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Today would be the day that goes down in history as the day that we lost ourselves. It started hours ago, just as the sun broke the horizon on the western hemisphere. Three celestial beings, all bearded and cloaked with a shining aura around them that made them look maniacal yet majestic at the same time appeared hovering in the Atlantic Ocean. They looked to be of the same linage as The Researcher yet wielded even greater power then he.

The world seemed to stop as they joined hands. For a second bodies froze and everyone in the world had their mind penetrated by these beings. Even the strongest telepaths with the strongest block could resist the message being sent by the three.

After a moment the message was sent and the population was free from the link yet they were not free from what was to come. The horrific message now had some people in tears, some scrambling around and other on their knees looking towards the sky. It said that they were looking to find the worth of the people. They chose a group of champions of all types to fight until there is only one survivor. If they were entertained they would leave our world be. If we refused or in any way tried to go against them they would destroyed everything.

Their message was clear and it was backed by visions of other worlds that defied them while they were telepathically linked leaving no choice for those who were invited to participate.

An island appeared underneath The Three causing the ground to shake throughout the planet. It was separated: The North which was the largest was plentiful with forest, animals and fruit. The West had a fresh water supply and had eight wooden cabins each with medicine that could heal any wound spread around it. The East was a barren waste land and open field and the South was the smallest quadrant only about the size of a football field, but it was stocked with weapons of all types.

Once the champions agreed they would be instantly transported with all of their power and gear at their disposal, but they needed to act quickly and give The Three a show because the creativity and brutality of one could save billions.

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A shadow moved through the trees, carefully scanning the ground below. Jade stepped from one branch to the next, silently tracing the forest from twelve feet above the ground. Her yumi bow was gripped firmly in her hand. She had agreed to come here because she saw an opportunity. An opportunity to thin the heard of great warriors, and select from the survivors any who would join her in her quest for righteous vengeance. She had traveled the world since childhood, learning and preparing for the day that she would, at long last, destroy the man who took her family. That day came and he robbed her of her victory. Three months of solid meditation had allowed her to collect her thoughts, and she began the arduous task to prepare once again, and come back stronger than ever. She had trained with martial arts masters across the world, studied archery and the art of war, and countless other methods in Japan. She had spent so much time there that she now identified with the culture of the Japanese more than that of her home, which she had not seen in so long. That sentiment was solidified by the red serpent tattooed twisting around her arm. The tail of her black tunic drifted in the breeze, and she looked out on the forest floor below through a red eyepiece that scanned for the heat signature of any coming opponent. She paused, a single leaf falling as she did. Someone was coming. She couldn't identify them through the thick forest, but someone was coming down the path. She waited until they were almost under her, then dove from her perch, somersaulting through the air until she was upside down, firing an arrow down at her opponent, aimed for the groove in the center of the collar bone, right through the trachea. As soon as she landed, she darted up the hill on the opposite side of the path, vanishing into the brush. It began.

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At first Nira and Fera took it as just another day there were always events like this. Some crazy cocain chick bringing about the apocalypse, or perhaps the sky died red as some deity came to submit all of humanity. Perhaps it was an alien invasion, maybe tuesday some crazy red head could try and claim Hawaii. These big strange events that had media geting all worked up they almost bored the twins. Then they tapped into the minds of everyone and that served as the trigger for Fera. Swiftly she grabbed a back pack and moved for the spot in the house dad always said couldn't be accessed by them. It was his own fault, mom kept guns everywhere but the house. The room had guns when mom was home and that was it. It was the protective one however that had guns in the home. Nira looked at the identical brunet "what the f are you doing?" Turning the teen looked at her sister, both rather short seventeen years old and dressed in a white tank top and cut off jeans. The only real diffrence was Fera had bangs in her face a few rips in clothing and that was it. Unless one had a keen eye then perhaps they would spot the slightly more wild nature in Fera's eye.

"Nira you saw it are planet is screwed if people don't go, I'm going to play it safe. Never the less it would be total sh!t if I sat here. Mom and dad would go if they were not off doing things allready." Her sister was annoyed, almost shot Fera in anger but concluded her right. and soon responeded. "Im going with you, its all you im just riding along to help you not make an idiot of yourself." With that Nira's clothes droped as she fused with her sister making them one single being. Fera gagged acting like she was sick "god, dont ever do that again. Cool multi limbed creatures, hydras fine. After today though you never ever ever do that again got it." The twin laughed at Fera's discomfort with sharing her own skin. With that Fera finished packing some gear. Primarily weapons and ammo. Two glock eighteens on her hips and a P90 and katana over her shoulders. The black backpack had plenty of ammo eight mags for the rifle ten for each pistol. Lastly two pounds of c4 which was in a small armored box to prevent accidents. With that they were ready and in a unexplainable event the pair bound to one body appeared on the island.

Fera, and really her sister as well never wore shoes unless just wandering the streets regularly. On missions and things though they went bare foot. And this was the reason exactly why. Hands and legs became slightly elongated not groteschly just enough to be more like a primate. Swiftly the brunett shape shifter was on tree tops balancing and observing the situation. Her eyes changing to those of a hawk to allow a more clear far seeing sight. Spoting some structures which indicated likely extra weapons and survival gear the two in one teen took off toward there. Traversing branches swiftly her goal to not be at the zone just near by. Her rifle set to single shot and the scope at the ready, enter to get some goods and click a silencer leaving almost no trace. Bullet to the head that simple, to keep allert she had her ears as those of a wolf so the smallest crunch of leaf or  snap of twig. This was a hunters world a hunters game. And she could be any predator one could think of this was home almost more so than the estate she lived on. Fera, it could only be translated in her mind as one thing feral, an animal.

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The message pounded into the heads of the Wolf Pack. Hawk, sitting on his couch took it all in quickly enough. It was the Roman Gladiators of old but for a whole other audience. The message was clear, a battle to the death, one winner and a wake of death to follow. As soon as the message stopped Whisper looked at Hawk with deep eyes and Risky moved quickly to grab a hold of their leader, but with a smile Hawk took a long drag of his cigar and was gone............

..............no one has the moniker of the Angel of Death and does not get selected for a death match. His friends and family knew it from the moment the scenes entered their minds, he would be chosen or he would volunteer. Hawk was good at two things beyond all others: Surviving and Killing.

The Arena

It had been more than 2 years since Hawk had really put his powers to the test. He had all but grounded himself in that time. Risky and Whisper had taken up a lot of the slack of leadership that the Wolf Pack needed as Hawk had shrunk away from the spotlight. Some would say he was getting old, they would be wrong. Since the assassination of Mani he was a changed man. Having no real desire to live Hawk had become a dangerous man and he knew it. Now Hawk would let all of his powers "fly". Taking in the whole arena in, Hawk used his advance eye sight to quickly take in the area. It was quickly clear where Hawk would have the greatest advantage. With his advance healing abilities and his body a living weapon Hawk went were nature called to him. He could feel the animals calling out to him and as he eyes went white The Lord of the Sky answered their call. He would use their eyes and their numbers to his advantage.

Spreading his wings wide and high Hawk took to the air like a lightening strike. Quickly he landed on the edge of the forest. It wasn't but a few steps into the woods when the birds became silent. It was only a half second later that the whir of an arrow can directly towards him. The quick stealth attack was the styling of a ninja he was sure. But a single arrow? Though it was aimed with deadly intentions it would take far more than an arrow take out The Angel of Death.

With a quick movement Hawk threw his hand in front of the arrow. The thud and smash of blood only proved to excite the warrior. Blood crossed his face in a little trickle as Hawk pulled the arrow tip out of his hand. The adamantium bones showed momentarily and his blood poured onto the ground. That's when Hawk heard the low growl behind him and a light tongue licking his wound. A few wolves had arrived. "Find him......" Hawk spoke to the wolves and they were off on the ninja's trail. It had began and the Alpha Wolf was on the hunt.

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Personal Estate - Prince Island, California

Ian was sitting on the back patio of his island home when the telepathic message entered his mind. At first he thought it was his AI playing a joke on him, that is until he found himself unable to establish communication between the two. The cup of coffee in his hand was dropped, shattering into pieces as he realized that the nearly unbelievable threat, was in fact genuine. As soon as the telepathic message ended, Wilhelm's voice could be heard.

Wilhelm – Ian, all mental shields were breached for a period of 73 seconds, and I am unable to trace the source, or identify in what manner this was achieved. Using current data all I can tell you is we got pwned.

Ian – Just run a complete system diagnostic and give me a minute to think.

Looking out onto the water he began to quickly try to decide on a course of action. Staring onto the horizon he contemplated a series of scenarios through his mind, desperately hoping one would prove to even give a ray of hope as to resolving the crisis without resorting to the orchestrated massacre. Ian closed his eyes and felt his shoulders slump as he was forced to accept the truth.

