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After introducing Sephirim to his illustrious team of heroes and comrades, Rayne decided to back Sephirim's choice to join the elite members of ICE.He had a long history with the white eyed enigmatic kid and saw the great potential that he held within him.Rayne knew that Sephirim would fit in with the rest of the members, and he would make a great hero someday, so he decided to give him the boost he needed.

The dark Slayer first met the time controller when he was a young boy of only 5 in a small Asian village on one of his voyages across the land 17 years ago.Sephirim had been a young curious boy interested in the way of martial arts and sword.Rayne often sparred with the young aspiring warrior and often taught him many techniques such as reverse and ways to defend himself.After staying in Sephirim's native village for a good year, the Dark Slayer bid his farewell's to the young boy and continued his quest of self enlightenment.

Now several years later fate has it that the once pupil and mentor figures encounter eachother and are even allies in the same brotherhood.After Sephirim's acceptance into the Ice Dragons, Rayne thought it would be best to see how far the skilled ninja he once knew as the pale eyed little curious boy had come.As they traveled south of the ICE lair, they found a suitable spot for theiir spar session.An open grassy filled plain with a forest surrounding its perimeters.It seemed almost to perfect,as if some sort of scene from an action packed anime styled final battle.The skies were a dark and gloomy purple, its haze covered the heavens like a thick blanket of cotton.Birds chirped and flapped away from the impending storm which was about to ensue in flocks.The grass was painted a dim green, its 4 inch blades swayed from side to side with each movement of the winds gentle touch.The surrounding forest's murky depths were entrenched in a grasping darkness which hid its trees that had been beyond the first two.Small boulders spread out amongst the grasslands, creating a sense of eco-diversity, differentiating the scenery from jus plain grass.

Well, looks like we've got a spot seph, you ready?

The Dark slayer looked over to his left at the pale blue eyed ninja posing a suggestion.A smirk ran smooth over his youthful looking face.

Without further notice, Rayne jumped back and glided through moist air for a few moments, his hair swaying to the front of his forehead.After reaching a distance suitable to his liking, the Dark Slayer touched down to the the ground ans skidded back a few feet on his rubber open toed sandles.The grass grinded into the soft soil leaving a small trail of abused grass.Rayne stood upright and smiled at sephirim as the wind danced across his silhouette and wavered his partially open GI.

Well kid, you first!

An eager grin stretching out upon his face

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Sephirim was the most recent member of the ice dragons squad, it was recommended to him by  a long time friend "Rayne Kazatoshi". Rayne and Sephirim go back all they to his early childhood, when Rayne saved his father from a pack of demon wolves. Ever since Sephirim watched Rayne Destroyed the Wolves readily, His passing for becoming advanced warrior arose. Rayne stood at Sephirim village and trained Sephirim as his mentor. Rayne taught the basic arts of defense and attack, he also forced him to exercise his body because fitness is the most vital part to a true warrior. After a year of of training , his mentor decided to leave the village on a quest. rayne didn't tell Sephirim what type of journey he was going on , he only promised to return For more teachings when his quest terminates.Sephirim teared as he saw his his friend / mentor leave the village  into a rocky trail that's leads to a nearby forest.

!7 years have pass since then, Sephirim  had went through many hardships, His father was slain by a vampire ,strong enemies raided his village for goods, he has gained enough Experience to call himself a true warrior. These past years Sephirim trained in mountainous regions,forests , deserts, caves, to Develop comfortably in these places if he had to battle.He trained in all classes of weapon such as Long ranged, Swords , and blunt weapons. If it wasn't for Rayne he wouldn't have become the excellent warrior he  is today.

Now today , Sephirim will be sparring with rayne to see where he is as a warrior, this was suggestion by Rayne.Rayne wanted to check if Sephirim had any flaws, this was a perfect way to do that. Rayne wants Sephirim in top shape for the ice dragons for any future battles that my occur.Sephirim was mainly happy that he could be able to show of the skills he had developed to his dear friend rayne.

