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"Hello, traveler, and welcome to the border of the Symaarian Imperium. Lucky for you, you're on the list of aliens we're not supposed to blast to the Warp and back. So make yourself at home, socialize, and try not to upset anyone."

Key Locations (user-interactive)


Classification: death world

Technology Level: moderate

Size: roughly the size of Earth

Population: ~334,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Corrun Desert Raiders (fast attack and ambush experts)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): none, formerly the Death Riders

A mysterious world on the edge of the Ferravian Ring, Corrun was once home to an ancient species of aliens that predated even the primitive Symaarians created when the Navigator entered the Vine Sphere. Even when the Symaarians first colonized Corrun, the relics of the planet's past were hundreds of millions of years old and were crumbling to dust. Vast canyons carved out of the planet's crust give hints of what happened to the aliens, a story that is eerily similar to that of the Symaarian Imperium.

Corrun is a world of intolerable heat second only to that of molten Holocaust and winds accented with pockets of sand. The hives that form the basis of Symaarian control on the world are centered in and around canyons or oases depending on their location. It is a world where myths arise out of the horizon and mirages. The history of Corrun is entirely unknown until the point of Symaarian intervention and among the local flora and fauna, monsters are a common occurrence.

Rainfall is hardly a factor on Corrun and the native Symaarians are usually forced to import water in exchange for the services of their Guard regiments. The Guardsmen of Corrun are famous for their quick responses to distress signals, as this often means their next meal or drink of freshwater. They employ terror tactics on a scale that is only exceeded by the regiments raised from Praxus and their expertise in striking quickly and efficiently is likened to those employed by the Dark Eldar pirates. Indeed, Corrun Guardsmen have had a bitter history with Dark Eldar raiders and are stubborn in the extreme when they meet that species of alien in battle.

Death Riders



Classification: death world

Technology Level: moderate

Size: roughly the size of Venus

Population: ~118,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Praxus Jungle Fighters (ambush, terror, night, and jungle warfare experts)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): none

Considered one of the deadliest planets in the known universe, Praxus is a jungle world designed to kill everything foreign to it. Every plant is poisonous and every animal is carnivorous. Night lasts twice as long as the day and temperatures range from blistering to freezing. Acidic rain is a constant reminder to the inhabitants that the planet is supreme. Colonists seeking to tame the Green Hell were labeled insane. Sheer determination proved these critics wrong as Praxus became integrated into the Imperium with one of the lowest populations and one of the highest mortality rates.

While everything on the planet is biologically designed to kill, nowhere is this more true than in the Praxian Devil. Measuring at least ten feet long from head to tail, the Praxian Devil physically resembles those giant millipedes found on Earth. Its dozen eyes rest listlessly above a maw leading down an esophagus all lined with razor-sharp fangs. All of its hundreds of legs are tipped with poisonous spines and even its tail snips fiercely with whip-like precision. Its body is designed to contort so that if it is kicked onto its back it needs only to roll over to stand again. Praxian Devils are prized for their fangs and it is common practice for officers within the Praxus Jungle Fighters to occasionally prove their worth and "hunt down a Devil for his teeth."

The Praxian regiments are notable for their remarkable toughness, eschewing flak uniforms for combat fatigues. They are hunters and are born and bred to fight in hellishly dark and eerie settings. "Where there is a shadow, it might only be a distraction from the knife in your throat" is a common saying among those who serve alongside the Jungle Fighters, for it is they who have truly tamed the Green Hell.

Symaar Primus

Classification: hive world

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: roughly the size of Jupiter

Population: ~630,000,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Symaar Primus Shock Troops (general combat experts)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Lords of Ruin (balanced approach to warfare)

In time immemorial, Symaar Primus shook with the gentle touch of the cosmic entity known only as the Navigator. The draconian deity blessed the planet with life and gave birth to his people through its soil. These were the Symaarians and they prospered wholeheartedly. In this time of relative peace, the Navigator taught his children many things about the technology of the gods and how to harness the energy of stars to make guns and engines. He even trained and drilled them on a planetary scale to become a military hammer the likes of which were never seen before nor since. He only taught them such warlike tendencies to thrive in a harsh and unforgiving universe. Branching out, the Symaarians integrated the Ferravian Ring into their growing Imperium and under the Navigator's leadership embarked on a dynamic Great Crusade to dominate much of the known universe.