Face it Ian, no matter how much your used to being the one in control, the one pulling the strings, this time your the marionette.

Now he was left with only two choices, stay out here, or enter the fray. Out here he was of only limited use, he had not had the time to develop the contacts and trust to organize others into a potential assault, even as unlikely as it was to succeed. In there, he was almost certain to be forced to kill indiscriminately for the amusement of these cosmic sadists.

If I go, I'm only coming out of it two ways, a dead body, or a tainted soul.

Closing his eyes again he took a few seconds to clear his mind and find his center. Now was not the time to dwell on how this was going to potentially affect him, besides, there was no way he could ever live with himself if he took the easy way out. With his choice made he felt himself settle as his focus was now turned completely to the task at hand. Ian gave the mental command to recall the nanosuit from its standby position until it covered his body in the Armistice power armor.

Ian – What is the status of the diagnostic?

Wilhelm – All armor systems are operating at optimal efficiency Ian.

All right whomever you are.....I'm in.

The Island Arena

Armistice found himself instantly transported to the recently created island, normally his inquisitive mind would want to take the time to understand how such an event came to be, but his analytical and tactical side was in charge now. The armor held steady 50 feet over the island in stealth mode as he began a wide area scan to take in the landscape and the location of his opponents. Many were unknowns to his database, but their energy signatures gave him some idea as to what he was up against.

Positioning himself over the western area of the island he decided to let others make the first direct moves. This was going to be a marathon, not a race, and he was going to start by removing any potential advantage the battlefield gave to his opponents. Deploying one of the drone attack units from the armor he sent it inside one of the 8 cabins holding medical supplies to await in ambush under stealth. If his armor was disabled or destroyed no amount of medicine was going to help him, but it could be a game changer for them. Lowering his stealth field he began to unleash his arsenal upon the other 7 cabins.

Time to let out your inner supervillain Ian....

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Jade ran at a silent pace through the forest, her footfalls barely even upsetting the grass. She heard the snarling of wolves. The beasts were nipping at her heels, and she dove forward, rolling and landing upright to face the charging wolves. The first one tackled her off her knees and she used rabid beast's own momentum to fling it into a nearby tree. The other wolf was quickly on top of her. By driving her forearm into its neck, she kept its snapping jaws at bay, slobber sprinkling her face. The wolf squealed sharply as a long, slander arrow was driven through its side. With a twist and another thrust, the archaic projectile burst through its back and Jade cast the hungry beast aside. She rose up to meet her coming attacker, if he was still alive. Being that on this island were amassed some of the greatest warriors in the world, she assumed it would not be so easy.

An arrow pressed against the side of her bow, Jade reached under her robe and drew a sheath of thick brown cloth. She fit it over the arrow, resting at the base of the head. She struck a match with her thumbnail and set the soaked cloth aflame. The fire was brilliant, far brighter and far hotter than the ordinary flaming arrow. It was her own blend, more akin to napalm than lighter fluid. The vengeful lady in black drew two more arrows and fired them alongside the flaming one. The normal arrows were aimed for his shoulders. The flaming one flew straight for his abdomen, a fire that would spread too quickly and burn too brightly to put out. She inched back down the trail slightly, and noticed something peculiar in the corner of her eye. She looked down through a window in the brush. It was a rope, rope colored the same shade of green as the plants, slanted diagonally up into the treeline and stretched taught. She soon realized what this was. It had been left there in the hope of making this monstrous battle royale more entertaining for its creators.

In case her foe still charged forward despite the leaking blood and searing flesh, she took the lock knife from the cuff of her boot and cut the rope, simultaneously falling to her back as a massive log swooped down hardly half a foot above her face. At the end, it was whittled toe a sharp point for impaling its victim, simultaneously crushing them to death. The instigators of this death match may have seen it as a game, but as a fighter on the battlefield, Jade knew much better. It was war. It was a necessary step toward her final goal, and she would not folly, she would not perish here. The image of his bloodied, suffering face drove her. It had carried her through painful times, and it would carry her through this. She would not be denied her revenge. She would sooner kill everyone on this island then back down.

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The voices of the three celestials echoed through his head, encompassing his mind all the way to the battlefield. It was ritual for him to echo his orders before a mission, especially one as deadly as this. He found himself surrounded with a great amount of weapons to be used at Werner's disposal. He was dropped on the southside of the island, left to choose his preference of weapons to dispatch the other poor contestants. Killing wasn't what S.I.B. contracted him to, but Werner doubted Kurrent wouldn't understand what was at stake. Not just the survival of Werner, but humans as a race. This was the celestials ultimatum, entertain them, or be obliterated. Though feigning obliteration may be at the cost of his life. The Master of Dread knew this when he entered the island, armed with a light variant of of his power suit and adamantium daggers. Werner was long past his evil ways, but his conscience still ever calls out for a quick kill for mental health, and what nobler circumstance than this one. He was death, and vengeance is his.
Werner quickly armed himself with a few trinkets to set up a perimeter. He grabbed a flare gun, a couple of landmines, three blocks of C4, a bow and set of arrows, a case of aqueous sticky foam and some landmine and C4 detonators. He jetted out the shed and sprinted towards the northern, wooded area of the island. In a heavily leafed area he set a trap. On a triumvirate of trees, spread out 10 feet from each other, he sticky foamed C4 to all three trees and planted a landmine in the middle of the trees. Then, after they were armed, he grabbed random blocks of wood, then stacked them over the landmine and set the blocks on fire. He took off his jacket and ripped it a bit with his daggers and dropped it by the fire, as to lure a potential victim to scan the scene of the fire. Werner then grasped his flare gun and shot a few rounds into the sky, hoping someone caught his "distress" signals. The trap was set.
He threw leaves over the foamed C4 and climbed up a heavily shadowed tree 50 feet away. He unhooked the bow from his torso and hooked it onto the tree while he held the C4 and landmine detonators in each hand respectively.

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With the cabins holding the only source of medical help left ablaze behind him, Armistice again engaged his stealth field and made his way along the edge of the island heading South. His sensors told him that the first battles had only just begun, yet many had still not yet found their first dance partner. He knew his number would come up soon enough, but as long as he was still an unknown factor, he was going to make the most of it.

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Joey was smoking in his new one floor apartment when he got the mental call. Distressful, yes. His type of job, no. Would he still get involved, hell yeah. These beings with all their power would destroy the earth, and he would not allow it, no matter how out of character it was for him. He got only two things from his house, some matches, and a lot of marijuana. While some may consider it foolish to obtain, it was a very specific type of marijuana, it was the original, homegrown, herb. And whether people believed it or not, this stuff did help him connect to the land, it helped open his senses to the wide beyond. Plus, the fire would attract enemies, and thus, lead to an ambush.

As Joey was warped to the forest part of the island, he quickly got to work. Instead of checking his surroundings, the first thing he did was build a hole, while small in diameter, it was very deep. Then he placed ALL of his marijuana into the hole, lit up the marijuana, and sat in a meditating pose, his legs barely circling the hole so the smoke would come his way, as well as drift around.

Five minutes later, most of the marijuana was gone. In exchange, birds had come and sat on his statue like structure, a couple of jaguars had come and relaxed after taking a whiff of the herb, and most importantly, he was high. He could feel the fighting in the air, the killers, the powerhouses, the innocent, he could feel it all. Nobody though, no matter how good you were at sneaking, was going to get the jump on him. The only problem with this set-up though, was that the higher ups may be angry with the peaceful circumstances surrounding him. He grinned, Good, though i came to please them. I do hate being a puppet to be commanded. Besides, they'll get their entertainment soon enough.

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The low whimpering of the baby bears was ecstasy to Ripper', who was sitting on the bloody mess that was once their mother bear. The psychopath raised the momma bear's tibia up to his mouth, ripping the last of the raw flesh off and chewing it with delight. He looked over at the bear cubs and began to laugh. He didn't mind that they didn't get the joke. They were animals, animals that only knew life and death. Then again was he really different? The only thing everyone cared about in this battle is life and death.

He stood up, the baby bears jumping back a few feet in response. He was doing them a favor, they just didn't know it yet. He pulled up his flashy cowl and began to go off through the woods. He didn't fear death, he loved it. Tonight he would be sending many people to his love and maybe, if Ripper was lucky, he'd be able to see his love as well.

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It all happened so quickly, one second she was sitting at the shores of the Friday Horbor, next she was teleported into a forest. She heard the message, just like everyone else, a handful of champions were chosen, thrown upon island to do one thing, kill each other. She couldn’t understand why she was here, she never did anything out of the ordinary, only thing truly special about her, was that she was the daughter of Stephanie Ardor and Uchiha NeVann. Why she was brought into this war, was unknown to her, but she wasn’t about to lay over and die. She was going to have to be on her toes, all the 17 years of training where going to be put to the test today. Feral Nova, Uchiha NeVann, Mistress Redhead, Obi Wan Kenobi!, these were just some of the few who helped trained the young hero.

