W.A.L. and agree to not harm a single person on their team, allies or innocents that may be around the battle when it comes to. "You can kill so many Ninjan scum as well as get revenge on what Sha has put you through." She said as she stood their, the dry desert wind blowing past them. "What do you say 'Tio' are you in?" She stood and waited for his reply.

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As the giant nears, nears, Siphon sees an explosion blossom over the icy horizon. A conflict raged everywhere on earth. The feeble efforts of the resistance were hopeless. The ninjan were strong. The ninjan soldier Siphon had taken out earlier was one of the weak one, most of them were on Sha's level if not stronger. He knew that if he died there today they ninjan would surely avenge him as he had tried to avenge his brother so many years ago. He still had not figured out who had shot down the plane killing his brother He did however find out that his brother lived by drifting off to an island, an island where he discovered his own power. His brother died on the day Siphon lost control to the monster that sought it's own vengeance. Ironic how he sought to find the man who killed him, but he had ended up slaying him.Man Of Forever lands hard on the frost covered ground. He rises up and brushes himself off . His loud voice then thunders,“Where is Siphon...?Where is SIPHON?!" 

    Siphon chuckled through his suit amused by his former allies words. All these years and now he comes back to check on Siphon. The energy reaper had no sympathy for him and he would strike him down as if he were any other super. He inhales slowly and exhales. ''The man you once knew is no more. He died years ago, after you left. He began to sulk and was taken over by evil. And in the end he ended up killing himself and that evil that had housed within his soul. ''
    The strike teams assigned with siphon eased there weapons up to aim at the now silver alien. Lamont couldn't help, but imagine what had happened to him when he disappeared Their movements were silent and covered by the howling winds striking at their backs. ''MOF You will join the empire of BatgirlBabs and Sha or you will suffer a painful death. I do not wish to waste such talent. We could use a man like you to enforce the law. Don't be foolish'', he explains,''Things have changed for the better. Siphon would have wanted you to stay alive. If you don't join us, he will have died for nothing.''
    The tall machine towered almost to Mof's height awaiting his reply. If he didn't comply, he would be shot at. Knowing that rifles would do no damage, he agreed to have them along as a decoy. When the soldiers fire at him, Siphon would make his move to slay him where he stood. If he did manage to kill MOF, another balance keeper would be born from nothingness and sweep the universe keeping balance. Like always, he ways thinking several steps ahead before striking. More strategic than ever, he knew he was fit for his position in the ninjan's good graces. 
    A heavy shadow fell from the ridges of Mof's brow as he contemplated on whether to join the mysterious lieutenant or not. He stared into the transparent visors on the helmet of Siphon. He gazed at the flowing caped draped from his broad shoulders. Just when he is about to reply, Siphon speaks'' Man Of Forever....I AM SIPHON!!!!! So what is it going to be??'' His sinister smile wipes across his slowly healing charred face hidden under the respiratory mask.

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It's been years since the old leader went missing. He was possibly dead. But the truth, he was forced to disband from the team. Andrew's officers wanted him back and work for UNSC. However, they lied to Andrew. He was told that the officers would tell his team that he was withdrawing as leader of We Are Legend. The Spartan 177, returned to his old post as Master Chief. Rumors went around that the evil forces of the Covenenat had returned. Andrew looked into this and spent years searching for clear clues that the alien race had returned. UNSC retrieved numerous Covenant weapons being used by humans. But these weren't normal humans. They were humans in disguise. Once the being would die, they would revert to their true form, a Zoanoid. An agressive race of aliens that existed since mankind was born. The shapeshifters were working for someone. Possibly renegade Covenant.

After learning that a shuttle would lift off, the Spartan jumped in for a ride. The shuttle was navigating under a group of Zoanoids, carrying an ancient artifact. It was called the Guyver Unit. An alien artifact that would be grafted onto anyone who came in contact with it, thus giving the person access to its power. Recently, Bio Guyver was killed in action. His body turned into dust after the building he was in exploded. But the Guyver Unit was still intact. The Zoanoids got it before Andrew could get it. Hiding within the shuttle, the trek ended when the shuttle came to a complete stop and its passengers(Spartan 177) boarded an alien ship. It was a Covenant Frigate. The Guyver Unit was put under cryostasis so it would not regenerate the remaining human tissue embedded in it. The Master Chief attacked its protectors and broked through the glass holding the Guyver Unit under cryostasis. Bio Guyver regenarated to his full form, but was out of control and attacked Spartan 177. After an intense fight with no clear winners, Hayden Sung calmed down.

The two left the ship and took off on a cruiser. The cruiser had very little fuel and crash landed on an unknown planet. Spartan 177 and Bio Guyver were not in the Milky Way. They had ventured to a galaxy far away. But the Covenant were heavily populated in this solar system. Both humans and Zoanoids were slaves to the Covenant species. It seems that humans were taken from Earth thousands of years ago and brought to this alien planet, as well as the Zoanoids. Zoanoids and humans lived together in harmony, struggling to survive constant invasions from the Covenant. Their two only hopes were the newcomers, Andrew and Hayden. They were depicted as the two saviors that would one day come to their planet and destroy a powerful ring. The two soon discovered that a Halo Ring was still out there, thought to all be destroyed by Andrew. This one was hidden by the Covenant, but they were working on it. Learning from their mistakes, the Halo Ring was upgraded with little knowledge that was left behind by the Forerunners(creators of the Halo Rings), using the technology from Bio Guyver's Guyver Unit.

With a more powerful Halo Ring threatening to destroy countless galaxies, the two heroes, humans, and Zoanoids united to go on the offensive and destroy the Halo. There was one weakness to the Halo Ring. A Control Metal was built into the Ring. The Control Metal was the only known weakness of Guyvers. If heavily damaged, they would die.  Spartan 177 made his way towards the Control Metal, while Bio Guyver covered him. The Spartan planted a very powerful energy charge that when activated, it could be seen from orbit. The small alliance successfully ended the Ring's existence. The two returned home, while the humans and Zoanoids remained to finish off the Covenant once and for all. Spartan 177 returned back to UNSC where he would serve in vital and secretly organized missions. Over the years, Andrew observed his former teamates hidden from them. Old friends died, new emerged to the team. It seemed like no matter the losses, We Are Legend still stood firm. Sons and daughters of the old would take their parent's places as new leaders of W.A.L. And every newcomer Andrew would see, his bones would ache. He wasn't as strong as when he was in his primes, but his wisdom grew. Until he could not walk onto the deck of that ship, he would carry on with his duties with the same recognizable attitude. Stand strong, hide emotions, carry on with what was instructed to you. But over twenty years later, urgent news brought him back to his roots.

The little  more riper, Andrew, stepped inside of the Pelican. He removed a military weapon from a pile of racks in the deck and sat down next to empty seats. He looked around for a moment. Misty figures appeared like ghosts, sitting on the seats. They were the old We are Legend members he once served with. Obi Wan Kenobi, Uchiha NeVann, Feral Nova, Angelic Reaper, T.J. Magnum, all of them. Seconds laters, the mirage vanished. Andrew lowered his head. The air coming inside the air vehicle brushed his black and silver hair strands in a wave like fashion. He held his helmet, never looking away from its golden visor. The visor reflected the imaginary actions that was taken with on Andrew's many missions. The visions weren't so imaginary, but far away. The younger Spartan 177 risking his life with his former We Are Legend comrades. The helmet is a relic. I'm a relic. Andrew  spun his head lightly left. The doors were open. It's been many years since he's seen this very light. The great city still had spots that leaves any in awe. The tower still stood strong. Of course it was taken down a couple of time from countless terrorist hits, but the soil was not spoiled.

Andrew stood up and moved himself in front of the drop off of the Pelican. The Pelican soared around, circling the W.A.L. tower. Groups of seagulls coming from the beach scurried past the vehicle. The Spartan 177 removed an object from his belt. He activated the tool and set himself for a low dive. He threw his body off the Pelican, activating the tool. As he was falling nosedown in a spiral motion, he squeezed his helmet on. The Invincibility tool surged a reaction of different electric currents all over his body, where he was covered by a silver and gold cacoon. The Master Chief landed on his back. His landing was off. Andrew gave out a small grunt. He was not dead, but the pain he was enduring was sharp and grueling. He fell on the front lawn and began to crawl towards the door. The Invincibilty tool wore off. He continued to crawl, until he stopped three meters away from the main door. Spartan 177's hand grabbed hold of a large rock. This rock was in the form of a square. There were other rocks surrounding the rock he held on. They were all lined up in a single line.

