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The year is 2047 the world is nearly overrun by an alien substance calld tiberium which came from a meteor that crashed into the tiber river. The world is divided into the blue, yellow, and red zones. The red zones cover %30 percent of the world and are completely inhosptiable to non tiberium life as they have been overrun by tiberium. The Yellow zones cover %50 of the earth's surface and have medium level tiberium levels, they hold the majority of the earth's population and are mainly controlled by The Brotherhood of Nod. The blue zones are completely free of tiberium but only cover %20 percent of the world and are at the two poles, they are considered the last hope for civilazation and are Run by the Global Defense Intiative or the GDI for short. There are humans mutated by tiberium who have exilled themselves into the yellow and red zones and are not surprisingly called the forgotten. But the earth is watched by another race who's coming was foretold by the Tacitus which was a device of their own creation and had data on how to destroy tiberium. They are the scrin. A tiberium based species who go to planet to planet to harvest the substance and a simple harvesting force is more than capable of bieng a threat. They watch and wait.

You may choose to live in any of the zones, your side out of NOD, GDI, the scrin, and the forgotten. You can also choose your ranks though the commander and general ranks will come at a first come first serve basis. There will be no more than three generals and six commanders per side .

GDI generals: none at the moment.

GDI Commanders: none at the moment.

NOD Generals:None at the moment

NOD commanders:None at the moment

Scrin Supervisors:Megaguirus.

Scrin Foremen:None at the moment

Forgotten militia generals: None at the moment

Forgotten militia comanders: None at the moment.


NOD:None at the moment

GDI:None at the moment

Forgotten:None at the moment.

For C&C info go to here http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/EVA_Central .

Will you choose to advance the growth of tiberium or will you try to stop it? The choice is yours.

Standard rules apply. You must be at least a sargeant to call in reinforcements. You must be at least a lieutenenant to call in an air strike. You need to be at least a Major to call in a super weapon strike. No god modding, No super weapon abuse. No making your troops super powerful They can be quite strong but not invincible. Those who defy these rules will be killed in game.
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Starting off. ICC:The GDI's Space station Command center the Philidelphia was hit by a NOD nuclear missile and destroyed. NOD has started the third tiberium war by striking at multiple Blue zone's accross the world Not to mention Washington D.C and have captured the white house and are attempting to capture the pentagon which is the only other structure that can relay information to GDI forces around the world. Meanwhile an ion cannon was used on the temple prime which caused the liquid tiberium bomb stored in it to explode which awakened the scrin harvesting force and brought them to our world. The forgotten continue their exile but will they survive the latest war? Civilians are onced more caught in between the war.

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"Begin harvesting operations" Said the supervisor "Yes supervisor" said the scrin AI "Supervisor if indigenous species can organize they can repulse our operations" said the AI "Disorganize them then" said the supervisor "Resistance is high" said the AI "Indigenous resistance bieng successful is unprecedented after detonation of LQ Ichor device" said the supervisor.

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Narrorator:The scrin are invading the world is at chaos. Their advanced technology is Devastating the GDI and NOD. ICC:"I shall personaly lead the assult on the indigenous city of bejjing" said the supervisor "Sir such an act is not precedented" said the AI "It is also unprecedented for a high ranking field officer to die" said the supervisor "You are correct Supervisor" said the AI "Of course I am" said the supervisor.

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