It was dusk when the two warriors left the Dragons lair,  Milky clouds  Concealed the setting sun , creating a beautiful scene.  As walked to thr forest the  you can hear the crickets loud chirps from the tall pine trees. the path that we walked on was filled with tiny pebbles and thick would, every time we took a step you would hear the Friction of the pebbles and ground, plus the wood chips cracking fused togther. As Sephirim and rayne  walked towards the destination, things  began to get quite and creepy.  we entered a dark misty forest with weeping willow tree's, the texture of the forest ground became more settled and damp feeling. Sephirim did not find this place amusing

"This is a bit Creepy "

Sephirim and rayne walked about 40 minutes before reaching there destination,Sephirim could tell because the way rayne looked at him ,it was already night. In the heart of the forest was a small dead looking  meadow. it looked like a good combat zone, there were only two small boulder in the meadow, nothing else.

"Well looks like we have a spot" Rayne spoke

"Yea i gue......whoah!"

Rayne jumped back Unexpectedly startling Sephirim, he did knew rayne wasn't going to attack him of guard ,he always like to make a Dramatic scene, what you might say. Rayne landed about  5 ft away from Sephirim

"Well kid You go first He spoke"

Sephirim stared at Rayne with a happy smile for about  seconds, then  Sephirim puts his right hand under his arm, he reveals a kunai between his index finger and middle finger. Suddenly at extraordinary speeds Sephirim Throws the kunai Towards Raynes lower torso then vanishes. 5 seconds later sephirim  Reappears attempting  a strong backwards leg sweep with his left leg.

"this should be fun"

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The two had met when Rayne had wandered across a man and boy in distress from a pack of rabid wolves who had been hungry.After rescuing the pair, the man had offered Rayne a stay at their home in a nearby village.After becoming good friends with the man, Rayne also grew close to the boy who began to develop a strong urge for the life of a warrior.It was Rayne's demonstration of strength and power that had led the young boy to such desires.Teaching the boy basic combatitive techniques, Rayne left the boy with the martial knowledge of how to defend himself from at least 3 or four opponents at once.After about a year, the Dark Slayer continued his quest for knowledge of his past.It was a journey that he could only travel alone.Leaving behind an upset pupil. Rayne promised that they would meet again in the near future...


When Rayne made the backward dash to distance himself from his old pupil, the boy jumped in a startled fashion.Rayne chuckled as he watched Sephirim jolt from the unexpectancy of his action.The thought of his former student being caught off guard by a mere jump, made him wonder.

Hmph, seems like he's still got more to learn

Rayne glided through the air momentarily and once he had landed he beckoned the young ninja to make the first move.The young warrior smiled with delight at the offering and without the thought of even giving thanks he seized his opportunity for attack and withdrew two of his ninja tools, launching them off toward the Dark Slayer at impressive speeds.Although they had been thrown at great speeds, the kunai blades were nothing the lightning fast Rayne could'nt handle.The first blade etched closely towards Rayne's abdomen but he easily evaded it with a simple step to the left.The second blade was carelessly dodged as Rayne tilted his head to the right and felt the wisp of air blow against his ear from the aftermath of the evaded projectile.Within the blink of an eye, the pale eyed sephirim had seemingly vanished, and reappeared in front of the Dark Slayer, performing a clever back leg sweep.

Well Well!! Looks like you've got some quickness in you afterall!

Rayne's said sarcastically as he watched the incoming sweep.As sephirim's leg crashed into Rayne's left ankle, the Dark Slayer moved with the flow of gravity and let himself tilt to the left until coming a mere foot away from the ground.Extending out his left arm, The witty Dark Slayer regained his composure on a handstand and used it to his advantage as he launched forth a right kick to the young warrior's forhead and a left to his stomach, a grin on his confident face complimenting his sharp-witted counter.Pushing himself off with his left hand that had still been planted int the grassy ground, Rayne made it back to his feet with ease, sliding slightly to his right.Wiping off the the dirt and grassy residue from his palm on his black bottoms he shouted :

Keep your guard up Seph! Show me what you've learned this whole time I've been away!!

