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"We came,we saw,we Won."


During the first meeting of the team members,they were at a bar getting properly wasted.After they had left the party,they decided to go on a 'heroic expedition' through the city,in which they were looking for something to punch and look good for doing it.They came a to an old warehouse and were expecting a gang,but found a group of villain wanting to take over the US.Needless to say,they rushed in.After a long fought fight,most of the villains were either subdued,and/or,killed.The last villains let loose a doomsday device in the city.If it wasn't for the efforts of these tipsy heroes,the city would have been gone.

The Proposition

 The Proposition
Shortly after the events mentioned above,all of the original heroes woke up in a secure,military facility.
They were met with the man known as Daniel Ross,the notable commander of SABRE.Ross told them the story of Martial City,and it's super-human problems.He then gave them a choice;Set up shop in Martial City as it's heroes,under pay, and be given amnesty for any crimes they had committed;Or leave,but any with records of crime would be taken in.They,of course,felt obliged to help.




 Feel free to explore all these areas,and meet the new friends...(And foes).

The Base-

Above Ground

This is the Under-Dog's official base,provided by SABRE.It's a six story luxury hotel above ground,with all the pools,bars, restaurants,and other places for y'all to have fun with.Under ground,it's a military base.Millions of weapons,training areas,and sanctioned vehicles to test out.

The City-

Martial City is what happens when New York and Miami mix together.It's got nice Beaches,huge skyscrapers,hundreds of miscellaneous shops,a standard sewer system,and dozens more things to be seen.


Monster Island-

This strange island,located right off the coast of Martial City,is large and jungle-ish.It has a volcano,though it is no direct threat to us.It's also home to dinosaurs of all kinds,lost in time.Among other things,it also has an average array of Jungle animals,such as snakes,spiders,and several apes and chimps and monkeys and such.It is home to poisonous and man-eating plants,cave-dwelling villagers,and a strange race of Lava men that do not take well to visitors.

The Desert-

The side of the city opposite bordered by the ocean is bordered by desert.The Nevada Desert is vast and as hazardous a desert as any.A roaming pack of werewolves patrol it,and sometimes visit the city.Stone Colossus from relics past are located in it,and attack any they see.Aliens seem to visit here,not all of them friendly either.The most prominent problem is A.W.E. and their experiments.They have many bases out here,and release the creatures they create upon the city from time to time.


The beach is a great party place,and extremely good place to tan(if your into that).The waters are good for surfing,but are home to some dangers.Sharks roam the shallow water,as do dolphins.A little deeper in you could find hundreds of exotic species.In the deeper areas of the water,where few go,are where the true dangers lurk.Large and huge creatures live there,along with an aquatic array of Fish people.They aren't immediately dangerous,but do not like humans.

Over All Dangers-

Along with the Sea Monsters,Fish People,Lava Men,Sharks,and Dinosaurs,there are plenty of threats in the city.
A.W.E. is a terrorist organization contempt on world Domination,and the Horrendous five were all members of A.W.E. They have several secret bases in the city,and attack the city many times.


The Round Table Society is a international group of villains who base themselves on warriors from all societies,everything from the Zulu Warriors with healing factors to Cyborg Banditios, and Robotic Knights to Magical Arabian Warriors.They rob banks,attack gangs and the city.They are a threat to anyone and everyone,but tend to stay in small groups of three,so not to attract attention. 
 Round Table Society



The Tall Guys Gang is a group of Super Powered Muscle-For-Hire.They base themselves on American Tall Tales.Bunyan wears a giant suit of Robotic Armor(looks like a X-Men Sentinel,stands about 18 feet tall) and wields an Energy axe.Appleseed is a insane Super-Genius.He invented a helmet,which looks like a cooking pot, which can control animals(not humans),plants,and some low-level machines.He is a master Chemist,Biologist,and Engineer.He place a genetic code in his body that allows him to fire bullet-hard seeds from his mouth at high velocity.They grow into whatever he wants.Henry has two liquid-metal arms which can form into anything he wants(Think Sandman).His skin is bullet proof.Pecos is a Modified Assassin droid that 'thinks' it is Pecos Bill.It is super-strong,bullet proof,has an Electrified lasso that it can fire from it's right hand,wields two Revolvers which fire highly explosive round(like miniature missiles),and rides on Super-Strong,Super-Fast,mechanical Horse.When knocked from his horse against his will,the Horse will go into a bloodrage.They are usually hired by bigger baddies. 