One thing she had to be grateful for, was being teleported to the land with the weapons she was already caring with her and that she was still dressed in her slick black body suit. She stood around for a few minutes, trying to take in everything. As a gust of wind blew at her face, the dirty smell of smoke lingered in the wind as a bright light suddenly flashed in the sky. A flair? Someone in trouble? Or a trap? One way to find out…

Once reaching to the area where the smoke and flair came from Hotaru could be seen walking through the area, her deep emerald eyes shifting around the area where a campfire was seen. A torn up sweater was seen laying on the ground, did someone already bite the dust? She crouched down, slowly walking up to the sweater and as soon as she reached it, ‘click’.

An explosion erupted around the area, causing the C4 to fire off as well creating a larger explosion filled with a blinding flash. The ground trembled under the power of the explosion as tree’s were turned into splinters or set on fire while a massive crater was seen around where the campfire and the area around it once was. Several minutes passed before the smoke finally cleared, but no sign of the kunoichi’s body was found.

Finally after about ten minutes Hotaru was seen walking around the edges of the crater, her eyes intense as she realized that if she hadn’t sent a clone in to look around the area… this explosion could have been her undoing. Closing her eyes for a moment she concentrated on the different levels of chakra around her, sensing one somewhere high in the trees. Quickly opening her eyes she pulled out her kunai as she spun around on the balls of her feet, throwing it outward towards a heavily shaded tree that was a distance away from the actual site.

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Still in stealth mode his AI was forwarding him the highlights of the early matches as he began to sabotage some of the weapons in the armory supplied by their overseers. His time left alone was limited so he focused on what was expected to be the more popular selections. The timers and fuses of the handheld explosives were changed to only give a fraction of the usual time allowed. The heavy weapons had their barrels altered slightly by his magnetic generator to cause an unexpected misfire when used, the few degrees in change imperceptible to the naked eye.

The opponent that caught his eye as the greatest threat so far was the ninja. He had to give credit where it was due, using her duplicate trick to ferret out for traps ahead of her proved she was experienced as well as having a considerable energy signature. For all her deadly traits the one that stood the most threat to him was simply that she was a teenage girl. Even with the stakes involved could he force himself to kill her in cold blood without holding back?

I'm avoiding you for now kiddo, but if someone gets you first, I'll guarantee whomever did the deed gets my wrath for it.

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The wolves chased the ninja through the forest and Hawk walked slowly behind them. Biding his time he walked using the birds as his eyes. They were staying away from a certain section of the sky, something unnatural was hanging in the air. Hawk would deal with that one soon enough, for now he stalked the ninja. The wolves one by one were taken out. He could see their deaths through their eyes. His soul mourned them but it would be short lived as the ninja had to be dealt with.

The dense nature of the forest was great for hiding, but when all of the birds and animals are your eyes, there is no real place to hide. Coming through the brush, Hawk taught a glimpse of the ninja bow ready from a mockingbird sitting on a branch behind him. It was almost to late for Hawk as he moved quickly enough for the one arrow to graze his shoulder instantly causing blood to flow down his chest. Another arrow whizzed over the top of his head, but it was the third arrow had and interesting effect. Hawk's wings blocked the arrow as it exploded with fire over his wings. His nanotech wings embraced the fire with no ill effect but they flamed into the forest. The trees began to catch fire around him and Hawk used this to his advantage. With a quick move Hawk took flight leaving a trail of flame. Traveling through the dense woods Hawk pulled out his twin katana's and leveled trees in a large mile wide circle. The circle quickly caught on fire around the area the ninja was last seen.

The fire started to travel inward closing the circle around the area the ninja was hiding. The flames grew higher and higher as it traveled inward gathering speed. The smoke lifted high into the sky and Hawk could see a slight disturbance in the wind pattern. "There you are." There was a sonic boom when Hawk once again took flight, the tips of his twin blades becoming red with the wind fraction on them. It was less than a second from thought to his attack. His blades cut through the air where the wind disturbance was quickly and with authority. The Lord of the Sky would rule in the air.

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Renton sat cross legged on the cold stone flooring that was centuries old. In front of him sat his three masters. Surrounding them where senior monks. Behind Renton where his fellow students and allotted friends. The occupied the great hall in the Sudeoksa Buddhist Temple in Korea, built as a home and sanctuary for many a monk. They all sat still in waiting. They had felt it coming for weeks, a great spiritual force. It called for them, and their champion. That's where Renton comes in, even though his stay has been lapped ten times over by the youngest disciple, he was a great warrior. The Buddhist monks are often misconceived as weak pacifists, in truth they are strong warriors who walk a righteous path of peace and nobility. Their meditation was reaching a climax when suddenly the blinding white light struck the inner eye and information poured into their minds. The calling now had reason.

A pair of feet scurried, Senior Namgung was grabbing Renton's equipment. Rent slowly opened his eyes to his three masters, in unison they nodded and bowed their heads. Renton did the same and so it was repeated around the great hall. He closed his eyes once more and prepared his mind and body for what was to come. A black duffel bag was placed at his disposal, when the time was right his hand jutted out and clenched his new safety net. His eyes sharply snapped wide and he took in the new scene of a barren landscape. He knew from the telepathic message that he was on the East, his instinct told him to head North for the wooded area as that is where the fights would commence. Though his inner eye told him to head South, like him many would arrive with their own equipment, and would only need weapons provided once they have been depleted, and if their weapons are depleted then so would the contestant.

He stripped naked, and allowed for a brief moment his body to take in glorious sunshine and a cool breeze. It would keep him going. From his duffel bag he pulled his master's armour. His true master Constantine. It was left to him as a parting gift, a suggestion for Renton to take up the mantle. Rent was furious, how could Con just leave like that, sure he went into the sky and obliterated a fleet of starships, but he always returns, always. So why not now? When Renton had needed him so badly. That was in the past. The twenty one year old was his own man now. Of course he still had family, if only adopted, but he had left a message with the Monks to be sent to the Wallace family, his family. Renton suited up and it felt good. It had been what seemed a decade but what was only a year, since his last meeting with it. He felt the tingling as the suit adjusted to his body. His newer, finer physique. He was ready.

Crouching down Renton took up a handful of sand, and watched it seem to grow numerously, traveling up his arm and consuming his body. It was the suit camouflaging technique. Top of the range. It would keep him out of danger at least until he reached his designated destination. Along the way he missiles and all sorts destroying what he assumed where cabins in the West, and numerous amounts of explosions, fires and smoke coming from the woodland. His instinct was right. He reached the south in no time and instantly dropped his sandy disguise. He traveled into the forest that skirted the edge of the smallest quadrant, there were no animals or fruit, merely a mass of clumped trees surrounding the perimeter. This seemed a good call as just as he made it in he saw a mechanical suited foe leaving.

He made his way inward of the south it had already been hit by someone who looked like they needed a mass of supplies. However he knew it was not the man he saw leaving as he held no weapons, and his suit surely could not conceal them all. So he went about it with caution keeping an eye for any traps, when it was announced safe he turned his attention to the guns, this was when he saw the mans true trap, slight alterations to each weapon so they would stall or misfire, ingenious. No one would suspect it. However he did not need the weapons, but he did take a sniper rifle, a Gatling gun, a RPG and the remaining explosives all back to his small patch of woodland on the hill. Of course he wanted his own trap, he returned to the middle to pile up some remaining weapons which he had wired to an impressive set of explosives underneath. As well as attaching individual explosive to quite a few weapons that he kept laying around on the floor, any unsuspecting visitor would have the chance of blowing themselves to bits, plentiful times over. Rent retreated to the trees where he set up his sniper rifle, covering it in moss and leaves. a few feet away he set up the Gatling, devilishly rigged in case anyone got the sneak on him. That is they got around all the explosives he set around himself seperately and at a distance far enough from himself he would remain protected by his suit. The took on some mud and allowed that to cover him as camouflage and waited. It begun.

