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The Night ClubSituated near the social nucleus of South Beach is Three's Company, an au courant sports and entertainment bar boasting 14,000 square feet in its architectonic dimensions. Boasting a stylish à la mode affluence while endorsing the modish influences of a penthouse while replicating the atmospheric pizzazz and captivating dynamism of courtside seats at a vibrant sports game, Three's Company is further embellished by ambiently positioned flat, LCD 1080p HD televisions providing premier visual quality for satellite transmitted sports events ranging from basketball, football, hockey, baseball, MMA, soccer etc.

During the day, the incandescent brilliance of the sun bedecks the socially renown bar while a diverting atmosphere is cultivated by soothing contemporary music, while night is characterized by an ambiance of elating energy, opulently incorporating the grandiose nightlife of Miami while simultaneously constructing a collective vision of erecting an avant-garde lounge of luxuriant enthrallment. Modishly festooned by an Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) loudspeakers system of peerless auditory clarity, Three's Company's pedigreed audio system is bedecked by the complimenting visual displays of the surrounding LCD flat screens while the eclectic flair of Art Deco's artistic furnishing renders it a prominent South Beach bar-club of entrancing aestheticism.

Architecturally linked to a succession of entertainment and leisure complexes such as a hotel, pool, and shopping center, Three's Company seeks to cultivate the necessary balanced blend of palpable security, safety, and dynamic fun. Veiled by the presentable extravagance and flamboyance of the bar lies a less frequented expanse, functioning as the secretive base of operations for the Triumvirate, a heroic trinity consisting of the New God, Alexis; The Cardinal Goddess Ziccarra Liafador; and the Elemental Champion Surkit.

Don't destroy the location without asking, or without a proper interaction.You may not wander into the Triumvirate base; unless you ask Surkit, O.C or myself.

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*vomits* it's so awesome it's making me sick!

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Maiden Voyage

@surkit@andres_knightfallZiccarra bent down to do a calve stretch; her tender muscles were exhausted do to the recent rise in strenuous activities. First, Titan and Brahma Bull, than Daemon and the hills; now incessantly working with Surkit and Thee Champion.

She’d have to recondition her body for both the physical and meta-physical demands. Surkit was a seasoned cop, with a Meta-Human affinity over the elements, Alexis was defiantly a powerhouse; but his righteous morality would never allow him to take the final shot if need be.

That’s where Ziccarra came in, she didn’t have too many villains lining up to extract revenge; because when there was a job…she finished it. Wiping the perspire from the narrow part of her neck, she moved towards the back of the warehouse where the alcohol was being kept.

“Adios Mio, I do not have the time to inventory all of this” She whined; while running her hands through her long hair.

“Hey, Ziccarra don’t worry about to company, we got Fantasy running things until you return” Charlie chimed in on her earpiece.

“I appreciate that Charlie, I will be here; at least until I can persuade these two, to open an international version” she retorted.

Something in the farthest part of the room caught Ziccarra’s eye, a small blue crystal. Forgoing her shoes she gallantly walk towards the artifact with little reservations. “Charlie…what is the name of the place that delivered this liquor?”

“I don’t know, I’ll check the shipment statements” Z’s eyebrows knit together before; suspiciously whispered it’s place of origin. “Atlantis…”

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I love it. Gotta pay a visit soon.

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@_cain_: It's not loners, but you and FP can set up shop here lol

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@_cain_: You got my full consent to do whatever Cain style sh!t you want here.

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@surkit: Sooo basically trying to pull "Cain Style sh!t" but getting wasted and passing out before anything happens?

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@_cain_: Isn't that Cain styled sh!t?

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@_cain_ said:

@surkit: Exactly. Very Meta

Anti Password. Get out, go.


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@surkit: LMAO. The password to a group of superhuman's secret lair is literally "meta"?

That's like having an Orgy's password be "Orrrrrggggggggyyyy"

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@_cain_: Nah thats the anti-password. As in if your in and say that gtfo lol

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@surkit: Ohhhh. So it's more like the crime syndicate's anti-password being "I'm a cop."

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Wait the password is meta? I thought it was orgy?

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@shanana said:

Wait the password is meta? I thought it was orgy?

Ya nashty

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@surkit said:

@shanana said:

Wait the password is meta? I thought it was orgy?

Ya nashty

LOL I know

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Following the termination of a benevolently endeavored aerial patrol of their vicinity and the encompassing city, the God of Tomorrow sets foot inside the luxuriant interior of the au courant bar, inevitably transposing himself to its more privatized areas. "Oh good, Ziccarra you're here", Alexis sincerely smiled, expressing genteel contentment regarding the Cardinal Goddess' presence and apparent readiness to fully immerse herself in gallant endeavors. "I've finished patrolling the city. There seems to be nothing happening at the moment. Have you discovered anything noteworthy while I was gone?".