Almost one-thousand years after the Navigator began his stunning expansion into the unknown, the Dark Gods emerged from the Warp to stop the Navigator's campaign from reaching any further. Rather than comply with his fellow Elder Gods, the Navigator made war upon them. He succeeded in banishing them to the Warp, but at the cost of his flesh being torn and ripped asunder by each of their insidious devices. Forced into a comatose state, the Navigator was ferried by his beloved children back to the place of their ancestral birth. Where the first Symaarian rose out of the sand was where they built the monumental palace called the Eternity Gate. They hooked their lord and god into a stasis machine in a desperate bid to keep him alive. Even after ten-thousand years, he holds faint vital signs despite having crumbled almost to dust.

Symaar Primus forms the backbone of all Symaarian Guard movement provided in the Primus Sector and beyond with the presence of the Administration. There, all the major active Lord-Generals and their personal Command Squads convene in a moot of sorts and discuss priority conflict zones. It is also home to the largest active Symaarian Guard regiment: the Symaar Primus Shock Troops. Specializing in a broad range of combat duties, the Shock Troops are trained to be universally effective due to their large numbers forming a good part of battalions stationed on thousands of foreign worlds. From jungle warfare to siege batteries, the Shock Troops have become the "face" of the Symaarian Guard due to their almost omnipresent service across the many battlefields of the Eternal War. This is not without just cause, because the Shock Troops are notorious for being foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, and as stubborn as a Grox while still being famously thorough in their duties.

Lords of Ruin

Warmaster Thor'taan Ystva

One of the oldest Legions in the Imperium, records of the Lords of Ruin date back to before the Great Crusade. They hold some of the most important victories in Imperial history, thanks in no small part to their dedicated Warmasters - the latest of which is Thor'taan Ystva. They are stationed in the Primus Sector, the home of their Allfather, and make their capital on Symaar Primus. Thor'taan personally knew Kaligar and they were more like brothers in blood rather than in arms. It is said that Thor'taan crusaded for three months in honor of his fallen comrade once news of Kaligar's death spread, bringing dozens of planets back into the sway of the Imperium. As a commander, Thor'taan relies on determination and bravery to win the day (though a few artillery batteries never hurt).


Classification: fortress world

Technology Level: high

Size: roughly the size of Mars

Population: ~390,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Ferravian Ice Guard (urban and street warfare specialists)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Doom Wolves (ferocious viking-like melee and close-quarters combat specialists)

A mountainous ice world neighboring Symaar Primus, Ferravius is home to some of the toughest Guardsmen regiments in the Primus Sector. Ferravius itself is an unforgiving wasteland of ice and rock where only the strongest survive the harsh climate and the even harsher winters. But where there are mountains, there are fortresses. Ferravius is as infamous for its rows and rows of bastions as it is for its weather. Ferravius is the site of a Terra-forming project of colossal scale, where the very ground has been converted into concrete and steel structures of enormous and almost improbable size. It is these clusters of fortresses that protect Ferravius and the Primus Sector from interstellar threats, for Ferravius stands directly in-between Symaar Primus and the dreaded Eye of Terror. Without this keystone to the Ferravian Ring, all of the Imperium would be lost.

Ferravius has withstood countless threats from beyond the stars, ranging from Black Crusades to the periodic Tyranid invasion and Ork WAAAGH!s to Dark Eldar raids. There have even been events when all of the Imperium's enemies have converged on Ferravius at a single moment, events that have been called "Death's War" by many. In all of the Imperium's history, these wars have only ever occurred twice and both of them within frighteningly recent memory.

The Ferravian Ice Guard are known and prized for their stubbornness. In the ebbing corridors of rock and ice making up their homeland, the Guardsmen joining their native regiment excel in close-quarters firefights and in the winding complications of urban warfare. They favor Leman Russ tanks fitted with the devastating Demolisher cannon as well as the fast and deadly Hellhound flamethrower tank. Ice Guard regiments can be found across the Eternal War, but amass in colder climates where they can at least pretend that they are fighting on familiar territory. Furthermore, Ice Guard commanders realize the importance of playing to their soldiers' strengths and often plan decisive battles on difficult terrain and in devastated urban environments. They also pack a decent amount of artillery to "persuade" their foes into marching into the apparent safety of these regions...

