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The Slays represent the sinister left hand of the roman catholic church. In the past they have been the Vatican assassins the armed guards to the pope and the stout defenders of the faith since the crusades. A proud linage of warriors descended from the knights Templar During the time of the great purge when their faith and skill was tested the most. Leopold Slay the head of his family and his wife fled to a monastery high in the Italian alps. Whilst the rest of the Templar's where hung, burned, beheaded and declared heretics to the faith Leopold and his family hid undercover for two generations. Leopold himself training his son and the monks in the subtle ways of the sword and smiting keeping the skills of the Templar alive. Of all the things Leopold passed on to his son chief importance among them was the tenants of the faith the moral compass and guidelines to the Knights of the faith.

Here below is the tenant in full, a secret document that has passed through the ages its physical form unimportant its wording all. (translated from Latin)

To all those Honorable and faithful men of the cause i beseech you to follow the ways of this sacred tenant and stand steadfast in the path of battle knowing that god almighty himself fights alongside you. No truer form of faith or valor can be reached on this earth than to serve the cause, by following the codes of tenants your immortal souls will forever be embraced in the arms of our lord and your legend will pass through the ages.
  • The defense of your brothers and mother church is paramount. Anyone found guilty of neglecting their duty and the cause will be whipped , dragged by horseback and then burned at the stake as a heretic to the faith.
  • The passing of title and rank transfers from father to legitimate son only. Bastards and daughters will receive a lesser rank as they dishonor the family name.
  • Consumption of alcohol, adultery theft and braking of any of the holy commandments in anything but the line of duty will be met with appropriate punishment. Loss of limb for theft, castration for serial adultery and death for the slaying of an innocent.
  • Those who would cause dishonor by committing sodomy in the ranks of their brothers will be forced to return their arms and then be cast from the holy army. Their sinful souls forced to walk the earth as a branded sodomite and deserter of the faith.
  • A brother who is unable to lift his sword will pass from the role of defender of the faith to a teacher of the faith. Be this by age or injury the knights who can no longer fight the glorious fight will train the next group of warriors.
  • It is the duty of the warriors to give the last rights to his fallen brethren, and bequeath any heirlooms to their rightful owners.
  • To all the brother who's virtue and faith are true you will be forever honored in the book of Templar held by the grand master. This record of your faith in battle and valor will be kept unblemished for your son's and their son's after them to view.

Leopold's line would eventually return to the arms of mother church their status as heretics absolved their relationship to the church renewed. Their duties restored. With the end of the purge came a new mission to eradicate their former allies who had turned from the faith. The fall of Jerusalem and the purge of the Templar bloodlines lead to the first and only amendments to the sacred tenant.

The sacred duties of the Templar require faith and longevity to the cause. Our former allies have now become our greatest enemies and with this we must now amend the rules of our brotherhood and refocus our efforts on cleansing the name of the Templar's and our own bloodlines if necessary. With this refocus comes the new tenants to restore our honor and our name.
  • Anyone either aiding or intending to betray the brotherhood by joining the Knightfalls will be sentenced to a gruesome execution, the pain suffered being a testament to the unforgivable sins comitted.
  • Those found to be denouncing their Christian faith and secretly embracing other non-Christ religions, in particular, Islam, will be declared a traitor of the faith and brotherhood, and exiled with nothing in their possession.
  • Anyone found to have ties to a targeted bloodline who has not attempted to rectify the situation will be treated as their kin.