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She was closed in. The fire was raging, drawing closer and threatening to incinerate her. Smoke was swept through the trees, warning that the flame was soon to follow. Jade ran to the nearest clearing, where the smoke was thinner and it was easier to breathe. She saw her enemy take flight on wings of shimmering steel. If he was to attack from above, she had to be all the more cautious in avoiding him. She instantly lowered herself to the ground and ran for the trees. She could see the fire growing deep in the wood, but she would have to take the risk. Before she could completely vanish back into the forest, she heard a deafening crack of thunder. She thought for sure that it was a bomb going off somewhere on the island, until the pain began to set in. It had been done so quickly that her nervous system needed a moment to render what kind of damage had been done. She looked down over her shoulder to see a long, deep gash across her upper arm, already cauterized. Aligned with that cut was another, presumably from the same blade, along a section of her back, and another, smaller one running parallel to it. She stumbled into the forest to escape her opponent's wrath for a moment. It was then that she noticed her bowstring had also been cut. With this new knowledge of the man's power, and with her primary weapon broken, she knew that she had to fall back. She raced at top speed through the forest, jumping over logs and ducking under branches. She saw the fire up ahead and leaped up into the trees, getting as high as she could.

The archer ran seamlessly over the branches. Flames crawled up the trees, the heat was nearly unbearable, and she was close to suffocating in the thick smoke, but she endured. She kept running, jumping up to get a breath of air above the treeline whenever she could. She could see the trees coming to an end up ahead. As she drew closer, she saw that it was a massive horseshoe-shaped dropoff in the forest. Over the roaring of fire, she could hear the distant rushing of water. On burning, crumbling branches, she ran and finally dove over the edge, plummeting into the waters below. The area was walled off by gray rock walls twenty feet high except for a narrow passage. She had landed in nothing more than a bay for the greater lagoon. Ash and soot clouded the crystal waters before she started swimming. She kept her bow pressed under her quiver as she swam for the lagoon, for the shore. While she swam, Jade looked down into the water. It was about fifteen feet deep. A fish passed by just beneath her. Rocks layered the floor, and she spotted an opening in the rocks near the bottom. It was a large cave carved into the inward slope of the rock wall. From the sky, her enemy could no doubt see her and attack her. She was defenseless if she kept swimming, and she would be defenseless when she arrived back on land. Instead, she took a deep breath and plunged down to the bottom, daring to see where this cave would take her.

Minutes later, Jade burst out of the water, gasping for air. She pulled her soaked mask down and looked up at the light reflecting from the water as it danced across the slick walls of the cave. She crawled up into the cave and came to rest against the wall. Hopefully, her enemy had engaged a new target, somebody more fitting to his powers. She looked around the cave and spotted a long black tube protruding from under a nearby rock. She reached out for it and pulled it free. It was a sword, a viking sword. She drew it halfway out of its sheath to examine it, but paused as she saw her reflection in the blade. Jade took off the red eyepiece and brushed a loose strand of black hair behind her ear. She didn't recognize the face. So long had she hidden behind masks, she didn't even know the woman she had become, the murderer she had made of herself.

Jade put the sword back in its sheath and prepared to tie it around her waist when she noticed something clipped to the strap of the sheath, a gun. It was a black pistol. She took it out of its holster and rose up, walking back to the water. She tossed it in and let it sink into the dark. She tied the sword around her waist and sat back down. She needed a moment to rest.

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She was simply.....delicious. The female archer had escaped deaths touch from the one called Hawk. He had watched the confrontation take place, as well as see the ninja barely escape. Ripper followed her by the stream, making sure to keep away from Hawks line of sight. He circled around as she dove down, no doubt going for the underwater tunnel that would lead to the bear families cave he had found earlier. He slipped into the mouth of the cave, making sure to not be spotted by his prey. He watched as she discarded the handgun, no taste for guns? Ripper was starting to like this one more and more, pity he'd have to kill her.

He slipped behind her, readying his arrow towards her spine. "Boo." he whispered loud enough for her to hear. "If you're smart, you won't make any sudden movement because I wouldn't want to slip and hurt a hair on that pretty little head of yours." He smiled, the type of man he was easily recognized in his eyes. He began to laugh, almost keeling over from the humor. He reached over to his back, throwing down his second bow and a dozen arrows. "I like you, hehe I really do." Before she could respond he charged for the fresh water, diving in and disappearing.

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A deep green fern was silently pushed aside to reveal the blonde goddess. Blue eyes flickered across the dense jungle, taking in ever detail of the landscape. She hadn't met any opposition in the game yet but was constantly on full alert. Her bow was gripped tightly in her hands, while two pistols and a dagger hung on her belt. She prowled silently and lithely, like a cat on the hunt. The abrupt movement of wildlife was the only audible sound from where she was located in the arena. Every one of her movements was made with caution, her mind highly sensitive to every feature of the vast jungle. It was only a matter of time until she would be face to face with another competitor, and she had no reservations towards killing whoever the face may belong to. Claire was in this game to win and was fully prepared to do whatever was necessary to ensure her victory.

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Jade's eyes shot open as she felt the arrow in her back, and the sharp cackling of a sick man. She clutched the hilt of her sword "If you're smart, you won't make any sudden movement because I wouldn't want to slip and hurt a hair on that pretty little head of yours." he said with malevolent glee. He dropped a quiver with a folding bow attached. "I like you, hehe I really do." he laughed before rushing past her and diving into the pool, vanishing. She looked on for a moment at the rippling water, glancing over to the bow and quiver of arrows. She thought about the man. Sickening, yes, perverse, yes, but he was on her side, and after the display in the burning woods, she was forced to accept his help.

The archer picked up the offering, unfurling the bow with a simple forward thrust. She squeezed through the narrow opening in the back that he had come from, a path to the surface. For some time, she walked up uneven ground in the dark. She pushed aside a curtain of brush and came up on a hillside overlooking a rolling green field, one end swooping down into a valley, the other end descending into the forest. She had to get to the South side of the island. There, she would make her Thermopylae. She would surround herself with as many weapons as a woman could hope for, and the narrow passage would allow her to see and dispose of any approaching threats. The air was still, a perfect silence surrounding her. She knew that she risked making herself an open target, that a sniper could pick her off from across the island were she to dare crossing the field, but it was a necessary risk. The archer crouched to the ground like a runner on the starting line. With one last breath, she pulled her mask up over mouth again and broke into a run. This was the first, and likely most dangerous, leg of her journey to her strategic stronghold. As for the man, she had no idea what would become of him. In ordinary circumstances, she would hope him dead in the most painful way possible, but here, she only hoped that they would meet again, so that she could return the favor. She may have just found her first ally.

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There was not enough time for his AI to engage his collision avoidance system, his opponents speed combined with the direct course taken made contact inevitable. The blades sparked off of the force field on impact like flint to stone, the visage of the Armistice power armor now apparent as with contact the stealth field disengaged automatically. Taking into account the limited information his scanners had given him to work with he decided on an initial two pronged attack.

The energy generators emitted a magnetic pulse to force distance between him and his metallic lined foe. If his preference was to fight in close quarters, he had every intention of disappointing him. Following the pulse he counter attacked by following the wave with dual particle beams, even with the limited profile it was apparent that holding back in the slightest would be a deadly mistake

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Fera sat in the trees and watched the latest edition of people to enter the cabins of weapons. A few had hit the spot before hand by the looks of it and somebody had done their best to dispose of the remaining ones. Flames cackled sending sparks and smoke into the air. One room remained likely rigged but one of the contestants had gotten a nice stock pile before the place became a mess. The man the seventeen year old twins watched took a variety of weapons. Sniper rifle old school type by the looks of it, this man who they estimated to be in the young twenties had gone for the more silent long range weapon. Their mom Selene was partial to the fifty call this island was a pore choice for such though as the muzzle flash and sound would be a dead give away. The man also grabed a gatling gun, suggested he was sertainly making a fox hole nobody made a habit of walking around with that kind of weapon unless they were a tank. Last was an rpg not the best choice it was after all just a high speed gernade. Still it could be hazardous though in a place like this. Whoever this guy was before today he knew his stuff almost every weapon left was now riged with an explosive charge. From her pearch in shadows and in the trees she got to watch it all get set up.

Covered in mud to help disguise himself they watched as he set the Gat for a crossfire if needed. And then vanished to take up a nice sniper spot. Where he stashed the rpg however the twins failed to see. It was a clever tactic and clearly he was a smart individual, anywhere else and the twins would of found him probably cool. Today though innocence was dead they couldn't be sweat or kind they were the wolves and raptors of this place. Raising the silent weapon the twins shot one of the guns in the pile seting off the more potent of explosive charges. Trees toppled and fires began to burn from the smoke emiting blast. The large crater and thunderous roar likely to grab the snipers attention and that was when Fera leapt down on her prey. Both her and her sister confidant in what they could do together. There body shifted and changed as they turned into a werewolf the lycanthrobe dropping from above the individual who to anyone else was probably unseen.

