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The Ruins of Venezuela

In the wake of a destruction and the countries annihilation by the hands of the United States of America, The PEAK Corporation and the previously destroyed HALO Corporation the country was left seemingly beyond repair. A war between the PEAK and HALO corporations left the country devastated, being split into four zones of control the population were subjugated and left to rot in the nuclear fallout which had engulfed the Northern side of the country. A small militia tasked with keeping the "peace" were named the VRS but instantly were lubriciously unprepared to cope in a country so rife with despair and crime, Another conflict engulfed the country with factions trying to take over the four zones - However the sheer chaos this embarked was simply too much for each party, thus the conflict ended with the country in an even worse state than before...however..Evolution works in strange ways, little by little many VRS troops were falling sick with cancer and other disease due to the radiation. Unknown to them this with actually because of the nuclear reactor which was powering the HALO Tower combined with the United States and associated forces nuclear attack against the country this saturated the water supply and food with a unique type of radiation which somehow unlocked dormant X-Genes inside of thousands upon thousands of Venezuelans. The initial number pre-HALO/PEAK war could have been said to be around 28,946,101 people going by a 2011 census - Swiftly dropping to an estimated 14,000,00 because of the war and subsequently in weeks and months following the number went to an all time low in the country to a mere 8,000,00 people, Of which 60% died because of the radiation and mutations - Leaving a final standstill of 3,200,000 in the country. A number which would count as genocide to most civilized members of the world, 28million to 3.2million in a matter of months was almost unfathomable. Everybody who survived, minus a few thousand is a mutant.

The Venezuelan liberation Army

The Venezuela liberation Army or shorted to VLA for short had an idea to unite the people of the country, stop the separation which turned the country into four sides and make a United Mutant Republic which would not only help the country, but be a safe haven for mutant kind everywhere. This Army was led by xenon_ as the self declared ruler of the country upon completion of the objective to unify the four zones. At the start the VLA was comprised of mutants who decided they did not want to be subjugated into four tiny zones anymore and upon the realization they had "powers" they marched on the West ( where the Presidential Palace was ), defeated the 100 Stark Bots which had been put by PEAK during the war to defend and took over the country without much resistance from the nearly disbanded VRS. Many if not all of the VRS are actually members of the VLA. Swiftly after taking the Presidential Palace they descended upon the rest of the country with the help of _strigidae_ who was named "The Mutant Messiah" for her heroic deeds in helping to secure the unity of the country. She was then put into power by popular vote by the members of the VLA to lead along-side Xenon as ruler, and protector of the land.


Soon after the unity no time was wasted in rebuilding the country back to its former glory and even extending that making it one of the most powerful nations on the earth ( the likes of which no one could have expected, given previous conditions ). inherently due to the mutant population having unmitigated power granting resources and opportunity which standard human nations simply could not contend with. Being built by a wide array of workers and mutants alike showing a great understanding of teamwork and helping, they built the city through the use of powers and manual labor. Resources were easy to come by being "made" by people who had magical mutations and telekinetic users helping massively in construction. Agriculture thrived, and many other sectors of the country are now even better than they were Pre-HALO days. In the wake of destruction came redemption for the country, but for how long could such sanctuary last?

Deceleration of Independence from the United States

The country during the war was annexed to become part of the USA but since the takeover they self declared themselves distant from the States and an independent country. At this time, the US were unable to combat this notion as the Statue of Liberty had just been destroyed coupled with other events it was not in the public interest to keep this nation and would cost more money then it would be worth. Now being its own self declared mutant empire which would mold its own ideals and discriminating views against human kind due to the dual hate which Xenon, and the Mutant Messiah held this is not a neutral nation more being an entire nation of mutant supremacists. The laws of the land state if a non-mutant is found wondering the streets at any time of the day, they will instantly be executed in broad daylight (Or some captured for experiments and never seen again). The borders are closed to outsiders who are not mutants, tourism was shut off and the only entrance into the country was by way of access through the "Bridge of Appeal" which meant if a mutant wanted sanctuary here from the outside world they would come and ask. Probably being allowed in after a quick examination and safety vetting.

The Bridge of Appeal

Any wishing to come to the country have to walk through the Bridge of Appeal into the nation which was situated on a northern border, being the only "legit" entrance into the country and guarded by a vast array of troops. Upon walking through an enchantment accesses if you possess the X-Gene and you are granted access, upon entry to the country you may appeal to Xenon or one of the country councilmen to become one with the nation and gain nationality. The bridge is defended by a combined force of Elite VLA and standard Army. Having Telepathic barriers in place ready to be summed on will, and charged with more TK power it is capable of completely closing off the country to anybody in times of a crisis.