Bolting off at a quick running speed almost equivalent to a cheetah's, Rayne darted towards his former pupil, quickly closing the gap between them.The sound of his footsteps echoed throughout the empty meadows as he drew closer and closer to the battle ready Sephirim.He could feel the eyes in the shadow's beyond the tree's watching him and Sephirim's battle.

Enjoying this?

Rayne murmured under his breath towards beings and creatures of the night that dwelled in the forest eerie confidements.

Before reaching a good 10 feet away from his opponent, Rayne vaulted into the air, bending his knees and cocking back his right fist with his elbow aimed to the sky.

Heads up kiddo!!

The Dark Slayer warned the pale eyed ninja.Channeling his strength into his right fist, he attempted  devastating blow that if missed, would surely leave a small crater in the soft ground.After his brutal right punch, Rayne faded out of sight and reappeared behind the young Sephirim launching a left roundhouse kick aimed at his spine.

Oy!Behind you!

A small smile glided its way across Rayne's face as he attempted a painful look kick that would definitely have someone feeling it in the morning.
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Sephirim thought to himself  "hehehe he was expecting such a swift attack from me" but rayne was able to evaded Sephirim kunai easily. The first Kunai cam towards His stomach, Rayne Simply stepped to the left as if a paper ball was being thrown at him. The second Kunai rayne dodge by tilting his head to the right, it looked like it was going to graze his face though. Then Sephrim's  leg sweep seemingly collide with Rayne s left ankle, it was an attack Sephirim thought would be ,most successful. As Rayne drifted leftwards to the floor as he was falling, Sephirim gave a cocky grin to himself and thought once more"Gotcha that time". Then  rayne gained composer off of his left hand so her could do a sinlge handstand. Afterward s he countered Seph attack with swift hard kicks, one of the kicks was aimed for Sephirim forehead.


Sephirim tilted his head backwards  flexibly to evade Dark slayers right kick attack, he felt the wind from the powerful kick touched his neck. Seph was least successful to dodging the Second kick that hand came towards him, the swift left kick collided with Seph's stomach,. the impact of the kick was not great but sephirim was forced  lay on the back of his legs with his shins on the ground. Sephirim had has a very sensitive stomach so he didn't take the attack to lightly.


Rayne landed part of a counter doing a handstand,Seph was pretty impressed, He ahd not seen to many people counter his attack like that. that's why Seph enjoyed training with rayne because there is so much he could learn from his teachings. after  doing the attack he was still on his left hand ,on hand stand position, Slayer pushed off his left hand  and got back on his feet. he began to wipe of grass and other sorts of residue that might be on him. As  Sephirim stood up form the attack slowly rayne yelled

Keep your guard up Seph! Show me what you've learned this whole time I've been away!!

Then rayne Dashes towards Seph at abnormal Speeds, Sephirim  put his arms up x positioned across his upper chest and bottom half of his face. Sephirim thought rayne was charging at his for an attack, he became a little shaken , because Sephirim couldn't keep track with the sounds of the footsteps, it  was if Rayne wasn't running towards him. Rayne terminated in front of Sephirim face bringing a gust of wind blowing in his face. Sephirim put his guard down, he knew rayne wasn't going to do anything becausue of his facial expression.

Enjoying this? He asked

Then  Seph blinked, ran was about ten Feet away from him,  vaulted  into the air , bending his knee's stalling for a fierce right punch. Sephirim sensed something odd about the punch, it didn't seem like an average human punch, it seemed like Rayne put energy into the punch. Sephirim thought to himself " Sh!t wtf is he doing?! i didn't know we were suing energy?" Sephirim  rolled to the right to evade the power packed punch.