The P90 had a fifty round magazine and all of it was emptied towards her target before she hit the ground. She had locked her arm in place reducing recoil, this allowed her sister in the same body to use her superior acuracy. Nira/Fera aiming to place every bullet in the heart colar neck or head. With forty nine bullets to send that way. With it also came her paw the large muscular limb capable of brutally back handing ones skull off ones shoulders. This sharp slash further amplified with claws that could cut through a variety of metal without much struggle. This feral slash aimed to rip out the snipers entrails. The attack coming from above granting her good freedom at geting the drop on her prey and adjusting her assault as need be for his attempt to survive.

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“ NOOOOO” he screamed as he found himself in the middle of a forest not like his own. It had been over a year since Renegade Lantern was able to set himself free from Final Arrow. He found solace deep in the woods that even he did not know the location of. While there he hunted his own food and tried to find peace for what he had done while under Arrow’s control.

He knew the situation he was in now, kill or be killed and to him that was unacceptable. He swore to never kill again after summing a body count that was over one thousand and he also swore never to be anyone’s puppet again, now that is exactly what he is.

In a fit of anger he flew up into the air faster than he had ever flown before towards The Three who were still hovering over the arena. Just before he was in striking distance he was stopped by an invisible field that rippled throughout the entire island after RL made contact.

“You are trapped dog the only way out is to survive, now do what you have been commanded” says the one on the left. The fury in The Renegade grew and large green fists began to manifest in front of him. Like a boxer fighting for a championship he began to pound on the field that separated him and The Three. The hits were vicious and sounded like thunder throughout the arena, but no matter how hard he tried he did not make a dent.

The Lantern dropped his arms in exhaustion and sweat dripped down the sides of his face as the fists disappeared. He looked up at The Three and simply asked “Why”. The one in the middle spoke this time, “Do not tire yourself human, I can see in your heart, killing is in your nature and removing yourself from the world will not change that.”

The Three wanted a bloodbath so they gave RL and the others an added incentive that would motivate things actions on the island. The one in the middle spoke again “ALL CHAMPIONS, whoever is the winner will not be the person solely responsible for saving the planet, we will grant them one wish.

Quickly the Renegade’s mood changed and he thought of his former glory as the Hero of Heroes, if he can win this contest he could have all the evil he had done erased. He turned his back on The Three and a hard light construct of a katana manifested in his right hand. He shot forward like a rocket surveying the arena and noticed wings in the air that were familiar to him. He was locked in now and ready to break yet another bond.

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The Master of Dread zeroed in on a thin figure with long hair, he could not make out much but it seemed the figure was falling for the trap. Werner readied the detonator and channeled it to the mine. Seconds later Werner detonated the mine and watched as the figure disappear in the blast radius and smoke. Once it cleared he caught sight of the the figure laying by a designated tree. Werner quickly changed the detonator channels to the designated C4 and pressed the button. The C4 exploded and exuded a tiny mushroom cloud around the blast area. Smoke covered an even larger amount of area than before, leaving the fell victim anonymous in the cloud. 
After several moments Werner could not pick up a scent, therefore not being able to conclude a confirmed hit. She could not have completely combusted into nothingness from that blast, the body had to have been somewhere. Not taking any chances Werner began his descent down until his nose picked up a scent of a person, it was very familiar. Much to his disbelief it was the same person standing in the middle of the dissipating smoke. The Master of Dread was at a loss for words. The figure survived with not even a scratch on its uniform. Whoever this familiar scent was, he knew was formidable. 
Werner noticed the figure was standing next to a tree with C4 attached. In a second effort to attack it he altered the channel of the remote to the desired C4 until he heard a object piercing the air. A sharp kunai had been launched his direction, thinking quickly he used the shade from the tree to conjure a faint, but useful teleportation abyss in front of him. Noticing there were trees and shade all about the area he honed his powers to conjure a small portal several meters behind the victim where the kunai would pass through and attack the assailant. Werner then changed the C4 channel to the one closest to her. He waited to see where the assailant would land after dodging the attack before setting off the other C4 charge.

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Jake felt a strong energy surround him, and a moment later he was gone from the rooftops of London. Soon after he felt the energy it disappeared and he was in the middle of a large arena, rubbing his eyes out of sheer bewilderment he watched as a bright Green Light flew into the sky and then suddenly stopped being hurtled backwards towards the ground. He hadnt known the man before his death but he knew that he should be dead "Am I the only one who stays dead when they die anymore?" Suddenly as if the Lanterns conversation was over with a ringing began to erupt inside his head as the Captors spoke to all combatants. Jake looked around as he eased through the pain, his powers were still intact and he snapped his fingers calling upon Ralph and Joshua. They still were at his beck and call, with a smirk he spoke to them "Save the world huh? Whats it ever done for me?" The two undead looked to him as if he was going crazy "Oh yeah brought me you two......hope they all kill themselves." He started to walk towards the edge of the arena his two undead tried calling for him an he gave them both the finger "Sod off, I'm not going to kill myself for a planet that doesnt help me." As he made it to the edge of the arena he slammed into an invisible wall falling backwards. Josh looked down to Jake who laid on the ground "We were trying to tell you about the field....jackass." Jake again flipped them off an stood up.

"Well seems I have no choice. Well screw it, guess I gotta kill every last of these idjits." With that his body began to pulse and Necro oozed from his body an began to pool around his feet. Suddenly the ground erupted with energy as he flew skywards towards Renegade "Guess I'll take out the strongest one first." A large smile on his face as he soared into the sky.

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Renton was waiting patiently, however the action did not take long to arrive. In fact it was a lot quicker than he had hoped for. It means he had to pick off someone who was fresh and not war torn like his original plan. He was surveying the area, as the south quadrant was the smallest in the arena, only the size of a football field, and he had picked a higher spot to view the clearing he was able to see up to the edge of it all, just where the woodland began on the outskirts. His suit was constantly taking in and analyzing everything around him, producing raw data on screen for Renton to read. From what sort of animals where in the forest, to how heavy the man who had taken the stock of the weapons missing and the propellant course of the man after that who flew away. So when the pile of weapons booby trapped at the edge of the south exploded into a fury of information processed by Renton's super suit, he was very worried that the cause of the explosion originated above him. His instinct told him this was not good. His inner eye told him, practice.

He spun onto his back, and just in time to see the attacker, he followed the momentum into a roll away from an onslaught of bullets which he saw flashing towards him, sniper in his hands. The hail of impact onto his right shoulder told him he did not get away scot-free, though he knew his suit could take it. Rent followed the roll into a back flip using his acrobatic skills. He landed on his feet and managed to pop off a shot at the Lycanthrope's gut, just before a giant paw swung at his gut. Renton put down his left arm to block the attack but this proved futile and he was knocked off his feet, with a searing pain burning in his arm. He rolled down into the brush and foliage, thankful his camouflage would put him at an advantage. If he didn't think it strange for a giant wolf to carry a P90 he might of thought it a strange trick, but whose telling what the mystical three could conjure up. Speak of the devil, above bellowed the sound of the Three's incentive. A wish to the winner. Renton did not focus on that.

He knew his attacker would be quick on his trail, so Renton acted quicker. He pulled free a hologram disk from his left shoulder and slapped it vertically onto a tree projecting an image of himself running away to the clearing. At the same time he dropped the disguise of mud and replaced it with that of bark, moss and leaves. He then pulled out a sealing gel from his utility belt and poured it into the gaping wound up his left forearm, preventing any infection or scent of blood. He was against a werewolf and did not trust an open wound. With sniper in hand he silently but quickly ran the opposite direction of his holo, and circled behind the creature until he was near his RPG. His suit automatically dropped his body temperature as it told him this was no ordinary werewolf. Renton positioned himself to the side of the assumed monster and cracked off two shots, head and body. Before running over to his RPG. He freed it of mud and leaves and picked it up in his left arm, hoisting it onto his shoulder he followed the creatures movements, and with his sniper still in the right, he stopped. He let his inner eye take in everything, and saw that the monster was near one of his explosive traps. He fired a bullet off that connected with the C4 and exploded near the animal, and shot his RPG off simultaneously in the opposite direction, in case it jumped away from the C4. Before running into the foliage again. Trying to avoid its line of sight.

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Fera droped watching the sniper turn just barely managing to roll away from the spray of bullets. Her aim could keep up but not enough to keep the barage percise as she had wished. While she scored a variety of hits on his shoulder the right to be percise, none of thee wounds were deep enough to really slow her target down. The man before her was obviously a gymnist of sort as he effortlessly back fliped to his feet. A move even the twins and their mother could be proud of. Snaping her arm holding the P90 forwards she took the sniper round into her forarm. Blood decorated the leaves and brush in a small spray of blood an observent eye would see the acidic elements of the crimson fluid burning away at what it touched. The thick hide of a wherewolf made the bullet no major deal, later when out of sight the teen would let her healing kick in and spit the round out. The large paw riped into the arm that blocked the original attack not enough to spare him of harm but her prey was sertainly not in a critical state. Knocked back the sniper tried to vanish into the foliage, her sight had lost him. She still however had smell and hearing to run off of. Soon though sound was lost to as someone made the forest ring with a sound much like thunder. The watchers making it stop to announce a wish to the victor. A grand gesture but the predator couldn't focus in on this fact at the time being.