There are also standard bank robbers,and low-level street gangs.You can also have your own character's villains pay a visit to the city for you to fight.

Big Johnny-


One of the only heroes located in the City,Big Johnny is a British mutant who looks like a living rock(Fantastic Four's Thing,Ben Grimm).He has Super Strength, durability,and can cause Small Earthquakes by stomping on the ground.He is old,likes to drink,and is your standard cursing,drunk British guy.He is sort of a father figure,but not the best one.He will help you when he can. 


This is the Team-Thread for The Under-Dogs,only recently formed.Anyone may come and visit the city,and all it's places,but we are rather prepared to deal with any villains who want to throw down.

If you wish to join,here are the requirements-

  •  Must be Good or Neutral.
  • Be nice!Your characters can be as jerkish as you want,but in OOC we don't want any REAL jerks.
  • If you are going to be away for a bit,inform the team.
Simply PM this account or one of the team members if interested in joining.
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Good luck with this!

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@The Dark Huntress
(it was another thread but he had it locked because he wanted to start a new one as the team acount)
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I find this... Interesting.

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Count me in if i have a spot

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@MrName: @Power_Plug: alright just PM marveljackass433 or snowscorpion and we'll probably see you

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@MrName: @Power_Plug
Both of you are pretty much in.
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Interesting, good luck!

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@MarvelJackAss433: YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! 
@shadowknight666: are you their accountant or something?
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@Power_Plug: no he's just a friend

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@shadowknight666: oh okay, that was going to be my chance at calling you a helper monkey for pay back *damn*
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Sneaks into the HQ's kitchen and puts the forks in the spoon drawer and unplugs the fridge "Muahahahahaha" writes 'Warren was here' in marker on the wall, leaves 
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Good Luck!

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@Power_Plug: @MrName
Both added,we will work out bio's later.
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@Mikepool: walks to the kitchen and attempts to pull a fork out of the spoon drawer and then gets down on his knees and yells " WARREN!"

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@shadowknight666: (Success! ^.^)
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@Under_Dogs: *virtual fist bump*
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@Mikepool: (but wait there's more!) Cain walks over to the fridge in anger and decides to make a nice grilled cheese to calm him down but when he opens the fridge he noticed all of the food has been spoiled and rotten then he proceeds scream in agony do to the hunger and says " warren is so dead"

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@shadowknight666: (That's what he gets for saying I belong in a zoo >.<)
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@Mikepool: ( warren says alot of unnecessary,mean and down right illogical stuff lol)

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@shadowknight666: (You speak the truth)
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@Mikepool: ( well we both agree on that ..... i hope he isn't reading this lol)

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*Name late at night and enters the kitchen with a black bag, He opens it up and slowly and carefully puts the device in the cabinet....Its a esspresso machine* 
"Heh heh, All mine"

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@MrName: runs into him " hey have you seen warren?"

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holds sawed off shot gun to cain's head (i read that moron!)
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Very cool set up!! good luck!

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I thought it was, 
"We came, We saw, We CONQUERED!" 
Or maybe it's just my strange love for big words.
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@The_Mercenary said:

I thought it was, "We came, We saw, We CONQUERED!" Or maybe it's just my strange love for big words.

( that's sorta the joke )

@kiddevil: " hey why did you sabotage the kitchen!!??"

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@Power_Plug: (welcome to the team!)

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fixes the kitchen with matter manipion "uh sir stop please stop whining like a little kid"
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@solareclipse: ( he didn't whine he just asked ) " thank you!"