Sephirim was able to dodge the attack easily,  but his opponent was no where in sight. sephirim became paranoid because he couldn't even detect rayne power anywhere ,so he was basically a sitting duck. then Rayne appeared behind Sephirim with a agile Left round house kick.  Sephirim Quickly Dropped to the ground in push up position. Sephirim then Rolled forward, Got up  Rapidly to  bolt backwards attempting an bestial elbow thrust to raynes torso. After the attack Sephirim Hurdled into the air and threw two more kunai at rayne aiming for each thigh

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The young Sephirim had managed to avoid a hard kick to the forehead but wasn't luck enough to miss Rayne's second kick which tapped him lightly in the gut.The pale eyed ninja laid back for a moment to gather his composure from the light attack.Although Rayne hadn't put much force behind the kick, he knew that his former student had a very sensitive stomach and the slightest kick from a half demon like himself would definitely hurt, at least a little he thought.As the Dark Slayer darted off towards the young ninja, Sephirim put up his guard in the chance that Rayne should attack, but before he could even realize, Rayne had leaped into the air preparing a vicious right punch that would have knocked the boy senseless.The small hang time that Rayne had used to gather up his punch had been enough for the skilled Sephirim to avoid the devastating attack that was on its way towards him.


As Rayne's fist embedded itself into the moist damp soil, dirt exploded upwards and out from the hard impact.Brown clots of earth fused with green patches of herbage.Holding his position for a mere second, Rayne vanished like a departed spirit and made himself visible again behind the vulnerable Sephirim.His fierce roundhouse kick was evaded by a keen Sephirim who rolled frontward in avoidance of the attack and pushed back with his own to Rayne's abdomen.


The strong elbow crashed into Rayne's gut with full force causing the Dark Slayer to spew forth droplets of saliva in pain.Holding his ground, Rayne slid back from the power packed attack and gripped his stomach with his left hand, rubbing it, as if to make the burning bruised feeling go away some how, but before he could fully recuperate the young hasty Sephirim jumped into the air and launched forth 2 more kunai from his ninja arsenal, aiming them at the Slayer's thighs.

Cling Cling!!

The sound of metal banging against itself echoed throughout the empty meadows.Within the speed of a millisecond Rayne had unsheathed his all black vibranium chokuto and deflected the oncoming projectiled with a simple flick of the wrist.

Tsk, Tsk, Seph.Those aren't gonna work on me a second time

The Slayer smiled at his former apprentice as he made his sarcastic remark

But I will admit kid, the elbow thrust kinda stung!

At the notion of his remark, Rayne signaled what he meant by rubbing his gut in a circular motion about two to three times.Rayne's sarcasm was an effort to make the young Sephirim go all out.He wanted to see how well the pale eyed boy had developed, he knew that Sephirim always contained a great potential.Rayne hoped that through their spar session, the young ninja would e able to unlock that potential and even become a greater warrior than himself one day.

Bolting off at extreme speeds the Dark Slayer leapt into the air after his former apprentice.A menacing grin filled his face as he drew closer and closer to the young Sephirim, he could feel that the battle was going to become more intense after his next attack and it would surely prove to him how much of a warrior the hazy eyed Sephirim had really become.Making it appear as if he had been directly coming at the young ninja, Rayne changed his course two feet away from Sephirim and glided directly passed his left flank while showing off a smug as he passed the young unsuspecting ninja.As the Slayer made his way past skilled shinobi, he halted his ascension into the air, and turned around with an exploding right kick aimed at Sephirim's left shoulder blade region.After his painful blow, the Dark Slayercontinued with a followup kick with a back spinning right kick towards the young Sephirim's rear.The two hit combo would have been enough to send even a skilled warrior crashing into the grassy pasture below.Using his deadly speed, Rayne transmitted himself to the point of impact where Sephirim would have crashed hard into the ground and performed a bone chilling right knee smash into what should have been the exposed gut of an incoming pale eyed warrior ninja

Come on Seph!!Show me what ya got!!