Picking up on the sniper's sent she began to chase, her sister began to speak in her mind. "You saw it the armor could take a fair deal of punishment and though stealthy as f*ck the sniper knew where you were coming from. He has tech on his side don't trust your eyes with him. Fera snarled in compliance as she continued to sniff the acrobat out. She spoted the sniper runing one way but the scent didn't go the same rout and you couldn't mask smell she followed her nose like a good bloodhound would. Regretfully the smell of blood was lost making tracking just a bit more challenging but no matter. She planed to win this thing. She was watchfull and cautious leting the sniper make his move. C4 was all around her almost she needed to tread carefully and allert. Then it came click soft hard to hear, sniper shot she leapt to the side the explosion going off with a thunderous roar. Her right arm was seared as she tried to get out of the way. She was carefull to direct her back back away from the blast to prevent any mishaps. At the same time there was the whistling sound of a rpg the wherewolf droping on all fours the sped up gernade going off in the distance. Her tail was lost in the blast and she was glad it wasn't permanent. Fera sped up the blood flow making it look like a bloody mess as the lycanthrope ran off to the distance.

It was now time Fera play clever in effort to not lose the watchers entrest and more importantly help score a kill. Changing back to a shorts wearing tank toped teen she was she left her arm a second as a wherewolfs claw. Yelling in pain she raked the blade along her abdomen while also taking her sword and cuting into her arm. The cuts and small wounds healed but she kept the claw wound open. This gave off the impresion she had been scratched by the creature shape shifting again she gave herself a second voice box this allowed her to give a murderous yell and the howl of a dying wherewolf. It sounded as if after being clawed by the monster Fera had slain the thing. With her acting over Fera dashed off along the trail the sniper had taken her scent carried her where she needed. Untill finally she made way for her second act. In rifle was concealed in her back pack instead she held her sword in her right hand and a glock eighteen in her left. She looked like a seventeen year old in pain and who had gotten herself into to much trouble. "Help...help me" she choked out with a cough of blood for show.

The game plan was simple he would offer a brief allegience to the teen he would try to help or start heading to a new position. In this scenario she had surprise as a grand factor as she would be able to wait untill he had his back turned more or less to her. Here she could then jolt her left hand up and release a spray of bullets at the back of his head as her sword shot up aiming to go into the arm pit where armour was weak the blade piercing through bone and aiming to come out from the colar, the result a fatal blow. If he was able to somehow see through the lie, which through body control seamed unlikely as she masked her heart beet and facial features to cover any call signs she had a secondary plan. It was more or less the same as the first but with added speed and strength. Not needing the disguise her body would instantly go back to that of the female lycan her movements both in raising the gun and stabing would be sped up. With that the strength behind the slash would be more and grant higher chance of inflicting harm. Either way her acid blood was along the edge making the blade slightly more potent a nice touch Fera thought.

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Much has happened since Joey had finished off his marijuana. Fights, Dealings, Traps, explosions, and newcomers. But yet, not death. Joey wondered if he would be the first one to go, but then ignored the thought. If he wanted to win, he had to believe he would win, and besides, he had just been sitting there for ten minutes and no warrior had tried to get in a sneak attack. But that didn't mean it wasn't time to leave, his meditation was finished, and the cougars had left, respecting him enough to at least not kill him. When the three beings message had come through, Joey thought nothing of it at the time, instead deciding to focus on his meditation. But now meditation was done, his mind lifted and his soul connected to the world, and most importatnly, he was ready to fight.

As he got up, the many birds who had been resting on him flew away, deciding that he was now a threat. Joey paid it no heed, they were mainly there to warn him of attackers, but since there was none, he had no need of them anymore. Yawning, he made his way over to the east, planning out his attack on the way. If possible, he was hoping to make an alliance, as there were beings on this island who were far more powerful than himself. Though if necessary, he would trudge it alone, after all the stronger combatants could kill each other off anyways. When he finally made it to the east side of the island, ignoring the fights and flying combatants, he did one very simple thing. He put his hand in the air, and sent three high-pitched calls audible to the entire island. He had just sent a false S.O.S.

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Nighthunter remembered with fondness the old days. The days when things were more black and white and that being a hero was easy to understand. People like Gambler, Darkchild and Final Arrow were the incarnations of pure evil and were thus it was easy to justify yourself in your fight against them. Good vs Evil, if only the world had remained as simple as that.

Nighthunter looked across and saw the other competitors, some fo them were villains but some of them were heroes like him, heck two of them were some of his oldest friends. The last time that Nighthunter and Renegade Lantern had encountered each other they had fought with everything they had and the once greatest hero had also been the one responsible for the Light Wars, an universal spanning event that had cost the lives of millions including Jake's.

"There is no winner in this" he whispered to himself and then teleported away to the top of the mountains to await. Over the years the most dangerous human alive had gained the recognition of the superhero and supervillain communities, many of his exploits been told as stories to even the normal population. Nighthunter was famous for many things but it was his strategic mind what had given him most of his reputation. He placed his hand on the ground and with a mental order told the nanobots of his power suit to spread on a 1 mile radius and stay as trigger alarms, if anyone came closer to him than that he would be the first to know, the alarm going directly into his head as to no alert the intruder. Having done this Jake sat, placed his legendary sword on the ground and started meditating over the past.

It wasn't the best of times, it wasn't the worst of times, but it was the simplest of times.

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As soon as her kunai left her hands, just a second later the sound of one coming from behind her whistled through the air. Her eyes’ widen as she quickly turned around, just in time to see her own kunai coming right back at her! She shifted her body, trying to move out of the way only to have the blade graze along the right side of her cheek. Just then she caught eye of another C4 on a nearby tree, who ever was around this area… had this entire section filled with traps!

She quickly preformed a series of hand and slammed them on the ground as she yelled out “DONTON: DOROKU GAESHI!” as soon as the words left her mouth a wall of earth came up before her as the C4 suddenly exploded, the force so strong that it blew through her wall of earth and caused her slam into a nearby tree. Groaning in pain she lift her head up, her vision a bit blurred and her ears ringing from the blast. “Ugh…” she forced herself up from the ground as she began doing another series of seals. “Kirigakure no Jutsu.”

The entire area was suddenly cloaked in a thick cloud of mist, making it impossible to see more than five feet in front of you. Hotaru activated her sharingan to be able to see the energy flow of all living organisms around her. Not too far away, was that of a man, who she assumed was her attacker.

Leaping into the tree’s she began to leap from branch to branch silently until she was above the man. Her now blood red eyes scowled downward, her fist burned with anger as pushed herself downward. Coming down towards the attacker like the angel of death, she preformed hand seals yet again, this time a ball of blue and white electricity formed in her right hand that gave off the chirping of birds as she yelled out at the last second “CHIDORI!” before throwing her arm downward, attempting to land her attack.

Landing on the ground she then quickly switched up her powers as both her hands suddenly burst into flames, throwing out a series quick jabs from a safe distance as balls of fire shot from her fists. As soon as she was done she got into a defensives stance and yelled out. “You’ll regret starting a battle with an Uchiha!”

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He had made his attack on the tin man as he flew in for a second round, Hawk hit a brick wall. Some sort of pulse hit him knocking him away from his adversary who was obviously not interested in going hand to hand with Death. No sooner than when Hawk gained his bearings that he was dodging pulses. Like a humming bird dancing in the wind, Hawk dipped and flew it was a ballet of grace to watch the master of the air fly but even the greatest can slip. As a pulse man contact with Hawk’s left leg his pants flamed up quickly and the pulse burned through some of Hawk’s skin down to his shin bone. The smell of burning flesh filled the air and the angel grimaced in pain. The leg would heal but Hawk would be hindered for a little while as they fought. He was just thankful he was in the air.

Quickly Hawk returned fire as he sent several arrows the way of the tin man. The first few left a fine mist in the air above the warrior only to be followed by quickly by an arrow that sparked the sky. The sky became like a cloud on fire as the mist lit burning white hot. The fire began to fall in a great cloud several hundred yards wide hit above the adversary, but that was only the beginning. Hawk was already on the ground as the fire began to fall in front of him. With his mace Hawk flattened a huge tree and with a groan threw the massive wood towards the Warmachine. Hawk attacked from above and below limiting the escape of the man.