They were memorial stones of the fallen We Are Legend heroes. Feral Nova and Angelic Reaper were amongst some of them. The Spartan's hand trembled as he moved his palm away from the writing he was covering. It was his name. "Andrew, Spartan 177, former leader of We Are Legend." Andrew removed his helmet and set it aside. His mouth was wide opened, breathing harshly every second. "Oh....my God." Andrew closed his blue eyes. "Why did I come here?" Andrew opened his eyes. A wrinkly hand hung over him. "So wi culd see you once more, Andrew." The sixty-five year old man helped his old master up and wrapped Andrew's arms around his shoulder. "I waited for you once I gut thee call, sir." The two slowly walked towards the enterance. Andrew wheezed hardly. "Don't call me sir, French. Don't make me feel like a hundred year old Veteran. I feel like a prune as it already is." Andrew forcefully chuckled. "I see you hab nut changed." "I see you've lost all your hair."

After getting medical attention, the Master Chief shared the same room atmosphere with the youth. Mr. French tried to talk Andrew out of his mission. This would be a big one. Babs and old friend Sha were the two powerhouses of planet Earth. Andrew wanted to see the old team once more and serve as a patroit to end their motions before more lives are lost. Spartan 177 kept his back and chin up, trying not to look like a worn out toy. He slumped down on a chair, setting his two strong arms on the table, making the table shudder. Even though he was in his early sixties, he kept his arms strong as possible. He had half of the strength of what he  acquired over twenty years ago.  The young members looked at him, thinking this guy is still living and continuing to fight for the true benefits of mankind. Through his helmet he spoke softly. "I'm not a ghost. I'm a dream that is here to assist you in combat."

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“Too long…” Francis thought to himself. “Too long has it been since I’ve been on land.” He let the white Cretian sand collect in the webbing of his fingers before dropping it onto the beach. He looked at the lower half of his body. It was a sight he hadn’t seen in more than two decades…. Legs. His daughter looked at him with a smile on her face. This had been her first time on land and her first time with legs. She stared at her toes and began to wiggle them, giggling as she did so. A slight grin came over Francis’ face as he saw the joy in  Aquari’s eyes. Why had he deprived her so much? But he knew in his heart exactly why. The land dwellers were could be oppressive and cruel, especially to those who were different, and it was good to save his daughter the shame she could have encountered. Though she was really 21 years old, she had the body, look, and mind of a 17 year old, still trying to rebel against her parents and do her own thing, even though her parents were relatively close to her in age.  (During a mermaid’s maturation period, she aged rather normally, compared to the very long adult portion of her life) At times, Francis thought of her like a little sister, but there was always that father, daughter bond between them. She respected him in every sense of the word and looked up to him as a father, but the two would sometimes act like siblings, twins even, completing each other’s sentences. Their relationship was…… different than most parent, child relationships, but they liked it the way it was.

“Here, put these on.” He threw his daughter a pair of  pants and shirt that seemed to be made out of latex and rubber. “What is this?” she asked. “Clothes,” her father replied. A puzzled look came over Aquari’s face. “They’re made of unstable molecules.” Francis continued. “They have the ability to change when you do. You grow a fin, and they fuse together, you grow legs and they split apart.” Aquari smiled as she put on the pants, and Francis did the same, but the puzzled look returned to Auari’s face. “Wait, Dad, why am I wearing a shirt…. And you’re not” Unable to think of an answer, Francis replied. “Trust me honey….. it’s a….. human thing. Trust me, I was one when I was your age” She just shrugged her shoulders and put on the black rubber suit.

Francis looked at Aquari as she began to stand up on two legs for the first time in her life. She looked like a human toddler trying to find her balance, and she swayed back and forth with every step she took, and when there was a rock in the way, she tripped over it and fell to the ground. Francis busted out laughing at her expense. It wasn’t a way to make fun of her, but more of a way to take the pressure off the entire situation. If she wanted to join the resistance, she not only had to be able to use her natural agility and speed underwater, but on land as well. “Shut up Dad!” She called to him, her scaly blue face covered in splotches of white sand. “Use your agility Aquari. Don’t rely on unlearned balance when it’s already a natural ability you have.” With that, she got back up to her feet. Only this time, she didn’t sway back and forth. She realized that if she didn’t think about it, the easier it was to do. She began to hop, then jump, jog, and eventually go into a flat out sprint. It was official. She was ready.

“So where do we go now?” asked Aquari, still admiring her blue, scaly, webbed feet. Francis replied, “I have some contacts in North America, but there’s no telling if any of them are still alive, much less active.” Francis sighed at the thought. It had been over two decades since he had seen a human, and he knew that the probability of anyone he knew still being alive was slim. After all, humans didn’t live as long as they did. The two, walked back into the ocean together, daughter following the father. They made their way west at incredible speeds in excess of 400 mph in the direction of California. He hoped WAL was still active and part of the resistance. He kept his worrying away from his daughter. In a matter of hours, they made it to the west coast of the United States. It had been a long swim and the two lied down on the beach and took big gasping breaths when they were through. Night had fallen. “Come on. Now is the best time to move without being seen. I must say we don’t look like everyone else.” Francis whispered in Aquari’s ear. The two grew a pair of legs (the suit had worked like a charm) and began their walk to the old WAL safehouse. If he remembered correctly, it was underneath Los Angeles and the entrance was of all things, a dumpster. Aquari held her nose when they reached it. “Are you sure anyone is even home?” she asked in a nasally tone. “No not at all, but it’s worth a shot, and if they aren’t, it will make a good hideout for just the two of us.” Sweat began to roll down Francis’ cheeks, praying to God that someone would at least answer and recognize him.

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Aztek walked across the harsh desert, blazing sands burned upon his bared feet, rough granules slowly taking the toll on his flesh, the pain of it was nothing to him however, the fact that he had been walking aimlessly for hours meant nothing, the fact that he could not see, that he knew nothing of his location, that he was all alone, it meant nothing, because truthfully, from the point he had been trapped in that asylum, nothing had changed...sure one more person had been slain by his hand, and now he could move...but when it came down to it, all that amounted to was...nothing.

Collapsing into the sands, Aztek faded out of consciousness, garbed in naught but his tattered cloak, the one that had served him so faithfully for millenia upon millenia, but it seemed it was wearing thin, mere years of disregard for the cloak's welfare had made it a far paler image of what it had once been, just like Aztek, an empty shell of his former self. He lay in the blazing heat of the desert sun, staring up at the blue sky and seeing nothing, wait a minute, it was not nothing, what he was seeing, he saw...a weaker sun, a dumpster, where was he? Than a feeling swept over him, making him shake violently, the energies that were being used, they were his own, but he was not the one commanding him, who was it? Only one, only one had he trusted enough, had he believed in enough to give a taste of his power..."Sobrina...Hotaru."

At that point, a new feeling of determination came over him, the connection gone again but he had a new faith, there was only one reason she would send out a call for him, to get his location, she was coming for him and he must be ready for her. So continuing his walk he did, for hours still he trekked, he began to doubt, doubt she would ever be coming, but than again he had no idea where he was or how far her location was from here, it could take her days...perhaps his hope had been in vain, and then his acute hearing heard something, the crackling of fire, the inflammation of oxygen, feet alighting upon the sands behind him, but he kept walking, was he ready to face her? After all these years, after she had learned of his true intentions, what were her feelings towards him?

"Aztek.", she spoke his name and he halted instantaneously, "Its been too long...Tio." He could sense her hesitation, her stillness, was she afraid...of him?  He wanted to speak out, to respond, to ask her why she had come but he sensed she was not finished, they had a lot of catching up to do, but that could wait. "You have been off the radar for some time, and I think I know why. Sha humiliated you, kicked you to the ground, spat in your face and called you weak." Aztek clenched his jaws, closing his fingers into a balled fist, opening and closing, again and again, containing his rage, not knowing that he was merely echoing her actions, perhaps their bond was stronger than either of them realized. "I am here to offer a proposal to you. You can kill so many Ninjan scum as well as get revenge on what Sha has put you through. What do you say 'Tio" are you in?"

A deafening silence hung over them but finally he spoke "Am I in? I thought you knew me better than that, mi sobrina, I love to stick to the shadows, to make others do my work for me..." Pain etched his face, but of course his back was turned, hiding his emotion. "Of course...Sha and me have some catching up to do...and I wouldn't miss that for the world..." A grin flashed across the immortal's face as he turned to her, only to see he was looking at himself, something had happened! He was seeing through her eyes, but how, it wasn't supposed to work without her consent...but maybe, perhaps his body was taking control, forcing his power upon her? He did not ask, whether she had granted him this sight or he had taken it did not matter, some things were better kept unsaid.