The Council of Venezuela

Political Structure

Xenon - King of Venezuela

Fukuro Zoku - Second in Command

Supreme Chancellor - Overall Leader of the CountryCurrently location unknown

The Ten Councilmen - Alive, well

The Supreme Councillor of Venezuela

The supreme_chancellor of Venezuela holds responsibility for day to day business within the country relating to all matters. Being in control of the council he holds power which is near, but not as powerful as the Supreme Rulers xenon and strigidae. His responsibilities involve everything which helps the country run to optimum performance, having control of the entire army and not needing the permission of the council to mobilize, the influence he holds within the city could be said to match or even exceed the total combined influence of the other 9 council members to an extreme amount, this mans word can get entire armies to kneel at his feet in respect. The current Chancellor has currently withheld his name due to political reasons and a slightly egotistical wanting to only be called by his official name, Sir Chancellor is the preferred title.

The current Chancellor posses the power of EM Manipulation coupled with an insight into the future, or other words precognition through an advanced telepathic ability granting him unprecedented intelligence throughout the country. Being possibly the strongest standing mutant in the country, nobody could realistically stand in his way on their own....not even Xenon, however the Mutant Messiah strigidae. has seemingly withheld her power. Speculatively he has been said to have powers which exceed the strongest members of society in general, his precognitive abilities granted him an insight before any of the actual carnage in the country even transpired - As such he shot to the top of the council without any trouble. His residence is the Supreme Palace which resides in the dead center of the country, Usually the Chancellor spends his day-to-day business with political affairs, rarely leaving the confides of the building. However when he does, he immerses himself in the pursuit of knowledge and bettering himself in all aspects of life.

Security and Army

The VLA - NPC's

The main Army of the country the VLA is comprised of specific mutants. Only people with a adept healing factor ( Think low tier wolverine ) and at-least superhuman characteristics is allowed in the army ( Captain America level stats ) granting them a fighting force which is superior to the standard army, literally being able to run circles around a normal soldier making this a valuable asset to the country, Armed with dual blades they are deadly. They are not prohibited to enter other nations, if needed they can be used as an invading force.

The VLA Elite - NPC's

The elite of the country, Each member has advanced telekinesis and is highly dangerous, being able to manipulate things at an atomic level they are usually not allowed to leave the confines of the country and serve as defenders inside of the country against external and internal threats. Being able to kill at a whim and under the direct control of Xenon/The Mutant Messiah and the Council of mutants. Most of the members of this elite band of troops are women due to an unseen reason that the female population of the country gained better telekinetic abilities than the males, the VLA Elite is 70% women and 30% men. They also posses a limit amount of telepathy, but nothing too extreme.

  • No destruction of anything major without permission from Xenon ( Message me or pyrogram )
  • Any Mutant can become a member. NPC it, or request the Bridge of Appeal thing and get a meeting with me.
  • Sell the VLA Reasonably and standard rules for everything else!
  • The VLA Council are NOT NPC's
  • The VLA Elite are are NPC's but sell reasonably.
  • The VLA Army are NPC's. - Feel free to use, and kill if reasonable.
  • Any Questions PM me or post here!
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Oh! I see!

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After Britain, you are next.

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Impressive son, impressive.

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After his identity was discovered as a mutant he was ridiculed and looked down upon however Mike had heard that there were mutants in Venezuela who were looked up to and appreciated so he decided to come to the land.

As he entered the country he couldn't help but feel he was going to die from the heat. To the average human this would be considered nice but to him it was intense, he'd been this way ever since he got his cryokinetic powers. So here he was in Venezuela taking the longest walk of his life along the bridge of appeals, while mutants were accepted here he didn't want to take any chances by flying to the end. so he walked and walked, and walked.

when he finally came to the end they granted him access and he fainted from the intense heat.

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@warsman said:

After Britain, you are next.

You try anything in Britain imma smack you.

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(So, this is the reboot?)


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@superstay: ( Lol did you read the OP?...It clearly catches up with current events and explains everything )

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(Yeah, that was what I was going to say, "It seems more like a sequel, than a reboot". I don't think you'll be seeing me in here much, non of my characters are mutants. But best of luck)


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I've read this OP twice already lol

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@xenon_: Its really good. Thinking of making a scene on that purrty bridge of yours. Mutant :P

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Clara will fit nicely here.

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@xenon_ As mike wakes he fools comfortable and cool for the first time since the accident that caused him to gain his powers. Then he discovers he is in an amazingly built room that seems pretty secure he assumes this is some sort of government building but who knows

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btw i use multiple characters with cryokinetics all with different stories and different names i haven't found any "codenames" though that would help i could turn into a sort of team of cryokinetic powered people along with a few other powers. Any thoughts to codenames would be amazing, this one shall be....hmm "Blizzard"? idk

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One of the VLA Elite walked towards the man who had previously been brought in for questioning after being found to be a mutant, and collapsing. Stopping in-front of the man the woman Elite spoke reassuringly "You are safe here my friend, Did you come to this sanctuary for a specific purpose?" She folded her arms thoughtfully.