Though Hawk thought this attack might cause some damage to the man he didn’t have time to wait for the outcome. As Hawk heard a familiar sound. Almost that of a buzz…….. a LANTERN! His mace in hand Hawk turned to see his old friend and teammate, but this was not the time to rekindle old friendships. The Renegade with his green sword draw was ready to battle and all Hawk could say was, “shit.”

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Damn that SOB can move !

He watched as Hawk began to avoid the barrage of particle beams coming his way, at least a dozen shots fired and all that came out of it was a minimal leg shot. Now that his AI had confirmed the profile of his opponent, he knew that was going to be nothing more than a temporary annoyance. At the same time he could not ignore the distinct energy signature of Renegade Lantern barreling towards the both of them.

Hawk did not give him much time to contemplate a plan of action, as soon as he recovered from the minor hit he watched him fire off a barrage of arrows, that he then sparked into flame above him. he did not have time for his scanners to process if it was napalm, white phosphorous, or something else. Either way he had no idea how it would affect his force fields and he did not want to find out the hard way. By the time he noticed the tree coming his way all he had a chance to do was angle himself away from the falling cloud of fire. The trunk slammed into him and shattered on impact, sending him flying back at least a hundred feet, but at least he avoided the brunt of the cloud, only passing through the edges of it.

Hovering in place once he stopped himself he pulsed his shields to remove any lingering burning material. Renegade Lantern was on a collision course for Hawk and he was only too happy to let them square off before making his next move.

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Ghosts of flames from the blast covered the area, Werner quickly surmised that the grey aura of the smoke could not have possibly birthed from the explosion. Because smoke isn't considered darkness he could not use his vision to catch sight of the enemy. Werner quickly activated his power suit helmet and went thermal vision. The Master of Dread could not find a defined heat signature in the mass debris until he caught the high pitched yell from above.
Werner looked up to meet fist with face and plummet to the bottom of the tree and spring a couple of feet away. For a few seconds Werner was disoriented. The blow was quite more powerful than he expected from such a small, thin woman. He may be rustic to fighting after being absent of scuffles for very long. A more sharp and fit Werner could pummels from Warsman and Darkchild himself. Though It was not entirely her. He felt the slight, tingling waves of shock running down his body. It was apparent she was powered, of all the things she could be. 
Not wasting time dilly dallying, Werner quickly sprung to his feet as he quickly saw signatures of heat race toward him and inflame his body. The ember though hurt more the impact themselves, he surmised these were more warning shots than intents to kill, a show of strength. It was confirmed after hearing her war cry. A cry that answered a few questions.
“You’ll regret starting a battle with an Uchiha!”
Uchiha! Werner shouted in his mind. He understood what her scent reminded him of, his lovable blood sister, Feral Nova. He had not seen her in years but it seems this young girl is related to her. Most likely her daughter, and by extension, his niece. "Well this must be has gotten interesting". Werner muttered to himself. "Uchiha, eh! I see you possess more mannered presence than me. Please let me introduce myself properly. I am Werner Von Doom. More notably: Dreadmaster." Werner bows majestically "You may have heard my reputation, so you would know I am a formidable opponent so choose wisely pursuing this, for I have with-stood mental oblivion, felt the punches of Symarrian brutes and laughed, and possess power and battle wisdom to spare. So please....proceed with caution."

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The controlled explosion had only half succeeded, the beast was injured, but not dead. He made the short trek up to the bomb site, the ground was charred and the trees were felled, tumbled down like bowling pins. There was blood everywhere, his scanners picked it up reading the data trying to match the DNA with anything, all he got was mixed signals, no records nothing. This beast did not exist, which raised questions, what was it? The crimson puddles revealed acidic traits, corrosive. Interesting, and dangerous. Renton picked up on the monsters trail as it had made its way free of the recently made clearing. He was barely out of the brush when he heard the howl of pain. It reminded him of his own injury, he looked to his left arm.

He could see the split in his armour, the beasts claw struck fierce, his prosthetic skin had also been severed, but it did not make way to the shell of his bionic arm. In a way he was thankful he had already lost it, otherwise he feared it may of been a bit disastrous. The foam was doing its job on sealing the wound and stopping blood loss so he paid little attention to it. He needed to have his head in the game, for this was what it was, all a game, not murder, more like chess. Strategic. Play to others weaknesses. Plus he had children to think about, they had already lost their mother. He followed the blood trail, remembered the howl and wondered if the beast was already dead. He knew it surely wasn't the explosion that did it, otherwise he would of been standing over an already dead body. It was safe to assume a trick, or a third player, after all there was almost a dozen of them in there. What was not to say another predator took his prey?

Either way he looked to his power gauge which fueled his suit with Constantine's energy. It was still pretty high at 99% (the 1% used on a test run a year ago before the monks), and so he turned the heat up a little, he felt it course through the suit, bestowing powers unto Renton, the likes of which he had never felt. He was feeling invincible, energy pulsed around him, it was wonderful, he never had any powers, he wondered whether Constantine had always felt this... Magnificent. Slight jealousy clouded his minds eye. That was when he came across her, the supposed third party. She was young, cute and injured. Rent would of placed her at around 18, not far off his own age. His heart dropped a little when he saw her abdomen gashed open clearly by a clawed hand. The beast.

Though something did not feel right, it was not adding up. How could she take down such an animal so easily, after he had tried so hard. That was when the final piece of the jigsaw slotted into place, as always his suit was ten times better than him and it had been working furiously for a solution. The DNA, it matched, hers in the gash and the monsters in the forest. Shapeshifter! That was why it did not register as any known creature, why there were mixed signals. She was not to be trusted, her body posture did not reveal anything, if he did not have the technological eye than she would have surely assassinated him. He had to play it clever, like a true Brit, first things first, spring the trap! He played into her hands, she probably thought it was all going swimmingly. She was not the only one that could lie. He offered her the help she so desperately needed, he promised he would fix her and not her, that he would take her away from here and keep her safe. He turned his back to lead her away.

For a short second he wondered whether this teenage girl would actually sway him whether he were a forty year old man who had already served so much with little more to give. Whether he had already raised his daughter and knew the pain that comes with it and the fatherly protective feel of reassuring any daughter figure. But being so young and ripe, the relentless Renton that he was he cared little for her situation, for her parents predicament. For he was in the exact same position. His power dial turned up once more, discretely. He removed a detachable item from his belt, an explosive of his own. Small with big consequences. He did not know exactly what was going to happen next, or how well he'd be at the end of it. He had never flown before, but he knew the suit worked by his thought. Time to think. He cleared his minds eye. He pulled out a gun from his belt, the stand off was now.

He spun and she attacked, his finger was on the trigger of the explosive cooking it. Bullets whizzed past and contacted, he did not know how many times he was hit but he knew he hadn't got any shields up in time to block the worst of it. His mind was sent rocketing, banging inside his skull, they found places in his shoulder again, pressing against the already weakened armour, pushing him back. He shot wildly at the not so innocent girl as well aiming for the gut. He was trying to leap back, initiate flight. He dropped the explosive at her feet, ready to blow, just before he felt searing pain once more, he saw his own blood splatter as the sword penetrated his prosthetic skin and bionic structure and wiped clean the phalanges of his little and ring finger. He regretted getting the scientists to make the left arm feel as real as before the explosion. He was flying backwards very gracelessly, he was still firing until the clip ran free, he was barely a meter away when the explosive went off, trigger a series of explosions all around in his predestined trap. The explosion blasted him free of the map up into the force fields barrier, he fell unconscious into the water below.

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With Hawk now looking at him, RL accelerated his speed he want to reach him before he had a chance to react. Abruptly, the Renegade came to a stop when he was about four feet away from Hawk. “STOP” he shouted so that Hawk would not attack. He looked him in the eye as he once did before when they were more than teammates, when they were brothers. While still looking at his winged friend he said aloud directing his words to Jake Malcolm, “I see you Twilight, don’t do anything stupid”

Now, he spoke to Hawk holding out the light katana, “Take the blade and put it through my chest” he said. Before Hawk could answer The Renegade spoke again, “something big is coming Hawk, and you need to be alive for it. I once asked you to trust me and now I am asking you again.”

This was not what RL had planned. He had to think quickly because he knew he was now in a position where he was literally running out of time. His escape from Final Arrow was no escape at all, it was all planned by the Essence of Evil. He was letting RL rebuild himself, letting him put his own pieces back together. Arrow must not have seen this coming but either way RL knew that he only had one way out of this.

He took a step closer to Hawk showing him that his intentions were true, that this was not trick, that he needed Hawk to do this for him. “I can’t tell you why or how but this needs to happen” he paused then spoke again, “they spoke of a wish, use it to bring back those whose life you have to take in here, or don’t but either way if you do this for me and I will give you the power to win this game.”

