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(give me a break im still learning)

ok a group of both villians and heroes have randomly been selected to participate in a twisted game. none of the heroes or villians know how they got there. there will be five of the worlds most powerful, crazy people (made up people)that you must fight.

there names are, Tyranius, Soroya, Decidion, Latrania, and Mordius.

1st level. Latrania- power over water and ice.

2nd level Decidion- power over rocks and plants (earth)

3rd level Soroya- power over air

4th level Tyranius- power over lightning, and thunder

5th and final level Mordius- power over fire, can also combine powers with all of his teams (even if the are dead)

our objective is to make it through these 5 levels.

along the way, we will face demon soldiers, that we must take out. when you get to the leader of the level, you may create something for them to say or do, but make it interesting, and dont kill them off so easily.

there may also be drama between the heroes and villians, but dont lose sight of the objective.

remember that regular rpg rules apply.


(and rememver, im new at this, so give me a break)
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Ooc: Looks interesting, I think I'll start tomorrow. My batteries are starting to run low....

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ight then

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ok so is anyone gonna do this?

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Waking up with a bottle of beer in one hand and a cheap hooker wrapped the other, with the taste of his own vomit in his mouth, The Cheap motel had one bed and flaky yellow wall paperm there was a large window to the north with the door to the right , moving to the window he pulled opened the curtain, The sun almost blinded him , his pale naked body looked like a dark shilloete.

Scars ran over his body , the most notiable was a small scar of a cross on his stomach, He span round his dark eyes scanning the room, Walking over to his wallet he pulled out a twenty, his pink tounge ran over the twenty , Using his thumb he stuck it to the hookers head "Get out ", She moaned, Grabing her hand he threw her into the daylight, Slamming the door shut , he walked to the shower and let the water run over his body.

The phone began to ring

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as ray lay there in his room, he was watching the new york knicks play against the miami heat. chillin out as usual, ray suddenly gets a phone call.

no number popped up the caller id, but ray aswered it.

"hello?" ray said. a deep, dark voice answered, "do you want to play?"

with that being said, a giant white flash came upon ray, and he landed ina strange all white and black building.

"where am i and what just happened? hello?????????"

noone answered. ray sat and waited to see if someone else was there.

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he still waits, hopping he is not alone

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Picking up the phone "Who the fuck is this, your ....." Arrow vanished and appeared in a room, Looking round he saw another being in there with him, "You better have a good reason for this," Arrow shadows surounded him , his clothes appeared on him.

Wlaking toward the figure "you better god damn answer me", The darkness was as bright as day to Arrow.

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ray turned around and saw someone, but he was yelling as if ray brought him to this place.

"look man, 1st of all i dont know who u talkin to! i dont even know how i got here? but i know u gonna have to chill out wit all dat! clearly, there is a reason we are here."

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Smiling Arrow approched him "Well in that case my name is Arrow and if your lying to me , I will rip your head of and pee down your neck". Liffting his hand to shake rays.

He began to wonder what this place was and why he was here , He checked to see if he had his weapons , But they where no where to be seen.

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the phone rang inside alchemists suit. this surprized him, who the hell calls in 3:00 in the morning and how did they get my number? he tried to trace the call but it seemed to come from no where. with nothing else to do, alchemist picked up the phone. "hello." all that followed was an erie silence. "ok man, haha funny. 'lets go prank call a superhero'. how the fu..." a blinding light flashed and when alchemists eyes ajusted he found him self in a strange, dark room. he turn on his night vision and imediatly saw to shadowy figures, huched over in the corner. instinctively alcemist tured into a gas so that he wouldnt be detected. he started listening in to the conversation.

"maybe these two know something about this..."

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"so arrow, what do u propose we do, since there is noone else here yet, and we still have no clue how we got here?"

with that said ray, notices this smell of gas in the air, but it wasn't poison, it just had a smell to it.

"do u smell dat?"

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"Some one else is here, I can feel him in the Shadows" , Arrow turned liffting his hand the darkness moved to his command, Allowing the new figure to stand in front of them, "I suggest we Find out what the hell is going on".

Spining round he fired a shadow Orb at the wall, the air rippled with energy, Grey dust blew off the wall , But he had not made a mark,"HMMMM".

Shiffting his back leg he closed his eyes, His dark jacket began to sway back and forth, Frocing the palm of his hand forward, The ground began to rip round him, The blast head for the wall, The exploison almost blew Arrow back .

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ray stood and watched as arrow tried to blow the wall, ray started to kind of feel weak. for he realized that arrow has shadow powers, one of his weaknesses. but ray did not say anything.

ray could feel the ripple of energy unleashed by him. but ray just had to sitt, with arrow not knowing of his weakness.

"that gas is still in the air. something aint right. who ever u r, i suggest u show yo self!!!!"

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"God Damn these walls are thick" Arrow looked over at ray who seemed uneasy, "Okay maybe we are going about this all wrong," He walked over to the centre of the room "My Name is Arrow , You have called me here for some reason, I wish to know it".

The room began to change slowly, A small monitor appeared in front of him, It Began to play some type of video, "Um Guys you may want to see this".

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"OMG!!!!!!!!!! what is that?"

(the unknown evil) "you have been selected to compete in what you might call a game. this is to challenge your skills, and to see how long you can last b4 u die! (evil laugh) muahahahaha!!"

ray saw 5 shadow figures on this screen, from what he could see, there were two women, and three men.

(ray) "so what must we do?"

(the unknown evil) "in time you will know"

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