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Only For DC and ES

It has been four months since Darkchilds fight with the man known as Andferne and he is back at his castle. The wounds he suffered from that battle are long lasting, missing one arm the powers that flowed through that arm now course throughout his entire body. Sometimes these powers can be uncontrollable and need to be released, but DC knows that soon their will be a knock on his front door. That the fights have not seized and will never not until he has finished all of the Zeros one by one.

DC sits in his castle in Greenland the vast base is empty and nothing has lived in it for months. He sits on his throne at the castle, he tries to find ways of making his healing process go faster. All that is left of his right arm is a stump of bone protruding from his shoulder. He knows one man who can give him a replacement but at this moment he can do nothing. The child of darkness will need to wait to be at full power, he sits waiting for the next baffoon to step on his land. He did alot of damage to the last man and knew that man would not be returning anytime soon. But RL is no fool he will send all he can to rid the world of their main foe.

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The man who had dissapeared from society had revealed that he came back to settle his affairs and keep his promises. ElusiveStorm made sure the most important promise he made would be fulfilled firstly, fighting a man he had always admired but never confronting him in the past. He walked up to the massive, old steel doors to the castle he was told that DC was healing in. ES felt that it was not right to fight DC who was not in full condition but he wanted to join the Zeroes and find out about what many things transpire while ES was gone. ES had changed since his dissapearance, mutated into a more brutal being but still kept his most well-known power, his kinetic concussive blast.

"Maybe i should knock or make a dramatic appearance"

ES slightly knocked on the bolted doors waiting for an answer and suddenly a large room appeared. At the end of this room was the master of darkness himself, Darkchild.

"Good evening, I've come to fulfill my promise. Is the master of the castle present"

It had been too long since ES last saw DC and didnt recognize that e was asking the question to the man that he was looking for.

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The doors to his large and empty fortress slowly slid open and a man he had not seen in quite some time was staring into the vast castle.

Is the master of the castle present

DC smiled at this Master he thought to himself. Looking up at the man standing across the room DC looked deep into the man as if penetrating his soul "I haven't been called that in quite some time. What do you want fodder man" DC was making jokes about how many times the man in front of him was used for one reason and that was cannon fodder. "Its been long fodder hasn't it." Stepping up from his throne he walks down the steps of his throne stopping right in front of the man "What business do you have here fodder, your likes are not welcomed here unless you have business i see worth my time" DC begins to walk around his castle turning his back to the warrior. "You see i have alot of business to take care of and your just a nuisance at this given moment, now tell me what you need."

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When ES realized he was actually taking to DC, his heart began to burn, for some reason through the immediate hate for being called the name Fodder, he had pitty for the man he respected. He knew Dc was in no condition to fight ES.

"haha, Fodder i guess it really is you Darkchild. Well i did come here to defeat you in battle but now that i look at you, you are in no shape to fight me."

ElusiveStorm had his new weapon, The Tek-Bow in his right hand the entire time. He strapped it behind his back and turned to walk away.

"On the other hand, i do need money and the Zeroes are giving out good salaries to their members and i did promise i'd fight you"

ES grabbed his Tek-Bow again and and arrow, he looked at them then at DC.

"ready to Tango?"

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"The shape i am in? You insolent mock of a fighter i am more than ready to take you down. And i am more than equipped to do so one armed or not."

DC's fury was enormous the power eminatting from his body was massive "You are nothing but cannon fodder and you will always be!" Darkchilds arm was glowing with both darkness and fire both merging together and his arm began to shake "Now die!!"

DC aims his arm behind him and fires a blast launching his body forward towards ES. As he flies through the air he creates a sword and fires a blast of energy through it launching it at ES.

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ES's eyes widened, he never saw such anger or fury, he had no time to react and the blast sent him into a nearby wall. He slowly got up, dazed and confused. "Wha..What happened? Like being hit by a train again. Ok seems like your not too weak to fight me but in all fairness i was looking out for your best interests"

ES grabbed his tek bow from the ground and fired two explosive arrows at DC.

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"Best intrests for me?" DC says as the arrows hurtle towards him. He rushes the arrows letting them connect with his body. One just ricochets off his body the other did some damage but not enough to stop him. "You really should be looking out for your own interests not mine." DC says as he slams his arm into the ground creating a massive shockwave that hurtles towards ES.

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The ground ES stood on started to shake, the shockwave wasnt even near and he was starting to lose his balance. He quickly jumped up onto a chandalier and held on till the shockwave vansihed.

"I'd hat to see a beautiful castle like this turned to rubble, why dont we take this to close quarters?"

ES jumped to the ground an pulled out a long edged knife and licked his lips.

"I wonder wat evil villains taste like? Hahaha just kiddin i'm not another hannibal lector"