A burst of light emanated from RLs balled up left hand as he held it out and opened it a ring began to hover towards Hawk…..”Hawk Anderson, you have been chosen, welcome to the Renegade Lantern Corps”

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She took a moment to assess his condition, well they took a moment to. Fera and Nira were in the same body that probably helped disrupt anyone who tried to analise the blood. From the looks of things he was mending the damage fairly well. From the looks of it he was youner than she initially thought but that was no matter in this competition. So far everything was going well he acted like he feared for her life or that he would atleast align with the auburn haired shape shifter. A promise to keep her safe and lead her away from here then he submited and began to walk away. Fera never saw the motion for the explosive did the un though and that was when the conflict started anew. He spun something clearly in his other hand and Fera began to open fire.

She had to give him credit he was either A incredibly fast or B had killer instincts or something letting them be so. A few bullets missed some made contact, none of it was critical however. The soldier before her opened fire random and sporadic, wastefull. Always aim, hipfire was piss poor choice of action. Nira was quick to back the thought up "know why the U.S manages to get a dozen kills in a fire fight where terrorists get like two? Its because they have no idea of acuracy, skills and training beat the spray and pray tactics. A few bullets still however found way into the young teen. Spurts of blood falling down the contours of her body from the impacted wounds. The armored figure leaped backwards taking flight a small explosive going to the ground. Fera snarled the sound slightly animalistic as her back let dragon wings unfoil. Her body twisting and contorting as she was able to lift herself into the air. She smealt blood on the wind as her blade lacerated his arm.

With that the two flew diffrent ways the blade pulled free in the proces. Hopefully the acidic blood that stained her blade would help ruin the limb she had previously stabed. Roughly a meter and a half up and a meter away the explosive went off and with it most the C4 did so as well. Her wings foiled around her to help shield the blast as a chunk of the forest blew up into a sea of fire and flame. Trees toppled over fire rushing along the grass wood and so much else of the grassy plains. Droplets of acidic crimson fell to the earth from burned and ravaged flesh. The blast lifting her into the air almost touching the force fields above. Her wings stopped her frantic movement as she watched her target fall. His body splashing into the water below them. Seeing him colide with the water her wounds healing as she no longer had need to mask it with her target down. Now just to strike the final blow, hawk like eyes saw it he was out cold. Time to kill this prey off, she didn't want to score the kill it wasn't Nira's nature and Fera wasn't keen on it. To many lives were at stake though so kill it was and kill she would.

Locking onto the body that fell strong muscular wings fluttered driving herself into the waters below at gut wrenching speeds. A little over a hundred mph as she gave chase to the unconcious figure. Her body dived into the crstalin blue water the mementum helping push her a little deaper which meant pushing her closer. Before momentum could be lost she let her body change again. Shifting into a great white shark, large enough to make Jaws proud. Atleast that was the best analogy the wild eyed teen could think of for it. The great white shark of a teen was twenty six feet and two inches long weighing slightly over five thousand pounds. Her backpack was stored around a fin out of sight and out of the way but still there. With that she swam as fast as the strong muscles could carry her diving jaws wide. And with that her jaws clamped down. Franticaly brutally and viciously trying to find her prey and rip him to shreads before he could even regain conciousness.

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“Take the blade and put it through my chestsomething big is coming Hawk, and you need to be alive for it. I once asked you to trust me and now I am asking you again.”The debate raged on inside. If Ren had never asked, Hawk would have ripped out his soul without more than a blink of his eye. His old friend was nothing more than an splatter of blood on his blade....but Hawk held in his hand something that was more than just his weapon of choice, it was something given to him by his leader and field general on the day an offer was extended, the Zero Squad mace. The skull on the end of it's handle reminded him of that day. (Andy had brought him into the center chamber where Nighthunter, Lstpaladin, Spartan, and of course Ren were waiting. It was Ren who presented the mace and gave him the code name, "Death From Above".)

Now his friend and one time leader pounded his chest demanding his blade be plunged through it.I can’t tell you why or how but this needs to happen”he paused then spoke again,“they spoke of a wish, use it to bring back those whose life you have to take in here, or don’t but either way if you do this for me and I will give you the power to win this game.”It was a game............... (The chess matches went on into the night, Nighthunter and Andy were always 5 moves ahead, which created a great drama to watch as one tried to figure out the other. Were they playing defense or offense Hawk would never know. Lstpaladin and Hawk watched in the distance as they played. They were all power and rage while Nighthunter was a master mind on the battle field. Andy was of course the next great leader in waiting, just biding his time when he would take a team of heroes to the next level.) .......it was a game, but what piece on the chess board was Hawk?

A burst of light emanated from RLs balled up left hand as he held it out and opened it a ring began to hover towards Hawk…..”Hawk Anderson, you have been chosen, welcome to the Renegade Lantern Corps” A Lantern.....the power the Hawk would possess, would be beyond what he could imagine. He had never desired power, he had never sought out to be the weapon that he was, he had never imagined taking the life of one of his mentors.......

The blood flowed from the tip of his blade in a steady stream. The handle plunged into the center of his chest and Hawk knew that the look in his eyes was not for fear but of thankfulness. Hawk simply looked at his old friend, the leader of the Zero Squad, the greatest warrior that he knew, and whispered softly."As you wish."As he fell Ren, with blood pouring out of his mouth he simply said."Death From......aboooooooove"

As the ring slid on his hand, the glow of the lantern covered his massive body. His wings grew out like that of a dragon's taking flight, reaching out in a mass of glowing power. "Hawk your power level is 100 percent" the ring spoke to him. The green glow stretched out across the sky in clear view of the whole arena. The Death Lantern was not interested in games, he was not interested in his competitors, he was only interested in the total destruction of the arena and everything in it. Then he would kill The Three.....He was The New Renegade Lantern Death.

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Jade had cleared the field with the good fortune to not be gunned down or attacked, and she raced up the side of a bolder, into the woods. She ran the length of the island, heading South and taking every necessary step to avoid detection. At her pace, it would be a short trip to the South. She jumped up into the trees, stopping as she overlooked a clearing. There were amassed a number of explosive devices and guns. The archer jumped and landed silently in the clearing, taking a four claymores and a belt of grenades, then kept moving. At the end of the island, with her back to sea, she would amass her stronghold. A few moments later, the trees began to thin. At either side of her, the forest floor swerved upward and she was left to pass through a narrow gorge, sheer gray rock on either side. The huntress scanned the top of the walls high above before venturing inward. A few steps into the gorge, she began to see things embedded in the stone. There were swords, knives, axes, and any other weapon of that type one could imagine, literally hundreds of them.

In the stone beside Jade were a pair of kusarigama, each bound in chain, weighted at the end with a black iron ball. She took them out and place them under the sash around her waist. She kept walking, and passed by a viking shield wedged halfway in the wall that matched the sword she had found in the cave. Taking firm hold of the steel rim surrounding the oaken shield, Jade ripped out the shield and placed it on her back, either strap over her shoulder. Her arrows protruded up above the shield, so she could still reach them.

Now, she looked ahead. The end of the gorge was ahead. She could almost hear the oceans crashing into the shore in the distance. The gorge rendered entrance to the South end of the island even more narrow. If someone wanted to attack her, they would have to either pass through this narrow aisle of stone, or hike up the hills on either side, giving her clear warning of their approach. She walked for the opening of the gorge, to make ready her defenses. She appalled such non-confrontational strategy, but from what she had seen of the other contenders on this island, she would have to exhaust every resource in order to make it out alive.

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"Uchiha, eh! I see you possess more mannered presence than me. Please let me introduce myself properly. I am Werner Von Doom. More notably: Dreadmaster. You may have heard my reputation, so you would know I am a formidable opponent so choose wisely pursuing this, for I have with-stood mental oblivion, felt the punches of Symarrian brutes and laughed, and possess power and battle wisdom to spare. So please....proceed with caution."

Her eyes never shift from him but something about hat name… Von Doom… it was a name her mother spoke of. She tilted her head downward for a moment in thought as it finally clicked her head, this was her uncle, not by immediate blood, but by their connection with Darkchild. Since then her mother had referred to him as her ‘brother’ and told the twins stories of the two. “Uncle Werner.” She gave a smirk, slowly lowering her guard but not completely. “Its nice to finally meet you, even though you almost killed me… twice.” She was actually relieved to have ran into someone who was thought of as family and finally, since this whole thing started, her emotions rushed into her.

“I don’t know why I’m here Werner.” Her eyes drifted away for a second. “But I’m not ready to die and I’m sure your not either.” She fixed them back on her Uncle as a sudden massive change in power could be felt throughout the land. Thanks to her father, she was able to sense power levels around her, but this… it was overwhelming. Her eyes widen, actually showing fear as they looked up to the skies. “Power has shifted… alone we wont stand a chance… but together we can have a fighting chance.”