Doom Wolves

Warmaster Kaligar Roxom

One of the most celebrated Legions within the Imperium today, the Doom Wolves hold the dubious honor of being the only Legion in the Ferravian Ring. While this has been criticized time and again by the High Lords of Symaar Primus, the Doom Wolves see no virtue in having others take what they see as rightfully theirs, that being the trophies they make out of the corpses of their foes. The Doom Wolves are stubbornly independent, holding their ground against all manner of foes with a pride that would make any other Warmaster jealous of their success. They are also as territorial as an enraged Stormwolf and take offense to other Legions marshaling to their aid. Pride, nobility, and above all ferociousness define the Doom Wolves as they protect the snowy regions of space they dominate as one of the most powerful Space Marine Legions in the Imperium.


Classification: forge world

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: roughly the size of Neptune

Population: ~474,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Infernal Guard (siege and radioactive warfare specialists)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Fire Drakes (masters close-quarters firefights, especially with flamer and melta weapons)

Upon initial discovery of Infernus, Symaarian pioneers declared the planet incapable of supporting life due to its fiery landscape and hellish disposition. Of course, that is what they said about Ferravius. Colonists flooded to Infernus upon discovery of a single living plant in the blackened ash of one of its inactive volcanoes. Developing massive forge works suited to distilling the molten lava flowing in vast oceans mere yards below them, these colonists became hardened to the promise of death on their world. If not for the vast mineral wealth pumped out by Infernus, it would be considered a death world due to its high mortality rate. But without Infernus steel, many thousands of worlds would be without the proper weapons and munitions needed to defend themselves against the myriad alien horrors that besiege them. More importantly, they would be without means to drive those horrors away.

Infernus has only been attacked once and it was to the dismay of those Ork raiders to find a world not only impossible to find suitable landing for their massive ships but one suitably defended. It is said that not a single living Ork put foot to soil during the entirety of the siege. Such is Infernus' fiery disposition that even to this day, not a single Feral Ork has been sighted on the molten planet's surface despite the alien race's famous tenacity.

The Guardsmen of Infernus are notoriously grim and unpleasant to be around. They are born and bred in an environment perhaps harsher than any other, where the very air a man breathes is his cause of death mere hours later. As such, they form a symbiotic relationship with many inanimate objects, the most important of which is their re-breather (a form of gas mask). Infernus Guard are famous mechanics, as many of them grow up in the forges, and favor armored advances as opposed to massed infantry. It is often joked about that there are more Chimera tanks than fighting men on Infernus. If the Guardsmen of the inferno manage to understand the humor, they show no sign through a combination of iron-willed training and their skull-themed re-breathers.


Classification: hive/paradise world

Technology Level: high

Size: twice that of Earth

Population: ~817,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Praetorian Guard (general combat and demolitions experts)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Praetorians (balanced approach to warfare)

The favored vacation spot for any Imperial governor and his family, Praetor started out in the shadow of Berron before the latter was subjected to Exterminatus following a short and vicious civil war. Ever since then, native Praetorians have devoted their time and effort to divide themselves from the tragedies of those days and (more importantly) the horrors of the Eternal War. They terra-formed Praetor into a life-giving wonder of the cosmos, one of the only planets in the Imperium to have flora and fauna that is naturally docile and (in some cases) friendly. Cascading waterfalls dot the horizon, with spectacular cliffs and mountains making up a wondrous canvas for the overgrowth of beautiful ferns and flowers to grow upon.

Praetor is not without its problems, however. The hive cities are crammed to the brim with travelers to the world and the descendants of the first pilgrims to it. Though its population is much smaller than other hive worlds, Praetor is also one of the prime tourist locations in the Imperium. As such, the nobles ruling over the planet have decided to hide away the populace so that visitors (most notably the rich ones) will spend large amounts of time and even larger sums of money supporting the planet's continued ecological protection in the form of its Symaarian Guard regiments.

Almost all of the native Praetorians are cast into the Guard without their consent. This is, again, because of Praetor's obvious popularity making it a huge target for Xenos pirates and raiders. Though the Praetorian Space Marines deal with a large percentage of these threats, it sometimes falls to the Guard to make the long march into the jungles or prepare a hasty defense in order to protect the tourists to their world.