"So? Where to next, my child?"

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Dormath had been staring at the wall where Rune had disappeared for a hour before he decide it was time to get up.  He placed a his right hand on the wall to steady himself as he lifted his weight up on his legs, he was wobbly but he stayed true.  His eyes  gazed to the contents of his left hand.  The bands given to him by Rune, foretold to bring Dormath back to what he could only dream was possible.  With a deep breath to steady himself he proceeded with strapping on the new wrist bands.  The work was perfect, no surprise coming from the greatest magic crater any world has ever know.  Khalan had laid so much power in the bands that Dormath could literally feel the air crackling with power around him. “I thought this was never going to happen again” Dormath said out loud with a triumphant smile on his face exuberant with joy over this new development.

“U thought wrong my friend”

Dormath turned completely around looking for the voice of his former enemy Rune but he could not see him. 

“Stop looking so foolish I am in your head not in your world”

 “I knew it was two good to be true you betray me”

“Wrong I trusted you enough to let my will be bound to your wrist fool,  I am in your head to help you use my powers otherwise you would surely parish when our powers combined.  Out powers are enemy’s remember” Rune said into Dormath head.

“and we are..”

“Friends of circumstance…So let us be on our way to rebuild all that once was your team”

My team, you mean Veritas…but we where wiped out”

Mostly yes but a few still remain and we will find them.  It is our best option…what do you say”

“I say I we contact some of my old friends and defeat these damn invaders so I can get you out of my head”

“here here”

And with that Dormath rummaged threw his pockets to find the object of his…there thoughts.  The watch, it was 20 years old but still looked brand new.  It did not look special but if it still worked this tiny artifact could very well change the world.

“This is Dormath I have a plan and the means to accomplish it,  if you want what you dreams hold and not your waking hours then meet me at the wasteland of .”

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The sweet yet commanding voice of Hotaru resonated throughout the intercom of the WAL underground facility.  All WAL members assemble in the meeting room now.  Kenobi sighed deeply, More trouble, he thought.  Rolling his eyes, the Jedi turned his attention back on his former trainee, Darko.  Okay, let's get going.  Dark cringed and seemed to get angry.  NO!!! Obi stared him down.  No?  Darko seemed defiant and again yelled, NO!  I've seen too much death, too much..blood...darkness, I can't do it anymore.  Please don't make me go.  A grin formed on the Jedi's face as his plan materialized.  Darko....why did you become a hero?  Huh?  With the same grin the old Jedi reached into his pocket and took out an old, torn pile of papers.  If you remember, when we first formed Young W.A.L., we made each new recruit fill out a questionnaire, including you Darko.  There were some peculiar answers to one particular question.  Obi's eyes moved from Darko to the papers as he began reading, careful to pronounce every syllable correctly.  'Why do you want to become a hero?' Alika wrote...'Because I feel that there's not enough good people in the world and I wanna do all I can to help.'   Maya wrote...'I want to be a hero because superhero's rule! you see them on TV all the time! they're like rock stars!'  Obi shuffled through the stacks of papers.  Ah here it is, he said with a satisfied smile.  You said: 'Because..I want to prevent the world from falling under the control of people like my father.  People who are willing to throw everything away for power, and who hurt those who they are supposed to nurture.  I want to be a hero to ensure that no one else is abused like I was, to ensure that no one else has to go through the same torture I've gone through day after day.'  Obi slowly put the pack of papers back in his pocket and again made eye contact with Darko.  Deep isn't it?  I'll tell you the truth, when I read this I thought that you were ready, I knew you could be a great hero.  Now..prove me right Darko.  We need you.  I'll be upstairs. 

Obi stood back and began walking through the dark corridor of the basement, hoping that Darko would somehow regain the strong bravado and attitude of his youth.  Obi quickly made his way past the room where the incapacitated Starkiller sat quietly with the blank stare in his eye and up the stairs where the remaining members of WAL stood listening to Hotaru Uchiha, daughter of Feral Nova and NeVann Uchiha.  Many in the room were muttering and visibly angry.  He kept hearing the words "alliance", and "Aztek."  Up on the platform, Hotaru was trying to regain control of the meeting.  The Jedi nudged Rabsus, one of the members of the team, and asked him what was going on.  Rabsus informed him that Hotaru had done something shocking; she had proposed an alliance with the famed villain, Aztek the Lost.  Upon hearing this, Obi looked up at Hotaru.  The offspring of two of the most feared members of WAL had grown into a strong, powerful woman.  Most of the members were apprehensive of an alliance with the murderous god-like individual, Aztek, but Obi just smirked and and felt very proud of his little sobrina.  She had done something every leader had to learn to do at some point in their careers.  She had taken matters into her own hands.  Desperate times called for desperate measures, and this was the epitome of a desperate time.  As the members dispersed to go back to training, Hotaru stepped down from the platform and began packing her equipment.  Obi Wan approached her and stood at her side, although she tried to avoid eye contact with him.  Hey...Hey, Hotaru.  The strong but still youthful woman looked up at Obi, ready to be chided by the father figure.  Just wanted to tell you..that I'm proud.  Obi smiled as he moved his hand and ruffled her jet black hair.  You know even though your 32, you're still as cute as the day you turned ten.  Kenobi looked down at his feet before re-establishing eye contact with her.  I have a plan; It involves Darko and the full forces of your father's army.  We will avenge your mother.  We will avenge my family and our team members. Find that bastard Aztek and let's take it to those Ninjans and their bitch princess.  Obi sighed deeply as he rubbed his eyes.  He was visibly tired, results of staying up long nights keeping watch of the ninjan forces and trying to formulate plans.  Hang in there, chiquita, we'll fix this, youll see.  She smiled one more time and watched her leave to her room.  He remembered the day he had first met her.  Just ten years old she was.  She had trained hard, lost loved ones and now she was a main player in the rebellion. He couldn't be prouder.

As Obi turned and began walking to his sleeping quarters he was met with the cold stare of Darko.  You made it up! Obi said in a humorous tone.  Now how about we go work on getting your strength back?  As he began to walk towards the main training room with Darko, he was approached by PROXY, Sir, there's something you might want to see up in the main monitor.  The regal Jedi turned and looked up at the monitor.  What he saw shocked him.  The helmet, the armor, the weapons.  It was unmistakingly familiar...it was Spartan 177, his old captain.  Is this some kind of joke?  PROXY shook his head and replied, No sir, he arrived in an armored plane of some sort...a Pelican.  The Jedi quickly rushed to the elevator and made his way upstairs to where Spartan was.  Stepping out of the elevator, he quickly walked up to the man who was surrounded by some of the ninja that NeVann Uchiha had brought with him from Konoha.  Spartan?  Wha-What are you doing here.   The old Captain's voice was a strong as ever as he replied, I'm not a ghost. I'm a dream that is here to assist you in combat.

Kenobi motioned to some of the ninja, Take him to the main room, give him anything he needs, anything he wants.  This guy's a vet, I exepct you to treat him with the respect he deserves.  As he stood looking out into the city that he once proudly protected through the boards covering the window's of the tower, he felt his WAL communicator buzzing inside his pocket.  Reaching in and pulling it out he saw it was PROXY, transmitting from downstairs.  Master Kenobi!  Two uknown humaoids are making their way through the secret entrance in 4th street.  Obi Wan Kenobi sighed once again.  I'm getting too old for all this sh!t.  As he reached the main HQ, he noticed that one of the two individuals climbing through the entrance stood out as very familiar.  It was Mer-Man, an old ally from ICE and Next Gen.  Open the shute, let him in.  As the steel entrance was opened, Obi worked his way forward to greet his aquatic friend.  They were going to need all the allies they could possibly get and God seemed to be answering their prayers.

