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The moon had switched places with the sun. The old construction site was a sheer example of how lonely Vine City was at night. The big hand was on the twelve to be exact. The nearby church bells began to swing like a pendulam, just creating a clanking noise that echoed throughout the city.

The only light that seemed to hit the construction site were the streetlights around the rectangular structure. Abondoned pipes, tractors, steel bars, construction equipment, laid scattered on the sandy surface of the desolated site. Just over the empty patch of sand, the tall tower towered over five stories high. The tower was incomplete. Old corporations paid a great deal of money to construct their building in that spot. But construction ended, leaving the site barren.

A figure hid in the shadows on top of a ledge on the hollow tower. He was able to keep himself from falling off, by handling with care his body posture on the twelve inch wide, thirty foot long steel beam. The Unforgiven stood up from his crouching position. He removed the shadow that he casted around his body, using his Chi Magic. He had no need to stay hidden anymore. Peering ahead of him, another form entered the construction site, a part of his surroundings now. Keeping his two feet balanced by having them sidways, the Unforgiven dispatched his two scarlet red clubs from his own belt.

He spun forward, falling towards the sand grains below. The Unforgiven spun completely, eight times per second. Thanks to his Chi, he slowly drifted downwards, controlling his fall. It was similar of that of Martial Arts movies. The Chi allows users to easily run up walls and take long and high leaps with no effort, as it would seem. But to do these feats, one must have control of his or her Chi. The Unforgiven gently placed his left foot in the soft sand, keeping his other leg out like a swan, crossed behind his leg. With the horns on his mask, he looked similar to the monsters from nightmares. But it wasn't just the dark red costume, it was the stance. The Unforgiven crossed his two arms together, one over the other. His fingers were bent on both hands, but his index and thumb stiffed out. The fiery aurora surged around his hands, as did the dark one's eyes.

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The constant ringing of the church bells,screeching of tires and blarring of car horns created a symphony, music to Tenjin's ears. His body was casted in a raven black kevlar suit constucted with several microscopic fibers to reduce the reflecting lights, his eyes left bare, revealing his deep brown pupils. Weapons lined his suit in hidden pockets and straps but a Ninja-to sword rested along his back in a void like scarrbard with two tantos in a "X" formation along his lower back. Tenjin crouched in a simian like position, his left hand clutching the ledge of the clock tower overlooking the construction site. The minute hand stood vertically skywards and below the hand like a gargoyle rested Tenjin. It seemed golden in appearance contrasting the midnight suit of the Ninja but the shadow lifted himslef to his feet without aid of his hands when he had seen the slightest movement among the shadows he thought to himself "That is my target." He leaped downwards into a freefall letting his arms squeeze to his sides and his legs pressed together forming a human arrow. Diving towards the ground he seemed to be in jeopardy  but didn't move a muscle simply continued to free fall straight for a shadow casted by a medium sided oak. He plunged into the shadow like water causing it to ripple like a puddle before Tenjin reappeared inside the vicinity of the site from a near by bulldozer.

He made his way towards the rafters but ceased to walk as a demonic figure preformed a series of twists from high above but landed on his feet like it was nothing. This impressed Katsuro at least, it has been a while since he fought an opponent with incrediable agility and reflexes. The foe was wearing a blood red devil uniform, fitting for one who used pyrokinesis displayed as he engulfed his hands with flames and outbursts from his eyes. Tenjin realized this was going to be interesting so with his hands he spoke to Unforgiven using sign language "I fought hordes of demons down to the depths of hell itself. Your costume doesn't do anything for you here, my friend." As he finished using his right hand he pointed his fist straight at the warrior with his thumb perfectly aligned with his eyes before spinning his arm to the left now pointing downwards. Katsuro unseathed his sword with his left hand causing it to screech against the scarrbard as it left it. The chrome like shine reflected any possible light from the area letting of uncountable beams shimmer as the ninja slowly waved the blade to his other hand. Clutching the hilt tightly, like he was strangling a serpent he bursted forward and leaped into the air as he closed in on Unforgiven. As he descended he let the blade tear through the humid air aiming its razor edge for the chest in a swiping motion. He wanted to gut his opponent right then and there, tonight no horseplay.

He imagined no contact would be made so he preformed a cartwheel without using his hands and sent another diagonal slash for the warrior's right calf muscle. He leaped backwards with a moonsault landing in a crouching position with his sword's tip digging into the earth at his side. He wielded it one handed and using the other hand to dig into a pocket on his left thigh to pull out three throwing darts, each with bright red tassels. Some may think why would the tassels be that color instead ofa dark black, well when in flight the darts spin as well as the tassels making it seem larger and interferes with the human eye, distracting them from its deadly point. He instantly jumped to his feet and sent the darts soaring through the air in a triangle formation two aimed for the chest with a two foot distance between them and the other below the naval.