Warmaster Lucius Tarnel

Lucius graduated from the Great Military Academy of Berron (the former capital-world of the Praetor System) scant months before it became subject to Exterminatus. Lucius underwent a sterilization process sanctioned by the Inquisition after which only he and a few other Guardsmen recruits survived. Ever since then, Lucius has been a sickly man, continuing in his days as the Warmaster of the Praetorians. As a Space Marine, Lucius Tarnel is a master wielder of the halberd and spear, preferring to skewer his foes while zooming across the battlefield on a warbike. However, Tarnel's true strength lies in his uncharacteristic charisma for a Space Marine. He still possesses the mindset of a Guardsman and desires above all to conserve Imperial lives wherever possible. He is often seen on the front lines, leading his men to battle and challenging as many foes as possible not for personal glory but to distract them from charging at his men and potentially slaughtering them. As a result, Tarnel's armies usually consist of large numbers of Guardsmen who have been drawn to him emotionally and who would gladly die in order to prove their loyalty to him.


Classification: fortress world

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: comparable to Pluto

Population: ~89,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Lothian Guard (defensive experts)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Warhounds (fast attack specialists who excel at using their usually outnumbered forces to their advantage)

An isolated and desperately-small fortress world on the outskirts of the Imperial northern border, Lothis is subject to ungodly amounts of alien and heretic activity on an almost daily basis. Its surface is pockmarked with countless craters and its atmosphere is littered with debris from devastated spacecraft. It is a monument to the implacable willpower of the Imperium, a shrine to the dedication of its people, and a hallowed marker to those who have perished in the pilgrimage to the stars beyond reach. It is the final stop for any Symaarian Guardsman. It is the last approachable world for any Space Marine. It is the precipice of a new, uncharted territory that the Imperium is just now piercing into.


Warmaster Horf Talba

Talba and his Warhounds have been stationed near the most isolated northern parts of the Imperium for as long as there has been a Warhounds Legion. His home-world of Lothis has seen so much conflict that the atmosphere is literally clogged with the debris of hundreds of thousands of spacecrafts. If the Warmaster is affected at all by the fact that his sector is slowly falling apart, he shows no sign. Instead, he has elected to remain adamant in the face of adversity. The Warhounds have certainly lived up to their name over the course of their short existence as a Legion (little over five hundred years) and with each passing day, their fame and ranks multiply. Their iconic white armor is often splashed with mud and blood or a mixture of both. In a galaxy that knows no peace, it is the Warhounds that certainly personify the aspect of fighting back to the last breath.


Classification: fortress/death world

Technology Level: moderate

Size: comparable to Earth

Population: ~276,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Khine "Bastards" Regiments (close combat and armored warfare specialists)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Foe Renders (almost exclusively melee-oriented Legion)

Khine itself is a world steeped in blood and tradition, going back as far as the first Symaarian colonists holding gladiatorial games in the honor of their distant and omnipotent Allfather. The people are superstitious in the extreme, believing that might makes right and that the strong should hold sway over the weak.

Foe Renders

Warmaster Ahzgrim Rageheart

The bloody stars of the Khine Sector hold sway to dozens of worlds that are choked with atmospheric debris and have been subject to everything from uncompromising artillery strikes to orbital virus bombings. Ahzgrim Rageheart is the latest Warmaster of the Foe Renders Legion, a Legion steeped in traditions dating back to the earliest days of the Great Crusade. The Khine Sector rests between not only the Imperium and three swollen Ork empires, but also a notoriously large (and growing) rift in real space called the Scar of Jholstis from which a thousand armies of the Dark Gods are said to spill from each and every day. As such, the Khine Sector witnesses unimaginable horrors and atrocities almost every time the sun shines upon its tortured worlds. However, Ahzgrim would not be happy anywhere else. With such a constant struggle for survival coupled with the fact that Ahzgrim has managed to keep his sector from falling to the insidious powers of Chaos is testament to his skill as both a military commander and an inspiring presence to Symaarians everywhere.


Classification: hive world

Technology Level: moderate

Size: three times the size of Earth

Population: ~360,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Darkstar "Black Hawk" Regiments (night fighters extraordinaire)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Black Wings (aerial and fast attack specialists)

A densely populated world, Darkstar's surface is barren and deserted with its people crammed into towering hive cities.