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Daizen aka The 502 Kid leaves The Hand after establishing it as a force in the Underworld, Daizen felt it was time for him seek his own dream and find his purpose in life. He wandered to the Northern Mountains the air was crisp and clean no real signs of polution of Japan that is where he found a a small temple he climbed the long staircase, when he got to the top there was an elderly man tstanding near the Door. " Who are you?" Daizen asked the old man, The elderly man looked up at him and answered " it is not polite to say who are you when you come to someones door". " I dont have time for this step out of my way" Daizen said with an angry tone "No I will not" The elderly man said, Daizen has had enough of this he threw a punch at the man he threw a punch at the man, but The elderly man caught it and tossed him aside like garbage. Daizen was stunned at what just happen he lift a bus over his head, but this guy didnt even flinch " How did you do that old man Daizen asked him The old man gave out laugh and "You still dont understand my friend" Daizen sat there and  thought for second about what the old man was saying, then the answer finally came to his "my name is Daizen" The Elder man gave him a nice golf clap "Good job i thought you would never figure it out, My Name is Suzaku but the Monks here at this temple call me Elder Suzaku since i been here for a long time". "Alright Elder Suzaku how did you manage to throw me like that: Daizen wondered, Suzaku gave another smile at Daizen " the Answer to that question is simple my friend your mind and soul were not sync with your Body, and it made you off balance". Daizen was puzzled but intrigued "so how can i get my mind and soul in sync with my body? Daizen asked  Suzaku, Suzaku walked over to Daizen and put his hand on his shoulder and told him "Well you have come to the right place if you want to learn the answer".


At The Monks Holy Temple "Thank you for all you have done for me Elder Suzaku, but i must return home"Daizen said as he gave
the Elder a bow. "So you are leaving, the world is a different place now the Ninjeta have taken over" Elder Suzaku answered
back, "I know it has, but i am a different man now" Daizen responded back. The elder monk looked into Daizen eyes and could
see his hope and determination then the told him to "wait right for a second"  Daizen did as he was told then a few seconds
later Elder Suzaku came back with a white sheathed sword in his hands. "Here Daizen i want you to have this"Elder Suzaku said
with a big smile on his face Daizen reached out and grabbed the Sword, "is this the Holy Sword of the temple White Dragon"?asked Suzaku nodded his and "yes". Then Elder Suzaku his hand on Daizen's shoulder and said "You have earned this Sword Daizen, with all the hard work and training to reshape your mind and outlook i believe this sword represents your new soul."  Daizen felt a sense of accomplishment he wanted to find out what his purpose is in this dark world of death and destruction and felt like he was well on his way in finding out. "Thank you Elder i will take good care of it"Daizen said as he started to walk out the doors. Once he was outside he felt the warmth of the Sun upon him it felt refreshing the brisk air going through his lungs, he drew White Dragon from its sheath he was in awe at what he saw The Sword was stainless steel glowing from the light from the sun reflecting off of it and a diamond tip at the end. "Its time for me to head back to Tokyo Daizen thought to himself.


Daizen was back in Tokyo,and he was disgusted at what he saw  chaos and destruction filled the streets, The Ninjeta were running amuck terrorizing anything in there path. "This city now, its like how my soul used to look filled with Darkness,Anger, and Sorrow i got to do something " Daizen murmured to himself. Then he heard a scream nearby it sounded like a child Daizen didnt hesitate to rush over to the scene, the screams lead him to an alley way and that's where his saw a young girl surrounded by 4 Ninjeta. "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! the young girl shouted Daizen quickly went into action, he grabbed a trash can lid and threw it Captain America style at one of the Ninjeta hitting him in the back of the head knocking his to the ground. "Now that i have your attention" Daizen said with a smile on his face He drew White Dragon from it sheath and got into his stance, The Ninjeta were furious and began to rush him "hmph a fatal mistake guys" Daizen cut two of them in half with one stroke of his sword, The young girl looked on as this mysterious stranger was helping her. Daizen continued his assault on the other Ninjeta delivering crushing kicks, and lightning fast slashes to there bodies till they fell to the ground dead. "Are you OK"? Daizen asked the girl "i-im ok" said in a soft voice. Daizen helped her to her feet she had tears
in her eyes frighten from what just happened with The Ninjeta, "Where are your Parents?"Asked Daizen sadness went across the girls face she told Daizen that they were killed by those aliens she was all alone now with no where else to go. Daizen knew her pain very well he was in this same position many years ago with no home, "its to Dangerous out here we should try to find a place to lay low" Daizen told the young Girl She nodded her head in agreement. Daizen held out his to her and she accepted and then Daizen asked the girl What her Name was she answered that her name was Sonata, then he told her that his name was Daizen.    

Present day 2030

Night time in Tokyo Sonata now at age 22 has become Daizen's Pupil they have been training together and fighting The Ninjeta
in Tokyo trying to keep some ray of hope in this world of darkness. Daizen knows that Sha and Babs will be coming for him soon enough angry that Tokyo still has some small chance of survival while hes there. They are now in an abandoned warehouse hiding out from the Ninjeta squads "Master Daizen we have to leave this city while we still can" Sonata said, but Daizen replied " Where would we go The Ninjeta are in every major city in the world we would surely be dead. Sonata had a sad look on her face Daizen saw this and told her it will be ok ive trained you enough so you can have a fighting chance in this world."What about those heroes from WAL? maybe they can help us out" Sonata asked Daizen "I dont know if they are still alive or not, but if they were i would be the last person on this planet they would help" Daizen replied.Then all of a sudden there was a crash near the entrance to the warehouse a female Ninjin has found them she had a huge sword as larger than her own body. QUICK GET BEHIND ME SONATA!!" Daizen shouted Sonata did just that The ninjin was coming closer to them Daizen quickly drew his sword, The at Daizen with a huge thrust Daizen was able to block it the force created a shock wave that shattered the windows. Daizen was now in full combat doing everything he can attacking and counter-attacking, he shouted "SONATA GET THE HELL OUT HERE I'LL KEEP IT BUSY WHILE YOU ESCAPE"!.WHAT ABOUT YOU MASTER DAIZEN?! Sonata screamed back as soon as she said that Daizen just got fronted right through the building, Daizen coughed up some blood "Ive never been kicked so hard before i might have cracked a rib" Daizen thought to himself He knew right there he had to beat her as quickly as possible.

Daizen changed his stance and he was ready to use his thousand cuts attack, as soon as the female ninjeta rushed him Daizen unleashed the attack powerful lightning quick slashes to the normal eyes they would be total blurs. The Female Ninjeta Fell to pieces after that,"YES YOU DID IT MASTER DAIZEN!!" Sonata screamed as she rushed towards him" "NO! its not over yet look Daizen told Sonata She turned around and seen that The Ninjeta was starting to regenerate. "Damn it" Daizen said as he slammed his fist to the ground, "Come on Master Daizen lets get out of here before it fully recovers" Sonata asked Daizen as she helped him to his feet "No,this thing is after me which means you are in danger as well, but I still have one trick up my sleeve a FLARE KAMIKAZE" Daizen answered back."Dont do it Master Daizen that attack would kill that thing, but it will destroy you as well", "I know of the risk Sonata but i promised you i would protect you at all cost, Dont just look at me as your Master think of me as a friend as well" Daizen replied.Daizen looked in her eyes he saw the concern in them he sheathed White Dragon and handed it to Sonata and he also gave her his small rose pendant that Nonoko gave him many years ago "here i want you to have these" Daizen said with a small smile on his face. Sonata accepted this gifts and tears started going down face she knew what was about to happen now " please Master dont do it" Sonata could barely say those words as tears continued to roll down her cheek Daizen placed his head on her head  and Told her "Dont worry about me These Ninjeta know about me but they know nothing about you have a greater chance of survival than me, I will always be with you in spirit every time you unsheathe White i will always be by your side. There is a message on the back of that pendant just one word that will help you through the darkness it has helped me through out the years,and i know it will do the same for you as well when you get clear i want you read what is says. Sonata nodded her head and Daizen a Final Hug "OK now get out of here I'll take care of this" Sonata wiped the tears from her eyes and ran as fast as she could.

The Ninjeta was almost completely recovered by Daizen rushed over to it wasting little time and gave it a Giant bear hug squeezing as hard as he could, The ninjeta tried to shake off Daizen but it wasnt working, Daizen closed his eyes and started chanelling his chi A pure White flame began to form around his body and The ninjeta. In the past Daizen's flame would be a black repesenting his hatred and sorrow, but it was different this time Daizen remembered what Elder Suzaku told him That you will discover your true strength when the time is right."Love for my fellow man and wanting to protect them that is were true strength lies, i finally understand now my true purpose, it was not to be a destroyer but be the white flame in the darkness of this world!" Daizen thought to himself. The White Flames were getting hotter and spreading rapidly The ninjetan was screaming in agony Daizen still wouldnt lossen his grip only made it tighter "Alright it time, Nonoko i'll be with you shortly Daizen murmured to himself then Gave out a final yell.The Flames sucked back in towards both Daizen and The ninjeta and created a huge explosion the Shock wave knocked Sonata down as she was running "MASTER DAIZEN NOOOOOOO"! Sonata screamed at the top of lungs she dropped to her knees in anguish, but she remembered the last thing Daizen told her she look at the pendant and on the back of it said "Hope."           