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Sephirim Vicious Elbow thrust  Hit Rayne in the stomach ,during The Process Rayne Spat up droplets of saliva and a Forced grunt ,  The Impact from The Mildly Ferocious attack was great enough to slide rayne A few feet away from Sephirim holding his stomach in slight pain. Seph was more than Pleased with the counter  that he landed, he saw that Ranye was rubbing his stomach to ease the pain from the thrust.Sephirim reign of attacks wasn't over though. he had  jumped into the air and there to kunai's aiming for raynes thighs to slow down his mobility.

Cling Cling!!

Rayne Unsheathed his  sword smacked away the two Kunai's readily, The sword that rayne used was his most prized possession, He named the sword Chokuto, Sephirim  saw the once sword before when rayne fought the pack of wolves. ranye never Let Sephirim get th chance to look at the sword, he thought it  was it suitable for him at such a young age. that's why rayne only taught him the basics of hand to hand combat in Defense and offense only. After rayne deflected the kunai's he said.

Tsk, Tsk, Seph.Those aren't gonna work on me a second time

But I will admit kid, the elbow thrust kinda stung!

Rayne rubbed his stomach once more as if the thrust still hindered him,Sephirim didnt think the attack hurt rayne to much from the way he spoke to him,so he didn't get to happy from his counter. Sephirim began to wonder why ran is so fast. He had never encountered any speed like that before in his life, it was almost unreal, he began to think of ways to defeat his opponent."if i hurt hius leg that will slow him down then i will be able to keep up with him"Sephirim Developed a small plan in his mind, but did not plan to execute it just yet.

Sephirim looked at rayne for a moment and smiled, then unexpectedly Rayne Dashed tat Sephirim at supeb speeds and sprung into the air Like  Kangaroo. Sephirim  put his guard up in southpaw position Ready for raynes attack, Sephirim was nt to sure if rayne was going to attack for sure Because of the last occurrence. i rayne looked like he was coming at Seph with straight path attack, but he changed his course running directly pass the Young ninja Seph.


Rayne then vaulted  in the air towards Sephirim unexpectedly, then turned towards Sephirim with a aflictive right Aim for Sephirim left shoulder. The kick crashed into Sephirrim left shoulder making him force out a little yelp in pain, Sephirim shoulder became a sore and stiff, The smart rayne knew the shoulder is a suitable spot to hit someone.then rayne came up with a follow up kick. The kick was Landed causing Sephirim to flew across the meadow stomach arched out . Rayne then  appeared almost  instantly in front of Sephirim and performed a brutal knee smash into Sephirim abdominal area>

Guaaah! UUuuuuah! accccck!

Then knee  forcefully went into Sephirim stomach causing him to lose breath, Sephirim dropped to the floor curled up in a position similar to a fetal and began to hold his stomach in pain. Sephirim has a very sensitive stomach so could  you imagine how much pain he was experiencing?.  He got up on his left knee holding his stomach with his both hands and began to vomit.


A slimy brown and pink Substance came from his mouth Fused with a light foggy green Flem that was within his body, you can see bits of digested corn and soggy bread mixed in . the smell of the vomit was putrid, it reeked Of  vinegar and cheese. Sephirim stood up slowly and regained himself. he was very angry at rayne for touching his stomach for the second to time. "Enough he keeps touching my stomach and he knows its weak...we will pay now!"

Sephirim  took his  his holder that was on his back, he then also took some arrows from the holder" he's gonna get it now"Sephirim shot  a barrage of arrows at rayne, after his bombardment he then Dashed towards Sephirim Holding the end of his katana, he then Unsheathes his Sword and vaults  up into the air. but then out of nowhere another Sephirim comes Behind rayne  with a small luminous orb of white energy attempting to embed it into his back , the other Sephirim  Comes at hims With a Vertical Slash aiming at his head.

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man i enjoyed this..sooo bored