Black Wings

Warmaster Albion Corr

The Black Wings are stationed in the foreboding Darkstar Sector of the Imperium, a brutal and isolated part of its southeastern provinces. They are entirely independent when compared to the other Space Marine Legions and work best alone, acting in concert with each other rather than other Legions. They have even adopted a system of government similar to the Omega Company, where the Sector answers to the Warmaster of its local Legion. As such, the Warmasters of the Black Wings are famously well-versed in the finer art of managing what they have conquered rather than subjecting the worlds to singular members of their Honor Guard or those who hold captaincy within the Legion. Albion Corr is no different from the Warmasters of his past other than the fact that he keeps a tight schedule of visiting the dozens of worlds within the Darkstar Sector personally in order to keep up morale. He has not embarked on any notable crusade in several decades, but many speculate that he is more concerned about teaching his subjects how to defend themselves properly in the event of his inevitable absence - for a Space Marine's heart is never pacified until it has reached a zenith of zealotry.


Classification: grave world

Technology Level: nonexistent

Size: several times that of Saturn

Population: ~900,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Mortian Guard "Death Walkers" (grim fighters accustomed to fighting in dark, rotten environments)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Knights of Terror (night and surprise attack specialists who make extensive use of terror tactics)

Mortis is unique among all the planets of the Imperium in that it is shrouded in eternal night by its ash-clogged atmosphere and the fact that it orbits a slowly-dying star that is unable to penetrate the haze. It is the final resting place for many Imperial citizens, anyone from simple Guardsmen to the most illustrious Warmaster. In death, all are united in the Allfather's presence.

Knights of Terror

Warmaster Konrad Noct

The Knights of Terror are feared for their reliance on disheartening their foe before a brutal surprise attack staged primarily at night. They make common use of vox casts recorded from the tortured screams of their foes, sent out to the frequencies of unfriendly radio systems, in order to plant the seed of discontent in the commanders and (more importantly) the common rabble. They also make heavy use of artillery and fast-moving assault squads equipped with jump packs. Such is the reputation of the Knights of Terror that entire planets often surrender at the mere thought of facing them in battle. Konrad Noct is the latest in a long line of Warmasters belonging to the Knights of Terror, seeing as how their Legion dates back as far as the Lords of Ruin do. He insists on destroying heretical bastions wherever they may be found. As a tactical commander, he is rather old-fashioned by the standards set by his forebears, but he emphasizes close combat and is often seen wearing the extensively modified Soul Shredder lighting claws. Unlike most other Warmasters, Konrad prefers leading small squads into battle at a time rather than a full sweeping advance of the Navigator's Finest. This way, he believes, causes a fair amount of confusion in the enemy and lets them become better targets for the artillery barrages creeping steadily closer.


Classification: shrine world

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: comparable to Mars

Population: ~286,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Repentant Regiments (former criminals and religious zealots herded under the priesthood for battle)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Soul Keepers (infamously zealous and stubborn fighters)

Pilgrimage to Repentance is considered by many to be the greatest spiritual experience of a lifetime. Outside of its immediate population, Repentance sees billions of travelers loyal to the Navigator each and every day. Repentance is also the final stop for criminals and former heretics, now shepherded into organized Guardsmen regiments under the local Castigators who act as a combination of field commander and, if necessary, Commissar.

Soul Keepers

Warmaster Drell Durkir

The Soul Keepers are the most mysterious of the Legions, as they are the ones most afflicted by Chaos. Long ago, during the Tartaran Heresy that split the Imperium apart, the Soul Keepers waged a bloody civil war against itself once its Warmaster [name expunged] declared himself to be one of the masterminds of the Heresy. Rent apart by heresy and confusion, the Soul Keepers were left out of most of the fighting on Symaar Primus as well as much of the actual Heresy itself. Ashamed, the remaining Soul Keepers dedicated their lives to hunting down those who had sided with the traitor Warmaster. After eight-thousand years, they are still only at marginal strength, but Navigator help the fool who provokes them. Drell Durkir is described as one of the mightiest warriors in the Imperium. His stoic expression unnerves even his allies and his uncompromising demeanor is only matched by his desire to keep his Legion intact.