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Lady Nightmare was still wrapping her mind around the turn earth has taken. Sha she thought. Sha. Sha. Sha. How that name has changed over the years. Lady’s mind traveled back in time. Her psyche began retelling the story as if she did not already know the tale. Sha had become the evil dictator of earth. She was on a rampage truly believing that she was superior to humans and mutants alike. Lady always knew that her former leader was a powerful. All leaders have to be, but what she has become of her all but disgust Lady Nightmare now.

It all began and was over when the Ninjeta Planet was destroyed. An N.A.S.A space shuttle crashed landed in the Ninjetan sun thus destroying their world. Hundreds of Ninjetan warriors fled their demolished home land and headed towards Earth for their vengeance .All of them carrying hate in their eyes and revenge in their hearts. During the attack, Lady was in , her place of origin, ready to protect her home from the hateful Ninjetan army. Though the well being of the world was at stake, the villains stood idly by and were going to watch the destruction of earth.The fate of the world did not seem luminous in Lady Nightmare’s eyes. Nevertheless she was prepared to pay the ultimate price for Earth.

Lady destiny was thwarted by BatgirlBabs. Bat had convinced the Ninjetan not to take vengeance on Earth but instead embrace Earth as their new home planet. She used her manipulation and the advancement of Oracle technology to win over the hearst of the people of Earth.Babs also made her self supreme ruler of Earth. All except Lady was accepting of BatgirlBabs as supreme ruler. Lady Nightmare did not want any one person to have that much control over the free world. However, to her surprise many were embracing the new way of life.

Sha finally came out from exile to find the world under BatgirlBabs. Lady was expecting her to lead L.OV.E and remove BatgirlBabs from power. Conversely, she opted to take BatgirlBabs offer and become the ambassador of the Ninjetan army. Therefore L.O.V.E was disbanded. Before everyone left the L.O.V.E Headquarters, Feral Nova had given her WAL communicator just in case she needed help. The rest of the members had gone their separate ways. Lady did not think she was going to need it. She had been on her won most of her life and found it distasteful asking for help.

Lady pulled the communicator out of her pocket. She rolled it over her soft finger tips gazing upon it with sentimental eyes. She grasps it in her palms and returns to her thoughts.

Lady Nightmare was infuriated with Sha. She could not believe she had chosen supremacy over justice. Lady mind flared at this thought. Her fists tighten when remembering this part of her flashback. Sha, her former leader, now stood for everything she spent her life fighting against.

In 2018 the Earth was beneath Sha and BatgirlBabs jurisdiction. By this time Lady Nightmare was in hiding. Under this new rule those who chose not acknowledge them as rulers of Earth were put in high security jails. Her own daughter, Night Fire, now rot in prison for rebelling against their ruler. Earth was now in the hands of these two disgusting women. Ninjetan warriors now ruled the street in perambulation.

Her mind returned to present. Lady Nightmare was born into ancient Japanese race of people that never age passed the age of twenty. Since her mother was born in , Lady still aged but much slower than a regular human. Her thirty year old body stood over her dear Feral Nova’s grave. A cold wind hit her face blowing her straight black hair across her face. A small tear managed to make its way to her cheek .Lady Nightmare reached in to her pocket and pulled out a white rose. She bent down and placed on her grave .It had been more than ten years since her beloved friend passed away.

Lady Night had been in hiding for years. She did nothing to rebel against Sha and BatgirlBabs. Lady Nightmare warrior’s heart had grew smaller and smaller over the years. Until this very day she had came across the communicator, she started thinking about Nova and the entire L.O.V.E. Lady had lost the fight in her. She had forgot what she once stood for and what she had dedicating her life doing. And that is protecting the world from evil’s reign; Killing those who stand in the way Earth’s radiance and becoming her evil’s nightmare.  Now standing on her friend, hero and mother grave she had come to realization. Lady Nightmare was reborn.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out communicator. She pushed its button and put it to her mouth.

How can I help?

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After some hours of being on his not so elegant underground dump location Elian had fallen asleep on his computer while he was playing Spider Solitaire. He was sitting on his chair laid back with his head practically hanging backwards and open mouth snoring, it was almost like hearing the roaring of a monster each time he snored.

Right behind Elian a small purple orb levitates into the room right through the door twirling around the room. (Snoooore) Elian kept sleeping unaware of this happening. The light sphere then lands on the cracked floor and it began to slowly take form, first the form of a baby child and slowly it began growing till it reach the form of a woman. But a woman of pure light no skin nothing just the shape of a hot damsel. The light shape woman seem to smile while looking at the snoring Elian. “There you are, time for your final task.” says the light woman while she places her hand gently on Elian’s forehead, ElianGasping for air Elian opens his eyes wide and just as fast as he opens his eyes the light of the woman can be seen taking over the once mercenary of greatness. Elian’s body seems to enter a state of trance.

(Whisper voice) “WAKE UP!”  

Grunting “Yaaaargh” Elian awakes having blurry vision he sits up and notice he was not on his bed but on a familiar red ground field, Elian lift his left hand while grabbing some dirt on his hand and rise it to his sight, “What tha..?” He notice his skin was again normal and not blue, opening his hand while staring at it he lets the dust fall off his hand. “I’m back… Home?!” Elian then hears steps of someone aproaching, he looks back and he can see a figure coming to him but the sun block his view for a identification.

“Welcome home Elian.”

The king of thieves’ eyes opened wide while he sees a woman he thought he would never see again, “Tell me little bro.. did you miss me?” Elian can’t snap out of his amazement E-Elisa?B-but how?” Elisa Allen extend her open hand to Elian and helps him to stand up on his feet, then gives him a breathtaking hug while dropping tear off her eyes. After that tender moment between brother and sister Elisa let go of Elian and wipe off her tears.

“When did you died? Evaristo never got you, how come you are here?”

Ask Elian to his sister, “There will be plenty of time for explanation little bro, but right now some one want to talk to you.” Elisa replied while she grab Elian’s hand and pull him dragging him along with her.

Elian was back to what he calls home, the underworld. A Redland world almost like a mixture of ruined medieval earth whit the red planet mars and your worse description of hell you could imagine.

After several hours of walking the lands Elian and Elisa arrive at the War empire palace. “almost eighteen years since I last walk in here, I haven’t seen her ever since, I bet she’s gone be pissed!” Elian walk along with his sister through the palace's long crimson marble walls all the way to the throne room. Elian was shaking like a dog before getting neuter, he looks at his sister “Any advise on what to say to a woman I haven’t seen in so long?” Elisa looks amazed at Elian.  “Wow, the king of mercenaries is scared of a woman.” says the queen of the game, she then shrugs then in a amused tone she yells at him, "Your woman! deal with her!" then she  push him through the door, Elisa laughs and leans against the door frame. Then at that moment Elian looks all the way to the bottom of the throne room but there is no one. “Uh” He scratch his head thinking on something to say, “Uh, *scratch his head again*HONEY I’M HOME!” Elian has a long big smile and shifting his eyes he looks around for his wife. he looks back, “Where is she?” he ask Elisa.

“I’m right here!"           

Elian could swear that his heart had stopped hearing the voice of Dania the underworld goddess of war. (HIS WIFE!) Elian turn around he doesn’t even dare to look at her straight to her face.

(low tone voice) “Your not cranky with me are you sweety?” he ask to the frown face goddess of war.

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Earth Date December 25, 2008

I was in a cell. It was dusty and the pipes were leaking. The liquid was black and thick, reminiscent of very dark blood. There was a draft and the clothes that covered my slowly healing body weren't the warmest. I had no bed, no sheet and no memory of who I was nor where I was before this. But one thing I did no was... this ain't earth. The air, didn't taste like the earth, the ground, felt foreign almost extraterrestrial. I couldn't see much because of the lack of light, but the noises I heard were the weirdest ever. Loud shrills and shrieks echoed throughout what seemed to be the night. And for once in my life I was fearful. I woke up with this notebook beside me, as well as a pen. Inside each day is number so i can keep track of it as I go on. Obviously this was to chronicle my thoughts and feelings so “they” could keep track of me. Whoever they is. This is my first entry, and i grow weary so I'll end it here.