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Will respond shortly

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Z adjust her glasses before turning back toward the New God, with a cordial smirk. Wiping the lint from her yoga pants; she turned back towards the inventory with a furrowed eyebrow. “Are you at all familiar with this?” She asked, tossing him the crystal she found earlier.“I believe that it tis an artifact dating back almost 12,000 years ago” She informed him, turning her attention back to her inventory.

“You know we have to go after them…” she said, cynically. “Titan and Brahma Bull…we can’t leave them out there”

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Ohhhh Spidermanz

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@shanana said:

Ohhhh Spidermanz

Were takin over.

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@_cain_: I just saw what you wrote on my wall...hmm so you want to write Alex and Cain in CVnU and this as our loner's?

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@fallenprophet: Why not, or alternatively we can just write them visiting here or something XD

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Buy something, or get out!! lol

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hahaha awesome! Good luck! :D

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Alexander Smith was once an underground cage fighter, no he was THE Underground Cage Fighter. There wasn’t a fighter in the underground that could beat him, or so it seemed when he held the championship for a few years. Maybe, it was luck, maybe it was skill, or maybe it was the ability to not feel pain. No, maybe, it were the shots they injected into him, making him a peak human in speed, strength, agility, physically, and mentally. That’s all the past though, he hasn’t been in the fight scene for two years, and his ability to not feel pain has vanished over time, it seems it was just a temporary thing.

So one may ask him, what have you been doing for the past two years? He was a bartender for quite sometime, followed by a vigilante, followed by a member of a small ‘hero’ teams, and most recently he has been a traveler. The kind of traveler that comes in and leaves before anyone could have time to get information. He traveled the world, just a man on a journey that’s all. He went wherever he felt like, did whatever he felt like, drank whatever he felt like. He looked how ever he felt like, that’s probably why he had a beard and his hair was all scruffy, but he was dressed in his usual long white shirt, black vest, black pants, and black shades. So why come onto the radar? To meet an old friend, to reunite with the one man who had always had his back.

Cain O’Panell is every you don’t want your kids to grow up to be. He was on the side, a guns dealer. He was a man who had his fair share of bar stories. Some even, think he’s clinically insane. To put simple, he was a little too f__ked up for some, but for Alexander Smith. For Alexander Smith, he was a brother. So many memories they shared. Cain had basically always been there since Alex had escaped the underground.

Alexander took a seat at the bar ordered one pint of beer and waited for his crazy friend to make an appearance, until then he would drink and watch the people around him.

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@fallenprophet: (Sweet post)

The romping, stomping infectious sounds of the sport's bar where the kisses where hers and his and his was quite intoxicating alone from an outside distance alone. It was only when the Irish Riot Sparker stepped through the doors to find massively beautiful TV screens playing tonight's MFL fight to the sounds of sports fans across the bar cheering and jumping in suspense. Slightly apathetic however, Cain walked through the crowd to see his brother, Alex, looking slightly unkempt in his semi-formal attire that contrasted Cain's casual yet practical wear of black converses, jeans, a leather coat to store equipment in and a dead kennedy's t-shirt.

Bumping shoulders and shoving his way to the crowd, Cain stepped up to the electrical ace who was a symbol of perfection. Alex was a loyal young man who for all intents and purposes defined the classical grecian idea of a warrior. Every step of his life he had to fight, metaphorically and sometimes literally. But through the darkness of his past rose a flame of pure and unfiltered badassery that sat before the Irish Comedian, who went into hug his bretheren saying with a grin "Boyoooo! You look like Jesus man, I dig it."

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@_cain_: Alexander knew Cain very well an the moment, he had seen him enter the bar only one thought came into his mind, "Don't talk about the beard, don't mention the beard, he is going to make a joke about being a hobo, I knew I should've cut it before I met up with him..." Alex accepted the hug as they met arm in arm, one could see the joy The KO Kid had as he was finally reunited with the Irish Comedian. A moment, ONE moment passed before Cain made a joke about the beard, Alexander laughed knowing Cain was teasing. He was the Irish Comedian after all.

It's funny you could look at them right now, Cain and Alex, if you could see them in the small moments you would know why they saw each other as brother's, but if you saw them in two different places you would to think of them as strangers, not even mingling in the same circles. They were very unlike in someways, Cain is a mercenary, Alex was a vigilante. Cain could kill a woman, if it meant he got paid, Alex would have to know why this woman in particular. Alex was a fellow who had sympathy, Cain not so much.

But they were alike in so many ways. They both have no family, they both are just your average faces, meaning they aren't your 'capes' or your 'dr.evil's', they were caught in the middle like neutrals. Yeah, that's what they are, Neutrals.

Alexander had already responded to Cain, by making his own wise crack, "so dig your girl...never mind. I don't even want to joke about one of your girl's, I might catch something." Alexander chuckled as he took a drink of his pint.

You see loyalty, can be hard to find for these kind of guys, for the one caught in the middle, the neutrals. Alex and Cain, well they had each other and if you asked them, that's all they would probably need. There is nothing like your brother, not money, not fame, not anything.

