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We are started.

Soldier-Boy waits in the airport for the allies that are gonna join them. He looks on his watch and the plane his going. So he take his bag opened the bag and takes the three tickets up. For me and someone else. He then sees a taxi come and he stands up and ask them

"Are you going to China?"

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Drake had a long day and now he needed to get away. his life had been hell. Literally he had walked through the dimension of hell. He now just needed to get away from all the drama, all the chaos. So he decided to go see his half brother in china. When he arrived at the airport it was packed. He moved down through the corridor until he came to a street. Once he saw a taxi aproaching he remembered he forgot his ticket so he was going to try to make a deal with the driver.

You gung to China

He then looked up as another man asked the smaequestion. When he saw who it was his motuth dropped. It wasSoldier Boy. His close commrad.

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Platinum had recived his next target a hero by the name of Soldierboy, he heard from a reliable source that soldier was coming to China. His sniper positioned on the window with perfect veiw of the flight landing zone

"Any minuite now and his flight will be coming in" Platinum thought to himself.

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Soldier-Boy walked out of the plane after that long, long flight. He looked around and saw a flash in a building. He then looked away

"I think we need to run"

And Soldier-Boy ran in a building and Drake stopped

"Come on, Drake.

He then whispered

There is someone watching us. I saw a flash there

And points up to the building

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Platinum saw two figures duck into a nearby building, Jumping off the tower grabbing a flagpole and flipping on to the top of the building. Grabbing his two magnums he blidn fired through the wood roof on his two targets.

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Drake jumped to the left and dodged the shot. Whoever this guy was he had an objective, but it wasnt Drake. Drake could tell from the style of the shooting that if ths guy got a clear shot, there was no way in hell he was going to miss. Heaven either for that matter. Drake ran down the street. Then he came up with an idea.

SB, How about we get on the plane to China, before we miss it. Adn hopefully he will miss us.

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"I think that is a good idea."

While some guy was shooting at me i ran as fast as i can

"Drake wait a minute"

He took his pack bag and ran to the plane

"Here is the tickets Drake"

Hands him the tickets

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Platinum was wondering what his targets were doing, He pulled two laser shrapned knives out of his armour and hopped off the roof to get a better view. Seeing soldier hand drake the tickets Platinum jumped down from the roof guessing soldier wanted to go toe to toe

"Ha this is my target i dont know why I even bother, Well somone in China is paying me a whole lotta money to make sure you dont get their. At least not alive now make a move"

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He sees him who was trying to kill him and took off his coat there was any kind off weapon from sword to sword and gun to gun "So you wanna fight let´s fight then" Takes japanese sword from his back and was ready to fight "Drake don´t come out here tell the pilot to go o air an open the trunk or what ever it called in the back off the plane"

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Platinum aimed 3 slashes at soldier boy, two in his knees and another aimed at his throat then did a backflip in the air and pulled out a pistol

"We both know theirs no possiable way you can win this" Platinum then fired 5 shots directly at soldier boy

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Platinum felt the impact on his armour, but only the impact the two bullets fell harmlessly from his reinforced chest

"Im always willing to make more money maybie you can make a counter offer?

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He jumped in the air pulled out his raging bull and shot two to PM

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"What you offer my life?" SB ran at PM and jumped toward PM

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PW watched Soldier land infront of him "Well i study on my enemies friends and people i dont know in short i know why your here and i know what you need. Pay me enough and maybie i will help you, hell if its good enough i migth not even want to be payed just in adventure and entertainment"

"If not then you'll be dead before you finish your next sentance"

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"Well not maybe." Jumps away, while there was a cart full of bags driving behind PM. Then SB ran after the plane and jumped into the plane
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*PW somehow knew it wouldnt be easy "Dammit he thought out loud i have to stop with the sympathy stuff" Luckily he knew how to cath up: his emergency teleporter PW felt the feeling of being sweeped up and before he knew what had happened he was on the plane "Suit alter apperance and hide weapons" After putting a silencer on his weapon he planted 3 bombs all over the plane, With the bomb switch in one hand and his pistol in the other he proceeded to kill Soldier boy in the cloths of a buisnessman.

When Platinum found Soldier he aimed down his sights aiming at soldier-boys head Platinum pulled the trigger and watched the bullet fly.

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PW nearly hit SB Goddamn oblivious can´t you learn And laughed

While he was in air

He knew somehow that something was wrong. He took Drake and walked him to where the bags where. He took parachute for him and Drake "I know somethings wrong and that we are over China so i think the we need to get over there as fast as we can." SB dressed to his parachute and Drake to. Then they opened the trunk and they jumped out off the plane

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He saw the plane explode and he was sad that all those ppl died. He took his gun and shot 15 shots at PW

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PW too jumped out of the plane and clenched his parachute he clicked his bomb switch and watched the airplane explode into little pecies

"Hows it feel hero! To have all those deaths on youre hand why dont you stand and fight like a man!!

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Platinum saw the shots coming at him one hit him in the shoulder but the rest were throwin off by the speed PW was going down, PW instantly pulled his chute and watch it come out PW crashed through a glass window his shoulder was a minor wound and his suit was already taking care of it

"Its time for the hunter to become the prey" PW said as he shouted at soldier boy "I know about your past!, Fight me or i will make sure you never catch up too it!"

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He stood behind PW with the guns to his head.

Do you have no care for life or death. If so you would leave now. And keep the little balls you have.

He aimed the gun betweened PW's legs

Any move and youll only have one ball.

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Post Deleted.

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"The only thing that matters today is winning"

Platinum said as he did a backflip and took a slash at Drakes back