Earth Date: December 30, 2008

I been kept in the darkness for five days now. All my wounds are healed but I couldn't figure out how or why. They were large gashed and they shouldn't have been repaired for weeks. This got me too wondering... do I have powers? That thought was quickly discarded when I tried to ram the wall and escape to freedom only to dislocate my shoulder and place a dent in my school. I passed out in a pool of my own blood and woke up in the very same spot, only the blood was gone and i was healed once again. Which must mean they did it. I only wish they would let me out of this dark and dreary prison. Or at least turn the lights on...

Earth Date: January 15, 2009

Its been about two weeks since I last wrote in here. I've finally been let out of my cage and now they have me working for them. They look and talk exactly like humans but there are distinct differences between them. First of all they're tall. REALLY TALL. I'd say about 14 feet tall, and about 6 feet wide. And they're brimming with muscle. Like head to toe just muscle. Seeing as how I am only 6'5” I'm not complaining about anything. Basically I run searches on the computer, checking the immediate area for incoming freighters and anything else that might be a danger to us. It took me a few days to learn how to work the machines but now I've got it all down pact and I'm running a whole room by myself. I've asked to speak to a superior but so far I've gotten no answer. I can't do this forever and I doubt they expect me too. I just wish they would get to the point of me being here sooner.

Earth Date: December 25, 2013

Five years ago I sat in a cell on the planet Miws Tluda in an ice cold cell, on the verge of collapse. Now I stand at the head of the Tluda army with amazing power. I stand at 17 feet in my battle form, with green skin. My width is 8 feet and my muscle is made of more muscle. My intelligence has informed me that the Humans are planning to launch a space ship to track a comet hovering around their neighboring galaxy Andromeda. Me and a select few (2 exactly) are going to infiltrate the ship, eviscerate the crew and retrieve the shuttle for later events. In the meantime I'll be training my new found abilities because it seems that when I take the form I lose all knowledge and consciousness. So its basically like raising a child all over again.

Earth Date: April 17, 2015

Tis the day of reckoning. This has been years in the making and we're finally ready to wage war against our enemies. This planet has captured and killed our men for far too long without retaliation. Today they shall lose more then they have ever taken in their rotten existence. Our plan is to use the ship we stole and plant this device we've been working on known as the Star Destroyer. It is a bomb that can amass enough power to eradicate an entire galaxy and we're placing it on that ship and sending the ship straight to the Sun near Ninjeta, surely destroying there planet. Scorn be thy Master and death be thy slave in the name of Tluda!

Earth Date: July 12, 2020

The fools planet was destroyed and i have gained full control over my battle form and can maintain it longer than what is “required.” It is hilarious how the Ninjans were not only, nearly wiped out by us but they don't even know that we did it. They believe the humans made the attack. Such lack of wisdom they have. My superiors feel bad for the primitive bipeds so me and my two most powerful men shall be departing in 5 earth years to relieve the planet of what's left of the Ninjan race. Easier said then done. They are indeed fearsome foes and numbers on their side tip the balance in their favor. But a plan is brewing in my sophisticated mind...

Earth Date March 23, 2025

This will be my last entry, as I am not allowed to take anyone but my fellow warriors with me on this journey. Therefore there will be no scribe to chronicle the events from my perspective until I return. Well if I return. We are going to make our leave tonight. From what my superiors tell me, very little has happened on the planet since its takeover and by the time we arrive the resistance forces should have amassed enough pure power to at least aid us in our fight against the infidels. Hopefully there is more than enough and we can quell this heresy without incident... Wishful thinking... is a burden.

Earth Date: August 14, 2030

A streak of fire could be seen as three giant metal structures came crashing through the atmosphere and racing down towards the surface of there new battle ground. The fiery metallic objects came crashing down onto the hard concrete shattering it with ease. They dug deep into the ground and their angular approach caused them to skid causing more destruction to the ground. Each pod came to a stop at around the same time, placing them close to each other. Grunts and roars, muffled by the pods, could be heard over the screams of civilians fleeing the scene. Guards hovered above the pods, unsure as to what to do.

Suddenly the door of the middle pod flew off and crashed into a few of the ninjan guards taking them out of the fight early. A large green foot protruded from the pod, veins rippling. The other two pods repeated with the same effect. More screams were heard as three large muscular green giants, each a different shade. The one in the middle, a more authentic shade of green, leaped out of the pod, hefted it up and tossed it at the remaining guards.

They were more aware than their counterparts so they dodged the object with ease. The other two monsters stood behind the first, the one to the left was a darker shade while the one to the right was the lightest of the three. The one in the middle roared ferociously. “Zod take up the two position,”the beast on the left moved farther behind the other two, taking 4 steps back. “Kraar you take the six,” The giant on the right sidestepped right twice and the three of them made a triangle facing there opposition.

Two of the guards flew in towards the one in the middle, Trooper, trying to over take him. He leaped forward, his large arm cocked back ready to unleash. He pushed it forward turning his body into the blow and smashed one guard right in the face sending her flying through five buildings. The other punched him in the face twice. Troop roared fiercely and cupped his hands together, lacing his finger and bringing the conjoined hands down on the females head, sending her through the concrete.

As she tried to get up Troop came down, stomping his large foot on her head.“I am General Super-Trooper117 of the Nootrac Galaxy, fearsome warrior and great champion of the planet Miws Tluda. We are here to release this planet of your clutches. Stand aside and you will be spared, get in our way and we shall hold no regret in our hearts for what we were force to do to you.” The guards lay still in the air, apprehensive as to what to do. He smiled and made a gesture with his hand before taking a gargantuan leap in search of the leaders of this hierarchy. His partners floating though the air behind him.

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The foul aroma of trash and waste clogged Vann nose as the Uchiha trio reached the secret passageway leading to the hidden underground WAL HQ. It had been a while since the former leader had stepped foot in this place, true he came back every year on the anniversary of Nova’s death to visit her grave site but rarely did he return with the twins to HQ buried deep below the earth’s surface. Glancing around Vann was amazed at how much had changed and how well everything was up and running, some how they had even managed to tap into some power source to even keep the D.O.V.E. portals running. As quickly as he glanced over he saw Hotaru walk off to her computer looking over the progression of how the team was doing, then without warning slamming her fist on the keyboard shattering it sending keys and other piece fly all which ways. Her anger and hatred and wanting revenge on the ninjans was clear as day, “For one that fires burns so hot and bright how did you become so cold and dark?” The shinobi thought to himself but in all reality he knew for he felt the same way.

Since that day he felt himself become cold and dead inside but having to be strong for everyone else he buried deep his emotions with in himself, starting to get lost deeper in his own thoughts he felt the warm hand of Zuko on his shoulder. “Yo pops I know it’s been a while since you were here so let me show you around come this way.” With a smile on his face Vann followed Zuko around while being shown the training areas, the place were they went over strategies before stopping at the main computer where a young kid now older then 19 typing away while scanning over numerous screens. Zuko leaned over and asked, “How's everything looking?” About to answer he looked back and he eyes just lit up, “Wow… you’re… your… do you know who you are?” Vann just chuckled and nodded to the boy, “Well d’uh of course you know who you are you the Legendary Uchiha NeVann and a member of the big three. I’ve been watching videos of WAL in the golden age, Oh my god I can’t believe it’s really you… wait where are my manners I’m Cameron Miller but everyone calls me Top Gear, T.G. for short, I’m a techno path it’s a honor to meet you sir.” Caught off guard by the overly hyper T.G. he just smiled before replying.

Well it’s nice to meet you as well- as he went to continue on a loud buzz echoed from the loud speaker before Hotaru followed “All WAL members assemble in the meeting room now.” As ordered everyone gathered in the main meeting room the shinobi eyes moved from wall to wall seeing face old and new, but one face really stuck out it was that of the Jedi Master that was like a little brother to him. “Kenobi long time no see, and what’s up with hair growing on your chin? Are you in a ZZ top cover band now days?” It had truly been a while since he last made a joke at Kenobi’s expense, but seconds later the room became silent and all attention was turned to Hotaru as she entered the room. He watched as she stood strong and fierce like a leader should before she began to speak, “Now, I know because of the recent events and the recent battles we have had, most of you are still exhausted and still wounded from the last enouncement with the last group of Ninjans.” Vann eyes moved from face to face as he noticed the fatigue and wonder if she was planning to send these kids out to strike again so soon, then his dark brown eyes widened as they darted back to Hotaru who seeded to be avoiding eyes contact with him Zuko and Kenobi as she said, "So because of this, I am going to propose an alliance with Aztek the Lost." Of all the people in the world why him? Though Vann knew that he was a truly a powerful being he wasn’t to be trusted. He didn’t want to speak out against her at this point in time for not wanting to cause a disruption with in the team seeing that he wasn’t one of the captain’s any longer he couldn’t order her not to go. Yet he couldn’t help but remember the last time she had contact with Aztek, secretly training her while trying to brainwash her into becoming his living weapon. The anger that was felt by him and Nova was unimaginable once they found out that she was sneaking out to go see him. Listening to her explain her reason for wanting to go find him Vann was not convinced and still didn’t like the guy but she ended the meeting by saying, "This team will stay in Zuko's command while I'm away. If any plans come to mind, just use your communicator to get a hold of me, I will have it with me at all times."