Classification: death/forge world

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: smaller than Venus

Population: ~126,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Rasmian "Chem Suckers" Regiments (experts at fighting in hostile environments where vision is often obscured)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Seers of Vindictus (large percentage of psykers, often makes use of powerful magic storms to crush their foes)

Cloaked in radioactivity, Rasmus was once the site of a legendary battle between Jormunder and the Necron tomb world that used to be located under its surface. Jormunder purged the Xenos and destroyed their catacombs. Yet even now, after many thousands of years, Rasmus still feels the cold touch of the Necrons as its surface continually emits a thick mist of deadly green fog that stretched into the atmosphere. Symaarians living on Rasmus are therefore born and bred in large protective suits and wear re-breathers for most of their day-to-day activities.

Seers of Vindictus

Warmaster Alzrahem Orion

The mysterious Scarab Stars hold untold amounts of treasures from the days of the Great Crusade, vast tomes of genetic and scientific breakthroughs that have led to the creation of the Space Marines. Indeed, it is here that the most precious secrets of the Imperium are stored and guarded. The Seers of Vindictus hold the duty of holding this immeasurably important sector of the Imperium. Their Warmaster, Alzrahem Orion, combines the magnificent powers of a sorcerer as well as the charisma of a prophet as he crusades across the Necron tomb worlds awakening in and around the Scarab Stars.

Praag Ost

Classification: hive world

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: comparable to Symaar Primus

Population: ~85,000,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Praag Guard (notably stubborn and reckless regiments, also handy in siege warfare)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Iron Fists (siege breakers without compare)

Called Symaar Primus' sister world, Praag Ost hides a criminal underworld unlike any seen on other worlds. Many Rogue Traders frequent Praag Ost simply for its highly prized black market.

Iron Fists

Warmaster Vladimir Helhand

Vladimir was born a poor peasant boy on Praag Ost, the brutal hive world capital of the Praag System. He was quiet as a child and was frequently abused for it, often called stupid or illiterate in the process. That all changed when he funneled his pent-up rage at the annual Gathering of Initiates for the local Space Marine Legion - the Iron Fists. He managed to win over the judges due to his ferocity in battle and he became one of the brotherhood's Neophytes. He grew into the Warmaster of the Iron Fists after centuries on proving himself on the battlefield. Though regarded as crude and intolerably stubborn, Vladimir is as loyal as a dog and as fierce as a cyclone.


Classification: fortress moon

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: similar to Earth's moon

Population: ~10,000 (enough to support a full Space Marine Legion)

Notable Guard Regiment(s): none

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Blood Acolytes (dedicated close combat Legion)

Orbiting Infernus is a moon fashioned much in the style of how the Ferravian Ring was designed to protect Symaar Primus. Scion is home to the Isle of Blood, the massive fortress-monastery of the Blood Acolytes.


Classification: fortress/shipping/forge/industrial world

Technology Level: exceedingly high

Size: comparable to Saturn

Population: ~646,000,000,000

Notable Guard Regiment(s): Krell "Roughnecks" Regiments (combat experts in defensive arenas as well as in street, trench, and urban warfare)

Notable Space Marine Legion(s): Iron Champions (siege warfare and artillery specialists)

All supplies must run through Krell at some time or another. Here is where the massive munitions supplies necessary for the Imperium's many wars are given final inspection and, if necessary, finer tuning. Symaarians from Krell take pride in their dirty, crude, and rough way of life. Most of their planet is made up of metal, and their personality often reflects it.

Iron Champions

Warmaster Argul Invictus

Physically the strongest and largest of the various active Warmasters, Argul has a penchant for smashing everything in his path through a combination of unrelenting siege tactics as well as his thunder hammer 'Godbreaker'. As such, Argul is notorious for being the foremost siege master in all the Imperium. It is a proven fact that not even the mightiest Imperial bastion could outwit Argul if he was given enough time to besiege it. He is called the Titan of Krell for a reason. His Iron Champions have stood beside him unflinchingly throughout his thousands of years of service to the Imperium as they, too, refine their mastery of siege warfare as handed down by the Warmasters of the past. It is a brave fool indeed who stands defiant in the way of Argul's siege tactics.




"You are welcomed to visit anywhere in the Imperium, but of course, there is profit to be made here."

Will you be a roaming Rogue Trader, hungry for profit and glory?
Perhaps being a piratical raider with full access to what you steal suits your fancy?
Will you join the illustrious ranks of the Space Marines?
Join the mighty Hammer of the Imperium?
Perhaps you could even rise above the call of duty and become part of the Commisariat?
Maybe the secretive and powerful Inquisition piques your interest?
Does the area of technology interest you? Do you want to protect the valuable secrets of the Imperium?
Or are you depraved, greedy for power, perhaps even cynical in your advances?
This path could lead you down the road of Chaos, a road paved with blood and madness.
Perhaps you are not even Symaarian (or human) at all!
The choice is yours to make...
...and the consequences yours to suffer!