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@xenon_: Its a marathon mutant, not a sprint :P

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@xenon_: "Impasse." He mocked the security detail watching his every countenance, knowing very well they wouldn't kill him. "And it'll remain that way", he snickered even as blood dripped from throbbing gums, "Until I get what I want." In the wake of unmitigated obliteration the stylish savant permeated the border of this newly minted republic, brashly accepting any consequence given.

I feel relaxed. Blindness and the inability to move fluidly can do that, but I think I like this place. It exudes a certain professionalism, but why is everyone so shamelessly bland? Genocide aside...these people could use some charisma. Ugh. I could show them a thing or two. Y'know after I heal. Which reminds me. Haven't they heard that I am here upon @_strigidae_'s request? Makes me think this establishment might require proper leadership. It's something I'd be more than willing to partake in. If given the opportunity of course.......

"Ephemeral", he nonchalantly described his affliction, "Now be a dear and loosen these cuffs?" Mister Addams jokingly pleaded as if this entire debacle were some form of foreplay, that was until he heard the faint noise of someone far more important. Instantaneously adjusting his posture, the precocious prince slipped into silence, awaiting the words of whomever entered this frigid corridor.

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@closure: ( Is Addams a mutant? If so what is he doing trapped lol..Will reply though )

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@xenon_: (Technically no. He's genetics are scientifically scrambled. I haven't exactly classified him o.o)

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@closure: ( This is a story you doing with Zauby right? I think she told me something about it...if so, I will let her reply and then tag along )

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@xenon_: (Yessir. Hopefully she does reply lol)

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@closure: ( Nice! I am interested to see how Noah fits in with all of this....I don't even know what "this" is yet lmfao )

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You know what? You're right. After Britain, it should be the entire African continent - not just you.

(IC! IC! Please don't fillet me ;_;)

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@warsman said:


You know what? You're right. After Britain, it should be the entire African continent - not just you.

(IC! IC! Please don't fillet me ;_;)

Warsman fears you. *Achievement granted

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@closure: ( Xenon commands fear - I love this Alt xD )

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@xenon_: (Sure. You'll end up becoming Clara's pillow pet soon enough)

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(Let's make it happen. Might have to wait until after KOV though.)

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@warsman: ( Sure thing - But first need to use this location for the human/Mutant war as that is what I kinda made it for )

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@warsman: ( For which side? LOL - You should take over another country in Africa and we have a country/country war - Make for a good event )

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@xenon_: Venezuela! The city of action in these days. Brendan watched it go dust from television. One of the so called heroes were there and things got messy as usual. While effectively trying to make himself a name as a hero. He was also trying to follow the events as they happened. Recently, there was a conflict in Venezuela. People had gone there to claim some place. Under the name of goodness of people or just because having a place is a good thing. The reasons differed from person to person. He made up his mind. He was gonna be there and help people. Which was as always something even the good ones forgot. He left his home witth a bag full of food and a few clothings. ''Omega lad is on the way!'' He yelled. Making his bag was easy, leaving home was easier but he had no idea how to get Venezuela. With the credit card he stole from his foster parents. He took a plane but unfortunately the plane was not going to Venezuela. He was left in Argentina. While he was busy arguing some people at the airline, someone stole his bag. The food and clothings was replacable but the credit card was there. He left the airplane. He had to go to venezuela or at least go home. He heard some men talking about Venezuela. The place was hot with action. He thoguth he needed to be there. He was on the road once again but this time he was a hitchhiker. Wearing his costume, he jumped into a car. ''I need to go to Venezuela! The people needs me!'' Sure of himself he talked. ''Yes, right cyclops.'' Said the man before starting to laugh till his breath emptied. With a quick glance of eyebeam the man was eager to help though. After long days he was finally in Venezuela though there were no action. Instead there was a newly found nation. Brendan walked with curiosity through the city, asking anyone and everyone who is the big guy leading that place. Finally, he found himself inside a big building. ''Hello? Wha - What happened here?'' he spoke with a trilling voice.

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(Already planning to take over Britain :P)

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@omega_lad: Even if you weren't, I remember everything in some way. Ask Pyrogram.

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Omega Lad had inadvertently walked into the building which was responsible for youth learning and education. Upon entering he was instantly looked upon by a VLA guard, the guard starred at Brendan for a few seconds before smiling, and speaking "Hello, My name is Rupaki" He nodded "Well, this country has currently been unified by our great leader - Xenon - The country used to be split into four zones of control, each zone being controlled by a different faction" He carried on "The country was also suffering from a nuclear fallout, this mutated us all....three million people survived, and upon surviving we gained abilities" The man raised his hand, and his pen lifted into the air "We are mutants" He tilted his head "Are you a mutant?" Looking around trying to see if Brendan had anybody with him "If not...I'm sorry but you may be arrested...if you are a mutant, welcome to the country! How did you get in without passing the checkpoints?"

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@omega_lad: Even if you weren't, I remember everything in some way. Ask Pyrogram.

She is magically annoying like that! Scary...seriously. >_>

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