He understood her reason though rash, he would have most likely done the same in her shoes. Looking up at Zuko as Taru made her exit he saw the sorrow in his eyes that was expressed his voice as Zuko’s lips parted and the words came out. "Why Aztek? Why not someone with equal strength? Do you really trust him?" Vann had risen to his feet as the two both waited on an answer from her, though she didn’t turn around she said her peace and head to her room soon after Zuko followed after her. Looking at the door way then at Kenobi he felt a thick tension in the room, hoping to drop it a bit he jokingly said.

Alright seeing that I’m their father you all are expecting me to go after them right… well I was never one to not give the people what they want.

Walking down the hall to Taru’s room he heard the two still arguing, rather then enter the room he leaned back against the next to the doorway with his left bent and propped up against the wall, Vann then reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack menthol cigarettes and tapped it on his wrist till one popped up out the pack. Taking the cigarette and placing it in his mouth, Vann channeled a flow of fire natured chakra into his hand and with the tip of his finger he touched the end of the cigarette lighting it up. Inhaling deeply he felt the smoke fill his lungs and the nicotine absorb into his blood stream, over the past five or so years Vann had picked up the habit it seemed to calm and helped pass time for him. Leaning his back he took another drag after closing his eyes, folding his arms and blowing out a thin cloud of smoke. “Well the arguing seemed to stop, Zuko should have really known that she is as stubborning as her mom was…” he didn’t bother opening his eyes as the door opened, he didn’t need to he could already sense that Taru was the one walking out. He opened his eyes and gazed upon her and then said, “I understand princess, but please rethin-“ he was cut off by her words "I'll be back." Vann just nodded and watched as she made her way on to the elevator.

Soon after departing in the elevator Zuko exited from Taru’s room with a look of defeat on his face, done with his cigarette Vann flicked it to the floor and then stepped on it with his left foot before twisting it to make sure it was out. Placing his hand on Zuko’s shoulder he gripped it firmly and with a smile he said, “Have faith in your sister as do I, this is a tough choice even for her she knows the risk of this and she’s willing to take it… That is truly a characteristic she gained from your mom.” Zuko listened to the words of his father but it didn’t change the bad feeling he had in the back of his head. “Son now is not the time to worry about that for now we have more pressing matters to deal, gather all well and ready member along with Kenobi and be ready for I’m going after Sha as this minute.” Vann watched as Zuko’s eye widened as a fury of confusion and anger swirl on his face “What do you mean you’re going after Sha now, have you gone mad as well?” Vann lowered his hand from his son’s shoulder and pulled out another cigarette and lit it. “No not mad, I’ve watched countless lives suddenly end for no reason thanks to her and always I’ve had other matters to take care of that stopped me from doing the one thing I should have done 15 years ago… Kill her!” hearing Vann say that Zuko was over come with emotion causing his eyes to change from their normal emerald green to a crimson red signaling the activation of his Sharingan. “Why is everyone in this family so reckless? First mom, then Taru and now even you! Did you really think this through father? Seeing that I’m the leader here and you’re still an active member of this team I’m ordering you not go through with your plans!”

Becoming enraged at what Zuko words of ordering him not go, Vann’s eye instantly turned crimson matching his sons Sharingan. “Yes I am still an active member of this team, and yes you are the leader but you forget that I’m not just some member I’m the Ninth Hokage and the leader of the united ninja nation, so no I will not follow your order and I mind you not to try to order me around like that again. Now were going to go about this one of two ways either you listen to my plan or I go out and do it without you. Now which one will it be Captain Zuko?” The two ninjas stood in the half neither one not giving up ground and also unaware that their voice was echoing through out the HQ, and soon members were gather around the two hoping that they didn’t have to try to restrain either one of them. Standing defeated once again by another family member Zuko eyes turned back emerald as he turned his back to his father, “Fine we’ll do this your way, though I don’t agree I don’t want to lose you… What’s your plan?” Vann deactivated his Sharingan as well and then looked around to see all the spectators of there shouting match.

Well seeing that everyone is here we don’t have to call you all into the meeting room. As you know from your ease dropping I’m planning on taking going after Sha as of right now, but it’s not like I can open up a phonebook get her address and then knock her door… I wish it was that simple. But I’m going to have to fight my way up the ladder, I know this will be hard especial since I’m going to have to deal with her Elite six before she comes out to play. This is were you guys come into play, I’ll draw out the her sigma six into a battle while laying in wait to ambush them will be all of you along with Zuko and Kenobi but also being the Hokage of the united ninja nation I have confirmed that members of the Hyuuga, Aburame and Nara clan will send there top member and also the other four Kage’s have assured me that their top ninjas will be also joining almost tripling our number if not more. Now remember your positions and wait for my signal.

 Taking one last drag of his cigarette and tossing it to the ground, Vann step his son who back was still turned and placed his hand on his head and leaned forward before he softly spoke, “Don’t worry Zuko, I know what I’m doing… You of all people should know that I look at all the angles when I make plan. I won’t fall today or any day for that matter, I’m the annoyingly unkillable shinobi.” Then ruffling his hair Vann walked to the elevator with his left arm high waving his hand that had his index and middle extended and spread in the shape of a V. As the elevator doors began to close Vann looked at Zuko once more who was seemed to be saying something under his breathe, Vann was barely able to make it out. “Stupid old man… Once Taru hears about this she’s going to kill me…”

Stepping out on the surface his eyes took a moment or two to readjust from being underground for few hours, he took a deep breath catching the sent of fresh free blowing air before heading off the last area were he knew a large group of the ninjans forces were. Under the concealment of shadows, allies, abundant building and other large pieces of debris. Vann darted through the battle worn city and decided this was this was the place to begin, using the comlink he radioed the team along with the large group of ninjas sent. “I’m in the location everyone, remember your marks and by any means don’t revile yourselves until after I had engaged the six.” Ending his transmission Vann rested his left arm on the handles of his and closed his eye, he knew it was now or never. The wind blew in from the north by northeast sending his long raven colored hair wavering to the right, a sent of  battle and blood lust began to build up as the foot steps of four ninjan platoons could be heard off in the distance. His eyes opened they were no longer a dark brown, they were a crimson red with two three point shurikens facing opposite direction surrounded by a black ring that was closer to the pupil then the rim of the iris. This was his new complete Mangekyou Sharingan, with it being complete it didn’t drain him of his chakra nor did it causes a strain on his eyes so he could keep it activated for as long as he wanted.

 The platoons stopped 100 yards away from the ninja as the commanding officers shouted to him, “Uchiha NeVann former leader and still active member of both WAL and KAS also Hokage of the untied ninja nation, under the Ninjan empire we order you to surrender yourself or will have to take you by force.” Vann just smirked and placed his hand on the handle of his katana, “You are all nothing but small fries I’m going after bigger game… but I do need to warm…” Before he finished the last word he completely vanished before their very eyes then reappeared next to the C.O. that ordered him to surrender, his sword was a half an inch out of its sheathe as he completely resheathed it Vann said the said only one word “UP.” As the word was uttered the ninjan’s head fell to the ground soon followed by a limp body. The ninjan soldiers all looked in amazement of the speed and power that  was just displayed before them, without any afford their Commanding Officer was beheaded right before their very eyes. Taking advantage of them standing fully stunned Vann cast his Death Foreseeing jutsu he immobilized the platoon that was right in front of him by showing them gruesome pictures of their owns deaths in this battle by his hand. Some saw their limbs being ripped off before having their heads cut off while others saw him cutting them into four with his Chidori which was manipulated to shape of a katana. His first plan of cutting down their numbers by destroying their psyches with  fear had been completed.