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@fallenprophet: The feeling of being reunited after that long was the subject of many 70's and 80's soft rock songs, none of which were in no way applicable to the current meeting to the charismatic killers who were sitting near each other at the bar

"Eh be careful what'cha say about diseased women. One day you'll be hitting on some pretty blonde number and then *BAM* your d*ck's covered with more warts then a singing cartoon frog...Just watch." He said jokingly as he stopped a waitress to order a pint of guinness as he leaned over on the bar countertop, polarized for a moment by the footage of the MFL that had sucked in the rest of the bar

(kinda short)

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@_cain_: will reply tomorrow good night.

Get some rest it's 2am, and I'm pretty sure you got school tomorrow like me!

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@fallenprophet: Alright awesome!

And actually no, Roads are iced over XD

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Readily catching the thrown artifact, Alexis intently examines the acquired relic, an educationally studious analysis by his sapphire blue eyes failing to recognize the item's archaeological origination. "Hmm", his facially festooning pensiveness aggrandizing itself, terminating with a temperate shake of the head, "No, I'm sorry I haven't Ziccarra. This artifact, its completely alien to me. Do you have any knowledge on it?", he paused, adopting a more earnestly demanding demeanor following the Cardinal Goddess' mention of unstoppable powerhouse Titan, and wrathful colossus Brahma Bull. Recalling the boundless quantity of geographic destruction malignantly inflicted on Solace City, as well as the cringeworthy injuries sustained by Ziccarra, the New God issues an affirming nod.

"We will stop them. I promise you that", he tersely paused, "Together, we'll find them and put an end to all of it. The images of your city in that condition, of all those people without homes, all the deaths...", an indignant exhale quiescently escaping him, "We will stop them Ziccarra".

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@_cain_ said:

I love it. Gotta pay a visit soon.


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@clara_mass: XD You too?

Because honestly if you want I doubt fallen would mind if you jumped in with us lol

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Z took a seat in her chair allowing his words to marinate in her mind; vivid flashbacks of the assault weigh heavy in her mind. “I…was powerless…” She said, tossing the clipboard down on the ground. “I felt like I was standing by…and watching my people perish” She said, trying to camouflage the coming tears with her long hair.Hunching over with her hands pressed against her face; turning in the chair to hide her shame, she could hear the solemn sound of Charlie’s voice on the scanner.

“Hey Z, that isn’t an Atlanetean artifact, it appears as if it originated from space” He reported, still analyzing the item. “Space?, I was way off” Z retorted, wiping the small tears before they had a chance to turn into anything.

“The markings look Nordic…” Z said, tossing it back to The Champion. “Could it be possible that we’re looking at an alien artifact?”

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Sits at the bar pulling vodka like play dough in the air, balling it and tossing it up and down while the construction crew finishes installing the new strip pole additions. "That a neat trick daddy." The busty blonde in tight leggings says sitting across the bar, "I told you, it doesn't work like that. I'm Mr.Jones or Bishop. You don't hook anymore."

"Whatever you say Daddy." 'Bubbleyum' says with a seductive half lid gaze thats obviously well practiced.

Bishop rubs his forehead, drops the vodka in the glass and drinks it. "Call me whatever you want but no sex with the customers, at least not on my time. There's a no touching rule, your job is to make them want you, not want them to get you. Clear?"

"Crystal!" She says with a bubbly bounce

Bishop smiles back, "good. "

Oh no...I was saying hi to Crystal. But I get it no hands."

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@surkit: Welll...certainly an interesting addition XD

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@_cain_: Thinking about adding a third and naming them the power butt girls.

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@surkit: Clever, you wouldn't even have to make a pun on "buttercup"

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A glowing ball of light blasts through the night sky above South Beach, landing in an alley. In a flash, the light disappears. After a few seconds, Sam steps out of the alleyway. He looked around, making sure no one had noticed. "Sometimes it surprises me how rarely people take the time to look up..." He mumbles to himself, taking a turn towards the club's entrance.

Before he could get inside, however, Sam is stopped by the bouncer. "I've kick bigger asses than you..." He silently thinks to himself as the brawny idiot stood in his way. Lift some cash from his pocket, he places it in the bouncer's hands. Very green, and a smiling Franklin on the top. Sam smirks as the bouncer lets him past. The bull of a man smiles staring at the cash, too dumb to realize money doesn't glow. Before he knows it, his payment is gone, re-absorbed into Sam's ring.

Slipping through the dancing crowds, the grim Avatar takes a seat at the bar, staring up at the MFL match playing on the screen. Some tiger headed guy was schooling a chump in the ring, lucha style by the looks of it. "You having anything, or just here for the match?"A voice rings out just over the music, breaking Sam's concentration. It was a bartender, cleaning a glass and smiling a business smirk. "I'm not hurting enough for anything alcoholic yet. Give me something caffeinated." Sam says, turning his eyes back to the match. Was good to have a break once in a while, he hadn't had one in a while. He knew it wouldn't last, though... they never do.

(Just wrote it because I was bored, maybe get some random interaction :P)