  1. This is much like Loner's Nightclub. It is a continuously open RPG for established characters (if you want to expand them in this direction) or new ones that you want to make just for this occasion.
  2. Under no circumstances are you to destroy anything without my consent. This includes planets, buildings, monuments, etc.
  3. The planets and their corresponding occupants are by no means the limit to the Imperium's vast swath of territory. It occupies a million worlds, each with their own unique histories and people.
  4. Everything you see is subject to change. This is by no means a completed work.
  5. Overwhelmed? Ask me anything and I'll sort it out for you.

Your destiny is in the making. Grasp it! Make it your own! The universe awaits you.

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Blood pooled along the rooftop in a small puddle provided from the latest kill, a spear runing through the traitor execution the demanded punishment. Very rarely was there ever a chaos worshiper on Symaar Primus the heavy populated world however was great at conceiling one however if the worshiper was a intelectual. It had tooken the heritic hunting Inquisition two days to get a lock on his location. From there they sent their youngest but exceedingly promising adopted child of Roxom. Salem had given chase to the man along well lit roof tops the fogy atmosphere never slowing her down. And soon enough she had claimed her kill ending the life of the traitor before he could start anything major. It was suicide for the worshiper to have even tried. Dropping to one knee the Inquisitor placed her palm on the mans chest alchemy used to liquify the person into a maroon colored paste. Not a soul outside of the Inquisition would know he ever existed.

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*makes plans for a Keresh Empire thread*

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Castigator Regus would be proud ^_^


Wazzat supposed to mean? :U

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@Kaligar Roxom >_> *hides in Keresh Space*

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Honestly if I made a thread for all of my factions, the vine would become 90% Vrakmul stuff. :U

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Get back here you, you're not running away this time >:C

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@Kaligar Roxom *Returns with the Keresh Fleet* >.
Great job on this by the way.
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You were saying?
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@Kaligar Roxom: she does it for her people not Regus ;) but yay ^_^ lol

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@Kaligar Roxom Can't post pics V_V

You win this round Symaarian....
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@Mattersuit said:

I'd like to see you try, heretic.
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@Kaligar Roxom:

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@Kaligar Roxom said:


Yep, Skumgut put his head on a pike.

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Now I miss Kaligar V________V

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@The_Assassin_ said:

Now I miss Kaligar V________V

Don't worry, nobody ever stays dead in fictionland.

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@Kaligar Roxom: Zandor requests an audience with Symaar Primus as he provokes some guards.

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@Guardian_of_Gravity said:

@The_Assassin_ said:

Now I miss Kaligar V________V

Don't worry, nobody ever stays dead in fictionland.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but...


What, with the High Lords of Symaar Primus or with Thor'taan? Or with one of the civil governors?

Two out of three of those are impossible to achieve without the proper clearance. I'll let you figure out who.

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@Kaligar Roxom: (the one that doesn't need proper clearance :P)

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@zandor said:

@Kaligar Roxom: (the one that doesn't need proper clearance :P)


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@Guardian_of_Gravity: (=P)

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@zandor said:

@Guardian_of_Gravity: (=P)

((Le sigh))

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Dave had decided to embark on a special task in the Symaarian Imperium, one that was of the utmost importance, secrecy, and to be held in the utmost discretion from the others in his group. In other words, he was taking Jade out on a date on Praetor. This kind of thing made him a bit uneasy for several reasons, while a Human or Novian could pass for a symaarian even up close, a single gene scan would blow their cover, or indeed just feeling Dave's double pulse. He also had to caution Jade several times to keep their abilities hidden lest they start a massive mess.

"No Jade, just...leave the dog ear band off..." He told her as they stepped off from a shuttle, the other members of the team having decided to go to a bar in the Vhozon Grand Judiciary to drink themselves into a stupor. "Aww, but Dave..." She whined slightly with a bit of a smile. "It's just that I'd rather not get anymore raised eyebrows, okay?" He said with a sigh before ruffling her hair as the two decided to see what could be found in the hive, his coif like hood let down while he adjusted his sunglasses.