Leaping backwards he continued to focus on the fear frozen platoon and in an instance they were all engulfed in a black flames of the Amaterasu that would burn for seven days and night before finally going out, as he was landing the shinobi made a quick series of hand seal and was soon incased a large dome cloud of smoke. The wind blow the smoke upward where it evaporated in the sky, as the smoke completely dissipated five ninja all barring the same eyes standing back while being surrounded by the ninjan forces. This was his famous shadow clone jutsu, “You all may be as powerful as Sha but you’re lacking one thing her will and desire and without in battle all you’re doing is matching to your death!” The five Vann yelled out in unison, before a sixth one appeared high above head making hand seals and opening his release a flood of water that came up knee deep. As the water level rose higher the five shinobi’s all released a massive current of electricity that was amplified by the water paralyzing the large group of ninjans that surrounded them. Everything was going according to his plan as he jumped skyward again casting his Amaterasu once again this time setting all three platoon ablaze at one, then landing a top the roof of  a almost destroyed building the pungent smell of burning flesh along with the screams of pure pain lifted from the ground below. Thinking that he hope Taru gets back soon with Aztek we just may need the back up, he yelled out to Sha.

Sha! I know you can hear me, come out and play I bought a veggie pizza and its getting cold… no fine you know why I’m here, that day in the desert I should have killed you. 15 years ago you did something that I would never forgive and I made a promise to you and I’m collecting, and believe me I wont make the same mistake I made so many years ago of showing you mercy. Oh you still don’t want to come out? Fine send your lapdogs the stigmata six or whatever to see if they can soften me up before the great ‘Ninjan Princess’ would grant me an audience. Fine send them, I’ll just add six more to the body count of your force before coming for you.  

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Carlos Morales sat in his office, fliiping through pages in a booklet. He began to write non stop and add numbers together. He sighed. The pills haven't taken its effects yet. The CEO stressed to find solutions ever since the rival gangs hit San Morales Bridge. Innocent lives were taken, property damage, the whole enchilada. The new city, San Morales, California, has prospered ever since it opened to the public, but recently some hero touches are needed more than ever. As founder and CEO of SCARAB Corporation, Carlos Morales slowed down a bit. He's pulled away from We Are Legend a bit ever since the death of Feral Nova, one of the great leaders of W.A.L. Blue Beetle isn't a regular anymore, but when called upon, he is there.  His nose is pinned with the ideals of business ethics and community service duties. SCARAB sell different lines of new technology, thanks to the further study of Carlos's scarab. It's natural power can now be used to help the daily lives of people. Better energy source, purification of water, durable material, the whole ten yard.

And in all,  the CEO sells his technology for cheap and affordable prices. But Carlos is a philantropist lso. In his view, someone who has everything should give a bit of something to give the unfortunate a boost. During his spare time, Carlos works in hospitals, construction sites, visits the disabled, anything he can possibly do. A thing or two he learned participating in W.A.L. is the key word "team." This communtity is a very large team, in which we all must contribute to help each other. For his gratitude and charity funding, The city of San Morales was named after the Blue Beetle. San Morales is located in the Northern region of California, the Bay Area. It is only two hundred miles away from San Francisco. The city is really an island, desolated away from other big cities. But recently, it has grown as big as its neighbor, San Francisco.

The phone began to ring. Carlos picked up the phone vigorously. "This Carlos Morales, CEO and founder of SCARAB Corp. How may I be of assistance?" It was the head honcho, head of the police department. A reported Meta-Human was reported by the harbor. It was the same criminal who attempted to steal equipment from Carlos Morales. The cops detected the man using VIA satellite from orbit. It was a special satellite designed by replicating the special satellite from Blue Beetle's scarab. It could find any thermal images from orbit, just by simply sending a signal towards the Earth. With that, they can take accurate pictures. However, it is only used to find criminals, not to stop them. The  Meta-Human posseses super strength attributes, supplied by a superhuman cerum of some sort. Who supplied it to him? No one knows for sure. But what is for sure, this dangerous man killed all officers trying to take him down, can lift over one hundred tons, and can deliever a powerful punch to his victims. Carlos was not there when the attack occured, because he was participating in a mission with W.A.L.'s new leaders, the Uchiha kin. That was the big problem with Carlos's technology, if gotten in the wrong hands. the world would go down to hell. "I'll be there, sir."

"Vanessa, come here please!" Carlos stood up, as his assistant walked in. "I'm gonna take a quick trip to the harbor and I need you to be ready if the Mayor calls. I have the agreement plans to last week's fiasco. Discuss it with him and tell him I'll respond as soon as I can." Vanessa aided her boss by removing his knittly, buttoned suit. "Sir, I just a call from..." Before the assistant could finish the statement, Carlos cut in. His time was short and was in a hurry. "Tell em to leave a message. Gotta go." Carlos rushed out of the door. ".......We Are Legend....sir." Vanessa shook her head dully.

The terrorist smashed into the crates from China's last shipment to SCARAB. Business leaders from China worked with Carlos to design both of their technology and resources to build armor, radios, medicinal treatment. The hulking, seven foot man leapt of the ship and landed on the docks. He sprinted, pulling away from the docks and entering a street. It was a dead end when reinforcements arrived to block the terrorist from exiting the street. Covered in body armor and armed with heavy weapons. The impatient giant charged at the group. "Outta my way!"  The startled police ran back. "I thought so." "Sure haven't fooled me." The voice in the air dropped down by surprise in front of the rampaging mad man. The Blue Beetle charged his fist with blue energy conducted from the scarab. He swung upwards at the running man's jaw. The powerful blow sent him helplessly in the air. The terrorist rammed his body against a brick wall. Bricks piled over the fallen brute. He slowly ascended up, dropping the bricks of his body. "You will regret that!" The giant roared defiantly. "That's what they all say." Carlos set his right hand at the terrorist and sent a stunning charge towards him. The helmet protecting the terrorist's head whinned. A blue sphere was projected around him, deflecting the attack. Carlos opened his mouth with unpleasure. "What the hell?"

"You didn't think we could get our hands in your business, ha?! This little fancy headgear was just brokeded pieces until my masters stuck em together to make the perfect helmet. I am untouchable!"
Carlos had to laugh for a moment.  "Brokeded? Youre English disturbs me. Did you flunk kindergarten?" "Aaargh! I'll pull off your little wings, bluey! Then I'll rip your head off." "Wow, nice usage of words. I think you need some love. Have you tried eHarmony? There's bound to be a chick to dig an ugly hemorrhoid like you." The giant exclaimed in rage. His only goal was to tear this bug. He threw himself towards Blue Beetle. Carlos picked up a green dumpster and tosses it towards the incoming onslaught. The dumpster was taken apart as soon as the foe came in contact with its head. "Sh!t." The Blue Beetle built a blue shield to protect himself, but was knocked down to the ground by the powerful terrorist.

"Ugh...." Carlos was picked by the large man, wrapping his big arms around him. Carlos gazed at the large opening of his mouth. "You really wanna bite my head?" Suddenly, Carlos pulled his wings out, releasing himself from the gasp of the maniac. Carlos grabbed onto the much larger man's throat and was lifted up by his wings. The two were lifted up to the sky, with Blue Beetle doing the holding this time. Carlos had hard time grabbing hold of the man, due to his large size. When he found the chance when Carlos's hands were slipping, the angry terrorist sent his hand at carlos's face, grabbing him by the face. "Who has who now, punk?" The two rapidly were falling down, with Carlos being hold under the man's grip. Carlos's face was about to get the faceplant. When the two hit the cement, fragments of concrete lifted and dust formed around them. When it dissipated, the brute was holding onto the unconscious Carlos by the face. "Ha, not so tough." A yellow eyeball opened and Carlos swung his right leg up, breaking through the helmet. "Argh!" The terrorist was pushed back and the Blue Beetle landed on his two feet. "No shield. I guess that means this will sting you a bit." A smirk came from Blue Beetle's face as he disposed bolt of energy.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to take care of some business." The late bug sat at the end of the corner of the meeting table. We Are Legend members began to talk amongst themselves upon Morales's twenty minute late arrival. All Carlos could do was smile. He had to say something to make up for his unethical enterance. "You guys see that Giants game? Crazy, eh?" There was no response, just further whispers. The only words Carlos could make up were moron, jerk, jackass. No one was happy. They all stared at him with disaproving. Carlos stuck his teeth together, having them show as he turned to face the leaders. From what he missed, Sha has begun to wreak havoc amongst mankind. She believes mankind was responsible for the destruction of her planet, home of the Ninjeta. Carlos drew his head closer to hear the leader's proposals.