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"um your welcome sir" levates off of the floor and flys out of the building acsdently flying though a wall and whispers to him self  "ow i hate flying" repairs the wall and goes on patrol
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Lord Rake flies across the city,watching for dangers.Suddenly,he hears screams.He flies towards the beach.A huge creature was in the ocean.There were greenish man-like creatures charging the shore in the dozens.Rake took out his team communicator and set off the Beach alarm.
(Green Man creatures)
 (Giant Creature)
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@Night_Rake: Cain is in a bed near asleep when his pager goes off that sends off the alaram that something is going on at the beach so he grabs his speargun,a M1 garand and few frags and goes down when he sees a green monster in his path so he shoots at it with his rifle waiting for a reaction

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 solar flys over to the beach to fend off the monsters takeing on dozens of the green men at a time sending powerful punches to the monsters knocking the green creaturus in to the air  the creatures keep comeing back solar grabs a few of them and flys up in the air and throws them in to the ocean
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@shadowknight666: (The creatures have basically the durability of a Komodo Dragon and strength/speed of a bear.Just imagine that,then write how you think the creature would handle the attack.Does it die?Your choice.)
Rake backslaps several creatures away.He looks over to his ally."It is quite fortunate you chose to arrive,my friend."
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@Night_Rake: ( would the take a few 45. shots)

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@shadowknight666: (One in the head,two-three in the chest.)
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"um yeah no problem" sends  a few more powerful punches to the green monsters  and  throwing then far in to the ocean "how manny do you think there is should i use more power?"
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@solareclipse: Busts one over the head of another."I have no idea,there could be hundreds for all I know."a woman was grabbed by the tentacle of the huge beast and lifted into the air(Skyscraper hight)."Oh no you don't!" he flies into the air,draws his sword,and chops the tentacle.He catches the woman before she falls.
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@Night_Rake: ( thanks ) The monster is hit by the four shots he put off into his chest he slowly falls to the ground and dies but it seems he sees a wave of monster over the horizon they begin pushing him and swarm him like a pack of dogs he has to stand on top of his car to avoid being eaten as a cloud of them he fires off his shots and soon runs out of ammo scared and surprised he then thinks fast throws all of his frag grenades blowing them up but leaving many more so he gets off his car and fights them off with a torch he made out of driftwood, duct tape,matches and some foliage off they're bodies Cain thinks to himself he will die as he bashes a monster's skull in and then notices he's surrounded there is just to many the pick him up and begin trying to rip him apart but he then sees something that may save him .........

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"maybe i should go beat up the big one?" he begins hiting the monsters harder knocking them un conisus and creates a make shift jail useing his matter maniplion and throws a few in there filling it up with monsters and flys in to the ocean and dumps the monsters in the water still in their makeshift prison
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@solareclipse: "Perhaps that would be best-" he is wailed across the back by one of the huge tentacles.It knocks him far off into the ocean.
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Ice swings through the city and sees the commotion.He swings very high,and does a suicide dive towards the large crowds of beasts."YEA!!" he said,until he found out he he had run out of webs."No no no no no!!!" he blasts his ice right before hitting the ground,and begins sliding across an ice way,sort of like a roller-coaster.Some of the monsters in his way got frozen,others got bashed out of the way."YAAAHOOOO!" he slides high and begins circling the giant monster.
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*Name sprints towards one of the green me while putting on his vibrainium knuckles. As the man goes for a sweep Name jumps onto his back while pounding his head in, the beast then starts running forward till Mr.Name guides him into a beach rock and knocks him out* 
@solareclipse: "Solar! Help get these civilians of the beach!" 
@shadowknight666: *Name lands right near Caine while throwing down tons of flashbangs grabbing him and grappling away*

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Ran hears the gun shots and sea monster racket  from the loners club and he rushes out grabbing his duffle bag of weapons preparing to handle what ever was there. when he made it there he notice cain being attacked and took out a few or the creators saving him for the moment.
@shadowknight666: "WHAT DID YOU DO!?!"   
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Robert hears the commotion from his apartment and runs out changing into his costume and grabbing his swords. When he reaches the monsters he begins chopping and hacking through a group of them. "What the hell is going on!?"