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(A date to the hive? Dave sure knows how to pick 'em...)

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@Kaligar Roxom said:


(A date to the hive? Dave sure knows how to pick 'em...)

((To Jade, the indoors are an exotic and mysterious place.  :P))
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Know what would make the date unforgettable?

*Switches to Ravek and invades*

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Aw, who're we invading!?

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@Zauberin: Jumps behinds her an throws some corn kettles behind her feet

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@Rumble Man
I don't. . .I don't understand.
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@Zauberin: You don't have to

Throws yet another cob of corn behind her legs

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A pair of Praetorian Guardsmen stop them at the front door of Hive City Damascus, their big smiles framed with characteristically styled curly mustaches.

"ID tag or passport if you please." One of them says, adjusting the strap to his lasgun on his shoulder with a 'hip-pip cheerio' sort of demeanor.

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A wormhole along the border quickly opens & close's spewing forth the ruined remains of a ship carrying only one functional life pod that failed to launch

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@Kaligar Roxom : 
Jade tugged on Dave's arm a bit to pull him over for a whisper.  "Dave I don't have an ID what do we dooooo?!?"  She whispered frantically, the Entity having given her many things, but proper registration not being one of them.  "Chill, I got this."  He said as he tried taking out an identity slate the Novus had made for him at the behest of the Founder.  The slate, like most Novus and Novian things, was primarily white with a mostly blue screen and some glowing blue lines.  The Slate took a moment to translate itself into gothic script and listed various details, such as Date of Birth in Novian standard time, the Location of his birth, which he hoped to the dead gods of Novia that none of these guards knew had been burnt to a cinder along with the entire Novian civilization by the Hierarchy invasion two hundred years ago, along with other assorted information.  
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A Rogue Trader by the name of Artorian spots the derelict and decides to investigate, the prospect of riches outweighing his own suspicions of anything coming out of a random tear in time-space.


The Praetorian Guardsman who spoke to Dave took the slate in his gloved hands and inspected it. He grunted inquisitively.

"Say, Darius, where do you suppose 'Novia' is?"

"Dunno, Lucius," the second Guardsman replied in a much deeper voice, leaning on the extended barrel of his sniper lasgun casually. "Sounds pleasant, though."

"That it does. You're good." Lucius said, handing what he perceived as a simple passport back to Dave and smiling warmly before stepping aside and motioning for the gates to be opened ever so slightly. The massive doors creaked open, revealing a slat in the design large enough for the two tourists to enter.

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@Kaligar Roxom: The proximity scanner started bleeping inside the cramped life pod . Abs started to prepare getting ready to do what he didn't know. One thing he did know was that the element of surprise can be a tide turner in any battle.

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Artorian parked his small merchant craft inside the hangar bay of the ruined vessel. He shouldered his autogun and kept a hand on his power scimitar just in case anything went awry, which it often did in his line of work. He began to delve through his surroundings, often kicking over objects with a subtle nudge of his boot hoping to uncover something shiny or of considerable gilded quality. He muttered many curses as he ventured deeper into the hulk, the crunching of the ancient machine following him like a chorus of haunting voices.

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@Kaligar Roxom :

The two of them entered past the gates, engaging in some small talk while something watched them from the shadows, namely, the camouflaged form of Nufai the defiler, who was charged by Kamal, scourge of the Milky way, to manage a Hierarchy spy ring on the world of Praetor in preparation for the now inevitable conflict between the invading Zolkri and the Symaarians. "Why does it always have to be Nufai..." he mumbled in an almost whining voice as he tried to sneak past some more guards, his long, lanky form hanging down low. "Wow...this place is huge!" Jade said with an awed tone, used to either cramped spaceships or the vast outdoors, this...hive being an entirely new experience for her. "Yeah, Symaarian hives are built like that." Dave responded, with Nufai looked around a corner and narrowing his camouflaged eyes at the pair. One of the Novians, great, he though as Jade briefly stopped to sniff the air, causing a jolt of panic to rise through Nufai's cowardly spine before she shook her head and went on, hand in hand with Dave to try and find some place to eat in the upper hives. Nufai decided to follow them, he had some folks in the nobility to try and cajole into working for the hierarchy, the ever cowardly alien taking each long step nervously to try and avoid bumping into anyone and giving his presence away.