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The Unforgiven swerved his left club in a circular motion. The club would continue to whistle, until the unknown Tenjin would make his attemped mark. Mathew's ability to remember anything seen, heard, or read, only helps improve his combat experience. This is why he always wait to see what an opponent will do, so that he may store their skills in his own memory bank and use it as an advantage. The more moves he learns, the more he perfects his own fighting style, Movimiento del Diablo. Movement of the Devil is martial arts combined with what knowledge the Unforgiven knows and uses the mix of Chi Magic to make it deadlier and his own material no one can duplicate.

The Unforgiven was being pulled by the pool of Tenjin's brown eyes. His focus was precisely towards him. He only waited to strike. The suspense was growing throughout Mathew's whole body. He had not stopped spinning his own possession, trying to break Tenjin's concentration. Tenjin took a moment to communicate with Mathew. The Red Devil stopped his club's motion. The silent uniform began to communicate using body language with his hands. Learning sign language back in Japan, it stuck to Mathew and it never went away. Thanks to his rare complex brain, he remembered what he's learn about sign language, even though he did not learn. He applied to what he had learned and could make it what Tenjin was trying to tell him. "I fought hordes of demons down to the depths of hell itself. Your costume doesn't do anything for you here, my friend." As he finished using his right hand he pointed his fist straight at the warrior with his thumb perfectly aligned with his eyes before spinning his arm to the left now pointing downwards.

"Interesting choice of words, my mute friend." The Unforgiven began to slowly step right, without looking where he was walking. Then he walked back left to his last position, holding his two clubs behind his back, elusive to the enemy.  Tenjin unsheathed his own weapon. This formidable foe held his weapon closely, as if he were holding his new born infant. He truelly cared for his weapon. A weapon is either your friend or your enemy. It all depends how it is used and who it is used upon.  As quick as the leopard, the active Tenjin jolted off the ground and into the night above.  The sword descended, aiming at the Unforgiven's upper midsection, ripped through the atmosphere. The speed and velocity made a dangerous combination. The sharp edge of the blade seethed through, brightening the Red Devil's suit as it neared. Tapping into his inner Chi, the Unforgiven acted quickly with superhuman reflexes, by bending his neck and head down. It looked as if he were allowing himself to be beheaded in shame or in act of treason, but in fact it was different. By him doing so, the Red Devil backspun his two metal clubs over his neck, so when the blade would hit, it wouldn't be flesh.

The blade skidded across the two crossing clubs, leaving off a spark that melted as soon as it hit the Unforgiven's mask. The stench similar to sulfur made its way to Mathew's senses. The Red Devil took a pounce back, four feet back to be exact. Tenjin wasn't finished, he was going for another sequence of sword dancing. Using no use of other appendages but legs, Tenjin smoothly cartwheeled his destination towards the Red Devil once more. A diagonal thrust was completed and this time, Tenjin scored flesh. The blade cleanly slit the right side of the Unforgiven's right calf. The skin was pulled back so it hanged over his calf. Blood oozed from the blade wound. The Red Devil took a moment to grab a hold of his calf, while Tenjin moonsaulted backwards. The Red Devil kept his mouth open for a moment to catch his breath and let the pain flow out of his system.

The pain was gruesome because his muscle was partially injured. But it could of been worse if he had not been protected with Chi Magic. Chi is what made him more durable and slightly more recoverable. Tenjin pulled out three pointy objects, which were bonded with dark tassals. The Unforgiven was familiar with these weapons. They are used to confuse the opponent, something he remembered during his training with his father, Foggy, in Japan. All he had to do is focus his gaze on the tiny metal head.  Tenjin tossed the deadly darts as they surfed with malice through the night air.  The Unforgiven swung his two clubs in a scissor fashion, with each crossing each other. The grapnel shot out of the clubs. The two thin lines ripped past each other, as the hooks at the end tore through two darts each. The last dart whizzed past the Red Devil, only cutting the top of his mask. His light brown hair plunged out from the tear of the fabric. The two hooks each pinned against two large, metal blocks, used for construction on each side of the Unforgiven.

The Chi Magic coursed through the Red Devil's body and onto the hook, where the two blocks began to heat up. Once the blocks were covered in fire and hesitatingly melting from the heat, the Unforgiven used his superhuman strength to pull the two ton blocks towards Tenjin. The hooks were reeled back in. The Unforgiven, using no other appendages but his feet, cartwheeled backwards a couple of feet away from Tenjin. He hastily threw his two clubs up ten feet in the air. Continuing with the same motion, he dropped his body in a kneeling position but sliding his left leg in a circle spin. His body spun around. When the Red Devil returned to his old position, he threw six bo  shuriken that he pulled out when he spun around from his belt. Each hand threw three and were charged with fire Chi Magic. They churned towards Tenjin, leaving a trail of charred smell. The Unforgiven lifted himself up and caught his two clubs once they hit his palms.